2023-03-13: News Headlines

Dave DeCamp (2023-03-13). US-Ukraine Unity Is Cracking Apart. news.antiwar.com Over one year since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, there are growing differences between Washington and Kyiv on how to move forward in the conflict, POLITICO reported Sunday. One issue is over Bakhmut, the eastern Ukrainian city where Russian and Ukrainian forces have been locked in battle for over eight months. Biden administration officials …

infobrics (2023-03-13). Russia’s hypersonic response to latest NATO and Kiev regime escalation. infobrics.org The Kiev regime troops tasked with air defense recently reported that the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) used at least six 9-A-7660 “Kinzhal” air-launched hypersonic missiles at once, complaining that they have no means of intercepting such weapons.

Larry Johnson (2023-03-13). It Ain’t Stalingrad, It Ain’t Verdun, It Is Bakhmut. sonar21.com A favorite past time of arm chair generals is to look to history to find an explanation that puts a current battle into context. That is being done with the…

infobrics (2023-03-13). Kiev’s regime foils dialogue about creation of a safety zone in Zaporozhye. infobrics.org According to Zaporozhye’s local authorities, Ukrainian officials are not interested in negotiating projects for nuclear protection.

Editor (2023-03-13). Chris Hedges: Ukraine’s Death by Proxy. scheerpost.com Ukraine is a pawn for militarists intent on degrading Russia and ultimately China in a self-defeating quest to ensure U.S. global hegemony. The end of this war, like most proxy wars, will be ugly.

Ramzy Baroud (2023-03-13). Even Kissinger Wants Compromise: How Ukraine Became a Winner-Take-All Proposition. mintpressnews.com When the likes of Kissinger are accused of being compromisers, we can be certain that the political discourse on the war has reached a degree of extremism unprecedented in decades.

Staff (2023-03-13). Largest-ever group of NATO commanders meet on Russian frontier. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Independent Barents ObserverMarch 9, 2023 Key NATO commanders teamed up with newcomer Sweden at northern border with Russia “I’m very happy about the political decision to become a part of NATO,” says Lieutenant general Carl-Johan Edstrà∂m, Chief of Joint Operations with the Swedish Armed Forces. On Thursday, he flew north together with the largest group …

Norman Solomon (2023-03-13). Israel’s Liberal Supporters Are Taking Their Denial to a New Level. indybay.org

Middle East Monitor (2023-03-13). Where were Defenders of Israeli Democracy Hiding when Apartheid was Growing? juancole.com Israelis continue rallies against gov’t judicial overhaul plan. By Ibrahim Hewitt ibrahimhewitt56 ( Middle East Monitor ) — It is heartening to see so many Israelis taking to the streets to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned judicial reforms which will basically give politicians the final say on many judicial issues. It is …

Juan Cole (2023-03-13). As Half a Million Israelis Protest Netanyahu Regime, it Faces setbacks in Arab World. juancole.com Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) — Hadas Gold and Amir Tal report for CNN that the tenth major weekend of protest against the plans of the government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to gut the judiciary grew to half a million people, with about 250,000 massing in the streets of Tel Aviv and a similar number …

Tomdispatch (2023-03-13). As SNAP Benefits are Cut: How it Feels to Be Hungry. juancole.com By Beverly Gologorsky | — ( Tomdispatch.com ) — My long-dead father used to say, “Every human being deserves to taste a piece of cake.” Though at the time his words meant little to me, as I grew older I realized both what they meant, symbolically speaking, and the grim reality they disguised so charmingly. …

____ (2023-03-13). Levee breach forces thousands to evacuate in U.S. California. ecns.cn Residents were forced to evacuate in the middle of the night after an atmospheric river surge broke the Pajaro Levee and sent flood waters flowing into the community.

____ (2023-03-13). How Stupid Do They Think We Are? A Small Pro-Ukrainian Group in a Yacht Did Whaaaat? transcend.org 8 Mar 2023 – Western “intelligence” and the New York Times in deeper waters than usual, offering us a devious spin and fake story — sadly swallowed by the same media that omitted Hersh’s analysis. Ominous.

Aaron Mate (2023-03-13). In Nord Stream attack, US Officials Use Proxy Media to Blame Proxy Ukraine. globalresearch.ca

____ (2023-03-13). The U.S. Must Stop Threatening China! transcend.org The US Aggressive Military-Industrial Complex – The great danger is that the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict will result in nuclear war. However, politicians from both U.S. political parties are so blinded by nationalism that they believe the risks to be necessary in order to “weaken Russia”, thus asserting American global hegemony.

____ (2023-03-13). The Disturbing Groupthink over the War in Ukraine. transcend.org 3 Mar 2023 – U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen asserted that U.S. support for Ukraine “is motivated, first and foremost, by a moral duty to come to the aid of a people under attack.” Why this supposed moral duty does not apply to the Palestinians or disappears when the U.S. wages offensive wars and campaigns of mass slaughter throughout the world?>

infobrics (2023-03-13). Slovakia and Poland want American-made F-16’s in exchange for delivering MiG-29’s to Ukraine. infobrics.org Slovakian and Polish MiG-29 fighter jets will not change the course of war in Ukraine.

Ben Norton (2023-03-13). “World War III Has Already Started” Between US and Russia/China: French Scholar. globalresearch.ca

Prof Michael Hudson (2023-03-13). Why the US Banking System Is Breaking Up. Michael Hudson. globalresearch.ca

_____ (2023-03-13). Georgian Media and NGO Activity on the Level of Potemkin Democracy! journal-neo.org

infobrics (2023-03-13). China’s Trade with Russia Surges at Double-digit Pace in Jan-Feb. infobrics.org China’s exports and imports with Russia surged at a double-digit pace in January-February from a year earlier, customs data showed, as China said it had to advance relations with its northern neighbour in an increasingly turbulent world…

infobrics (2023-03-13). Mongolia, China and Russia at the Centre of a New Multipolarity. infobrics.org The West seems to be exerting more influence on Mongolian society in order to initiate domestic political instability and sabotage Russian and Chinese projects. However, strong traditions of state governance, reliance on national interests, and reliable neighbours should help Ulaanbaatar to withstand any crisis, writes Valdai Club expert Andrey Gubin…

David Cronin (2023-03-13). Why is the EU suddenly worried about Israeli “democracy”? electronicintifada.net Racist police force takes part in efforts to fight cybercrime.

____ (2023-03-13). Time for a Remedial Global Nuclear War? transcend.org Recognizing an Unconscious Collective Need for Disastrous Cathartic Experience…

Anonymous103 (2023-03-13). In Video: Ukrainian Tactics Hampered Evacuation Of The Wounded From Bakhmut. southfront.org

Anonymous103 (2023-03-13). Military Situation In Donbass on March 13, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org The Russian Army is advancing in Krasnogorovka and took control of a dam near Kamenka located north of Avdiivka; | Ukrainian artillery reportedly destroyed Russian ammunition depot south of Ivanivske; | Clashes between Russian forces and the AFU continue in Bakhmut and its outskirts; | Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue on the outskirts of Ugledar; | Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue on the western outskirt…

Anonymous103 (2023-03-13). Military Situation In Bakhmut On March 13, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org Clashes between Russian forces and the AFU continue in the village of Orikhovo-Vasylivka; | Russian forces took control of some areas of the Bakhmut-Konstantinovka road on the outskirts of Bakhmut; | Russian forces expended the zone of their control in Budenovka district, approaching the last road in the south-west of Bakhmut; | Russian forces launched the mop up operation in the underground facilities of the Azom non-ferrous metal working plant; | The AFU are repo…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-03-13). Ukraine’s Possible Bakhmut Counteroffensive & What Poland’s Military Build-Up Means. libya360.wordpress.com Update on conflict in Ukraine for March 13, 2023: — Bakhmut continues to be encircled by Russian forces; — The Western media is reporting conflicting claims by Ukraine and Russia regarding steep losses inflicted on opposing sides; — The West claims Ukraine is inflicting huge losses on Russian forces and that Bakhmut has little strategic…

____ (2023-03-13). Brian Gets Into The Neck Of The Woods… smoothiex12.blogspot.com of Poland’s rearmament issue and some operational issues of Bakhmut. Definitely is worth watching.

Anonymous765 (2023-03-13). Ukrainian Military Does Not Stop Shedding Blood Of Innocent Civilians In Donbass. southfront.org |

rqorinoco (2023-03-13). Who Ousted Peru’s President of the Poor? orinocotribune.com By Rodrigo Acuña — Mar 9, 2023 | In the last two months, the political crisis in Peru has regularly made it into the mainstream media. On December 7 of last year, the democratically elected Peruvian president Pedro Castillo was removed from power after he attempted to temporarily suspend Congress hours before his third impeachment hearing. | As the first person from an impoverished rural background to become president in Peru, Castillo had found widespread support in the country’s poorer regions. His ousting has sparked mass demonstrations and blockades across the country, with protestors calling for Presid…

Peoples Dispatch (2023-03-13). Anti-fascists in Bulgaria protest bid to relocate Monument to the Soviet Army. peoplesdispatch.org Russophobia has spiked across Europe as the Russia-NATO war in Ukraine continues. Right-wing groups and governments in Eastern Europe have intensified their attempts at decommunization…

Editor (2023-03-13). China’s peace plan for Ukraine. mronline.org It will be attractive to the Global South, writes Tony Kevin. It will cause consternation in the Western war party camp.

Staff (2023-03-13). China’s Middle East Deal: Iran & Saudi Arabia Reestablish Relations as U.S. Watches from Sidelines. democracynow.org Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to reestablish diplomatic relations after seven years and reopen their respective embassies within months, in a deal brokered Friday by China and signed in Beijing. The rapprochement between the two rivals is the latest sign of China’s growing presence in world affairs and waning U.S. influence in the Middle East amid a shift in focus to Ukraine and the Pacific region. “If we have a more stable Middle East, even if it’s mediated by the Chinese, that ultimately is good for the United States, as well,” says author and analyst Trita Parsi, executive vice pres…

Dave DeCamp (2023-03-13). China’s Xi to Speak With Zelensky, Meet With Putin. news.antiwar.com Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to speak with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for the first time since the Russian invasion of Ukraine was launched, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. The report, which cited people familiar with the matter, said Xi is also planning to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow next week …

Dave DeCamp (2023-03-13). Kremlin Says Goals in Ukraine Can Only Be Achieved Through Military Means. news.antiwar.com The Kremlin said Monday that Russia’s goals in Ukraine can only be achieved through military means at the moment and ruled out the idea that peace talks were possible. “For us, the absolute priority continues and will always remain the achievement of the goals set. At the moment, they can only be achieved by military …

Anonymous103 (2023-03-13). US B-52 Strategic Bombers Worked Out Nuclear Strikes On Russia And Iran. southfront.org | The US Air Force has recently increased the activity of its strategic bombers near the borders of Russia and Iran. | On March 11, the US strategic bomber B-52H Stratofortress, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, worked out a missile launch on the Russian city of St. Petersburg. The aircraft with the board sign NOBLE61 approached the island of Gotland, which is about 200 km from the Russian northern capital. It took off from Poland, not reaching the borders with the R…

Anonymous103 (2023-03-13). US Cannot Win A War With China Or Russia. southfront.org

Lucy Komisar (2023-03-13). Oscar-winning ‘Navalny’ documentary is packed with misinformation. thegrayzone.com “Navalny” is a slick production full of highly dubious claims, misinformation, and enough new Cold War propaganda impact to win an Oscar for best documentary. A version of this piece was originally published at The Komisar Scoop. The Oscar-winning 2022 documentary film “Navalny” tells the story of the opposition figure who has become the West’s favorite Russian activist. Despite having garnered the support of about 2% of Russian voters, according to the polling firm Levada, Alexei Navalny is presented in …

____ (2023-03-13). (Italiano) “La pace è l’unica vittoria di cui abbiamo bisogno” e non ha bisogno di armi. transcend.org 5 Marzo 2023 – Scriveva nei giorni scorsi il Financial Times che “le azioni delle aziende del settore della difesa sono salite negli ultimi mesi, perché gli investitori scommettono sulle promesse di un aumento della spesa militare da parte dei governi occidentali per aiutare lo sforzo bellico dell’Ucraina contro la Russia”.

Brett Wilkins (2023-03-13). Fearing Future Probes of US Atrocities, Pentagon Blocks ICC From Russian War Crimes Evidence. globalresearch.ca

____ (2023-03-13). Russia launches Proton-M rocket with Luch-5X relay satellite. ecns.cn Russia launched a Proton-M carrier rocket with a Breeze-M upper stage on Monday, sending the Luch-5X relay satellite into space.

Gabriele Gysi & Roland Rottenfusser (2023-03-13). Defensive Invasion & Strategies of Power. indybay.org Imagine it’s war and no one goes! This dream is being hurled into the dustbin of history by NATO. War is socially acceptable again, new lifestyle. Many voices cry for revenge, cry for the most modern weapons, because there are new sneaky attack warriors with poisonous arrows. It all seems like a duplicate of the US founding story. The new savages, the new Indians are the Russians.

infobrics (2023-03-13). India, Russia Review Bilateral Trade and Economic Cooperation. infobrics.org India and Russia reviewed bilateral trade and economic cooperation, including the deficit in bilateral trade, during a virtual meeting between external affairs minister S Jaishankar and Russian deputy prime minister Denis Manturov…

Dave DeCamp (2023-03-13). China Appoints New Defense Minister Who Is Under US Sanctions. news.antiwar.com China on Sunday named its new defense minister, Li Shangfu, a general who has been under US sanctions since 2018 for overseeing China’s purchase of Russian military equipment. The US sanctions on Li could hinder the already-delicate dialogue between the US and China. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had been holding talks with Li’s predecessor, …

Staff (2023-03-13). East Palestine Toxic Train Crash Shows Plastics Industry Toll on Planet. Will U.S. Ban Vinyl Chloride? democracynow.org Five weeks after the Norfolk Southern toxic train derailment and so-called controlled burn that blanketed the town with a toxic brew of at least six hazardous chemicals and gases, senators grilled the CEO of Norfolk Southern over the company’s toxic train derailment. The company has evaded calls to cover healthcare costs as residents continue to report headaches, coughing, fatigue, irritation and burning of the skin. For more on the ongoing fallout from the toxic crash, and its roots in the plastics industry, we are joined by Monica Unseld, a biologist and environmental and social justice advocate who has s…

Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. (2023-03-13). How Comrades Revealed The Existence Of Cointelpro. popularresistance.org On March 8, 1971 a group of 8 activists broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania and removed every document they could find. Calling themselves the Citizens Commission to Investigate the FBI, they knew there was FBI infiltration and disruption of the antiwar movement and they were looking for proof to present to the public. They discovered far more than they anticipated. | The burglars had all been politically active and some participated in the theft of records from draft board offices. After planning for months they successfully removed documents, copied them and began sending them to newspapers and to p…

Fight Back (2023-03-13). Against Trotskyism: Trotsky and the Chinese Revolution. fightbacknews.org Given the trajectory of Trotsky’s line on the USSR, it shouldn’t surprising that his theories missed the mark on China as well. In fact, if they had been followed, it is clear that they would have done considerable harm to the Chinese revolution. On the question of China, there are two main things that stand out regarding the position of Trotsky and his followers. First, there is the ever present failure to grasp the national-colonial question in the era of imperialism, and second, there is the failure to understand the united front in relation to that. | The Chinese revolution, led by Mao Zedong and the Communis…

Andrew Korybko (2023-03-13). The Geopolitics of the Iran-Saudi Arabia “Rapprochement”: What Implications for Pakistan? globalresearch.ca

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2023-03-13). Branding the Acceptable: Battling Cancel Culture at Adelaide Writers’ Week. asia-pacificresearch.com

Binoy Kampmark (2023-03-13). Silicon Valley Bank and the Anti-Regulation Bank Lobby. dissidentvoice.org Before the financial collapse come the aggressive anti-regulation lobbyists. These are often of the same ilk: loathing anything resembling oversight, restriction, reporting and monitoring. They are incarnations of the frontier, symbolically toting guns and slaying the natives, seeking wealth beyond paper jottings, compliance and bureaucratic tedium. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), for a …

____ (2023-03-13). John Pilger Speaks about Julian Assange in Sydney 10 Mar 2023. transcend.org 10 Mar 2023 – Australia, the ultimate betrayer of Julian Assange.

Michael Hudson, Geopolitical Economy. (2023-03-13). Why The US Banking System Is Breaking Up. popularresistance.org The breakup of banks that is now occurring in the United States is the inevitable result of the way in which the Obama administration bailed out the banks in 2008. | When real estate prices collapsed, the Federal Reserve flooded the financial system with 15 years of quantitative easing (QE) to re-inflate real estate prices — and with them, stock and bond prices. | What was inflated were asset prices, above all for the packaged mortgages that banks were holding, but also for stocks and bonds across the board. That is what bank credit does. | This made trillions of dollars for holders of financial assets [mda…

Robert S. Becker (2023-03-13). How badly will today’s rip-roaring ‘transparency’ surge scar MAGA rampages, McCarthy, FOX and Trump? nationofchange.org If serial, truth-telling transparency doesn’t wreck Republicanism as a viable governing party, scaring electability, voters will only have themselves to blame.

____ (2023-03-13). Will the Circle be Unbroken? Reviving the Spirit of Bandung and Panchsheel. transcend.org “I hate the US empire, and I love the US republic.” — Johan Galtung. Economic colonization continues, backed up by financial networks, covert CIA/MI6 operations and hundreds of US military bases that dot the globe in over 85 countries. The sun still never sets on the modern Anglo-American empire. Implementation of the Panchsheel principles would set the stage for peaceful coexistence in a nuclear weapons-free world.

United Front Committee For A Labor Party (2023-03-13). Tuesday 3/28: Rally To Rehire Fired Namibian Miners By Chinese National Nuclear Corporation. indybay.org San Francisco Chinese Consulate | Geary & Laguna St. | San Francisco…

Dave DeCamp (2023-03-13). US, UK, Australia Unveil AUKUS Nuclear-Powered Submarine Deal. news.antiwar.com On Monday, the US, Britain, and Australia unveiled their plans to develop nuclear-powered submarines under AUKUS, a military pact the three countries signed in September 2021 to coordinate on advanced military technology against China. President Biden, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese formally announced the plans at the US Naval …

Joe Lauria, Consortium News. (2023-03-13). Seismic Iran-Saudi Rapprochement Isolates US. popularresistance.org Ever since the 1979 Islamic Revolution that overthrew the U.S.-allied Shah of Iran, the rivalry between the two major Middle East powers — Iran and Saudi Arabia — has been at the heart of every conflict across the region. | The announcement on Friday that Iran and Saudi Arabia have normalized relations could have a seismic effect on all these conflicts and leave the U.S. on the outside looking in. | In Lebanon, Iranian-backed Hezbollah and Saudi-backed parties might begin to resolve their differences, a unity that would worry Israel and lessen U.S. influence in the country.

Last Real Indians. (2023-03-13). Bison Restoration To Be Led By Tribes. popularresistance.org Washington — The Department of the Interior today announced several new steps to restore wild and healthy populations of American bison and the prairie grassland ecosystem. Through a new Secretary’s Order and over $25 million from the Inflation Reduction Act, the Department will empower its bureaus and partners to use the best available science and Indigenous Knowledge to help restore bison across the country. | “The American bison is inextricably intertwined with Indigenous culture, grassland ecology and American history.

Tamara Pearson, The Real News Network. (2023-03-13). Indigenous Mexicans Risk Their Lives To Defend The Environment. popularresistance.org They were driving back from a community meeting in Aquila, Michoacan, where the discussion had centered on getting the Ternium mine in the area to cease activities. They dropped someone off, then were never seen again. Later, their car was found empty, riddled with bullets. | Antonio Díaz, an Indigenous Nahua leader opposed to the mine, and Ricardo Lagunes, a human rights lawyer who has taken on numerous key cases in Mexico, went missing on January 15 of this year. | “I miss my brother a lot,” Ana Lucia Lagunes, Ricardo’s sister, told TRNN. “But while this is directly affecting my family now, [such forced disappe…

____ (2023-03-13). Will the Circle be Unbroken? Reviving the Spirit of Bandung and Panchsheel. transcend.org “I hate the US empire, and I love the US republic.” — Johan Galtung. Economic colonization continues, backed up by financial networks, covert CIA/MI6 operations and hundreds of US military bases that dot the globe in over 85 countries. The sun still never sets on the modern Anglo-American empire. Implementation of the Panchsheel principles would set the stage for peaceful coexistence in a nuclear weapons-free world.

United Front Committee For A Labor Party (2023-03-13). Tuesday 3/28: Rally To Rehire Fired Namibian Miners By Chinese National Nuclear Corporation. indybay.org San Francisco Chinese Consulate | Geary & Laguna St. | San Francisco…

Dave DeCamp (2023-03-13). US, UK, Australia Unveil AUKUS Nuclear-Powered Submarine Deal. news.antiwar.com On Monday, the US, Britain, and Australia unveiled their plans to develop nuclear-powered submarines under AUKUS, a military pact the three countries signed in September 2021 to coordinate on advanced military technology against China. President Biden, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese formally announced the plans at the US Naval …

Joe Lauria, Consortium News. (2023-03-13). Seismic Iran-Saudi Rapprochement Isolates US. popularresistance.org Ever since the 1979 Islamic Revolution that overthrew the U.S.-allied Shah of Iran, the rivalry between the two major Middle East powers — Iran and Saudi Arabia — has been at the heart of every conflict across the region. | The announcement on Friday that Iran and Saudi Arabia have normalized relations could have a seismic effect on all these conflicts and leave the U.S. on the outside looking in. | In Lebanon, Iranian-backed Hezbollah and Saudi-backed parties might begin to resolve their differences, a unity that would worry Israel and lessen U.S. influence in the country.

Last Real Indians. (2023-03-13). Bison Restoration To Be Led By Tribes. popularresistance.org Washington — The Department of the Interior today announced several new steps to restore wild and healthy populations of American bison and the prairie grassland ecosystem. Through a new Secretary’s Order and over $25 million from the Inflation Reduction Act, the Department will empower its bureaus and partners to use the best available science and Indigenous Knowledge to help restore bison across the country. | “The American bison is inextricably intertwined with Indigenous culture, grassland ecology and American history.

Tamara Pearson, The Real News Network. (2023-03-13). Indigenous Mexicans Risk Their Lives To Defend The Environment. popularresistance.org They were driving back from a community meeting in Aquila, Michoacan, where the discussion had centered on getting the Ternium mine in the area to cease activities. They dropped someone off, then were never seen again. Later, their car was found empty, riddled with bullets. | Antonio Díaz, an Indigenous Nahua leader opposed to the mine, and Ricardo Lagunes, a human rights lawyer who has taken on numerous key cases in Mexico, went missing on January 15 of this year. | “I miss my brother a lot,” Ana Lucia Lagunes, Ricardo’s sister, told TRNN. “But while this is directly affecting my family now, [such forced disappe…

Tanupriya Singh, People’s Dispatch. (2023-03-13). Prevent: Health Workers Resist UK’s ‘Counter Terrorism’ Strategy. popularresistance.org In the two decades since the UK government unveiled its ‘counter terrorism’ strategy ‘Prevent’, campaigners and human rights organizations have consistently documented its impact on racialized and otherwise marginalized communities, and the ways in which public services—including healthcare—have been weaponized in this process. | A part of the government’s broader counter-terrorism strategy called CONTEST, Prevent’s stated objective is to “prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.” First implemented in the aftermath of the 2005 London bombings, Prevent was amended in 2011 to deal with “all forms…

Victoria Koski-Karell, Elio Dortilus, Truthout. (2023-03-13). Colonialism Created Food Insecurity In Haiti. popularresistance.org As the planet faces more climate-driven disasters, we must prioritize the safety and wellbeing of populations most vulnerable to their effects. Extreme heat, droughts, floods and storms are becoming more frequent and intense worldwide while human industry, resource extraction, consumption and carbon emissions contribute to rapidly warming temperatures and rising seas. Amid this massive and multipronged human-made disaster, global food productivity growth is down 21 percent. Climate change is exacerbating food insecurity, wiping out agricultural production, devastating livelihoods and forcing people to flee their…

Andreína Chávez Alava, Venezuelanalysis. (2023-03-13). Hugo Chávez And The Last Eclipse Of The 20th Century. popularresistance.org With his arrival, Chávez broke 40 years of a corrupt system and established a participatory and protagonistic democracy that went beyond electoral processes. This has allowed for people to take power by organizing for social, economic, political and educational purposes. Today, plenty of popular organizations self-govern over their land, resources and production. | Driven by his desire to build another society where the basic aspects of human life are not commodified, the revolutionary leader launched a myriad of economic and social policies to democratize healthcare, food, housing, and access to technology, spor…

Mansa Musa, The Real News Network. (2023-03-13). New Federal Proposal Could Seize 75% Of Commissary Funds Sent To Prisoners. popularresistance.org Incarcerated people across the US could find their commissary funds depleted by a new proposed policy from the Bureau of Prisons to automatically deduct three quarters of all funds prisoners receive from loved ones on the outside. The BOP is justifying the proposed change by appealing to personal responsibility—claiming that the deductions will go towards covering prisoners’ financial obligations such as child support and court fees. But what about the financial obligations of the federal government? Billions of public dollars are earmarked for corporate contractors profiting from incarceration and war each…

Olivia Wood, Left Voice. (2023-03-13). CUNY Union Chapter Passes Resolution In Support Of Trans Rights. popularresistance.org In a March 10 chapter meeting, union members from the CUNY Graduate Center and the CUNY professional schools unanimously passed a resolution in support of trans rights, pledging support to all workers fighting the nearly 400 anti-LGBTQ bills currently under consideration in the United States, and committing to fighting for trans co-workers and students at the City University of New York. The full text is published below. | Statements of support are always nice, but can often feel hollow. But as the author of this resolution myself, let me be perfectly clear: | We are already working on organizing for expanded nam…

People’s Dispatch. (2023-03-13). Millions Of Women Protest Across Latin America And The Caribbean. popularresistance.org In Argentina, women and gender-diverse people participated in a national strike, organized for the seventh consecutive year, and mobilized throughout the country demanding an end to gender discrimination and violence against women and members of the LGBTQI+ community.

Ronan Burtenshaw, Tribune Magazine. (2023-03-13). Forward Ever, Backward Never: Grenada’s Revolution At 40. popularresistance.org When Maurice Bishop, the revolutionary Grenadian leader, appeared at Hunter College in Brooklyn, New York in August 1983, the Reagan administration was worried. Four years earlier, in 1979, a socialist revolution had installed Bishop’s New Jewel Movement (NJM) in power in the Caribbean microstate of less than 100,000 people. A state department report from the time summarised the Americans’ concerns. The revolution in Grenada, it said, was in some ways even worse than the Cuban Revolution that had rocked the region a quarter of a century earlier: the vast majority of Grenadians were black, and therefore their stru…

____ (2023-03-13). Imperial Narrative Managers Always Try to Make Peace Seem Unnatural. transcend.org 12 Mar 2023: Peace as an ABERRATION? – “Australia must prepare itself. Most important of all is a psychological shift. Urgency must replace complacency. The recent decades of tranquillity were not the norm in human affairs but an aberration. Australia’s holiday from history is over. Australians should not feel afraid but be alert to the threats we face, the tough decisions we must make and know that they have agency. This mobilisation of mindset is the essential prerequisite to any successful confrontation of China.” — ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ and ‘The Age’

____ (2023-03-13). China launches new remote sensing satellite. ecns.cn China successfully sent a new remote sensing satellite into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, located in the country’s northwest region, on Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). Ruins in northwest China confirmed as 3,000-year-old settlement. ecns.cn Ruins discovered in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province were confirmed to be a large-scale settlement from about 3,000 years ago, according to archaeologists.

____ (2023-03-13). Female live-streamers boost China’s rural revitalization. ecns.cn Internet economy has brought more opportunities to women living in rural areas who are able to surf the internet. They have become live-streamers to introduce rural scenery and sell local specialties, making a great contribution to rural revitalization.

____ (2023-03-13). Insights | Robert Kuhn: Private business of great significance in achieving common prosperity. ecns.cn Over the past three decades, Robert Kuhn, a famous U.S. strategist and banker, has been focusing on China’s economic development. In his eyes, China has made great economic progress, which is of great significance.

____ (2023-03-13). Reaching 2023 GDP growth target requires redoubled efforts: Chinese premier. ecns.cn To achieve the 2023 gross domestic product (GDP) growth target of around 5 percent on the current high base of China’s economic output is not an easy task and requires redoubled efforts, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). China to continue to deepen reform, opening up: premier. ecns.cn China will keep to the direction of socialist market economic reform, promote higher-level opening up and inject stronger vitality into development by deepening reform and opening up, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). Premier voices full confidence in China’s economic outlook. ecns.cn Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Monday voiced full confidence in the prospect of the country’s economy, saying that it will break winds and waves and sail toward a bright future.

____ (2023-03-13). Institutional strength an advantage for China’s economic development: premier. ecns.cn Chinese Premier Li Qiang said on Monday that the notable institutional strength is one of the advantages for China’s economic development.

____ (2023-03-13). China’s private enterprises to enjoy better environment, broader space for development: premier. ecns.cn Private enterprises in China will enjoy better environment and broader space for development, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). China to step up policy support for employment: premier. ecns.cn China will continue to pursue an employment-first strategy and increase government support to boost employment, Premier Li Qiang said Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). China’s food security well guaranteed: premier. ecns.cn China’s food security is well guaranteed on the whole and China will make sure that the rice bowl of the 1.4 billion Chinese people will always be firmly held in their own hands, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). Rich supply of human resources remains China’s notable strength: premier. ecns.cn A rich supply of human resources remains China’s notable strength, as its demographic dividend has not disappeared and its talent dividend is in the making, Premier Li Qiang said Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). China’s COVID-19 response completely right, highly effective: premier. ecns.cn Chinese Premier Li Qiang said Monday that China’s COVID-19 response strategies and measures are completely right and have delivered highly effective outcomes.

____ (2023-03-13). China, U.S. can, must cooperate: premier. ecns.cn China and the United States can and must cooperate, and there are a lot that the two countries can achieve by working together, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). China-U.S. consensus needs to be translated into policies, actions: premier. ecns.cn The consensus reached between the top leaders of China and the United States during their meeting last November needs to be translated into actual policies and concrete actions, Premier Li Qiang said on Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). China to promote rural revitalization through deepening reform: premier. ecns.cn China will deepen reform of its rural sector to provide drivers for rural revitalization, Premier Li Qiang said Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). Xi to attend CPC and World Political Parties Summit. ecns.cn The Communist Party of China (CPC) and World Political Parties Summit will be held Wednesday via video link, Hu Zhaoming, spokesperson for the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, announced Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). Xi to attend dialogue between CPC, world political parties. ecns.cn A dialogue between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and other political parties from across the world will take place Wednesday via video link, Hu Zhaoming, spokesperson for the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, announced Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). China’s national legislature holds closing meeting. ecns.cn The closing meeting of the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress (NPC) is held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, March 13, 2023.

____ (2023-03-13). Chinese premier meets press after annual legislative session. ecns.cn Chinese Premier Li Qiang (C, rear) meets the press after the closing of the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress (NPC) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, March 13, 2023.

____ (2023-03-13). China’s scientific research ship returns to Sanya after mission. ecns.cn China’s scientific research ship Tansuo-1, carrying the deep-sea manned submersible Fendouzhe (Striver) arrived in Sanya, south China’s Hainan Province on Saturday.

____ (2023-03-13). Sunshine creates mysterious beauty in Shaanxi canyon. ecns.cn Sunshine casts into the Ganquan canyon through the fissures, creating mysterious beauty at Ganquan County of Yan’an, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province. Rain, water and wind over millions of years has sculpted its red sandstone into various textures and shapes.

WSWS (2023-03-13). Australia, India deepen military ties against China. wsws.org The Australian Labor government is doing everything it can to strengthen a network of US-led alliances, all aimed at preparing for an aggressive war against China.

Dave DeCamp (2023-03-13). Former Trump Official Says US Would Destroy Taiwan’s Semiconductor Factories if China Invades. news.antiwar.com

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-03-13). Saudi-Iran Deal: A Possible US ‘Suez Moment’. libya360.wordpress.com As’ad AbuKhalil Smoke rises from oil tanks beside the Suez Canal hit during the initial Anglo-French assault on Port Said, Nov. 5, 1956. (Fleet Air Arm, Imperial War Museums, Wikimedia Commons) The U.S. does not want to experience what Britain experienced in Suez in 1956: a watershed moment signaling its global decline. The announcement in China…

Peter Koenig (2023-03-13). China’s Initiative: Iran and Saudi Arabia Are Back on the Diplomatic Track. Ending the Atrocious War in Yemen? globalresearch.ca

Staff (2023-03-13). Headlines for March 13, 2023. democracynow.org 8 Dead After 2 Migrant Boats Capsize Off San Diego Coast, 5 Migrants Drowned, 30 Missing and 1,300 Rescued Over Weekend in Multiple Maritime Tragedies, Iran and Saudi Arabia Sign China-Brokered Normalization Deal, Israeli Forces Kill 3 More Palestinians as 500,000 Israelis Join Protests Against Attack on Courts, Hundreds Protest U.S. Visit of Israeli Minister Who Called for “Erasing” Palestinian Town
| , DRC Attack Claims 19 Lives as U.N. Warns of Mounting Humanitarian Disaster, Biden Approves Massive ConocoPhillips Oil & Gas Project in Alaska, Saudi Oil Giant Reports Largest-Ever $161 Billion Pro…

Staff (2023-03-13). Resuming Iran-Saudi Diplomatic Relations Expedites Ceasefire in Yemen (+China). orinocotribune.com Iran’s envoy to the United Nations stated that the agreement to resume diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, signed on Friday, March 10, will expedite the start of negotiations and the formation of an inclusive Yemeni national government. | This milestone will have positive implications at the bilateral, regional, and international levels, including improvements to the network of relations between all nations that make up the Islamic world.

The Cradle (2023-03-13). China Urges Washington to End ‘Occupation and Marauding’ of Syria. globalresearch.ca

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2023-03-13). Following Chinese Mediation, Iran and Saudi Arabia To Resume Diplomatic Relations. orinocotribune.com By Friends of Socialist China — Mar 11, 2023 | The announcement from Beijing on Friday March 10 that, following Chinese mediation, Iran and Saudi Arabia are to resume their diplomatic relations is widely recognised as a stunning diplomatic and political development, with profound implications not only for the Middle East (or West Asia), but also for international relations generally. | In a Joint Trilateral Statement by the People’s Republic of China, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the three countries announced that, “an agreement has been reached between the Kingdom of Saudi A…

Nancy Rosenbloom (2023-03-13). COVID-19 is Not Over for People Who Are Incarcerated. aclu.org

Zoe Alexandra (2023-03-13). Family and community continue to demand justice for Matthew Felix, three years after murder. liberationnews.org “These past three years have definitely been the most difficult three years of me and my family’s lives,” Samantha Felix, Matthew Felix’s sister, told Liberation News, “And the fight for justice has not been linear, sometimes we are out fighting for him and it feels like no one is listening and that no one cares. But then there are days when I remember how many people showed up for Matthew.”

_____ (2023-03-13). “First Daughter” or a new trend of DPRK propaganda? journal-neo.org After mentioning the daughter of the DPRK leader at a military parade and other events marking the 75th anniversary of the Korean People’s Army on February 8, 2023, the author was asked to explain whether the reasoning of some experts that the girl had already been appointed Kim Jong-un’s successor was correct. Recall that on […] | –°–æ–æ–±—â–µ–Ω–∏–µ

Global Research News (2023-03-13). Selected Articles: Short List of USAID Subversion Operations. globalresearch.ca By The first thing to know: the agency is run out of the State Department. Its pubic relations cover is to provide “international development.” This is code for …

Jon Queally (2023-03-13). Sanders calls for repeal of Trump-era deregulation blamed for bank collapses. therealnews.com This story originally appeared in Sen.

Mansa Musa (2023-03-13). A new federal proposal could seize 75% of commissary funds families send to loved ones in prison. therealnews.com

Marjorie Griffin Cohen (2023-03-13). Can more for-profit health care be stopped? canadiandimension.com

Prabhat Patnaik (2023-03-13). Imperialism and natural resources. mronline.org There is an overwhelming asymmetry between the level of “development” and the possession of natural resources among countries of the world.

Anonymous Contributor (2023-03-13). Mutual Aid and Banner Drops Push Back on Ongoing Attacks on the Houseless in Aberdeen, WA. itsgoingdown.org Report on ongoing actions pushing back on attacks on the houseless in so-called Aberdeen, WA. Originally published on Sabot Media. After delivering a 72-hour notice on Monday, the City moved in around 10am on Friday with bulldozers and dump trucks in order to commit an illegal sweep of the River St encampment of unhoused individuals. Many…

Anonymous103 (2023-03-13). 82 Thousand People, Including 22 Thousand Protesters, Pardoned In Iran. southfront.org | More than 82 thousand people have been granted amnesty, including 22 thousand of protesters who were convicted or were awaiting sentencing, claimed the Chief of Justice of Iran Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje’i. The amnesty is timed to the 44th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. | Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei agreed to pardon tens of thousands of convicted and under investigation, including protesters, in February. It was also extended to those who shouted slogans against Khamenei o…

Anonymous103 (2023-03-13). Disastrous Harvest: Silicon Valley Bank and the Anti-Regulation Bank Lobby. southfront.org

Anonymous103 (2023-03-13). “It’s As Bad As We Thought”: CCP Money Flowed To Biden Family According Bank Records, Documents Obtained By House GOP. southfront.org Originally published by ZeroHedge Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have been working with four witnesses with close ties to the…

Anonymous103 (2023-03-13). Military Situation In Yemen On March 13, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org

Editor (2023-03-13). 26 arrested, 4000 searched on 7th day of protests in France. mronline.org Videos circulated all over the internet of the brutality that occured between demonstrators and riot police.

Editor (2023-03-13). 3D Analysis Shows How Israeli Troops Fired Into Group of Civilians. scheerpost.com According to The Washington Post’s reconstruction of the raid in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, Israeli military fired repeatedly into a group of civilians taking shelter between a mosque and a clinic, killing two and wounding three others.

Editor (2023-03-13). Employers Want to Bring Child Labor to Some of the Most Dangerous Jobs in the Country. scheerpost.com

Editor (2023-03-13). Los Angeles Sheriff’s Second-In-Command Has Alleged Gang Tattoo. scheerpost.com

John Rachel (2023-03-13). The Realities of the International Power Struggle. dissidentvoice.org Events continue to unfold at a quickening pace. Facing an alarming escalation in tensions around the world, we asked Michael T. Klare for his current thoughts. Michael Klare is a Five Colleges professor of Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts; defense correspondent of The Nation magazine; and author of The …

Peoples Dispatch (2023-03-13). At least 23 Cop City protesters charged with domestic terrorism in Atlanta. mronline.org At least 23 people, including a legal observer, have been charged with domestic terrorism as protests against massive police training facility continue.

Staff (2023-03-13). Climate & Indigenous Activists Decry Biden’s Approval of Willow Oil Drilling Project in Arctic. democracynow.org The Biden administration has approved a massive oil and gas development in Alaska known as the Willow project, despite widespread opposition from environmental and conservation groups that argue Willow will amount to a carbon bomb. The administration also announced Sunday it will ban future oil and gas leasing for 3 million acres of federal waters in the Arctic Ocean and will limit drilling in a further 13 million acres in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska’s North Slope. For more, we speak with Siqiñiq Maupin, executive director of Sovereign Iñupiat for a Living Arctic, who says Willow would undermin…

_____ (2023-03-13). Iraq: Twenty Years of Lost History. journal-neo.org Two bloody events have enraged the entire country, raising the painful question of whether the negative effects of the brazen, unjustified invasion of Iraq by hordes of US troops 20 years ago are still wreaking havoc on all Iraqis today. When Jassim al-Assadi, a leading campaigner for the preservation of Iraq’s famous southern marshes, was […] | –°–æ–æ–±—â–µ–Ω–∏–µ

Newsclick (2023-03-13). India’s GDP overestimated? With Aunindyo Chakravarty. peoplesdispatch.org India’s GDP growth has not been matched by a similar growth in key sectors of the economy. This indicates that India’s fabled GDP growth rate is more a mirage than reality, says senior journalist Aunindyo Chakravatry…

Peoples Dispatch (2023-03-13). Fire in Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh leaves thousands homeless. peoplesdispatch.org Close to 12,000 Rohingya refugees were rendered homeless and more than 2,000 shelters in a refugee camp in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar were destroyed after a fire on Sunday, March 5…

Peoples Dispatch (2023-03-13). At least 30 migrants missing after boat capsizes in Mediterranean Sea. peoplesdispatch.org At least 30 migrants are missing or presumed dead in the Mediterranean Sea after another boat capsized off the coast of Libya on Sunday, March 12. At least 17 people were reportedly rescued by private merchant ships, in collaboration with European border control agency FRONTEX. | According to reports, the boat had 47 passengers on board and was traveling from Libya to Italy. It capsized around 110 miles northwest of Benghazi, after rescue operations had already begun. | According to a statement issued by the Italian coast guard, the rescue operation—which was delayed due to bad weather—was ongoing wit…

M.K. Bhadrakumar (2023-03-13). Foreign devils on road to Afghanistan. peoplesdispatch.org Looking ahead, the real danger is that, having failed to get the Taliban to bend while also unable to build an anti-Taliban resistance movement or incite the Central Asian states to decouple from Moscow and Beijing, the US and its allies may now be left with the only remaining option, which is to create anarchical conditions in Afghanistan where there are no winners…

Peoples Dispatch (2023-03-13). Why are the people of Swaziland protesting the upcoming parliamentary elections? peoplesdispatch.org The Communist Party of Swaziland is continuing to organize actions protesting the upcoming parliamentary elections in the country. Swaziland is the last remaining monarchy in Africa, and the people of the country have been facing brutal repression for resisting the king’s rule.

The Dissenter (2023-03-13). March to Iraq War, 20 Years Later: March 13, 2003. thedissenter.org The Dissenter Newsletter recalls each day in the timeline of events that led up to the US invasion of Iraq on March 19, 2003, twenty years ago…

African Stream (2023-03-13). Africa’s Forgotten War in Mozambique. towardfreedom.org Mozambique’s civil war has seen 24 countries send in troops to protect the resource-rich north. But while insurgents have been beaten back and gas fields secured, the local population faces a humanitarian disaster. African Stream takes a look at Africa’s forgotten war.

Unicorn Riot (2023-03-13). Manuel ‘Tortuguita’ Terán’s Independent Autopsy Report Released at Press Conference. unicornriot.ninja

Unicorn Riot (2023-03-13). Triple Bank Collapse hits Silicon Valley & NY amid Economic Downturn. unicornriot.ninja

José Luis Granados Ceja (2023-03-13). Venezuela’s Maduro Confirms No Early Elections, Gov’t Hardens Stance Against US-EU Demands. venezuelanalysis.com “We do not care what imperialism or the oligarchies think about the political, social, and economic life of Venezuela,” said Maduro.

Cristina Escobar (2023-03-13). Melissa Barrera on Having Two Latinas Star in ‘Scream VI’ (INTERVIEW). latinorebels.com “For the longest time, we were only thought of as side characters, the best friend, or the one that gets killed off first,” Melissa Barrera, who stars as co-lead Sam in the latest installment in the ‘Scream’ series, told Latino Rebels. “To have two final girls that are Latinas is powerful.”

Institute for Energy Economics, Financial Analysis (2023-03-13). Privatized Power Grid Unlikely to Save Puerto Rico Customers From Disastrous Debt Restructuring Plan (OPINION). latinorebels.com It is time for the oversight board and the governor to give up the fantasy that the debt can be paid without harming Puerto Rico’s economy, pensioners, and electrical system recovery. Overly optimistic assumptions contributed to PREPA’s bankruptcy. More of the same will not solve its problems.

The Associated Press (2023-03-13). Puerto Rico Breaks World Record as Baseball Fans Go Blond. latinorebels.com Puerto Rico on Friday broke the Guinness World record for the most hair dyed, with 192 men going blond to support the U.S. territory’s team vying to win the World Baseball Classic after finishing twice as runner-up.

Beverly Kingston, Sarah Goodrum (2023-03-13). 3 ways to prevent school shootings, based on researchÔøºÔøº. nationofchange.org

Jake Johnson (2023-03-13). Trump-era deregulation deemed a key culprit in the failure of Silicon Valley bank. nationofchange.org “President Trump and congressional Republicans’ decision to roll back Dodd-Frank’s ‘too big to fail’ rules for banks like SVB—reducing both oversight and capital requirements—contributed to a costly collapse,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Jim Hightower (2023-03-13). Are the women of your statehouse properly attired? nationofchange.org Instead of fixing their image by legislating responsibly, some state lawmakers say a dress code will suffice — for women, of course.

Michael Edison Hayden (2023-03-13). 'Alt-Right' Disinformation King Faces Trial. splcenter.org Jury selection started today in the trial of 33-year-old Douglass Mackey, a man who prolifically spread hate and politically charged disinformation under the pseudonym “Ricky Vaughn” during Donald Trump’s political rise.

ajay tallam (2023-03-13). Monday 3/13: When Life Gives you Lemons, …. Citrus preservation workshop! (And potluck! FREE). indybay.org The PLACE For Sustainable Living | 1121 64th st | oakland, ca 94608…

Anonymous Contributor (2023-03-13). Report Back from Noise Demo in Support of Those Facing ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Charges in Atlanta, GA. itsgoingdown.org Report back from recent noise demonstration in solidarity with those arrested in Atlanta on domestic terrorism charges. Originally posted to Scenes from the Atlanta Forest. Supporters, family members, and beloved community members of the 23 young people charged with domestic terrorism at the South River Festival gathered outside of the DeKalb County Jail on March…

____ (2023-03-13). Beware the “Cides” of March. transcend.org 8 Mar 2023 – Reflections on Human Frailties, Virtues, and Betrayal: Finding Solace in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

____ (2023-03-13). Holi: The Colours of Biodiversity. transcend.org 8 Mar 2023 – This year, International Women’s Day falls on the same day of Holi, the festival of colours, joy and diversity: 8 March. On this day, millions of people take to the streets to celebrate the coming of spring by throwing coloured powders.

____ (2023-03-13). In Bulldozing Israeli Democracy, Netanyahu Could Become the BDS Movement’s Greatest Ally. transcend.org 5 Mar 2023 – Capital is beginning to flee Israel in the wake of the prime minister’s judicial overhaul.

____ (2023-03-13). Media Ignore Seymour Hersh Bombshell Report of US Destroying Nord Stream II. transcend.org Seymour Hersh published an in-depth report about Biden deliberately blowing up the Nord Stream II gas pipeline but corporate mainstream media have ignored the Pulitzer Prize reporter’s bombshell. In the US, only four mentions were found among the 20 most influential publications.

____ (2023-03-13). Message from Dr Vandana Shiva for Holi and Women’s Day. transcend.org 8 Mar 2023 – Women of the world are the primary guardians and custodians of biodiversity and life. They are holding and protecting the ancient and precious knowledge on how to use and preserve biodiversity for healthy food, healthy communities and healthy environments.

____ (2023-03-13). No Solution in Sight for Palestinians. transcend.org 3 Mar 2023 – The leaders of the world as of now have shown little interest in resolving conflict between Jews of Israel and Palestinians. The situation in Israel is probably by design to destroy the aspirations of Palestinians now.

____ (2023-03-13). Open Letter from ‘Diverse Women for Diversity’ to World Leaders. transcend.org 8 Mar 2023 – ®Diverse Women for Diversity ®, meeting together in Dehradun, India, representing 17 nationalities and multiple cultures, welcome and support the decision of the Mexican government to phase out GMOs and glyphosate. We are outraged and dismayed that the US government is bullying Mexico to impose GMO transgenic corn in violation of Mexico ¥s sovereignty.

____ (2023-03-13). Peace Propagators (Part 1): The Sufi Spiritual Masters. transcend.org “Spirituality, Not Religiosity, Is the Strongest Pillar of Peace”

____ (2023-03-13). ‘They Were Burning Our House with Kids Inside—the Army Didn’t Let Us Through’. transcend.org 2 Mar 2023 – Children trapped by settlers. A mutilated pet. Checkpoints blocking aid. A Palestinian family recounts the horrifying night of the Huwara pogrom.

____ (2023-03-13). US Occupation of Syria Will Continue. transcend.org 6 Mar 2023 – According to eyewitness accounts, as recently as 27 Feb US troops transported at least 34 tankers filled with stolen Syrian oil through the illegal Al-Mahmoudiya border crossing to their bases in Iraq.

____ (2023-03-13). Why Do 800 Mothers a Day — 1 Every 2 Minutes— Die from Preventable Causes? transcend.org 7 Mar 2023 – The answer is that there are alarming setbacks for maternal health care and, in many cases, even a total lack of maternity services, which threaten to further raise the number of these tragic preventable deaths one million or more a year by 2030.

____ (2023-03-13). Wikipedia: A Disinformation Operation? transcend.org Is Wikipedia an open encyclopedia or a covert disinformation operation?>

____ (2023-03-13). Yanis Varoufakis Brutally Attacked by Group of Thugs in Athens. transcend.org 12 Mar 2023 – Last night Yanis Varoufakis, secretary of the Greek Party MeRA25 and founder of DiEM25, was attacked in Athens and taken to hospital with injuries. The condemnation of the violence towards the Greek MP came from (almost) everywhere.

AROC (2023-03-13). SF Board of Education Gives Green Light to Accommodate Eid Holiday Starting in 2024. indybay.org Arab and Muslim Community says, “We’ll Be Back”

Brennan Center for Justice (2023-03-13). Tuesday 3/14: Black Power & Civil Rights History Talk w/ Journalist & Author, Mark Whitaker. indybay.org Online event…

Brian Maher (2023-03-13). The 10 Rules of Propaganda. globalresearch.ca

Center for Biological Diversity (2023-03-13). Thursday 3/23: Saving Life on Earth: Stopping the Extinction Crisis w/ CBD. indybay.org Online event…

Dave Sweeney (2023-03-13). Fukushima: a continuing disaster 12 years on. greenleft.org.au More than $120 billion has already been spent stabilising the stricken Fukushima site, and the crisis continues with a plan to release large volumes of contaminated water into the Pacific. Dave Sweeney and Sue Wareham report.

David Giesen (2023-03-13). Monday 3/13: Women's History Month goes MONOPOLY! indybay.org ON LINE: | Google Meet joining info | Video call link: meet.google.com/yvd-fugx-bne

Dr. William Makis (2023-03-13). COVID-19 Vaccinated High School Children Are Having Cardiac Arrests, Heart Attacks While Playing Sports — Plus 31 Shocking VAERS Reports, Some of Them Fatal. globalresearch.ca

____ (2023-03-13). Chinese export orders see mixed results. ecns.cn Some enterprises have won a lot of overseas orders, while the others said they have suffered setbacks, according to the results released by Chinese local governments.

____ (2023-03-13). May Day holiday expected to witness explosion of outbound trips. ecns.cn Chinese citizens’outbound trips may see an explosive growth during the upcoming May Day holiday as a package of favorable policies were released to recover the country’s tourism market.

____ (2023-03-13). Huge fire breaks out in S. Korea’s tire plant. ecns.cn A huge fire broke out at a tire plant in the South Korean central city of Daejeon, with no serious injury reported, Yonhap news agency said Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). SVB collapse raises systemic ‘contagion’ worries. ecns.cn The U.S. government would not bail out Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Sunday as systemic “contagion” worries spread across the venture capital and technology industries.

____ (2023-03-13). U.S. regulators close New York’s Signature Bank following Silicon Valley Bank collapse. ecns.cn New York-based Signature Bank, a key lender in the crypto industry, was shut down Sunday by state regulators over a “similar systemic risk exception,” the U.S. Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve.

____ (2023-03-13). Hong Kong secretary for culture congratulates Michelle Yeoh on winning Oscar Best Actress. ecns.cn Kevin Yeung, the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hong Kong Special Administration Region on Monday congratulated Michelle Yeoh on winning Best Actress at the 95th Academy Awards.

____ (2023-03-13). Chinese premier pledges to focus efforts on high-quality development. ecns.cn Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Monday pledged to focus efforts on promoting high-quality development.

____ (2023-03-13). Chinese premier expresses confidence in HK, Macao’s bright future. ecns.cn Chinese Premier Li Qiang said Monday that Hong Kong and Macao will enjoy an even brighter future with the full support from the central government.

____ (2023-03-13). Early restoration of normal exchanges across Strait requires joint efforts: premier. ecns.cn The early restoration of normal exchanges and regular cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is a shared aspiration and requires joint efforts of both sides, said Premier Li Qiang on Monday.

____ (2023-03-13). Chinese premier vows to further improve gov’t conduct. ecns.cn Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Monday pledged further efforts to improve the conduct of the government and vowed zero-tolerance for corruption.

____ (2023-03-13). Human activities confirmed at Yeyuan site in Shaanxi. ecns.cn The unearthed items include stone scrapers, sharp tools, chopping tools, and hand axes. Excavation confirmed that ancient humans existed in Luonan area millions years ago and cultural exchanges between humans in different regions during the Paleolithic Period.

____ (2023-03-13). Michelle Yeoh makes historical Oscar win. ecns.cn Michelle Yeoh accepts the Oscar for Best Actress for “Everything Everywhere All at Once” during the Oscars show at the 95th Academy Awards in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, U.S., March 12, 2023.

Ellen Brown (2023-03-13). The Looming Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Tsunami. globalresearch.ca

Fight Back (2023-03-13). Appleton, WI: Students and community celebrate International Women’s Day. fightbacknews.org Appleton, WI – Students and other members of the Fox Valley community gathered to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 5 in Appleton’s Houdini Plaza. Appleton Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization co-hosted the rally. | The event was kicked off with a speech by FRSO member Hannah Hurrle, with their speech setting the tone for the afternoon. She reminded people of the origins of International Women’s Day and of the relationship between gender inequality and economic inequality. Hurrle highlighted the wage gap between men and women and how that gap is further wi…

Houston Tenants Union (2023-03-13). Gulfgate Tenants Fight Back Against Abusive Slumlords. itsgoingdown.org Report back from the Houston Tenants Union in Texas about a recent campaign by tenants against an abusive slum lord. Vera has been living at 7318 Thurow St. for a little over two years. During this time she has dealt with unlawful late fee collection, infestations of rats and other pests, non-functioning toilets and various…

IBW, 21st Century (2023-03-13). Institute of the Black World 21st Century has scheduled a 2023 Pan African Conference. indybay.org April 2023 is California Pan African Global Trade Month and the strong linkages to Baltimore Harbor continue today.

Jonathan Manz (2023-03-13). Former Chief Economist of the World Bank Slams the IMF for Writing Riots into their Plans to Force Nations to Accept IMF Conditions. globalresearch.ca

Labor Video Project (2023-03-13). STOP Sale Of KPFK Bld & Flagrant Violations Of Pacifica Bylaws 6 Year Term Limit-Speak Out. indybay.org

Labor Video Project (2023-03-13). Stop Sale Of KPFK Bldg & Flagrant Violations Of Pacifica Bylaws 6 Year Term Limit-Speak Out. indybay.org

Laura Wells (2023-03-13). Hugo Chávez – Ten Years Presente! indybay.org In contrast to the mainstream media and US government portrayal of Hugo Chavez, he left a legacy of lessons that would benefit people and politics in the US, and the world.

Long time listener supporter (2023-03-13). See video of Rescue Pacifica press conference at KPFA. indybay.org KPFA/KPFK/Pacifica Issues. – The seizure of KPFA funds was abetted by KPFA “Protectors”.et al. | 2 – The sale of KPFK’s building, was set up without input from listeners and staff, | 3 – In the absence of .new elections,the vote to have the current occupants keep their places,even if termed out, is illegal..

Martin Edwin Andersen (2023-03-13). Torture, Murder and Security Clearances at the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. indybay.org The news out of the democratic republic of Chile this week is that the conviction of Jaime Garcia Covarrubias—the former National Defense University / Defense Security Cooperation Agency professor who was since 2008 the target of the Petitioner’s disclosures through the NDU/DSCA chain of command—for the torture and murder of an unarmed detainee was upheld by that country’s Supreme Court. | Garcia Covarrubias has been sentenced to seven years in prison for his authorship of that crime, one of two involving the torture and clandestine murder of unarmed detainees for which he has already been convicted a…

Mothers on the March (2023-03-13). Friday 3/17: POA: Shut it Down! indybay.org On the sidewalk in front of the San Francisco Police Officers Association: 800 Bryant @ 6th Street in San Francisco…

National Lawyers Guild (2023-03-13). NLG Condemns “Stop Cop City” Music Festival Arrests in Atlanta. indybay.org Law enforcement detained at least 35 people in Atlanta on Sunday, March 5, at a solidarity music festival over a mile away from the Cop City construction site.

People for the American Way & DFAD (2023-03-13). Thursday 3/9: Freedom to Vote Movement Virtual Rally w/ the MLK Jr Family & PFAW. indybay.org Online rally…

Pink Knight Press (2023-03-13). “March for Life” in Sacramento. indybay.org March 6 was the California event for the anti-choice group March for Life, a national anti-abortion organization. Charter buses lined their speaking event, which drew something in the region of 200 people, with 15-20 counter-protesters at any given time. The counter-protesters stayed loud throughout the anti-choice speakers’ time, drowning out speeches and annoying the audience.

posted by Norse (2023-03-13). Food Not Bombs announces Meals-at-City-Hall today after top cop bans Lot #10 serving. indybay.org Harsh rainy weather, the City’s failure to provide adequate 24-hour Warming Center facility, and the Chief Escalante’s recent ban on serving in the protected parking garage #10 have prompted the free survival food service to move to City Hall today and likely during future rainy days until reasonable alternatives are allowed.

posted by Norse (2023-03-13). Activist Leads Fight to Stop Harassment of Vehicular Residents. indybay.org In an extensive and well-documented article on LookOut, activist Reggie Meisler published his research and activism to defend the rights of those in vehicles being harassed by police. Cops have been threatening and ticketing for signs not permitted by the Costal Commission.

Staff (2023-03-13). Headlines, before and after. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com

rqorinoco (2023-03-13). ‘No Pain Is Like Mine’: On International Women’s Day, Palestinian Female Prisoners Endure ‘Harsh Conditions’. orinocotribune.com By Palestine Chronicle Staff | 29 Palestinian female prisoners are currently held under harsh conditions in Israeli prisons, subjected to a systematic policy of medical negligence, Palestinian prisoners’ support and human rights group Addameer said. | Releasing the figures on March 7, the human rights organization took the opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of two 16-year-old teenagers who are among those detained. | According to Addameer’s report, several female prisoners are injured while 15 suffer from various health issues, in addition to six mothers, two minors, and a female prisoner who are under…

SAMIR (2023-03-13). Solidarity with ‘liberal’ Israeli cultural institutions? bdsmovement.net By: | Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)

Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs (2023-03-13). We Demand Santa Cruz City and County Officials Open 24 Hour Emergency Shelters Now! indybay.org Protect the Homeless from the Ravages of the Atmospheric River…

Speak Out Now (2023-03-13). Sunday 4/23: Who is Essential? Who is Not? indybay.org online meeting, see website for details…

Staff (2023-03-13). Argentina: Judicial Persecution Against Cristina Fernández Denounced. orinocotribune.com Peronist militants from numerous regions of Argentina participated in the plenary “Fight and Come Back. Cristina 2023.” | It’s an act to break the ban on the vice president, Cristina Fernández, and denounce the judicial persecution against her. | A crowd of more than 10,000 militants from different Kirchnerist unions and social organizations groups met in the town of Avellaneda, in the province of Buenos Aires, to reject the ruling against the former president. In addition, they demanded that she run in the presidential elections scheduled for next October. During his extensive presentation, Máximo Kirchner, lead…

Staff (2023-03-13). Venezuela Beats Dominican Republic 5-1 in First Game of 2023 World Baseball Classic. orinocotribune.com

United State of Women, partners (2023-03-13). Wednesday 3/22: Self-Managed Abortion On Our Own Terms w/ USOW. indybay.org Virtual event…

WSWS (2023-03-13). UAW announces contract passes at Caterpillar amid widespread opposition: “I think it’s a huge sellout” wsws.org The UAW announced that its tentative agreement with Caterpillar had passed, while not releasing either the overall ballot totals or the breakdown by local or plant.

WSWS (2023-03-13). Australia’s housing crisis demands a socialist solution. wsws.org Across the country, there are growing reports of people living in caravans, campervans and tents, or sleeping on the streets or in cars alongside freeways.

WSWS (2023-03-13). This week in history: March 13-19. wsws.org This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago and 100 years ago.

WSWS (2023-03-13). Striking Temple graduate workers offered another rotten contract. wsws.org The details leaked to the press do not come close to meeting any of the demands fought for by graduate students when they walked out to picket on January 31.

WSWS (2023-03-13). Biden announces bailout for wealthy depositors in Silicon Valley Bank. wsws.org The decision came at the end of a weekend of frantic discussions involving the Treasury Department, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the US Federal Reserve after the banks was taken over the FDIC on Friday following a $42 billion bank run the previous day.

WSWS (2023-03-13). The rank-and-file struggle against mass firings at Dana. wsws.org The mounting opposition of rank-and-file autoworkers to mass firings at transnational parts supplier Dana Inc.’s factories in the United States is a major episode in the emerging global counteroffensive of the working class.

WSWS (2023-03-13). Xi Jinping reappointed to head Chinese regime under siege. wsws.org Xi has been thrust to the fore by a fragile CCP regime facing crises at home and abroad—a Bonapartist figure balancing between rival factions of the ruling elite amid sharpening social tensions.

WSWS (2023-03-13). Denver, Colorado light rail passenger train derails, injuring two. wsws.org The W Line derailment comes after several high-profile freight train derailments in the United States, including the East Palestine, Ohio, disaster.

WSWS (2023-03-13). Amid mass strikes, France’s Morenoite Révolution permanente group embraces capitalist rule. wsws.org Amid an emerging, objectively revolutionary situation across Europe and internationally, the union bureaucracies and pseudo-left parties ever more openly oppose revolutionary measures.

WSWS (2023-03-13). Dana Rank-and-File Committee wins backing from Toledo Jeep workers for fight against unjust terminations. wsws.org A delegation of fired Dana workers campaigned at the nearby Toledo Assembly Complex on Saturday, winning support from Jeep workers against the wave of firings carried out with the complicity of the United Auto Workers.

WSWS (2023-03-13). The Whale: The new film by Darren Aronofsky. wsws.org Is it really demonstrating great audacity in our day and age, for example, to suggest that an obese man deserves to be treated like other people?

WSWS (2023-03-13). One year of pseudo-left Boric government in Chile: A program of pro-imperialist and anti-working class reaction. wsws.org Contrary to its promises of equality and justice, the Boric administration has proven to be among the most right-wing governments of Latin America’s so-called Pink Tide.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Another Conspiracy Theory Comes True — COVID-19 Lab Origin. americanthinker.com The media has a lot of explaining to do.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Are You Guilty of Child Abuse? americanthinker.com If you support a school system that won’t teach, then you might not like the answer.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Biden Budget: The COVID Ratchet is Permanent. americanthinker.com Biden’s federal budget rollout was… well, about what you’d have expected.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Pathocracy and the Liberal Mind. americanthinker.com To tolerate evil is to give it sanctuary, but to bargain with evil is to give it legitimacy.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Taking Back Our Country, One Word at a Time. americanthinker.com Let us resolve to reclaim our own words.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Canadian lawmaker’s recognition of the little guy taken as a direct threat by the pseudo-aristocrats of the left. americanthinker.com Pierre Poilievre say the people matter, but for some, those are fightin’ words.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Decoding the decline in college enrollments. americanthinker.com Society will have to change its attitude toward having a college degree, given the ongoing problems of higher education.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Did Nancy Pelosi direct the US Capitol Police to stand down? americanthinker.com Video of the QAnon Shaman receiving a friendly and hospitable detail from Capitol cops leaves one burning question…

americanthinker (2023-03-13). House Oversight Committee has 'documents that show just exactly how the Biden family was getting money from the Chinese Communist Party'. americanthinker.com Documentary proof of an American president getting paid off by our greatest strategic rival, if not enemy, is no small matter.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Inflation was only ‘transitory’ they said. americanthinker.com Then it was a “good thing” and now we have collapsing banks and de facto bailouts.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Mexico really needs those 'spring break' dollars. americanthinker.com Tourism is a big deal south of the border, and Americans are the ones those resorts and hotels were built for.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). More questions than answers in the wake of Tucker Carlson's January 6 exposé. americanthinker.com Did Tucker Carlson really pull his punches? His exposé of the January 6 incident leaves more questions than answers.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Must-see TV: Mark Levin exposes 'the scandal no one is talking about'. americanthinker.com My hat is off to Mark Levin for his opening statement in Sunday’s edition of Life, Liberty and Levin. It is clearly in the must-see category for anyone concerned about the totalitarian turn the Democrat party has taken.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Once more into the fray, Colorado Republicans. americanthinker.com Party elections are usually a good barometer, and Colorado’s forecast looks like hope.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). The empty suits of the climate activists. americanthinker.com Man-made climate change was, and always will be, a hoax directed toward socialist wealth distribution.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). UK House of Commons refuses to protect private prayer and consensual conversations. americanthinker.com Thoughtcrimes are now a thing in formerly Great Britain.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Unraveling male bombardments into female domains. americanthinker.com Ruminating on the origins of men in drag forcing themselves into all things women, I came to some ironic conclusions.

americanthinker (2023-03-13). Wokester apocalypse at Silicon Valley Bank? americanthinker.com It was probably less from its wokesterly policies than it was from the protection racket it incurred from donations to Democrats.

Anonymous103 (2023-03-13). Stoltenberg On Air, Let’s Count The ‘A’s. southfront.org

Atlanta Community Press Collective (2023-03-13). Independent Autopsy Reveals Tortuguita Killed While Seated with Hands Raised. itsgoingdown.org Report from the Atlanta Community Press Collective (ACPC) on the results of an independent autopsy of slain forest defender, Manuel “Tortuguita” Esteban Paez Terán. The family of slain activist Manuel “Tortuguita” Esteban Paez Terán released the findings of the independent autopsy today that indicates Tortuguita was killed by a Georgia State Patrol (GSP) SWAT team…

Dean Baker (2023-03-13). SVB Was Donald Trump’s Bailout. cepr.net There are two key points that people should recognize about the decision to guarantee all the deposits at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB): It was a bailout Donald Trump was the person responsible. The first point is straightforward. We gave a government guarantee of great value to people who had not paid for it. We will …

Dr. Peter McCullough (2023-03-13). FDA and CDC Assertions in Doubling Down on COVID-19 Vaccination. globalresearch.ca

Editor (2023-03-13). On The Brink: Jenin’s Rising Resistance. scheerpost.com By Mondoweiss On January 26, 2023 the Israeli army conducted a deadly invasion into the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. In the span of a few hours, the army shot and killed 9 Palestinians. A 10th Palestinian succumbed days later to wounds sustained during the raid. It was one of the deadliest …

Emanuel Pastreich (2023-03-13). Bankrupt Banks, Food Crisis, Mandatory Vaccine and Our Grim Future. This time, the Virus has Infected Money Itself. globalresearch.ca

George D. O’Neill, Jr. (2023-03-13). Death of a Myth. Americans Need to Wake Up to the Realities of a Post-unipolar World Before It’s Too Late. globalresearch.ca

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-03-13). Nicaragua: Of “Guarangos” Popes, Decrepit Churches, Small and Large Homelands. libya360.wordpress.com Jorge Capelán On Friday there was a scandal that is still reverberating around the world. In a interview with the right-wing and anti-popular media par excellence, Infobae, sworn enemy of everything that smells of Patria Grande, Mr. Jorge Bergoglio, that for about 10 years has held the religious name of Francis, delivered an outburst of,…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-03-13). The Grenada Revolution: The Fruit, the Priest and the Jewel. libya360.wordpress.com Lautaro Rivara Grenadian Prime Minister Maurice Bishop (center) with a woman of Grenada’s Carriacou island. On March 13, 1979, on the island of Grenada, one of the most hopeful and unknown revolutions of our region began. This is the story of the small country that dared to make a great revolution. Grenada, or How to…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-03-13). The Imbalance of San Pedro. libya360.wordpress.com Fabrizio Casari Pope Francis’ words against Sandinista Nicaragua have aroused astonishment in some quarters, consternation in others. In criticizing the decision of the judicial authority to impose a harsh prison sentence on Monsignor Rolando Alvarez, Francis has gone far beyond what ecclesial language permits, and far beyond what reasonableness suggests. He has accused President Daniel…

isabella (2023-03-13). The Unconscionable Push to Bring Back Child Labor. inequality.org Brad Greve has been a Scout leader for more than 20 years. The Davenport, Iowa retiree leads 50-mile canoe trips on Minnesota’s Boundary Waters that test teens’ mettle while teaching them essential skills. Greve told a story recently where two boys, despite being warned repeatedly, let their canoe drift perilously close to a section of stream that …

isabella (2023-03-13). Making Campuses Platforms for Labor Renewal. inequality.org

James Bovard (2023-03-13). Democrats Champion Censorship and Smear Twitter Files Heroes. globalresearch.ca

Jonathan Cook (2023-03-13). It’s Not Just the Settlers — or Israel — Responsible for the Torching of Huwwara. globalresearch.ca

Kurt Nimmo (2023-03-13). As Color Revolution Rages in Georgia, Neocons Lie About 2008 Conflict in South Ossetia. globalresearch.ca

manager (2023-03-13). What to Look for in the February CPI. cepr.net The monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) is scheduled for release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Tuesday, March 14th at 8: 30 AM Eastern Time. The clear evidence of slowing inflation in the CPI, as well as other price indices, through the second half of 2022 was weakened by the retroactive application of new seasonal …

Matt Taibbi (2023-03-13). Capsule Summaries of All Twitter Files Threads to Date, with Links and a Glossary. globalresearch.ca

rebekah (2023-03-13). How to Persuade a Billionaire. inequality.org A mid-pandemic survey from Pew found that 55 percent of Americans have no opinion on whether billionaires — whose wealth doubled during the pandemic — are good or bad for the United States. How do we shift the narrative to convince a larger majority of the dangers of wealth hoarding at the top end of …

Seymour M. Hersh (2023-03-13). Seymour Hersh in Conversation. On U.S. Sabotage of Nord Stream Pipelines. globalresearch.ca

Staff (2023-03-13). Talk World Radio: Jodie Evans and Joe Lombardo: All Out for Peace on March 18. davidswanson.org

Ted Glick (2023-03-13). Defending the Weelaunee Forest. dissidentvoice.org My creed of nonviolence is an extremely active force. It has no room for cowardice or even weakness. There is hope for a violent man to be some day non-violent, but there is none for a coward. I have, therefore, said more than once….that, if we do not know how to defend ourselves, our women …

Staff (2023-03-13). Temporada de lluvias deja unos 60 muertos y más de 12 000 damnificados en Perú. cubadebate.cu La temporada de lluvias, que comenzó en septiembre y ha afectado a 24 de las 25 regiones de Perú con desbordamientos de ríos e inundaciones, ha dejado hasta la fecha al menos 59 fallecidos y más de 12 000 damnificados, además de fuertes daños en viviendas, según datos oficiales divulgados este domingo por el Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil (Indeci).

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-13). Comerciantes de Puno tomarán nuevas acciones de protesta en Perú. telesurtv.net El vocero de los mercados unificados de Puno, Walter Ramos. señaló que este ha sido un acuerdo unificado de todos los centros de abasto y ferias de la ciudad de Puno.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-13). Ejército israelí asesina a tres palestinos en Naplusa. telesurtv.net Los uniformados abrieron fuego contra cuatro palestinos que viajaban en un automóvil, uno de los cuales fue arrestado.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-03-13). Presidente de China considera imprescindible poner al pueblo en primer lugar. telesurtv.net Al intervenir en la clausura de la sesión anual de la Asamblea Popular Nacional (Parlamento), Xi destacó que el pueblo es la fuerza decisiva para convertir a China en un gran país socialista moderno.

teleSUR- jaa, JCM (2023-03-13). Completan en China nomenclatura del Consejo de Estado. telesurtv.net Entre los que continuaron mediante las votaciones de los cerca de 3000 diputados destacaron el canciller, Qin Gang y el primer ministro Li Qiang.

Staff (2023-03-13). El Control popular, una necesidad permanente. cubadebate.cu øQué ganamos con el control popular? Garantía de cumplimiento de las funciones, tareas y responsabilidades asignadas, de los deberes que como personas, directivos y representantes tienen, como también se contribuye a la realización de los derechos de aquellos que dependen de sus acciones, de la población.

Staff (2023-03-13). Fidel hace 60 años: Esta fecha tendrá cada vez más fuerza. cubadebate.cu Esta fecha que marca el momento de más alto heroísmo en la historia de nuestra universidad, y que es por eso un día que habrá de culminar siempre en un acto como el de hoy, con los estudiantes fundamentalmente, será una fecha de mayor importancia cada año. No ocurrirá como en el pasado. Esta fecha tendrá cada vez más y más fuerza.

Staff (2023-03-13). Realizar bien su labor: Leitmotiv de la primera liniera cubana. cubadebate.cu Hace solo cuatro meses, Yanelis Rodríguez Reyes se graduó de la Escuela de Capacitación de Linieros Juan Ronda Lezcano. Sin embargo, no se vanagloria de ser la primera mujer liniera en Cuba, ni de que esta sea su cuarta entrevista en tan poco tiempo. Es, de hecho, bastante práctica y asume su oficio, en la Empresa Eléctrica de Capdevila, como uno más.

Staff (2023-03-13). Cuba reporta más de 400 000 personas afectadas por la sequía. cubadebate.cu Autoridades del Instituto Nacional de Recursos Hidráulicos (INRH) informaron que más de 400 000 personas están afectadas en el país por la sequía meteorológica, fenómeno que se produce cuando ocurre un periodo prolongado sin lluvias o con lluvias por debajo de la media. Entre el 1ro. y el 10 de marzo, 137 municipios de Cuba no reportaron precipitaciones.

Staff (2023-03-13). El tiempo: Escasas lluvias y tarde cálida. cubadebate.cu Amanecerá con poca nubosidad en todo el archipiélago, desde el final de la mañana estará parcialmente nublado con escasas lluvias. La tarde será cálida con temperaturas que alcanzarán máximas entre los 30 y 33 grados Celsius, superiores en el interior y sur oriental, mientras que en la noche estarán entre los 21 y 24 grados Celsius.

Staff (2023-03-13). Israel enfrenta las protestas más grandes de su historia (+ Video). cubadebate.cu Cientos de miles de israelíes salieron a las calles en todo el país el fin de semana, en lo que ha sido calificado como las protestas más grandes en la historia de Israel. Las manifestaciones son contra los planes del gobierno para limitar los poderes de la Corte Suprema que, según los críticos, socavan la independencia judicial y amenazan la democracia.

Staff (2023-03-13). Matemática y creatividad: El V Clásico Mundial y el día de Pi. cubadebate.cu En estos días el V Clásico Mundial ha acaparado la atención de millones de cubanos, es por eso que está presente en este acertijo. Demoré enviar este acertijo para saber si éramos el uno o el dos en el Grupo A. °Somos el 1! Por otra parte, el martes 14 es el día internacional de la Matemática, el día de Pi.

Staff (2023-03-13). Signature Bank de Nueva York sufre tercera mayor quiebra en la historia bancaria de EEUU. cubadebate.cu Los reguladores estatales cerraron este domingo el Signature Bank, con sede en Nueva York, dos días después de que Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) protagonizara la mayor quiebra bancaria en Estados Unidos desde la crisis financiera mundial de hace más de una década.

Staff (2023-03-13). Team Asere: La canción que compone Alexander Abreu en apoyo al equipo cubano de beisbol. cubadebate.cu El músico cubano Alexander Abreu y su orquesta Havana D ¥ Primera trabajan en una canción titulada Team Asere, dedicada al equipo de béisbol de Cuba, para la cual reclutaron a varios colegas.

teleSUR, jaa, JDO (2023-03-13). Naufragio de embarcaciones deja al menos ocho muertos en California, EE.UU. telesurtv.net Trascendió que la noche de este sábado, los equipos de rescate recibieron una llamada de auxilio para advertir de un naufragio ocurrido en Blacks Beach.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-13). Gobierno de Colombia presenta condiciones para reanudar diálogo con mineros en paro. telesurtv.net En un comunicado, el Gobierno colombiano rechaza los actos de violencia que se han presentado durante la protesta social…

teleSUR, JDO (2023-03-13). Peronistas rechazan proscripción de vicepresidenta de Argentina. telesurtv.net Máximo Kirchner llama a la militancia a construir las condiciones para que Cristina Fernández pueda ser candidata a próximos comicios presidenciales.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-03-13). Miles de israelíes protestan nuevamente contra reforma judicial. telesurtv.net Por décima semana toman las calles de las principales ciudades para rechazar la normativa que impulsa Benjamin Netanyahu.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-03-13). Gobierno cubano califica como fracasada la Ley Helms-Burton. telesurtv.net El presidente cubano Miguel Díaz-Canel catalogó la Helms-Burton como “una ley anticonstitucional que pretende tratar a Cuba como otra posesión norteamericana”.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-03-13). Todo en todas partes al mismo tiempo es la ganadora en los Premios Oscar 2023. telesurtv.net La mejor película internacional fue la alemana Im Westen nichts Neues (Sin novedad en el frente), que derrotó a Argentina, 1985.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-03-13). Fuertes lluvias dejan al menos dos muertos en California, EE.UU. telesurtv.net La Guardia Nacional reportó sobre el rescate de al menos 56 personas que estaban atrapadas en sus vehículos en la zona que inundó el río Pájaro.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-03-13). Venezuela liga segunda victoria en el Clásico Mundial del Béisbol. telesurtv.net Venezuela, que en su debut venció a República Dominicana 5-1, se convirtió en el líder del Grupo D del Mundial de la pelota caliente.

teleSUR- jaa, JCM (2023-03-13). Rusia informa sobre importante avance en Artiómovsk, Donetsk. telesurtv.net El militar informó además que este nuevo paso permitió liberar el importante complejo industrial ubicado en la región.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-13). China nombra nuevo ministro de Defensa, sancionado por EE.UU. telesurtv.net La XIV Asamblea Popular Nacional llevará a cabo su sesión de clausura este lunes 13 de marzo en el Gran Palacio del Pueblo, donde el presidente chino, Xi Jinping, pronunciará un discurso clave.

Staff (2023-03-13). México vence por amplio margen al actual campeón Estados Unidos en el Clásico Mundial de Beisbol. cubadebate.cu México venció con autoridad 11-5 a Estados Unidos para obtener su primera victoria en el Clásico Mundial de Beisbol 2023. El combinado mexicano llegaba con pronóstico reservado a la segunda jornada del Grupo C y salió rehabilitado del Chese Field de Phoenix (Arizona) al vencer a los actuales campeones del torneo.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-03-13). Gobierno de Perú reconoce déficit para hacer frente a emergencia climática. telesurtv.net Ciclón Yaku trae asociadas lluvias, caída de nieve y granizo y una elevada carga de humedad, lo cual dará lugar a precipitaciones inusuales.

Staff (2023-03-13). “Todo en todas partes al mismo tiempo”, “Sin novedad en el frente” y “Pinocho” triunfan en 95 edición de los àìscar. cubadebate.cu “Pinocho”, del mexicano Guillermo del Toro, obtuvo este domingo el àìscar al mejor largometraje de animación en la 95 edición de los premios de la Academia de Hollywood, durante una ceremonia en Los àÅngeles donde “Todo en todas partes al mismo tiempo” y “Sin novedad en el frente” fueron los grandes ganadores de la noche.

Staff (2023-03-13). La Unión Eléctrica pronostica una afectación de 270 MW para el horario pico nocturno. cubadebate.cu La Unión Eléctrica estima para la hora pico nocturna de este lunes una disponibilidad de 2 550 MW y una demanda máxima de 2 750 MW, para un déficit de 200 MW, por lo que, de mantenerse las condiciones previstas, se pronostica una afectación de 270 MW en este horario.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-03-13). Critican a autoridades italianas por retraso ante otro naufragio de migrantes. telesurtv.net Guardia Costera italiana fue informada el sábado de una barcaza con migrantes a la deriva. La embarcación no recibió ayuda, se volcó y hay 30 desaparecidos.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-03-13). Japón conmemora 12 aniversario de terremoto y tsunami. telesurtv.net El primer ministro de Japón, Fumio Kishida, encabezó una ceremonia en Fukushima, durante la cual guardó un minuto de silencio en homenaje a las víctimas del desastre natural.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-03-13). Siria denuncia un nuevo ataque israelí con misiles. telesurtv.net El 7 de marzo, el Aeropuerto Internacional de Alepo, ubicado a unos 400 kilómetros al norte de Damasco, fue víctima de una agresión armada israelí.

Staff (2023-03-13). Hoy en la Mesa Redonda: La Comunicación Politica en tiempos de odios y mentiras. mesaredonda.cubadebate.cu Reconocidos periodistas y comunicadores de América Latina presentes en la segunda edición del Coloquio Patria, convocado por la UPEC, estarán invitados este lunes a la emisión de la Mesa Redonda.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-13). Católicos conmemoran 10 años de la gestión del papa Francisco. telesurtv.net El primer papa latinoamericano hizo un llamado a los fieles a “dar de beber” a quienes tienen “sed de la Palabra de Dios” y necesitan “encontrar en la Iglesia un oasis” contra la indiferencia.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-03-13). Irán incrementa ventas de crudo pese a sanciones de EE.UU. telesurtv.net Exportaciones de petróleo y gas registran el nivel más alto desde 2018, cuando Washington se retiró del PIAC y prometió reducirlas a cero.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-03-13). Siria reporta llegada de más ayudas para víctimas de terremotos. telesurtv.net Durante esta jornada las autoridades recepcionaron seis aviones, un buque y decenas de camiones cargados de ayuda humanitaria.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-13). Mayoría de los peruanos aprueba el adelanto de elecciones. telesurtv.net Según la encuesta nacional realizada por la empresa Datum, un 83 % de la ciudadanía pide comicios anticipados.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-03-13). Defensa Civil peruana informa sobre afectaciones por lluvias. telesurtv.net Alrededor de 400 distritos a nivel nacional permanecen en emergencia debido a los impactos del ciclón Yaku.

teleSUR, jaa, JDO (2023-03-13). Reportan nueva manifestación en Grecia tras accidente ferroviario. telesurtv.net Cerca de 12.000 manifestantes hicieron presencia en la capital griega, Atenas, según cifras de la Policía.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-13). Venezuela vence a República Dominicana en el Mundial de Béisbol. telesurtv.net Esta victoria representa el primer triunfo de Venezuela sobre los dominicanos en cinco encuentros disputados en el Clásico Mundial de Béisbol.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-03-13). Muere el legendario actor mexicano Ignacio López Tarso. telesurtv.net López Tarso, quien era “una biblioteca impresionante” nació un 15 de enero de 1925 en la Ciudad de México.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-03-13). Senado de Francia aprueba reforma de pensiones. telesurtv.net El instrumento legal contempla el incremento de la edad de jubilación (que ahora es a los 62 años) cada tres meses a partir del 1 de septiembre de 2023.

teleSUR, MER (2023-03-13). Programa especial de teleSUR sobre los Premios àìscar 2023. telesurtv.net A través de nuestro canal oficial en la plataforma Twitch podrá interactuar con la periodista Sarai Amoros.

Staff (2023-03-13). Conozca las tasas vigentes en el mercado cambiario cubano este 13 de marzo. cubadebate.cu Con el objetivo de mantener a sus lectores informados, Cubadebate comparte las tasas de cambio para diferentes divisas extranjeras vigentes este lunes 13 de marzo de 2023 en el mercado cambiario del país.

Staff (2023-03-13). Qué trae la prensa cubana, lunes 13 de marzo de 2023. cubadebate.cu

Anonymous103 (2023-03-12). Military Situation In Iraq On March 13, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org

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