David L. (2018-08-20). Unite for Justice: #StopKavanaugh Protest in San Jose. indybay.org San Jose/Santa Clara border: sidewalk protest @ intersection of Winchester Blvd. & Stevens Creek Blvd. (nick name: Peace Corner) in front of the Santa Row shopping center.

RT (2018-08-20). Lockheed Martin receives bloody images instead of cool weapons photos in failed Twitter campaign. rt.com Lockheed Martin's social media appeal to send them the best photos of its products went horribly awry, as unimpressed Twitterati responded with gruesome images of the horrors of war.
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wsws.org (2018-08-20). Arbitration panel cuts real wages and healthcare benefits for Washington D.C. Metro workers. wsws.org The amount awarded to the public employees averages to a yearly pay increase of little more than half the annual rate of inflation.

teleSUR/mrs-LJS (2018-08-20). Chile: IACHR Warns Against Release of Pinochet Rights Abusers. telesurtv.net The IACHR called on the state to protect the victims' families as well as consider the long-lasting effects such a decision would induce.

Staff (2018-08-20). Why Is the U.S. Helping Saudis Kill Children in Yemen? truthdig.com The Saudi and United Arab Emirates war on little Yemen, which was launched by Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman in March of 2015, has flown under the radar among the U.S. public until a recent bombing.

Dean Baker (2018-08-20). Does France's Economy Need to Be Renewed? counterpunch.org That's the question millions are asking after reading this NYT profile of France's labor minister, Muriel Pénicaud. The largely positive piece refers to France's "famously voluminous labor code," then goes on to tell readers: "The campaign to renew the French economy, one of President Emmanuel Macron's flagship policies, involves steering toward a Nordic-style labor modelknown More

wsws.org (2018-08-20). As students return to school, US teachers face nationwide struggle to defend education. wsws.org US teachers are returning to the classroom in the aftermath of the "teacher spring," determined to take forward the fight in defense of public education.

Chauncey DeVega, Salon (2018-08-20). Scholar Warns We Could Be Headed for a 'Violent Conflict' Between Republicans and Democrats. alternet.org Is the United States speeding toward an historic conflict? | President Abraham Lincoln famously warned that "a house divided against itself, cannot stand. " More than 150 years later his alarm still resonates: While the conflagration will most likely take a different form than it did in Lincoln's day, America in the era of President Donald Trump is increasingly a country of warring tribes rather than a united people possessed of a shared sense of identit. . .

Nick Pinto (2018-08-20). Trump Administration Says Deportable Immigrants Can't Go to the Courts — Even if Their First Amendment Rights Are Violated. theintercept.com An activist says he was targeted for deportation because of First Amendment-protected speech. The government says he can't have a day in court.

Susie Day (2018-08-20). Why Pundits Scare Me. counterpunch.org "But, Mabel, you really think The New York Times will review my book? Masha Gessen will write a blurb? WOW!" That's me on the phone, Dear Activist Diary. I'm talking to my literary agent — in my mind. In real life, I'm here at my proofreading job at Penguin Random House — where you can't stop me More

IMEMC News (2018-08-20). Israeli Soldiers Abduct Seven Palestinians In The West Bank. imemc.org Israeli Soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, at least seven Palestinians from their homes, in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS) has reported. The PPS said that the soldiers invaded the al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem, searched several homes, and abducted Ibrahim Hasan Salah, 22. The PPS [...]...

IMEMC News (2018-08-20). Detainee Receives An Administrative Detention Order For 6 Months After Serving A 16-Month Prison Term. imemc.org On Sunday, the Israeli Authorities informed detainee Nasser Abu Khdeir, from Shu'fat town, in occupied East Jerusalem, that he will be held under Administrative Detention for six months, instead of being released this coming Thursday, after finishing a 16-month prison sentence. The detainee suffers from a number of chronic diseases, [...]...

IMEMC News (2018-08-20). Israel Approves Dozens Of Units In Illegal Colony Near Bethlehem. imemc.org The Israeli authorities approved the construction of 106 new units in the illegal Efrat colony, built on private Palestinian lands between Ertas village and the al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank. Hasan Breijiyya, the coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Annexation Wall and colonies in [...]...

Maureen Smith (2018-08-20). Should the United States Keep Giving Israel $10 Million Per Day? indybay.org Resource Center for Nonviolence | 612 Ocean Ave | Santa Cruz, CA 95060...

teleSUR/GB (2018-08-20). Ecuadorean City Names Kim Jong-un Honorary Citizen. telesurtv.net North Korea's Independence Day or Day of the Foundation of the Republic is celebrated on September 9, also known as 9/9.

Jonathan Cook (2018-08-20). Corbyn's Labour Party is Being Made to Fail —By Design. counterpunch.org The Labour party, relentlessly battered by an organised campaign of smears of its leader, Jeremy Corbyn — first for being anti-semitic, and now for honouring Palestinian terrorists — is reportedly about to adopt the four additional working "examples" of anti-semitism drafted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). Labour initially rejected these examples — stoking More

Carl Boggs (2018-08-20). The Road to Disaster? counterpunch.org The monotonously endless anti-Russia crusade serves a number of political agendas for Democrats and the Washington power structure. It rationalizes Hillary Clinton's stunning defeat, delegitimizes and weakens the Trump presidency, sets momentum for impeachment, and helps drive up Pentagon (and intelligence) spending. Often forgotten is a yet another, deeper factor: Russia has long been targeted as an intolerable obstacle to U.S. Eurasian supremacy, years before the Trump phenomenon was on the horizon. More

Peace Now (2018-08-20). Billionaire Erik Prince Wants To Privatize Illegal Afghan War & Be Chief Profiteer. indybay.org War and capitalism are evil twins. John Bolton is pushing | Erik Prince's work to privatize the heinous Afghanistan war and to | become its chief proiteer.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Socialist Equality Group (New Zealand) to hold online forum: Lessons of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation's sellout. wsws.org The SEG urges health workers to attend this online forum on September 1 to discuss the NZNO's betrayal and the way forward in the fight against the Labour Party government's austerity measures.

Howard Lisnoff (2018-08-20). The Mass Media's Outrage at Trump: Why the Surprise? counterpunch.org They're coming fast and furious! Here come 343 media outlets that are criticizing (Guardian, August 15, 2018—at least 350 at this writing) Il Duce for creating the frenzy of "fake news" among his followers and encouraging the violent among his ilk to attack counterprotesters and journalists at campaign events and "public" appearances. The Boston Globe took the lead position More

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Political warfare deepens as Democrats, ex-spies circle the wagons around Brennan. wsws.org The intervention by Brennan and other ex-intelligence officials on the Sunday talk shows demonstrates the degree to which the spy agencies have become a dominant political force.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). China-US talks but trade war set to escalate. wsws.org The basic conflict centres on the US demand that China not only lessen the trade deficit but also significantly pull back on its plan to boost its industrial and technological base.

Robert Fisk (2018-08-20). A US Trade War With Turkey Over a Pastor? Don't Believe It. counterpunch.org It needs a stroke of genius to soften the heart for poor old Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Those of us who have always believed that Erdogan is a bit off his rocker must still be appalled that a US president infinitely more cracked than the Turkish variety is trying to impoverish Nato's second largest military ally. True, More

Dan Glazebrook (2018-08-20). Trump's New Financial War on the Global South. counterpunch.org Trump's attack on the Turkish lira, combined with recent Federal Reserve moves to choke off dollar supply, are pushing the world towards a rerun of the 1997 currency crisis. This may well be the whole point. Last Friday, Donald Trump announced new sanctions on Turkey — comprising a doubling of the steel and aluminium tariffs More

Labor Video Project (2018-08-20). SF Mayor Breed & DPH Garcia Still Pushing Lennar Hunters Point Project "It's Safe" indybay.org At a community meeting on August 15, 2018, San Francisco Department of Public Health "Environmental Engineer" Amy Brownell told community residents that the Hunters Point Shipyard is safe and can be further developed. | Brownell whose salary is funded by the developer Lennar has been involved in the criminal cover-up of the falsification of testing in the billion dollar eco-fraud at Hunters Point Shipyard and Treasure Island. Mayor London Breed and DPH director Barbara Garcia are also aware of the criminal retaliation of OSHA health and safety whistleblowers and have colluded with the developers to cover up the m...

IMEMC News (2018-08-20). PPS: "Israeli Soldiers Abduct 14 Palestinians In The West Bank" imemc.org The Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, fourteen Palestinians, including a former political prisoner who was imprisoned for 15 years, in several parts of the occupied West Bank. The PPS office in Nablus, in northern West Bank, said the soldiers invaded the [...]...

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Israel steps up harassment of prominent critics of anti-Palestinian and racialist agenda. wsws.org Israel's government is criminalising those protesting its policies on the basis that they represent "the de-legitimisation of Israel," a "threat to state security" or are "anti-Semitic."

Ariel Natan Pasko (2018-08-20). The Torah's National Structure in the Jewish Nation-State of Israel. indybay.org This article explains Judaism's national structure for political and spiritual independence in the Land of Israel.

KRF (2018-08-20). Miko Peled: The General's Son: Journal of an Israeli in Palestine. indybay.org First Congregational Church of Berkeley | 2345 Channing Way | Berkeley, CA 94704...

IMEMC News (2018-08-20). Israeli Soldiers Remove A Tent, Assault A Palestinian, Near Hebron. imemc.org Israeli soldiers, accompanied by a number of illegal colonialist settlers, invaded a Palestinian land, Monday, removed a tent and assaulted a man, in Masafer Yatta area, south of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank. Rateb Jabour, the coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Annexation Wall [...]...

PFSL (2018-08-20). Eyewitness Report from Lebanon - Palestine Will Be Free! indybay.org 2969 Mission St. between 25th and 26th Sts.

Tony Cartalucci (2018-08-20). Will Turkey Back or Break Militants in Northern Syria? globalresearch.ca Syria once again finds itself at another critical juncture. Having secured virtually all territory in the nation's southwest, Damascus' attention is now fixated on Idlib in the north. | Reuters has recently ...

teleSUR/LJS (2018-08-20). Venezuelan Immigrants Forced To Flee Brazilian Border Town. telesurtv.net Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza released a statement Saturday condemning the "dangerous matrix of xeonophonic opinions."

INA (2018-08-19). Erez Crossing Closed by Israeli Authorities. imemc.org Israeli occupation authorities informed the Palestinian side of closing Erez border crossing, in the Gaza Strip, on Sunday, to allow the entry of humanitarian cases only. Director of Public Relations and Information Mohammed Al — Maqdama said that Israeli occupation forces announced the closingof the crossing for Palestinian travelers, with [...]...

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-19). U.S. Court Delays Keystone XL Pipeline Construction by Ordering Environmental Review. therealnews.com Diana Best of Greenpeace USA says many obstacles remain to the completion of Keystone XL

INA (2018-08-19). Tension Mounts Over Truce Deal between Israel and Hamas: Report. imemc.org Disagreements within the Netanyahu administration have increased tensions between Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett, Israeli media reports. Yedioth Ahronoth daily writes, according to the PNN, that Education Minister Bennett, head of the Jewish House Party, thinks Lieberman's surrender to Hamas would lead to war, while [...]...

Peter Korzun (2018-08-19). Gold Leaving US Vaults: Signs of Upcoming Currency War and Armed Conflict. Turkey Repatriates its Gold. globalresearch.ca The Turkish government has made the decision to repatriate all of its gold reserves that are currently housed in the US Federal Reserve System (FRS). Overall Turkey was storing 220 tonnes...

RT (2018-08-19). Accused 'Russian agent' Butina moved to another jail, now in 'borderline torture' conditions. rt.com Maria Butina, the Russian gun activist jailed in the US on charges of being an unregistered "foreign agent," has been moved to a different prison without warning. The Russian embassy says her new conditions border on torture.
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Sophia A. McClennen, Salon (2018-08-19). Trump's War on Words and the Failures of a 'Weaponized' Defense. alternet.org The story of "weaponize" is a cautionary tale, a tale of how an assault on nuance and meaning is contagious | After 9/11/2001 the nation watched as the George W. Bush administration deployed specific language to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. During that time, the Bush team misrepresented, lied, obfuscated, named, renamed, refused to name, censored, and silenced to advance its agenda. Recall, for example, the Abu Ghraib photo sca. . .

Oriental Review (2018-08-19). What Do The Winners In Syria Want? iranian.com After the liberation of the provinces of Daraa and Quneitra, the Syrian civil war entered a new phase. The available land that was up for grabs by any new liberator — without the need for negotiations with outside actors — was shrinking (one section of the desert under ISIL control does not count — it [...]

Eric Margolis (2018-08-19). Afghanistan: The War That Shames America. globalresearch.ca After 17 bloody years, the longest war in US history continues without relent or purpose in Afghanistan. | There, a valiant, fiercely-independent people, the Pashtun (Pathan) mountain tribes, have battled the full ...

Staff (2018-08-19). Science Says: Hotter Weather Turbocharges U.S. West Wildfires. truthdig.com As human-caused climate change has warmed the world over the past 35 years, the land consumed by flames has more than doubled.

Shared by Merula Furtado (2018-08-19). Law Students Fighting Trump Agenda Won't Find Support at Their Schools. truthout.org In the days after Donald Trump issued his first travel ban, pro bono attorneys across the country were celebrated " like superheroes," and the number of people applying to law school is increasing. Many of these applicants are seeking to arm themselves with a Juris Doctor degree to resist Trump's agenda. | Unbeknownst to them, though, law schools are ruthlessly efficient at systematically changing the disposition of even the most passionate civil rights activists into apathetic and institutionalized corporate attorneys. | Over the past year, I have watched this phenomenon unfold firsthand. The majority of students I met at my law school orientation seemed genuinely interested in wanting to learn how to use their legal education to make the world a better place. From environmental protection to antiwar advocacy, there was hardly a social justice cause left unrepresented by my incoming...

David Edwards, Raw Story (2018-08-19). Rick Santorum Tries to Mansplain Why Mueller Should Target Hillary Clinton to Three Women — And Flames Out Spectacularly. alternet.org Santorum launched into a false rant about how Clinton funded the Steele dossier as a means to manufacture an investigation against Trump. | Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum got shot down on Sunday after he tried to convince three women panelists on CNN that special counsel Robert Mueller should be investigating Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. During a panel discussion on Sunday morning, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) no. . .

Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet (2018-08-19). 'Incredibly Problematic': Ex-Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Warns Trump's 'Political Enemies' List is Reminiscent of Nixon, McCarthy. alternet.org Admiral Mike Mullen spoke with Fox News' Chris Wallace. | Admiral Mike Mullen, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Presidents Bush and Obama, on Sunday told Fox News' Chris Wallace that Donald Trump's decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan—and his threat to remove clearances for several other personal critics—recalls Richard Nixon's "enemies lis" and the Joseph McCarthy era. Asked by Mullen if it. . .

David Edwards, Raw Story (2018-08-19). 'Truth Isn't Truth': Rudy Giuliani Has Epic Meltdown on Meet The Press. alternet.org During an interview on NBC's Meet the Press, Giuliani complained that special counsel Robert Mueller was taking too long to finish his investigation. | Attorney Rudy Giuliani insisted on Sunday that evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians can not be taken at face value because "truth isn't truth. "During an interview on NBC's Meet the Press, Giuliani complained that special counsel Robert Mueller was taking too long to. . .

James M. Dorsey (2018-08-19). Turkey's Financial Crisis Raises Questions About China's Debt-driven Development Model. globalresearch.ca Financial injections by Qatar and possibly China may resolve Turkey's immediate economic crisis, aggravated by a politics-driven trade war with the United States, but are unlikely to resolve the country's structural ...

Shared by Merula Furtado (2018-08-19). Self-Managed Abortion Care Becomes Urgent as Threats to Roe v. Wade Mount. truthout.org When President Trump took office just over a year and a half ago, activists could only make educated guesses about whether his promised onslaught against reproductive health care would truly come to pass. The current picture is worse than expected due to attacks from rogue agency heads throughout the Trump-Pence administration who are collaborating to deny access to care to people across the country. | These agency heads include Betsy Devos at the Department of Education, who is working in tandem with the new division of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Civil Rights to reduce access to contraception; Scott Lloyd, who has directed the Office of Refugee Resettlement to deny abortion care to immigrant minors; and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has announced a " religious liberty task force" to shore up already...

Shared by Anton Woronczuk (2018-08-19). Short-Term Health Plans: A Junk Solution to a Real Problem. truthout.org After failing to overturn most of the Affordable Care Act in a very public fight, President Donald Trump has been steadily working behind the scenes to further destabilize former President Barack Obama's signature achievement. A major component in this effort has been an activity called rule-making, the administrative implementation of statutes by federal agencies like ... Continued

INA (2018-08-19). Imprisoned Palestinian Journalist Reiterates Call for Solidarity. imemc.org Imprisoned Palestinian journalist and director of Al-Quds TV Alaa Rimawi said on Sunday, 19 August that the arrests carried out by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian media and journalists are part of a comprehensive attack on Palestinian media, preventing it from doing its work and minimizing its role in publicizing Palestinian realities. [...]...

RT (2018-08-19). US govt doesn't think people have intelligence to decipher news, hence censorship — Keiser. rt.com As Twitter and Facebook are criticized over censorship and constant finger-pointing at Russia, RT's Max Keiser speaks to the senior editor of the Grayzone Project, Max Blumenthal, who sums up the reality of the situation. |
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RT (2018-08-19). Trump calls Mueller probe 'McCarthyism at its worst' lashing out at 'fake' New York Times. rt.com US President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to launch another scathing attack on the New York Times and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, calling it "McCarthyism at its WORST."
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Staff (2018-08-19). Trump Says His White House Counsel Isn't a 'RAT' Like Nixon's. truthdig.com The president, in a series of angry tweets, denounces a New York Times story that White House counsel Don McGahn has been cooperating with Robert Mueller's team investigating Russian election meddling.

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-18). New Information Reveals How Israel Covered-Up the Killing of Four Boys in Gaza. therealnews.com Shir Hever discusses the Intercept report, revealing that the Israeli military used an armed drone to kill four children playing football and injure four others. The Israeli investigation of the killing is exposed as a sham

INA (2018-08-19). Tralee, Ireland to Twin with Beit Sahour. imemc.org A town in Ireland has completed the first step towards twinning with Beit Sahour, in the Bethlehem district of the occupied West Bank. Kerry County Council has passed unopposed a motion to link Tralee, in County Kerry, with the Palestinian municipality. Councillor Pa Daly of the Sinn Fein political party, [...]...

Ian Reifowitz, Daily Kos (2018-08-19). Trump Uses Race and Culture to Divide and Distract While the GOP is Government By the Corrupt and For the Rich. alternet.org Racial scapegoating is at the heart of Donald Trump's message as a politician, and it has been going back to the day he announced his White House run by attacking people coming to the U. S. from Mexico as "rapists" and "drug dealers. " | I love to rile people up and then take their money. A news analysis in the New York Times ominiously warned that House Democrats are "discar. . .

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2018-08-19). Dollar Hegemony, Financial Warfare: Russia, China and Turkey Build up their Gold Reserves. globalresearch.ca Central banks in several regions of the World are building up their gold reserves. | A large part of these Central Bank purchases of gold bullion are not disclosed. They are undertaken through third party contracting companies, with utmost discretion. | The ...

RT (2018-08-19). Syria stabilization fund was ridiculous, let the Saudis pay it, Trump says. rt.com US President Donald Trump has praised Washington's cancellation of $230mn in funding for stabilization in war-torn Syria. Let "other rich countries" pay it, Trump says, while the US spends its money on its military and allies.
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Consortiumnews.com (2018-08-19). Religious Divisions Threaten to Further Inflame Ukrainian Civil War. consortiumnews.com Not admitting the head of the Russian Orthodox Church to Kiev is like barring the Pope from Rome, but that is just what the U.S.-backed Ukrainian government has done, explains Dmitry Babich. By Dmitry Babich Special to Consortium News During... Read more →

RT (2018-08-19). Not just Russians: China, North Korea & Iran may target US elections, Bolton says without proof. rt.com The upcoming 2018 US midterm elections might be targeted by Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, National Security Advisor John Bolton has warned, while declining to provide any evidence.
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Jay Syrmopoulos (2018-08-19). Russia Triples Gold Reserves in Preparation for Full-Scale Economic War with the U.S. Dollar. globalresearch.ca First published by GR on October 26, 2017. In recent developments, several countries are repatriating their gold holdings held in the U.S. | The Central Bank of Russia has more than doubled the pace of its gold purchases, and tripled its ...

wsws.org (2018-08-18). Presidential slates chosen for Brazil's general elections: a warning to the working class. wsws.org Whatever the result of the elections, the Brazilian political system will swing violently to the right, deepening the class war austerity measures initiated by the Workers Party's (PT).

Juan Cole (2018-08-18). If You Put an Old W. Bush Crony in Charge of Iran Policy, Doesn't It Signal a War-Like Intention? globalresearch.ca Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has appointed Brian H. Hook, the State Department director of policy planning, to head a coordinated "Iran Action Group." | Hook served in several important posts ...

RT (2018-08-18). Accused 'Russian agent' Butina deprived of sleep & medication — lawyer to RT. rt.com Jailed Russian gun activist Maria Butina, accused in the US of "espionage," has been unexpectedly transferred to another prison, her lawyer told RT. Butina is suffering from leg swelling and she was effectively deprived of sleep.
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Abayomi Azikiwe (2018-08-18). Roots of Aretha Franklin, Proletarian Culture and the Rise of Black Detroit. globalresearch.ca Detroit artist and social activist Aretha Franklin passed into her ancestral realm on Wednesday morning August 16 while surrounded by family and friends in her Detroit Riverfront condominium downtown. | It had ...

INA (2018-08-19). UN Protection Proposals Rejected by Israel. imemc.org Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, condemned the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' report on improving Palestinian protection in the occupied territories. Danny Danon spoke on behalf of Israel and announced Israel's rejection of the report presented by Guterres on Friday. Danon said, in a statement, that "The only [...]...

Middle East Monitor (2018-08-18). China's Top Diplomat Says Cooperation With Iran To Continue. iranian.com China will continue its cooperation and relations with Iran, state news agency Xinhua reported on Friday, citing a statement from Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the 2015 deal in which Tehran agreed to curb its nuclear work in return for the lifting of most Western sanctions, is in line with [...]

Taylor Link, Salon (2018-08-19). 'Treasonous': John Brennan Torches Trump as He Doubles Down on Claim the President Colluded With Russia. alternet.org On "Meet the Press," Brennan stood by his comments accusing Trump of treason |

In an interview on "Meet the Press" Sunday, the former director of the CIA refused to back down from accusations of treason made against President Donald Trump. John Brennan told NBC anchor Chuck Todd that "these are abnormal times" and suggested it was his duty to speak out. A rather outspoken critic of the president, Brennan saw his security clearan. . .

RT (2018-08-18). NYT reports White House counsel cooperates with 'Russiagate' probe, Trump says he allowed it. rt.com White House counsel Don McGahn has cooperated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's 'Russiagate' investigation into US President Donald Trump, the New York Times reports. Trump says he allowed it for transparency.
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Democracy Now! (2018-08-17). Angela Davis: Aretha Franklin Offered to Post Bail for Me, Saying "Black People Will Be Free" democracynow.org In 1970, Aretha Franklin offered to post bail for Angela Davis, who was jailed on trumped-up charges. Aretha Franklin told Jet magazine in 1970, "My daddy says I don't know what I'm doing. Well, I respect him, of course, but I'm going to stick by my beliefs. Angela Davis must go free. Black people will be free. I've been locked up (for disturbing the peace in Detroit) and I know you got to disturb the peace when you can't get no peace. Jail is hell to be in. I'm going to see her free if there is any justice in our courts, not because I believe in communism, but because she's a Black woman and she wants freedom fo...

RT (2018-08-18). Could science-fiction super soldiers become reality after extreme US military tests? rt.com Captain America, Deadpool, Wolverine: three fictional characters with superhuman bodies boosted for combat. Such stories, however, may soon become reality through US military trials currently proposed to revolutionize warfare.
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Hans-Armin Ohlmann (2018-08-17). My Longest Day: How World War II Ended for My Family. counterpunch.org One of my daily tasks was to bike to Neustadt, my home town, to collect the meager food and household stuff still available on the monthly ration-coupons. Meager for sure but quite a lot when you have 24 people in one household. And that is the number of people accommodated in the small homestead of More

Daryan Rezazad (2018-08-17). Iran And The Doomsday Machine. iranian.com In Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, "Dr. Strangelove", any mention of the Doomsday Machine was verboten. However, back in May 2018 the intrepid Pepe Escobar, who tends to ignore verboten warnings, presented some raw reality: It's also no secret among Persian Gulf traders that in the — hopefully unlikely — event of a US-Saudi-Israeli war in Southwest [...]

RT (2018-08-17). Accused 'Russian agent' Butina subjected to excessive strip searches in US jail — embassy. rt.com The Russian embassy in the US has accused American authorities of subjecting jailed Russian gun activist and 'agent' Maria Butina to cruel and inhumane treatment, including unwarranted strip searches. |
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David Bacon (2018-08-17). What was the life of this guest worker worth? peoplesworld.org On Sunday, August 5, a group of 200 farmworkers and supporters began walking at sunrise along the shoulder of Benson Road, heading north from Lynden, Washington, toward Canada. When they reached O Road, the marchers turned right to walk along the border. Unlike the frontier with Mexico, with its walls, floodlights, and patrols, the borderline here is no line at all—simply a road on each side of a weed-choked median. | The procession, chanting and holding banners, passed a succession of blueberry fields for the next 14 miles, finally reaching the official border crossing at Sumas. Pausing for a protest in front of the local immigrant detention center, it then continued on until it reached its objective one mile further on—the 1,500-acre spread of Sarbanand Farms. There, in front of the ranch's packing and warehouse facilities, participants staged a tribunal. | "We are...

Paul Edwards (2018-08-17). Totally Irrusianal. counterpunch.org Enough with accusations. Let's assume the worst. Or maybe you think of it as the best. Let's stipulate that Trump, never mind how, is the helpless tool of evil Putin. Putin posted social media attack rants to sow confusion and doubt in American minds about their country, and ordered the DNC hacking to expose and More

Shared by Anton Woronczuk (2018-08-18). The People vs. the Parliament in Argentina. truthout.org Hundreds of thousands of people calling for legal, safe and free abortion on demand in Argentina showed their outrage on August 9 when they gathered in the early morning in the pouring rain after the Senate voted down a bill that would have both decriminalized abortion and allowed free access to the procedure in public and private hospitals. | Despite this disappointing blow to reproductive rights, the headway made in Latin America to legalize safe and accessible abortion — dubbed the "green tide" after the bandannas worn by women's rights activists around the continent — will be invaluable to future struggles. | The Senate vote against the bill came a few months after the lower house of Congress voted in favor by a 129-to-125 margin—and after years of campaigning for the issue, led largely by Ni Una Menos, a grassroots anti gender-based violence...

William Blum (2018-08-18). The Mind of the Mass Media: Email Exchange Between Myself and a Leading Washington Post Foreign Policy Reporter. globalresearch.ca * | Dear Mr. Birnbaum, | You write Trump "made no mention of Russia's adventures in Ukraine". Well, neither he nor Putin nor you made any mention of America's adventures in the Ukraine, ...

wsws.org (2018-08-18). Taliban attack on Afghan city deepens crisis of US puppet regime in Kabul. wsws.org Driven by the mounting instability of the Afghan regime and the threat that regional rivals Russia and China could expand their involvement in the country, Washington has quietly reopened direct talks with the Taliban.

RT (2018-08-18). Senate intel committee head sees no evidence of Russian collusion, says probe 'frustrating as hell'. rt.com After 19 months of a "frustrating as hell' probe, the Senate Intelligence Committee has found "no factual evidence" of the Trump campaign colluding with Moscow, the chairman, Richard Burr, says.
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RT (2018-08-18). US takes away $230mn of Syria stabilization funding. rt.com The US has ended funding for stabilization projects in Syria, as President Donald Trump looks to withdraw from the long-running conflict. The move comes as allies step up their contributions.
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Matthew Rozsa, Salon (2018-08-18). 'Mini-Maduro': RNC Attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — Compares Her to Venezuelan Dictator. alternet.org The New York congressional candidate has been criticized by conservatives like Tomi Lahren and Ben Shapiro | Even though she's running in a solidly blue district that has no chance of flipping to the GOP, it seems that Republican just can't quit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The latest example of this phenomenon, which could be aptly dubbed Ocasio-Cortez Derangement Syndrome, was demonstrated by the Republican National Committee when. . .

Eduardo Andrade Bone (2018-08-17). Naming Names: The Actors Working to Take Down Venezuela. mintpressnews.com Attempts to destabilize the Venezuelan government have many sides and also many actors who, directly or from the shadows, constantly conspire against Venezuelan democracy.

wsws.org (2018-08-17). Facebook censors Telesur and Venezuela Analysis. wsws.org As the Trump administration escalates its onslaught against Venezuela, technology corporations are stepping up censorship of sites critical of US policy.

Daniel Falcone (2018-08-17). The Future of NATO: an Interview With Richard Falk. counterpunch.org At least, Donald Trump's approach has so far avoided the drift toward Cold War 2 that might have happened had Hillary Clinton become president, but Trump's trade war mentality may hasten the advent of a different kind of second Cold War, with China and Europe at its epicenter, that is, if the Trump presidency is More

RT (2018-08-17). Pentagon hypes China threat amid renewed strategic competition. rt.com The Pentagon is raising an alarm about "rapidly" growing Chinese military capabilities, from long-range bombers to a blue-water navy, as mainstream media warn that Chinese pilots are "likely" training for strikes against the US.
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Mark Ashwill (2018-08-17). More Demons Unleashed After Fulbright University Vietnam Official Drops Rhetorical Bombshells. counterpunch.org "The price of empire is America's soul, and that price is too high." — J. William Fulbright The story about Bob Kerrey, former governor, US senator, university president, war hero, and self-confessed war criminal and Fulbright University Vietnam (FUV), which I wrote about in these July 2016 and May 2017 bookend articles, is like a More

The Saker (2018-08-17). Iran's Reply: No War and No Negotiations. mintpressnews.com We can all thank God for the fact that the AngloZionists did not launch a war on the DPRK, that no Ukronazi attack on the Donbass took place during the World Cup in Russia and that the leaders of the Empire have apparently have given up on their plans to launch a reconquista of Syria. However, each of these retreats from their hysterical rhetoric has only made the Neocons more frustrated and determined to show the planet that they are still The Hegemon who cannot be disobeyed with impunity. As I wrote after the failed US cruise missile strike on Syria this spring, " each click brings us closer to the bang". In the immortal words of Michael Ledeen, "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the...

William Camacaro, Frederick B. Mills (2018-08-17). The Military Option Against Venezuela in the "Year of the Americas" counterpunch.org If the US attacks Venezuela from Colombia it will initiate a "war of 100 years, and this war will extend to the entire continent." President Hugo Chavez Frias (Nov. 2009) Year of the Americas: Venezuela in the crosshairs Defense Secretary James N. Mattis began his trip to South America on August 13th to "exchange strategic More

Daniel Wolff (2018-08-17). The Aretha Dialogue. counterpunch.org "Respect": signature tune. From the opening horn riff and twangy country guitar, we know we got a beat. The arrangement's incredibly strong. She sets her voice way up high from the start. Its inflection is mostly aimed towards confidence. She will — in the astonishing break — spell it out for us: "R-E-S-P-E-C-T." More

Thomas Knapp (2018-08-17). Murphy's Law: Big Tech Must Serve as Censorship Subcontractors. counterpunch.org In a recent tweet, US Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) warned that "Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart." His solution: "These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it." More

Ralph Nader (2018-08-17). Going Fundamental Eludes Congressional Progressives. counterpunch.org I've recently received fundraising letters from Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Chuck Schumer on behalf of their Democratic Party's campaign committees. Mostly, all they ask for is money, though Schumer's letter includes a short tough letter to President Trump for us to sign which they promise to deliver to the White House. Although politicians review More

wsws.org (2018-08-17). Trump revokes security clearance for former CIA chief Brennan: Ruling class warfare intensifies. wsws.org The warfare within the American state pits against each other two deeply reactionary factions of the capitalist ruling elite, personified by Trump and Brennan.

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-17). After Attempted Killing of Indian Leftist Student Leader, Activists Accuse Gov., Media of Incitement. therealnews.com Left-wing student leader Umar Khalid was shot at by a right-wing Hindutva extremist near India's parliament. JNU Professor Jayati Ghosh says their school, the media, and the BJP government have incited this sectarian violence. Ben Norton reports

ZeroHedge.com (2018-08-17). Pompeo Forms "Iran Action Group" to Coordinate Iran Strategy, Reports Directly to White House. mintpressnews.com Pompeo told reporters the action group would be "directing, reviewing and coordinating all aspects of the State Department's Iran-related activity."

TeleSur (2018-08-17). Israel's Shin Bet Interrogate And Threaten Reza Aslan. iranian.com According to Reza Aslan Israeli officers threatened him saying things like "we can make it so you don't see your kids for a long time," and asking "you think because you're a public person I can't do whatever I want with you?" [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Iranian-American scholar and writer said he was threatened by Israel's Shin Bet [...]

wsws.org (2018-08-17). Seoul and Pyongyang prepare for September summit while US intensifies campaign against North Korea. wsws.org Washington will only accept the complete subjugation of the North as it continues to raise tensions in the region with China.

Robert Fantina (2018-08-17). Yemeni and Palestinian Children. counterpunch.org It seems that much of the civilized world is outraged by the recent U.S.-financed, Saudi bombing of a school bus in Yemen. While U.S. spokespeople have hemmed and hawed and not condemned this atrocity, few outside of the U.S. have been so hesitant. How anyone can countenance the bombing of a clearly marked school bus More

RT (2018-08-17). 'Russia hysteria' an affront to American values, US congressman insists. rt.com The ongoing demonization of Russia distracts from far more serious issues facing the United States and undermines American values, including the concept of innocent until proven guilty, congressman Thomas Massie has argued.
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RT (2018-08-17). 'She could've hurt us': Georgia police taser 87yo Syrian woman cutting dandelions. rt.com An 87-year-old Syrian woman who was cutting dandelions near her home in Georgia was tasered by police because she approached an officer with a knife. The police department has defended the move, despite outrage from her family.
Read Full Article at RT.com

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-16). DNC Reverses Ban on Accepting Fossil Fuel Industry Money. therealnews.com DNC Chair Tom Perez reversed an agreement to ban accepting money from the fossil fuel industry that created a firestorm of protests, we speak with Janet Redman, climate change director at Greenpeace

wsws.org (2018-08-17). US escalates trade war against Turkey as Ankara moves to attack workers. wsws.org Washington is waging trade war on Turkey even as the financial collapse of the lira currency tears apart the Turkish economy.

Elliott Gabriel (2018-08-17). South Korea's Moon Steers Toward Inter-Korean Unity While Wind from Washington Blows in His Face. mintpressnews.com At the height of U.S. power following Japan's defeat, Washington itself wrote the rules of the game for the Korean Peninsula -- whether others are willing to continue playing along indefinitely remains another question entirely.

Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch (2018-08-17). Forever War: Here's the Dark Truth the Unending Conflict in Afghanistan Reveals About the United States. alternet.org Almost 17 years and, coincidentally enough, 17 U. S. commanders later, think of it as a war of abysmal repetition. | Fair warning. Stop reading right now if you want, because I'm going to repeat myself. What choice do I have, since my subject is the Afghan War (America's second Afghan War, no less)? I began writing about that war in October 2001. . .

ZeroHedge.com (2018-08-17). China's Long Range Bombers "Likely Training For Strikes" Against US, Pentagon Warns. mintpressnews.com The warning is contained in an annual Pentagon report prepared for Congress called Military and Security Developments Involving The People's Republic of China 2018, which further notes a defense spending estimate of $190 billion — a third that of the United States.

RT (2018-08-17). McCain death tweet gets anti-imperialist Aussie journalist banned from Twitter. rt.com Australian anti-war journalist Caitlin Johnstone was suspended from Twitter for several hours after a tweet blasting Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) as a warmonger and suggested that his death would make the world a better place.
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Julia Conley (2018-08-17). Trump: Fewer Military Parades Means More "Jet Fighters" mintpressnews.com On Thursday, the Pentagon announced that the parade would not move forward this year, after estimates for the events cost jumped more than 600 percent from previous proposals.

John Wojcik (2018-08-17). Germany's Left Party launches a new strategy against the extreme right. peoplesworld.org During my two-week vacation in Germany last month it was clear to me that Germany, like the U.S., is at a crossroad. Dangerous developments connected with a rising fascist movement under the banner of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) are underway. Germany's Left Party (die Linke), on the other hand could well be on its way toward mounting an effective fightback. | First, the bad news | The German version of the Nazis and KKKers who descended on Charlottesville, Virginia, last year are out and about in that country too. They're in the streets flashing barely disguised Nazi symbols (Displaying the swastika is still illegal in Germany) and shouting anti-immigrant slogans. | But, like in the U.S., there are also the clean-cut, "respectable" politicians and commentators who yearn for a return to the days when Germany was "great." I saw them on the...

The Saker (2018-08-17). Analysis Of Iran's Reply: No War And No Negotiations. iranian.com We can all thank God for the fact that the AngloZionists did not launch a war on the DPRK, that no Ukronazi attack on the Donbass took place during the World Cup in Russia and that the leaders of the Empire have apparently have given up on their plans to launch a reconquista of Syria. However, each [...]

Ajamu Baraka (2018-08-17). Opposing Bipartisan Warmongering is Defending Human Rights of the Poor and Working Class. counterpunch.org The decision by Democrat party president Harry Truman to bomb the cities of Hiroshima on August 6 and Nagasaki on the 9thwith the newly developed nuclear weapon signaled to the world that the U.S. was prepared to use military force to back up its new-found position as the leader of the Western colonial-capitalist powers, now More

Daniel Warner (2018-08-17). Tiger Woods, Donald Trump and Crime and Punishment. counterpunch.org Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel Crime and Punishment raises the complex problem of guilt. The hero, Rodion Raskolnikov, commits what seems to be the perfect crime but is torn by moral dilemmas. A poor student, he murders a pawnbroker for her money, a crime for which he could potentially justify his action. Luckily for him, the objective facts More

Maia Hibbett (2018-08-17). 'An Eternal Night of Persecution and Death': Activists Speak Out About Nicaragua's Crackdown. thenation.com 'An Eternal Night of Persecution and Death': Activists Speak Out About Nicaragua's Crackdown appeared first on The Nation.

RT (2018-08-16). US refugee arrested over alleged ISIS killing in Iraq, vetting system slammed as 'failure'. rt.com An Iraqi refugee has been arrested in the US after allegedly killing a police officer while he fought for the terrorist Islamic State group in 2014. It has cast doubt on the efficacy of the US resettlement scheme.
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Ali Abunimah (2018-08-17). Rashida Tlaib Repudiates Views of Liberal Zionist Organization, J Street. mintpressnews.com This comes after days of controversy and questions about the political commitments required to secure the support of the liberal Zionist organization.

Ryan Gallagher (2018-08-16). Google Staff Tell Bosses China Censorship is "Moral and Ethical" Crisis. theintercept.com Google employees are demanding answers from the company's leadership amid growing internal protests over plans to launch a censored search engine in China. | Staff inside the internet giant's offices have agreed that the censorship project raises "urgent moral and ethical issues" and have circulated a letter saying so, calling on bosses to disclose more about the company's work in China, which they say is shrouded in too much secrecy, according to three sources with knowledge of the matter. | The internal furor began after The Intercept earlier this month revealed details about the censored search engine, which would remove content that China's authoritarian government views as sensitive, such as information about political dissidents, free speech, democracy, human rights, and peaceful protest. It would "blacklist sensitive queries" so that "no results will be shown" at all when people enter certain words or...

Tom Engelhardt (2018-08-16). The War in Afghanistan Is Headed for a Record. thenation.com The War in Afghanistan Is Headed for a Record appeared first on The Nation.

Katrina vanden Heuvel (2018-08-16). The Democratic Insurgency Is Winning the War of Ideas. thenation.com The Democratic Insurgency Is Winning the War of Ideas appeared first on The Nation.

Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-08-16). Saudi-Canada Diplomatic Row Obscures Canada's Support for the Deadly War on Yemen. therealnews.com Canadian Journalist Anthony Fenton Explains Canada's Extensive Arms Sales to the Saudi Autocracy

Middle East Monitor (2018-08-16). The Story Behind Netanyahu's Video Messages To Iranians. iranian.com It has been a few years since the Israeli prime minister chose to "speak directly" to Iranians. From speaking to BBC Persia in 2013 on how he wants the Iranian youth to wear jeans — which led to a mockery of his words on Twitter by Iranians — to his recent messages on how Iranians are manipulated by their government because, [...]

Middle East Monitor (2018-08-16). Rare Admission: Khamenei Admits Mistake For Permitting Nuclear Negotiations. iranian.com Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has admitted he made a mistake in allowing the country's foreign minister to speak to his US counterpart during negotiations that led to a 2015 international nuclear agreement. International sanctions on Iran were lifted when the pact with world powers came into force in 2016, but the expected level of foreign [...]

Democracy Now! (2018-08-16). "I'm Bringing My Bullhorn to Congress": Rashida Tlaib Poised to Become First Muslim Congresswoman. democracynow.org Detroit Democratic congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib is poised to become the first Palestinian-American woman and first Muslim woman to serve in Congress, after winning the Democratic primary for John Conyers's old House seat in Michigan last week. Tlaib is a Democratic Socialist who supports the Palestinian right of return and a one-state solution, Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage and abolishing ICE. The child of immigrants, she has spoken out against the Trump administration's travel bans. We speak with Rashida Tlaib about her historic victory and her plans for Congress.

Consortiumnews.com (2018-08-16). For Italy, Trump Represents a 'Populist' Opportunity. consortiumnews.com The new Italian government is taking comfort in some of Trump's positions, especially on migration, trade and Russia, says Andrew Spannaus. By Andrew Spannaus in Milan Special to Consortium News During the 2016 United States election campaign, most of Italy's... Read more →

RT (2018-08-16). 'Full of itself': Facebook using Russia as excuse to censor information online, says Steve Malzberg. rt.com Facebook is using false claims against Russia and its supposed "bots" and "trolls" as justification to shut down pages of news outlets it doesn't agree with, conservative commentator Steve Malzberg told RT's "Watching the Hawks."
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RT (2018-08-15). US changing its tune in Afghanistan as 'barbaric' Taliban becomes bulwark against ISIS. rt.com After more than 15 years of war, the US appears more open to dialogue with the Taliban. RT's Ilya Petrenko explores why the US has cooled its rhetoric about the "barbarian" enemy that now controls large parts of Afghanistan. |
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RT (2018-08-15). Trump trolls 'Democrat Party leader' Maxine Waters with birthday wish. rt.com US President Donald Trump has used the 80th birthday of 'crazy' Maxine Waters to troll the outspoken Democrat, with whom he has been locked in a war of words throughout his administration.
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Consortiumnews.com (2018-08-15). 'Journey for Justice' Caravan Launches Cross-Country Trek. consortiumnews.com The Trump administration is dismantling Temporary Protected Status, a program that protects people from deportations to countries destabilized by war, civil conflict, or natural catastrophe. One group is fighting back. By Dennis J Bernstein The Trump Administration, with Attorney General... Read more →

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-15). Turkey's President Erdogan Vows to Win 'Economic War' With U.S. therealnews.com Economist Heiner Flassbeck and Political Analyst Ekrem Ekici say Turkey's economic crisis runs deeper than U.S. sanctions

Consortiumnews.com (2018-08-15). Trump Strikes Back at 'Ringleader' Brennan. consortiumnews.com At war with current and former intelligence officials since before he was elected, Donald Trump on Wednesday moved to strip Barack Obama's CIA chief of his security clearance, though worse may be in store for John Brennan, says Ray McGovern.... Read more →

Elizabeth Pochoda (2018-08-15). Mourning the Violence of Its Past, Oklahoma City Is Moving Forward. thenation.com Mourning the Violence of Its Past, Oklahoma City Is Moving Forward appeared first on The Nation.

Hatewatch Staff (2018-08-15). Hatewatch Headlines 8/16/2018. splcenter.org Antifa/alt-right equivalencies plague media reports; Infowars website goes dark; Kobach now Kansas GOP's nominee for governor; and more.

Hatewatch Staff (2018-08-16). California chapter of anti-LGBT hate group MassResistance gets a white nationalist member. splcenter.org The California chapter of anti-LGBT hate group MassResistance was formed in May 2016 by longtime anti-immigrant and nativist activist Arthur Schaper. Now it's added a white nationalist to its ranks.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-15). Parents of Murdered Parkland Student Joaquin Oliver on Using Art to Demand End to Gun Violence. democracynow.org Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, return to class today, amid heavy security, after summer break. It was six months ago Tuesday when a former student, armed with a semiautomatic AR-15, gunned down 17 students, staff and teachers in just three minutes. It was one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history. After the horrific attack, many of the students who survived the shooting became leading activists for gun control. 
Among the students killed at Stoneman Douglas High School was Joaquin Oliver. On Tuesday, Democracy Now! spoke to Joaquin's parents, Ma...

Elijah J. Magnier (2018-08-15). Assad In A Secret Message To Putin: Israel Has Exhausted Our Patience And Iran Will Stay In Syria As Long As Needed. iranian.com The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has communicated to the Russian leadership that "Israel has exhausted our patience" ... "Israeli jets will be a legitimate target for our defense systems if Tel Aviv doesn't cease its provocation and stop targeting our military positions and jets". According to decision-makers, "Assad has no intention of asking Iran and [...]

Mark N. Katz (2018-08-15). New Caspian Accord Resolves Some Issues, Not All. iranian.com Ever since the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991, the five states bordering the Caspian Sea (Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Iran) have been unable to reach agreement on a legal regime for the body of water—until just recently at a summit meeting of their presidents in Aqtau, Kazakhstan on August 12. Although the [...]

Stephen F. Cohen (2018-08-15). Sanction Mania vs. Russia. thenation.com Sanction Mania vs. Russia appeared first on The Nation.

Paul Dobson (2018-08-15). Venezuela to Sell Off Assets of Public Bus Network and Civil Aviation Institute as Fears of Privatisation Grow. venezuelanalysis.com The measure has received no public attention as of yet and forms part of a series of recent sell-offs of state-run firms.

TeleSur English (2018-08-15). Venezuela Top Prosecutor: 34 Involved In Failed Assassination of Maduro. venezuelanalysis.com The Public Prosecutor's office has delivered the information to Interpol in a record time and with great detail about those involved in the failed attack, Saab reported.

RT (2018-08-15). Twitter shouldn't silence Proud Boys — right & left agree during heated debate on RT. rt.com Despite a fiery live debate on RT, both the spokesman for right-wing group Proud Boys and his leftist opponent from Code Pink shared the view that the group shouldn't have been banned by Twitter.
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Consortiumnews.com (2018-08-14). Consortium News Radio— Episode 2: Joe Meadors. consortiumnews.com Read more →>

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-14). After Emerging From An Israeli Prison, Freedom Flotilla Captain Accuses Canada's Government Of Complicity In A "Slow Genocide" therealnews.com Human Rights Activist John Turnbull Describes How Israel's Navy Hijacked a Peaceful Vessel in International Waters and Kidnapped its Passengers and Crew

Margot Williams (2018-08-15). 328 NSA Documents Reveal "Vast Network" of Iranian Agents, Details of a Key Intelligence Coup, and a Fervor for Voice-Matching Technology. theintercept.com Highlights from the seventh release of the internal NSA newsletter, SIDtoday.

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-14). Deadly Taliban Offensive Exposes US-Afghan Forces' Disarray. therealnews.com As the death toll from a Taliban assault on the Afghan city of Ghazni passes 300, journalist and author Ahmed Rashid says the attack underscores the the ineffectiveness of the US-NATO-Afghan government coalition, and the urgent need for talks to end the nearly 17-year war

TeleSUR English (2018-08-14). Venezuelan President Announces New System of Wages and Prices. venezuelanalysis.com "We are heading towards normalization, to a country of stability with the Recovery, Growth and Economic Prosperity plan," Nicolas Maduro said.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-14). 40 Yemeni Children Dead by U.S.-Made Bomb? Outrage Mounts Over U.S. Role in Airstrike on School Bus. democracynow.org Thousands of mourners gathered in Yemen's northern city of Saada Monday for the funerals of 51 people, including 40 children, who were killed in a U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition airstrike on a school bus last week. The massacre of school boys between the ages of 6 and 11 was one of the worst attacks on children in the history of Yemen's brutal war. Images posted online suggest a U.S.-built Mark 82 bomb was used in the bombing. We speak with Shireen Al-Adeimi, a Yemeni scholar and activist and an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University. Her latest piece for In These Times is titled "Fine Print in Defense...

Democracy Now! (2018-08-14). Historic Ruling Against Monsanto Finds Company Acted with "Malice" Against Groundskeeper with Cancer. democracynow.org California jurors have awarded $289 million in a historic verdict against Monsanto in the case of a school groundskeeper who developed cancer after using its weed killer, Roundup. We speak with Brent Wisner, the lead trial counsel for Dewayne Lee Johnson, who has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Doctors say he is unlikely to live past 2020. Johnson's was the first lawsuit to go to trial alleging glyphosate causes cancer. Filed in 2016, it was fast-tracked for trial due to the severity of his illness.

Swathi Shanmugasundaram (2018-08-14). Roundup of anti-immigrant events and activities 8/14/2018. splcenter.org The following is a list of activities and events of anti-immigrant organizations and individuals. Organizations listed as anti-immigrant hate groups are designated with an asterisk.

Erin Corbett, Elizabeth King (2018-08-14). The Dangers of Shunning 'Bad' Protesters. thenation.com The narratives that painted Black Lives Matter activists as "violent" have turned into legislation that targets black people, leftists, and other marginalized groups.

RT (2018-08-15). US targets Russia and Chinese firms over North Korea sanctions breaches. rt.com The United States has imposed fresh sanctions on one individual and three entities, including Russia and China-based companies, over breaches related to North Korea sanctions.
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RT (2018-08-14). New US military budget halts Open Skies pact, almost axes nuclear arms reduction deal with Russia. rt.com The US has suspended its Open Skies Treaty with Russia after President Donald Trump signed a giant 2019 defense budget bill. Lawmakers also tried to derail a milestone nuclear arms deal that has been in place since 2011. |
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Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-15). German Police Attack a Jewish Professor, and Blame it on "a Palestinian" therealnews.com Prof. Yitzhak Melamed was the victim of a hate crime in Bonn, perpetrated by those whose duty is to protect him

RT (2018-08-14). US Congress publishes entire text of Russia sanctions 'bill from hell'. rt.com The full text of Congress' latest sanctions bill has been released, revealing a punitive piece of legislation that aims to undermine Russia economically — and even suggests designating Moscow a state sponsor of terrorism. |
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RT (2018-08-14). Bolton to meet Russian counterpart for 'Helsinki summit follow-up' — White House. rt.com President Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton will meet with his Russian counterpart next week for follow-up discussions on issues raised at the Helsinki summit, the White House confirmed.
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Paul Dobson (2018-08-15). Venezuelan Landlord Arrested & Accused of Masterminding Triple Campesino Murder. venezuelanalysis.com The homicides in the Escondida ranch took place just hours after Maduro received a ground-breaking commission of campesino leaders at Miraflores Palace.

TeleSUR English (2018-08-14). US Pentagon: 'Brazil Should Lead Solution to Venezuela Crisis'. venezuelanalysis.com Bolivian President Evo Morales condemned U.S. interventionism and military bases in the region.

pacbi (2018-08-10). Oppression Education: Israeli Academic Institutions Throw Their Lot With the Israeli Security Elite. bdsmovement.net Oppression Education: Israeli Academic Institutions Throw Their Lot With the Israeli Security Elite: AnalysisThree recent events in Israel's largest universities demonstrate academic and security institutions are actually increasing their cooperation. | Academic BoycottJuly 23, 2018 | By: | | Shir Hever

pacbi (2018-08-10). Western Authors Take Stand in Israel/Palestine Conflict by Refusing to Be Published in Israel. bdsmovement.net Western Authors Take Stand in Israel/Palestine Conflict by Refusing to Be Published in Israel: In the NewsRenowned authors have refused to have their works distributed by Israeli...

Democracy Now! (2018-08-13). Headlines for August 13, 2018. democracynow.org Korean Leaders to Meet Next Month in Pyongyang, On Anniversary of Charlottesville, White Supremacist Rally in D.C. Fizzles, Baltimore Police Officer Resigns After Videotaped Repeatedly Punching Man, Trump to Sign $716 Billion Military Spending Bill with Over $21 Billion for Nuclear Weapons, Afghanistan: Over 200 Killed After Taliban Attacks Critical City of Ghazni, Israeli Forces Shot Dead Gazan Medic Armed with "Bandages & Surgical Masks", U.N.: China Is Detaining Over 1 Million Uyghurs in Massive Internment Camp, Maduro Welcomes FBI to Come to Venezuela to Help Probe Assassination Plot, White House Looks to Sto...

Democracy Now! (2018-08-09). Headlines for August 9, 2018. democracynow.org Saudi-Led Airstrike in Yemen Hits Bus Carrying Children, Killing Dozens, U.S. Airstrike in Afghanistan Kills a Dozen Afghan Soldiers "By Mistake", Israeli Airstrikes Kill Three in Gaza, Including Mother and Her Toddler, In Colombia, Nikki Haley Escalates Anti-Venezuela Rhetoric, U.S. to Impose New Sanctions on Russia, Senate Committee Asks Julian Assange to Testify About Russian Meddling in Election, Virginia & Charlottesville Under States of Emergency Ahead of White Supremacist Rallies, Longtime DRC Leader Joseph Kabila Will Not Run for Re-election, Argentine Senate Rejects Legislation to Legalize Abortion, NY C...

Rania Khalek (2018-08-13). "We Don't Want To Lose Anymore": Inside the Complex Peace Process That Helped Syrians Find an End to the Fighting. grayzoneproject.com In war torn areas across Syria, a series of reconciliation deals overseen by the secret fixer of Damascus, Khaled al Ahmad,...

Democracy Now! (2018-08-10). Meet Gustavo Petro, Colombian Former Guerrilla & Leftist Who Mounted Historic Campaign for Presidency. democracynow.org In Colombia, right-wing politician Iván Duque has been sworn in as Colombia's new president. Duque was handpicked by former right-wing President ąÅlvaro Uribe and has vowed to roll back key parts of Colombia's landmark peace deal with FARC rebels. Just before Duque's inauguration, Democracy Now! spoke to Gustavo Petro, who placed second in this year's presidential race, receiving 8 million votes in his attempt to become Colombia's first leftist president. In the 1980s, Petro was jailed and tortured for being a member of the M-19 guerrilla movement. He later went on to lead efforts in Colombia's Congress to...

Democracy Now! (2018-08-09). 73 Years After U.S. Dropped Atom Bomb on Nagasaki, Survivor Warns About Threat of Nuclear Warfare. democracynow.org Seventy-three years ago today, on August 9, 1945, the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki, killing 74,000 people and forever changing the lives of those who survived the nuclear attack. The bombing came just three days after the U.S. dropped the world's first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, killing some 140,000 people. For more, we speak with two guests who traveled from Japan to New York City on the Peace Boat—an international boat that sails around the world campaigning for nuclear disarmament and world peace—last month. Terumi Kuramori is a hibakusha—th...

Democracy Now! (2018-08-13). Former Iranian Ambassador: Trump's Reimposed Sanctions Against Iran Are an Act of Warfare. democracynow.org Tensions are escalating between the U.S. and Iran after the Trump administration reimposed economic sanctions against Iran last week. This news followed Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Trump has threatened other countries seeking to trade with Iran, tweeting, "Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States." Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned the sanctions as "psychological warfare," saying last week he would not begin negotiations until the sanctions are withdrawn. We speak with Ambassador Seyed Hossein Mousavian, Middle East security and nuclea...

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-13). Yemeni Children Massacred With US-Made Bomb. therealnews.com Thousands have gathered in Yemen for the funerals of the 51 people killed in a Saudi-UAE-US military alliance airstrike, including 40 children traveling on a school bus. Even after a Raytheon-made MK-82 bomb was found in the wreckage, Defense Secretary James Mattis told said that the US is "not engaged in the civil war." We...

Herman Schwartz (2018-08-13). Trump's EPA Is Poisoning Our Children. thenation.com Trump's EPA Is Poisoning Our Children appeared first on The Nation.

Hatewatch Staff (2018-08-12). Jason Kessler and 'Unite the Right 2' crew arrive in DC aboard 'Special' subway train. splcenter.org "Unite the Right 2" organizer Jason Kessler and a contingent of his followers got off a subway train marked "SPECIAL" at the Foggy Bottom stop in Washington, D.C., this afternoon and began their march toward Lafayette Square.

Noah Alexander Flora (2018-08-09). The U.S. is Funding a War on Poor People in the Philippines. progressive.org The Philippine National Police, implicated in the suppression of labor movements and President Duterte's war on drugs, receive a significant amount of funding through U.S. foreign military financing.

Paul Dobson (2018-08-09). Opposition Lawmaker Borges Named in Drone Bombing Investigation, Arrest Warrant Issued. venezuelanalysis.com The ex-National Assembly president is currently living in Bogota, Colombia.

RT (2018-08-13). 'This state and constitution aren't made for us': RT doco follows African-American activists. rt.com With racial tensions in the USA back in the spotlight over the last few years, a gripping new RT documentary series visits African-American communities and the activists fighting against a history of racial injustice and poverty.
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RT (2018-08-13). FBI fires Peter Strzok whose texts revealed anti-Trump bias amid Bureau's major probes. rt.com FBI agent Peter Strzok, who became a central figure in controversy surrounding investigations into alleged Russian meddling and Hillary Clinton's private email server, has been fired, his attorney has said.
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Junaid Ahmad (2018-08-13). Pakistan's 'Russiagate' Elections: Imran Khan and the Rational 'Villains' the West Loves to Hate. grayzoneproject.com The post-election despair of Pakistan's Western-oriented elites echoes the American establishment's moral panic over Russian meddling. By Junaid S. Ahmad...

Consortiumnews.com (2018-08-13). 'Too Big to Fail': Russia-gate One Year After VIPS Showed a Leak, Not a Hack. consortiumnews.com One year later, the VIPS memo contending that the DNC emails were leaked and not hacked has yet to be successfully challenged. Meanwhile, the country sinks deeper into the morass of the new McCarthyism, comments Patrick Lawrence. By Patrick Lawrence... Read more →

Democracy Now! (2018-08-10). "All For One": U.S. and Russian Filmmakers with Disabilities Collaborate in Powerful New Documentary. democracynow.org While tensions between the U.S. and Russia continue to heat up, one group of filmmakers has found a way to strengthen ties between the two countries through a common bond: their disabilities. A new film premiering tonight in New York follows the Media Enabled Musketeers, American and Russian filmmakers with disabilities, as they make original films to tell their stories. "All For One" tells the story of 35 Russians and 13 Americans who collaborated to create films about everyday issues to empower themselves, educate the public and provide more opportunities for people with disabilities. These include films about...

TEV (2018-08-13). Maduro Encourages FBI to Investigate Drone Attack Suspect. venezuelanalysis.com Venezuelan citizen Osman Delgado Tabosky lives in Miami. Equally, another accused, Venezuelan lawmaker Juan Requesens, has confessed to the crime, according to video footage released by the government.

Paul Dobson (2018-08-13). Crystallex Gains Right to Seize Venezuela's CITGO in US Court Reversal. venezuelanalysis.com The future of PDVSA's US-subsidiary is uncertain as a host of other transnationals line up to strip Venezuelan assets.

Venezuelanalysis (2018-08-09). Venezuelanalysis: Official Statement on Facebook's Removal of Our Page. venezuelanalysis.com VA's Facebook page was arbitrarily removed by the social media tech-giant on Thursday morning.

leili (2018-08-08). Top 70 Moments of Solidarity & BDS for Palestine in 2018. bdsmovement.net Top 70 Moments of Solidarity & BDS for Palestine in 2018: UpdateHere's a short-list of moments in 2018 demonstrating growing recognition of Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people and inspiring efforts around the world to hold Israel accountable for its gross violations of human rights. Support for Palestinian rights has grown in parliaments, city c...

pacbi (2018-08-03). Palestinians Call for Boycott of Meteor Music Festival in Israel. bdsmovement.net Palestinians Call for Boycott of Meteor Music Festival in Israel: UpdatePalestinians urge participating artists to withdraw from the festival as a meaningful contribution to our struggle for freedom, justice and equality. | Cultural BoycottAugust 3, 2018 | By: | Erwin Knoll (2018-08-01). In memory of Ron Dellums: "Black, Radical, and Hopeful." progressive.org When Dellums talked about peace, he meant peace—withdrawal from the mentality that relies on death and the threat of death as a national way of life.

James Goodman (2018-08-07). New York Case Shows Cruelty of ICE Toward the Mentally Disabled. progressive.org U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has revoked Abigail Hernandez's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status, paving the way for deportation to Mexico. "She would be taken advantage of. She would not survive," her teacher says.

Greta Zarro (2018-08-06). When It Comes to War, Words Matter. progressive.org An unheralded word change to Trump's Department of Defense mission statement is unsettling—to say the least.

Rania Khalek (2018-08-02). Meet the Mystery Fixer Who Negotiated Syria Out of Seven Years of War. grayzoneproject.com How a nearly unknown businessman named Khaled al Ahmad became Damascus' secret liaison to the West and quietly dealt Syria's...

Michelle Chen (2018-08-02). Trump Administration's Breastmilk War Exposes Backchannel Politics in Health Care. progressive.org Nipplegate has a long history in the Global South.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-07). Mother of Heather Heyer, Killed 1 Year Ago: Everyone Needs to Pick Up the Baton & Stand Against Hate. democracynow.org It has been nearly a year since anti-racist activist Heather Heyer died in Charlottesville, Virginia, when white supremacist James Alex Fields drove his Dodge Charger into a crowd of counterdemonstrators. As white supremacists plan to mark the first anniversary of Charlottesville by holding another "Unite the Right" rally in Washington, D.C., we speak with Heyer's mother Susan Bro about Heather Heyer's legacy and what activists can do to combat racism.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-07). Headlines for August 7, 2018. democracynow.org U.S. Reimposes Sanctions Against Iran, Brazil's Workers' Party Nominates Lula as Presidential Candidate, Rick Gates Testifies He and Manafort Committed Crimes, Voters Head to Polls in Missouri, Kansas, Michigan & Washington State, Tennessee Democrats Celebrate "Blue Wave" That Swept Shelby County, Massive Student Protests Sweep Bangladesh Demanding Safer Roads, Canada Criticizes Saudi Arabia over Arrest of Feminist Activists, Mendocino Complex Now Largest Fire in California History, Social Media Platforms Remove Alex Jones, Citing Hate Speech, The Dream Defenders Organize National Protests Against GEO Group, Gunm...

Janine Jackson (2018-08-06). 'There Needs to be a Much Stronger Public Outcry Against the Effort of Undermining the Nuclear Deal'. fair.org Janine Jackson interviewed Trita Parsi about the Iran Nuclear Deal for the August 3, 2018 episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript. MP3 Link Janine Jackson: August 5 marks the anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin incident, when journalists reported official claims about an unprovoked attack by North Vietnam on American destroyers as [...]...

TeleSUR English (2018-08-08). UN Chief Condemns Attack Targeting Venezuela's Maduro. venezuelanalysis.com Antonio Guterres expresses concern about the latest developments in Venezuela and rejects any act of violence.

TeleSUR English (2018-08-08). Venezuela: Opposition Legislator Linked to Drone Attack Detained. venezuelanalysis.com Opposition legislator Juan Requesens was detained after being linked to the assassination attempt by retired military officer Juan Carlos Monasterios.

Paul Dobson (2018-08-06). Venezuela's Maduro Receives International Solidarity Following Assassination Attempt. venezuelanalysis.com Venezuela's right-wing parties are divided over whether to condemn the terrorist attack or deny it took place.

Paul Dobson (2018-08-05). Venezuela's President Maduro Survives Assassination Attack On Live TV. venezuelanalysis.com Six arrests have already been made in the dramatic foiled terrorist attack.

Paul Dobson (2018-08-02). Venezuela's Marching Campesinos Meet Maduro, Denounce Corruption & Revolutionary 'Reversals'. venezuelanalysis.com After 20 days walking 435 kilometres, the marchers held a fiery televised meeting with the president, finally being able to present their proposals to the nation.

pacbi (2018-07-31). Team Justice Scores. Adidas No Longer Sponsoring Israel Football Association. bdsmovement.net Team Justice Scores. Adidas No Longer Sponsoring Israel Football Association: UpdateFollowing a global campaign, Adidas is no longer sponsoring football teams in illegal Israeli settlements. Palestinians call on new sponsor Puma to end complicity with Israel's violations of international law. | Cultural Boycott Red Card IsraelJuly 31, 2018 | By: | | Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)

pacbi (2018-07-30). Celebrities and public figures launch Irish campaign to boycott Eurovision 2019 in Israel. bdsmovement.net Celebrities and public figures launch Irish campaign to boycott Eurovision 2019 in Israel: In the NewsIn a stand for Palestinian rights, music legends, former Eurovision winner, commentator and presenters, performaning arts trade unions and well known LGBTQ+ and feminist campaigners and others endorse the call for Ireland to boycott Eurovision 2019. | Cultural Boycott Boycott Eurovision 2019June 27, 2018 | By: | | Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)

pacbi (2018-07-30). Irish MEP calls for 2019 Eurovision Boycott in light of Israel's 'Nation State' vote. bdsmovement.net Irish MEP calls for 2019 Eurovision Boycott in light of Israel's 'Nation State' vote: In the NewsMember of European Parliament calls on Ireland's public br...

pacbi (2018-07-30). Dublin Lord Mayor calls for boycott of next year's Eurovision in Israel. bdsmovement.net Dublin Lord Mayor calls for boycott of next year's Eurovision in Israel: In the NewsThe Lord Mayor of Dublin has called for a boycott of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest following Israels's win in Lisbon on Saturday night.

pacbi (2018-07-30). Over 18,000 people sign petition calling on Iceland to boycott Israel Eurovision. bdsmovement.net Over 18,000 people sign petition calling on Iceland to boycott Israel Eurovision: In the NewsThe petition cites Israel's human rights violations against Palestinian people and calls on national broadcaster RUV to withdraw Iceland from the contest. | Cultural Boyc...

leili (2018-07-27). Glasgow City Council Concedes to Supporters of Palestinian Rights, Vows to Refrain From Sponsoring Future Arms Fairs. bdsmovement.net Glasgow City Council Concedes to Supporters of Palestinian Rights, Vows to Refrain From Sponsoring Future Arms Fairs: UpdateGlasgow City Council promises supporters of Palestinian rights that it will no longer sponsor arms fairs featuring Israeli weapons manufacturers and will ensure that the city's guidelines for hosting events reflect that "Glasgow is a human rights respecting city." | Military Embargo Boycott HP Apartheid Free Zones Local governments Sanctions and governmentsJuly 27, 2018 | By: | | Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC)

TeleSur English (2018-07-31). Venezuelans Mark 1st Year of National Constituent Assembly. venezuelanalysis.com Monday's celebrations marked the anniversary of the ANC's founding, which brought peace to Caribbean country by ending the violent guarimbas.

Max Blumenthal (2018-07-30). How Washington and Soft Power NGOs Manipulated Nicaragua's Death Toll to Drive Regime Change and Sanctions. grayzoneproject.com Did Nicaragua's Sandinista government really kill 300+ peaceful protesters? A forensic analysis of the death toll exposes the claim as...

Paul Dobson (2018-07-30). PSUV Holds Congress as Pressure Mounts for Maduro to Receive Campesino March. venezuelanalysis.com Party delegates considered raising petrol prices, remodelling state-run industries, further nationalisations, and eliminating currency exchange controls.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-26). Venezuela: Maduro Announces Economic Reforms Including Monetary Reconversion, Tax Breaks & Currency Control Changes. venezuelanalysis.com The measures also transfer an entire oilfield from PDVSA to the Central Bank.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-25). Campesinos March Across Venezuela Demanding Gov't Rectify Agrarian Policy. venezuelanalysis.com The peasant farmers will bring a range of complaints and proposals to President Maduro's attention.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-24). Venezuela's Electrical Workers Launch Workplace Slowdown Joining Other Industries' Laborers in Protesting Low Wages. venezuelanalysis.com A new wave of labor protests aims at improving the situation of the country's workers rather than regime change.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-23). Venezuela to Invest €293m to Modernise Public Health System as National Nurses' Strike Continues. venezuelanalysis.com Maduro has called for a "revolution within the revolution" in the health sector.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-20). Glimmers of Economic Recovery amid Mixed Reports about Venezuelan Oil Production. venezuelanalysis.com Lower levels of oil production have been reportedly offset by rising prices and reduced domestic consumption.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-20). Trump Admin Closes Venezuela Sanctions Loophole in Favour of US Bondholders. venezuelanalysis.com The measure opens the way for seizures of Venezuela's US-based oil assets should the Maduro government default on PDVSA bond payments.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-19). Venezuela: Bust Unveils Import Corporation's Massive Embezzlement of State Resources. venezuelanalysis.com The Spanish-owned Garcia Armas Corporation is accused of over $49m of embezzlement in the years leading up to its 2010 expropriation.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-17). USAID Chief's Visit to Colombo‚ÄêVenezuelan Border Raises Spectre of Interference. venezuelanalysis.com The organization has a long history of funding opposition groups in the Caribbean nation.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-12). Venezuela's Defunct National Assembly Attempts to Privatise Oil Industry. venezuelanalysis.com Grassroots movements have frequently denounced de facto back-door privatisation in PDVSA.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-11). Venezuela to Launch Local Defense Committees as Maduro Makes Changes to Top Military Brass. venezuelanalysis.com The government will incorporate the country's civilian population into national security plans.

Shannon Ebrahim (2018-07-10). US Set on Regime Change in Venezuela. venezuelanalysis.com Donald Trump said openly that he is not against using the military against Venezuela and his government pursues a range of destabilizing tactics.

TeleSUR English (2018-07-10). Mexico's New FM: Regional Policy on Venezuela Obeys US Agenda. venezuelanalysis.com Marcelo Ebrard, appointed by Lopez Obrador as his foreign minister, pledged Mexico will stick to its non-interventionist tradition.

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-10). Venezuelan Nurses' Strike for Better Salaries and Work Conditions. venezuelanalysis.com The struggle cuts across political lines but is deemed too narrow by some leftists.

Paul Dobson (2018-07-09). Venezuela's Democratic Action Party Breaks from MUD as Opposition Fractures Deepen. venezuelanalysis.com A lack of presidential primaries and internal tensions are believed to have brought about the schism.

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