2023-02-27: News Headlines

WSWS (2023-02-27). The Wuhan Lab Leak slander being resurrected to bolster US war drive against China. wsws.org The Wall Street Journal disclosed that the Department of Energy has shifted its opinion on the origin of the coronavirus to it being most likely a result of a lab leak. However, unnamed sources who have read the report indicate the evidence is of low confidence.

infobrics (2023-02-27). West severely miscalculated geopolitical ramifications of conflict in Ukraine. infobrics.org The EU, and not Russia, has weakened since the start of the special military operation.

Peoples Dispatch (2023-02-27). Massive rally in Berlin demands peace in Ukraine. peoplesdispatch.org On Saturday February 25, tens of thousands of people rallied at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin demanding that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz take an active role in encouraging negotiations to end the ongoing war in Ukraine. The mobilization with the slogan 'Uprising for Peace' was called for by Left party MP Sahra Wagenknecht, journalist Alice Schwarzer, retired Brigadier General Erich Vad, economist Jeffrey Sachs and others. It called for negotiations, diplomacy and peace, instead of the ongoing escalation of the war by delivering sophisticated arms and ammunition to Ukraine. | Sahra Wagenknecht MP and Alice Schw…

Dave DeCamp (2023-02-27). US Announces $2 Billion Arms Package for Ukraine, New Sanctions on Russia. news.antiwar.com The Biden administration marked the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Friday by announcing a $2 billion arms package for Ukraine and new sanctions targeting Russia. Sanctions failed to have the impact on Russia that the US hoped for, but the Biden administration has continued to impose them throughout the war. According to …

_____ (2023-02-27). How and why is Pakistan assisting Ukraine? journal-neo.org Recently, reports that Pakistan, which previously attempted to portray itself as a supporter of Russia, started to provide assistance to Ukraine, including weapons, against the backdrop of the special operation carried out by Moscow against the neo-fascist regime of Kyiv, have been increasingly published by media outlets other than Ukrainian and Indian media. Islamabad's "political …

Dave DeCamp (2023-02-27). Report: Macron, Scholz Told Zelensky to Start Thinking About Peace Talks. news.antiwar.com German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron told Ukrainian President Vodlymyr Zelensky that he should start thinking about peace talks with Moscow, The Wall Street Journal reported. The message was delivered to Zelensky when he had dinner with Scholz and Macron in Paris earlier this month. According to people familiar with the meeting, …

____ (2023-02-27). Provocation of "Unprovoked Aggression" by Varieties of Encroachment. transcend.org Challenge of Insensitivity to Collective Historical Amnesia – Expression of alternative perspectives on the USA/NATO-Russia-Ukraine armed conflict has been limited–and actively suppressed as "disinformation" whenever possible. Those articulating such perspectives have been discredited and personally condemned, if not actively sanctioned in some manner.

____ (2023-02-27). Who Really Started the Ukraine Wars? transcend.org 16 Feb 2023 – The Four Interrelated Wars in Ukraine…

Dave DeCamp (2023-02-27). Putin Says Russia Cannot Ignore NATO's Nuclear Capabilities. news.antiwar.com Russian President Vladimir Putin said Sunday that Moscow can't ignore all of NATO's nuclear capabilities since NATO leaders have been calling for Russia's defeat. "In today's conditions, when all the leading NATO countries have declared their main goal as inflicting a strategic defeat on us, so that our people suffer as they say, how can …

infobrics (2023-02-27). Russia expands its partners as special military operation progresses. infobrics.org Contrary to what Westerners predicted, Moscow is gradually looking like an attractive alternative for emerging countries.

WSWS (2023-02-27). "They have upended people's lives": East Palestine residents speak out at Erin Brockovich town hall meeting. wsws.org Residents of East Palestine and surrounding areas packed a town hall meeting hosted by environmental advocate Erin Brockovich Friday evening to hear presentations on the dangers posed by the train derailment and subsequent release and burn of toxic chemicals.

____ (2023-02-26). Demonstrators in Brussels call for peaceful solution to Ukraine crisis. ecns.cn Several thousand demonstrators called for a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine, and a peaceful solution to the Ukraine crisis here on Sunday.

Inder Singh Bisht (2023-02-27). UK Trialed 3D-Printed 'Suicide' Drones Under Secret Ukraine Program. globalresearch.ca

Bill Astore (2023-02-27). Magical Weapons for Ukraine. globalresearch.ca

acTVism Munich (2023-02-27). Former CIA Officer McGovern on Ukraine, NATO and Nord Stream at UN Security Council. dissidentvoice.org On February 22, 2023, former CIA analyst turned political activist Ray McGovern addresses the United Nations Security Council on Russia-U.S. relations. McGovern emphasizes the need to understand Russia's security concerns and to push forward with diplomacy. McGovern was a CIA analyst from 1963 to 1990 and in the 1980s directed the National Intelligence Estimates and …

Fra Hughes (2023-02-27). Russian Roulette: The Ruble Rises as European Economies Crumble. orinocotribune.com By Fra Hughes — Feb 23, 2023 | Has Biden bitten off more than he and NATO can swallow? |

| Did anyone say it would be over by Christmas like they did in 1914? Well, Christmas has come and gone, and very much like the trenches of the First World War, the ground lost and won can sometimes be measured in single-digit meters and kilometers. To be fair, Russia is doing most of the winning and Ukraine is doing much of the losing. | How did this ever come to pass? Well, context and history will show that American leaders promised Russian leaders that NATO would not expand one inch east toward the Russian…

____ (2023-02-27). Putin Suspends START Nuclear Pact with USA. transcend.org 22 Feb 2023 – Vladimir Putin suspended Moscow's participation in the last remaining nuclear arms control pact with the US, announcing the move yesterday in a bitter speech in which he made clear he would not change his strategy in the war in Ukraine.

____ (2023-02-27). The Ukraine War Viewed from the Global South. transcend.org 22 Feb 2023 — In October 2022, about eight months after the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the University of Cambridge harmonized surveys that asked the inhabitants of 137 countries about their views of the West, Russia, and China: different perspectives.

Zero Hedge (2023-02-27). US Military Aid to Ukraine Exceeds the Costs of Afghanistan. globalresearch.ca

____ (2023-02-27). Ukraine: 1 Year of War on Top of 30 Years of Conflict Escalation. transcend.org 23 Feb 2023 – The Only Re-Armament Needed Is Intellectual and Moral — on All Sides – Beyond Russia, NATO/EU policies will prove morally wrong, unrealistic, dangerous and self-destructive.

____ (2023-02-27). Who's Winning and Losing the Economic War over Ukraine? transcend.org 21 Feb 2023 – After a year of war, Western expectations have gone up in smoke (and methane). The winners are the opportunists and war profiteers; the losers are the people of Ukraine, working/poor people everywhere, and hopes of halting the climate crisis, as half a million tons of methane rose from the sabotaged Nord Stream pipeline.

Editor (2023-02-27). Chris Hedges: The Trump-Russia Saga and the Death Spiral of American Journalism. scheerpost.com The media caters to a particular demographic, telling that demographic what it already believes — even when it is unverified or false. This pandering defines the coverage of the Trump-Russia saga.

infobrics (2023-02-27). Russia's special military operation – one year on. infobrics.org Regardless of whether the reports about the upcoming major Russian offensive are true, at worst, Moscow certainly has the capacity to continue and maintain its special military operation.

WSWS (2023-02-27). Norway emerges as key staging ground for US military provocations against Russia. wsws.org Norway's location on the northwest of the Scandinavian Peninsula, with a 196-kilometre border with Russia, makes it a key ally for US imperialism to wage war on Russia.

Anonymous103 (2023-02-27). Making History With "Meat Ramparts" — C'est Bakhmut. southfront.org Ukrainian soldiers after a battle near Bakhmut | It is safe to say that Kiev has accepted the inevitable loss of Bakhmut. | Now the main task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) is to contain the assault units of the Wagner PMC in the city area as long as possible, buying time to prepare other defensive lines. Once the Russians have cleared the Bakhmut area, they will inevitably pose a direct threat to Seversk and Slavyansk, the last Ukrainian strongholds remaining in the Donbass. | That is why Gener…

Anonymous103 (2023-02-27). Military Situation In Ukraine On February 27, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org Russian forces destroyed an ammo depot of the AFU near Bakhmut with high-precision missiles; | Russian forces destroyed an ammo depot of the AFU near Zaporozhye with high-precision missiles; | Russian forces destroyed an electronic intelligence centre near Brovary with high-precision missiles; | Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue near Kupyansk; | Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue near Nevskoye; | Clashes between the Russian Army a…

Anonymous103 (2023-02-27). Military Situation In Bakhmut On February 27, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org

WSWS (2023-02-27). Fascists stage provocation at Broadway show Parade about 1915 lynching of Leo Frank. wsws.org A group of neo-Nazis protested at a preview of Parade in New York City last week, a musical about the trial and 1915 lynching of Leo Frank, a Jewish manager of a factory in Atlanta.

Anonymous103 (2023-02-27). The Invisible Victims Of The War In Ukraine. southfront.org Click to see full-size image"It is the writer's duty to tell the terrible truth, and it is a reader's civic duty to learn this truth. To turn away, to close one's eyes and walk past is to insult the memory of those who have perished." | ‚Äï Vasily Grossman, Written by Dr. Leon Tressell | On 20 February Didier Reynders,the European Commissioner for Justice, announced that a new international centre…

____ (2023-02-27). Pre-Inca era graves found in Peru. ecns.cn Some 30, 800-year-old, pre-Inca era graves belonging to the Chancay people, a group who inhabited valleys of Peru's central coast from 1000 to 1500, were discovered in a cemetery in the Huaral valley.

Anonymous103 (2023-02-27). West Tells Global South 'You Can't be Neutral' in Ukraine War: You Are Either with Us, or Against Us. southfront.org Written by Ben Norton. Originally published by Geopolitical Economy Report The foreign ministers of the United States, Germany, and Ukraine have…

Alexander Morris, Julia Schà∂nheit (2023-02-27). UK nurses join Britain's cost of living strike wave to save NHS. therealnews.com After decades of targeted underfunding, the UK's National Health Service is on the verge of collapse. Spiking inflation as a result of corporate profiteering in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine War have only worsened the situation, as the UK's 300,000 nurses face staffing shortages on top of a cost of living crisis. All these conditions have driven the Royal College of Nurses to strike. This video is part of an ongoing Workers of the World series about the cost of living crisis in Europe. | Producer: Alexander Morris | Videographer: Julia Schà∂nheit, Alexander Morris | Video editor: L…

Anonymous103 (2023-02-27). The West Severely Miscalculated The Geopolitical Ramifications Of The War In Ukraine. southfront.org : Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures as he speaks at the 10th business forum "Business Russia" in 2015. Putin has encouraged businesses to expand domestically before Western nations lift economic sanctionsThe EU, and not Russia, has weakened since the start of the special military operation | Written by Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher | Although many remember February 24 as the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, Russia's special military operation is act…

Hal McNulty (2023-02-27). The Weekly Round-up: Shamima Begum, UN resolution against Russia, and new law on Child marriages. ukhumanrightsblog.com In the news The UN General Assembly backed a resolution condemning Russia's actions and calling for an end to the war on Thursday, the eve of the anniversary of the invasion. With 141 supporters, 32 abstentions and seven voting against, the resolution reiterated the UN's support for Ukraine and called for a "comprehensive, just and …

Larry Johnson (2023-02-27). When it Comes to Ukraine and Russia, the United States Intel Community is Confusing Pyrite with Genuine Gold. sonar21.com I am following up on my previous posts about the failure of the U.S. intelligence community, the CIA in particular, in providing an accurate, objective assessment of the war in…

Fabian Lehr & Volker Mosler (2023-02-27). Total victory over a nuclear power is not possible without nuclear war. indybay.org Neither side in this war represents any forward-looking political idea. It is not a war for freedom and democracy, but an imperialist war over whether Ukraine will remain a semi-colony of the US and EU or become a semi-colony of Russia again. Even if Ukraine or NATO wins this war without turning Ukraine into a nuclear-contaminated desert, a victorious Ukrainian state would not be free…

Labor Video Project (2023-02-27). SF Rally To Stop The War In Ukraine On The First Year Anniversary. indybay.org On the one year anniversary of the Ukraine war a rally was held against US intervention.

Leon Kunstenaar (2023-02-27). Multiple Actions in Bay Area Feb. 24 as Ukraine War Enters Second Year. indybay.org Peace Actions in downtown San Francisco and Israeli consulate on Montgomery Street protested…

r u 18 vote (2023-02-27). The Official White House Website Should Have A Photo Of The WHITE HOUSE, Not Ukraine! indybay.org The official WHITE HOUSE website should have a photograph of the WHITE HOUSE, not Ukraine. February 23 and February 24, 2023…

WSWS (2023-02-27). The war in Ukraine and how to stop it: Online meeting advances a socialist anti-war strategy for the international working class. wsws.org Saturday's meeting, which was attended by a worldwide audience, presented a powerful case for a unified movement of the international working class for socialist revolution as the only realistic strategy to stop World War III.

Anonymous103 (2023-02-27). Head Of CIA Enters Media War With Russia. southfront.org | The meeting of the head of the US CIA William Burns and the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergei Naryshkin on the possible use of nuclear weapons took place in November 2022 in Istanbul, but it turned out that the counterparts evaluated its results differently. | In his interview with CBS News, CIA Director Bill Burns claimed that the meeting was "pretty dispiriting.""There was a very defiant attitude on the part of Mr. Naryshkin as well. A sense of cockiness and hubris,…

Anonymous103 (2023-02-27). Russian Long-Range Radar Detection And Control Aircraft Targeted At Airfield In Belarus — Reports. southfront.org : Russian A-50U | On the morning of February 26, a military airfield located on the outskirts of the capital of Belarus reportedly came under attack. This military facility hosted Russian military aircraft. | According to some Belarusian news sources, at least two explosions thundered on the territory of the military airfield in the village of Machulishchi. Some sources claimed that three explosions were heard in the area. One of them thundered at night and two others were reportedly heard in the mornin…

Paul Craig Roberts (2023-02-27). Putin Went to War but Refuses to Fight. thealtworld.com "Russia's elites have no stomach for this fight and a deal is being worked out through backroom channels." | As I have pointed out again and again and now again, Putin's idiotic—indeed mindless—way of conducting war has destroyed the credibility of the Russian military. I am becoming convinced that the outcome of the nonsensical "limited military operation" will be either Russian surrender or nuclear…

infobrics (2023-02-27). Rising Flow of Russian Oil Products to China, India and the Middle East. infobrics.org Similar to what has already happened with Russian crude oil, there are signs that the country's refined fuels are finding new buyers outside Europe, with Asia and the Middle East the leading new customers…

WSWS (2023-02-27). Moldova's President Sandu tightens grip on power, as the country is being drawn into the maelstrom of the NATO-Russia war. wsws.org Moldova is in the grips of a severe political crisis as its government prepares to drag it into the NATO war against Russia.

____ (2023-02-27). International Investigative Commission into the Terrorist Attacks on Nord Stream. transcend.org German Lawmaker Calls for Nord Stream Probe on a 10 Feb 2023 Speech to the Bundestag – MP Sevim Dagdelen takes the Scholz government to task for its lack of "strength and will" in responding to Seymour Hersh's reporting on the U.S. sabotage of the Russian pipeline.

____ (2023-02-27). Seymour Hersh on "How the US Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline": Exclusive TV Interview. transcend.org 15 Feb 2023 – When the Nord Stream pipelines carrying natural gas from Russia to Germany were damaged last September, U.S. officials were quick to suggest Russia had bombed its own pipelines. But according to a new report by the legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, it was the U.S. Navy that carried out the sabotage, with help from Norway. "The fear was Europe would walk away from the war," he says.

infobrics (2023-02-27). Historic' Translocation of Cheetah to India a Measure of 'Goodwill' Between BRICS Partners. infobrics.org The "historic" relocation of 12 cheetahs from South Africa to India is a measure of "goodwill" between the two BRICS partners to share the gene pool to ensure the survival of a species, senior officials from both countries have said…

infobrics (2023-02-27). Cabinet Approves Signing of the MoU Between the India and South Africa for Cooperation in Disability Sector. infobrics.org The Union Cabinet approved the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the India and Republic of South Africa for cooperation in the 'disability sector'

WSWS (2023-02-27). At least 59 migrants drown off Italian coast, including newborn baby and 19 other children. wsws.org Responsibility for this terrible crime lies with all the governments of Europe, who have conspired to turn the continent into a "fortress" against desperate people, and with the United States and its allies whose imperialist violence has dismembered societies across the Middle East and Africa.

____ (2023-02-27). International Investigative Commission into the Terrorist Attacks on Nord Stream. transcend.org German Lawmaker Calls for Nord Stream Probe on a 10 Feb 2023 Speech to the Bundestag – MP Sevim Dagdelen takes the Scholz government to task for its lack of "strength and will" in responding to Seymour Hersh's reporting on the U.S. sabotage of the Russian pipeline.

____ (2023-02-27). Seymour Hersh on "How the US Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline": Exclusive TV Interview. transcend.org 15 Feb 2023 – When the Nord Stream pipelines carrying natural gas from Russia to Germany were damaged last September, U.S. officials were quick to suggest Russia had bombed its own pipelines. But according to a new report by the legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, it was the U.S. Navy that carried out the sabotage, with help from Norway. "The fear was Europe would walk away from the war," he says.

infobrics (2023-02-27). Historic' Translocation of Cheetah to India a Measure of 'Goodwill' Between BRICS Partners. infobrics.org The "historic" relocation of 12 cheetahs from South Africa to India is a measure of "goodwill" between the two BRICS partners to share the gene pool to ensure the survival of a species, senior officials from both countries have said…

infobrics (2023-02-27). Cabinet Approves Signing of the MoU Between the India and South Africa for Cooperation in Disability Sector. infobrics.org The Union Cabinet approved the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the India and Republic of South Africa for cooperation in the 'disability sector'

WSWS (2023-02-27). At least 59 migrants drown off Italian coast, including newborn baby and 19 other children. wsws.org Responsibility for this terrible crime lies with all the governments of Europe, who have conspired to turn the continent into a "fortress" against desperate people, and with the United States and its allies whose imperialist violence has dismembered societies across the Middle East and Africa.

____ (2023-02-27). China Report Excoriates 'US Hegemony', War Crimes, CIA Coups, 400 Foreign Interventions. transcend.org 23 Feb 2023 – China's Foreign Ministry published a lengthy report condemning "US hegemony" and its crimes around the world, including wars with millions of victims, coups and "regime change" against elected leaders, and 400 foreign military interventions.

____ (2023-02-27). US Power Alliance Says It's Preparing an "Information War" against China. transcend.org 24 Feb 2023 – In an article published last week titled "US working with 'Five Eyes' nations, Japan on information warfare" C4ISRNET, a military intelligence and communications publication, reports that the US and its allies are collaborating "to share and sharpen information-warfare techniques in the Indo-Pacific" with the goal of "countering" the "increasingly aggressive China."

Ramzy Baroud (2023-02-27). The Words the US and European Press are too Cowardly to Use about Israel's Occupation of Palestinians: War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, Apartheid. juancole.com ( Middle East Monitor ) — On 20 February, the United Nations Security Council approved a statement, described in the media as a 'watered-down' version of an earlier draft resolution which would have demanded that Israel "immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory." The intrigues that led to the scrapping of what was meant …

____ (2023-02-27). From South Africa to Israel, the Three Pillars of Apartheid. transcend.org How does a South African and former anti-apartheid activist feel about visiting Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories? Classification of the population, freedom of choice of residence and movement, importance of security: based on the three central drivers of separation, Israeli apartheid is worse than South Africa's.

Binoy Kampmark (2023-02-27). Sensitivity Rewrites: The Cultural Purging of Roald Dahl. dissidentvoice.org Censorship is never innocent, made worse for its strained good intentions. For those responsible for setting and policing such policies, the inner judge comes out, stomping on assumed meanings, interpreting and removing things to ensure the masses are not corrupted. Children's stories and tales have not been exempted from this train of revision, expurgation and …

Caitlin Johnstone (2023-02-27). There Has Never In History Been A Greater Need For A Large Anti-War Movement. thealtworld.com

Maureen Clare Murphy (2023-02-27). US hands lit torch to Israeli arsonists. electronicintifada.net Washington's enabling hastens the end of Tel Aviv's impunity.

Jason Ditz (2023-02-27). CIA Chief: Iran Not Resuming Nuclear Weapons Program. news.antiwar.com In a CBS The US has long been vague on whether or not Iran is reall…

Siegfried Hecker (2023-02-27). Siegfried Hecker on Two Decades of Missed Chances to Deal with North Korea's Nuclear Program. globalresearch.ca

No Nukes Action (2023-02-27). Saturday 3/11: On 3/11 At Fukushima No Dumping Radioactive Water Into Pacific Ocean & No Restarting Nukes. indybay.org San Francisco Japanese Consulate | 275 Battery St./California St | San Francisco…

____ (2023-02-26). Selection of foreign space crew to start. ecns.cn China will start the selection and training process soon for foreign astronauts to participate in joint flights to the country's Tiangong space station, according to a high-ranking space official.

____ (2023-02-26). Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region's coordinated development generates new growth driver. ecns.cn The coordinated development in Beijing and neighboring regions is now in full swing and has grown into a new driving force for China's development, nine years after China launched a key strategy to build the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional city cluster.

____ (2023-02-26). 5.1-magnitude quake hits Xinjiang: CENC. ecns.cn A 5.1-magnitude earthquake jolted Wensu County of Aksu Prefecture in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region at 7: 58 a.m. Monday, according to the China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC).

____ (2023-02-26). 3,500-year-old bone ice skates unearthed in Xinjiang tomb. ecns.cn Archaeologists have found 3,500-year-old ice skates made of animal bone in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, experts announced at a Xinjiang archaeological press conference on Saturday.

____ (2023-02-26). Visits will enhance Sino-European ties. ecns.cn An upcoming series of visits to Beijing by European leaders will send signals of solidarity and cooperation between China and the European Union, adding positive energy to world peace, stability and sustainable development.

____ (2023-02-26). China to strengthen system of TCM health services. ecns.cn China will implement measures to strengthen the health services system involving Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and enhance the grassroots capacity of providing TCM health services, according to an industry watchdog on Saturday.

____ (2023-02-27). Tourism recovering faster than predicted. ecns.cn China's tourism market will return to normal and embrace high-quality development this year, a matter of importance to the recovery of global tourism, experts and tourism insiders said.

____ (2023-02-27). Livestreamers flow overseas for sales, profits. ecns.cn "Foreign livestreaming e-commerce is at the level of China in 2018 or 2019," said Ma, whose company has recently started livestreaming in the United Kingdom, the US and Vietnam.

____ (2023-02-27). New market confidence bolsters commercial real estate demand. ecns.cn As China's response to COVID-19 enters a new phase and market confidence recovers, the nascent economic recovery is expected to boost demand for all types of commercial properties in China, industry experts said.

____ (2023-02-27). 5.1-magnitude quake hits Xinjiang, no casualties reported. ecns.cn A 5.1-magnitude earthquake jolted Wensu County of Aksu Prefecture in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region at 7: 58 a.m. Monday, according to the China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC).

____ (2023-02-27). Sci-tech cooperation key for BRI partners. ecns.cn China's scientific community will expand cooperation with countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative in the name of high-quality development and improving livelihoods.

____ (2023-02-27). Satellite to deliver stellar internet. ecns.cn People in China and neighboring regions will soon have faster, more convenient access to the internet when traveling by air and sea, and even in the middle of the desert, thanks to a newly launched satellite.

____ (2023-02-27). Cardiac disease likely cause of panda death. ecns.cn Le Le, the giant panda that died early this month at Memphis Zoo, may have succumbed to cardiac disease, according to an autopsy by zoologists from China and the United States.

____ (2023-02-27). Socioeconomic growth goals high on meetings' agenda. ecns.cn The spotlight will be on Beijing as the two sessions, China's biggest annual political event and a window to observe the country's development, get underway on Saturday.

____ (2023-02-27). China's first ChatGPT-like software to be made open source. ecns.cn MOSS, the first large-scale conversational language model in China, will be made open source by the end of March, said the research and developing team on Sunday.

____ (2023-02-27). 'Colorful dragons' drift on river in Guangxi. ecns.cn Thirty bamboo rafts decorated with colorful dragons drift in line on Luxi River in the Longhu Mountain (Dragon and Tiger Mountain) Scenic Spot in east China's Jiangxi Province, attracting many tourists, Feb. 26, 2023.

____ (2023-02-27). Plum blossoms enter best viewing season in Nanjing. ecns.cn More than 35,000 plum trees, covering an area of 102 hectares on Nanjing Plum Blossom Mountain of the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, enter the best viewing season, Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province, Feb. 26, 2023.

Lee Siu Hin, China-US Solidarity Network (2023-02-27). "Vaccine and Sactions" "疫苗与制裁" A New China-US Joint Production Documentary by Lee Siu Hin. indybay.org

____ (2023-02-27). U.S. Hegemony: At War with China's Global Security Initiative. transcend.org 24 Feb 2023 – Over the last week China released a flurry of papers and statements accusing the U.S. of hegemony while contrasting it with China's peace initiatives. As 'western' media rarely communicate what the Chinese say I find it necessary to give the Chinese standpoint some extended space.

_____ (2023-02-27). Britain to Mongolia: more than just a partner? journal-neo.org The United Kingdom is one of Mongolia's main "third neighbors," according to Mongolia's current foreign policy concept. Neither its limited participation in global political and economic processes, nor its extreme geographical distance from Mongolia in comparison to Japan and South Korea, removes it from the list of Mongolia's key "third neighbor" partners. The United Kingdom …

_____ (2023-02-27). Tbilisi Georgia: An Earthquake Disaster Waiting to Happen? journal-neo.org

Anonymous103 (2023-02-27). Airstrikes On Taliban Positions In Afghanistan Since 2021 — Infographics. southfront.org

Editor (2023-02-27). Welcome to the Predator State, Where the Scorpions on the Corner Just Might Kill You. scheerpost.com With the police ever better funded (just as the U.S. military is), war has come home to roost in our streets, no less disastrously than it did abroad in the years of this country's war on terror.

James Chikomborero Paradza (2023-02-27). Will Beyoncé's World Tour Include Africa? Global Concerts Keep Snubbing The Motherland. newsone.com Beyoncé including African stops on her world tour would be a nod to both the African elements in her music and her large fanbase in Africa.

NewsOne Staff (2023-02-27). Rest In Power: Notable Black People Who Have Died In 2023. newsone.com Glória Maria, a pioneering broadcast journalist in Brazil who is widely believed to be the country's first Black TV reporter of African descent, died on Feb. 2 at the age of 73.

Sharde Gillam (2023-02-27). At NAACP Image Awards, Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Honor Their Daughter Zaya. newsone.com Source: Amy Sussman / Getty | All eyes were on During the heartfelt speech, Dwyane Wade looked directly into the camera and spoke to his daug…

americanthinker (2023-02-27). A farewell to Jon N. Hall. americanthinker.com Time has claimed yet another AT contributor.

americanthinker (2023-02-27). About that big march in Mexico. americanthinker.com Many people marched south of the border rejecting President Lopez-Obrador's changes to the electoral process.

americanthinker (2023-02-27). Biden must go gentle into that good night. americanthinker.com For it to be "morning again in America," Joe Biden must ignore Dylan Thomas exhortation, and go gentle into that good night.

americanthinker (2023-02-27). Speciesism': A grave threat to life on Earth? americanthinker.com William Shakespeare was no more important than a tarantula, say pomo academics.

americanthinker (2023-02-27). What's behind the push for electric vehicles? americanthinker.com Why the huge push by the U.S. government to convert to electric vehicles?

Angela (2023-02-27). Saturday 2/25: Free virtual screening of the documentary film "Haifawi" indybay.org Zoom (Registration link is below)…

Ann Brown (2023-02-27). After Being Accused of Satanic Theme At Super Bowl, Rihanna Reported To FCC Over Sexual Performance. moguldom.com Rihanna's Super Bowl halftime spectacular on Feb. 12 drew all kinds of reactions. Some loved the 13-minute performance, complete with a multitude of dancers. Some complained that Rhianna's performance was low-energy. It even caused viewer complaints to the Federal Communications Commission. But the color of her outfit—-red—-seems to have sparked a rumor that the show …

____ (2023-02-27). Can Public Comments Penetrate FDA's Illusory Parallel Universe? transcend.org On 26 Jan 2023, the 178th Meeting of Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee met to pretend to have a process before unanimously "voting" to authorize a simplified annual Covid shot in order to not confuse the public.

____ (2023-02-27). Hasta Siempre Comandante Che Guevara (Music Video of the Week). transcend.org Song in honor of the great revolutionary leader, Ernesto Che Guevara, by Cuban composer Pablo Cuebras. Viva Che !!!

____ (2023-02-27). In Homage to David Ray Griffin: Indispensable Public Intellectual. transcend.org I think it was the successful branding of the 9/11 skeptics as 'wacky' that proved more useful in squelching their influence than by labeling them as 'dangerous,' 'subversive,' and 'radical' or 'socialist.' It might be understood as the advent of a more advanced, more sophisticated version of McCarthyism, a discrediting ploy that George Orwell would have immediately understood.

Bertram Burian (2023-02-27). The final system question Parts 1 and 2. indybay.org The enrichment elites of the West in particular have been trying for decades to extend their influence to the whole world. That is their declared concept. The worldwide "final victory", the "end of history" (4), the elimination of all competitors for raw materials and markets, have been part of capitalism and imperialism from the very beginning.

Brenda Norrell (2023-02-27). The Matriarchs of Wounded Knee: Fourteen Minutes of Power. indybay.org In a powerful 14-minutes, the Matriarchs of Wounded Knee describe how the Occupation of Wounded Knee began during a time of terror for Oglala Lakota on Pine Ridge. The special presentation of oral history by the Warrior Women's Project on Saturday is part of four days of events celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Wounded Knee.

Charlotte Hazard (2023-02-27). After Backpedaling on Gas Stove Ban, Administration Plans to Raise Costs Via New Efficiency Regs. globalresearch.ca

CIIS Public Programs (2023-02-27). Thursday 3/30: On Social Justice and the Enneagram. indybay.org

CIIS Public Programs (2023-02-27). Thursday 4/20: On the Racism of People Who Love You. indybay.org California Institute of Integral Studies | 1453 Mission St. | San Francisco, CA 94103…

Dr. Suzanne Burdick (2023-02-27). Human 6G Antennas? 'One of the Worst Ideas Ever,' Critic Says. globalresearch.ca

____ (2023-02-26). Chinese premier meets renowned mathematician Shing-Tung Yau. ecns.cn Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with world-renowned mathematician Shing-Tung Yau in Beijing on Friday.

____ (2023-02-26). Health insurance reforms to cover more outpatient expense. ecns.cn The recent reforms to the employee health insurance policy are aimed at easing the financial strain on outpatients and reducing unnecessary hospitalizations of patients with mild conditions, a National Healthcare Security Administration official said on Saturday.

____ (2023-02-26). Cities roll out incentives to boost birthrates. ecns.cn Major cities have ramped up subsidies and nursery care services to encourage families to have more children as senior health officials said "bold and innovative" measures should be taken to address low birthrates.

____ (2023-02-26). HKEX to allow tech firms with no revenue, no profit to list in Mar: report. ecns.cn The Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) will allow tech companies with no revenue or profit to list after a rule change in March, amid broad reforms taken to consolidate its position as an international financial center.

____ (2023-02-27). 100,000-tonne lithium salt project launches in southern Xinjiang. ecns.cn A 100,000-tonne lithium salt project commenced on Sunday in southern Xinjiang's Hotan Prefecture, said the Xinjiang Nonferrous Metals Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

____ (2023-02-27). Bird flu also taking economic toll. ecns.cn American consumers aren't happy paying more than twice as much as last year to buy eggs in grocery stores, but the major reason besides inflation behind the increase may point to a potential bird flu pandemic, according to scientists.

____ (2023-02-27). Nations urged to join efforts for energy security. ecns.cn As the changing geopolitical landscape continues to threaten energy security, countries need to work together to secure energy supplies and promote new energy, experts said.

____ (2023-02-27). Four held over killing of model in HK. ecns.cn Four people have been arrested over the killing of 28-year-old Hong Kong model Abby Choi Tin-fung, including her former father-in-law and former brother-in-law from her first marriage, both of whom were charged with murder on Sunday.

____ (2023-02-27). New technology keeps waste facilities odor under control. ecns.cn A new approach developed by Chinese researchers has been proven effective in controlling the odor of waste transfer stations.

____ (2023-02-27). (W. E. Talk)Teng Jinguang: How to Propel Growth of International I&T Hub in Hong Kong. ecns.cn Promoting innovation and development has always been the top priority of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region (HKSAR) government. The 14th Five-Year Plan clearly supports Hong Kong in building an international innovation and technology (I&T) hub.

____ (2023-02-27). Coordinated development improves lives, environment. ecns.cn At 6: 15 one Friday morning, He Peng stood in line at Zhuozhou East Railway Station in Zhuozhou, Hebei province.

____ (2023-02-27). HK requires criminal record for talent scheme applicants. ecns.cn A "clear criminal record" has become a mandatory document in the application of visas for future talent admission schemes in Hong Kong, the Immigration Department (ImmD) of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region announced on Sunday.

____ (2023-02-27). Health insurance reform to better meet needs of patients: NHSA. ecns.cn The ongoing health insurance reform process is being conducted in response to the people's growing demand for reimbursing outpatient medical bills, said healthcare authorities.

____ (2023-02-27). Contaminated water still found in Ohio after train derailment. ecns.cn A train carrying toxic chemicals derailed, causing an environmental disaster. Thousands of residents were ordered to evacuate after the area was placed under a state of emergency on Feb.

____ (2023-02-27). Longest cross-see bridge in Guangxi under construction. ecns.cn Longmen Bridge is 7.6-kilometer-long, with a stunning 1,098-meter-long main span. It is the longest cross-sea bridge in Guangxi, serves as a part of an expressway connecting coastal cities along the Beibu Gulf.

____ (2023-02-27). At least 59 dead after boat breaks off in Italian coast. ecns.cn A wooden boat with 140 to 150 people aboard crowded with migrants smashed into rocky reefs and broke apart before dawn Sunday off the Italian coast. At least 59 migrants died and 80 were save.

____ (2023-02-27). Cradle of Civilization: Huangshan Mountain. ecns.cn

edited from Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young (2023-02-27). Agriculture in America: Deeply Rooted in Black Culture. indybay.org 2023 California Pan African Food and Ag Pavilion will showcase our 350+ billion-dollar annual California Working Landscape and new opportunities for Black Agriculture to align efforts within the #1 "California Grown" US Ag industries in the global marketplace. Past, present and future pioneers of African Descent continue to light a bright path in today's plethora of opportunities.

Fight Back (2023-02-27). Against Trotskyism: Trotsky and the Soviet Union. fightbacknews.org Trotsky argued, before and after the revolution of 1917, that building socialism in one country was impossible, and that the success of the revolution was dependent on the immediate expansion of the revolution to Western Europe. Once this didn't happen, Trotsky's only way to persist in this theory was to say that the Soviet Union wasn't truly building socialism. | Despite Trotsky's protests to the contrary, the Soviet Union, in fact, accomplished a great deal. By putting the means of production under the control of the proletarian dictatorship, the Soviet Union, in just a few decades, went from a backwards count…

Fight Back (2023-02-27). Milwaukee: Justice for Keishon Thomas! Indict all officers involved! fightbacknews.org Fight Back News Service is circulating the statement from the Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (MAARPR). | On February 24, 2023, two Milwaukee police officers were criminally charged for their involvement in the in-custody death of Keishon Thomas. Thomas died on February 23, 2022 from acute mixed drug intoxication due to staff neglect and abuse while being held in Police District 5. | The officers involved were Donald Krueger and Marco Lopez. Krueger is charged with one felony count of abuse of a resident in a penal facility. Lopez is charged with one felony count of misconduct in public…

Fight Back (2023-02-27). Minneapolis: East Phillips fight to stop Roof Depot demolition continues with legal win. fightbacknews.org Minneapolis, MN – This week has been eventful in the East Phillips fight to stop the demolition of the arsenic-contaminated site of the Roof Depot building in south Minneapolis. | At dawn on Tuesday, February 22, defenders set up encampment at the site. That evening, Minneapolis cops On Thursday, February 24, Little Earth – a mostly native housing complex bordering the Roof Depot site – residents had a caravan to the Minneapolis city council meeting. Despite over a foot of s…

Fight Back (2023-02-27). University of South Florida students defend affirmative action, demand increased Black enrollment. fightbacknews.org Tampa, FL – On Tuesday, February 21, around 20 students at the University of South Florida gathered outside of the Marshall Student Center to show their support for affirmative action and diversity programs, and to demand increased Black enrollment at their university. Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) called this protest alongside other SDS chapters to bring attention to two U.S. Supreme Court cases which might overturn affirmative action measures, one against Harvard University and one against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. | Speakers made references to the racist Florida gover…

Headlands Center for the Arts (2023-02-27). Wednesday 3/8: Open Studio with Omid Mokri. indybay.org Headlands Center for the Arts | 944 Fort Barry | Sausalito, CA 94965…

Housing Matters (2023-02-27). Saturday 4/1: March to End Homelessness. indybay.org Meet at Cedar Street & Cathcart Street, Santa Cruz…

International Kadampa Retreat Center, GC (2023-02-27). Saturday 3/4: Open House – International Kadampa Retreat Center in Arizona. indybay.org International Kadampa Retreat Center – Grand Canyon | 6701 East Mountain Ranch Road, Williams, AZ 86046…

Jenna Bettencourt (2023-02-27). Childhood Social Media Usage and Impacts on Identity Formulation in Emerging Adults. indybay.org

John Quelch (2023-02-27). Protesters tell Richard Marles to scrap AUKUS. greenleft.org.au Protesters told Minister for Defence Richard Marles to scrap AUKUS and spend the money on health, education and welfare. John Quelch reports.

Juan Cole (2023-02-27). Israeli Squatter Terrorists Fire Guns, Set dozens of Fires in Palestinian Town, Killing One and Wounding 100. juancole.com Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) — Israeli squatters on land owned by Palestinian families went berserk on Sunday, after two squatters were shot by a Palestinian guerrilla in Huwwara, a small town of several thousand residents in the Nablus district. The shooter appears to have been from Nablus and was a member of the "Lion's Den" …

Justice for Jesús Adolfo "Dopher" Delgado (2023-02-27). Monday 3/6: Jesús Adolfo "Dopher" Delgado Angelversary. indybay.org 626 Capp St., San Francisco…

Kerry Smith (2023-02-27). Ballengarra tree-sit stops logging. greenleft.org.au Forest protector and soil scientist Tim Evans stopped logging crews in Ballengarra State Forest, saying destruction of public native forests must end. Kerry Smith reports.

Labor Video Project (2023-02-27). The NTSC, E.Palestine Railroad Wreck, Rail Safety & Nationalization With RWU's Hugh Sawyer. indybay.org WorkWeek looks at the NTSB report on the toxic railway wreck in East Palestine and the causes of it with railroad engineer Hugh Sawyer who is with Railroad Workers United. He reports on the systemic issues that have led to this and many other derailments, the dangers that the East Palestine community are faced with and the need for nationalization of the railroads.

Mothers on the March + (2023-02-27). Wednesday 3/1: Justice for Keita O'Neil. indybay.org Hall of "Justice" | 850 Bryant Street | San Francisco…

Mothers on the March (2023-02-27). Friday 3/3: POA: Shut It Down! indybay.org On the sidewalk in front of the San Francisco Police Officers Association: 800 Bryant @ 6th Street in San Francisco…

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2023-02-27). Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and the Turkey-Syria Earthquake: An Expert Investigation is Required. globalresearch.ca

Rhythmix Cultural Works (2023-02-27). Saturday 3/4: Art Of The African Diaspora Satellite Exhibit. indybay.org Rhythmix Cultural Works | 2513 Blanding Ave, Alameda CA 94501…

Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History (2023-02-27). Saturday 3/4: Extreme Weather Resource Fair: Small Talk, Big Topics. indybay.org Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History | 1305 E Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95062…

Scott Ritter (2023-02-27). Give Peace a Chance. Scott Ritter Goes to Washington. globalresearch.ca

slingshot collective (2023-02-27). Sunday 3/12: Party to Celebrate Slingshot collective's 35th birthday. indybay.org Long Haul Infoshop – 3124 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley – 510-540-0751 – corner of Woolsey – 2 blocks from Ashby BART – across from La Pena.

Staff (2023-02-27). Ecuador: CONAIE Breaks up Talks with Lasso Government. orinocotribune.com

Suds, Snacks,, Socialism Forum Committee (2023-02-27). Saturday 3/4: The Global Struggle for Women's Rights. indybay.org The Starry Plough Pub | 3101 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705…

teleSUR, JCM (2023-02-27). Cifra de muertos por terremotos en Türkiye se sitúa en 44.374. twitter.com En Siria, el número de muertos se situó en 5.914 con lo cual el balance de decesos en ambas naciones se ubicó más allá de los 50 mil tras los terremotos del 6 de febrero.

Toward increased Networking (2023-02-27). From Today (Thu), 3 pm ("Stop Cop City"): Online events w) Vandana Shiva, Chomsky, etc. indybay.org Here are about 9 online events taking place over the next week+ (and starting at 3: 00 pm today, Thursday, 2/23), featuring people such as Dário Votório Kopenawa Yanomami, Paul Watson, adrienne maree brown, Vandana Shiva, Noam Chomsky, and many others. | These events are hosted from various locations all across the country, as well from Canada, Australia, and the UK (however, the listed times are all for our "Pacific time zone"). Of course, feel free to share this info with others who might be interested in it.

un.org (2023-02-27). Palestinian Rights Committee Bureau Condemns Extreme Violence by Israeli Forces in Nablus. un.org The Bureau is deeply concerned by the deadly cycles of violence and the senseless loss of civilian lives, mainly Palestinians, which keep growing.

Unicorn Riot (2023-02-27). FBI Harasses Activists in Florida; Two Indicted on Federal Charges for Jane's Revenge Actions. unicornriot.ninja

WSWS (2023-02-27). Democrats place policing and "public safety" at center of Chicago municipal elections. wsws.org None of the four "major" candidates or any of the also-rans offers any way forward for the working class.

WSWS (2023-02-27). Turkish Red Crescent's sale of tents after the earthquake revealed as "government resign" chants rise from stadiums. wsws.org Three weeks after devastating earthquakes caused massive destruction and mass deaths in Turkey and Syria, anger at the government's response is growing.

WSWS (2023-02-27). SEP (Australia) candidates hold speak out in southwest Sydney ahead of NSW election. wsws.org SEP candidates Oscar Grenfell and Max Boddy, along with other party members, spoke to people in working-class Liverpool about the need for a socialist alternative to the program of war and austerity put forward by all other parties in the election.

WSWS (2023-02-27). Retired Detroit nurse: "When you have CEOs at 'not-for-profit' hospitals making millions a year … something is wrong with the whole system" wsws.org Pat Cason-Merenda is a retired nurse in Detroit who spoke to the WSWS in support of nurses and health care workers around the world who are facing horrific working conditions.

WSWS (2023-02-27). More than 300,000 in Michigan with no power five days after ice storm. wsws.org Hundreds of thousands of people across southern Michigan from Detroit to Kalamazoo were still without power for a fifth day on Sunday as the energy monopolies continued making excuses about why nothing has been done to prepare the infrastructure for increasingly intense weather events.

WSWS (2023-02-27). Sri Lankan SEP election campaign wins support from plantation workers. wsws.org SEP and Plantation Workers Action Committee members campaigned at the Alton, Fairlawn, Glenugie, Strathspey and Gartmore estates in Maskeliya prior to Wickremesinghe's cancelation of the local government polls.

WSWS (2023-02-27). Anti-Defamation League: All "extremist" mass killings in the US in 2022 linked to the far right. wsws.org The ADL report concealed the fact that the three largest mass shootings last year were directly linked to the Republican Party, making the GOP the number one driver of fascist terrorist violence in the United States.

WSWS (2023-02-27). Lula government ends daily COVID-19 tracking in Brazil. wsws.org The announcement of the end of daily pandemic data came just before the PT government completely ignored the threat that Carnival represented for the worsening of the pandemic in Brazil.

WSWS (2023-02-27). Der Spiegel asks: "Is the CIA hunting Assange's supporters?" wsws.org The material in the German newspaper further substantiates claims that the US government has waged an illegal global campaign against Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and their supporters.

WSWS (2023-02-27). This week in history: February 27-March 5. wsws.org This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago and 100 years ago.

Tomdispatch (2023-02-27). Police gone Wild: When the Scorpions on the Corner Just Might Kill You. juancole.com By Michael Gould-Wartofsky | — ( Tomdispatch.com ) — To residents of Memphis's resource-poor, predominantly nonwhite neighborhoods, the Scorpions were easy to spot. The plainclothes patrols were known for driving their unmarked Dodge Chargers through the streets, often all too recklessly, sowing fear as they went, spitting venom from their windows, jumping out with guns …

____ (2023-02-27). Free Speech Is for Fighting the Empire. transcend.org 22 Feb 2023 – My research has led me to conclude that there's an elite conspiracy to enslave us all and turn us all into brainwashed automatons mindlessly enacting the wishes of our rulers in a cruel dystopia built by the powerful, for the powerful. Haha, just kidding. That already happened.

____ (2023-02-27). One Humanity and the Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. transcend.org 22 Feb 2023 – Reflections on the Aftermath of Earthquakes and Human Survival…

____ (2023-02-27). The 20th Anniversary of the Sociocide of Iraq by Bush/Cheney. transcend.org 23 Feb 2023 – Will President Biden, Congress and other North Americans recognize the massive war crimes committed against the Iraqi people with appropriate declarations and actions on 19 Mar 2023?>

____ (2023-02-27). The Security Apparati: Tentacles of Global Peace Disruptors (Part 1). transcend.org 25 Feb 2023 – This publication discusses the global strategies, after the two world wars, when the great powers, suspicious of foreign ones, entered into a phase of Cold War using subterfuge, covert operations, and secret, double or triple agents, to gain access to strategic information.

____ (2023-02-27). 'Ticking Time Bombs' for the Most Defenceless: The Children (I). transcend.org 22 Feb 2023 – Today, there are more children in need of desperate humanitarian assistance than at any other time since World War II.

____ (2023-02-27). 'Ticking Time Bombs' for the Most Defenceless: The Children (II). transcend.org 23 Feb 2023 – While the world's biggest powers and their giant private corporations continue to attach high priority to their military —and commercial— dominance, both of them being shockingly profitable, entire generations are being lost to deadly armed conflicts, devastating climate catastrophes, diseases, hunger and more imposed impoverishment.

____ (2023-02-27). We Are Being Smashed Politically, Economically, Medically and Technologically by the Elite's 'Great Reset': Why? How Do We Fight Back Effectively? transcend.org 21 Feb 2023 – Since the dawn of human civilization 5,000 years ago, ordinary people like you and me have been engaged in an endless struggle to resist efforts by elites, whether local, national, international or global, to assert complete control over us and the resources around us.

____ (2023-02-27). Malcolm X: His Struggle Continues. transcend.org Malcolm X was assassinated 58 years ago, on 21 Feb 1965, standing at the podium before a crowd in Harlem's Audubon Ballroom. His wife Betty Shabazz, pregnant with twins, and his four daughters were in the ballroom looking on.

Staff (2023-02-27). El 90% de los peruanos desaprueban al Congreso y el 77% a Boluarte, según sondeo. cubadebate.cu La desaprobación al Congreso peruano llegó en febrero al 90%, el nivel más alto desde que inició el mandato, mientras que el rechazo ciudadano a la presidenta Dina Boluarte subió del 76% al 77%, según una encuesta del Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (IEP) divulgada este domingo por el diario La República.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-02-27). Asesinan a dirigente del mayor movimiento indígena en Ecuador. telesurtv.net El presidente de la Conaie, Leónidas Iza, denunció que "existe seguimiento y vigilancia a dirigentes indígenas".

Staff (2023-02-27). Vladimir Putin: Rusia no puede ignorar las "capacidades nucleares" de la OTAN. cubadebate.cu El presidente Vladimir Putin afirmó que Rusia no tiene más remedio que tener en cuenta las "capacidades nucleares" de la Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte (OTAN), mientras que esta alianza siga deseando la derrota de Moscú.

Leonid Savin (2023-02-27). Le tremblement de terre en Turquie dans un contexte géopolitique. thealtworld.com Toute catastrophe, qu'elle soit d'origine naturelle ou humaine, constitue toujours un défi pour les autorités au pouvoir — les victimes et le grand public attendent de leur gouvernement une action immédiate et, surtout, correcte, en surveillant de près tant les déclarations que les actions des autorités. Une situation similaire existe aujourd'hui en Turquie. L'énorme tragédie qui a fait des centaines de milliers de victimes (quelque 40.000 morts) a non seulement mis à l'épreuve l'ensemble du peuple turc, mais est également devenue un catalyseur de batailles politiques. Ce faisant, l'opposition a été proactiv…

Staff (2023-02-27). Camino a las elecciones de diputados a la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular. cubadebate.cu Hoy respondemos interrogantes que abundan en la población interrogantes como: øEn qué momento del proceso eleccionario nos encontramos? øDe dónde salen los candidatos a diputados? øCuáles son los sujetos del sistema político que intervienen en cada etapa? øEn qué consiste su participación? øCuáles son las consecuencias políticas y jurídicas de cada una de las fases por las que se transita? øLa ciudadanía solo interviene en el momento del voto?

Staff (2023-02-27). El chat GPT plantea, por ahora, más dudas que certezas. cubadebate.cu El ChatGPT irrumpió en la escena pública como una sensación a fines de 2022 y en enero superó los 100 millones de usuarios activos. La inteligencia artificial, desarrollada por OpenAI (de Elon Musk), en su esencia no es nada nuevo: consiste en un chatbot como cualquier otro que, a diario, es utilizado por instituciones privadas y públicas.

Staff (2023-02-27). Carlos Daniel Ramos: Campeón Panamericano de Clavados. cubadebate.cu El jovencito Carlos Daniel Ramos se proclamó este domingo como nuevo campeón panamericano en la plataforma a diez metros, un resultado que lo confirma en la élite continental de la especialidad y le asegura un boleto a los próximos juegos multideportivos de Santiago de Chile 2023. La Mayor de Las Antillas también ganó otras tres medallas de bronce en el torneo.

Staff (2023-02-27). Solidaridad con Cuba por el cese del bloqueo se hizo patente en varias ciudades del mundo. cubadebate.cu Como ya es habitual, en el último domingo de cada mes se realizan caravanas y otras acciones para denunciar los efectos de la guerra económica, comercial y financiera contra Cuba, agudizados por la inclusión arbitraria de Cuba por Washington en una lista de naciones que presuntamente promueven el terrorismo.

Staff (2023-02-27). Sube a 60 el número de migrantes muertos en naufragio cerca de Italia. cubadebate.cu Durante la jornada ha ido aumentando el trágico cómputo y no se descarta que más cuerpos sean recuperados en las próximas horas. Unos 80 supervivientes lograron llegar a la playa de Steccato, localidad de Cutro (provincia de Crotone), donde están siendo atendidos por equipos de emergencia desde primera hora de la mañana.

Staff (2023-02-27). Comienza este lunes en Cuba campaña de vacunación antipoliomielítica oral. cubadebate.cu De acuerdo con el Ministerio de Salud Pública, la primera etapa de la vacunación antipoliomielítica oral se realizará entre el lunes 27 de febrero y el sábado 4 de marzo de 2023, con una semana de recuperación del 6 al 11 de marzo para niños enfermos, o que por otra causa no hayan podido vacunarse en la semana de la campaña.

Staff (2023-02-27). Delegación de Caricom visitará Haití para evaluar la crisis política y social que vive el país. cubadebate.cu Una delegación de la Comunidad del Caribe (Caricom) presidida por el primer ministro jamaicano, Andrew Holness, llegará hoy a Haití para analizar la crisis nacional con integrantes del Gobierno y la sociedad civil. El grupo intercambiará criterios con el primer ministro Ariel Henry los miembros del Alto Consejo de Transición y dirigentes políticos, entre otros.

Staff (2023-02-27). El uso de las cabinas de uñas podría causar cáncer de piel, según expertos. cubadebate.cu En un trabajo publicado por investigadores estadounidenses en la revista Nature en enero de 2023, un grupo de científicos encontró que la irradiación de un secador de esmalte de uñas UV causa altos niveles de especies reactivas de oxígeno y disfunción mitocondrial. Estos efectos incrementan las chances de contraer melanoma, una de las formas del cáncer.

Staff (2023-02-27). Nuevo sismo en Turquía deja al menos un muerto y decenas de heridos (+ Video). cubadebate.cu Un sismo de magnitud 5,2 se produjo este lunes en el este de Turquía, comunicó el Centro Sismológico Euromediterráneo (EMSC por sus siglas en inglés). El foco del temblor se localizó a 11 kilómetros de la ciudad de Malatya, en la provincia homónima, a 5 km de profundidad. Se reporta que al menos una persona murió y otras 69 resultaron heridas.

teleSUR, DRL (2023-02-27). Al menos una persona muerta deja nuevo terremoto en Türkiye. twitter.com La región aún se encuentra en reconstrucción tras los devastadores terremotos de hace menos de un mes que dejaron 44.000 muertos.

teleSUR, hvh, JDO (2023-02-27). Hondureños incrementan denuncias de violaciones de DD.HH. telesurtv.net Entre los grupos más vulnerables que interpusieron denuncias se encuentran las mujeres, con 3.290 denuncias.

teleSUR, hvh, JDO (2023-02-27). Panamá suspende temporalmente el traslado de migrantes. telesurtv.net El Servicio Nacional de Migración detuvo los traslados hasta que se certifique que los buses están en buen estado.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-02-27). Masacre deja cuatro muertos en Valle del Cauca, Colombia. telesurtv.net El Instituto de Estudios para el Desarrollo y la Paz (Indepaz) reportó que este matanza es la número 20 en el país suramericano durante el curso de 2023.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-02-27). Asciende a 60 cifra de migrantes muertos en costas de Italia. telesurtv.net De acuerdo con las autoridades se teme que se puedan alcanzar más de 100 víctimas, luego que el número de migrantes que viajaban está entre 180 y 250.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-02-27). Presidente Putin afirma que Occidente pretende eliminar a Rusia. telesurtv.net El presidente ruso acusó a los países de la OTAN de ser cómplices, aunque indirectos, de los crímenes del régimen de Ucrania por suministrarle armamento.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-02-27). Ascienden a 65 las muertes por temporal en Sao Paulo, Brasil. telesurtv.net Finaliza la búsqueda de desaparecidos. Ya se ha identificado a 55 víctimas. Se prioriza la atención a familias que perdieron sus casas o debieron abandonarlas.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-02-27). Gobierno colombiano y ELN informan avances en diálogos de paz. telesurtv.net Las partes manifiestan que han avanzado en la definición de una visión compartida del proceso de paz y una metodología para tratar la agenda de diálogos.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-02-27). Sube a 59 cifra de muertos por las lluvias en Sao Paulo, Brasil. telesurtv.net El gobernador de Sao Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas, anunció que será creada una oficina estatal para acompañar de cerca las obras de reconstrucción en Sao Sebastiao.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-02-27). Daños por incendios forestales rebasarían los 600 mdd en Chile. telesurtv.net El Servicio Nacional de Prevención y Respuesta ante Desastres anotó que 458.157 hectáreas han sido consumidas por las llamas, que han provocado 25 muertos.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-02-27). Saludan avances en mesa de diálogo de paz entre Gobierno de Colombia y ELN. telesurtv.net "Confió en que las partes den pasos significativos sobre la agenda acordada, incluyendo temas de participación y cese al fuego", anotó el representante de la ONU.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-02-27). Lluvias dejan al menos 4.000 familias damnificadas en Paraguay. telesurtv.net "Es desesperante la situación que estamos atravesando. Estamos en una inundación total de la ciudad, estamos bajo agua", dijo la alcaldesa de San Lázaro.

teleSUR- hvh, JCM (2023-02-27). Ascienden a 64 los fallecidos por lluvias en Sao Paulo, Brasil. telesurtv.net Las autoridades de la región señalaron que las últimas cinco víctimas fueron encontradas en la ciudad de Sao Sebastiao.

Staff (2023-02-27). Tercera derrota en línea… øDespaigne culpable? cubadebate.cu Mucho se habló antes del partido cuando se anunció el debut de Alfredo Despaigne en la inicial. Y con toda razón la preocupación era lógica, pero la derrota 2-1 contra los Guardianes de Fubon en Taipei de China trasciende al toletero granmense, por demás el único autor de nuestra carrera con su primer jonrón en estos partidos de preparación para el Clásico Mundial.

Staff (2023-02-27). Desde las redes: "El aliento solidario, humanismo puro" cubadebate.cu Tras el dramático desenlace, los cocodrilitos quedaron literalmente al campo, tendidos, llorando sin consuelo. En eso quedo atónito, cuando comenzando a celebrar, los tiburoncitos fueron a buscar a sus rivales, para intentar aliviar su dolor.

teleSUR- hvh (2023-02-27). Palestina condena proyecto de ley israelí sobre pena de muerte. telesurtv.net La Cancillería rechaza "la bárbara reinstauración de la pena de muerte como pretexto para legitimar su anexión".

teleSUR, jaa, JGN (2023-02-27). Conozca sobre la vida del escritor francés Victor Hugo. telesurtv.net El escritor Victor Hugo es reconocido como uno de los mayores exponentes de la literatura universal.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-02-27). Reportan daños por lluvias en departamento peruano de Piura. telesurtv.net Precipitaciones provocaron deslizamientos, derrumbes y huaicos con sensibles afectaciones en diversos ámbitos.

Staff (2023-02-27). China protesta contra sanciones de EEUU: Nunca aceptaremos la presión de Washington. cubadebate.cu La portavoz del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores del país asiático Mao Ning calificó las recientes sanciones de EE.UU. contra China como las medidas coercitivas unilaterales típicas y "jurisdicciones de brazo largo" ilegales y perjudiciales para los intereses chinos. Deploramos y rechazamos este movimiento y hemos hecho gestiones serias del lado estadounidense, dijo.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-02-27). Colonos israelíes atacan poblados de Cisjordania ocupada. telesurtv.net Un palestino muere por disparos durante el asalto. Colonos atacaron a residentes, quemaron viviendas y destruyeron vehículos.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-02-27). Ataque con bomba en Pakistán provoca al menos cuatro fallecidos. telesurtv.net Se reportan entre ocho y 14 heridos. Fueron llevados a un hospital local. Hasta el momento ningún grupo se atribuyó el hecho.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-02-27). Rechazan a nivel global el bloqueo de EE.UU. contra Cuba. telesurtv.net El presidente cubano Miguel Díaz-Canel escribió: "Conmueven y alientan tantas demostraciones de solidaridad con Cuba y de condena al bloqueo económico".

teleSUR, JGN (2023-02-27). ALBA Movimientos celebrará reunión en Venezuela a inicios de marzo. telesurtv.net La VII Reunión de Coordinación Continental de ALBA Movimientos se llevará a cabo los próximos 2 y 3 de marzo en la capital venezolana.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-02-27). Venezuela anuncia reapertura de tránsito con Aruba, Bonaire y Curazao. telesurtv.net "luego de finalizadas las mesas técnicas de negociación con el Reino de los Países Bajos, reiteramos el cronograma de apertura del tránsito", dijo el canciller.

teleSUR, hvh, JDO (2023-02-27). Rechazo a Dina Boluarte sube a casi un 80 por ciento en Perú. telesurtv.net La insatisfacción con la gestión de Boluarte aumenta al 86 por ciento en la región sureña del territorio peruano.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-02-27). Policía de Perú reprime protesta contra la impunidad. telesurtv.net Lanzan gas lacrimógeno en Lima a participantes en la marcha nacional contra la impunidad. Se reportan al menos dos heridos.

teleSUR, hvh, JCM (2023-02-27). Palestinos e israelíes acuerdan evitar actos de violencia. telesurtv.net Según medios árabes, la delegación palestina insistirá a Israel en la necesidad de cesar cualquier acción unilateral.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-02-27). Comicios presidenciales se extienden en varias regiones de Nigeria. telesurtv.net A partir de las 18H00 horas de este domingo, comenzará el conteo final de votos de la elección presidencial, de acuerdo con autoridades electorales.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-02-27). Cuba asiste a cumbre sobre recuperación postpandemia en Azerbaiyán. telesurtv.net Valdés Mesa arribará este lunes a la ciudad de Bakú, en la República de Azerbaiyán, sede de la reunión de las naciones no alineadas.

Staff (2023-02-27). Barcelona cayó 0-1 ante Almería por LaLiga Santander. cubadebate.cu Luego de quedar eliminado de la UEFA Europa League, FC Barcelona volvió a perder, esta vez fue 0-1 ante Almería por la jornada 23 de LaLiga Santander en el Power Horse Stadium. El único gol del partido lo hizo El Bilal Toure a los 24 minutos.

Anonymous669 (2023-02-26). Egypt's Foreign Minister To Make Breakthrough Visit To Syria. southfront.org Syria flag (flickr). | Egypt's foreign minister Sameh Shoukry will pay a visit to the Syrian capital, Damascus, on February 27, the ministry announced. | The ministry's spokesman, Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, said that Shoukry will also visit Turkey on the same day to convey a message of solidarity to both countries following the February 6 earthquake, which claimed the lives of some 50,000 people. | Egypt has already provided aid to earthquake victims in both countries. In the last few day…

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