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2023-03-14: News Headlines

Dave DeCamp (2023-03-14). Ukrainian Official Says Kyiv Doesn’t Have the Resources for a Counteroffensive. news.antiwar.com A senior Ukrainian government official told The Washington Post that Kyiv doesn’t have the resources to pull off a big counteroffensive in the coming months as Ukraine is lacking skilled troops, munitions, and other equipment. “If you have more resources, you more actively attack,” said the official, who spoke to…

Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. (2023-03-14). How The United States Is Preparing For Imminent War With China. popularresistance.org US aggression toward China is escalating and China is shedding its usual restraint to more clearly call out this aggression and warn the US not to overstep its red lines. Clearing the FOG speaks with K. J. Noh, an activist, journalist and scholar on the geopolitics of the Asian continent. He discusses the renewed belligerence of South Korea under the President Yoon Suk-yeol, the increasing militarization of Japan, shifting alliances in Western Asia and how China, including Taiwan, is responding. Noh also speaks about efforts in the United States to prepare for a war against China and how that is increasing violen…

Alexander Rubinstein (2023-03-14). Former US natsec advisor: destroy Taiwan semiconductor factories if China invades. thegrayzone.com A growing body of evidence suggests that the US would blow up the global economy to prevent China from laying claim to Taiwan’s semiconductor factories. Former White House National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien has hinted at a sinister US contingency plan in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Rather than see Taiwan’s semiconductor factories fall into the hands of the Communist Party of China, the US and its allies would simply pull a Nordstream. “The United States …

JANET (2023-03-14). Sat. March 18 — National March on Washington — at the White House On the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq: No War in Ukraine! No to NATO! No Weapons, No Money for the Ukraine War. iacenter.org

Global Research News (2023-03-14). Selected Articles: China’s Initiative: Iran and Saudi Arabia Are Back on the Diplomatic Track. Ending the Atrocious War in Yemen? globalresearch.ca By The Sunni Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Shia Republic of Iran have agreed — …

_____ (2023-03-14). China held yet another meeting of the “Two Sessions”; the Taiwan issue was also discussed. journal-neo.org

infobrics (2023-03-14). Kiev’s neo-Nazi regime continues its persecution against the Orthodox Church. infobrics.org Now, Ukrainian authorities demand that an important religious place in Kiev be abandoned by Orthodox monks, which sounds unacceptable to the Christian people.

infobrics (2023-03-14). The Indian-Russian Relationship Remains Strong. infobrics.org India has embraced Russia in a “special and privileged strategic partnership” that features regular dialogues between the heads of state as well as ministries, substantial advanced arms sales, and intergovernmental commissions to cooperate in trade, energy, science, technology, and culture…

infobrics (2023-03-14). Russian Siberia Attracting Mutual Investment from Kazakhstan and China. infobrics.org The Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum has been taking place in Siberia, an event at which the development of Siberia, taking into account the current economic and geopolitical situation, is discussed…

infobrics (2023-03-14). Europe’s military is in “appalling state” — experts. infobrics.org The next generation of American politicians will be more consumed by China than Russia.

Gabriele Gysi & Roland Rottenfusser (2023-03-14). Defensive Invasion & Strategies of Power. indybay.org Imagine it’s war and no one goes! This dream is being hurled into the dustbin of history by NATO. War is socially acceptable again, new lifestyle. Many voices cry for revenge, cry for the most modern weapons, because there are new sneaky attack warriors with poisonous arrows. It all seems like a duplicate of the US founding story. The new savages, the new Indians are the Russians.

____ (2023-03-14). He Went Ice-fishing on Baikal Ice… smoothiex12.blogspot.com a warm story of the American combat veteran who settled in village… in Siberia. I can totally relate in search for peace, including this very special one, peace of mind–30 years ago that is how we ended up in America, a very different America then. Russia was also very different.

infobrics (2023-03-14). Additional Brazilian Firms Cleared to Export Corn to China. infobrics.org Brazil’s agriculture ministry said that 90 local firms have been cleared to export corn to China in the first two months of the year, taking the total to 446…

infobrics (2023-03-14). Washington DC warmongers keep threatening Mexico. infobrics.org The case of Mexico is quite telling that no country can hope to feel safe, no matter how closely it worked with the US authorities. For decades, the country has been ravaged by drug cartels, themselves often deeply connected to the infamous CIA and other US intelligence agencies.

Abayomi Azikiwe (2023-03-14). Africa and U.S. Imperialism: Post-Colonial Crises and the Imperatives of the African Revolution. globalresearch.ca First published by Global Research on May 19, 2013 | Image Patrice Lumumba | Five decades since the formation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) while the Pentagon and NATO escalates its war drive on the continent | The following lecture was …

Center for Biological Diversity (2023-03-14). Nevada Bill Would Let State Wildlife Agency Conserve Monarchs, Other Pollinators. indybay.org RENO, Nev., March 13, 2023 — Nevada’s Assembly Natural Resources Committee will consider a bill today that would give the state’s Department of Wildlife authority to manage pollinators and other insects that need conservation.

S. Tzu (2023-03-14). Moveable Multipolarity in Moscow: Ridin’ the ‘Newcoin’ Train. globalresearch.ca

Anand Naidoo (2023-03-14). The Heat: Iran-Saudi Arabia Ties. america.cgtn.com The restoration of ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia — in a deal brokered by China reflects a changing world order. What can we expect for global diplomacy? Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to resume diplomatic ties and the effects are expected to be felt …

____ (2023-03-14). Biden approves massive oil drilling project in Alaska. ecns.cn U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday approved a massive oil drilling project in Alaska, a move that drew criticism from environmentalists for its potential climate impact.

James Bovard (2023-03-14). Biden Weaponizes Hate to Win Votes. globalresearch.ca

____ (2023-03-14). Experts: U.S. bank collapse result of failure to adhere to core activities. ecns.cn The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank will not affect China’s banking industry but has highlighted the importance for banks of adhering to their primary business, serving the real economy, balancing their asset-liability structure and steering clear of excessive liquidity risk, experts said.

WSWS (2023-03-14). US-UK-Australian nuclear submarine deal: Preparation for war against China. wsws.org While outlining a vast military build-up over the coming decades, the US and its allies are planning to station huge stockpiles of offensive weaponry in the Indo-Pacific to prepare for a conflict far sooner than that.

Pip Hinman (2023-03-14). Opposition grows to billions for AUKUS nuclear submarines. greenleft.org.au Reaction against the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal has been swift, with many pointing out that pouring billions of dollars into a new cold war means Australia will not meet the challenge of climate change. Pip Hinman reports.

_____ (2023-03-14). Putin’s Women Run the Show — But Germany’s Touted Wehrmacht Wear Dresses Too. journal-neo.org

Adriaan Alsema (2023-03-14). Colombia’s ‘total war’ on illegal mining shuts down gold mining region. colombiareports.com Violence in Colombia’s main gold mining region escalated after Defense Minister Ivan Velasquez declared “total war” on illegal mining on March 1. The announcement almost immediately triggered a miners’ strike…

Editor (2023-03-14). Review: Enrique S Rivera — “The Untold Story of Capitalism: Primitive Accumulation and the Anti-Slavery Revolution” mronline.org Every May 10th marks Afro-Venezuelan Day and commemorates the 1795 Coro Rebellion. The May 1795 revolutionary events are the centerpiece of Enrique S. Rivera’s The Untold History of Capitalism: Primitive Accumulation and the Anti-Slavery Revolution.

Editor (2023-03-14). ‘The bank is now insolvent’. workers.org It is often the case that, when the capitalist system is on the verge of a crisis, the period leading up to it is marked by buoyant explosions of optimism. On Oct. 25, 1929, President Herbert Hoover proclaimed that the U.S. economy was “on a sound and prosperous basis.” Four . . . |

Eugene Puryear (2023-03-14). Silicon Valley Bank: Canary in the coal mine? The banking crisis is a capitalist crisis. liberationnews.org No matter what federal government says, this is a bailout and taxpayers are on the hook.

Larry Johnson (2023-03-14). The U.S. Intelligence Community is Doing Group Think on Steroids. sonar21.com The line dividing consensus from group think is narrow and not well defined. There are four principal agencies in the U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) who actually produce raw intelligence —…

Ramzy Baroud (2023-03-14). Mass Protests and False Hope: Israel’s Supreme Court is no Friend of the Palestinian People. juancole.com Dr Ramzy Baroud RamzyBaroud ( Middle East Monitor ) — As hundreds of thousands, throughout Israel, joined anti-government protests, questions began to arise regarding how this movement would affect, or possibly merge, into the wider struggle against the Israeli military occupation and apartheid in Palestine. Pro-Palestine media outlets shared, with obvious excitement, news about …

Binoy Kampmark (2023-03-14). The AUKUS Submarine Announcement. dissidentvoice.org History is filled with failed planners and plans, threats thought of that did not eventuate, and threats unthought of that found their way into the books. The AUKUS agreement is an attempt to inflate a threat by developing a number of fictional capabilities in an effort to combat an inflated adversary. The checklist of imminent …

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2023-03-14). The Warring Peace: The AUKUS Submarine Announcement. globalresearch.ca

Tamara Nassar (2023-03-14). Israeli army kills three near Nablus. electronicintifada.net Teenage boy fatally shot in the chest by soldier of occupation.

WSWS (2023-03-14). The betrayers of Julian Assange. wsws.org This comment is an abridged version of an address by John Pilger in Sydney on 10 March to mark the launch in Australia of Davide Dormino’s sculpture of Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, ‘figures of courage’.

Kathy Kelly (2023-03-14). Blood Does Not Wash Away Blood. dissidentvoice.org The extraordinary March 10, 2023 announcement that China’s top diplomat, Mr. Wang Yi, helped broker a rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran suggests that major powers can benefit from believing that, as Albert Camus once put it, “words are more powerful than munitions.” This concept was also acknowledged by General Mark Milley, Chairman of the …

Kit Klarenberg (2023-03-14). Dare Call It A Coup? CIA Front Threatens Color Revolution in Georgia. mintpressnews.com Kit Klarenberg exposes the US and EU’s sinister meddling in Georgia’s sovereignty and democracy through NGOs, propaganda and the tried and true method of sowing the seeds of discontent.

Lee Camp (2023-03-14). Police Accountability & Reinventing Policing, with Stephen Janis and Taya Graham. mintpressnews.com Lee Camp speaks to Taya and Stephen, hosts of the show, “The Police Accountability Report,” about police brutality, corruption and the growing push for reform.

Ramzy Baroud (2023-03-14). On False Hopes and Broken Promises: Behind the Scenes of the UN Statement on Palestine. orinocotribune.com

Vijay Prashad (2023-03-14). Germany: Frankfurt City Council cancels concert by Roger Waters. greenleft.org.au After a highly acclaimed run in North America, Roger Waters will take his “This Is Not a Drill” tour across Europe. The final concert in Gemrany, originally planned to take place in Frankfurt on May 28, has now been cancelled, reports Vijay Prashad and Katie Halper.

Peter Boyle (2023-03-14). Video: Snap protest against $368 billion AUKUS nuclear submarine deal. greenleft.org.au A snap protest was held in Sydney on March 14 in response to the official announcement of the $368 billion AUKUS nuclear-powered submarine deal.

United Front Committee For A Labor Party (2023-03-14). Tuesday 3/28: Rally To Rehire Fired Namibian Miners By Chinese National Nuclear Corporation. indybay.org San Francisco Chinese Consulate | Geary & Laguna St. | San Francisco…

____ (2023-03-14). China, ASEAN keep improving economic and trade cooperation: China-ASEAN Business Council. ecns.cn China and ASEAN countries have continuously enhanced good-neighborly relations and improved the economic and trade cooperation, with both sides becoming each other’s largest trading partner in the past three years, said Xu Ningning, executive president of the China-ASEAN Business Council and chairman of the RCEP Industry Cooperation Committee.

____ (2023-03-14). Haikou aims high with lofty economic targets. ecns.cn China’s economy is set to rebound this year, and Haikou, the core area of Hainan Free Trade Port, is speeding up economic development, according to Ding Hui, mayor of Haikou and a deputy to the National People’s Congress.

____ (2023-03-14). Advance of science underscored. ecns.cn China’s future breakthroughs in much-needed technological advances such as high-end semiconductors and chips will be underpinned by its inputs into research in basic science.

____ (2023-03-14). Private sector given support to ‘grow, thrive’. ecns.cn China will make further efforts to enable private entrepreneurs to grow and thrive, and the country’s private enterprises will enjoy a better environment and broader development space, Premier Li Qiang said on Monday.

____ (2023-03-14). Li: China committed to opening-up. ecns.cn Opening-up is a basic State policy of China, and no matter how the external situation evolves the country will stay firmly committed to pursuing the policy, Li Qiang said at his first news conference as premier on Monday.

____ (2023-03-14). Iran hails China’s important role in Tehran-Riyadh detente. ecns.cn China’s important role in resuming Tehran-Riyadh relations is part of Beijing’s efforts to help ensure peace, stability and security in the Middle East, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said Monday.

____ (2023-03-14). Employment remains key national priority. ecns.cn China will embrace a talent dividend to boost economic development, while the implementation of the employment-first policy remains one of the government’s top priorities to stabilize the job market, said Premier Li Qiang.

____ (2023-03-14). China resumes visa issuance to foreigners. ecns.cn China’s visa authorities abroad will resume issuance of all categories of visas to foreigners starting on Wednesday, according to a statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

____ (2023-03-14). Chinese modernization inspires many developing countries: international media on two sessions. ecns.cn During the just-concluded “two sessions,” the world kept a close eye on how the annual event would devise China’s development and promote its people’s well-being for the years ahead.

____ (2023-03-14). China Focus: Scientists develop improved method for quantum communication. ecns.cn A Chinese research team has developed a new method for quantum communication by designing an open configuration of twin-field quantum key distribution (QKD), achieving secure communications at a distance of more than 615 km.

____ (2023-03-14). China’s terahertz detector harvests results in Antarctica. ecns.cn China’s self-developed terahertz detection equipment has successfully carried out operations in Antarctica and harvested results by completing astronomical observation experiments at terahertz frequencies.

____ (2023-03-14). Endangered bird species spotted in north China nature reserve. ecns.cn One of the birds landed on the water, while the other flew away without stopping, according to Huo Hengmao, a photographer who snapped pictures of the rare birds at the reserve.

____ (2023-03-14). Bangladesh’s top business body chief sees trade potential with China. ecns.cn The apex trade organization of Bangladesh has held the Bangladesh Business Summit 2023 in partnership with the Bangladeshi government.Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the summit to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), the country’s top business body.

____ (2023-03-14). Opening-up, stress on value chains praised. ecns.cn China’s unswerving commitment to high-level opening-up is “very welcome” when rising geo-economic fragmentation is threatening global growth, said a senior official of the International Monetary Fund.

____ (2023-03-14). 5G, 6G at ‘forefront’ for high-quality development, digital transformation. ecns.cn China’s intensified push for the development of superfast wireless technology including 5G and 6G will further promote industrial upgrading and digital transformation in traditional sectors, providing new momentum for the country’s economic growth.

____ (2023-03-14). China’s domestically developed terahertz testing system successfully withstands extreme Antarctic weather in first trial. ecns.cn China’s domestically developed terahertz testing system successfully withstands extreme Antarctic weather in first trial, Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences told the Global Times on Monday.

____ (2023-03-14). 2,980-meter bridge across grand canyon under construction. ecns.cn Huajiang Grand Canyon Bridge over Huajiang River is under construction in southwest China’s Guizhou Province, March 13, 2023.

Prof. Matt Fitzpatrick (2023-03-14). With AUKUS, Australia Has Wedded Itself to a Risky US Policy on China — And Turned a Deaf Ear to the Region. asia-pacificresearch.com

WSWS (2023-03-14). US-South Korea staging largest joint military drills in five years. wsws.org The purpose of the drills is to increase cooperation between the two militaries in preparation for war against China.

Yves Engler (2023-03-14). Let’s Compare China’s ‘Agents’ in Canada to Israel’s. globalresearch.ca

Olujimi Alade (2023-03-14). Temple University grad student strike wins contract. workers.org Philadelphia March 13, 2023 — Temple graduate students have overwhelmingly approved a tentative agreement reached with the university on March 10, putting an end to their nearly six-week-long strike. Demanding better pay and more benefits, Temple University Graduate Students Association, Local 6290, staged a walkout for the first time in . . . |

Anna Moody (2023-03-14). The Weekly Round-up: The Illegal Migration Bill, Sanctions against gender-based violence, and Legal Aid eligibility. ukhumanrightsblog.com In the news The Illegal Migration Bill has been presented in parliament and published. The bill has sparked extensive legal discussion over potential issues of compatibility with the European Convention of Human Rights. Indeed, the government stated their wish to proceed with the bill in the absence of being able to make a statement of …

Juan Cole (2023-03-14). Saudi Aramco Reports Gargantuan $161 Bn in Profits, But will Electric Cars kill the Oil Market within 2 Decades? juancole.com Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) — Dan Murphy at CNBC reports that the giant Saudi Aramco oil company posted an unprecedented profit of $161 billion for 2022. The company’s CEO, Amin Nasser, commented that this was probably the biggest profit ever made in the course of one year by any private company. Murphy reports that Nasser …

Jeremy Kuzmarov (2023-03-14). Syrian Government Condemns Visit of General Mark Milley and Accuses U.S. Occupying Forces of Stealing Country’s Oil. covertactionmagazine.com On March 4, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, made a surprise visit to U.S. troops stationed in northeast Syria to the chagrin of the Syrian government, which said the visit was “illegal” and a “flagrant violation of the country’s sovereignty.” The Syrian Foreign Ministry said that Milley’s visit would “not …

Fight Back (2023-03-14). Denver FRSO hosts International Women’s Day rally at State Capitol. fightbacknews.org Denver, CO – On Wednesday, March 8, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization hosted a rally at the Colorado State Capitol building to celebrate International Women’s Day. Two dozen people gathered to answer the call for an end to attacks on women’s and reproductive rights, including members of Students for a Democratic Society and the Denver-Aurora Community Action Committee. | FRSO and Denver residents are outraged at the outcome of the Dobbs Supreme Court decision. So-called “trigger laws” banned abortion in 13 states after the decision was made in 2022. In other states, “heartbeat bills” have become law, serio…

Yves Engler (2023-03-14). Let’s Compare China’s ‘Agents’ in Canada to Israel’s. globalresearch.ca

Olujimi Alade (2023-03-14). Temple University grad student strike wins contract. workers.org Philadelphia March 13, 2023 — Temple graduate students have overwhelmingly approved a tentative agreement reached with the university on March 10, putting an end to their nearly six-week-long strike. Demanding better pay and more benefits, Temple University Graduate Students Association, Local 6290, staged a walkout for the first time in . . . |

Anna Moody (2023-03-14). The Weekly Round-up: The Illegal Migration Bill, Sanctions against gender-based violence, and Legal Aid eligibility. ukhumanrightsblog.com In the news The Illegal Migration Bill has been presented in parliament and published. The bill has sparked extensive legal discussion over potential issues of compatibility with the European Convention of Human Rights. Indeed, the government stated their wish to proceed with the bill in the absence of being able to make a statement of …

Juan Cole (2023-03-14). Saudi Aramco Reports Gargantuan $161 Bn in Profits, But will Electric Cars kill the Oil Market within 2 Decades? juancole.com Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) — Dan Murphy at CNBC reports that the giant Saudi Aramco oil company posted an unprecedented profit of $161 billion for 2022. The company’s CEO, Amin Nasser, commented that this was probably the biggest profit ever made in the course of one year by any private company. Murphy reports that Nasser …

Jeremy Kuzmarov (2023-03-14). Syrian Government Condemns Visit of General Mark Milley and Accuses U.S. Occupying Forces of Stealing Country’s Oil. covertactionmagazine.com On March 4, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, made a surprise visit to U.S. troops stationed in northeast Syria to the chagrin of the Syrian government, which said the visit was “illegal” and a “flagrant violation of the country’s sovereignty.” The Syrian Foreign Ministry said that Milley’s visit would “not …

Fight Back (2023-03-14). Denver FRSO hosts International Women’s Day rally at State Capitol. fightbacknews.org Denver, CO – On Wednesday, March 8, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization hosted a rally at the Colorado State Capitol building to celebrate International Women’s Day. Two dozen people gathered to answer the call for an end to attacks on women’s and reproductive rights, including members of Students for a Democratic Society and the Denver-Aurora Community Action Committee. | FRSO and Denver residents are outraged at the outcome of the Dobbs Supreme Court decision. So-called “trigger laws” banned abortion in 13 states after the decision was made in 2022. In other states, “heartbeat bills” have become law, serio…

Abayomi Azikiwe (2023-03-14). Militarizing the Police. Activist Had Hands Up When Killed by Georgia Police? globalresearch.ca

ajay tallam (2023-03-14). Monday 3/13: When Life Gives you Lemons, …. Citrus preservation workshop! (And potluck! FREE). indybay.org The PLACE For Sustainable Living | 1121 64th st | oakland, ca 94608…

Amanda Yee (2023-03-14). Six War Mongering Think Tanks and the Military Contractors that Fund Them. globalresearch.ca

AROC (2023-03-14). SF Board of Education Gives Green Light to Accommodate Eid Holiday Starting in 2024. indybay.org Arab and Muslim Community says, “We’ll Be Back”

Center for Biological Diversity (2023-03-14). Thursday 3/23: Saving Life on Earth: Stopping the Extinction Crisis w/ CBD. indybay.org Online event…

Chris Slee (2023-03-14). Human Rights Law Centre: ‘Fast-track’ process designed to fail asylum seekers. greenleft.org.au Sanmati Verma, managing lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, told a forum the Fast Track process was “designed to see people fail”. Chris Slee reports.

David Swanson (2023-03-14). How U.S. Military Spending Works. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirović (2023-03-14). History: The Three Partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 1772, 1793 and 1795. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Werner Ràºgemer (2023-03-14). Apple: “Forced Labor” in India with Foxconn. Hourly Wage 88 Cents. globalresearch.ca

Dr. William Makis (2023-03-14). Alberta, Canada Is Now Giving COVID-19 Vaccines to Minors Without Parental Consent. Doctors Are Now a Hazard to Your Child’s Health. globalresearch.ca

____ (2023-03-14). Allies’ military exercise fuels tensions. ecns.cn Simulating a Korean Peninsula emergency, the ROK-US “Freedom Shield” springtime exercise will run for 11 days until March 23, Yonhap News Agency reported.

____ (2023-03-14). Shanghai delegates call for more basic research. ecns.cn Continued efforts should be made to invest more in basic research, which serves as the basis for advancing innovation and technology, and high-quality economic growth, according to the Shanghai delegates attending the two sessions in Beijing.

____ (2023-03-14). Xi pools mighty force for building great country, national rejuvenation. ecns.cn Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday called for forming a mighty force for building a great modern socialist country and advancing national rejuvenation.

____ (2023-03-14). Death toll exceeds 48,000 in Türkiye’s deadly quakes. ecns.cn The death toll from two earthquakes that hit Türkiye on Feb 6 has risen to 48,448, the Turkish Interior Minister said Monday.

____ (2023-03-14). President sets out major tasks for nation. ecns.cn President Xi Jinping said on Monday that the people’s trust is the biggest motivation that drives him to march on and is a great responsibility that he shoulders.

____ (2023-03-14). Michelle Yeoh wins as best actress, makes Oscar history. ecns.cn Michelle Yeoh, an iconic name in Chinese cinema, made history on Sunday night by becoming the first Asian woman to win the Academy Award for best actress.

____ (2023-03-14). HSBC acquires collapsed Silicon Valley Bank’s UK subsidiary. ecns.cn HSBC, the largest bank in Europe, on Monday said it had bought the United Kingdom (UK) operations of the failed U.S. lender Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) for a single symbolic pound (1.21 U.S. dollar). The move is expected to save many British startups from huge losses.

____ (2023-03-14). Baby girl breaks Asia’s heart transplant record. ecns.cn The life of a 53-day-old girl suffering from a congenital heart defect in Wuhan, Hubei province, has been saved by record-breaking surgery as doctors successfully performed a heart transplant.

____ (2023-03-14). Customers line up to withdraw money at SVB. ecns.cn Customers stand in line outside Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) headquarter to withdraw money in Santa Clara, California, U.S., March 13, 2023.

____ (2023-03-14). Henan launches new freight route to Miami. ecns.cn The containers, loaded with 130 tons of dehydrated vegetables and seasoning, leave Zhoukou Central Port on Monday and will arrive at Miami Port after a 45-day voyage.

____ (2023-03-14). 1,000-year-old Medieval treasure discovered in Netherlands. ecns.cn A Dutch historian found a unique 1,000-year-old medieval golden treasure, consisting of four golden ear pendants, two strips of gold leaf and 39 silver coins.

____ (2023-03-14). Two Chinese villages recognized among Best Tourism Villages of 2022 by UNWTO. ecns.cn

Ellen Brown (2023-03-14). The Looming Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Tsunami. dissidentvoice.org On Friday, March 10, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapsed and was taken over by federal regulators. SVB was the 16th largest bank in the country and its bankruptcy was the second largest in U.S. history, following Washington Mutual in 2008. Despite its size, SVB was not a “systemically important financial institution” (SIFI) as defined in …

Freedom Socialist Party (2023-03-14). Sunday 3/26: Women, Life, Freedom–Learning from the Revolutionary Tenacity of Iranian Women. indybay.org New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St. (at Ellis), San Francisco or via zoom at bit.ly/RevTenacityIranianWomen…

Friends of 36 MLK (2023-03-14). 36 MLK Village Being Evicted By Sanjay and Guarav Khanna [Oakland]. indybay.org All the details on the Khanna parasites:…

Gavin de Becker (2023-03-14). Seeing Is Believing: What the Data Reveal About Deaths Following COVID Vaccine Rollouts Around the World. globalresearch.ca

General Emil Strainu (2023-03-14). Geoengineering: Romanian General Emil Strainu on the Terrifying Possibilities of Geo-warfare. globalresearch.ca

IBW, 21st Century (2023-03-14). Institute of the Black World 21st Century has scheduled a 2023 Pan African Conference. indybay.org April 2023 is California Pan African Global Trade Month and the strong linkages to Baltimore Harbor continue today.

Jeff Shantz (2023-03-14). Canada: Investigation into RCMP extractive capital protection force announced. greenleft.org.au An impending investigation may shed some light on abuses at the hands of Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers against Indigenous land defenders and mining and forestry protesters, reports Jeff Shantz.

Jeremy Kuzmarov (2023-03-14). Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin—Former Member of Raytheon Board of Directors—Has Awarded Over $30 Billion in Contracts to Raytheon Since His Confirmation in January 2021. globalresearch.ca

Julian Rose (2023-03-14). The CO2 Narrative: The Truth About ‘Net Zero’: A Diabolical Agenda Sold as a Saviour Formula. globalresearch.ca

Kenny Stancil (2023-03-14). Biden denounced for ‘appalling’ approval of Willow oil project. nationofchange.org “There is simply no justification for President Biden’s decision to approve a massive new oil drilling scheme that will lead to decades of air and climate pollution,” said one critic.

Labor Video Project (2023-03-14). Stop Sale Of KPFK Bldg & Flagrant Violations Of Pacifica Bylaws 6 Year Term Limit-Speak Out. indybay.org

Leanne Woods (2023-03-14). Is Sharing Caring? Disclosures from the Family Courts to Professional Regulators. ukhumanrightsblog.com The Guardian newspaper reported the decision in Re X (Disclosure to Social Work England: Findings of Domestic Abuse) [2023] EWHC 447 (Fam) with the headline, “social worker who abused ex-partner loses fight to keep details from regulator”. Reading that one might instinctively think, “well, of course he lost”. For my part, when I read beyond the Guardian’s …

Long time listener supporter (2023-03-14). See video of Rescue Pacifica press conference at KPFA. indybay.org KPFA/KPFK/Pacifica Issues. – The seizure of KPFA funds was abetted by KPFA “Protectors”.et al. | 2 – The sale of KPFK’s building, was set up without input from listeners and staff, | 3 – In the absence of .new elections,the vote to have the current occupants keep their places,even if termed out, is illegal..

Martin Edwin Andersen (2023-03-14). Torture, Murder and Security Clearances at the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. indybay.org The news out of the democratic republic of Chile this week is that the conviction of Jaime Garcia Covarrubias—the former National Defense University / Defense Security Cooperation Agency professor who was since 2008 the target of the Petitioner’s disclosures through the NDU/DSCA chain of command—for the torture and murder of an unarmed detainee was upheld by that country’s Supreme Court. | Garcia Covarrubias has been sentenced to seven years in prison for his authorship of that crime, one of two involving the torture and clandestine murder of unarmed detainees for which he has already been convicted a…

Martin Jay (2023-03-14). Crisis in Middle East and North Africa: US-UK Encroaching on Conduct of Elections in Libya. Interview with Journalist Martin Jay. globalresearch.ca

Mothers on the March (2023-03-14). Friday 3/17: POA: Shut it Down! indybay.org On the sidewalk in front of the San Francisco Police Officers Association: 800 Bryant @ 6th Street in San Francisco…

National Lawyers Guild (2023-03-14). NLG Condemns “Stop Cop City” Music Festival Arrests in Atlanta. indybay.org Law enforcement detained at least 35 people in Atlanta on Sunday, March 5, at a solidarity music festival over a mile away from the Cop City construction site.

Nimalakaran Sinnakkili (2023-03-14). Former Tamil refugee asks federal gov’t to give asylum seekers permanency. greenleft.org.au Australian Tamil Congress director Nimalakaran Sinnakkili called for permanent protection for the remaining refugees and asylum seekers living in the community and those imprisoned in detention centres in Australia and on Nauru.

Norman Solomon (2023-03-14). The Urbanity of Evil: 20 Years After the Invasion of Iraq. indybay.org “I never killed anybody, by the acts of my own hand”

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2023-03-14). How the US And Canada Are Wooing Latin America and the Caribbean to Front For Their Plan To Invade Haiti. orinocotribune.com By Travis Ross — Feb 22, 2023 | On Jan. 23-24, 2023, heads of state and government met at the seventh Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. | The Summit marked a renewed interest in regional integration by the leaders of the 33 countries which attended, culminating in an 111 point declaration entitled ” The document affirmed CELAC members’ commitment to “advance with determination in the integration process,…

Peoples Dispatch (2023-03-14). The second-largest bank failure in US history reveals double standard. peoplesdispatch.org On March 10, the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed in the second-largest bank failure in US history, topped only by the 2008 recession-era failure of Washington Mutual. SVB, which was founded in 1983 and was the go-to bank for tech startups and other venture capitalists, was the sixteenth-largest US bank according to assets. | The bank failure has sent the US economy reeling, with many working people concerned about the impact this could have on their paychecks, personal savings, and whether or not a 2008-like crisis could be provoked. | US authorities have attempted to employ a crisis control strategy, with US Presi…

Philip Giraldi (2023-03-14). Interfering in Elections? Israel Uses High-technology to Influence Results. globalresearch.ca

Pink Knight Press (2023-03-14). “March for Life” in Sacramento. indybay.org March 6 was the California event for the anti-choice group March for Life, a national anti-abortion organization. Charter buses lined their speaking event, which drew something in the region of 200 people, with 15-20 counter-protesters at any given time. The counter-protesters stayed loud throughout the anti-choice speakers’ time, drowning out speeches and annoying the audience.

posted by Norse (2023-03-14). Food Not Bombs announces Meals-at-City-Hall today after top cop bans Lot #10 serving. indybay.org Harsh rainy weather, the City’s failure to provide adequate 24-hour Warming Center facility, and the Chief Escalante’s recent ban on serving in the protected parking garage #10 have prompted the free survival food service to move to City Hall today and likely during future rainy days until reasonable alternatives are allowed.

posted by Norse (2023-03-14). Activist Leads Fight to Stop Harassment of Vehicular Residents. indybay.org In an extensive and well-documented article on LookOut, activist Reggie Meisler published his research and activism to defend the rights of those in vehicles being harassed by police. Cops have been threatening and ticketing for signs not permitted by the Costal Commission.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2023-03-14). War, Terrorism and the Global Economic Crisis. Ninety-nine Interrelated Concepts. globalresearch.ca Everything is interrelated: war, terrorism, the police state, the global economy, financial fraud, corrupt governments, poverty and social inequality, media disinformation, war propaganda, WMD, international law,…

Rainer Sonnberg & Byorn Blach (2023-03-14). The sacred cow and The propaganda machine. indybay.org These campaigns by politics and the media, which prescribe an extremely narrow framework of what can be said, narrow freedom of expression to the Western narrative. Other opinions are not just open to being shot down. Those who dare to express them are grabbed by their livelihoods.

Ramesh Thakur (2023-03-14). Conspiracy Theories Become Conspiracy Facts. globalresearch.ca

Renee Parsons (2023-03-14). Withdraw From Syria Should Have Been a “Slam Dunk” globalresearch.ca

Rep. Ron Paul (2023-03-14). House Democrats Attack Messengers in ‘Politicization of Government’ Hearing. globalresearch.ca

Sam Carliner (2023-03-14). US Still Trying to Bury ‘Collateral Murder’ Video That WikiLeaks Released. globalresearch.ca

Speak Out Now (2023-03-14). Sunday 4/23: Who is Essential? Who is Not? indybay.org online meeting, see website for details…

Stansfield Smith (2023-03-14). US Southern Command: The Empire on the Charge in Latin America. orinocotribune.com By Jorge Capelán — Mar 9, 2023 | The To…

Toward increased Networking (2023-03-14). Online events w) Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Rob Hopkins, Margaret Atwood, Noam Chomsky, etc. indybay.org Here are about 12 online events taking place over the next 2 weeks (and starting at 11: 30 am tomorrow, Tuesday, 3/14), featuring people such as John and Gabriel Shipton (Julian Assange’s father and brother, respectively), India Walton, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Rahwa Ghirmatzion, Peter Linebaugh, Rob Hopkins, Margaret Atwood, Noam Chomsky, and many others. | These events are hosted from various locations all across the country, as well from Canada and the UK (however, the listed times are all for our “Pacific time zone”). Of course, feel free to share this info with others who might be interested in it.

UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute (2023-03-14). Friday 4/21: DNA Day 2023. indybay.org Baskin Engineering Courtyard, 606 Engineering Loop, Santa Cruz, CA 95064…

United State of Women, partners (2023-03-14). Wednesday 3/22: Self-Managed Abortion On Our Own Terms w/ USOW. indybay.org Virtual event…

Wei Thai-Haynes (2023-03-14). Sex workers protest for decriminalisation. greenleft.org.au More than 100 people rallied at Hyde Park to demand the nationwide decriminalisation of sex work. Wei Thai-Haynes reports.

WSWS (2023-03-14). Evidence presented in 1973 murder of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. wsws.org Neruda’s death took place 12 days after Salvador Allende’s Popular Unity government was ousted in a bloody US-backed military coup.

WSWS (2023-03-14). Caterpillar workers erupt in anger after UAW declares sellout contract ratified: “The whole thing feels like a sham” wsws.org While many workers have responded angrily, both management and the UAW expressed their satisfaction following the announcement of their deal’s ratification.

WSWS (2023-03-14). Vinyl chloride, dioxin and the poisoning of East Palestine, Ohio. wsws.org The derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, on February 3, 2023 and the controlled release and burn of vinyl chloride on February 6 have contaminated the village and large regions of the area with highly toxic chemicals with the potential for significant impact on the health of the population.

WSWS (2023-03-14). The bailout of Silicon Valley Bank and the historic crisis of capitalism. wsws.org The commitment by the Biden administration to do “whatever is needed” to protect the money and riches of financial investors, speculators and the wealthy has again laid bare the real nature of capitalist governments as the executive committee for managing the affairs of the ruling monied elites.

WSWS (2023-03-14). The “safe,” “familiar” and “reassuring” 2023 Academy Awards: tedious, self-involved and distant from the population. wsws.org On the whole, the ceremony Sunday night exuded insularity, self-satisfaction and social indifference. No one said a word about war, the pandemic or the fascist threat.

WSWS (2023-03-14). Eight migrants drowned in capsized boat off the San Diego coast. wsws.org The tragedy off the US-Mexico border comes less than one month since 59 migrants drowned off Italy’s Calabrian Coast.

WSWS (2023-03-14). Los Angeles education unions prepare minimal strike actions as district pushes forward with austerity contracts. wsws.org Last weekend, the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) and SEIU Local 99 education unions collectively representing more than 65,000 in the Los Angeles Unified School District, announced plans to launch a 3-day strike within the coming weeks.

WSWS (2023-03-14). SEP (Australia) campaigners for NSW election speak to Central Coast workers about cost of living crisis and war. wsws.org “Capitalism is like a jungle. You do what you need to do to survive. If you need to kill someone, or step on the head of your friend, that’s capitalism. Socialism is totally different. It’s guided by equality and supporting healthcare, education and so on. Socialism is for the working class.”—Roberto, a truck driver.

WSWS (2023-03-14). After the refugee tragedy off Crotone, Italy: Brussels and Berlin further restrict sea rescues. wsws.org The cruel deaths of the 74 refugees cast a harsh spotlight on the murderous policies of the European Union, which deliberately accepts these victims in order to prevent other refugees from reaching Europe.

WSWS (2023-03-14). California ends mask requirement for health care workers in health facilities. wsws.org Leaving mask policy up to individual health care facilities will only increase deaths and debilitation among patients and health care workers in a system that prioritizes profits over lives.

WSWS (2023-03-14). 50,000 New Zealand teachers prepare for nationwide strike against pay cuts. wsws.org Teachers must draw lessons from the last nationwide strike in 2019, which was followed by sellout agreements imposed by the unions.

WSWS (2023-03-14). Workers Struggles: The Americas. wsws.org Some 3,000 workers at CN Rail could be in a legal strike position as early as March 21, while Jamaican teachers have launched protests and strikes after delegates rejected the government’s pay offer.

WSWS (2023-03-14). Vote “No” to Verdi’s fraudulent contract agreement for German postal workers! Build the Postal Action Committee! wsws.org “The current offer means severe cuts in our wages and is no different from the offer we previously rejected by an 86 percent majority”—Postal Action Committee…

WSWS (2023-03-14). New York City municipal unions impose privatized health care on retirees. wsws.org Last week, an association of New York City unions agreed to provide retired city workers with inadequate privatized health insurance.

WSWS (2023-03-14). The transformation of Germany’s postal service into a low-wage sector. wsws.org Deutsche Post DHL Group exemplifies an international trend; mercilessly sacrificing workers’ living standards and health for profit.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-14). Desborde del río Chillón destruye 30 casas en Lima, Perú. telesurtv.net Las autoridades municipales anunciaron que ya iniciaron el proceso de empadronamiento de la población para proceder con su reubicación.

teleSUR, rzr, SH (2023-03-14). Congreso peruano retomará debate sobre adelantar elecciones. telesurtv.net El proyecto sugiere que los comicios se celebren en diciembre de 2023 para que el nuevo mandatario peruano asuma en abril de 2024 hasta 2028.

teleSUR, SH (2023-03-14). Perú declara el estado de emergencia por severas lluvias e inundaciones. telesurtv.net El Gobierno peruano indicó que 592 distritos del país se encuentran en riesgo por los aludes, inundaciones que las lluvias pueden ocasionar.

Staff (2023-03-14). A 30 años de la “Tormenta del Siglo”: øQué pasó esa noche y cómo la recuerdan algunos de sus protagonistas? cubadebate.cu La noche del viernes 12 de marzo de 1993 muchos cubanos fueron a la cama como cualquier otro día. Algunos, tras haber visto el parte del tiempo, con la llegada al día siguiente de un frente frío, se alegraron de poder disfrutar de temperaturas más bajas y otros quizás lamentaron que la lluvia les pudiera arruinar sus planes de fin de semana.

Staff (2023-03-14). The Last of Us: El viaje de regreso. cubadebate.cu Es cierto que como representante del género del postapocalipsis, “The last of us” aporta poco. Pero debe más bien evaluársele por centrarse en los conflictos internos de sus personajes y además, ser una más que digna adaptación del videojuego que le dio origen.

Staff (2023-03-14). Felicita Díaz-Canel a Prensa cubana en su día. cubadebate.cu El presidente de Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, felicitó este 14 de marzo a periodistas y a trabajadores de la prensa en general, quienes conmemoran la fecha que coincide con el aniversario de la fundación del periódico Patria por José Martí. En su cuenta de Twitter el mandatario expresó: “Feliz Día de la Prensa Cubana, la que echa luz sobre la ineficiencia y los frenos al desarrollo, la que reconoce el esfuerzo y los resultados, la que honra a Patria cada día, con la ética y la verdad como principios”.

Staff (2023-03-14). Trump: Soy el único candidato que puede evitar una Tercera Guerra Mundial. cubadebate.cu El expresidente estadounidense Donald Trump declaró que solo su reelección como presidente de Estados Unidos en 2024 salvará al país de una Tercera Guerra Mundial. “Me presento ante ustedes como el único candidato que puede prometer: evitaré una Tercera Guerra Mundial. Porque realmente creo que habrá una Tercera Guerra Mundial”, dijo el político.

Staff (2023-03-14). UNE informa afectaciones en el servicio durante el horario pico para esta jornada. cubadebate.cu La disponibilidad del SEN a las 07: 00 horas es de 2150 MW y la demanda 2100 MW, con todo el sistema con servicio. Se estima que a partir de las 09: 00 horas con un máximo de 250 MW. Con este pronóstico, se estima para la hora pico una disponibilidad de 2250 MW y una demanda máxima de 2800 MW, para un déficit de 550 MW, por lo que de mantenerse las condiciones previstas se pronostica una afectación de 620 MW en este horario.

Alejandro Marcó del Pont (2023-03-14). Un experimento neoliberal llamado Ucrania. globalizacion.ca Los medios de comunicación ucranianos e internacionales nunca dejan de recordar a sus habitantes que esta guerra se libra en nombre del “futuro europeo de Ucrania”. Imagino que este nunca llegará; de todos modos, y mientras tanto, øqué son estos…

Eduardo Aliverti (2023-03-14). Argentina — Cristina, en el centro de la cuestión. globalizacion.ca Se produjeron tres episodios consecutivos que tienen a la vicepresidenta como protagonista. Corroboran su rol primordial. Pero, si es por las expectativas estrictamente electorales, volvió a asomar mucho antes la estadista, el marco, la guía, que una probable candidata. | Corresponde…

Fernando G. Jaén Coll (2023-03-14). Estados Unidos desacreditado por la guerra de Ucrania y las sanciones a Rusia. globalizacion.ca El miedo es mal consejero, nos mueve a tomar decisiones erróneas que la razón desaconsejaría. La interferencia de ese poderoso sentimiento, combinada con la falacia a la que induce el error de medida de la fuerza propia nos empuja a…

Gerardo Villagrán del Corral (2023-03-14). Para México es inaceptable la intención de promover fuerzas militares de EE.UU. globalizacion.ca El presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador condenó la iniciativa republicana en la Cámara de Representantes que propone una intervención militar en México que combata al narcotráfico y dijo que es irresponsable, una ofensa al pueblo de México, “una falta de…

Marco I. Dávila C. (2023-03-14). No pueden aprobar una reforma migratoria en su propia casa, pero ya quieren ir a México a “acabar con el narco” globalizacion.ca Estos días dentro del conservadurismo estadounidense anda rondando la idea de que hay que enviar fuerzas armadas estadounidenses a México, con el pretexto de “acabar con los narcotraficantes”. | Un pequeño detalle radica en que Estados Unidos no puede ni acabar…

Staff (2023-03-14). Patria: La plenitud del periodismo martiano. cubadebate.cu Desde su precoz adolescencia, José Martí evidenció un marcado interés por expresarse mediante la escritura: escribió poemas y se acercó al periodismo, dos formas literarias y de comunicación que solían ser compartidas por muchos intelectuales de la época, y en lo que se destacaron los cubanos, tanto en La Habana como en otras localidades del país.

Staff (2023-03-14). Crisis bancaria estadounidense conmociona los mercados mundiales. cubadebate.cu Aunque el Gobierno de Washington sostiene que no existe ningún riego por la quiebra del Silicon Valley Bank, los mercados de Asia y Europa iniciaron en número rojos ante la incertidumbre generada por la crisis bancaria en Estados Unidos (EE.UU.). Las acciones de la banca mundial se desplomaban este lunes.

Staff (2023-03-14). Las 3 del día: Inicio del Coloquio Internacional Patria y actualización del Clásico Mundial (+ Podcast). cubadebate.cu Este lunes abordamos en Las 3 del día el inicio del Coloquio Internacional Patria, evento organizado por la Unión de Periodistas de Cuba (UPEC) que se centrará en denunciar los efectos del bloqueo de EE.UU. contra Cuba en el espacio digital. Además, actualizamos sobre el Clásico Mundial de Béisbol y el próximo rival del Team Asere. Póngase los audífonos y acompáñenos en estos minutos de información. Escuche nuestro podcast Las 3 del día.

Staff (2023-03-14). V Clásico Mundial: Yariel Rodríguez será el abridor en el choque contra Australia. cubadebate.cu Cuba anunció este lunes que el derecho Yariel Rodríguez será su carta de triunfo en el decisivo duelo contra Australia, correspondiente a los cuartos de final del V Clásico Mundial de Béisbol. A los 26 años, Rodríguez, del club japonés Dragones de Chunichi, vivirá su segunda apertura en el certamen de marras, tras la faena versus Países Bajos.

Staff (2023-03-14). Industriales se estrena con diez novatos en su nómina para la 62 Serie Nacional de Béisbol. cubadebate.cu La nómina de Industriales fue dada a conocer este lunes de cara a la 62 Serie Nacional de Beisbol, que comenzará el venidero 22 de marzo. Entre las principales figuras del elenco aparecen Oscar Valdés, Yasiel Santoya, Roberto Acevedo, Yamil Rivalta, Yosvani Peñalver, Alberto Calderón, Yoassán Guillén, Andy Vargas, Pavel Hernández y Juan Xavier Peñalver.

teleSUR, DRL (2023-03-14). Tormenta Freddy deja casi 100 muertos en Mozambique y Malawi. telesurtv.net También, Freddy se convirtió en el ciclón tropical más duradero del mundo, ya que golpeó a Mozambique por segunda vez.

teleSUR, DRL (2023-03-14). Gobierno de Colombia anuncia medidas ante paro minero. telesurtv.net El mandatario aseguró que si el Clan del Golfo está detrás del paro, como algunos indicios lo demuestran, este grupo armado al margen de la ley no tiene voluntad de paz.

teleSUR, jaa, JGN, SH (2023-03-14). Conoce algunos aportes de Albert Einstein a la ciencia. telesurtv.net A la edad de 26 años, Albert Einstein, publicó su teoría de la relatividad especial, al tiempo que trabajaba en la fábrica de patentes de Berna, Suiza.

teleSUR, jaa, YSM (2023-03-14). Choque de trenes deja 12 heridos en Rumanía. telesurtv.net La Agencia Rumana de Investigación Ferroviaria expresó que a consecuencia del impacto, tres vagones cargados con autos se descarrilaron.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-14). Cuatro aeropuertos alemanes cerrados por paro de personal. telesurtv.net Casi todos los vuelos de los aeropuertos de Berlín y Hamburgo se cancelaron debido a que el personal de seguridad comenzó una huelga por salarios…

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-14). Fuerzas rusas avanzan hacia toma de Artiómovsk (Bajmut) en Ucrania. telesurtv.net Las fuerzas rusas se encuentran a poco más de un kilómetro del centro de Artiómovsk (Bajmut), la ciudad del este de Ucrania que las tropas de Moscú intentan tomar desde el verano.

teleSUR, lvm, SH (2023-03-14). Fallecen dos personas arrolladas por una camioneta en Canadá. telesurtv.net Medios locales indicaron que la cifra de fallecidas podría aumentar, debido a que dos de los heridos se encuentran en estado de gravedad.

teleSUR, lvm, YSM (2023-03-14). Quiebra el Signature Bank en EE.UU. telesurtv.net Las autoridades de Estados Unidos cerraron el viernes 10 de marzo el Silicon Valley Bank, aludiendo que así protegerían los depósitos de sus clientes.

teleSUR, MER (2023-03-14). Presidente de Colombia anuncia proceso de paz con disidencias de las FARC. telesurtv.net El mandatario colombiano indicó que se establecerá una mesa de diálogo entre el Gobierno y el Estado Mayor Central.

teleSUR, nama (2023-03-14). Anuncian posible participación de Putin en cumbre del G-20. telesurtv.net El portavoz de Rusia asegura que “la economía mundial dista mucho de limitarse a los países del G7”.

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2023-03-14). Costa Rica acumula 206 casos confirmados de mpox. telesurtv.net A inicios del 2023 año la tendencia ha sido a la disminución de casos confirmados, que se ha mantenido con una notificación de uno a dos casos por día.

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2023-03-14). Presidente Maduro recibe credenciales de nuevos embajadores. telesurtv.net El mandatario expresó la disposición de su Gobierno de profundizar las relaciones de respeto y amistad con los países que representan.

teleSUR, rzr, SH (2023-03-14). Senado chileno votará reducción de jornada laboral. telesurtv.net En junio de 2022 el presidente Gabriel Boric declaró que impulsaría el proyecto de ley para reducir a 40 horas semanales la jornada laboral.

teleSUR- hvh, JCM (2023-03-14). Más de un centenar de policías asesinados desde 2021 en Haití. telesurtv.net El informe detalló que 31 policías fueron ultimados en 2021, 54 el año pasado y 18 durante el pasado mes de enero.

Staff (2023-03-14). Hoy en la Mesa Redonda, Carlos Marx: Ideas para transformar el mundo. mesaredonda.cubadebate.cu Ciento cuarenta años después de su muerte, Carlos Marx sigue siendo una figura clave en los destinos de la humanidad. øPor qué son vigentes sus ideas? øQué nos aporta para entender la complejidad económica y social de los tiempos actuales? Sobre esos y otros temas hablarán este martes en la Mesa Redonda reconocidos filà≤sofos y economistas.

Staff (2023-03-14). México decide aumentar contratación a médicos cubanos. cubadebate.cu El director del Instituto Mexicano de Seguridad Social y jefe del Plan de Salud IMSS-Bienestar, Zoé Robledo, anunció una ampliación de la contratación de médicos cubanos y una convocatoria a jubilados nacionales. Se concretó un acuerdo para ampliar la cantidad de 610 cubanos destacados en estos momentos en territorio nacional, aunque no dio cifras concretas ni fechas para su llegada, pero consideró importante la ampliación de esos servicios de cubanos.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-14). Crisis bancaria de EE.UU. causa desplome de los mercados mundiales. telesurtv.net SVB Financial Group es un banco clave dentro del sector de las tecnológicas; su abrupta caída es la mayor quiebra bancaria desde la crisis financiera de 2008.

Staff (2023-03-14). Paliza de EEUU a Canadá en Clásico beisbolero. cubadebate.cu Estados Unidos propinó una sonada paliza a Canadá en el V Clásico Mundial de béisbol, al imponerse 12 carreras por una en siete entradas. El triunfo se labró desde el mismo capítulo inicial, cuando anotaron nueve veces en rally coronado por jonrón de tres carreras de Mike Trout.

Rodolfo Bueno (2023-03-14). Los entretelones del conflicto de Ucrania. globalizacion.ca Estados Unidos, luego de la disolución de la URSS, desarrolló una estrategia para ser el hegemón del mundo. Para ello, en el Tratado de Maastricht, firmado el 7 de febrero de 1992 y vinculante para toda la UE, hizo que…

Staff (2023-03-14). Daicar Saladrigas, una candidata a diputada por Camagàºey y Cuba. cubadebate.cu

Staff (2023-03-14). Santa Clara: Incendio forestal provoca afectaciones del servicio eléctrico en varios circuitos. cubadebate.cu Un incendio en áreas boscosas de la Circunvalación y Autopista Nacional, a la salida de la subestación eléctrica Gran Panel de Santa Clara, dejó sin servicio a una línea de 34.5 KV-129 y con afectación para los circuitos 40, 28, 168, 170, 167 y 171; información confirmada por Yadier Ruiz, director del Despacho de Carga en la provincia.

teleSUR, DRL (2023-03-14). Israel libera al preso palestino más longevo en sus cárceles. telesurtv.net Las fuerzas de ocupación israelíes encarcelaron a Al-Shobaki el 14 de marzo de 2006, en una redada en la prisión de Jericó.

teleSUR, odr, SH (2023-03-14). Disminuyen casos de Covid-19 por decima semana en Bolivia. telesurtv.net Según el titular el reporte de la semana epidemiológica 10, se reportaron 681 casos, es decir una disminución del 33 por ciento con respecto a la semana anterior…

teleSUR, lvm, YSM (2023-03-14). Presidente de Brasil propone programa de producción agrícola indígena. telesurtv.net La Operación Yanomami ha sido uno de los primeros actos del Gobierno de Lula.

teleSUR, DRL (2023-03-14). China acusa al acuerdo AUKUS de dañar la paz regional. telesurtv.net Tres aliados occidentales (Australia, Estados Unidos y Reino Unido) conformaron hace 18 meses la alianza de seguridad AUKUS, cuyo nombre viene de sus siglas en inglés.

teleSUR, nbb, JCM (2023-03-14). China rechaza ejercicio militar conjunto de EE.UU. y Filipinas. telesurtv.net Los ejercicios, llamados “Salaknib”, se celebraran desde el 13 de marzo hasta el 4 de abril.

Horacio Duque (2023-03-14). Colombia — La nueva ola de la movilización social y la protesta popular. globalizacion.ca Ha regresado con mucho ímpetu el movimiento social y la acción colectiva popular con diversos eventos como bloqueos de vías, huelgas campesinas y cocaleras, manifestaciones estudiantiles, plantones indígenas, mítines de mujeres, tomas agrarias y movilizaciones ambientales. | En los primeros meses…

teleSUR, jaa, YSM (2023-03-14). Argentina mantiene alerta roja por altas temperaturas en Buenos Aires. telesurtv.net Al menos nueve de las provincias del centro y el este de Argentina registran temperaturas extremas, según advirtió la mencionada entidad.

teleSUR, jb, ACH, SH (2023-03-14). Cinco libros para recordar a Karl Marx, el padre del marxismo. telesurtv.net El filósofo, sociólogo, historiador, economista y político alemán Karl Marx, falleció el 14 de marzo de 1883 a los 64 años de edad en Londres, Inglaterra.

teleSUR, nama, JCM (2023-03-14). Irán y Belarús firman hoja de ruta de cooperación integral. telesurtv.net Ambos Jefes de Estado iniciaron también conversaciones en temas como el análisis de cuestiones regionales y mundiales.

teleSUR, rzr, DRL (2023-03-14). Convocan marcha sindical contra Gobierno de Guillermo Lasso. telesurtv.net Los obreros y estudiantes se manifestarán en defensa de la seguridad social, del empleo, de la salud y la educación.

teleSUR, hvh, SH (2023-03-14). Importancia de la conservación de los ríos para la Tierra. telesurtv.net Alrededor de 2.000 millones de personas en el mundo dependen directamente de los ríos para obtener agua potable.

teleSUR, jaa, SH (2023-03-14). Puerto Rico propina primer juego perfecto en Clásicos Mundiales. telesurtv.net La sorpresa de la fecha la firmó Gran Bretaña quien derrotó a Colombia con marcador de siete carreras por cinco.

teleSUR, jaa, YSM (2023-03-14). Nube de humo del volcán Cotopaxi alcanza 500 metros en Ecuador. telesurtv.net Según informó el ente, las nubes se trasladaron hacia el este impulsadas por el viento.

teleSUR, nbb, JCM (2023-03-14). Reportan varios ataques incendiarios en el sur de Chile. telesurtv.net También, fue atacada la Empresa CMPC, donde resultaron destruidos en la comuna de Gobea, al menos cinco equipos forestales…

teleSUR, SH (2023-03-14). Abren juicio oral contra exdirector de Pemex por caso Odebrecht. telesurtv.net La Fiscalía General de México solicitó 46 años de prisión para el exdirectivo de Pemex, Emilio Lozoya.

teleSUR, SH (2023-03-14). Corea del Norte lanza dos misiles balísticos al mar de Japón. telesurtv.net Esta sería la séptima prueba misilística realizada por Corea del Norte durante el 2023.

teleSUR- hvh, JCM (2023-03-14). Liberan a 130 acusados de los ataques a sedes de poderes en Brasil. telesurtv.net La aprobación emitida por el juez Alexandre de Moraes incluye medidas cautelares para mantener la vigilancia.

teleSUR- hvh, JCM (2023-03-14). Alrededor de 70 muertos tras reciente ola de violencia en Haití. telesurtv.net El coordinador de la Red Nacional, Pierre Esperánce, denunció la inactividad de la Policía ante los trágicos sucesos.

Staff (2023-03-14). Tasas vigentes en el mercado cambiario cubano este martes 14 de marzo. cubadebate.cu Con el objetivo de mantener informados a sus lectores, Cubadebate comparte las tasas de cambio para diferentes divisas extranjeras vigentes este martes 14 de marzo en el mercado cambiario del país.

Staff (2023-03-14). Qué trae la prensa cubana, martes 14 de marzo de 2023. cubadebate.cu

manager (2023-03-13). What to Look for in the February CPI. cepr.net The monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) is scheduled for release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Tuesday, March 14th at 8: 30 AM Eastern Time. The clear evidence of slowing inflation in the CPI, as well as other price indices, through the second half of 2022 was weakened by the retroactive application of new seasonal …

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