KPFA: Economic Update [Program Feed]

  • The ‘Immigration Issue’ and Capitalism
    [caption id="attachment_298186" align="aligncenter" width="342"] Source: Flickr[/caption] Updates on UK’s Liberal Democrats advocating serious reduction of wealth and income inequality, Sears CEO blames pensions for Sears’ problems, JP Morgan predicts next financial collapse in 2020, failure to deal with opioid crisis, G-20 meeting in Argentina evades real issues, Europeans clash with US over trade with Iran, trivial SEC fine for Citigroup dishonesty with investors. Major discussion: political economy of immigration as a right-wing issue and an effective left-wing response. With Richard D. Wolff.
  • Launching a New University
    Updates on Tenth Anniversary of Lehman Brothers Bank collapse, assisting Ocasio-Cortez show how to finance socialist projects, Colin Kaepernick’s ad for Nike and contradictions of capitalism. Interview with Michael Pelias on launching a new Left University in New York: rationale and goals. With Host Richard D. Wolff.
  • Keynesian Vs. Marxian and Neoclassical Economics
    This week’s special edition of Economic Update deals with Keynesian economics as a theory that clashes with both the mainstream economics (“neoclassical”) that celebrates private capitalism and with critical theories such as Marxian economics that are opposed to capitalism.
  • Gov’t Take-over Not Always Socialism
    This special edition of Economic Update deals with how and why government take-over of private corporations need not be and often is not “socialism,” and why it is often done to strengthen private capitalists. With Host Richard D. Wolff.
  • Capitalism Invites Deepening Criticism
    Updates on new approach to Labor Day, DNC accepts fossil fuel donations, Turkey’s crisis as typical capitalist instability, collapse of Genoa toll bridge, exploding gap between CEO and average worker pay, Gallup Poll on capitalism vs socialism in US.Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad on why US workers don’t rebel more against systemic deprivations. With Host Richard D. Wolff.
  • Capitalism’s Problems Provoke Oppositions
    Updates on Missouri vote for union position, the irrationality of student debt, economic sanction of Iran isolates and costs US for Trump political gains, Monsanto puts profits over cancer risks, Louisiana legislature punishes big banks for lending to assault rifle producers (not for money laundering, illegal fees, mortgage loan disaster etc.). Interview with Troy Walcott, striking Spectrum Cable technician. With Host Richard D. Wolff.
  • Capitalism: Changed by its Contradictions
    Updates on poverty in California, childhood obesity in US, economic fallout from (real meaning of) Trump steel tariff. Prof Wolff responds to questions by explaining how US politics has sustained US capitalism and what the politics of change will require. With Economics Professor Richard D. Wolff.
  • Capitalism: Problems and Pushback
    Updates on social costs of criminalizing marijuana, US food outlets taken over by foreign conglomerates, capital labor conflict in India, Trump’s Signature Bank swamp, New Zealand makes 10-days paid domestic violence leave mandatory. Interview with Matt Christman and Will Menaker of the Chapo Trap House podcast phenomenon: how and why its mix of comedy and sharp social criticism grew to be so popular. With Host Richard D. Wolff.
  • Hiding Capitalism’s Failures
    Updates on Europe’s higher labor force participation; Cuomo campaign fakes “small donations”; US restaurants decline as pinched incomes switch to food delivery; “market” housing system causes homelessness; education fails to overcome black-white wealth gap. Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad on causes and consequences of US declining fertility rate. With Host Richard D. Wolff.
  • Doing Better Than Capitalism
    Updates on New Zealand firm succeeds with 4 day workweek; Vienna’s public housing successes; Fordham adjuncts’ union wins big; Burberry destroys $ millions in new clothes; precarious US jobs worsen alcoholism among young; US airlines raise profits by shrinking toilets. Interview on collapse of Toys-R-Us chain (causes and consequences) with worker Cheryl Claude and organizer Charles Khan. With Host Richard D. Wolff.
  • Millennials for Revolution
    Updates on Trump’s tariffs cost Americans jobs, shifting capitalist alliances don’t change the system, Irish parliament stops investing in fossil fuels, Washington state forced fast food employers to stop rigging labor market against employees, why Germany’s “dependence” on Russia is less that the US dependence on China, and why China does not “steal” US technology. Interview with Moumita Ahmed, co-founder of Millennials for Revolution. With Host Richard D. Wolff.
  • Historic Lessons
    Updates on Nissan emissions cheating, Americans value labor unions, 2017 corp tax cuts boost share prices, worsened inequality, Trump/GOP trade war reality vs fakery. Interview Elizabeth Marciano, West Va. teacher on state’s successful, historic 2018 public school teacher strikes. With Host Richard D. Wolff.
  • Labor Versus Capitalism
    Updates on the Left victory in Mexico’s election, SCOTUS’s Janus decision, Foxconn fakery in Wisconsin, forced labor for Medicaid beneficiaries, and scapegoating of immigrants exposed. Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad on the personal, psychological effects of a dying US empire.
  • Criticizing Capitalism
    Updates on Colorado’s laws favoring coops, capitalism and suicide, rent control on California ballot, foreign trade controls, French govt vs GE, Ford buys station it helped wreck. Interview with David Harvey on Marx’s contribution to understanding capitalism now. Hosted by Richard D. Wolff.
  • Contradictions Coming Home
    Updates on the exploding suicide rate in the US, irrational home-building reflects and worsens inequality, VA nurses sue because of overwork required but not paid for, Uihlein family gives extreme right wing candidates (including Roy Moore), mocking claims that this is a one-person-one-vote democracy, Interview with Eli Campbell on the exploding student debt issue and the campaign to boycott its repayment. With Host Richard D. Wolff.

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