2024-07-08 UNB: Israel Continues Attacks on Children in Gaza Schools

Note. This URGENT NEWS BLAST includes stories in part from the mainstream media (MSM) for now… When possible, we prioritize alternative sources.

irishtimes.com (2024-07-08). Israeli strike on Gaza school kills 16 and injures dozens

bbc.com (2024-07-08). Israeli air strike on Gaza school kills at least 16

jordantimes.com (2024-07-08). Health ministry in Gaza says 16 killed in strike on UN school

prtechnews.com (2024-07-08). Israel airstrike on Gaza school 16 people killed 50 injured benjamin netanyahu and hamas not stopping Israel Gaza War

accesswdun.com (2024-07-08). Israeli protesters block highways, call for cease-fire to return hostages 9 months into war in Gaza

inews.co.uk (2024-07-08). Israel storms UN agency HQ in Gaza claiming Hamas is storing weapons there

altoonamirror.com (2024-07-08). Israeli protesters demand cease-fire

home.nzcity.co.nz (2024-07-08). Israeli air strike on outskirts of Gaza City kills senior Hamas official Ehab al-Ghussein

aljazeera.com (2024-07-08). Israel war on Gaza updates: 'Another day, another school hit'

thenews.com.pk (2024-07-08). Malala deplores Israel's attack on Gaza school, reiterates ceasefire call

dunyanews.tv (2024-07-08). Israel launches deadly strikes on Gaza as war enters tenth month

gulf-times.com (2024-07-08). Israeli strike on school kills four more Gazans

bignewsnetwork.com (2024-07-08). Protests in Israel mark 9 months of war with Hamas

newstribune.com (2024-07-08). Israeli protesters call for cease-fire to return hostages

freemalaysiatoday.com (2024-07-08). Gaza rescuers say Israeli strike on school kills 4

straitstimes.com (2024-07-08). Gaza rescuers say four killed in Israeli strike on school

thetablet.org (2024-07-08). Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem Condemns Israeli Army Attack on Catholic School

westhawaiitoday.com (2024-07-08). After 9 months of war, Israelis call for a cease-fire deal and elections

news.un.org (2024-07-08). After nine months of war in Gaza, another UN school suffers Israeli airstrike

catholiccourier.com (2024-07-08). Israeli army attack on Catholic school condemned

nationofchange.org (2024-07-08). Israeli strike on UN school in Gaza kills over a dozen, wounds dozens more

tehrantimes.com (2024-07-08). Hamas denies its fighters were present in UNRWA school

asianews.it (2024-07-08). Latin Patriarchate slams attack on Gaza Catholic school that kills four

news.wfsu.org (2024-07-08). Talks for a cease-fire in Gaza appear set to resume as the war reaches 9 months

newarab.com (2024-07-08). Who was the senior Hamas government official killed in Gaza City?

greenwichtime.com (2024-07-08). The Latest | Cease-fire talks expected to resume this week as Hamas appears to soften demands

malaysiasun.com (2024-07-08). Egypt condemns bombing of school sheltering displaced Palestinians in Gaza

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