KPFA: The Herbal Highway [Program Feed]

  • Respiratory and Immune Support
    Join Sarah Holmes for a discussion of immune and respiratory health; how the plants can support us during the cold and flu and fire season.
  • Interview with Jocelyn Boretta
    Join guest host Madalyn Berg [1] as she interviews guest Jocelyn Boretta [2], herbalist and community organizer, as they discuss Jocelyn’s work developing the Recetas+Remedios workshop program and how it empowers healthy Latinx communities through culturally relevant, place-based, bilingual holistic health education and care. [1] [2]
  • Call-Ins with Karyn – November 1, 2018
    Join Karyn Sanders for a live all call-in show. Get your herbal questions ready!
  • Honoring our Ancestors – October 25, 2018
    Join Sarah Holmes for a discussion of moving with the rhythms of fall and connecting with our ancestors.
  • Interview with Dori Midnight – October 18, 2018
    Join guest host Emiliano Lemus [1] interviewing herbalist and healer Dori Midnight [2] as they discuss rituals and remedies for political despair in the current times. Their conversation will explore how to meet grief, rage, overwhelm and fear with medicines to help us stay open and resilient, and inspire resistance and collective liberation. [1] [2]
  • Interview with Kathleen Aspenns – October 11, 2018
    Join Sarah Holmes and Kathleen Aspenns for a discussion of working with grief using flower essences. Kathleen is a practitioner and the creator of Flora of Asia [1]. [1]
  • Liver and Digestive Health – September 20, 2018
    Join guest hosts Renee Camila [1] and Madalyn Berg [2] for a discussion of digestion and the important roles of the liver. Fund drive. [1] [2]
  • Heart Health – September 13, 2018
    Join Sarah Holmes for a discussion of heart health. She covers herbs to support the heart physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Interview with Paul Red Elk – August 30, 2018
    Join Karyn Sanders and her guest, Paul Red Elk, herbalist, seed saver and teacher. Paul lives and works in Minnesota and discusses the importance of seed saving. Previously aired 7.5.18.
  • Herbs for Fire Season – August 23, 2018
    Join guest host Renée Camila [1] for a discussion on fire season and the plants that can support us through this challenging time. [1]
  • Interview with Beverley Gray – August 16, 2018
    Listen in as Sarah Holmes interviews herbalist and teacher Beverley Gray [1]. Beverley also wrote The Boreal Herbal: Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North and resides in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. [1]
  • Interview with Suzanna Stone – August 9, 2018
    Join Sarah Holmes and her guest Suzanna Stone, [1] herbalist and teacher. Suzanna is the founder of Owlcraft Healing Ways in Scottsville, VA. [1]
  • Interview with Pip Waller – August 2, 2018
    Join Sarah Holmes and her guest, Pip Waller, herbalist, teacher and author, as they discuss her book, The Herbal Handbook for Home and Health: 501 Recipes for Healthy Living, Green Cleaning and Natural Beauty. Previously aired May 2018. Fund drive.
  • Interview with Matt Ritter – July 26, 2018
    Join Sarah Holmes interviewing botanist Matt Ritter, author of California Plants: A Guide to our Iconic Flora. Listen in as they focus on California plants and eco-systems. This pre-recorded interview is hosted by Sarah Holmes and Renee Camila [1]. Fund drive. [1]
  • Interview with Kara Sigler – July 19, 2018
    Join guest host Emiliano Lemus [1] interviewing herbalist Kara Sigler [2] about trans health. Their discussion will include herbal approaches for supporting hormonal gender transition, natural surgery support and emotional support. [1] [2]

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