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2022-11-01: News Headlines

Editor (2022-11-01). The West Must Stop Blocking Negotiations Between Ukraine and Russia. scheerpost.com Ukrainians have been paying a terrible price for the failure of ensuring sensible and reasonable negotiations from 2014 to February 2022 — which could have prevented the invasion by Russia in the first place, and once the war started, could have led to the end of this war.

SouthFront5 (2022-11-01). Street Shootings Started In Ukrainian Capital Amid Blackout (Video). southfront.org Active shootings are reported in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, which has been plunged into darkness as a result of Russian strikes on energy infrastructure. | Since February 2022, various gangs became active in Kiev, some robbing residents, some banks and stores. The previous peak of criminal gang activity was in March-April 2022. At that time, the Russian military was near Kiev, causing panic among some citizens and hope for looting amidst the chaos for others. | Today, the story seems to be repe…

Zero Hedge (2022-11-01). "Let's Get Out of NATO": Discontent Soars Across Europe as Russian Sanctions Backfire. globalresearch.ca

Dave DeCamp (2022-11-01). The US Military Is Conducting Onsite Weapons Inspections Inside Ukraine. news.antiwar.com A Pentagon official told reporters on Monday that US military personnel have recently begun onsite inspections of US-provided weapons inside Ukraine, confirming a small US military presence on the ground. "US personnel have recently resumed onsite inspections to assess weapon stocks in country whenever and wherever the security conditions allow," the Pentagon official said, speaking …

Eric Zuesse (2022-11-01). There Are No Progressives In U.S. Congress. southfront.org The common idea that there are progressives in the U.S. Congress (Senate and House) is entirely false — a put-on show, with no reality behind it.

Dave DeCamp (2022-11-01). Ukraine Tells GOP the US Needs to Give More Than Just Weapons. news.antiwar.com Amid talk that a Republican-controlled Congress may not be willing to write a "blank check" for Ukraine, Kyiv's message to the GOP is that they need to provide money to fund the Ukrainian government on top of the weapons they need to fight Russia. Ukrainian officials say they're not worried they will lose military aid …

Dave DeCamp (2022-11-01). Russia Launches More Strikes on Ukrainian Infrastructure After Crimea Drone Attack. news.antiwar.com Russia on Monday launched more missile barrages against Ukrainian energy infrastructure after it said Ukraine launched a drone attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. According to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, the strikes targeted 10 regions across Ukraine and damaged 18 mostly energy-related facilities. He said the missile barrage left hundreds of …

WSWS (2022-11-01). US to station nuclear-capable B-52 bombers in Australia. wsws.org The measure, which its proponents have openly stated is aimed at preparing for a disastrous war with China, has the character of a conspiracy against the population, never having been publicly announced or even discussed in the Australian parliament.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). IAEA starts 'dirty bomb' claims inspections in Ukraine. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts have started an inspection at two nuclear sites under Ukraine's request, IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said.

____ (2022-11-01). Russia suspends, not withdraws from grain export deal with Ukraine: Defense Ministry. ecns.cn The Russian Defense Ministry announced Monday that as the main participant in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Russia does not withdraw from it but suspends it.

WSWS (2022-11-01). Studies indicate that new Omicron subvariants could cause devastating COVID-19 surge in US. wsws.org The anticipated COVID-19 surge will take place amid a massive rise in pediatric hospitalizations across the US due to respiratory syncytial virus and an unusually harsh beginning to the influenza season.

Sandia National Labs (2022-11-01). Video: U.S. Strategic Nuclear Policy, an Oral History. globalresearch.ca

Infobrics (2022-11-01). Grain deal sabotaged to add food crisis to nuclear blackmail in Ukrainian conflict. infobrics.org But emerging nations will not adhere to the narrative that Moscow is "contributing to hunger" – on the contrary, these countries will receive more food.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). US not going to 'waste time' on nuclear deal right now. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The US Special Envoy for Iran said that the United States is focused on matters on Iran "where we can be useful," and is not currently going to "waste our time" on the nuclear deal "if nothing's going to happen."

K Ehlers, A Baerbock & L Obrecht (2022-11-01). In the eye of the typhoon, Hardened fronts & The Nuclear War Bluff. indybay.org Nuclear war is a big bluff & the last means of the cult to enforce its Great Reset to control & decimate humanity. Now is the time to recognize this & not be fooled again by the dilettantes in the Western governments. The worldwide growing resistance will end all plans of the globalists & expose all deceptions. Those responsible will be exposed.Love remains when illusion & fear fall…

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran to abide by JCPOA again if sanctions lifted: AEOI chief. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The Iranian nuclear chief stressed the necessity of stopping accusations against Iran by the IAEA, adding that if the sanctions are lifted Iran will adhere to the JCPOA again.

____ (2022-11-01). Nuclear plant starts providing heating in Liaoning. ecns.cn The Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station in Liaoning province was put into operation and started providing heating to residents this winter, said its operator China General Nuclear Power Corporation.

Cynthia Papermaster (2022-11-01). Thursday 10/27: Bannering: "No to Nuclear War!" indybay.org I-80 Pedestrian Overpass in Berkeley at the foot of University Ave.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). China warns over US plan to deploy B-52 bombers to Australia. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — China has issued a stern warning that Washington's plans to deploy six of its nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to an Australian military base may "trigger an arms race" and escalate tensions in the region.

Mike Whitney (2022-11-01). Brandon's "Usable Nukes" Are the Fast-Track to Jopocalypse. globalresearch.ca

Christopher Helali (2022-11-01). Is the U.S. and NATO Running Another Operation Gladio in Europe? covertactionmagazine.com Part Two of a Three-Part CAM Series on Mercenaries and Clandestine Operations in Ukraine [In Part Two of this three-part series on foreign mercenary fighters in Ukraine, (see Part 1) the nexus between mercenaries with experience in Syria, Ukraine and U.S.-EU-NATO armed forces becomes more apparent. This second part of the investigation looks at Shaun …

Infobrics (2022-11-01). EAM Jaishankar Likely to Visit Russia in November. infobrics.org For the first time since the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine in February this year, External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar is likely to visit Russia in November to discuss bilateral issues, including energy, food security, and trade…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-11-01). Lies, Spies and US Bioweapons on the Verge of Armageddon. libya360.wordpress.com Wayne Cristaudo Initially, when the Russians brought the existence of the Ukrainian biolabs to the attention of the world, it was denied outright—the official Western response was—"those Ruskies just never stop lying." And having shut down RT news, hardly anyone in the West knew anything about the Russian claim except that it was being made and it was therefore "disinformation," and only…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-11-01). Why NATO's Wars Should Worry Africa. libya360.wordpress.com Farid Abdulhamid NATO's encroachment on Russia is not only a threat to world peace but a clear and present danger to resource-rich regions like Africa. Farid Abdulhamid argues victory in Ukraine will embolden the western military bloc to escalate its agenda in Africa. Abdulhamid calls on activists to lead a vigorous campaign to de-militarise the…

Anonymous103 (2022-11-01). Sabotage Attack Damaged Two Ka-52 Helicopters In Russian Pskov Region. southfront.org | On October 30, another sabotage attack hit a military facility in the Russian Federation. Three explosions thundered on a airfield helipad in the Pskov region. The attack took place at the Veretye military airfield 600 km from the Ukrainian border. | Ukrainian saboteurs blew up Russian helicopters on the helipad located near the Russian-Latvian border in the Ostrovsky district. As a result of the attack, two Ka-52 helicopters were damaged. The damaged Ka-52s were out of duty. They were under repair at…

WorkWeek (2022-11-01). Railworkers Support Rally at Oakland &SA Dockers Strike with ILWU, No War in Ukraine. indybay.org WorkWeek covers Railroad Workers Solidarity Rally At Port Of Oakland & SA Dockers Strike With ILWU, Oakland Rally Against War In Ukraine & The Life & Struggles of UFWA Founder Al Rojas…

Staff (2022-11-01). New air alerts sound throughout Ukraine. en.cubadebate.cu Air alerts have been activated this Tuesday morning in the Ukrainian capital and later throughout the country. It is the second day of this week that begins with an air alert throughout the Ukrainian territory. This Monday, in various regions of the country, a series of attacks against critical and energy infrastructure were recorded. Russian missiles have hit a power plant near Svetlovodsk, according to authorities in the Krivoy Rog region, while the hydroelectric power plant in the city of Novodnestrovsk has also been hit.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Ukraine fighting against new big union of Russia, Iran. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that his country is fighting against a new big union, Russia and Iran, and expressed hope that Israel will help Kyiv and strongly react to this.

Dave DeCamp (2022-11-01). Putin Says 'Necessary Conditions' May Arise for Peace Talks. news.antiwar.com On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the "necessary conditions" for peace talks with Ukraine could arise and acknowledged Kyiv was not ready for negotiations at this time. "We reached an agreement with them in Istanbul, but they've thrown all of that into the bin," Putin said at a press conference in Sochi, according …

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). VIDEO: Russia's missile strike on Ukraine's Poltava region. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The footage shows Russia's Monday missile strike against targets in the Poltava region in central Ukraine.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). 87,000 mobilized people sent to combat zone in Ukraine. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said on Tuesday that 87,000 of 300,000 mobilized people have already been sent to the combat zone in Ukraine.

Sonja van den Ende (2022-11-01). NATO Had Plans for a Preemptive Strike on Russia Using the Cover of a French-Led Naval Exercise in the Mediterranean. globalresearch.ca

Infobrics (2022-11-01). Russia-India Bilateral Trade to Track to Reach US$40 Billion as Cheap Oil Exports Increase. infobrics.org Setting Up in India Can Alleviate an EU Energy Crunch as Cheap Energy Fuels Productivity and GDP Growth…

Infobrics (2022-11-01). Russia's RB Capital to Set Up a Joint Venture Investment Firm in China. infobrics.org

Infobrics (2022-11-01). Putin hails Modi as "great patriot", says "the future belongs to India" infobrics.org Economic ties between India and Russia continue to deepen.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Russia announces readiness to invest in Iran's ports. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — In a statement on Tuesday, the Russian government announced it's readiness to invest in Iranian ports.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Yerevan, Baku to respect each other's territorial integrity. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia issued a statement after a meeting in Sochi whereby the need to respect each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty was emphasized and the use of force was ruled out.

____ (2022-11-01). Chinese envoy urges removal of obstacles to Russia's grain, fertilizer exports. ecns.cn A Chinese envoy on Monday called on relevant countries to take concrete measures to remove the obstacles facing Russia's grain and fertilizer exports, warning against politicizing and weaponizing economic and trade issues.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Tehran-Moscow cooperation to make sanctions ineffective. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji said the expansion of cooperation between Iran and Russia will make international sanctions ineffective.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran, Russia agree to sign free trade agreement with EAEU. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Russia and Iran have agreed to sign a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union in the near future, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Tuesday.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). UK involved in attack on Black Sea fleet, Nord Stream. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The Kremlin on Tuesday said Russia's intelligence has information about London's involvement in attacks on Nord Stream gas pipelines and its Black Sea fleet in the port of Sevastopol.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran-Russia political, security relations 'strategic': MP. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The Chairman of Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said the the level of political and security relations between Iran and Russia is 'strategic'.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran, Russia ink 4 cooperation documents. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Iran and Russia signed four cooperation documents at the 16th Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation aiming at expanding the relations between the two countries.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran-Russia relations have growing trend: oil minister. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Iranian oil minister says that due to the determination of the high-ranking officials of Iran and Russia in recent years, bilateral and multilateral relations have a growing trend.

Dongsheng News (2022-11-01). The China Model of Modernization. dissidentvoice.org This week's News on China in 2 minutes. ‚Ä¢ CPC 20th National Congress outcomes ‚Ä¢ The China model of modernization ‚Ä¢ World's first perennial rice variety ‚Ä¢ Hope for Chinese women's football…

____ (2022-11-01). 1,000-year-old ginkgo tree attracts tourists to Hubei. ecns.cn A 1,000-year-old ancient ginkgo tree stands out in a spectacular golden foliage, attracting tourists in Baokang county of Xiangyang, central China's Hubei Province, Oct. 31, 2022.

____ (2022-11-01). Chinese company hands over Nigeria's first deep sea port. ecns.cn China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) on Monday handed over Nigeria's first deep sea port to the government after the completion of the huge maritime project in the country's economic hub city of Lagos.

____ (2022-11-01). Transport network to further grow. ecns.cn China's transport sector has recently mapped out a detailed plan to build the backbone network of the country's comprehensive transportation system, with the expected scale to reach 260,000 km by 2025.

____ (2022-11-01). Footprints of rare turtle species found in China's 'dragon city'. ecns.cn Over 20 rare turtle footprints of diverse lengths and shapes have been discovered in Zhucheng, East China's Shandong Province, said Chen Shuqing, a staff member at the Dinosaur Culture Research Center of Zhucheng, on Monday.

____ (2022-11-01). Icebreakers embark on Antarctic expedition. ecns.cn China's research icebreaker Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, departed from its home base in Shanghai for its latest Antarctic expedition on Monday morning, marking the third time that both Xuelongand Xuelong 2will take part in a joint expedition in the southernmost continent.

____ (2022-11-01). More investment made in roads to stabilize economy. ecns.cn China has increased the construction of highway infrastructure in order to maintain and increase investment and stabilize the economy, according to the Ministry of Transport.

____ (2022-11-01). First road tunnel crossing Han River in central China's Hubei opens to traffic. ecns.cn Yuliangzhou Tunnel, the first road tunnel extending beneath Han River in Xiangyang City of central China's Hubei Province, opened to traffic on Monday after four years of construction.

____ (2022-11-01). Monkeys receive pig organ transplants. ecns.cn A team of scientists in China has successfully transplanted multiple organs from a pig into four monkeys, three of which survived the surgery, marking what experts say is a big step forward in xenotransplantation research aimed at tackling the shortage of donated organs for humans.

____ (2022-11-01). New data reveals 410-million-year-old horned cowfish. ecns.cn New material of the 410-million-year-old Pterogonaspis yuhaii from Qujing City, southwest China's Yunnan Province, reveals the morphology of the ventral side of the headshield for the first time.

____ (2022-11-01). Chinese tracking vessel sets sail for new missions. ecns.cn China's third-generation space tracking ship Yuanwang-5 departed from a port on Monday for spacecraft monitoring missions.

____ (2022-11-01). Chinese envoy encourages youth to find solutions for global climate governance. ecns.cn China Special Envoy for Climate Change Xie Zhenhua on Monday encouraged young people to find solutions for global climate governance and make more innovative contributions to carbon neutrality goalsin mid-21st century.

____ (2022-11-01). China's lab module Mengtian docks with space station combination. ecns.cn China's Mengtian lab module successfully docked with Tiangong space station combination on Tuesday, according to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA).

____ (2022-11-01). Chinese researchers complete deep-sea in-situ scientific experiment station in South China Sea. ecns.cn Chinese researchers have recently completed the trial deployment of a deep-sea in-situ scientific experiment station in the South China Sea, bringing them one step closer to realizing long-term unmanned research in the deep sea.

____ (2022-11-01). China's Mengtian lab module docks with space station combination. ecns.cn The Mengtian lab module docks with China's Tiangong space station combination on Nov. 1, 2022.

____ (2022-11-01). 'Fabricated' human rights stories faulted. ecns.cn A Chinese ambassador to the United Nations on Monday strongly refuted accusations against China on the issue of human rights made by the U.S., Canada and others at the Third Committee of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

____ (2022-11-01). New lab module to assist space station's completion. ecns.cn China's Mengtian space lab module, the third major component of the nation's Tiangong space station, was launched on Monday afternoon in a key step to complete the in-orbit assembly of Tiangong.

____ (2022-11-01). First highway tunnel in Hanjiang River opens. ecns.cn Yuliangzhou Tunnel, the first highway tunnel in Hanjiang River, was opened to traffic on Monday. The tunnel located in Xiangyang City, central China's Hubei Province, is the first immersed tunnel in central China.

____ (2022-11-01). Xi pledges to cement ties with Vietnam. ecns.cn China and Vietnam have agreed to consolidate their traditional friendship, strengthen the strategic communication between them, enhance political mutual trust and properly handle their differences in order to constantly take their comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership in the new era to a new level.

____ (2022-11-01). China Life: Follow bouncing ball to Hebei Province. ecns.cn

____ (2022-11-01). (100 great changes) Yucun village thrives on green development. ecns.cn In 2021, Yucun, an obscure and small mountain village in Anji County, East China's Zhejiang province, was selected from 170 villages in the world as one of the "Best Tourism Villages" by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

____ (2022-11-01). Working groups sent to Foxconn to contain COVID. ecns.cn Official working groups have been sent to a giant Foxconn production plant affected by the COVID-19 virus in Central China to strengthen its disease control capability while improving work conditions for its employees.

Suds, Snacks,, Socialism Forum Committee (2022-11-01). Saturday 11/5: U.S. Versus China: The New Cold War. indybay.org

____ (2022-11-01). Over 20 turtle footprint fossils found in east China. ecns.cn Over 20 turtle footprints have been found at a dinosaur fossil site during field research carried out by the Zhucheng Dinosaur Culture Research Center in east China's Shandong Province.

____ (2022-11-01). China will open its door even‚ÄÇwider to outside world: FM Spokesperson. ecns.cn

Miko Peled (2022-11-01). Jesus Was Also Palestinian, Artist Remind Us. mintpressnews.com What is in a cartoon? Who knows what Michelangelo's political opinions were? What would he have thought about Palestine? We will never know. But there can be little doubt that had he seen this cartoon by the Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh, he would have been moved. I recently visited Italy and saw Michelangelo's masterpiece, the Pietà . It is so powerful that it draws you into the point where you feel the pain of the mother, Mary, holding the dead, limp body of her young, crucified son. It is a powerful image that recreates the moment that is perhaps more painful than any we can imagine: a mother grievi…

Lee Camp (2022-11-01). Epic Drought Hits US, Solutions Ignored. mintpressnews.com 'The Most Censored News' hosted by comedian & writer Lee Camp is a twice-weekly look at the most censored stories on the new video platform Behind the Headlines — a MintPress video project that is 100% viewer supported. Camp brings to light stories that are ignored by the corporate media and digs deeper when the mainstream media fails to. Having been a professional stand-up comic for 20 years and the host/head writer of the hit TV show 'Redacted Tonight,' Camp is uniquely suited to bring humor to these topics. | Environmentalists have been saying for decades that the climate crisis would impact us all, and…

Miko Peled (2022-11-01). Jesus Was Also Palestinian, Artist Reminds Us. mintpressnews.com What is in a cartoon? Who knows what Michelangelo's political opinions were? What would he have thought about Palestine? We will never know. But there can be little doubt that had he seen this cartoon by the Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh, he would have been moved. I recently visited Italy and saw Michelangelo's masterpiece, the Pietà . It is so powerful that it draws you to the point where you feel the pain of the mother, Mary, holding the dead, limp body of her young, crucified son. It is a powerful image that recreates the moment that is perhaps more painful than any we can imagine: a mother grieving…

Toward increased Networking (2022-11-01). Online events w) Chomsky, Loretta Ross, Park Cannon, Jason Moore, Robin D.G. Kelley, etc. indybay.org Here are about 24 online events taking place over the next week (and starting at 11: 00 am tomorrow, 10/31), featuring people such as Richard Wolff, Noam Chomsky, Robin Hahnel, Leah Litman, Sherrilyn Ifill, Wendy Weiser, Loretta Ross, Park Cannon, Jason Moore, Robin D.G. Kelley, Becca Andrews, Gerald Horne, Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Jason Stanley and many others. | These events are hosted from various locations all across the country, as well from Canada and the UK (however, the listed times are all for our "Pacific time zone"). Of course, feel free to share this info with others who might be interested in it.

SAMIR (2022-11-01). Boycott the apartheid Israel Music Showcase Festival. bdsmovement.net

SAMIR (2022-11-01). Vieux Farka Touré: Cancel apartheid Israel concert! bdsmovement.net

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-11-01). Nueva masacre en Colombia tras el asesinato de cuatro personas. telesurtv.net La ejecución se registró en el municipio de Cartago, departamento Valle del Cauca, a la altura del sector Piedras de Moler en la vía que comunica con el municipio de Alcalá.

TeleSUR, hvh, JCM (2022-11-01). Asesinan a otro líder del pueblo Awá en Nariño, Colombia. telesurtv.net Carlos Alberto García Sepúlveda fue asesinado por tres sujetos encapuchados a solo trescientos metros de su casa.

TeleSUR, YSM (2022-11-01). Asesinan a otro líder social en Sucre, Colombia. telesurtv.net La víctima fue identificada como William Urueta y era un dirigente del Pacto Histórico en Toluviejo.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (2022-11-01). COVID-19 Vax Destroys Hearts & Brains of Billions of People — Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi. globalresearch.ca

Jones Kevin (2022-11-01). How an ominous guru became a billionaire. indybay.org The notorious Baba Ramdev is a controversial figure on the Indian business scene, and regularly accused of having connections to sects and nationalist groups, both for business interests and ideological motivations. At the head of Patanjali, he amassed a fortune in obscure conditions. We have investigated to shed some light on the business dealings of a Yoga guru, who sometimes lacks a little zen.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran's FDI at 18.6% growth in 2021. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — According to the report of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the value of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Iran in 2021 hit $1.425 billion, showing about 18.6% hike as compared to a year earlier.

WSWS (2022-11-01). US GDP up but recession trends grow. wsws.org Recession fears have been heightened by the figures on consumer spending, which showed an increase of only 1.4 percent for the quarter, a slower rate than the 2 percent rise over the previous three months—a sign that rising inflation is having its effects.

Mickey Z. (2022-11-01). When the Good [sic] Guys Slaughter Civilians with God's "Permission," are they Still Good Guys? dissidentvoice.org In my decades of doing what I do, I've encountered so many folks patently unwilling to accept that their beloved Land of the Free‚Ñ¢ is capable of the horrendous criminality it openly perpetrates as policy. (Such a cultic mindset, of course, is partly responsible for such blind trust vis-a-vis the "pandemic.") With all this in …

WSWS (2022-11-01). Sri Lanka: To fight for housing Kajimawatte residents need to build an independent action committee. wsws.org Although there are more than enough resources available to provide proper housing and a decent life for all, these resources are controlled by a handful of capitalists.

Jake Johnston (2022-11-01). More Than 90 Organizations Reject Calls for Military Intervention in Haiti. cepr.net Today, more than 90 organizations sent a letter to US President Joe Biden expressing "profound concern about the proposed deployment of military force to Haiti." The signers include faith-based, human rights, diaspora, and other civil society organizations with long-standing ties to Haiti. Prominent members of the peacebuilding community, including Win Without War and the Friends …

Edward Curtin (2022-11-01). Self-Destructive Social Habits, Loneliness, and Propaganda. dissidentvoice.org We are the hollow men We are the stuffed men Leaning together Headpiece filled with straw. Alas! — T.S. Eliot, "The Hollow Men", 1925 When many people share thoughts, speech, or conduct that is frequently repeated and becomes automatic, it is fair to call it a social habit. Such habits tend to become invisible and …

_____ (2022-11-01). Iraq: A glimmer of light at the end of the political tunnel. journal-neo.org Iraq has taken the first steps toward forming a new government, but whether it can achieve lasting peace in the country remains questionable. Mohammed Shia' Sabbar Al-Sudani, a former minister who has unexpectedly emerged as the new leader of the Shiites, is poised to take power as prime minister after forming a new coalition government …

Caitlin Johnstone (2022-11-01). Advocating World War Three Is Just Mainstream Punditry Now. globalresearch.ca

Philip Giraldi (2022-11-01). War Without End. What Is Wrong with the United States of America? globalresearch.ca

Infobrics (2022-11-01). US agencies working directly with Big Tech to police Internet content. infobrics.org Whether it's the election meddling designed to push their preferred candidates or promoting wars around the world, the so-called "struggle against MDM (misinformation, disinformation, malinformation)" has become the No. 1 pretext to suppress any information deemed as such.

Monet Bailey (2022-11-01). New gene editing technology may treat resistant childhood leukaemia. healtheuropa.com A team of researchers have engineered donor T-cells to treat childhood leukaemia that is resistant to other therapies. The Phase I trial, conducted by University College London and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) is the first to use "universal" CRISPR-edited cells in humans, which is a significant step towards employing gene editing technology …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-11-01). Why is the Global South Still Poor? libya360.wordpress.com Allen Myers In the years following World War Two, as numerous direct colonies won formal independence, there was a widespread belief, or at least a hope, that political independence would lead fairly rapidly to significant economic progress. No longer under the control of foreign exploiters, the ex-colonies would be free to undergo economic development like…

Georg Rammer, Bernhard Trautvetter (2022-11-01). Propaganda against war fatigue and 12 theses for survival. indybay.org What peaceful alternatives and perspectives of reconciliation must we demand against the prevailing war propaganda? The remark of Nobel Peace Prize winner Carl von Ossietzky still holds true: "War is a better business than peace." So let us demand: cease-fire! Negotiations! Disarmament and mutual security guarantees!

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Mekdad warns Israel Syria will respond to aggression. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Syria's Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad in an interview emphasized that his country will definitely give a response to the Israeli regime for the acts of aggression on the Syrian territories.

____ (2022-11-01). Refusal of National Palace Museum in Taipei to extend treaty sparks public concern. ecns.cn The National Palace Museum in Taipei refused to extend its treaty with Lanqianshanguan Studio, which has preserved rare cultural relics in the museum on the grounds of "limited warehouse space," triggering dissatisfaction among some industry insiders.

____ (2022-11-01). Animated adaptation of award-winning Chinese sci-fi novel coming in December. ecns.cn The much-anticipated animated adaptation of the Hugo Award-winning science fiction novel "The Three-Body Problem" by Liu Cixin is set for online release on Dec. 3 this year.

Anonymous Contributor (2022-11-01). Orlando Turns Out to Defend LGBTQ Center from Threats by Neo-Nazis and Proud Boys. itsgoingdown.org Report on successful community mobilization in defense of a local LFBTQ center in so-called Orlando, Florida. Originally posted to Iron Snowflake and slightly edited for readability and grammar. In the week leading up to October 29th, different neo-Nazi groups including the Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and the National Socialist Movement (NSM) announced that they would…

Andrea Bernstein, Ilya Marritz (2022-11-01). How the Biden administration caved to Republicans on fighting election disinformation. nationofchange.org Despite a White House pledge to counter dangerous conspiracy theories, the Department of Homeland Security has pulled back on a comprehensive effort to address disinformation to help election workers.

Brittani Banks (2022-11-01). A Deficit Spending Scam Destroyed UK's Prime Minister—Who's Next? independentmediainstitute.org With its disguises as "high finance" for the mystified and "Keynesian fiscal policy" for those "in the know," deficit spending by the government was quite a successful scam for a long while. When the UK's ex-prime minister opened her new government in September, Liz Truss followed tradition by trying to run the oft-used scam again. …

Brittani Banks (2022-11-01). In Nevada County, A Harbinger of the Chaos That Election Deniers Will Wreak. independentmediainstitute.org One day after Nevada's Supreme Court and Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske shut down a hand count of 2022 general election ballots in a rural county whose GOP leaders fell under the spell of 2020 election deniers, the man at the center of that political storm—Nye County Clerk Mark Kampf—was determined to resurrect the …

Graham Peebles (2022-11-01). A loud and clear lesson — for Ethiopia and the world. nationofchange.org There is no limit to what can be achieved by a united populace, building upon a platform of peace and brotherhood.

Jake Johnson (2022-11-01). 'They're ripping us off': BP profits could pay energy bills of 9.4 million UK householdsÔøº. nationofchange.org "Big fossil fuel firms making eyewatering profits is a slap in the face for the millions of citizens struggling to heat their homes."

Monet Bailey (2022-11-01). Identifying pancreatic cancer up to three years early. healtheuropa.com Researchers discover a novel method of identifying pancreatic cancer up to three years early than current diagnoses. In the largest study of its kind, researchers from the University of Surrey, in partnership with Pancreatic Cancer Action and the University of Oxford, analysed signs of pancreatic cancer, including weight loss, hyperglycaemia and diabetes to look for …

Rian Overy (2022-11-01). Reprogramming immune cells to improve melanoma treatment. healtheuropa.com Researchers from the University of Bristol have discovered a way to reprogramme immune cells to kill cancer and slow tumour growth, creating new options for melanoma treatment. The research, which has been published in the journal Advanced Science, demonstrates a new way to clear both early and late-stage cancerous tumour cells. The researchers used miniature …

Robert Reich (2022-11-01). The one thing to know before you vote. nationofchange.org When it comes to power in America, remember to vote for the little folks down at the bottom of your ballot.

Caoimhghin àì Croidheáin (2022-11-01). Romantic Heroes: Ameliorating the Dark Side of Capitalism. dissidentvoice.org Edmund Burke MP. Portrait by Joshua Reynolds, c.‚Äâ1769 Introduction The rapid spread of the science-based Enlightenment (c1687-c1804) across Europe during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was a cause of much dismay to the reigning monarchies of the time. The source of their anxiety, the philosophes, were propagating a radical new range of ideas "centered on …

Canadian Tire Fire (2022-11-01). Canadian Tire Fire #47: RCMP Vehicles Torched, Mohawk Mothers Win Injunction Against McGill, Actions Against Line 9B. itsgoingdown.org In our column this week, our main stories feature organizing in Vancouver against police brutality, the torching of RCMP vehicles in Smithers, a court victory for the Kahnistensera against McGill University, and an action against Line 9B in Montreal. On October 27th, folks gathered in Toronto's economic district to disrupt an event where RBC CEO…

Claire Asher (2022-11-01). Playing Dangerously: The Environmental Impact of Video Gaming Consoles. globalresearch.ca

Dana Sanchez (2022-11-01). New Academic Paper: 97 Percent Of Crypto Projects Launched On Uniswap Were Rug Pull Scams. moguldom.com Crypto exchange Uniswap has taken a hit to its reputation after Spanish researchers reported that 97.7 percent of tokens launched on the New York-based platform were rug pulls. Uniswap claims on its LinkedIn page to be the largest decentralized trading and automated market-making protocol on Ethereum. It says its users can legally swap crypto tokens …

Dr. Joseph Mercola (2022-11-01). Unholy Alliance — Faith Leaders Pushing Covid Pharma Fraud. globalresearch.ca

Fight Back (2022-11-01). Red Theory: What is socialism? fightbacknews.org Marxism isn't just a philosophical and analytical framework based on dialectical and historical materialism, or a critique of political economy. It is also a theory of revolutionizing society and building socialism. Based on the laws of motion of the capitalist societies that precede it, and the experiences of socialist construction from 1917 until today, Marxism-Leninism is able to give us a vision and roadmap for the socialist transformation of society. Of course, every country has its own concrete path to follow, based on its own time, place and conditions, but we can still draw some lessons from those experie…

Fight Back (2022-11-01). University of Texas at Arlington students' demand school stop honoring segregationist administrators. fightbacknews.org Arlington, TX – In the many decades since the University of Texas at Arlington ended segregation, students have fought long and hard to end the university's practice of glorifying white supremacy. | From protests against the university's previous Confederate rebel mascot, to the more recent renaming of the E.E. David administration building, UTA students are continuing the struggle for equality by insisting the school stop honoring two past presidents and blatant white supremacists, Jack R. Woolf and E.H. Hereford. | Over a dozen students from the UTA Progressive Student Union (PSU) were involved in a demonstrati…

It's Going Down (2022-11-01). This Is America #176: Omni Commons Fights to Survive in the Bay Area; Report from ICE Watch NYC. itsgoingdown.org Welcome, to This Is America, October 31st, 2022. On this episode, first we speak with two organizers involved in the long-running autonomous space the Omni Commons in Oakland. Growing out of Occupy Oakland about ten years ago, the Omni has grown into a large-scale community mutual aid hub and organizing space in Oakland, California. Sadly…

Matt Orfalea (2022-11-01). Video: Who Blew Up Nord Stream Pipelines? A Mystery! globalresearch.ca

Media Lens (2022-11-01). How the Media Quarantined Evidence of Cancer in Iraq and the Role of B.P. globalresearch.ca

Michael Snyder (2022-11-01). A Crippling Shortage of Diesel Fuel Threatens to Devastate Western Economies in 2023. globalresearch.ca

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-11-01). Egypt-Palestinian Authority Deal on Gaza Gas Fields Likely Won't Serve Palestinians, but Israel Instead. orinocotribune.com By Robert Inlakesh Oct 21, 2022 | Reports have emerged indicating that a deal between the Palestinian Authority and Egypt, over the extraction of natural gas that is located off the coast of the besieged Gaza Strip, could be within reach. Although this has been hailed as a positive development by Ramallah and Cairo, the issue could cause more harm than good and amount to the theft of Palestinian resources. | Talks are

Staff (2022-11-01). Presidents Maduro and Petro to Meet in Caracas Tomorrow. orinocotribune.com Caracas, October 31, 2022 ( A statement published by the Colombian Presidency on its Twitter account reported that Petro will arrive in Caracas on Tuesday with his work team to "have lunch with the Venezuelan president." | "

Staff (2022-11-01). Venezuela to Review Radio Frequency Concessions. orinocotribune.com On Monday, October 31, during a press conference of the National Directorate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the party's vice president, Diosdado Cabello, asserted that there has been more freedom of expression in Venezuela since the Bolivarian Revolution. | "There has never been so much freedom of expression in Venezuela as in times of Revolution. Never, never, ever!" emphasized Cabello. | He said that many radio stations in the country ha…

Stephen Sefton (2022-11-01). Latin America and the Caribbean — Between Cooperation and Intervention. globalresearch.ca

Ana Vraƒçar (2022-11-01). Teachers and parents unite for right to early education in Croatia. peoplesdispatch.org Kindergarten teachers and other workers in Croatia join forces with parents to build a better early childhood education system. There is a shortage of stuff and wide variations in pay among teachers…

Peoples Dispatch (2022-11-01). Bringing hope back to Brazil. peoplesdispatch.org Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of the Workers' Party (PT) emerged victorious in the Brazilian presidential elections held on October 30 defeating incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro. His victory brings hope to progressive political movements in the country as well as the people of Brazil who have been tormented by multiple governments in the last six years following the ousting of Dilma Rousseff.

Ryan Cristián (2022-11-01). Courtenay Turner Interview Overcoming Adversity & The Drive To Change The World. thelastamericanvagabond.com Joining me today on Moving Target is Courtenay Turner of the Courtenay Turner Podcast & now Pirate Stream Media, here to discuss her story and how it has shaped her work today. We discuss how her story overlaps with my own, and how our past drives us today to fight for those who do not

Monet Bailey (2022-11-01). The problem with giving patients access to their medical records. healtheuropa.com The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) analyses the consequences of giving patients online access to their GP medical records. In the UK, the NHS Long Term plan outlines the future of digital healthcare, giving patients full online access to their medical records. Despite the positive outlook of putting health back into the …

Rian Overy (2022-11-01). A rapid test for antiphospholipid syndrome is under development. healtheuropa.com Researchers from the University of Geneva have made a discovery which will enable the development of new rapid screening tests for antiphospholipid syndrome. Antiphospholipid syndrome is an autoimmune disease that causes thromboses, which can lead to stroke and heart attacks. The disease can have a serious impact on pregnant women and cause the death of …

Rian Overy (2022-11-01). A large-scale study of common blood thinners identifies the safest option. healtheuropa.com A large-scale comparison of blood thinners by researchers from University College London has identified the drugs with the lowest risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. The researchers found that the anticoagulant drug, apixaban, one of the two most common blood thinners, had the lowest risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. The full findings of the research have been published …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-11-01). Dbeiba Remains in Power in Exchange for Turkish Influence (Control) in Libya. libya360.wordpress.com Habib Lassoued Anyone who knows Abdul Hamid al-Dbeiba closely knows that he did not come to power by accident, but had been preparing for it for years, and he often told his friends he was destined for the ruling platform, and that nothing would prevent him from doing so. It is natural that it would…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-11-01). Lula's Victory & Latin American Unity. libya360.wordpress.com Andrés Arauz Our goal: On January 1, 2023, during Lula's swearing-in, the treaties for the new UNASUR are signed. We barely have two months to carry out all the preparatory work and reach key agreements. The legal path is being resolved thanks to the detailed technical-legal study of Guillaume Long and Natasha Suñé. Additionally, we must…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-11-01). Revolution is the Heart of Socialism. libya360.wordpress.com Sarah Garnham The history of class societies is awash with revolutionary uprisings, but no class system has seen more revolutionary ferment than capitalism. Throughout its 250-year history, not a decade has gone by without revolutionary struggle breaking out somewhere, and periodically there are waves of revolution that sweep across several countries. The most recent was…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-11-01). This Economic Crisis Has Come at the Perfect Moment to Catalyze Society's Breakdown. libya360.wordpress.com Rainer Shea Collapse isn't a tragedy, it's a crime. A crime being perpetrated against us for the benefit of a tiny minority. There's no honest argument for perpetuating the existing social order. Replacing it is the only rational option. When we analyze the collapse that our civilization is undergoing, we need to factor in the…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-11-01). We are Witnessing the Birth of a New World Order Where the West Will Have to Live Within its Means. libya360.wordpress.com Professor Sergey Karaganov At last week's Valdai Forum, in Moscow I was invited to speak at a session entitled "The Crumbling World: Lessons for the Future from the Political-Military Crisis of 2022." The event has become a leader in the international intellectual community in dealing with global affairs of the present and future. But the title of…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-11-01). What Can the Western Left Learn from Lula's Breathtaking Victory? libya360.wordpress.com Alex Fleck Lost in international jubilation that has met Lula da Silva's incredible political comeback are the sheer financial scale of what he had to defeat, and the makeup of a new re-organised progressive coalition he now leads — which will change Brazil's politics for a generation. The Worker's Party in Brazil has just won…

Peoples Dispatch (2022-11-01). Daily Round-up | Lula wins Brazilian presidency & other stories. peoplesdispatch.org In today's episode, we take a look at Lula's victory in Brazil, protests in Sudan, British protesters demanding justice for victims of police killings, and moves by the far right to seize an oil plant in Bolivia…

WSWS (2022-11-01). Lula is elected president of Brazil as Bolsonaro maintains silence on results. wsws.org Lula's narrow margin of victory will be exploited by Bolsonaro, posing the threat of a dictatorial conspiracy right up to the January 1 inauguration.

Jake Johnson (2022-11-01). 'They're Ripping Us Off': BP Profits Could Pay Energy Bills of 9.4 Million UK Households. commondreams.org "Big fossil fuel firms making eyewatering profits is a slap in the face for the millions of citizens struggling to heat their homes."

Caitlin (2022-11-01). Friday 10/28: Bread and Puppet comes to Berkeley with Apocalypse Defiance Circus. indybay.org Civic Center Park | Downtown Berkeley | 2151 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley, CA 94704…

SouthFront5 (2022-11-01). There Are No Progressives In U.S. Congress. southfront.org By Eric Zuesse | The common idea that there are progressives in the U.S. Congress (Senate and House) is entirely false — a put-on show, with no reality behind it. | A progressive's main commitment is to strengthen, and side with, the weak against the strong who threaten or abuse the weak; and, in the real world, the biggest application of that commitment is to support any nation that poses no threat to a more powerful nation, if the more powerful nation tries to take over that weaker and non-threatening…

San Francisco Trans Film Festival (2022-11-01). Thursday 11/10: 25th Anniversary San Francisco Trans Film Festival. indybay.org Z Space | 450 Florida St, | San Francisco, CA 94110…

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Veep says broadening regional cooperation Iran's priority. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — "Expanding regional cooperation by becoming members at various economic agreements and using various mechanisms is the Islamic Republic of Iran's priority," the first vice president Mokhber said at an SCO meeting Tuesday.

Direct Action Everywhere (2022-11-01). Saturday 11/12: November Day of Action: Costco Drop Smithfield. indybay.org 2500 17th St ∑ San Francisco, CA…

David Giesen (2022-11-01). Thursday 10/27: California ballot counsel from an Earth-as-common-space perspective. indybay.org ZOOM: us05web.zoom.us/j/84774434574?pwd=ajJsdn…

WSWS (2022-11-01). During campaign for November 1 general election, Danish Social Democrats call for alliance with right-wing parties. wsws.org With her appeal to end "bloc politics," Danish Prime Minister and Social Democrat leader Mette Frederiksen is laying the basis for a further lurch to the right of Denmark's political system.

____ (2022-11-01). U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on use of affirmative action in college admissions. ecns.cn The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on the use of affirmative action in college admissions on Monday.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran overcome conspiracies many times: Amir-Abdollahian. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said that the Islamic Republic has witnessed such conspiracies against the country many times and has always overcome them proudly.

Catherine Crockett (2022-11-01). Friday 11/11: The Boys Who Said NO! Free Film Screening. indybay.org Monterey Peace and Justice Center, 1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside, CA 939355…

____ (2022-11-01). Global investors see value in property market. ecns.cn Both international asset managers and property developers have accelerated the expansion of their presence in the Chinese real estate market, driven by the perception that it presents undeniable investment value.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Arms smuggling gang dismantled in SW Iran. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The police commander of Khuzestan province in the southwest of Iran announced the dismantling of an arms smuggling gang in the police operation.

____ (2022-11-01). Former Pakistani minister calls for people centric cooperation under CPEC. ecns.cn It is job creation and export revenue under the CPEC that will have the maximum impact on lives of people, said Sharif, who served as Pakistan's lead representative for Industrial Cooperation in the Joint Cooperation Committee of CPEC.

WSWS (2022-11-01). Contract votes begin for rail conductors, engineers and machinists; Railroad Workers Rank-and-File Committee holds successful public meeting. wsws.org The deal, struck with the unions on September 15 to prevent a national strike, is a sellout, reached in flagrant violation of the will of railroaders who voted nearly unanimously to authorize a strike.

CA Poor People's Campaign, partners (2022-11-01). Sunday 10/30: Fight Poverty, Not the Poor! Free GOTV Concert & BBQ Celebration. indybay.org McClatchy Park | 3500 5th Ave | Sacramento, CA 95817…

Reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras (2022-11-01). México: Comunalidad y vida concreta. indybay.org México: Comunalidad y vida concreta | (Jaime Martinez Luna y Gustavo Esteva)…

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iraq to continue to mediate btw Iran, S Arabia: new president. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The new Iraqi president Abdul Latif Rashid said his country will continue its mediating role between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

WSWS (2022-11-01). UK: Hull Stagecoach bus strike enters fourth week. wsws.org Around 2 members of the Unite union—drivers, engineers, cleaners and customer assistants—began all out action on October 7 which is scheduled to run to December 29.

WSWS (2022-11-01). Federal kidnapping and assault charges filed against Paul Pelosi's attacker. wsws.org Chilling new details released Monday by the Department of Justice underscore the fascistic political motives behind last Friday's attack.

San Francisco Public Library (2022-11-01). Saturday 12/17: Author: Rage of Innocence by Kristin Henning and Reginald Dwayne Betts. indybay.org [ONLINE] San Francisco Main Library…

Staff (2022-11-01). Díaz-Canel spoke with the president-elect of Brazil: Always count on Cuba. en.cubadebate.cu "Last night, with the emotion of victory, I spoke with Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. I sent him hugs from Raúl, from the Cuban people and government, and told him: 'Your victory belongs to Brazil and Latin America and the Caribbean, to integration and peace. Always count on Cuba,'" President Miguel Díaz-Canel wrote on his Twitter account. After enduring lawfare, jail and persecution, Lula da Silva was once again elected president in Brazil. He won this Sunday in the ballot, of the presidential elections, by obtaining .90% of the votes.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Chief Justice urges speedy trial of Gen. Soleimani assassins. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Addressing the president of the Supreme Judicial Council Faiq Zidan in a letter, Iranian Chief Justice Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje'i demanded speeding up the trial of the perpetrators of the assassination of Gen. Soleimani.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Seoul stampede's death toll rises to 156. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The number of victims in Saturday's stampede in Seoul has risen to 156, the country's Yonhap news agency reported on Tuesday.

WSWS (2022-11-01). Kokomo Stellantis workers voice support for Will Lehman for UAW president, denounce atrocious working conditions. wsws.org Workers denounced the dangerous conditions at the Kokomo Casting and Transmission plants.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Raeisi officially welcomes Armenian PM in Tehran. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi officially welcomed the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Tehran's Sa'dabad Complex on Tuesday.

WSWS (2022-11-01). Australian academic Dr Pippa Yeoman speaks about her ongoing struggle with Long COVID. wsws.org Yeoman spoke with the World Socialist Web Site about the failure of Australian governments to support sufferers of the debilitating illness and the disastrous consequences of ending basic COVID safety measures.

Anonymous765 (2022-11-01). Locations Of US Carrier Strike Groups — November 1, 2022. southfront.org This is the newest update of the 'U.S. Carrier Strike Groups Locations Map' exclusive series showing the approximate locations of U.S. Carrier Strike Groups. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence tracks locations of U.S. aircraft carriers using the available open-source information. No classified information was used in production of the map. | Carrier strike group (CSG) is an operational formation of the United States Navy. It is centered on an aircraft carrier and a carrier air w…

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Syria FM to arrive in Tehran tomorrow: report. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad will arrive in Tehran tomorrow to meet his Iranian counterpart and discuss bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries, media have reported.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Holding Arria-formula meeting dangerous precedent. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Iranian envoy to the UN described holding a meeting entitled "Ongoing Protests in Iran" as a dangerous precedent, calling on the UN to refrain from taking any action that may contribute to the holding of this meeting.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). At least 14 injured in shooting in Chicago on Halloween. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — At least 14 people, including two children and a teenager, were shot in a drive-by shooting in western Chicago on Halloween night on Monday, but there were no immediate reports of fatalities, police said.

WSWS (2022-11-01). Workers Struggles: The Americas. wsws.org Thousands of health care workers across Argentina are in the sixth week of a struggle for better pay and working conditions.

Peter Koenig (2022-11-01). The Big Lie: Worldwide Energy Shortage Plus Multiple Crises — All Manufactured — Meant for Destruction of Western Civilization. globalresearch.ca

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran starts 2022 Intl. Beach Soccer Cup with beating Paraguay. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Iran started the 2022 Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup on Tuesday on high note, beating Paraguay 5-2.

WSWS (2022-11-01). Contract votes begin for US rail conductors, engineers and machinists; Railroad Workers Rank-and-File Committee holds successful public meeting. wsws.org The deal, struck with the unions on September 15 to prevent a national strike, is a sellout, reached in flagrant violation of the will of railroaders who voted nearly unanimously to authorize a strike.

Alex Salmon (2022-11-01). Protesters target anti-abortion conference. greenleft.org.au Pro-choice activists protested outside an anti-abortion conference organised by Coalition in Defence of Human Life. Alex Salmon reports.

____ (2022-11-01). Summit to stress connected world's digital future. ecns.cn This year's edition of the World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit is expected to create an important platform for international exchanges and cooperation in cyberspace, and demonstrate the cutting-edge internet technologies and application scenarios.

The Green Arcade (2022-11-01). Sunday 11/13: Celebrating Forgotten Beat Era Poetry Star Laura Ulewicz. indybay.org The Green Arcade | 1680 Market Street | SF, CA 94102…

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran ready to create transit corridor between Armenia, PG. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Iranian road minister voiced readiness of Iranian firms for developing transportation between Iran and Armenia and creating a new transit corridor between Armenia and the Persian Gulf via Nordooz village in East Azarbaijan.

____ (2022-11-01). Colorful lights illuminate ancient village in Jiangxi. ecns.cn Located in the southwestern Le'an County, Liukeng village is famous for its large-scale architecture as well as unique building layout. It was listed as a key cultural heritage site under state-level protection in 2001.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). 6th exhibition on herbs kicks off in Iran. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 1 (MNA) — The sixth national festival and exhibition of medicinal plants and traditional medicine has kicked off in Tehran, Iran.

Angela (2022-11-01). Sunday 11/13: Q&A Discussion of "The Settlers" indybay.org

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Passive Defense commemoration ceremony marked in Tehran. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The commemoration ceremony of Passive Defense was held at IRIB International Conferences Hall on Monday in presence of 1st Vice President Mohammad Mokhber and Head of Passive Defense Org. Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran's gas exports to Armenia to double: official. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — After Iran and Armenia signed an MoU on economic cooperation in the energy field, the Iranian deputy oil minister said the gas exports to Armenia will double in the future.

____ (2022-11-01). Ancient pontoon bridge partially exposed due to drought in Jiangxi. ecns.cn The pontoon bridge, with a history of more than 800 years, uses floats or shallow-draft boats to support a deck for pedestrian and vehicle travel.

Chris Bambery (2022-11-01). Mike Davis (1946-2022): A class fighter. greenleft.org.au Chris Bambery pays tribute to author and class fighter, Mike Davis.

Allan Fisher (2022-11-01). Saturday 10/29: All Out for Palestine. indybay.org Corner of Ocean at Water Streets, Santa Cruz…

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran's Jiu-Jitsu fighter gets silver in world Champs. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 31 (MNA) — Iranian athlete has received a silver medal in the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship 2022 underway in the UAE.

WSWS (2022-11-01). South Korean workers in major industries vote to strike. wsws.org In their struggles, workers face the duplicity of the trade unions, which are seeking sellout deals with management and subordinate workers to the opposition Democratic Party.

____ (2022-11-01). NASA captures image of Sun 'smiling'. ecns.cn The NASA Dynamics Observatory caught the sun "smiling." Seen in ultraviolet light, these dark patches are known as coronal holes and are regions where fast wind streams out into space.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). "Seizure of other countries' lands by force is illegal" en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — An official at the Iranian President's Office has pointed to the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict, stressing that Iran considers the seizure of other countries' lands by force illegal.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Iran, Kuwait hold 5th meeting of joint consular commission. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — The fifth meeting of the Iran-Kuwait joint consular commission was held on Monday within the framework of friendly relations between the two countries.

Climate Creative (2022-11-01). Friday 11/4: The Climate Gallery Launch: An Interactive Night For Art and Environment. indybay.org CounterPulse 80 Turk Street San Francisco, CA 94102…

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). Front pages of Iran's English dailies on Nov. 1. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Here are the front pages of Iran's English language dailies on Tuesday, November 1.

____ (2022-11-01). Deadly stampede in Seoul under investigation. ecns.cn Police officers put a police line on the scene of the incident and block entry from outside at Itaewon in Seoul, South Korea, Oct. 31, 2022. The deadly stampede in Seoul has killed at least 155 people.

WSWS (2022-11-01). One in ten New York City public school students is homeless. wsws.org According to a new study, over 104,000 students in New York City schools experienced some form of homelessness last year, an increase of 3 percent from the previous year.

WSWS (2022-11-01). Arizona federal judge rules that fascists have free speech right to intimidate voters at ballot drop boxes. wsws.org A federal judge denied a request for an injunction against fascists who are intimidating voters at Arizona ballot drop boxes, ruling that the First Amendment protects their threatening conduct.

California Democratic Party (2022-11-01). Monday 10/31: Prop 1 Rally at USF. indybay.org On top of Lone Mountain at University of San Francisco!

En.mehrnews (2022-11-01). President Raeisi calls for deepening Iran-Algeria ties. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) — Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi in a message to his Algerian counterpart called for the expansion of relations between Iran and Algeria.

____ (2022-11-01). Death toll from S.Korea's crowd crush rises to 155. ecns.cn The death toll from a crowd crush, which occurred Saturday night at the Itaewon district of the South Korean capital Seoul during Halloween gatherings, rose overnight, the authorities said Tuesday.

WSWS (2022-11-01). Four killed in Bronx house fire. wsws.org Sunday's deadly fire highlights the housing crisis for the working class in the United States' largest city and economic center.

WSWS (2022-11-01). Ontario government to use brutal anti-strike law to impose massive wage cut on education support workers. wsws.org The legislation is an attack on the entire working class. It robs workers of their democratic rights to strike and bargain collectively and sets a benchmark for savage pay cuts.

Leon Kunstenaar (2022-11-01). Protest Opposes Expanded US/UN Military Intervention in Haiti. indybay.org US, Canada, France and even the UN have brought oppression and disease to Haiti…

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