2024-07-06 UNB: Lest We Think Otherwise, Israel’s Genocidal Rampage Against the Indigenous Palestinians Continues Daily

Note. This URGENT NEWS BLAST includes stories in part from the mainstream media (MSM) for now… When possible, we prioritize alternative sources.

english.almanar.com.lb (2024-07-06). Hezbollah Ready for Worst War Scenarios: Sheikh Qassem

english.palinfo.com (2024-07-06). US-backed Israeli genocide in Gaza enters day 274

radiohc.cu (2024-07-06). Euro-Med reports Israel using water as weapon of genocide in Gaza Strip

tasnimnews.com (2024-07-06). Colombian President Petro Shares Concert Footage to Denounce 'Genocide in Palestine'

palestinechronicle.com (2024-07-06). 'Abominable Injustice' – UN Special Rapporteur Questions 'Indifference' over Gaza Genocide

egyptianstreets.com (2024-07-06). Gaza's Lifeline Cut: Rafah Border Closure Sparks Humanitarian Emergency

imemc.org (2024-07-06). Day 274: "Dozens Killed, Injured, As Israel Continues To Bomb Gaza"

dawn.com (2024-07-06). Israel's Gaza invasion – Day 273

english.wafa.ps (2024-07-06). Israeli airstrike on Gaza kills three Palestinians, injure others

en.mehrnews.com (2024-07-06). UNRWA chief slams Israel's new evacuation orders for Gazans

english.wafa.ps (2024-07-06). Two children killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza

aljazeera.com (2024-07-06). Israel war on Gaza live: Israel kills five journalists in Gaza in 24 hours

imemc.org (2024-07-06). Day 273 Update: Israeli Missiles Kill Dozens Across The Gaza Strip"

aljazeera.com (2024-07-06). Israel war on Gaza live: 13 killed in Israeli attack on UNRWA-run school

truthout.org (2024-07-06). Current Population of Gaza Is 200k Lower Than Projected 2.3 Million, UN Finds

palestinechronicle.com (2024-07-06). 'My Biggest Frustration' – EU's Borrell Regrets His Failure to Stop Gaza War

radiohc.cu (2024-07-06). United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees says continuous cycle of displacement and despair must stop

union-bulletin.com (2024-07-06). Hamas clears the way for a possible cease-fire after dropping key demand, officials say

sfgate.com (2024-07-06). The Latest | Hamas says 'positive response' from mediators to its cease-fire amendments

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