teleSUR/LJS (2018-08-20). Venezuelan Immigrants Forced To Flee Brazilian Border Town. Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza released a statement Saturday condemning the "dangerous matrix of xeonophonic opinions."

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-20). Lula da Silva: "Brazil is Undergoing a Right-Wing Coup" The unraveling of the social safety net put in place by the PT, combined with the legislative manipulations and extreme neoliberal austerity constitutes a right-wing coup, explains Mark Weisbrot of CEPR.

Matthew Rozsa, Salon (2018-08-18). 'Mini-Maduro': RNC Attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — Compares Her to Venezuelan Dictator. The New York congressional candidate has been criticized by conservatives like Tomi Lahren and Ben Shapiro | Even though she's running in a solidly blue district that has no chance of flipping to the GOP, it seems that Republican just can't quit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The latest example of this phenomenon, which could be aptly dubbed Ocasio-Cortez Derangement Syndrome, was demonstrated by the Republican National Committee when. . .

Eduardo Andrade Bone (2018-08-17). Naming Names: The Actors Working to Take Down Venezuela. Attempts to destabilize the Venezuelan government have many sides and also many actors who, directly or from the shadows, constantly conspire against Venezuelan democracy. (2018-08-17). Facebook censors Telesur and Venezuela Analysis. As the Trump administration escalates its onslaught against Venezuela, technology corporations are stepping up censorship of sites critical of US policy.

Stephen Lendman (2018-08-18). What's Behind the US-Turkey Rift? Imprisoned in Turkey since October 2016 on charges of involvement in the failed months earlier coup attempt against President Erdogan, the Trump regime's demand for Andrew Brunson's release conceals what's ...

Hans-Armin Ohlmann (2018-08-17). My Longest Day: How World War II Ended for My Family. One of my daily tasks was to bike to Neustadt, my home town, to collect the meager food and household stuff still available on the monthly ration-coupons. Meager for sure but quite a lot when you have 24 people in one household. And that is the number of people accommodated in the small homestead of More

William Camacaro, Frederick B. Mills (2018-08-17). The Military Option Against Venezuela in the "Year of the Americas" If the US attacks Venezuela from Colombia it will initiate a "war of 100 years, and this war will extend to the entire continent." President Hugo Chavez Frias (Nov. 2009) Year of the Americas: Venezuela in the crosshairs Defense Secretary James N. Mattis began his trip to South America on August 13th to "exchange strategic More

Kenneth Surin (2018-08-17). In Shanghai. Another opportunity to decompress psychologically from the Land of Caged Toddlers brings me to Shanghai for an academic conference. I was last here two years ago. Heatwaves seem to be following me around the world this summer. First Texas, then London a couple of weeks ago, and now Shanghai. The day I arrived The Guardian published More

Paul Dobson (2018-08-15). Venezuela to Sell Off Assets of Public Bus Network and Civil Aviation Institute as Fears of Privatisation Grow. The measure has received no public attention as of yet and forms part of a series of recent sell-offs of state-run firms.

TeleSur English (2018-08-15). Venezuela Top Prosecutor: 34 Involved In Failed Assassination of Maduro. The Public Prosecutor's office has delivered the information to Interpol in a record time and with great detail about those involved in the failed attack, Saab reported.

Charles Redvers (2018-08-15). A Response to Misinformation on Nicaragua: It Was a Coup, Not a 'Massacre'. Mary Ellsberg's latest is a collection of tropes and distortions with little connection to the current reality. A longtime resident...

Paul Dobson (2018-08-15). Venezuelan Landlord Arrested & Accused of Masterminding Triple Campesino Murder. The homicides in the Escondida ranch took place just hours after Maduro received a ground-breaking commission of campesino leaders at Miraflores Palace.

TeleSUR English (2018-08-14). US Pentagon: 'Brazil Should Lead Solution to Venezuela Crisis'. Bolivian President Evo Morales condemned U.S. interventionism and military bases in the region.

TeleSUR English (2018-08-14). Venezuelan President Announces New System of Wages and Prices. "We are heading towards normalization, to a country of stability with the Recovery, Growth and Economic Prosperity plan," Nicolas Maduro said.

Margot Williams (2018-08-15). 328 NSA Documents Reveal "Vast Network" of Iranian Agents, Details of a Key Intelligence Coup, and a Fervor for Voice-Matching Technology. Highlights from the seventh release of the internal NSA newsletter, SIDtoday.

TEV (2018-08-13). Maduro Encourages FBI to Investigate Drone Attack Suspect. Venezuelan citizen Osman Delgado Tabosky lives in Miami. Equally, another accused, Venezuelan lawmaker Juan Requesens, has confessed to the crime, according to video footage released by the government.

Paul Dobson (2018-08-13). Crystallex Gains Right to Seize Venezuela's CITGO in US Court Reversal. The future of PDVSA's US-subsidiary is uncertain as a host of other transnationals line up to strip Venezuelan assets.

Paul Dobson (2018-08-09). Opposition Lawmaker Borges Named in Drone Bombing Investigation, Arrest Warrant Issued. The ex-National Assembly president is currently living in Bogota, Colombia.

Venezuelanalysis (2018-08-09). Venezuelanalysis: Official Statement on Facebook's Removal of Our Page. VA's Facebook page was arbitrarily removed by the social media tech-giant on Thursday morning.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-10). Meet Gustavo Petro, Colombian Former Guerrilla & Leftist Who Mounted Historic Campaign for Presidency. In Colombia, right-wing politician Iván Duque has been sworn in as Colombia's new president. Duque was handpicked by former right-wing President ąÅlvaro Uribe and has vowed to roll back key parts of Colombia's landmark peace deal with FARC rebels. Just before Duque's inauguration, Democracy Now! spoke to Gustavo Petro, who placed second in this year's presidential race, receiving 8 million votes in his attempt to become Colombia's first leftist president. In the 1980s, Petro was jailed and tortured for being a member of the M-19 guerrilla movement. He later went on to lead efforts in Colombia's Congress to...

TeleSUR English (2018-08-08). UN Chief Condemns Attack Targeting Venezuela's Maduro. Antonio Guterres expresses concern about the latest developments in Venezuela and rejects any act of violence.

TeleSUR English (2018-08-08). Venezuela: Opposition Legislator Linked to Drone Attack Detained. Opposition legislator Juan Requesens was detained after being linked to the assassination attempt by retired military officer Juan Carlos Monasterios.

Paul Dobson (2018-08-06). Venezuela's Maduro Receives International Solidarity Following Assassination Attempt. Venezuela's right-wing parties are divided over whether to condemn the terrorist attack or deny it took place.

Paul Dobson (2018-08-05). Venezuela's President Maduro Survives Assassination Attack On Live TV. Six arrests have already been made in the dramatic foiled terrorist attack.

Paul Dobson (2018-08-02). Venezuela's Marching Campesinos Meet Maduro, Denounce Corruption & Revolutionary 'Reversals'. After 20 days walking 435 kilometres, the marchers held a fiery televised meeting with the president, finally being able to present their proposals to the nation.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-08). Headlines for August 8, 2018. Tight Races in Ohio & Kansas Remain Too Close to Call, Judge Certifies Class-Action Suit Against GEO Group over Wage Theft, Court Rules Family of Mexican Teen Killed by Border Patrol Can Sue Agent, Colombia: Right-Wing President Iván Duque Sworn Into Office, Ethiopian Gov't Signs Deal to End Hostilities with Oromo Liberation Front, Bangladeshi Authorities Arrest Photographer Shahidul Alam for Covering Protests, California Youth Arrested at Sit-in in Gov. Brown's Office Demanding Climate Action, Puerto Rico Proposes Transporting 3,200 Inmates to Prisons on U.S. Mainland, Tennessee: Lawyers Ask Supreme Court to Sta...

TeleSur English (2018-07-31). Venezuelans Mark 1st Year of National Constituent Assembly. Monday's celebrations marked the anniversary of the ANC's founding, which brought peace to Caribbean country by ending the violent guarimbas.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-30). PSUV Holds Congress as Pressure Mounts for Maduro to Receive Campesino March. Party delegates considered raising petrol prices, remodelling state-run industries, further nationalisations, and eliminating currency exchange controls.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-26). Venezuela: Maduro Announces Economic Reforms Including Monetary Reconversion, Tax Breaks & Currency Control Changes. The measures also transfer an entire oilfield from PDVSA to the Central Bank.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-25). Campesinos March Across Venezuela Demanding Gov't Rectify Agrarian Policy. The peasant farmers will bring a range of complaints and proposals to President Maduro's attention.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-24). Venezuela's Electrical Workers Launch Workplace Slowdown Joining Other Industries' Laborers in Protesting Low Wages. A new wave of labor protests aims at improving the situation of the country's workers rather than regime change.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-23). Venezuela to Invest €293m to Modernise Public Health System as National Nurses' Strike Continues. Maduro has called for a "revolution within the revolution" in the health sector.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-20). Glimmers of Economic Recovery amid Mixed Reports about Venezuelan Oil Production. Lower levels of oil production have been reportedly offset by rising prices and reduced domestic consumption.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-20). Trump Admin Closes Venezuela Sanctions Loophole in Favour of US Bondholders. The measure opens the way for seizures of Venezuela's US-based oil assets should the Maduro government default on PDVSA bond payments.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-19). Venezuela: Bust Unveils Import Corporation's Massive Embezzlement of State Resources. The Spanish-owned Garcia Armas Corporation is accused of over $49m of embezzlement in the years leading up to its 2010 expropriation.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-17). USAID Chief's Visit to Colombo‚ÄêVenezuelan Border Raises Spectre of Interference. The organization has a long history of funding opposition groups in the Caribbean nation.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-12). Venezuela's Defunct National Assembly Attempts to Privatise Oil Industry. Grassroots movements have frequently denounced de facto back-door privatisation in PDVSA.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-11). Venezuela to Launch Local Defense Committees as Maduro Makes Changes to Top Military Brass. The government will incorporate the country's civilian population into national security plans.

Shannon Ebrahim (2018-07-10). US Set on Regime Change in Venezuela. Donald Trump said openly that he is not against using the military against Venezuela and his government pursues a range of destabilizing tactics.

TeleSUR English (2018-07-10). Mexico's New FM: Regional Policy on Venezuela Obeys US Agenda. Marcelo Ebrard, appointed by Lopez Obrador as his foreign minister, pledged Mexico will stick to its non-interventionist tradition.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-10). Venezuelan Nurses' Strike for Better Salaries and Work Conditions. The struggle cuts across political lines but is deemed too narrow by some leftists.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-09). Venezuela's Democratic Action Party Breaks from MUD as Opposition Fractures Deepen. A lack of presidential primaries and internal tensions are believed to have brought about the schism.

Max Blumenthal (2018-07-30). An Exclusive Interview with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. Daniel Ortega claims his Sandinista government has just defeated a US-backed coup. In a candid and lengthy discussion with me...

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