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2023-05-02: News Headlines

Ramzy Baroud (2023-05-02). Winners and Losers in Sudan: Proxy Wars, Superpower Rivalries and the Changing World Order. mintpressnews.com Dr. Ramzy Baroud reveals how the conflict in Sudan betrays the reality of a changing world order amid the decline of American geopolitical power.

Speak Out Now (2023-05-02). Saturday 5/6: May Day 2023: International Workers Day, An Online Celebration. indybay.org Online meeting, see website for details…

infobrics (2023-05-02). Moscow attacks Ukrainian military-industrial complex. infobrics.org The goal of the maneuvers was to neutralize the regime's production of weapons and ammunition.

infobrics (2023-05-02). First Republic the latest victim in US banking crisis. infobrics.org US Treasury disingenuously denies there is a banking calamity.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). US may risk debt default 'as early as Jun 1': Yellen. channelnewsasia.com

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Haiti on 'Brink of Civil War', Humanitarian Group Warns. telesurenglish.net According to Mercy Corps, a humanitarian organization, Haiti is currently at the "brink of a civil war", with frequent clashes between criminal factions and ordinary citizens, presenting a menacing threat of escalation. | Related: | On Monday, Mercy Corps reported the emergence of a hunger crisis in the Caribbean nation, prompted by the exacerbating security situation and escalating prices. | According to the group, the surging viol…

Project Censored (2023-05-02). National Security State Propaganda, the Fourth Estate's Deadly Follies, and Why We Need a Truly Independent Press in Support of Human Rights and Freedom of Expression as we Celebrate Press Freedom Day. projectcensored.org Program Summary: In the first half of this week's show, Mickey and Project Censored intern Reagan Haynie speak with investigative reporter Alan MacLeod of MintPress News. MacLeod explains that a…

Project Censored (2023-05-02). "Journalism is Not a Crime" projectcensored.org By Mickey Huff May 3rd marks the 30th anniversary of Press Freedom Day, inaugurated in 1993 by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) with support from the United Nations (UNESCO). RSF's original…

Editor (2023-05-02). Matt Taibbi: America, the Single-Opinion Cult. scheerpost.com

Staff (2023-05-02). Headlines for May 2, 2023. democracynow.org U.N. Refugee Agency Warns 800,000 Could Flee Fighting in Sudan, Head of Wagner Group Threatens Mutiny Unless Russia Sends More Ammunition, Biden Pledges "Ironclad" Support for U.S.-Philippines Military Alliance, Yellen Warns U.S. Could Default on Debts on June 1 Unless Congress Raises Borrowing Limit, Senate Judiciary Committee Scrutinizes Supreme Court Ethics Amid Mounting Scandals, Israeli Airstrike on Aleppo Airport Kills One, Injures Seven, Palestinian Khader Adnan, Jailed by Israel Without Charges, Dies on Hunger Strike, Three Indigenous Leaders Killed in Brazil as Illegal Miners Invade Village,…

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Navy completes its mission to evacuate Chinese from Sudan. ecns.cn The Chinese navy has completed evacuating Chinese people from conflict-torn Sudan, with 940 Chinese citizens departing from the area from Wednesday to Saturday in two groups, according to the Defense Ministry.

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Sudanese Warring Parties Agree to 7-Day Truce. telesurenglish.net On Tuesday, the Sudanese Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that Sudanese Army Gen. Abdelfatah Al-Burhan and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Commander Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo have agreed to halt fighting for a week from May 4. | RELATED: | The belligerent forces have also agreed to name representatives for peace talks. These agreements were reached in South Sudan, a country acting as a mediator to resolve the humanitarian cr…

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). UK explores providing humanitarian support to Sudan after evacuations. channelnewsasia.com

infobrics (2023-05-02). Trade Between China's Xiamen, BRICS Soars 57.3 pct in Q1. infobrics.org East China's coastal city of Xiamen in Fujian Province saw its foreign trade with BRICS countries jump 57.3 percent year on year to 24.77 billion yuan (about 3.6 billion U.S. dollars) in the first quarter of 2023…

infobrics (2023-05-02). Is US about to conduct nuclear false flag in Ukraine and blame Russia for it. infobrics.org The mainstream propaganda machine usually claims that the Kiev regime doesn't have the capacity to create dirty bombs. However, recent reports about "sensitive US nuclear technologies" in Ukrainian nuclear power plants (NPPs) show such claims are patently false.

infobrics (2023-05-02). India, Russia Talk Free Trade Deal in Step-up of Relations. infobrics.org India and Russia are discussing a free trade agreement (FTA), the Russian trade minister said, an announcement that could deepen bilateral commercial ties that have flourished since war broke out in Ukraine…

infobrics (2023-05-02). Members Keen to Revitalize India-Brazil-SA Forum. infobrics.org The IBSA forum, which was established in the early 2000s as a means to strengthen cooperation among three key emerging economies, is seen to have become dormant in recent years…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Military Situation In Bakhmut On May 2, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org Click to see full-size image | On May 1, Wagner forces advanced up to 120 meters in Bakhmut and lost 86 fighters; | 45 thousand square meters of Bakhmut are under Wagner's control; | Russian forces are advancing along the streets of Tolbukhin, Pobedy and Levanevsky in the north-western district; | Wagner fighters are advancing along Korsunsky Street in the city center; | Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue along Chaikovskoho street; | Russian forces continue their assault near the r…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Commander Of Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces Presumably Killed On The Way To Bakhmut — Yevgeny Prigozhin. southfront.org On May 2, 2023, the head of the Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin claimed that the commander of the Territorial Defense…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Ukraine Lost 15,000 Servicemen In April: Moscow Assesses Interim Results, Kiev Counts Missing. southfront.org Illustrative Image | On May 2, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, held the a conference call with the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, assessing the interim results of the past month of the ongoing Special Military Operation in Ukraine. | According to the Russian military, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) lost up to 15 thousand servicemen in April alone. "Despite unprecedented military assistance from Western countries, the enemy is suffering significant losses," th…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Is US About To Conduct Nuclear False Flag In Ukraine And Blame Russia For It? southfront.org

Larry Johnson (2023-05-02). Recent Chats on Poland and Ukraine with Ania K and Judge Napolitano. sonar21.com Two more video chats. One was recorded last week with Ania Konieczek, who was in Dubai at the time. We talked about Poland and its role in the Russia/Ukraine war….

Gilbert Achcar (2023-05-02). Washington Is Obstructing the Path to a Political Settlement in Ukraine. truthout.org The way President Joe Biden's administration reacted to China's offer to facilitate a political settlement of the Ukraine conflict clearly reveals Washington's undeclared objective regarding that war. The contrast between the administration's attitude toward China's position and the attitudes of some of the United States's allies is striking. When Beijing published its "Position on the Political… |

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-05-02). Whither Ukraine's Counteroffensive? libya360.wordpress.com M. K. Bhadrakumar Russian forces delivered massive strikes on Ukrainian military facilities to disrupt the planned "counteroffensive" The month of May has arrived but without the long-awaited Ukrainian "counteroffensive". The western media is speculating that it may come by late May. There is also the spin that Kiev is judicious to "buy time." The chances…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Odessa Massacre: How The War In Ukraine Began. southfront.org

WSWS (2023-05-02). For the unity of the Russian and Ukrainian working class! wsws.org These greetings were delivered by two representatives of the Young Guard of Bolshevik Leninists (YGBL) from Ukraine and Russia to the International Online May Day Rally 2023.

thecommunists (2023-05-02). Odessa after the massacre: nine years later the wounds are still fresh. thecommunists.org This exclusive interview with an Odessa massacre survivor was carried out for Proletarian by Steve Sweeney in Russia. ***** Sasha gently rolls back the sleeve of her jumper to reveal scarred and damaged skin. "It still hurts me sometimes even now," she tells me as we sip coffee in a Moscow cafe. "Doctors said it …

Dave DeCamp (2023-05-02). Kremlin Says US Estimate on Russian Losses 'Plucked from Thin Air'. news.antiwar.com Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday that US estimates of Russian losses in Ukraine had no basis and were "plucked from thin air." His comments came after the White House estimated Russia suffered 100,000 casualties over the last five months, including 20,000 killed. The White House offered no estimate on Ukrainian losses. Peskov said that …

Luis Linares Petrov (2023-05-02). Ukrainian light weapons captured in Soledar exceed one million. plenglish.com Moscow, May 2 (Prensa Latina) The head of Russia's Wagner PMC, Evgeni Priogozhin, showed the hidden stock of Ukrainian weapons captured in Soldedar mines, after being taken from Ukraine, and of which, in his words, there are enough to arm a million people.

WSWS (2023-05-02). The war in Ukraine and how to stop it: Meeting at Berlin's Humboldt University explains causes of war and socialist perspective. wsws.org It was the first meeting in Germany of an international series on the causes of the NATO proxy war in Ukraine held by the youth and student movement of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI).

WSWS (2023-05-02). David North addresses historical context of Ukraine war at San Diego State University. wsws.org On April 25, the IYSSE at San Diego State University hosted a public lecture, "The war in Ukraine and how to stop it," presented by WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North.

David Goessmann (2023-05-02). Ukraine war: Why is the Pentagon actually running out of ammunition? indybay.org The larger problem is financialization. Step by step, this conquered all areas of society. And finally it also reached the holy grail of the military-industrial complex. With financialization came the neoliberal market doctrines of capacity reduction, downsizing, "lean inventories," and cutting costs wherever possible. They are the real drivers of the supply bottlenecks that are rampant everywhere.

Ulrike Simon (2023-05-02). Is it possible to negotiate with Putin? indybay.org For Putin, the intention to admit Ukraine to NATO was a breach of "the agreement made with NATO after the fall of the Berlin Wall not to expand it" (2: 34: 20). Just as the Americans claimed hegemony over the Western Hemisphere according to their "centuries-old Monroe Doctrine," Putin considers Ukraine his "backyard."

Philip Giraldi (2023-05-02). Antony Blinken — what's his role in Ukraine? Phil Giraldi. thealtworld.com

Dave DeCamp (2023-05-02). Ukraine Says Waiting for Better Weather for Spring Counteroffensive. news.antiwar.com Ukraine is waiting for better weather before it launches its long-awaited spring counteroffensive, the Ukrainian ambassador to the UK told Sky News on Tuesday. Ambassador Vadim Pristayko said heavy tanks that Ukraine received from its Western backers cannot move in the mud. "Obviously, the weather is not allowing so far the heavy tanks to move …

Javier Arana Villasusa (2023-05-02). Slovakia confirms increase of pesticides in Ukrainian wheat. plenglish.com Bratislava, May 2 (Prensa Latina) Today,Slovak Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Samuel Vlchan, pointed out the increase of pesticide content in wheat imported from Ukraine and which passes through the territory of his country.

Combined Sources (2023-05-02). Millions march on May Day around the world. peoplesworld.org People squeezed by inflation and demanding economic justice took to streets across Asia, Europe, and the Americas on Monday to mark May Day, in an outpouring of worker discontent not seen since before the worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns. A million marched in France on Monday as union-led May Day rallies warned President Emmanuel Macron to back …

WSWS (2023-05-02). May Day rallies in France demand rescinding of Macron's pension cuts. wsws.org Millions of workers took to the streets in France on May Day to reject the illegitimate pension law formally adopted by President Emmanuel Macron and to express their opposition to his government.

Dean Baker (2023-05-02). New York Times Knows Emmanuel Macron's Convictions. cepr.net I'm impressed. Most reporters might just know what politicians say and do, but New York Times reporters can apparently know their convictions. That's what the paper told us in a piece about protests in France over President Emmanuel Macron's decision to raise the age for retirement benefits from 62 to 64. "Mr. Macron's decision to …

_____ (2023-05-02). Russia-China Response to the NATOization of the Indo-Pacific. journal-neo.org

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Military Situation In Syria On May 2, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org Click to see full-size image | On May 2, the Russian Ministry of Defense recorded no cases of hostilities and ceasefire violations in the Idlib region in the past 24 hours; | On May 1, Israeli warplanes struck Aleppo Airport with several missiles. One Syrian serviceman was killed. Five more servicemen and two civilians were wounded; | Jordan's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi stated that during the Amman Consultative Meeting, the participants agreed to adopt a roadmap to achieve a…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Military Situation In Donbass On May 2, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org Click to see full-size image | Russian forces struck at the railway station in Kramatorsk, where a wagon with Ukrainian ammunition was destroyed; | Russian forces destroyed the temporary deployment points of the 24th separate mechanized brigade and the special operations forces of the AFU in the area of Konstantinovka; | Russian forces took control of Kamyanka village near Avdiivka; | Russian forces took control of several buildings in the western parts of Mariinka; | Russian fo…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). In Video 18+: Ukrainian Positions Destroyed By Russian TOS-1A Solntsepyok. southfront.org Illustrative Image | Russian servicemen showed the Ukrainian positions destroyed by Russian TOS-1A Solntsepyok. The area where the footage was made was not revealed. |

Staff (2023-05-02). Ukrainian banker offers cash for drone terror in Russia. thegrayzone.com Days before a failed drone assassination targeting Putin, Ukrainian banking baron Volodymyr Yatsenko offered a $500,000 bounty to any weapons maker able to land a drone in Red Square during Moscow's upcoming Victory Day parade. On April 23, a Ukrainian drone laden with 30 Canadian-made C4 explosive blocks crashed near Rudnevo Industrial Park in Moscow. …

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Ukrainian Forces Suffered 15,000 Casualties in April. telesurenglish.net During a video conference with the leadership of the Russian Armed Forces held on Tuesday, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed that the Ukrainian army lost over 15,000 troops in April. | RELATED: | He also mentioned that Russian forces destroyed eight aircraft, 277 UAVs, 430 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 18 multiple rocket launchers, and 225 field artillery guns. | The Russian defense minister pointed ou…

Rick Rozoff (2023-05-02). Baltic to Black Sea: NATO's iron phalanx along Russia's western border. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Polish Press AgencyApril 26, 2023 Nato eastern flank members vow unity The Bucharest Nine (B9), Nato's nine Eastern European members, have pledged their unity in upholding the security of the alliance's eastern flank while also opposing Russia…. The B9 defence ministers met in Warsaw on Wednesday to align their policies. "Our accomplishment is the adoption… …

Rick Rozoff (2023-05-02). U.S. military rehearses war with Russia in Europe. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com U.S. Army Europe and AfricaMay 2, 2023 Swift Response 23, first of three, major DEFENDER 23-linked exercises, to begin Swift Response 23, the first of three major exercises that make up the Dynamic Employment of Forces to Europe for NATO Deterrence and Enhanced Readiness 2023 or DEFENDER 23, begins May 7, across the Baltic Sea …

Luis Linares Petrov (2023-05-02). Russian economic outlook analyzed in Russia. plenglish.com Moscow, May 2 (Prensa Latina) The Patricio Lubumba University of Friendship with the Peoples hosted the 25th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Current Problems of Global Economy", where the future of the Russian economy was analyzed.

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Rehearsal of Victory Day parade held in Moscow. ecns.cn Russia will hold military parades to commemorate the 78th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War on May 9.

Staff (2023-05-02). The will of the martyred Palestinian hunger striker, Sheikh Khader Adnan. samidoun.net Below we are republishing the will of the martyred prisoner, Sheikh Khader Adnan. He wrote his will on 2 April, one month before his martyrdom, nearly two months into his hunger strike. Khader Adnan died inside Israeli occupation prisons on 2 May 2023 after 86 days of hunger strike and amid a clear commitment of …

Staff (2023-05-02). Martyrdom of Sheikh Khader Adnan, after 86 days of hunger strike: Latest target of the Zionist assassination policy. samidoun.net Khader Adnan, Palestinian prisoner, hunger striker and resistance leader, was martyred in the early morning hours of Tuesday, 2 May 2023 after 86 days of hunger strike, demanding his freedom. Adnan, 45, was married to Randa Musa, and is the father of nine children. A leader in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, he became one …

Monica Moorehead, a guest author (2023-05-02). Harry Belafonte was more than a Civil Rights activist but a genuine internationalist. workers.org The great Jamaica-born artist, Civil Rights activist and internationalist, Harry Belafonte, died from congestive heart failure at age 96 on April 25, 2023. Despite becoming the first Black person to win a TV Emmy award in 1960, a Broadway Tony award in 1954 and selling millions of recordings, Belafonte experienced . . . |

Kathy Kelly (2023-05-02). To End All Wars, Close All Bases. dissidentvoice.org

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Commentary: Deadly heatwaves threaten to reverse India's progress on poverty and inequality. channelnewsasia.com With many more people in India expected to be hit by even greater heat extremes in the future, finance, urban design and education are necessary to help people adapt, say these experts from University of Cambridge.

WSWS (2023-05-02). 37,000 New York City transit workers face fight against Democrats' austerity program when contract expires May 15. wsws.org After hypocritically hailing transit workers as "heroes" and "essential workers" during the worst days of the pandemic, Democrats are demanding sweeping cutbacks from them.

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2023-05-02). The Decline of US Imperialism. orinocotribune.com "U.S. imperialism is declining because the parasitic system of capitalism upon which U.S. imperialism is built on, is running out of recourses and nations to consume," Funez says. | He also says "the de-dollarization" is happening because nations see the effects of U.S. imperialism on their nation. | Here is the text of interview with Ramiro Funez: | Q: Why is U.S. imperialism declining? | U.S. imperialism is declining because the satanic system of neoliberalism, capitalism, usery, debt and the global religion of money is declining because it is a parasitic system that constantly needs a new host in order to cont…

Editor (2023-05-02). Lula is Right — The UN Security Council Can't Resolve Major Conflicts. scheerpost.com By Juan Cole / Informed Comment Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) — Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva made a state visit to Portugal and Spain last week. He was primarily seeking trade agreements, and especially wished to prepare the way for agreement this summer on a huge European Union — Latin American free trade …

Eric Zuesse (2023-05-02). Approximately 26% of U.S. Government Spending Goes to Weapon-Makers. dissidentvoice.org The vast majority of the U.S. Government's purchases are for the military, and most of that is paying for weapons and for enabling America's troops to use them. For example, in the 3 April 2018 "OMB and Congressional Budget Office estimates of discretionary new budget authority" that "The President signed … into law on March …

unitedEditor (2023-05-02). Long live the 1st of May, day of the workers and oppressed nations that struggle against imperialism and for a multipolar world free of exploitation. uwidata.com

Mansa Musa (2023-05-02). May Day's history shows why labor and prison struggles are intertwined. therealnews.com May Day, also known as International Workers' Day, is celebrated around the world by labor unions, socialist parties, and anarchists. May Day's origins go back to the 1886 Haymarket Affair, when hundreds of thousands of US workers walked off the job, and 40,000 went on strike in Chicago for an eight-hour workday. Despite its origins, May Day is largely unknown in the US today. TRNN Editor-in-Chief Maximillian Alvarez joins Rattling the Bars for a discussion on the history of May Day, and how the persecution of organizers in the wake of the Haymarket Massacre highlights the importance of extending solidarity…

Martha Grevatt (2023-05-02). Cleveland: May Day honors housing defenders. workers.org This year May Day in Cleveland focused on the struggle for housing, featuring representatives from the United Residents of Euclid Beach. UREB is a multinational organization of homeowners and tenants who live in the Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park that abuts Euclid Beach park to the west and Wildwood park . . . |

Staff (2023-05-02). President Maduro Greets Workers at May Day March, Announces Salary Increase. orinocotribune.com Caracas, May 1, 2023 (

Staff (2023-05-02). President Maduro Greets Workers at May Day March, Announces Bonuses Increase. orinocotribune.com Caracas, May 1, 2023 (

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Canada Reaches Deal With 120,000 Striking Federal Workers. telesurenglish.net Canada has successfully concluded an agreement with approximately 120,000 federal employees who had embarked on a strike, thereby effectively terminating one of the most considerable public-sector stoppages in the nation's chronicles. The labor-action had caused significant service disruptions, including but not limited to, passport renewals and immigration services. | Related: | The majority of strikers are poised to…

Matthew Ehret (2023-05-02). The Original Deep State: The Anglo-Canadian Hand Behind the Civil War and Lincoln's Murder. thelastamericanvagabond.com In my last article 'Woke-ism And The Self-Induced Suicide Of America', I introduced a major psycho spiritual rot plaguing both conservative and liberal minded Americans who have either been led to believe that the USA is 1) wholly evil and deserving of self-annihilation or 2) fully exceptional devoid of any hypocritical blemishes. While the leftist

Unicorn Riot (2023-05-02). Guilty Verdict in Saint Paul Murder Trial of White Vigilante Not Enough, Says Victim's Family. unicornriot.ninja

Press Associates (2023-05-02). Talk about retaliation: Ritzy Chicago club fires its housekeepers. peoplesworld.org CHICAGO —In what looks like a textbook case of retaliation, which breaks U.S. labor law, Chicago's ritzy Midtown Athletic Club, which now includes a fancy hotel, had planned to fire all its housekeepers on May Day, the international workers holiday. But when they staged a one-day "Save Our Jobs" walkout, press conference and leafleting on …

Editor (2023-05-02). In Largest May Day Turnout Since Pandemic, Workers Around the World March for Better Conditions. scheerpost.com

WSWS (2023-05-02). Opposition grows to CWU agreement with Royal Mail: "It's all about profit on the backs of postal workers" wsws.org The World Socialist Web Site is publishing further correspondence from postal workers in Britain exposing the sweatshop conditions being enforced by Royal Mail, with the full collaboration of the Communication Workers Union.

WSWS (2023-05-02). More than 330,000 Australian workers face "significant rental stress" wsws.org A government report released in April details a sharp decline in housing affordability and availability across the country, with low-income earners bearing the brunt of the crisis.

WSWS (2023-05-02). Opposition from Rutgers academic workers grows against AFT-backed contract proposals. wsws.org The leaders of the three unions at Rutgers University want to impose the inadequate tentative agreements without giving workers time to study them.

WSWS (2023-05-02). Workers Struggles: The Americas. wsws.org Workers occupied the Altos Hornos de México steel plant over unpaid wages while transit workers for the Imperial County Transportation Commission in El Centro, California walked off the job April 25.

WSWS (2023-05-02). Striking workers at AdvanSix continue their fight in face of union-management collusion. wsws.org Striking workers in Hopewell, Virginia must take contract negotiations out of the hands of the unions and form a rank-and-file committee…

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Venezuelan President Maduro Signs Decree to Increase Bonuses. telesurenglish.net On Tuesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro signed a decree to increase the value of the "Food Bonus" (Cestaticket) received by workers and the "Economic War Bond" deliverted to public employees, retirees and pensioners. | RELATED: | "Good morning Venezuela! We woke up signing the decree to increase the Cestaticket to US$40 and the Economic War Bond to reach US$30 per month… This is a tremendous effort in def…

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Challenges to Forming Physician Unions—Reply. jamanetwork.com In Reply We have been startled by the number of physicians who have contacted us after the publication of our Editorial, and many have relayed sentiments similar to those expressed by Dr Westbrook. The appeal of physician unions is a product of deep professional dissatisfaction with hospital-led medicine and a widespread sense that consolidated health care systems are not designed to serve the best interest of patients. Although most unfulfilled workers in the US economy can find alternative employment, many physicians' options for outside work are restricted by rigid noncompete agreements with local hospital sys…

Peoples Dispatch (2023-05-02). Trade union leaders from Africa call for renewed struggles on May Day. peoplesdispatch.org Leaders of workers' organizations in Ghana, South Africa, and Guinea-Bissau, among others, talk about the significance of May Day and the way ahead for organized labor in the continent…

Fight Back (2023-05-02). New Orleanians march for May Day. fightbacknews.org New Orleans, LA – On a sunny afternoon, May 1, about 70 demonstrators took to the streets downtown for May Day. They marched from the statue of Benito Juárez at Basin and Conti Street to City Hall. The event commemorated International Workers Day, a celebration of workers' and immigrants' struggles for our freedom and dignity. | "No bans, no walls, legalization for all!" marchers chanted as they crossed Canal Street. | At the beginning and ends of the march, immigrants spoke out against discrimination and deportations. | "We are sick and tired of being political pawns for politicians. We are sick and tired of…

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Not easy to get English-speaking foreign workers for customer-facing roles, recruiters say. channelnewsasia.com Foreign workers who can speak English are sought after in many countries, where they can get a higher salary than what Singapore companies offer, employment agencies say.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). White House to study employer tools that monitor workers. channelnewsasia.com

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Xi sends greetings to working people nationwide ahead of Int'l Workers' Day. ecns.cn Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday extended festive greetings and best wishes to the country's working people ahead of International Workers' Day, which falls on May 1.

Vince Quiles (2023-05-02). Temple University's successful grad student strike offers lessons for academic labor organizers. therealnews.com On Jan. 31 of this year, the Temple University Graduate Students' Association (TUGSA) launched the first strike in their 25-year history. The decision to strike came as a result of years of organizing that largely began in 2020, after Temple's decision to force in-person classes in the fall of 2020 led to a completely preventable

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Produksi daging di lab: Upaya Malaysia kurangi emisi gas rumah kaca dari peternakan. channelnewsasia.com Memperingati Hari Bumi, CNA mengulas fasilitas produksi daging budidaya pertama Malaysia di Penang dan apa dampaknya bagi perubahan iklim.

Anjoulie Woodhead (2023-05-02). New York Assembly and Senate Champions Vow to Pass Global Debt Relief Bill. indybay.org Largest New York Labor and Religious Groups Support the New York Taxpayer and International Debt Crises Protection Act…

teleSUR (2023-05-02). U.S. Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Flour. telesurenglish.net On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that as determined by investigators, the source of the recent Salmonella outbreak, which has affected at least 13 individuals across 12 states in the United States, is caused by flour. | Related: | According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sick individuals who were interviewed, as well as laboratory data, revealed that Salmon…

Isaac Nellist (2023-05-02). Labor must raise the JobSeeker rate for all. greenleft.org.au Under significant pressure Labor is signalling it will raise the rate of the JobSeeker payment in the federal budget — but only for those aged over 55. Isaac Nellist reports.

WSWS (2023-05-02). Rail union bureaucrats in the US "demand" temporary pause to stock buybacks, continue to hail "pro-labor" Democrats who banned strike. wsws.org Through this pathetic and toothless campaign, the union bureaucracy is trying to redirect the growing anger and militancy of railroaders into harmless moral appeals to railroad CEOs.

Susan Price (2023-05-02). Labour Day celebrated on the Gold Coast. greenleft.org.au Hundreds of unionists and their families attended the Labour Day march on the Gold Coast on April 30, reports Susan Price.

_____ (2023-05-02). Julian Assange: Public Pressure Is Working but Media Must Stop Being Prostitutes and Demand Freedom. strategic-culture.org Distinguished independent journalists Dave Lindorff and Ron Ridenour gave their takes in this interview with Finian Cunningham. | The Australian government is finally responding to growing public protests to get Julian Assange freed from his British torture dungeon. | Distinguished independent journalists Dave Lindorff and Ron Ridenour gave their takes in this interview with Finian Cunningham. | As the world marks World Press Freedom Day on May 3, the most appropriate result would be the immediate release of Julian Assange. It is a travesty to 'celebrate' this day while he is incarcerated. | Australian-born As…

Jon Queally (2023-05-02). 'No other choice': TV & film writers strike to fight Hollywood greed. therealnews.com This story originally appeared in Unionized film and television writers are on strike Tuesday after a midnight deadline came The negotiating committee representing both the East and West C…

Toni Wright (2023-05-02). Writers' Guild of America on strike for a fair contract. liberationnews.org As of May 2, the Writers' Guild of America (WGA) is on strike after weeks of stalled negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) led to a strike authorization vote of over 97%. The AMPTP, which includes companies like Netflix, Disney and Warner, returned with marginal responses to the WGA's pattern of demands.

Staff (2023-05-02). Hollywood Writers Strike: Abbott Elementary's Brittani Nichols Decries "Gig Economy" in Streaming Era. democracynow.org Thousands of screenwriters behind Hollywood movies and TV shows are on strike as of midnight on Tuesday. The Writers Guild of America says its members are struggling to make a living, as rates have fallen and writers have less job security — even as the streaming era has led to an explosion in TV and film production. The strike is set to bring most TV production to a halt immediately, with some films also likely to be delayed if the impasse continues. The WGA previously went on strike in 2007-'08, which lasted 100 days and had a significant impact on the entertainment industry. "We are demanding…

Jon Queally (2023-05-02). Unionized Film and TV Writers Strike in Los Angeles and New York. truthout.org Unionized film and television writers are on strike Tuesday after a midnight deadline came without a deal with executives of the major producers and streaming giants in Hollywood. The negotiating committee representing both the East and West Coast branches of the Writers Guild of America said in a statement that the strike would be in effect as of 12: 01 am and that members — who voted last month… |

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-05-02). The Story of Seven Countries: A Review of US Aggression in West Asia and North Africa. libya360.wordpress.com Ali Karbalaei In the 21st century, the U.S. learnt the hard way of its catastrophic foreign military policy in West Asia: From boots on the ground to so-called precision strikes. Washington's success in destabilizing a continent with terror and destruction over two decades came at the expense of mass civilian casualties?, dead U.S. soldiers, expensive…

SAM (2023-05-02). TV And Film Writers Are Officially On Strike. progressivehub.net DOMINIC PATTEN, DAVID ROBB, AND PETER WHITE | DEADLINE…

Staff (2023-05-02). Berlin remembers Sheikh Khader Adnan, martyr of freedom. samidoun.net Samidoun Deutschland and fellow Palestinians in Germany remembered Sheikh Khader Adnan today, 2 May, in Berlin, in the heart of the Arab and Palestinian community. Khader Adnan was on hunger strike for 86 days in Israeli occupation prisons, demanding his freedom; he conducted five previous hunger strikes, winning his liberation from administrative detention on four …

Mark Gruenberg (2023-05-02). Hollywood rocked by massive writers' strike forced by studio bosses. peoplesworld.org HOLLYWOOD—TV, livestreaming, and motion picture studio bosses' intransigence in bargaining and creation of "a gig economy inside a unionized workforce," forced 11,000 members of the Writers Guild of America, who craft scripts for television, motion pictures, streaming videos and similar forms of entertainment, to strike at 12: 01 am on May 1. "The companies' behavior has …

Anonymous765 (2023-05-02). Locations Of US Carrier Strike Groups — May 2, 2023. southfront.org This is the newest update of the 'U.S. Carrier Strike Groups Locations Map' exclusive series showing the approximate locations of U.S. Carrier Strike Groups. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence tracks locations of U.S. aircraft carriers using the available open-source information. No classified information was used in production of the map. | click to see the full-size image | Carrier strike group (CSG) is an operational formation of the United States Navy. It is centered on an aircraft carrier and a carrier air w…

Robert Inlakesh (2023-05-02). Israel Kills Palestinian West Bank Leader And Attacks Gaza After Rocket Fire. thelastamericanvagabond.com Israeli military prison authorities allowed for a Palestinian political spokesperson, Khader Adnan, to die in his prison cell after entering day 87 of a hunger strike this Tuesday morning. The political prisoner's death was dubbed an assassination by the Palestinian Prisoners Society organization and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement. Israel claims no wrong doing,

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Palestinian Jader Adnan Dies After 88-Day Hunger Strike. telesurenglish.net On Tuesday, 44-year-old Palestinian prisoner Jader Adnan died after spending 86 days on a hunger strike in an Israeli jail. Shortly before being transferred to a hospital on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, he was found unconscious in his cell. | RELATED: | His hunger strike had begun on February 5, the same day he was arrested and charged with terrorism and incitement to violence as a member of the Palestinian Islamic…

Peoples Dispatch (2023-05-02). Israeli airstrikes in Syria kill one, injure seven others. peoplesdispatch.org The latest Israeli aggression targeted the Aleppo international airport. The airstrikes took place a day after a joint statement calling for peace and stability in Syria was issued by Arab countries after they met in the Jordanian capital Amman…

Peoples Dispatch (2023-05-02). Palestinian administrative detainee Khader Adnan dies while on hunger strike. peoplesdispatch.org Adnan was arrested and placed in administrative detention in February this year, soon after which he launched his hunger strike. He was on hunger strike for 87 days…

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Hollywood writers strike over pay in streaming TV 'gig economy'. channelnewsasia.com

Rick Sterling (2023-05-02). CIA May Be Regarded Around World as a Rogue Elephant, But Operatives Can Still Churn Out Books that Make Themselves Look Like Heroes. covertactionmagazine.com And the Washington foreign policy establishment still eats them up In 1975, Philip Agee published his book Inside the Company: CIA Diary. In the introduction, he wrote: "When I joined the CIA, I believed in the need for its existence. After twelve years with the agency I finally understood how much suffering it was causing, …

Selma Dabbagh (2023-05-02). The fight to Boycott is not over. greenleft.org.au Many US states have passed laws penalising companies that use boycotts and other nonviolent methods to pressure Israel on its human rights record and apartheid governance, writes Selma Dabbagh. Julia Bacha's 2021 documentary Boycott tells the story of just how these efforts to stifle dissent work.

Binoy Kampmark (2023-05-02). Scrapping Charles Darwin: Hindutva's Anti-Scientific Maladies. dissidentvoice.org Welcome the canons of pseudoscience. Open your arms to the dribbling, sponsored charlatans. According to a growing number of India's top officialdom, teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution to children in their ninth and 10th grades is simply not on. Last month, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), a purportedly autonomous government …

Binoy Kampmark (2023-05-02). Canberra's record on outsourcing 'intelligence' to US military. greenleft.org.au Canberra is happy to outsource its military and security establishment to Washington's former mandarins, with many earning a pile in consultancy fees. Binoy Kampmark reports.

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2023-05-02). Foiled Escape: Security Firm UC Global, the CIA and Julian Assange. globalresearch.ca

Caitlin Johnstone (2023-05-02). It's Good When Idols Get Knocked Off Pedestals: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix. thealtworld.com

Zane McNeill (2023-05-02). Nazis Carrying Banner That Says, "There Will Be Blood" Protest Ohio Drag Brunch. truthout.org On Saturday, a group of 20 neo-Nazis clad in red shirts and black masks targeted a drag brunch in Columbus, Ohio. The drag queen brunch held at Land-Grant Brewing Company was a fundraiser for the Kaleidoscope Youth Center (KYC), a drop-in community center for queer youth that provides community health, education and leadership programs. While the drag brunch took place inside the brewery… |

Anonymous765 (2023-05-02). The Final Straight To Ukrainian Counteroffensive. southfront.org |

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2023-05-02). Hungarian mayor disperses migrants after attacks on women. plenglish.com Budapest, May 2 (Prensa Latina) Laszlo Dyuricha, mayor of the Hungarian village of Kerepes, this Tuesday dispersed Ukrainian refugees who have been persecuting local girls, the portal index.hu reported.

Rick Rozoff (2023-05-02). Baltic: British warplanes transition from air to ground combat role. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com NATOMultinational Corps NortheastMay 2, 2023 RAF Typhoons provide Close Air Support for NATO battlegroup in Estonia Currently conducting the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission in Estonia, the Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoons from IX (B) Squadron provided Close Air Support training during exercise Bold Hussar, which served to integrate the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup's …

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2023-05-02). There Never Was a Nord Stream "Secret Operation": President Biden's "Act of War" against Europe. globalresearch.ca An Act of War against the E.U. has triggered a deep-seated crisis within the Atlantic Alliance. A NATO country, namely the U.S. through an illegal act of sabotage has attacked its European allies most of which are NATO member states. "It's NATO against NATO"

Sam Biddle (2023-05-02). U.S. Army Info War Division Wants Social Media Surveillance to Protect "NATO Brand" globalresearch.ca

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Commentary: Yoon celebrates US alliance in Washington visit – but jury's out if all in South Korea agree. channelnewsasia.com Securing defence commitments from the US was important for South Korea President Yoon Suk-yeol, but time will tell if they address growing concerns among South Koreans about partnering with Washington, says Ted Gover of Claremont Graduate University.

unitedEditor (2023-05-02). Germany said 'goodbye' to nuclear power plants. uwidata.com The interview was published in Aydƒ±nlƒ±k Europe newspaper and translated into English by Uwidata. For Germany, the era of nuclear energy has come to an end after 60 years. Isar 2 in Bavaria, Neckarwestheim 2 in Baden-Wàºrttemberg and Emsland nuclear power plant in the northwest of the country were decommissioned. Thus, the nuclear phase-out process …

Staff (2023-05-02). Make Your Town a Nuclear-Free Zone. davidswanson.org

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Drilling on Asia's deepest oil and gas well starts in Xinjiang's Tarim Basin. ecns.cn China Petrochemical Corp, or Sinopec, the world's largest refiner by volume, has started drilling the 3-3XC well of the Shendi-1 project in the Tarim Basin, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, according to the company.

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). LAC ambassadors and representatives discuss Chinese path to modernization and high-quality development. ecns.cn Last Friday, the 3rd Latin American and Caribbean Ambassadors Convention at Tsinghua University – "High-Quality Development and Chinese Path to Modernization" was successfully held. The event aims to enhance the development and cooperation between China and Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries by gathering over 50 ambassadors and representatives from LAC countries and scholars and experts from Tsinghua University.

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Factory activity contracts in April on weak demand. ecns.cn China's factory activity unexpectedly contracted for the first time in four months in April, indicating that the foundation of the country's post-pandemic recovery is not yet solid and underscoring the need for greater policy support to boost domestic demand, analysts said on Sunday.

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Insights | Civil, cooperative EU-China relations good example for the world: foreign business leader. ecns.cn China's battery manufacturing and rare earth materials are necessary for Europe to complete the green transition, suggested Ivo Ganchev, Vice-Chairman of the Bulgarian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said that European leaders have been favorable in their view of China and the way China contributed to the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. China has made a commendable achievement and unbelievable progress in this regard. "ÄÄ "ÄÄ…

Dave DeCamp (2023-05-02). Biden Tells Marcos US Commitment to Defense of the Philippines Is 'Iron Clad'. news.antiwar.com President Biden hosted Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at the White House on Monday amid heightened tensions with China and told him that the US commitment to defending the Philippines is "ironclad." In comments ahead of a meeting with Marcos, Biden said the US "remains ironclad in our commitment to the defense of the Philippines, …

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Chinese electric vehicle brands expand to global markets. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Analysis:Japan's automakers have a made-in-China sales crisis. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Tesla raises prices in US, China, Japan and Canada. channelnewsasia.com

Elsy Fors Garzon (2023-05-02). Dominican Republic and China strengthen relations in five years. plenglish.com Santo Domingo, May 2 (Prensa Latina) The Dominican Republic and China celebrate today five years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, with a strengthening of their economic and commercial exchanges.

Jeremy Kuzmarov (2023-05-02). Protests Erupt Against U.S. Military Exercises and Expansion of U.S. Military Footprint in The Philippines. covertactionmagazine.com Filipinos Don't Want to Be Used as a "Footstool for American Power Projection and Provocation" Says Filipino Peace Activist This past month, more than 3,000 U.S. and Filipino soldiers participated in a three-week live-fire military exercise called Balikatan, which included a drill to blow up a mock Chinese warship in the South China Sea. The …

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). UN says Taliban envoy can meet Pakistan, China ministers next week. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Lawmaker says Canada government did not inform him of report of China's threats to family. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). South Korea finance minister: South Korea, Japan, China cooperation more important as world economy at inflection point. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Biden tells Marcos Jr US commitment for defence of Philippines 'ironclad'. channelnewsasia.com

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Stunt show in central China's Wuhan opens to the public. ecns.cn After three years of construction, the Wuhan Happy Valley Speed World Theme Zone opened to the public in central China's Hubei Province on Saturday."ÄÄ…

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Camel festival kicks off in north China's Inner Mongolia. ecns.cn A camel festival"ÄÄkicked off in Alxa League in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Friday, as the country tries to revive its tourism sector and pass on camel culture to the next generations. "ÄÄ…

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Xi presides over meeting on economic work. ecns.cn Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, on Friday presided over a meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee to analyze current economic situation and economic work.

_____ (2023-05-02). Syria: a new reality in the region. journal-neo.org According to numerous reports in the Israeli media, the resumption of ties and normal relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria has caused a state of discontent, severe anxiety and even dismay among the Israeli leadership. These troubles, as noted by the Israeli newspaper World Israel News, have added to the problems that have suddenly presented […] | –°–æ–æ–±—â–µ–Ω–∏–µ

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Military Situation In Yemen On May 2, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org

Eric A. Gordon (2023-05-02). 'Chevalier': A Black French composer's story returns from oblivion in new film. peoplesworld.org In director Stephen Williams's big-budget new film Chevalier, now playing in theaters nationwide, Joseph Bologne (Kelvin Harrison), the illegitimate son of an African slave and a French plantation owner on the lucrative French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, rises to improbable heights in Parisian society as a celebrated violinist-composer and fencer. After witnessing Bologne best France's …

Marc Steiner (2023-05-02). The GOP is holding the US economy hostage in the debt ceiling fight. therealnews.com The debt ceiling debate is back. On May 1, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that the US government could

Mark Gruenberg (2023-05-02). Radical Right Republican Freedom Caucus plan: Kill OSHA. peoplesworld.org WASHINGTON—If you think the House Republicans' debt limit hike-budget cut bill was bad, brace yourself. Take a look at what the Freedom Caucus, the radical Rrght tail that wags the Republican dog, wants to do. The starkest way to present their stand is to quote their legislation: "Notwithstanding any other provision of law, amounts authorized …

Matthew Segal (2023-05-02). State Supreme Courts Offer the Best Chance to Advance Rights. aclu.org Recent decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court are, to use a complex legal term, not great. In many areas, from abortion to voting rights to tribal sovereignty, the current court has curtailed civil rights and individual freedom, even at the expense of longstanding precedent. In other areas, such as policing and qualified immunity, the court has shown that it can move very slowly, or not at all, when it is apparently unbothered by harsh and legally indefensible precedent. | This erosion of our most cherished rights is disturbing, but we are not without hope. The ACLU has long worked in both federal and state cou…

Randy Fair (2023-05-02). Using children as political props, Republicans escalate war against LGBTQ teachers. peoplesworld.org Messages keep coming in to me from LGBTQ teachers throughout the South who have been fired or threatened with firing. These teachers have years of experience and exemplary records. Many have advanced degrees. LGBTQ teachers are increasingly fearful. The Stonewall National Education Project, which educates teachers about inclusive classroom practices, reports that its annual symposium …

Global Research News (2023-05-02). Selected Articles: The Corona Agenda's "Abiding Ironies": Freedom, Slavery and Singularity. globalresearch.ca By I was astonished recently to hear, from a highly respected writer, an astute analyst of the Corona agenda, at a gathering of real …

Caitlin A. Johnstone (2023-05-02). You're not deficient, you're just ruled by assholes. mronline.org Times are hard, and they're getting harder, but we can turn this thing around. Please be kind with yourself in the meantime.

Djibo Sobukwe (2023-05-02). Liberia and the challenges of U.S. imperialism. mronline.org Liberia's history should be understood as that of a colony, the first U.S. overseas colony.

Editor (2023-05-02). DeSantis role in Guantanamo Bay killings exposed with a holed report. mronline.org The height of inhumane treatment and systemic torture in the camp was during DeSantis' term serving as a JAG officer, whose main task was to identify the weaknesses of the detainees and to "tighten the screws" on them.

Editor (2023-05-02). Germany: "Craftsmen for peace" mronline.org Congress of craftsmen and entrepreneurs in Dessau-Rosslau.

Editor (2023-05-02). The Monroe Doctrine: Two hundred years too long. mronline.org Francisco Dominguez on the history and development of the 'doctrine' that has been used as a justification for U.S. intervention in Latin America for two centuries.

Editor (2023-05-02). The IMF Debt Trap and How To Get Out of It. scheerpost.com Political Economist Grieve Chelwa explains the reasons why countries of the Global South are forced to go time and again to the International Monetary Fund for aid.

Editor (2023-05-02). We Must Not Dance, Harry Belafonte Understood, to a Billionaire Beat. scheerpost.com

The Tricontinental (2023-05-02). Dossier no. 64: The Condition of the Indian Working Class. mronline.org In this latest dossier, the Tricontinental offers a broad analysis of the living and working conditions of India's large and diverse working class.

_____ (2023-05-02). Will the Lee Jae-myung case be followed by a Song Young-gil case? journal-neo.org

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Many Members Of The U.S. Congress Are Insane. southfront.org Illustrative Image | Written by On April 29th, Scott Ritter headlined at the main anti-imperialistic Website, Libya360,

Jake Johnston (2023-05-02). Exclusive: How Haiti's Assassination Plot Unraveled, Minute by Minute and Text by Text. cepr.net By David C. Adams and Jake Johnston A French version of the article is available from Ayibopost here. A Spanish version is available here. On the morning of July 7, 2021, the alleged assassins of Jovenel MoàØse, Haiti's president, scrambled to escape the aftermath, pinned down just blocks from his home by Haitian police who …

Staff (2023-05-02). 60 Years Ago Today: Police Attack Children's Crusade with Dogs & Water Cannons in Birmingham, Alabama. democracynow.org Sixty years ago today is known as "D-Day" in Birmingham, Alabama, when thousands of children began a 10-week-long series of protests against segregation that became known as the Children's Crusade. Hundreds were arrested. The next day, "Double D-Day," the local head of the police, Bull Connor, ordered his white police force to begin using high-pressure fire hoses and dogs to attack the children. One photograph captured the moment when a white police officer allowed a large German shepherd dog to attack a young Black boy. Four months after the protests began, the Ku Klux Klan bombed a…

William Paul (2023-05-02). The Better Schools and Student Outcome Act: Crushing What's Broken. socialistproject.ca Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce must really want to be a magician — making elephants or something outlandish disappear, then reappear behind you. Maybe that explains his tactic of making cuts to education, then announcing the addition of nearly 2,000 more educators all while introducing new legislation that will further centralize education and enable his Tories to make school properties available to their developer friends. | Actually, he's not a great magician, but Mr. Lecce certainly knows how to wrap everything up into a big ball of mess in order to distract people from seeing what's really…

Peoples Dispatch (2023-05-02). Algeria withdraws from presidency of Inter-Parliamentary Union's advisory group on terrorism over Israel's membership. peoplesdispatch.org Israel was approved as a member of the advisory group for combating terrorism last month during the IPU's general assembly in Bahrain. Algeria cited its longstanding and firm support for the Palestinian cause as the reason behind the withdrawal…

Amy Goodman (2023-05-02). Police Attacked Kids With Dogs, Water Cannons in Birmingham 60 Years Ago Today. truthout.org Sixty years ago today is known as "D-Day" in Birmingham, Alabama, when thousands of children began a 10-week-long series of protests against segregation that became known as the Children's Crusade. Hundreds were arrested. The next day, "Double D-Day," the local head of the police, Bull Connor, ordered his white police force to begin using high-pressure fire hoses and dogs to attack the children. |

Angela (2023-05-02). Saturday 4/29: Free virtual screening of the documentary film "Ghost Town – The Hebron Story" indybay.org Zoom (Registration link is below)…

Ashika Verriest (2023-05-02). 911: Reimagining a System that Defaults to Dispatching Police. aclu.org Every person deserves equal, effective treatment and safety, especially when in crisis. In such a vulnerable circumstance, people need professionals trained to provide support and care. | But too often, when a person is experiencing a mental health crisis, 911 dispatchers send armed police officers as a default response. We don't send armed police when someone is experiencing a heart attack, but we do when a person is experiencing suicidal ideation. That doesn't make sense. | Professor

By Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney (2023-05-02). Anne Hillerman Talks About Her New Novel – 'The Way of Bear'. indybay.org Interview with Southwest mystery writer Anne Hillerman on her new novel-The Way Of The Bear (2023) a part of the Leaphorn, Chee and Manuelito series.

Center for Biological Diversity (2023-05-02). High Levels of Dangerous 'Forever Chemicals' Found in California's Most-Used Insecticide. indybay.org 40% of Tested Agricultural Pesticide Products Contain PFAS…

Chris Walker (2023-05-02). Critics Call Out CNN Over Decision to Host Donald Trump Town Hall Next Week. truthout.org CNN has drawn harsh criticism from media experts and observers for agreeing to host and broadcast a town hall-style event next week for former President Donald Trump. "There is no reason to give the biggest pathological liar in politics a platform to spread his bullshit," said Scott Dworkin, executive director for the Democratic Coalition, responding to CNN's announcement of the town hall. |

Chris Walker (2023-05-02). Iowa Trans Teen Receiving Award From Gov Shouts "Trans Rights Are Human Rights" truthout.org On Sunday, a transgender student in Iowa used an award ceremony as an opportunity to protest Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), who earlier this year signed two bills into law that attack trans kids across the state. Davenport West High School senior Clementine Springsteen, a transgender woman, was one of hundreds of students who received an Iowa Governor's Scholar Program honor this year. |

Cynthia Papermaster (2023-05-02). Friday 4/28: Cancelled! Film Premiere "SF Rage Against the War Machine", Berkeley. indybay.org East Bay Media Center, 1939 Addison St., Berkeley…

David Giesen (2023-05-02). Wednesday 5/3: Bernal Litterati [sic]. indybay.org the outdoor amphitheater, outside the Bernal Branch library | 500 Cortland Avenue…

David Giesen (2023-05-02). Saturday 5/6: May Day higher wages stymied by artificial scarcity: the walking tour. indybay.org meet in the lobby of | the American Youth Hostel | 312 Mason Street. San Francisco…

Derrick Broze (2023-05-02). UN Secretary Laments World Not Adopting Sustainable Development Goals, Calls for New Commitment. thelastamericanvagabond.com UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has announced that the world is falling short on the Agenda 2030 and called for nations to recommit to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. On Tuesday UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres revealed the latest Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Progress Report shows a significant lack of progress. Guterres noted that the

Frank Cappello (2023-05-02). üéß MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: Newsies (w/ Harvey Kaye). levernews.com

Geoff Dembicki (2023-05-02). Oil company gave $200K to group accusing pipeline opponents of taking secret moneyÔøº. nationofchange.org Alberta-based Indian Resource Council quietly received funding from CNRL, corporate documents reveal.

Julia Conley (2023-05-02). Sanders calls on Biden to fight for working people as GOP wages 'war' in debt limit proposal. nationofchange.org "We have already too much inequality in America," said Sanders. "Let's not make it worse."

Kenny Stancil (2023-05-02). Thomas's "Citizens United" Vote Boosted Billionaire Benefactor's Political Power. truthout.org A report published Monday highlights potential connections between the political influence of Harlan Crow's family and the billionaire GOP megadonor's yearslong endeavor to shower U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with lavish vacations and other undisclosed gifts. Since Thomas provided a deciding vote in the 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case, the Crow family's… |

Laura Moraff (2023-05-02). The Sneaky Way the Police Could Abuse Their Power to Restrict Free Speech. aclu.org In 2019, police in Castle Hills, Texas arrested Sylvia Gonzalez, a 72-year-old first-time city council member, because they didn't like that she was advocating for the removal of the city manager, a police ally. Since police can't constitutionally arrest someone simply because they find what they're saying offensive, Castle Hills officers used a section of the Texas Penal Code related to the handling of government documents to arrest Gonzalez. Her purported crime was accidentally placing a citizen petition she had introduced at her first city council meeting into her personal binder. | Gonzalez sued, alleging…

Liz Theoharis (2023-05-02). Pandemic-Era Programs Are Coming to End — But the Fight for Justice Isn't. truthout.org "In order to fully recover, we must first recover the society that has made us sick." I can still hear those prophetic words, now a quarter-century old, echoing through the Church Center of the United Nations. At the podium was David, a leader with New Jerusalem Laura, a residential drug recovery program in North Philadelphia that was free and accessible to people, no matter their insurance and… |

Ray Levy-Uyeda (2023-05-02). El Paso Climate Charter Centers Climate Action, Pivots Away From Fossil Fuels. truthout.org This story was originally published in English at Prism. Voters in El Paso, Texas, have an opportunity to make history in May by approving a proposition that would center climate action. The citizen-led climate petition, known as Proposition K, would edit the El Paso city charter and create a Climate Department. This long-awaited change in city policy has been championed by grassroots organizers… |

Ricardo Vaz (2023-05-02). Venezuelan Gov't Offers Bonus Adjustments, No Wage Increase in May Day Announcements. venezuelanalysis.com A trade union representative pointed out that the latest policies hurt a number of worker benefits and that businesses are the "major winners."

Sam Pizzigati (2023-05-02). We must not dance, Harry Belafonte understood, to a billionaire beatÔøº. nationofchange.org This epochal artist helped us see that justice for all requires a just distribution of wealth.

Sharon Zhang (2023-05-02). Chief Justice John Roberts's Wife Made $10M Recruiting Lawyers for Top Firms. truthout.org Just two years after John Roberts was confirmed as Supreme Court chief justice, his wife Jane Roberts began a career as a law recruiter — a move which netted the couple millions of dollars, a new report has revealed. Records from Jane Roberts's employer Major, Lindsey & Africa show that the lawyer-turned-recruiter made $10.3 million in commissions between 2007 and 2014. During that time… |

Sharon Zhang (2023-05-02). Montana Rep. Zooey Zephyr Files Lawsuit to Be Reinstated After Censure. truthout.org Montana state Rep. Zooey Zephyr is suing to be reinstated and allowed back on the House floor after Republicans voted last week to censure her after the lawmaker spoke up for the rights of transgender people in the state. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Montana, which filed the lawsuit on behalf of Zephyr and four constituents, alleges that Zephyr's rights to free speech were violated… |

Sonali Kolhatkar (2023-05-02). The real reason Disney is defying DeSantis. nationofchange.org

Tamara Pearson (2023-05-02). Tesla Plans to Build Huge Factory in Mexican City Struggling With Water Scarcity. truthout.org People were lining up with buckets to get water from a truck last year in Monterrey, Mexico, as two of the city's three dams almost completely dried up. Now Tesla has plans to build a huge electric car "gigafactory" in that same water-insecure city. A gigafactory is Tesla's term for its massive assembly and parts plants. The Monterrey one will be built on 4,200 acres — twice the size of the… |

teleSUR (2023-05-02). 41st International Tourism Fair of Cuba Starts in Havana. telesurenglish.net On Monday, the Morro-Cabana Historic Military Park in Havana hosted the inauguration of the 41st International Tourism Fair of Cuba. | Related: | From Monday until Friday, 573 tour operators from various parts of the globe are set to participate in the event. | During the event, Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero declared that the tourism sector plays a pivotal role in fostering the island's economic revival. | "Participat…

teleSUR (2023-05-02). 7 Found Dead in Searching for Missing Girls in U.S. Oklahoma. telesurenglish.net On Monday, seven human corpses were discovered within a country residence situated in the southern central region of the United States of America, while two adolescent females were being sought, as per the data presented by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. | Related: | According to local media, the deceased individuals found near the town of Henryetta, which is located approximately 50 miles south of Tulsa, included two females, aged 14 a…

teleSUR (2023-05-02). African Scientists Urge Preparedness to Contain Diseases. telesurenglish.net Sub-Saharan African nations should intensify surveillance, and invest in new vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics in order to curb the growing threat of infectious diseases, scientists said on Sunday at the 2023 Ibrahim Governance Weekend held in Nairobi. | RELATED: | Tom Kariuki, director of the Science for Africa Foundation, a Nairobi-based non-profit lobby that advances science and innovations, stressed that enhanced preparedness will be key…

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Brazil Accuses Google Of Propaganda Against "PL Das Fake News" telesurenglish.net On Tuesday, the Brazilian government accused Google of promoting propaganda against a bill aimed at preventing the spread of fake news on social networks that is scheduled to be voted on today in Parliament. | RELATED: | Bill 2630, known as PL das Fake News, has been the subject of a campaign by Google, which on its home page displayed until this morning messages such as "The PL of fake news can make your Internet worse" or "The PL o…

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Colombian Government and ELN Begin Peace Talks in Cuba. telesurenglish.net On Tuesday, the Colombian Government and the guerrilla of the National Liberation Army (ELN) began the third cycle of peace talks in Havana. | RELATED: | The round in Cuba will focus on the search for a bilateral ceasefire, on humanitarian relief and on the participation of civil society in the peace process. | This third cycle of talks follows the contacts that were held in Venezuela in November 2022 and then i…

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Eurozone Inflation Up to 7 Pct in April: Eurostat. telesurenglish.net On Tuesday by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union (EU), published a report showing that Eurozone annual inflation was 7 percent in April, up from 6.9 percent in March. | RELATED: | "The unexpected increase is the result of a bounce back in energy price inflation after the strong negative base effect in March, and slightly higher service price inflation," said Carsten Brzeski, global head of macro f…

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Long COVID Sufferers Have Changes in Brain Function: Scientists. telesurenglish.net Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) published in the journal Neurology an study showing that those patients who experience Long COVID have been found to have abnormal brain activity. | RELATED: | Long COVID sufferers who experience brain fog, memory issues or other neuropsychiatric symptoms for months after a COVID-19 diagnosis have abnormal brain activity during memory tests on functional magnetic reso…

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Paraguayan Opposition Candidates Demand Manual Recount of Votes. telesurenglish.net On Monday, Paraguayan presidential candidates demanded from the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE) a manual recount of the votes in the elections held on Sunday, when the ruling Colorado Party candidate Santiago Peña was declared the winner. | RELATED: | Hundreds of citizens protested against an alleged fraud outside the TSJE headquarters in the capital city Asuncion, where police fired tear gas and rubber b…

Zane McNeill (2023-05-02). Burnt by Charity Models, Club Q Shooting Victims Support Survivor-Led Mutual Aid. truthout.org Survivors of the Club Q tragedy say they are still waiting to receive money that was fundraised on their behalf, criticizing national LGBTQ organizations for using the shooting for their own financial gain. After a gunman attacked the gay club on November 19th, 2022 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, national LGBTQ organizations like GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign released statements in mourning… |

Farzana Zaman (2023-05-02). Commitment, determination and solidarity are key to success of 'End TB in Bangladesh'. peoplesdispatch.org Despite Bangladesh tuberculosis (TB) notification levels recovering to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels, the country continues to struggle with a high TB burden. It is one of the 30 high-burden countries for TB, in addition to being one of the 27 countries burdened with multi drug-resistant TB (MDR TB). A dip in TB notification occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsequently, the treatment coverage increased to 82%. This is due to the implementation of innovative measures to address service disruptions and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on TB programs. | Bangladesh has been able to reduce the gap be…

Feather River Action! (2023-05-02). Wednesday 5/3: Your Tesla's Destroying the Earth: Silicon Vly Protest to Stop Thacker Pass Lithium Mine. indybay.org Fremont Park, corner of Santa Cruz Ave. and University Dr. in Menlo Park, across from Peet's Coffee. Walking distance from Menlo Park Caltrain.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). RSV Vaccine, Monoclonal Antibody Safe, Effective in Phase 3 Trials. jamanetwork.com A vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) was effective at preventing RSV-associated illness among older adults and the children of vaccinated mothers, based on interim results from 2 phase 3 trials. If licensed, the vaccine, an intramuscular injection that contains a combination of prefusion F glycoproteins from RSV A and B, would be the first available for RSV.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Medicaid Chronically Underpays Psychiatrists in Some States. jamanetwork.com Medicaid reimbursements for mental health treatment fluctuate up to 5-fold between states, with the highest payments in Nebraska, Alaska, and Arkansas and the lowest payments in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Maine, according to a study published in Health Affairs that analyzed fee schedules from 2022.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Cancer Moonshot Plan Announced. jamanetwork.com This month, the US Department of Health and Human Services announced a roadmap developed by the National Cancer Institute for advancing the aim of the Cancer Moonshot: ending cancer.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Infertility Affects 1 in 6 People Globally. jamanetwork.com About 17% of people experience infertility at some point during their lifetime, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report that analyzed 133 studies. Prevalence estimates were consistent across countries regardless of income, with 17.8% and 16.5% of people in high- and low- or middle-income countries experiencing infertility, respectively.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Moderate Exercise Safe for People With Statin-Induced Muscle Pain. jamanetwork.com Statins, exercise, or a combination of them reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease events, but weakness and pain from statins can cause patients to curtail their activity levels. In a recent clinical trial, people who used statins had similar increases in markers of muscle damage and muscle symptoms as a control group after prolonged exercise. Both groups walked up to 50 km (‚âÖ31 miles) per day for 4 days in a row.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Urine Tests May Miss More Than 400‚ÄØ000 STIs in the US Every Year. jamanetwork.com Using vaginal swabs to test for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) picked up significantly more cases of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae than using urine tests, according to a meta-analysis of 28 studies conducted from 1995 through 2021. Vaginal swabs were also more sensitive for Trichomonas vaginalis, although the difference between test types was not significant.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Abdominal Pain and Petechial Rash in a 95-Year-Old Farmer. jamanetwork.com A 95-year-old farmer taking prednisolone for bullous pemphigoid had 24 hours of abdominal pain, 2 weeks of diarrhea, and 3 months of intermittent abdominal bloating and anorexia. Evaluation showed purpuric macules and small thumbprint-like patches on her upper abdomen and central chest and a white blood cell count of 13 600/μL (89.9% neutrophils, 0.2% eosinophils). What is the diagnosis and what would you do next?

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). USPSTF Recommendation: Screening for Latent Tuberculosis Infection in Adults. jamanetwork.com This 2023 Recommendation Statement from the US Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening for LTBI in populations at increased risk (B recommendation).

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). USPSTF Review: Screening for Latent Tuberculosis Infection in Adults. jamanetwork.com This systematic review to support the 2023 US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement on screening for latent tuberculosis infection in adults summarizes published evidence on the benefits and harms of screening for, and treatment of, tuberculosis in asymptomatic persons 18 years or older.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Ophthalmic Technician Working in Central Pennsylvania. jamanetwork.com I am the wielder of infinite tissues and eye drops. I am the angel of numbing and dilation. I couldn't before, but collecting bits and pieces of my patients' various expertise means that now I can hold a conversation about Amish romance novels, crop cycles, the problem of National Geographic magazines not being offered in large print, and football. I lead walkers, keep canes from sliding off walls and clattering to the floor, and steer wheelchairs forward and backward in narrow hallways. I see camo hats, Vietnam veteran enameled pins, and heavy steel-toed boots crusted with mud. I am cooed over often, Twenty-two?

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Screening for Latent Tuberculosis. jamanetwork.com This JAMA Patient Page describes latent and active tuberculosis and discusses the pros and cons of screening for latent tuberculosis.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Prednisone vs Placebo and Live Birth in Patients With Recurrent IVF Implantation Failure. jamanetwork.com This randomized clinical trial evaluates whether the administration of prednisone would increase the rate of live birth in women with recurrent implantation failure.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Mental Health—Related Emergency Department Visits Among Youth. jamanetwork.com This study uses National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey data for 2011 to 2020 to evaluate trends in pediatric mental health—related emergency department visits.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Remifentanil vs Neuromuscular Blockers During Rapid Sequence Intubation Among Patients at Risk of Aspiration—Reply. jamanetwork.com In Reply We appreciate these Letters about our study, which failed to demonstrate the noninferiority of remifentanil compared with neuromuscular blockers on rates of successful intubation on the first attempt without major complications in patients at risk of aspiration.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Challenges to Forming Physician Unions. jamanetwork.com To the Editor Physicians employed by hospitals face many challenges to their professional autonomy and ethical practices. While employed by a large East Coast medical system, I experienced such challenges, such as requiring that I sign supervisory notes from nurse practitioners whom I did not supervise, signing treatment orders written by other physicians, experiencing last-minute changes to the call schedule, and shouldering increased patient load due to the employer's failure to hire enough physicians. Such practices benefited the finances of the institution rather than the patients or their physicians. As poin…

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Remifentanil vs Neuromuscular Blockers During Rapid Sequence Intubation Among Patients at Risk of Aspiration. jamanetwork.com To the Editor We have some concerns about the recent article that compared use of a short-acting opioid (remifentanil) with neuromuscular blocking agents in rapid sequence intubation.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Availability, Cost, and Consumer Ratings of Validated vs Nonvalidated Blood Pressure Devices. jamanetwork.com This study examines the availability, cost, and consumer ratings of blood pressure—measuring devices relative to validation status across 10 countries.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Body Mass Index and Risk of Hospitalization or Death Due to Lower or Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. jamanetwork.com This study assesses the associations between body mass index and risk of hospitalization for or death due to COVID-19, lower respiratory tract infections, and upper respiratory tract infections.

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Screening for Latent Tuberculosis Infection Among Non—US-Born Adults in the US. jamanetwork.com Preventive care for one of the world's leading infectious disease killers has received a much-needed push forward. In this issue of JAMA, the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) updates its recommendation to screen asymptomatic adults at increased risk for tuberculosis infection and highlights the critical role of primary care in tuberculosis prevention. The importance of this recommendation, particularly for immigrant communities who bear the disproportionate burden of this disease, cannot be overstated. In the US, more than half of individuals diagnosed with tuberculosis are hospitalized, and almost 1 in…

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Pediatric Psychiatric Emergency Services—Stasis in Crisis. jamanetwork.com In this issue of JAMA, Bommersbach et al build on the existing foundation of the substantial literature documenting increases in pediatric emergency department (ED) mental health visits that started in the 1990s. This work extends previous important research that has utilized the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey. The findings of the study, the doubling of the percentage of mental health—related ED visits, and a 5-fold increase in the percentage of mental health visits for suicidality from 2011 to 2020, align with several other ongoing data sources reflecting the consistent increase in both y…

Peoples Dispatch (2023-05-02). International conference on Venezuela concludes in Colombia with call for lifting US sanctions. peoplesdispatch.org The conference was organized with the objective to reignite the dialogue and negotiation process between the Venezuelan government and the platform of opposition sectors, which came to a halt towards the end of last year…

Ann Brown (2023-05-02). 50 Cent Buys 1 Million Square-Foot Warehouse, Will Turn Into Production Studio. moguldom.com On the heels of his new exclusive deal with Fox following a troubling run with Star, hip-hop mogul 50 Cent went to social media to announce that he had purchased a 985,000-square-foot studio space for G-Unit Film & Television. He has yet to say where the studio is located, but he had been scouting a …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-05-02). Nicolas Maduro: Has He Become a Neoliberal? libya360.wordpress.com Thierry Deronne Caracas, April 20, 2023. Meeting with the president of Bolivia Luis Arce Lucho Arce, the president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro proposes to make of the two nations a public industrial pole that will produce and guarantee the necessary fertilizers to the peasants of Latin America and the Caribbean. In various sectors of the…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-05-02). The Decline of U.S. Imperialism: Interview with Ramiro Funez. libya360.wordpress.com Ali Karbalaei Tehran Times conducts an interview with Ramiro Sebastian Funez, an anti-imperialist content creator in Los Angeles, to gain further insight on the diminishing U.S. imperialism and hegemony in the globe. "U.S. imperialism is declining because the parasitic system of capitalism upon which U.S. imperialism is built on, is running out of recourses and…

Philip Giraldi (2023-05-02). Who Stole the 2020 Presidential Election? thealtworld.com

Živadin Jovanović (2023-05-02). A Call for Peace, Reason, Equality and Development. globalresearch.ca

Adriaan Alsema (2023-05-02). Colombia's government and ELN rebels begin ceasefire talks. colombiareports.com Representatives of Colombia's government and guerrilla group ELN met in Cuba to negotiate a ceasefire ahead of a possible end to decades of armed conflict. The peace talks in the…

Ahmed Adel (2023-05-02). First Republic Bank, the Latest Victim in US Banking Crisis. globalresearch.ca

Ann Brown (2023-05-02). Urban One Cashes Out Equity Stake In MGM National Harbor For $145 Million. moguldom.com Media conglomerate Urban One has completed the sale of its minority stake in Maryland-based MGM National Harbor resort and casino. Urban One, the country's largest Black-owned broadcasting company, has cashed out of its investment in MGM National Harbor. The family-owned media company, led by Alfred Liggins, received about $136.8 million after issuing a "put notice" …

Ben Bartee (2023-05-02). Tucker 'Dark' Carlson Crosses the 9/11 Rubicon. "Getting too Close to the Truth" globalresearch.ca

Birrion Sondahl (2023-05-02). It's OK to be Angry About Bernie Sanders. realprogressives.org Bernie gave up on the fight long before we did and his actions have made it clear he no longer fights for the same ideals.

Campbell Erikson (2023-05-02). The Border Patrol's New App Will Make Border-Crossing Even More Dangerous. progressive.org CBP One forces asylum-seekers to become sitting ducks for what the FBI has described as a "multi-billion dollar industry" of extortion, trafficking, and official corruption.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Parties in unity government strong enough against alleged plans to seize power: Malaysia PM Anwar. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Three crew missing after blaze on ageing tanker off Malaysia. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Alan Joyce to step aside after 15 years as Qantas CEO. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Analysis:Companies wary as Twitter checkmark policy fuels imposter accounts. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Apple fights $2 billion London lawsuit for 'throttling' millions of iPhones. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). BOJ chief upbeat on Asia's economy, points to bank resilience. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Cloud content storage platform Box adds AI features. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Cryptoverse: Digital coins lure inflation-weary Argentines and Turks. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Economic growth remains robust in ASEAN region: Indonesia finance minister. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Edtech Chegg slumps on revenue warning as ChatGPT threatens growth. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Food pushes Pakistan inflation to record 36.4% in April. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Global companies by market cap: Tesla fell most in April. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Google, Apple submit proposal to fight misuse of Bluetooth location-tracking devices. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Indonesia's April annual inflation eases to 4.33%, below forecast. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Italy wary of raising taxes on web firms, fearing US reaction. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). JAL expects 60% profit rise in further post-pandemic recovery. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Japan's Mitsui FY 2022/23 net profit up 24% on higher energy prices. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Nikola, Voltera partner to set up 50 hydrogen fueling stations in N. America. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Austria says talks underway on returning Parthenon marbles to Greece. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). King Charles' coronation is a great fit for London's Savile Row tailors. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Sejauh mana mujarabnya: Para pakar menyingkap mitos disebalik khasiat air alkali. channelnewsasia.com Bolehkah air alkali meningkatkan penghidratan, memerangi refluks asid dan mencegah barah? CNA meninjau pandangan para pakar dalam menyingkap mitos air alkali.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Fresh pork back in stock in Singapore, ending temporary disruption over African swine fever discovery. channelnewsasia.com Fresh pork is available at local supermarkets and it will be distributed to wet markets from Wednesday (May 3), says Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Koh Poh Koon.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Sister of late taxi driver fails in court bid to get share of flat that went to his permanent resident wife. channelnewsasia.com The cabby's eldest sister, who filed the court application, claimed that the marriage was a sham and none of the family members knew about the overseas wedding.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Penguins complete move to Bird Paradise; new habitat features southern lights, deeper tanks. channelnewsasia.com Their new home, the Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove, is three times the size of the previous exhibit at Jurong Bird Park.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Warehouse supervisor jailed for taking almost S$698,000 in SK-II products to sell. channelnewsasia.com Foo You Ann had taken loans amounting to S$1 million after suffering losses in gambling and cryptocurrency.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). India replace Australia as test No. 1 ahead of WTC final. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Kohli, Gambhir docked full match fees over IPL altercation. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Rizwan unhappy with number five slot in Pakistan order. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Zamalek withdraw from Egyptian Super Cup in protest at EFA decisions. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Met Gala: Rihanna, Jared Leto as Choupette, Kim Kardashian in pearls. channelnewsasia.com Karl Lagerfeld was the honouree at the A-list gala with many in the crowd of about 400 dressed in vintage looks from the fashion houses where he worked during a career of more than 60 years.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). COP28 chair urges tripling of renewables capacity by 2030. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). 'Godfather of AI' quits Google to warn of the tech's dangers. channelnewsasia.com

Chris Hedges (2023-05-02). The Enemy From Within. Chris Hedges. globalresearch.ca

Dana Sanchez (2023-05-02). The Tricknology Of Sneaky Car Rental Concession Fees: The Deception Of Lower Prices. moguldom.com When it comes to renting a car, it's easy to get hooked by a rate that sounds reasonable, but once you make the reservation or see the final bill, that attractive per-day price has morphed into something that leaves you feeling winded thanks to all the extra fees. Car rental companies can charge fees for …

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2023-05-02). There is a War Going on in our Schools! globalresearch.ca

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2023-05-02). In unseren Schulen herrscht Krieg! globalresearch.ca Alle Artikel von Global Research kà∂nnen in 51 Sprachen gelesen werden, indem Sie die Schaltflà§che Website àºbersetzen unterhalb des Namens des Autors aktivieren. | Um den tà§glichen Newsletter von Global Research (ausgewà§hlte Artikel) zu erhalten, Klicken Sie …

Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirović (2023-05-02). The Concept and the Causes of War. globalresearch.ca

Dr. William Makis (2023-05-02). Died Suddenly: School Bus Drivers Are Collapsing at the Wheel. Nine Recent Incidents. globalresearch.ca

Dr. William Makis (2023-05-02). Powerlifters and Weightlifters Collapsing and Dying Suddenly. Still More Suspicious High Level Athlete Deaths. globalresearch.ca

Dr. William Makis (2023-05-02). Turbo Cancer Leukemia: Children From Ages 11 to 21 Are Dying Within Hours or Days of Cancer Diagnosis. globalresearch.ca

Elsy Fors Garzon (2023-05-02). Bolivia discovers new hydrocarbon deposit, says president. plenglish.com La Paz, May 2 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Luis Arce confirmed Monday in a speech the discovery in the department of Santa Cruz of a new hydrocarbon well as part of the natural resources of its industrialization policy.

Eric Zuesse (2023-05-02). How and Why the Pentagon Gets Rewarded for Being Corrupt. globalresearch.ca

eugyppius (2023-05-02). Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Progressive American Critique of Pandemicism. globalresearch.ca

Gavin OReilly (2023-05-02). Ayatollah Abbas-Ali Soleimani: Random Attack or Attempt to Sow Discord? Geopolitical Upheaval. globalresearch.ca

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2023-05-02). Cuba attends regional insurance conference in Costa Rica. plenglish.com San Jose, May 2 (Prensa Latina) Cuba's Insurance Superintendent, Noemí Benítez, is participating in Costa Rica on Tuesday in the 21st Conference on Insurance Regulations and Supervisions in Latin America, targeted to analyze this matter in the nations of the region.

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2023-05-02). May Pilgrimages begins in eastern Cuba. plenglish.com Holguín, Cuba, May 2 (Prensa Latina) The Festival of Artistic Youth, known as "Romerias de Mayo" (May Pilgrimages), begins in this eastern Cuban city on Tuesday, with more than 16 side events, concerts, exhibitions, and lectures, among other activities.

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2023-05-02). Swedish Democrats urge to assess their country's membership in EU. plenglish.com Stockholm, May 2 (Prensa Latina) Jimmy àÖkesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats (SD) party, called Tuesday for a thorough analysis of Sweden's interaction with the European Union (EU) in terms of mutual influence.

Javier Arana Villasusa (2023-05-02). Attacks with knives increase in German schools. plenglish.com According to the agency, last year police recorded 193 attacks with knives, or other sharp weapons, in schools in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), which was 47 percent more than the previous year, the highest increase in knife incidents since 2018, when 182 cases were recorded. | In 2019, the number of aggression dropped to 103, which is partly credited to the Covid-19 pandemic, the interior ministry stated. | "Why they carry knives in school bags, remains a mystery to me", NRW Interior Minister Herbert Royle expressed, quoted by the WAZ portal. | Experts point out that violence not only continued this year, but rea…

Javier Arana Villasusa (2023-05-02). Haiti's agricultural production deteriorates at an accelerated pace. plenglish.com Port-au-Prince, May 2 (Prensa Latina) The Chemin Délivrance (Road Liberation ) party expressed concern over the accelerated deterioration of agricultural production in Haiti and warned about the impact of insecurity in that sector.

Javier Arana Villasusa (2023-05-02). National Crafts Fair Art for Mom opens its doors in Cuba. plenglish.com Havana, May 2 (Prensa Latina) From today until May 13, the National Crafts Fair Art for Mom opens its doors to the public as a space with creative solutions ideal for entertaining Cuban mothers.

Jonathan Turley (2023-05-02). ABC News Censors Democratic Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. globalresearch.ca

Norman Solomon (2023-05-02). Twenty Years After George W. Bush's Infamous 'Mission Accomplished' Claim. globalresearch.ca

Pepe Escobar (2023-05-02). De-Dollarization Kicks Into High Gear. orinocotribune.com

Rep. Ron Paul (2023-05-02). Congress Ignores Real Debt Ceiling Drama. globalresearch.ca

Rhoda Wilson (2023-05-02). Author of 'The Limits to Growth' promotes the genocide of 86% of the world's population. expose-news.com Dennis Meadows, one of the main authors of the Club of Rome's The Limits to Growth, is an honorary member of the Club of Rome and a member of the World Economic …

Rhoda Wilson (2023-05-02). JP Morgan CEO wants to confiscate private property to force urgent investment in "green energy" expose-news.com JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who has been bought by the World Economic Forum, believes the US government should seize private property to combat climate change. This is not an exaggeration. In his annual …

Rhoda Wilson (2023-05-02). Member of Parliament confirms the UK will sign up to WHO's Pandemic Treaty. expose-news.com Last week, Mark Fletcher, Member of Parliament for Bolsover, responded to a constituent's email: "Then Prime Minister Boris Johnson, alongside other world leaders, called for the creation of a pandemic treaty … …

Ryan Black (2023-05-02). U.N.: Free Abu Zubaydah—and Pay Him. progressivehub.net SPENCER ACKERMAN | FOREVER WARS…

Saheli Chowdhury (2023-05-02). Former President of Mexico Revealed as CIA Asset. orinocotribune.com By Saheli Chowdhury — Apr 20, 2023 | Declassified documents of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have revealed that former President of Mexico, José López Portillo, who led the country during 1976-1982, was a CIA asset. The revelation comes as part of a The documents, most of which are related to a CIA probe into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, contains a memo from a meeting of CIA agents held on November 29, 1976. In said meeting, US inte…

SAM (2023-05-02). Climate Activists Disrupted The White House Correspondents' Dinner. progressivehub.net DEJA CURTIS | SIERRA CLUB…

Staff (2023-05-02). Talk World Radio: Why We Need Nonviolent Journalism. davidswanson.org

The Exposé (2023-05-02). Current events suggest Deagel's Apocalyptic Depopulation Forecast for 2025 is not just an Estimation. expose-news.com In October 2020, Swiss lawyer Michael Lusk wrote an article on his LinkedIn page urging that, in the wake of the coronavirus "pandemic," Deagel's 2025 Forecast be given serious attention. Lusk's article …

thenarwhal (2023-05-02). Ten First Nations sue Ontario and Canada. thenarwhal.ca Broken Treaty 9 promises.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Singapore bank DBS Q1 profit jumps 43% to new high, beats estimates. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Morgan Stanley to cut 3,000 jobs in second quarter: Source. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). US judge declares mistrial in Apple-Masimo smartwatch trade secrets fight. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Celebrity beauty files: Naomi Yeo on becoming a Lululemon ambassador and how to look good when exercising. channelnewsasia.com "I grew up having to work through clogged pores and sensitive skin, hormonal and stress acne, so I do my best to keep my skin clean as much as possible."

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). South Korea April inflation eases to 14-month low, matches expectations. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Analysis: JPMorgan's takeover of First Republic fuels M&A expectations. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Dyche says Calvert-Lewin can be key weapon in survival battle. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Marketmind: RBA to pause again? channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Trump accuser defends rape claim after judge rejects Trump's mistrial request. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). A day with the dinosaurs: An unusual SEA Games venue for Singapore's indoor hockey teams. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Commentary: A gruesome severed fingertip tells a painful story about corporate Japan. channelnewsasia.com A delivery driver in Japan pressed on with his rounds after severing his fingertip while on the job. Though the man's decision was shocking by any standards, it drew widespread recognition, says the Financial Times' Leo Lewis.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Explainer-Why First Republic Bank failed and what JPMorgan's deal means. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). All eyes on Lyft's new CEO as Wall Street awaits turnaround plan. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). JPMorgan wins government auction to buy seized First Republic Bank. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). IMF's Georgieva says more vulnerabilities in banking sector may be exposed. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Ed Sheeran calls copycat claims 'insulting' in 'Thinking Out Loud' trial. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Lordstown shares plunge 48% as investor Foxconn alleges agreement breach. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Armenian, Azerbaijani foreign ministers hold talks in US over Karabakh dispute. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Kuwait again dissolves reinstated parliament by decree. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). ON Semi jumps after results while Nvidia hits 13 month high. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Sabalenka ends Andreeva adventure to reach Madrid quarters. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). IBA president Kremlev blasts 'black sheep' that formed breakaway world body. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Environmental groups sue US over SpaceX launch license for Texas. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). With Bluesky, Jack Dorsey has another go at Twitter-like service. channelnewsasia.com

kwjorinoco (2023-05-02). Sharp Turn in Colombia Towards Emergency Government. orinocotribune.com By Luis Alfonso Mena S. — Apr 28, 2023 | Analysis of the changes in President Petro's cabinet | Several of the keys to the changes made this Wednesday, April 26, by President Gustavo Petro to his government cabinet are also found in different scenarios, such as his speech before the campesino communities of Zarzal (Valle del Cauca), decisions of Congress of the Republic over land, and in the recalcitrant boycotts by the heads of the old regime's parties against social reforms. | In his devastating speech on April 25, in Zarzal, a municipality where he handed over a thousand hectares of fertile land from the…

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2023-05-02). Ben Dupuy, Quintessential Haitian Revolutionary Leader, Dead at 91. orinocotribune.com By Kim Ives -Apr 26, 2023 | The First of Two Parts | Benjamin Dupuy, arguably Haiti's greatest communist leader and ideologue from the 1970s to the 2010s, passed away in a Miami Beach nursing home on Apr. 23 at the age of 91. He had been extremely ill and bedridden for many months, suffering from emphysema and suspected lung cancer. | A journalist, photographer, filmmaker, diplomat, organizer, and political party leader, Dupuy was a model Marxist theoretician and man-of-action, unwavering in his life-long pursuit of socialist revolution in Haiti. | Born in Cap HaàØtien on Sep. 30, 1931, the fourth of eight…

teleSUR- hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Ejército y paramilitares de Sudán acuerdan tregua de siete días. telesurtv.net La Cancillería sursudanesa señaló a través de un comunicado que las partes pactaron una tregua del 4 al 11 de mayo.

teleSUR- hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). ONU reporta más de 100.000 exiliados por conflicto en Sudán. telesurtv.net La portavoz de la ACNUR, Olga Sarrado, señaló que se reportan más de 330.000 desplazados internos en el país.

teleSUR, nama, JCM (2023-05-02). PMA reanuda labores en Sudán tras muerte de su personal. telesurtv.net El 16 de abril último el Programa Mundial de Alimentos informó que tres miembros de su personal en Sudán habían muerto.

teleSUR, SH (2023-05-02). ONU envía a jefe humanitario a Sudán por crisis humanitaria. telesurtv.net El coordinador de Asuntos Humanitarios de la ONU, afirmó que desde el inicio de los enfrentamientos, la situación en Sudán está llegando a un punto de ruptura.

teleSUR, nama, JCM (2023-05-02). Convocan a nuevas protestas contra el Gobierno de Perú. telesurtv.net Asamblea de los Pueblos abogó por la concertación de todas las organizaciones que buscan la renuncia de Dina Boluarte.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-05-02). Palestina condena asesinato de Khader Adnan en prisión israelí. telesurtv.net Khader Adnan, de 45 años, es el primer preso palestino que muere a causa de una huelga de hambre, según el Club del Prisionero Palestino.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-05-02). Denuncian el asesinato de líder juvenil en Tolima, Colombia. telesurtv.net Indepaz dijo que con este crimen suman 56 líderes sociales asesinados en el año 2023 y 1.465 desde la firma del acuerdo de paz en 2016.

teleSUR, dcdc, JCM (2023-05-02). Al menos cinco personas mueren tras incendio en planta química en China. telesurtv.net Las autoridades locales informaron que otra víctima se encuentra desaparecida y una resultó herida.

teleSUR, DRL (2023-05-02). Siria rechaza ataque israelí en Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU. telesurtv.net El aeropuerto ha sido un canal clave para el flujo de ayuda al país después de que un terremoto azotara Turquía y Siria el 6 de febrero.

teleSUR, hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Fuerzas israelíes asesinan a adolescente palestino en Cisjordania. telesurtv.net El ministerio de Salud palestino comunicó que Jibril Mohammed al-Ladda falleció como consecuencia de las graves heridas.

teleSUR, jaa, YSM (2023-05-02). Siria denuncia nuevo ataque de Israel contra Alepo. telesurtv.net Medios locales detallaron también que el ataque causó la interrupción de los servicios del Aeropuerto Internacional de Alepo.

teleSUR, nbb, JGN (2023-05-02). Muere preso palestino tras prolongada huelga de hambre. telesurtv.net Adnan falleció de madrugada en el centro de detención Nitzan. El Servicio de Prisiones israelí indicó que el preso se había negado a recibir atención médica en ese centro.

teleSUR, dcdc, JCM (2023-05-02). Cuatro muertos en un nuevo tiroteo masivo en California, EE.UU. telesurtv.net Este hecho sigue a un tiroteo del viernes por la noche en Cleveland, en el estado de Texas, que dejó cinco muertos.

teleSUR, dcdc, JCM (2023-05-02). Sector sanitario inglés acepta propuesta salarial del Gobierno. telesurtv.net El acuerdo salarial se firmó en una reunión entre el Gobierno y 12 sindicatos de la sanidad que representan al personal de la Sanidad pública en Inglaterra.

teleSUR, dcdc (2023-05-02). Comienza 41 de la Feria Internacional de Turismo de Cuba. telesurtv.net El primer ministro cubano, Manuel Marrero Cruz, declaró que Cuba presenta muchas bondades como naturaleza, cultura, tradiciones y patrimonio y seguridad.

teleSUR, DRL (2023-05-02). Presidente Maduro firma decreto que incrementa en más de 2.000 % el beneficio de alimentación. telesurtv.net El pago de estos bonos serán indexados mensualmente a la tasa oficial del dólar estadounidense publicado por el Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV).

teleSUR, jaa- YSM (2023-05-02). Presidente sirio crea fondo para apoyar a afectados tras sismos. telesurtv.net Según la presidencia este fondo organizará los recursos económicos y donaciones para que lleguen a todos los afectados.

teleSUR, mcs, JGN (2023-05-02). øQué hacer cuando una persona sufre una crisis de asma. telesurtv.net Los desencadenantes, como las alergias, el humo del tabaco, el ejercicio o incluso el aire frío, pueden provocar crisis asmáticas y hacer que los síntomas empeoren.

teleSUR, nama, JCM (2023-05-02). Acuerdo pone fin a huelga de funcionarios públicos en Canadá. telesurtv.net La organización PSAC destacó que por la huelga se lograron las ganancias salariales y un año adicional en el acuerdo.

teleSUR- hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Rusia revela eliminación de 15.000 soldados ucranianos en abril. telesurtv.net El ministro de Defensa ruso señaló que también fueron eliminados a las fuerzas ucranianas ocho aviones y 430 tanques.

Staff (2023-05-02). øCómo se miden las principales variables meteorológicas? cubadebate.cu En una entrega pasada conversamos sobre las estaciones meteorológicas, de donde se obtiene la información básica del tiempo y el clima. Les proponemos ahora adentrarnos en el mundo de las principales variables meteorológicas y del instrumental que se usa en las estaciones meteorológicas para su medición, o cómo estas se calculan en función de otros registros.

Staff (2023-05-02). Encuesta: øQué impacto ha tenido las tecnologías digitales en la vida cotidiana en Cuba? cubadebate.cu Si eres cubano y utilizas tecnologías digitales en tu día a día, te invitamos a participar en la encuesta para que puedas compartir tu experiencia y opinión al respecto. °Tu participación es importante para entender mejor cómo las tecnologías digitales están transformando la vida en Cuba!

Staff (2023-05-02). Vale la pena… volver a escuchar: El Totí (+ Podcast). cubadebate.cu Es una situación bastante común que en el momento de definir las responsabilidades en un acción fallida, a la hora de llamar la atención a un culpable, aparezca en escena un "chivo expiatorio", alguien que cargará con lo que no le toca.

Staff (2023-05-02). Arriba a Cuba último grupo de atletas participantes en los V Juegos del Alba. cubadebate.cu "Estamos muy orgullosos de su actuación, representaron dignamente a la patria", expresó Daniel Bas, funcionario del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de Cuba, al último grupo de atletas que participó en los V Juegos del Alba de Venezuela 2023 a su arribo a Cuba.

Staff (2023-05-02). El tiempo: Algunas lluvias en el norte central. cubadebate.cu Estará mayormente nublado en la región central, con algunas lluvias y chubascos que ocurrirán principalmente en zonas de la costa norte. En la región oriental estará parcialmente nublado con aisladas lluvias. En el occidente habrá poca nubosidad en la mañana y estará parcialmente nublado en la tarde con escasas lluvias.

Staff (2023-05-02). La Habana acoge tercer ciclo de diálogos de paz entre el Gobierno de Colombia y el ELN. cubadebate.cu El tercer ciclo de diálogos de paz entre el Gobierno de Colombia y el Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN) inicia este martes en La Habana. El Gobierno colombiano subrayó la víspera en un comunicado que "uno de los grandes desafíos" del tercer ciclo de negociaciones es "alcanzar un cese al fuego bilateral".

Staff (2023-05-02). La Unión Eléctrica estima una afectación de 205 MW para el horario pico nocturno. cubadebate.cu Se estima para la hora pico una disponibilidad de 2615 MW y una demanda máxima de 2750 MW, para un déficit de 135 MW, por lo que de mantenerse las condiciones previstas se pronostica una afectación de 205 MW en este horario.

teleSUR, jaa, YSM (2023-05-02). Presidente Arce anuncia descubrimiento de pozo hidrocarburífero. telesurtv.net El mandatario apuntó que Bolivia cuenta con los recursos y el Gobierno nacional, junto a los trabajadores, harán posibles los sueños del pueblo.

teleSUR, jaa, YSM (2023-05-02). Reportan al menos seis muertos tras choque masivo en EE.UU. telesurtv.net Las autoridades detallaron en un documento que 30 personas fueron llevadas a los hospitales debido a las heridas sufridas.

teleSUR, lvm, YSM (2023-05-02). Accidente de autobús deja un muerto en Huelva, España. telesurtv.net Resultaron heridas 39 personas, de las que 38 eran mujeres y el conductor.

teleSUR, MER (2023-05-02). Presidente de Venezuela repudia decisión de EE.UU. sobre empresa Citgo. telesurtv.net El mandatario afirmó que esta decisión del Gobierno de EE.UU. es una burla y una bofetada a la Conferencia Internacional convocada en Bogotá.

teleSUR, rzr, DRL (2023-05-02). Envían a juicio a director de inmigración mexicano. telesurtv.net El magistrado ha determinado que las pruebas presentadas demuestran que Garduño es responsable por omisión.

teleSUR, rzr, SH (2023-05-02). Presidente turco anuncia muerte de líder yihadista en Siria. telesurtv.net Al-Qurashi es el cuarto califa que encabeza el Estado Islámico, después de Abu al Hasan al Qurashi, Abu Ibrahim al Hashimi al Qurashi y Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

Staff (2023-05-02). Lula anuncia alza del salario mínimo en Brasil en el Día de los Trabajadores. cubadebate.cu El presidente de Brasil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva confirmó el domingo el aumento del salario mínimo con motivo de la conmemoración del Día Internacional de los Trabajadores. Lula da Silva indicó que a partir del 1 de mayo entrará en vigor un aumento del 2.8 por ciento…

Staff (2023-05-02). Ya yo no aguanto más: cubana llegada hace un año vive en las calles de Miami junto a su esposo. cubadebate.cu Mercedes Dueñas llegó hace un año a Estados Unidos a través de la frontera. Según ella, ha aplicado a los programas ayudas de comida del Departamento de Niños y Familias y la respuesta siempre ha sido negativa. "Ya yo no aguanto más, se los juro que yo no aguanto más, durmiendo así en la calle, durmiendo en el puente, no tengo donde hacer mis necesidades, yo nunca pensé que iba a pasar este proceso", dijo la señora al Canal 41 de Miami.

teleSUR, nbb, JGN (2023-05-02). Presidente cubano recibe "hermanos" de EE.UU. telesurtv.net El presidente recibió en el Palacio de la Revolución a los cerca de 300 amigos de Cuba provenientes de EE.UU. que apoyan la lucha de la Isla contra el bloqueo.

teleSUR, sar, JGN (2023-05-02). øCómo saber si un niño es víctima de bullying. telesurtv.net En este día, la Unesco llama a reforzar las iniciativas que aceleran la prevención y eliminación de la violencia y el acoso escolar.

Staff (2023-05-02). Santiago es el primer equipo con 20 victorias en la SNB62. cubadebate.cu En otra muestra de saber cerrar los partidos, Santiago de Cuba superó hoy 4àó1 a Holguín, se convirtió en el primer equipo que arriba a 20 victorias y se mantuvo solo en la cima de la 62 Serie Nacional de Béisbol, que inició sus séptimas subseries particulares.

Staff (2023-05-02). FITCuba 2023: Presentan potencialidades de La Habana como destino turístico (+ Video). cubadebate.cu En el marco de la Feria Internacional de Turismo de La Habana, se presentó la ponencia "La Habana: Cultura y Patrimonio" dónde se destacaron las potencialidades de la ciudad y sus atractivos para los visitantes extranjeros. Luis Pino Naranjo, delegado del turismo de La Habana señaló que La Habana es una ciudad llena de tradiciones y de leyendas.

Staff (2023-05-02). Presidente cubano asiste a Encuentro Internacional de Solidaridad. cubadebate.cu Con la presencia del presidente de Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, arrancó hoy en esta capital el Encuentro Internacional de Solidaridad con la isla y el antiimperialismo a 200 años de la Doctrina Monroe. En la cita, que tiene por sede el Palacio de Convenciones, participan más de mil delegados extranjeros y unos 200 nacionales…

teleSUR, JCM (2023-05-02). Partes beligerantes en Sudán se acusan de violar nueva tregua. telesurtv.net El Ejército y las FAR anunciaron este domingo su aceptación de una tercera tregua de 72 horas, iniciada a partir de las 22H00 GMT del domingo.

teleSUR, jcvm, JGN (2023-05-02). Cinco libros para conocer al maestro brasileño Paulo Freire. telesurtv.net El pedagogo brasileño fue uno de los principales exponentes de la pedagogía crítica y dio a su labor magisterial un profundo sentido social.

teleSUR- hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Indepaz denuncia asesinato de otro firmante del acuerdo de paz. telesurtv.net La víctima de 32 años de edad, quien adelantaba su proceso de reincorporación, fue ultimada sobre las 05H00 hora local al este de la ciudad de Cali, Colombia.

teleSUR- hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Presidente iraní realizará histórica visita a Siria. telesurtv.net En el marco de la visita de dos días, el mandatario iraní sostendrá encuentros con su homólogo Bashar Al-Assad.

teleSUR, nama, JCM (2023-05-02). La embajada rusa en Varsovia protesta por incautación de su escuela. telesurtv.net Moscú considera la incautación como violación de la Convención de Viena acerca de las relaciones diplomáticas, de 1961.

teleSUR, dcdc, JCM (2023-05-02). Sindicatos franceses protestan contra reforma de pensiones. telesurtv.net Este 1 de mayo, Día Internacional de los Trabajadores, cerca de medio centenar de sindicalistas extranjeros acudieron a expresar su solidaridad al movimiento social francés.

teleSUR, nama, JCM (2023-05-02). Países árabes piden salida de tropas extranjeras ilegales de Siria. telesurtv.net El canciller de Siria intercambió con su par de Jordania acerca de la seguridad fronteriza, el agua y los refugiados.

Partido Workers World-Mundo Obrero (2023-05-02). Lecciones de Lenin para el Día Internacional de los Trabajadores. workers.org El Día Internacional de los Trabajadores, también conocido como Primero de Mayo, nos recuerda una anécdota sobre la Revolución Rusa de 1917 en relación con la clase obrera. En aquel momento, el Partido Bolchevique, formado y dirigido por V.I. Lenin, estaba en proceso de tomar el poder. Un intelectual antibolchevique . . . |

teleSUR, JCM (2023-05-02). Debate entre Google y Gobierno se profundiza en Brasil. telesurtv.net El Gobierno brasileño acusó este martes a Google de promover una "campaña abusiva y engañosa" en contra de un proyecto de ley para frenar masiva circulación de desinformación en internet.

teleSUR, dcdc, JCM (2023-05-02). Tren ruso se descarrila tras detonación de artefacto explosivo. telesurtv.net El incidente ocurrió en una vía férrea entre la ciudad de Briansk y la localidad de Unecha.

teleSUR, nama, JCM (2023-05-02). Guardias indígenas se movilizan en pro de la paz en Colombia. telesurtv.net Del 27 al 29 de abril, más de 5.000 personas asistieron en El Pital, en el Cauca, a una minga en favor de la paz.

Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. (2023-05-02). Workers Fight Back On May Day, International Workers' Day. popularresistance.org May 1 is celebrated around the world, and unofficially in the United States, as International Workers' Day. In honor of this, Clearing the FOG speaks with two workers who are fighting for their rights and dignity. SN 'Yeager,' a spokesperson for the Graduate Employees Organization Local 3550, speaks about the conditions that brought them to go on strike at the University of Michigan (now in its sixth week), the tremendous outpouring of support for their struggle and how the University is retaliating against them. Billy Randel of the Truckers Movement for Justice, which is holding a day-long protest at the Departm…

teleSUR, JCM (2023-05-02). Continúa tensión en frontera entre Chile y Perú por migrantes. telesurtv.net Los ciudadanos extranjeros indocumentados fueron expulsados de Chile y se encuentran en la frontera a la espera de ingresar al Perú con el objetivo de retornar a sus países.

teleSUR, rzr, JGN (2023-05-02). Leonardo da Vinci: los cinco pilares de la sabiduría. telesurtv.net Ingeniero, escultor, pintor, filósofo, botánico, anatomista, urbanista e incluso músico, Leonardo da Vinci encarnó al hombre de nuevo tipo, fruto de las exigencias y caducidades de la Edad Media.

teleSUR, dcdc, JCM (2023-05-02). Presidente de Colombia inicia primera visita oficial a España. telesurtv.net La Paz Total en Colombia, la transición energética, el turismo, la infraestructura y la educación son temas claves de esta visita de Estado.

teleSUR, DRL (2023-05-02). Inicia ciclo de diálogo entre Gobierno colombiano y ELN en Cuba. telesurtv.net Los diálogos entre el Gobierno colombiano y el ELN comenzaron en noviembre en Caracas, donde se acordó promover alivios humanitarios en algunas de las regiones.

teleSUR, hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Rusia y Cuba tratarán en La Habana temas de cooperación mutua. telesurtv.net En los próximos días se realizará la XX sesión de la Comisión Intergubernamental entre Rusia y Cuba.

teleSUR, hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Fiscal jefe búlgaro sale ileso de atentado explosivo. telesurtv.net El suceso ocurrió a las 11H45 (hora local) en la carretera entre Samokov y la aldea Kovachevtsi, en dirección a Sofía, la ciudad capital.

teleSUR, SH (2023-05-02). América Latina celebra con marchas el Día Internacional de los Trabajadores. telesurtv.net Las movilizaciones han sido convocadas para exigir derechos y en algunos casos defender el proceso de cambios emprendidos por sus gobernantes.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-05-02). Excandidatos opositores exigen recuento manual de votos en Paraguay. telesurtv.net En algunos puntos de la capital paraguaya se registró represión policial, con lanzamiento de gases lacrimógenos y balas de goma, además de cargas de caballería.

teleSUR, nbb, DRL (2023-05-02). Venezuela felicita al nuevo presidente paraguayo. telesurtv.net Peña agradeció al presidente Maduro y al pueblo venezolano, por el apoyo e interés de reforzar las relaciones entre ambas países.

Staff (2023-05-02). Hoy en la Mesa Redonda: Sindicalistas del mundo en La Habana. mesaredonda.cubadebate.cu Dirigentes sindicalistas de varias partes del mundo participantes en el Encuentro Internacional de Solidaridad con Cuba comparecerán este martes en la Mesa Redonda. Cubavisión, Cubavisión Internacional, Canal Caribe, Radio Rebelde, Radio Habana Cuba, los canales de YouTube de la Mesa Redonda y la Presidencia, y las páginas de Facebook de la Mesa, Cubadebate y la Presidencia transmitirán este programa desde las 7: 00 pm.

TeleSur, odr, YSM (2023-05-02). Organizaciones piden reivindicar derechos laborales en El Salvador. telesurtv.net Han salido a las calles para alzar la voz en la solicitud de los derechos, ante la existencia de violación a los derechos laborales, despidos masivos injustificados.

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2023-05-02). Sindicatos demandan mejores condiciones laborales en Ecuador. telesurtv.net La dirigente sindical Marcela Arellano entregó la presidencia del Frente Unitario de Trabajadores (FUT) a José Villavicencio.

teleSUR, lvm, YSM (2023-05-02). Trabajadores peruanos realizan movilización en defensa de sus derechos. telesurtv.net "Más del 75 por ciento de la población económicamente activa está en la informalidad" en Perú.

teleSUR, jaa, YSM (2023-05-02). Israel realiza un nuevo ataque contra la Franja de Gaza. telesurtv.net Hasta el momento no se han recibido reportes oficiales de lesionados ni fallecidos.

teleSUR, DRL (2023-05-02). Gremios franceses anuncian nuevas protestas para junio. telesurtv.net En las alrededor de 300 manifestaciones de los sindicatos en toda Francia para protestar por la reforma de pensiones del Gobierno, participaron 782.000 personas.

teleSUR, hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Indepaz denuncia nueva masacre en Huila, Colombia. telesurtv.net De acuerdo con el ente colombiano, "tres jóvenes fueron asesinados con arma de fuego por sicarios".

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2023-05-02). Comienza vacunación contra gripe aviar en Uruguay. telesurtv.net En esta ocasión se entregaron 900.000 dosis para las incubadoras.

teleSUR, RDL (2023-05-02). México respeta decisión de EE.UU. sobre militarizar frontera. telesurtv.net De acuerdo con cifras del Comando Norte, en este momento se encuentran desplegadas en la frontera con México un total de 2.450 tropas de la Guardia Nacional.

teleSUR, hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Uzbekistán aprueba en referéndum reforzar poder del presidente. telesurtv.net De acuerdo con los datos preliminares el 90,21 por ciento de los ciudadanos votaron a favor de las nuevas reformas.

teleSUR, nama, JCM (2023-05-02). Sindicatos exigen subida generalizada de salarios en España. telesurtv.net Más de 70 manifestaciones tuvieron lugar en España con el lema "Subir salarios, bajar precios, repartir beneficios".

teleSUR, DRL (2023-05-02). Presidente de Venezuela anuncia incremento de ingreso mínimo vital. telesurtv.net El pago de estos bonos serán indexados mensualmente a la tasa oficial del dólar estadounidense publicado por el Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV).

teleSUR, nbb, JGN (2023-05-02). Panamá decomisa más de 30 toneladas de droga en 2023. telesurtv.net En la actual administración de Laurentino Cortizo se han incautado hasta la fecha 429.7 toneladas de sustancias ilícitas.

Staff (2023-05-02). øQué tasas están vigentes en el mercado cambiario cubano este martes 2 de mayo? cubadebate.cu Con el objetivo de mantener a sus lectores informados, Cubadebate comparte las tasas de cambio para diferentes divisas extranjeras vigentes este martes 2 de mayo de 2023 en el mercado cambiario del país.

Staff (2023-05-02). Qué trae la prensa cubana, martes 2 de mayo de 2023. cubadebate.cu

Staff (2023-05-02). Abre sus puertas la Feria Internacional de Turismo de Cuba 2023. cubadebate.cu La edición 41 de la Feria Internacional del Turismo de Cuba quedó oficialmente inaugurada este lunes en el parque histórico Morro —Cabañas de La Habana, con la presencia del primer ministro, Manuel Marrero Cruz.

Staff (2023-05-02). Cuba: Se reanudan algunas líneas de producción de medicamentos (+ Video). cubadebate.cu Finalizados los primeros meses de 2023, aunque se realizan esfuerzos constantes por la industria biofarmacéutica nacional para recuperar las producciones de medicamentos del cuadro básico, la situación del abastecimiento de fármacos, tanto los de producción nacional como los importados, continúa siendo muy compleja.

Brittani Banks (2023-05-01). Understanding the Controversy and Legality of 'Overseas Police Stations'. independentmediainstitute.org The apprehension of two men in New York on April 16, 2023, marked the first known U.S. arrests in connection with Chinese overseas police stations. Both men were working in a building in Manhattan's Chinatown rented by the America ChangLe Association, a charity that had its tax-exempt status revoked in May 2022. More Chinese police …

Elsy Fors Garzon (2023-05-01). G77 and China Minsters of Culture will meet here Thursday. plenglish.com Havana, May 2 (Prensa Latina) A meeting of the Ministers of Culture of the Group of 77 and China will take place next Thursday at the Convention Center, in the Cuban capital.

David Cole (2023-05-01). When Complaining About a Public Official Can Land You in Jail. aclu.org This piece was What if you lived in a country where you could be jailed for criticizing a public ofÔ¨Åcial? What if that country were the United States? | In May 2018, Bob Frese, a resident of Exeter, N.H., posted on his local newspaper's Facebook page the allegation that the town's police chief had "covered up for dirty cop." The next thing he knew, a warrant was out for his arrest. A detective at the Exeter police department concluded that Frese ha…