2024-07-08 UNB: Reports that Genocidal Israel has Killed more than 186,000 Palestinians

Note. This URGENT NEWS BLAST includes stories in part from the mainstream media (MSM) for now… When possible, we prioritize alternative sources.

thelancet.com (2024-07-09).  Counting the dead in Gaza: difficult but essentialApplying a conservative estimate of four indirect deaths per one direct deaths to the 37,396 deaths reported, it is not implausible to estimate that up to 186,000 or even more deaths could be attributable to the current conflict in Gaza. Using the 2022 Gaza Strip population estimate of 2,375,259, this would translate to 7.9% of the total population in the Gaza Strip.

World's Top Health Journal Estimates Israel's Genocide of Palestinians Exceeds 186,000

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aljazeera.com (2024-07-08). Israel war on Gaza live: Palestinians in Gaza City's east told to evacuate

middleeasteye.net (2024-07-08). War on Gaza: Death toll from Israeli assault could exceed 186,000, Lancet warns

palestinechronicle.com (2024-07-08). Gaza City under Siege – Heavy Shelling and Displacement amid Israeli Incursion

radiohc.cu (2024-07-08). The Lancet reports an estimated 186,000 Palestinians may have been killed in Israeli genocidal war on Gaza

gazetteandherald.co.uk (2024-07-08). Israel intensifies operation in Gaza City, sending thousands fleeing

newarab.com (2024-07-08). The Lancet experts put 'harrowing' Gaza death toll at 186,000, almost 150,000 more than current estimates

truthout.org (2024-07-08). Researchers Estimate True Gaza Death Toll at 186,000 or More

democracynow.org (2024-07-08). The Lancet: Gaza's True Death Toll Could Be 186,000 or Higher

muslimmirror.com (2024-07-08). The Lancet study estimates death toll in Gaza 186,000 or even more

palestinechronicle.com (2024-07-08). 'Not Implausible' – The Lancet Estimates Gaza Death Toll Could Be 186,000 or More

tasnimnews.com (2024-07-08). Death Toll in Gaza Could Reach 186,000, Lancet Reports

wsws.org (2024-07-08). Lancet warns Gaza death toll could be over 186,000

upnorthlive.com (2024-07-08). Medical journal estimates at least 186,000 deaths in Gaza

irishtimes.com (2024-07-08). Number of Palestinians killed in Gaza may reach 186,000, says British medical journal

thenationalnews.com (2024-07-08). Lancet journal: Gaza war death toll may have reached 186,000

bignewsnetwork.com (2024-07-08). Gaza death toll could be five times higher study

pakistantoday.com.pk (2024-07-08). Gaza death toll might exceed 186,000, warns 'The Lancet'

samaa.tv (2024-07-08). Gaza death toll could exceed 186,000, Lancet study reveals

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