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2018-09-29: News Headlines

wsws (2018-09-29). German Left Party mayor orders deportation of refugees. wsws.org The Left Party mayor of Frankfurt on the Oder, René Wilke, has initiated a deportation order against seven refugees from Syria, Pakistan and the Palestinian territories.

Peter Korzun (2018-09-29). EU, UK, Russia, & China Join Together To Dodge US Sanctions On Iran. iranian.com The UN General Assembly (UNGA) in New York is a place where world leaders are able to hold important meetings behind closed doors. Russia, China, the UK, Germany, France, and the EU seized that opportunity on Sept. 24 to achieve a real milestone. The EU, Russia, China, and Iran will create a special purpose vehicle (SPV), a […]

wsws (2018-09-29). Russian Duma rams through pension reform amid mass opposition. wsws.org The passing of the reform, the most unpopular measure of the Russian government in decades, sets the stage for a sharp escalation of social and political conflicts in Russia.

Whitney Webb (2018-09-29). New WikiLeaks Release Exposes Corruption In UAE Arms Deal Fueling War On Yemen. iranian.com Though the corruption detailed in the newly leaked document took place decades ago, it highlights how lucrative arms deals are often enough incentive for governments to bend the rules in order to keep weapons and cash flowing, no matter the consequences. [dropcap]th[/dropcap]e transparency organization WikiLeaks just released a new document that sheds light on the corruption behind […]

Oil Price (2018-09-29). Oil Market Shocked As China's Top Refiner Halves Iranian Oil Imports. iranian.com China's top refiner Sinopec is halving its oil imports from Iran as of September, bowing to pressure from the United States, which is seeking to bring Iranian oil exports down to zero with the sanctions returning in November, Reuters reported on Friday, quoting people familiar with the issue. Sinopec will reduce its imports from Iran to around […]

RT (2018-09-29). Trump guilty of 'global domination' by telling other nations how to trade — US state senator to RT. rt.com When Donald Trump told the UN General Assembly that Washington chooses independence over global dominance, he failed to note that the US exerts such dominance by telling other countries how to trade, Sen. Richard Black told RT.

Zero Hedge (2018-09-29). Iran Threatens Safety Of US Military Bases, Warns Saudi Arabia Of "Red Lines" iranian.com Iran has issued a number of threats on Friday following official charges made by leaders in Tehran that Saudi Arabia and the UAE funded a terrorist attack on a military parade in a southwest district last Saturday which killed 25 people, including members of the elite Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). Iranian military officials declared "red lines" against […]

Alice Speri (2018-09-29). ICE Defied a Court Order in Vendetta Against Deportee. theintercept.com Danny Michel's daughter and attorneys kept refreshing a map tracking his flight as they walked into federal court in Brooklyn on a sweltering Monday evening last month. On their phones, they watched his JetBlue flight from Port-au-Prince land at JFK airport as they waited for the after-hours judge on duty to see them. Timing was key: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had warned that they would detain Michel as soon as he stepped on U.S. soil. They needed the judge to stop ICE before it got to him. | Michel's attorneys succeeded, but for the next several hours, they found themselves fighting with the government to have their client released while ICE held him in violation of the judge's order. By the time he finally walked free the next day, Michel had been in ICE custody — illegally — since landing in the…

Juan Cole, Informed Comment (2018-09-29). Lindsey Graham Consistently Disregards Violence Toward Women — And His State Is a Women's Murder Capital. alternet.org Graham's tone deafness to rape victims is nothing new. He has consistently voted against the Violence against Women Act. | Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made it abundantly clear in the hearing on Thursday that he cares more about Republican Party control of the Supreme Court than about rape victims. He implied that the charges of sexual assault that have surfaced against Brett Kavanaugh are a Democratic Party plot. . .

Labor Video Project (2018-09-29). The Attack On Julian Assange, Journalists, Democratic Rights, Labor & Imperialist War. indybay.org

Shared by Anton Woronczuk (2018-09-29). Electing Democrats Without Confronting Neoliberalism Will Not Be Enough. truthout.org In recent decades, there has been an explosion of social movements and protest around an ever-growing range of issues. To the casual observer, tree-sits by Earth First! activists to protect old-growth forests, courageous farmerworkers organizing to end modern-day slavery in Florida's tomato fields, and young military veterans reenacting war scenarios in uniform on the streets of New York have little to do with each other. | However, in his new book The Defiant: Protest Movements in Post-Liberal America, Dawson Barrett makes a compelling argument that these seemingly disparate movements — for environmental and economic justice, to end US militarism and wars abroad, and even the rise of youth countercultures, like those that birthed punk rock and hip hop — are in fact far more connected than is first apparent. They are all responding to the different manifestations of the neoliberal economic model, which…

Staff (2018-09-29). Israeli Troops Kill Seven Gazans at Border. truthdig.com GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli troops killed seven Palestinians, two of them children, and wounded dozens more, Palestinian health officials said, in the deadliest day in recent weeks as Gaza's Hamas rulers stepped up protests along the border fence. | Thousands of Palestinians gathered Friday at five locations along Gaza Strip's frontier with Israel in response to calls by Hamas, the militant group that has controlled Gaza since seizing it from the Palestinian Authority in 2007. | Two of the dead were children, aged 12 and 14, the Gaza Health Ministry said, adding that all the dead had gunshot wounds. At least 90 other protesters were wounded by live fire, officials said. | Hamas has led weekly protests since March, but accelerated them in recent weeks to near daily events, pressing in large part for an end to a crippling Israeli-Egyptian blockade…

IMEMC News (2018-09-29). Israeli Army Injures Several Palestinians Near Jenin. imemc.org Israeli soldiers invaded, on Friday at night, Misilyah village, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and caused many Palestinians to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation, during protests the followed the invasion. Media sources said the soldiers fired many gas bombs at random, some striking homes, causing […]…

wsws (2018-09-28). Turkish president visits Berlin as US-European conflict in Middle East rises. wsws.org Erdogan went to Germany seeking an ally against Trump's trade war measures and increasingly hostile policy toward Turkey in the Syrian war crisis.

South Front (2018-09-28). Video: Several European Countries Deliver Chemical Weapons Components to Idlib? Russian Report. globalresearch.ca Components of chemical weapons were delivered to the Syrian province of Idlib from several European states, Director of the Department for Arms Non-Proliferation and Control at the Russian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Yermakov stated on September 25. On September 20, Russian …

Robert Fantina (2018-09-28). Trump and Iran. counterpunch.org As U.S. President Donald Trump runs amok on the world stage, there seems to be a global focus more on his erratic behavior, than on what it is he proposes. We must not overlook his oppression of the Palestinians, bombing of school children in Yemen or support for terrorists in Syria. But our own focus More

Israel Shamir (2018-09-28). Russia And The Taming Of The Israelis. iranian.com Russia's unexpected decision to supply Syria with S-300 surface-to-air missile systems and to integrate Syria's air defence within the Russian command calls for a quick reassessment of our views. It turned out that Russia is able to learn and respond in an unanticipated way. Yes, in the immediate aftermath of the Il-20 downing, the Russian […]

Tom D. Rogers (2018-09-28). Disgusting Conflict of Interest: Theresa May's Husband's Investment Firm Made a "Financial Killing" from the Bombing of Syria. globalresearch.ca The Prime Minister took the decision to bomb Syria under the full knowledge that her husband's investment firm would make a financial killing from the resultant bloodbath.

Dave Lindorff (2018-09-28). On Ron Ridenour's 'Pentagon on Alert: The Russian Peace Threat'. counterpunch.org In the preface to his remarkable three-volume History of the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky, writing in 1930 about earth-shaking events in which he was a key actor, explains his view of writing history. He cites reactionary French historian Louis Madelin, who wrote that "…the historian ought to stand upon the wall of a threatened city, and More

RT (2018-09-28). House Intel Committee votes to release 'Russiagate' transcripts. rt.com The House Intelligence Committee has voted to release transcripts from its own investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The transcripts include testimony from key Trump campaign figures. |

Andrew Korybko (2018-09-28). Geopolitics of The Russian Far East. globalresearch.ca Despite being a far-flung and underdeveloped region, the Russian Far East might turn out to be the country's most promising one if several visionary connectivity proposals are implemented. | Russia has been prioritizing the development of its far-flung and long-neglected Far …

Steve Klinger (2018-09-28). Lie and Deny. counterpunch.org It is difficult to keep my head from exploding with each new day's political developments. So now Rod Rosenstein is quitting or may be fired, leaving Mueller's Russia investigation in grave jeopardy. Or maybe not. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces an increasing number of allegations of sexual misbehavior which may derail his nomination to More

SouthFront (2018-09-28). U.S. Stepping Up Efforts To Form "Arab NATO" To Confront Iran. iranian.com In an interview with the National news outlet, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arabian Gulf Affairs Tim Lenderking revealed that he has been touring the region for the past weeks to lay the groundwork for a US-hosted summit in January that would launch a strategic Arab alliance, similar to the NATO. According to […]

RT (2018-09-28). Pompeo warns Iran against 'attacks on US facilities' after closing Iraq consulate. rt.com Iran will be held responsible for any harm to Americans in Iraq caused by 'associated militias,' US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, announcing the US consulate in Basra will temporarily close for safety reasons. |

Stephen Lendman (2018-09-28). Netanyahu's Latest Ticking Iran Bomb Stunt at the UN General Assembly. globalresearch.ca Iran's nuclear program is the most intensively monitored on the planet. It has no military component, no credible evidence suggesting otherwise. | All the huffing, puffing and posturing histrionics by Netanyahu and other Iranophobes can't refute cold hard facts. | IAEA officials …

Whitney Webb (2018-09-28). Sheldon Adelson: Biggest Donor In All Of US Politics, Brings An Israel First Agenda To Washington. iranian.com Sheldon Adelson's massive expenditures in federal elections this cycle are being made because he believes that Republican control of the House and the Senate is vital to maintaining right-wing and pro-Zionist policies and his influence in Washington and at the White House. [dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to publicly available campaign finance data, Sheldon Adelson — the conservative, Zionist, […]

Middle East Monitor (2018-09-28). Netanyahu Claims Iran Has a Secret Nuclear Site. mintpressnews.com Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday described what he said was a secret atomic warehouse in Tehran and accused Europe of appeasing Iran as he sought to rally support for US sanctions against the Islamic Republic, Reuters reports. | Addressing the United Nations General Assembly, Netanyahu showed an aerial photograph of the Iranian capital marked with a red arrow and pointed to what he said was a previously secret warehouse holding nuclear-related material. He argued this showed Iran still sought to obtain nuclear weapons, despite its 2015 agreement with world powers to curb its program in exchange for a loosening of sanctions. | pic.twitter.com/6pev3xEVML | — Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) September 27, 2018 | Netanyahu spoke 4-1/2 months after US President Donald Trump withdrew from the accord, arguing it did too little to rein in Tehran's nuclear ambitions and triggering the resumption…

Julia Conley (2018-09-28). Senate Bill Would Forbid Attack On Iran Without Congressional Approval. iranian.com With National Security Adviser John Bolton threatening to "come after" Iran this week and President Donald Trump accusing the country of sowing "chaos, death, and destruction," Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) was joined Wednesday by several other members of the Democratic caucus in urging Congress to ensure that the U.S. avoids yet another prolonged war by […]

Linda Greene (2018-09-28). Dale, Indiana: A Tiny Town Fights a Massive Coal-to-Diesel Refinery. counterpunch.org Dale, a town in Spencer County, southwest Indiana, is under siege. Set in farming country, with a population of 1,593 that's 84.6% white and an annual median income of $34,000, Dale is a close-knit, peaceful community. Riverview Energy Corp., based in Delaware, wants to build a $2.5 billion coal-to-diesel refinery in Dale on 512 acres More

INA (2018-09-28). 3-Month-Old Baby Injured at Kufur Qaddoum. imemc.org A 3-month-old baby was reportedly among several Palestinians injured by Israeli forces suppressing the weekly peaceful anti-settlement procession, on Friday, in the Kufur Qaddoum village of the northern occupied West Bank district of Qalqilia. Coordinator of the popular resistance committee in Kafr Qaddoum, Morad Eshteiwi, said that Israeli forces raided […]…

Aleksandar Pavic (2018-09-28). Serbian President Accuses West of 'Brutal Meddling' in Bosnia-Herzegovina's Elections. globalresearch.ca Western interference in all things Bosnian is hardly news. Not today, not yesterday, not 26 years ago, when the then-US ambassador to Yugoslavia, Warren Zimmerman, encouraged Bosnian Muslim fundamentalist leader Alija Izetbegovic to reject a peace plan – accepted, incidentally, …

INA (2018-09-28). Gaza is the Israeli Arms Industry's Testing Ground. imemc.org by Nabil Salem The government in Israel presents us with more proof, every day, that it represents and adopts an aggressive approach that is not interested in peace, or even willing to respect international laws and conventions. It also gives us evidence that it wages wars for the sake of […]…

wsws (2018-09-28). David North warmly welcomed on his arrival in Sri Lanka. wsws.org North stressed the immense role played by Trotskyism in the political development of the working class in Sri Lanka.

Ralph Nader (2018-09-28). Gross Hospital Negligence Does Not Exempt Celebrities. counterpunch.org Solid studies by physicians at leading medical schools have been warning of the huge casualty toll that flows from preventable problems in hospitals. A 2016 peer-reviewed study by physicians at the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine estimated that at least 5,000 people a week in the U.S. lose their lives due to such causes as More

Ramzy Baroud (2018-09-28). The Real Reasons behind Washington's War on UNRWA. counterpunch.org The US government's decision to slash funds provided to the United Nations agency that cares for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, is part of a new American-Israeli strategy aimed at redefining the rules of the game altogether. As a result, UNRWA is experiencing its worst financial crisis. The gap in its budget is estimated at around $217 More

Rachel M. Cohen (2018-09-28). Elizabeth Warren Introduces Plan to Expand Affordable Housing and Dismantle Racist Zoning Practices. theintercept.com The Massachusetts senator introduced a bill this week that would create up to 3.2 million housing units for low- and middle-class families over 10 years.

wsws (2018-09-28). German government agrees to arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia, fuelling war in Yemen. wsws.org The arms shipments to the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula are part of the strategic plans of the German ruling class, which wants to pursue its geopolitical goals by military means.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2018-09-28). "The War is Worth Waging": Afghanistan's Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas. globalresearch.ca The war on Afghanistan is a profit driven "resource war".

Cesar Chelala (2018-09-28). Why do Republicans Hate Women? counterpunch.org If one follows the behavior of Republican law-makers over the last several years, a pattern soon emerges: most of their policies tend to limit women's rights, in an overt or clear way. And one cannot but wonder about what prompts this negative behavior. Are they, perhaps, unaware of it or, more pointedly, it reflects their More

Whitney Webb (2018-09-28). New WikiLeaks Release Exposes Corruption in UAE Arms Deal Fueling War on Yemen. mintpressnews.com Though the corruption detailed in the newly leaked document took place decades ago, it highlights how lucrative arms deals are often enough incentive for governments to bend the rules in order to keep weapons and cash flowing, no matter the consequences.

Jon Jeter (2018-09-28). A Greedy Economy on Borrowed Time: America Under the Sword of Damocles. mintpressnews.com Economists and financiers fear that the Treasury will have to print more and more money to service that debt, ultimately devaluing the currency and triggering hyperinflation, similar to what Germany experienced in trying to repay its onerous foreign debts following World War I.

INA (2018-09-28). Human Rights Center Warns of Excessive Israeli Detention Procedures. imemc.org Al Mezan Center for Human Rights has expressed deep concern over the excessive use of administrative detention by the Israeli occupation authorities against Palestinian detainees. The Center reported, in a press release, that four Palestinians, of those who are administratively detained by the Israeli occupation, have launched a hunger strike […]…

wsws (2018-09-28). US wars claim soaring civilian casualties in Yemen and Afghanistan. wsws.org The US media has all but ignored the escalating slaughter in the two countries as well as the clear evidence of Washington's war crimes.

Derrick Broze (2018-09-28). New Study Finds a Popular Chemical is Harming Honey Bees. mintpressnews.com As a new study finds that an ingredient in Monsanto's popular herbicide is harming honey bees the corporation is seeking to have a recent $289 million jury award thrown out of court.

Shared by Samantha Borek (2018-09-28). Over 50 Groups Call on Grassley to Resign as Judiciary Committee Chair. truthout.org As Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) put on a " genuinely unhinged" performance during Thursday's Senate hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford — constantly interrupting Democratic senators and repeatedly inserting self-serving rants between questioning — more than 50 Iowa-based and national groups representing hundreds of thousands of Americans sent a letter denouncing Grassley's "failed leadership" and demanding that he immediately resign as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. | Slamming Grassley's efforts to rush through Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh without a federal investigation of Ford's credible sexual assault allegations, the groups accused Grassley of injecting "partisan politics and misogynistic bullying" into the Judiciary Committee's leadership. | "You have publicly bullied a woman who has stepped forward to report allegations of sexual assault," the letter states. "You and your staff had knowledge of the allegation prior to it becoming public, and…

Whitney Webb (2018-09-28). "Is This What We Destroy Lives For?" Iraq, Afghanistan Vets' Guilt, Unanswered Questions Spike Suicide Rate. mintpressnews.com While the VA report may call the jump in young veteran suicides an "urgent crisis," it unfortunately seems to be a crisis with no end in sight until the country is finally forced to reckon with its dark legacy of regime-change wars and military occupations around the world.

Shared by Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-09-28). More Democrats Sign On to Stop Yemen War, But is Enough Being Done? therealnews.com With 23 co-sponsors for a new measure that would withdraw U.S. forces from the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen, Rep. Ro Khanna says that ending the war is "now a mainstream position within the Democratic Party." Bill co-sponsor Rep. Adam Smith, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services committee discusses the measure and whether…

Peter Bach (2018-09-28). Soho, Howse and the Spirit World. counterpunch.org Discriminating Americans flying over London right now closing their airport copies of Bob Woodward's Fear or shutting down on their iPads or Kindles Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng will know exactly where to look north of the glistening Thames to find the presently threatened tract of land known as Soho. It's been an addiction for Americans More

Jon Schwarz (2018-09-28). Kavanaugh's High School, Georgetown Prep, Warned Parents in 1990 of "Sexual or Violent Behavior" at Parties. theintercept.com Georgetown Prep joined six other D.C. private schools in sending a letter to parents describing "excessive drinking and sexual license."

Shared by Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-09-28). Rancorous Senate Cmte Pushes Kavanaugh Nomination, FBI Will Investigate Accusations. therealnews.com Who believes what depends on what you believe in our divided nation. Political war wrapped in misogyny leads to one of history's most explosive Senate confirmations

Robert Hunziker (2018-09-28). What Comes Next. counterpunch.org There are no hidden secrets about anthropogenic global warming. It's everywhere, wherever one looks! After all, the People's Climate March (311,000) in 2014 organized by 350.org (Bill McKibben) was one of the biggest rallies ever held in NYC. Also, worldwide exposure was ubiquitously on display at the Paris Agreement/2015 assemblage to tackle climate change, involving More

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-28). 'Stop the War!' — Yemeni-Americans Condemn Trump and Saudi Arabia Outside UN. therealnews.com Yemeni-Americans called for an end to the US-Saudi war on their home, at a protest outside the United Nations General Assembly. Ben Norton reports

CounterSpin (2018-09-28). Hannah Hetzer on New War on Drugs, John Conroy & Jamie Kalven on Chicago Police Violence. fair.org Media…

Democracy Now! (2018-09-28). Despite Gut-Wrenching Testimony from Dr. Blasey Ford, GOP Moves Forward with Vote on Kavanaugh. democracynow.org The Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee is preparing to vote on the confirmation of Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh after an extraordinary day of testimony from Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who testified she is "100 percent positive" that Kavanaugh attempted to rape her at a high school party in 1982. During the hearing, Kavanaugh said he was innocent, and claimed he was the victim of a left-wing plot of "revenge on behalf of the Clintons." We play Dr. Blasey Ford's full opening statement.

Middle East Monitor (2018-09-28). Report: Israel Denies Entry to 2,000 Palestinians Based on Their Last Names. mintpressnews.com Over the past two years, more than 2,000 people have been impacted by a decision to revoke entry permits to Israel from Palestinians who share a name with someone who has carried out a resistance attack, a report by Hebrew channel Social TV has revealed. | Since 2016, thousands of Palestinian workers from the West Bank, many of whom have worked in Israel for over 20 years, have had their entry denied overnight, rendering them jobless. | When the reason for the refusal is requested, Israeli authorities state that it is due to a shared family name with a suspected resistance attacker, even if no actual familial connection exists between the two parties. The move has impacted hundreds of people with common Palestinian names. | "It could be hundreds or thousands of people for that matter," Yoav Gal Tamir of the workers…

IMEMC News (2018-09-28). Israeli Soldiers Kill Seven Palestinians, Including Two Children, Injure 506, In Gaza. imemc.org The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported, Friday, that Israeli soldiers killed seven Palestinians, including two children, and injured 506 others, including 90 with live fire; three of them suffered serious wounds, during the Great Return March processions, in the Gaza Strip. Dr. Ashraf al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Health Ministry […]…

Geoff Gray (2018-09-28). Black 47 and Palestine. counterpunch.org Why did the Palestinian flag fly over Dublin City hall and many other city halls in Ireland last summer. And why is Ireland the only country to boycott Israeli goods made in the illegal territories. The answer is found in the compelling new picture about the Irish Potato Famine, Black 47 which opens September 28 More

teleSUR (2018-09-28). Abbas Just Slammed Israeli Colonial Expansion in His UN General Assembly Speech. mintpressnews.com He highlighted the plight of Palestinians who live under the brutal occupation and condemned the U.S. administration for supporting the colonial state of Israel.

INA (2018-09-28). MoH: In Less Than Two Weeks, 10 Palestinians Killed & 1,193 Injured. imemc.org The latest figures provided by the Ministry of Health (MoH) indicate that, during the demonstrations between the 10th and 22nd of September, ten Palestinians, including four children, were killed and 1,193 were injured by Israeli forces. Out of the total 1,193 injured, 690 patients required transfer to the MoH hospitals or NGO clinics, including 127 children […]…

INA (2018-09-28). Palestinians Injured as Israeli Forces Suppress 27th Great March of Return. imemc.org At least 35 Palestinians were injured by Israeli forces, during protests at the eastern borders of the besieged Gaza Strip, on Friday. The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that a total of 35 Palestinians were injured until 5: 00 p.

Andrew Korybko (2018-09-27). Russia: We Need to Protect Our Troops in Syria. The S-300 Air Defense System. globalresearch.ca Israel has very real reasons to fear Russia's S-300 shipment to Syria if Damascus actually ends up independently wielding this defensive system to safeguard its airspace every time that it's threatened, though that might be exactly why Tel Aviv and …

Gordon Adams (2018-09-27). The US Will Have To Accept Second-Class Status In The Middle East. iranian.com You may not have noticed it — the chair that wasn't there. The seven-year long Syrian civil war is ending with a government victory, aided by Russia and Iran. Talks to end to the war are accelerating. Who is at the table in those talks? Russia, Turkey and Iran. Noticeably, not the United States. The missing U.S. was starkly […]

Mark Taliano (2018-09-27). "White Supremacy Colonialism" and US Interventionism in Syria. globalresearch.ca "White Man's Burden", a colonial euphemism for what Marthe Raymond calls "White Supremacy Colonialism" is a subconscious driver behind what Canada and its allies are currently imposing on Syria. According to this "logic", we can bomb and slaughter and behead …

SouthFront (2018-09-27). Russia Will Supply Syria With Short To Medium Range Air Defense Systems Beside S-300 — Report. iranian.com Russia will supply Syria with a batch of short to medium range air defense systems additionally to long range S-300 systems, which will soon be delivered to the country, the Russian news agency Sputnik reported on September 26 citing Russian-language media. According to state-run news agency, Syria will receive additional Buk-M2E, Pantsir-S1 and Pechora-2M systems […]

Salman Rafi Sheikh (2018-09-27). Iran Maneuvers To "Contain the US" In Syria. iranian.com Apart from Russia, it is Iran that has a legitimate presence in Syria, and has fought directly to prevent the fall of Assad from power. Over the last six years of Syrian war, Iran's role and character has expanded and changed from sending military advisers and fighters to becoming a new bone of contention between […]

Whitney Webb (2018-09-27). Iran Warns It Will Respond To Future Israeli Strikes Targeting Syria And Its Allies. iranian.com Leaked State Department emails have shown that chaos in Syria benefits Israel, suggesting a strategic motive on Israel's part for the taking the risk of sparking a major war by continuing its air attacks on its neighbor. [dropcap]C[/dropcap]oncerns that the conflict in Syria could soon escalate have now grown exponentially following comments from Iran's top […]

Patrick Lawrence (2018-09-27). The Battle for Our Minds. globalresearch.ca There are battlefields in Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, and elsewhere, but given the state of corporate media, perhaps the most consequential battle now being fought is for our minds, says Patrick Lawrence. | After reading The New York Times piece "The Plot

Stephen Lendman (2018-09-27). Trump Regime Rage Against Sovereign Independent States. globalresearch.ca Straightaway in office, Trump was co-opted by hardline extremists. Things worsened dramatically after Pompeo replaced Tillerson at State and Bolton took over from McMaster as national security advisor. | Trump's outreach to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was all for naught, …

RT (2018-09-27). Russia upping trolling game? Don't worry, America, you are still the best. rt.com Russia is channeling US President Donald Trump by trolling the West through its official twitter accounts. Or at least that's what the Daily Beast believes, warning that reading Russian tweets may confuse the American public.

RFE (2018-09-27). Israel Accuses Iran Of Concealing Nuclear Material For Weapons Program. iranian.com Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday accused Iran of hiding nuclear-related material at a warehouse in Tehran, which he said proved it had not abandoned its nuclear weapons programme. "Today I am disclosing for the first time that Iran has another secret facility in Tehran, a secret atomic warehouse for storing massive amounts of […]

Tehran Times (2018-09-27). "Desire To Fly" Director Yadollah Samadi Dies At 66. iranian.com Iranian director Yadollah Samadi, most famous for his epic TV series "Desire to Fly" on Iranian war hero Abbas Babai, died of heart failure at a Shiraz hospital on Tuesday. He was 66. He was at the hospital waiting for a liver transplant, Persian news agencies announced on Tuesday. Born in Maragheh, Samadi began his […]

Farid Parsa (2018-09-27). RubƒÅ øiyƒÅt Of Fernando Pessoa. iranian.com Fernando Pessoa was born in Portugal in 1888. A year before he died, Message, was published. It was a patriotic collection of poems in three cycles. A year later when he died, age 47, (from an alcohol-related disease) he left behind a large trunk full of handwritten and typed manuscripts. It is estimated there were […]

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-27). Iran's President Rouhani Charges US with 'Economic Terrorism' at UN. therealnews.com President Hassan Rouhani of Iran provided a sharp contrast to President Trump's UN speech, charging the US with undermining international law and of isolating the US, while practicing economic terrorism against Iran and bullying other countries

Keith Jones (2018-09-27). Washington Amplifies War Threats Against Iran, Bullies the World. globalresearch.ca US President Donald Trump used his second day of high-profile appearances at the United Nations Wednesday to amplify Washington's war-threats against Iran and bully countries around the world. | At a UN Security Council session ostensibly devoted to preventing the proliferation …

Democracy Now! (2018-09-27). Headlines for September 27, 2018. democracynow.org Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford to Testify at Historic Senate Hearing, Third Woman Publicly Accuses Judge Kavanaugh of Sexual Misconduct, President Trump Attacks Kavanaugh Accusations as "Con Game", Sen. Jeff Merkley Sues Trump and Senate Leaders to Halt Kavanaugh Confirmation, Kavanaugh Friend Who Appeared in Ad Withdraws Support, Alyssa Milano Joins Sexual Assault Survivors in Capitol Hill Protest, Two Key Republican Women Senators Waver on Support for Kavanaugh, At U.N., Trump Accuses China of Election Meddling & Attacks Iran, Bolivian President Calls Out U.S. over Coups & Support for Dictators, Trum…

wsws (2018-09-27). Washington amplifies war threats against Iran, bullies the world. wsws.org In his two days at the UN, Trump threatened much of the world, giving voice to the insatiable aspirations of US imperialism and the dissatisfaction of its ruling elite at the erosion of its economic power.

RT (2018-09-27). 'Low class': Facebook exec and WhatsApp co-founder in war of words over monetization efforts. rt.com Facebook executive David Marcus has called WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton a "whole new standard of low-class" after the entrepreneur criticised the social media giant and its efforts to monetize the popular messaging app.

RT (2018-09-27). Does he know the Cold War is over? RT unpacks Trump's UN sermon against socialism (VIDEO). rt.com Trump sermonized to the UN General Assembly about the evils of socialism — but his lecturing was met with crickets. RT's Caleb Maupin dives into the US leader's Cold War-era rant, and why it received a chilly reception.

PW Reader (2018-09-27). A $15 an hour living wage should be a starting point. peoplesworld.org In 1980, I was loading trucks on the docks and earning $12.96 an hour. The average household income was roughly $19,000 annually. At $27,000, I was earning more than the national household average. Fast forward 38 years and I'm actually earning less per hour than I was in 1980…

James Carden (2018-09-27). Centrist House Democrats Join the Progressive Movement to Stop the War on Yemen. thenation.com Centrist House Democrats Join the Progressive Movement to Stop the War on Yemen appeared first on The Nation.

RT (2018-09-27). Congress resolution aims to force Trump into ending US involvement in Yemen War. rt.com US involvement in the "world's worst humanitarian crisis" — the war in Yemen — could soon come to a halt as 23 members of Congress put forward a resolution to stop troops from assisting in "unauthorized" hostilities.

Nino Pagliccia (2018-09-27). The Foreign "Visible Hand" of the Market Exposed and Barred in Venezuela. globalresearch.ca Since 2012 Venezuela has undergone an economic war directed mostly by and from the U.S. that has targeted market prices of goods and services, in part, by the impact of unilateral economic sanctions, but also in large part by the …

the Editors (2018-09-27). For Justice, Not Apartheid, in Palestine. thenation.com For Justice, Not Apartheid, in Palestine appeared first on The Nation.

Democracy Now! (2018-09-26). World Laughs at Trump as He Boasts About Himself in U.N. Address Threatening Iran, Venezuela. democracynow.org World leaders in the United Nations General Assembly burst out laughing when President Trump boasted about his accomplishments. Trump praised North Korea, attacked Germany and accused Iran of "sowing chaos, death and destruction," drawing scorn from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. "What's amazing is not that this hall of seasoned professionals laughed at him, but that he doesn't get more laughter in the United States. These cable news programs take him seriously. … He should be laughed off the screen everywhere," says Juan Cole, historian and author of "Engaging the Muslim World."

RT (2018-09-26). Twitter in disbelief after Trump calls out China for election meddling, 'ignoring Russia'. rt.com In a speech to the United Nations Security Council, President Trump blamed China for meddling in US elections. On Twitter, the #resistance is furious he didn't name the old boogeyman: Russia. |

RT (2018-09-26). Rand Paul wants to lift US travel bans on Russian lawmakers if Moscow reciprocates — report. rt.com Republican Senator Rand Paul will introduce an amendment that would lift existing US sanctions on members of Russia's Federal Assembly if Moscow agrees to nix its own sanctions targeting US lawmakers, according to the Daily Beast.

RT (2018-09-26). S-300s in, Patriots out: US to withdraw missiles from 3 Middle East countries — report. rt.com The Pentagon will remove four batteries of PAC-3 Patriot missiles from three Middle-Eastern countries, according to the Wall Street Journal. The report said the missiles are needed elsewhere to counter China and Russia.

RT (2018-09-26). 'Sanctions are weapon of war': Pompeo's speech at anti-Iran group interrupted by protesters (VIDEO). rt.com US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's speech at the summit of a neo-conservative pro-Israel pressure group was briefly hijacked by anti-war activists. One of the protesters chanted: "We want peace, we don't want war!"

RT (2018-09-26). Nikki Haley comments on Iran show US acting like 'rogue regime' with 'no respect' for EU — analysts. rt.com US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley's assertion that Iran is the "biggest issue" for the US today is ridiculous and Washington has much bigger foreign and domestic issues to be worried about, experts told RT. |

RT (2018-09-26). The US ambassador to Germany has one priority — and there's a hashtag to prove it. rt.com US President Donald Trump's plan to bully European countries into choosing between doing business with either the US or Iran has been working — and US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell seems eager to take credit for it.

RT (2018-09-26). Got your popcorn? Trump's Security Council performance could be more than just Iran bashing. rt.com Donald Trump is expected to push the international community to embrace Washington's hardline approach towards Tehran during a rare address at the UN Security Council — but the open-ended agenda leaves room for surprises. |

aclu (2018-09-26). The Reports of Civil Asset Forfeiture's Death in Philadelphia Have Been Greatly Exaggerated. aclu.org Despite a settlement reforming the practice, policing for profit will continue in the City of Brotherly Love. | Last week, Philadelphia and its district attorney, Larry Krasner, agreed to overhaul the city's civil asset forfeiture practices after a long history of abuse and subsequent reform efforts thwarted by prosecutors across the state. But no one should be fooled into believing that forfeiture has been " Juliana Bolden (2018-09-26). NAACP President Calls on White House to Withdraw Kavanaugh Nomination. naacp.org Baltimore, MD — The nation's foremost civil rights organization issued the following statement regarding its call for the withdrawal of Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the US Supreme Court. "Today, new allegations have been made regarding Brett Kavanaugh's abuse and violence toward women and girls. The Senate Judiciary Committee has committed a grave breach of the […]

Alex Emmons (2018-09-26). House Resolution Directs Trump to End U.S. Support for Yemen War. theintercept.com The Trump administration has argued that U.S. involvement reduces civilian deaths in Yemen, but critics say it implicates the U.S. in possible war crimes.

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-26). Israel's Two-Tiered Legal System: Apartheid is Not Hidden Anymore. therealnews.com Diana Buttu explains the connection between the cancellation of parole committees for Palestinian prisoners, and the court which used the Law of the Nation to rule for extra compensation for Jews

Consortiumnews (2018-09-25). The Battle for Our Minds. consortiumnews.com There are battlefields in Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, and elsewhere, but given the state of corporate media, perhaps the most consequential battle now being fought is for our minds, says Patrick Lawrence. By Patrick Lawrence Special to Consortium News After reading… Read more →

Democracy Now! (2018-09-25). Headlines for September 25, 2018. democracynow.org 128 Arrested on Capitol Hill Protesting Brett Kavanaugh Nomination, In Fox News Interview, Kavanaugh Denies Sexually Assaulting Women, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Remains in Job For Now, Dallas PD Fires Police Officer Who Shot Black Man in His Own Apartment, Study: 11,000 More Homes in Carolinas Were Damaged in Storm Due to Rising Sea Levels, Trump: Second Summit Will Be Held Soon with North Korean Leader, Trump Rules Out Meeting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at U.N., Russia to Provide Syria with Advanced Missile Defense System, Bolton: U.S. Troops Will Remain in Syria Until Iranian Forces Leave, Ni…

RT (2018-09-25). New York Times seeks evidence Russian hackers are fighting for internet freedom in US. rt.com The New York Times is seeking evidence of Russian interference during a debate on placing restrictions on the internet in the US. It's alleged a public commenting system was invaded by hackers. |

Democracy Now! (2018-09-25). Marcy Wheeler: Rosenstein's Ouster Would Not Necessarily Signal End of Mueller Investigation. democracynow.org Drama unfolded Monday when Axios reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein verbally resigned over the weekend amid mounting tension over the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into Russia's role in the 2016 presidential election. Last week, Rosenstein and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly met at the White House hours after The New York Times reported Rosenstein had suggested secretly recording Trump in the White House and discussed recruiting Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office for being unfit. But on Monday, Trump confirmed Rosenstein still has a j…

RT (2018-09-25). Bolton warns of 'hell to pay' if Iran crosses US & allies as Rouhani dares Trump to return to talks. rt.com Hours after the US and Iranian leaders took aim at each other at the UN General Assembly, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said at an anti-Iran summit that Tehran will have "hell to pay" if it crosses the US or its allies.