2018-09-14: News Headlines

Caitlin Johnstone (2018-09-15). 4 Reasons Why US Military Interventionism In Syria Is Crazy And Stupid. iranian.com As tensions continue to mount around the Al-Qaeda-held province of Idlib in Syria, the New York Times has published an op-ed by virulent neoconservative war whore Bret Stephens explaining that the US should intervene militarily in order to thwart the geopolitical agendas of Iran. He argues that any movement to recapture Idlib should be met with a full-scale assault on the […]

Middle East Monitor (2018-09-15). Kurdistan Regional Government Refuses To Hand Over Kurdish Opponents To Iran. iranian.com Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) won't hand over any member of the opposition parties to the Iranian authorities, spokesperson Safin Dizayee said yesterday. "We refuse to extradite the Iranian dissidents in the region, who have been identified by the United Nations as refugees," Dizayee told Iraqi News Agency (INA), stressing that the KRG "must respect the international law protecting […]

Zee News (2018-09-15). India's Vision For Chabahar Port In Iran Under American Scrutiny. iranian.com An American government official has said that while Iran's 'malign behaviour' is unacceptable, the US does not wish to punish or imperil its partners. [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Trump administration, which is determined to impose fresh set of sanctions on Iran and countries and entities engaged in business with Tehran, is currently reviewing India's development of the strategically […]

Juan Cole (2018-09-14). How Corporate Media Treated Julia Salazar Differently From Trump And Netanyahu. iranian.com Julia Salazar, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, has won the Democratic primary for state senator from Brooklyn and neighboring areas in New York, defeating a long-serving incumbent she claimed was in the back pocket of the realtors. Coverage of her campaign, however, read like a salacious tabloid, and had a weird set […]

John Colarusso, The Conversation (2018-09-14). How Putin Could Be Planning to Make a Fool Out of Trump — and Throw the United States into Chaos. alternet.org Three top Russian officials came to the U. S. capital in January for a mysterious visit. | Like a modern, dark inversion of the fable of the Three Wise Men from the east, the end of last January saw the three heads of Russian intelligence Christopher Brauchli (2018-09-14). Stormy's Disclosures. counterpunch.org The law can be confusing, and I am happy to offer an explanation of one legal concept that has confused many readers untutored in its ways. The concept for which I hope to provide clarity is known as "non-disclosure." Agreements dealing with non-disclosure known as "non-disclosure agreements" may be created when two people have been More

Max Blumenthal (2018-09-14). Censored Documentary Exposes the Israeli Government's Attack on Black Lives Matter. globalresearch.ca Exclusive footage from the censored Al Jazeera documentary, "The Lobby – USA," shows Israeli government officials …

Carl Boggs (2018-09-14). Obama's Imperial Presidency. counterpunch.org Photo Source The U.S. Army | CC BY 2.0 | Could Donald Trump already be the worst of all American presidents? In less than two years his record on the world scene has been frightening enough: U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Accords, scuttling of the Iran nuclear treaty, moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, unjustifiably punitive sanctions against Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, terror bombing of Mosul and othe…

RFE (2018-09-14). Trump Calls Kerry Meetings With Zarif 'Illegal'. iranian.com U.S. President Donald Trump has responded to news that former secretary of state John Kerry met several times with Iran's foreign minister Javad Zarif recently, discussing the 2015 nuclear deal. In a tweet on Thursday, Trump called the meetings "illegal", characterizing Iran as a "very hostile" regime. This would mean that Kerry most probably did […]

Roy Morrison (2018-09-14). Hurricane Florence: Flood Danger to Brunswick Nuclear Plant on North Carolina Cape Fear River. globalresearch.ca The two reactor Brunswick nuclear plant on the Cape Fear River in North Carolina may be …

Robert Fisk (2018-09-14). A Murder in Aleppo. counterpunch.org The Syrian government has been advertising its victories of late. A vast international fair in Damascus, the reconstruction of the old city of Homs — though it has a long, long way to go — and a spankingly restored Sheraton Hotel next to the still sepulchral ruins of eastern Aleppo. But you cannot wash away either More

Louis Proyect (2018-09-14). On the Rhetoric of Anti-Imperialism. counterpunch.org Rohini Hensman's recently published Indefensible: Democracy, Counterrevolution, and the Rhetoric of Anti-Imperialism is an important contribution to the debate that has divided the left since 2011, the year that Syria became a litmus test. For some, support for Bashar al-Assad became tantamount to backing Franco in the Spanish Civil War while others saw my perspective as More

Jason Ditz (2018-09-14). US Marines Conduct Major Drills With Rebels In Southern Syria. iranian.com According to one of the rebel commanders operating along the Syria-Jordan border, hundreds of US Marines and a large number of rebels have completed several days of live fire military exercises along the border. These appear to be the continuation of live-fire exercises the Marines were carrying out last week at al-Tanf, which officials said were intended as […]

ZeroHedge (2018-09-14). U.S. Conducts Live-Fire Drills With Syrian 'Rebels' in Rare Display Aimed at Russia. mintpressnews.com The eight days of "live-fire and ground assault" drills involve "hundreds" of U.S. troops and allied Syrian insurgents cooperating together.

Adam Dick (2018-09-14). Neocons Plan: War in Syria, Then Iran. globalresearch.ca Interviewed Tuesday by host Sharmini Peries at The Real News, Lawrence Wilkerson, a College of William …

Scott Ritter (2018-09-14). U.S. Again Cries 'Chemical Warfare' in Syria. globalresearch.ca Featured image: U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley at the UN this week. (Twitter/Nikki Haley/U.S. …

Andrew Korybko (2018-09-14). Fiji in the Pacific Ocean Isn't Fighting ISIS-Daesh, It's Being Used by the US to Send a Signal to China. globalresearch.ca Fiji's inclusion as the latest member of the US' anti-Daesh coalition in Syria has nothing at …

Ray McGovern (2018-09-14). On the Brink with Russia in Syria Again, 5 Years Later. globalresearch.ca The New York Times, on September 11, 2013, accommodated Russian President Vladimir V. Putin's desire …

Middle East Monitor (2018-09-14). Elders NGO: Russia, Iran And Turkey Must Avoid 'Needless Deaths' In Idlib. iranian.com The international NGO founded by Nelson Mandela, the Elders has urged the three guarantors of the Astana Process, Iran, Russia and Turkey, to work together to avoid an assault on Idlib that would result in "needless deaths". "Russia, Iran and Turkey have taken it upon themselves to work together to restore peace and security to […]

Joshua Frank (2018-09-14). From CO2 to Methane, Trump's Hurricane of Destruction. counterpunch.org Photo Source Becker1999 | CC BY 2.0 | While the Trump administration swirls around in a vortex of Tweets, lies and Russiagate, one thing is for certain, while we are all distracted and perplexed by the daily mayhem, Trump and his fossil fuel buddies are getting away with environmental plunder. | It's not a surprise, really, given that Trump believes man-made climate change is a bunch of stale chow mein, as he notor…

Farhang Jahanpour (2018-09-14). Fascism and Islamic Fundamentalism. counterpunch.org The rise of Fascism and Totalitarianism Just over 100 years ago, Britain, France, Germany and Russia ruled half of the world — most of Europe, all of Africa, South Asia, most of Southeast Asia, and most of the Pacific region. They dominated China and were of course influential everywhere else. During the past century, including the More

Staff (2018-09-14). Manafort Pleads Guilty, Will Cooperate in Russia Probe. truthdig.com By cutting a deal in a case related to his Ukrainian political consulting work, the former Trump campaign manager avoids a second trial. The charges do not relate to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Patrick Lawrence (2018-09-14). Why The U.S. Seeks To Hem In Russia, China And Iran. iranian.com America's three principal adversaries signify the shape of the world to come: a post-Western world of coexistence. But neoliberal and neocon ideology is unable to to accept global pluralism and multipolarity, argues Patrick Lawrence. [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Trump administration has brought U.S. foreign policy to the brink of crisis, if it has not already tipped into one. […]

Associated Press (2018-09-14). Manafort pleads guilty, will cooperate with special counsel. peoplesworld.org WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort pleaded guilty Friday to two federal crimes after cutting a deal with prosecutors and agreeing to cooperate with the special counsel's Russia probe. The move allows him to avoid a second criminal trial and ends…

Alex Henderson, AlterNet (2018-09-14). Here Are 5 Reasons Why a Plea Bargain Made Sense for Paul Manafort. alternet.org The exact details of the agreement, as of 10 a. m. EST, remained unclear, including whether or not Manafort would cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his Russia-related investigation. | The Washington Post is reporting that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has agreed to Middle East Monitor (2018-09-14). UN Chief Says US Power In Decline, World 'In Pieces'. iranian.com UN chief Antonio Guterres said in comments published Thursday that US power is in decline as Washington loses its ability to impact world events, Anadolu reports. "I think that the soft power of the United States … is being reduced at the present moment," Guterres said during an interview with the Atlantic magazine. Guterres warned the development poses unique challenges […]

Rudi Matthee (2018-09-14). Eulogy For Dr. Ehsan Yarshater. iranian.com Delivered by Prof. Rudi Matthee on September 12, 2018, New York City Dear members of the Yarshater family; dear friends and colleagues. Speaking for myself as well as in my capacity as President of the Persian Heritage Foundation, Let me first express my deeply felt sorrow about the loss of Dr. Yarshater and extend my […]

Ellie Geranmayeh (2018-09-14). Iran: The Case For Protecting Humanitarian Trade. iranian.com by Ellie Geranmayeh and James Miller [dropcap]A[/dropcap] crisis is looming in Iran's healthcare sector: patients are reporting shortages in life-saving medicine. The situation is expected to worsen once US sanctions on Iran are reimposed in November. European and US companies that can provide the advanced medicine and equipment needed to treat chronic diseases inside Iran […]

Elijah J. Magnier (2018-09-14). Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Abadi Has Fallen With The Burned Walls Of The Iranian Consulate. iranian.com The US favorite candidate for the prime ministership Haidar Abadi lost his last chance to renew his mandate for a second term when riots caused arson around the southern city of Basra and burned down the walls of the Iranian consulate in the city. While the inhabitants demonstrated for their justified demands (fresh water, electricity, […]

John Feffer (2018-09-14). In A Nutshell: Republican Party Wants Trumpism, Just Without Trump. iranian.com Critics like that anonymous op-ed writer have no problem with how Trump's actually hurting people. They just want the leader doing it to look more presidential. The recent anonymous op-ed in The New York Times about the resistance to Trump within his own administration was supposed to reassure the American people. Don't worry, the writer was saying: We the […]

Jason Ditz (2018-09-14). Saudi Warplanes Bomb Yemen Bus Station, Killing At Least 20 Civilians. iranian.com Last month, Saudi warplanes attacked a busload of school children in northern Yemen, killing scores of them. The strike used a US-provided bomb, and led to major Congressional moves to limit involvement in the war. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, on Wednesday, signed off on Saudi activities, bypassing Congressional limits. Having dodged a bullet in avoiding Congressional […]

Elliott Gabriel (2018-09-14). Amid Yemen Bloodbath and Riyadh's Fears, Reports of New Israel-Saudi Arms Deal. mintpressnews.com Israel and Saudi Arabia have no official diplomatic ties. Yet last year Israeli military chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot gave a shocking interview to a Saudi newspaper, in which he strongly advocated an Israeli-Saudi alliance versus Iran and its alleged "assets" in the Middle East.

Sputnik News (2018-09-14). 'A Highly Meaningful Message': Iran Acknowledges Air Strike On Iraqi Kurds. iranian.com The chief commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) confirmed the strike in a statement. [dropcap][/dropcap]Iran's IRGC chief commander, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, acknowledged that Iran had conducted the September 8 missile strike on Kurdish militants in Iraq, saying such acts convey a "message" to the enemies of Tehran. "IRGC's recent revenge against the terrorists conveys a highly […]

RT (2018-09-14). Paul Manafort pleads guilty to two criminal charges, will cooperate with Mueller. rt.com Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort has pleaded guilty to two criminal charges, and will cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's 'Russiagate' investigation as part of a plea deal. |

wsws (2018-09-14). Scandal erupts over Dutch state's funding of Islamist terror group in Syria. wsws.org The Dutch government spent nearly 70 million euros to fund jihadist groups as part of the US-NATO led regime change war against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

RT (2018-09-14). US to bomb Syria to protect Al-Qaeda? Tucker Carlson marvels at Washington's Idlib logic (VIDEO). rt.com Washington's threats to take military action to deter a Syrian assault on Al-Qaeda-held Idlib province has prompted Fox News host Tucker Carlson to ask the obvious question: Why would the US bomb a country to protect terrorists?

RT (2018-09-14). In Idlib it's different? For US, 'humanitarian' concerns supersede rooting out Al-Qaeda (VIDEO). rt.com With Al-Qaeda's last major foothold in Syria now under threat, the US has suddenly become deeply concerned about civilians that could be caught in the crossfire — even as the US military loosens its own rules of engagement.

David (2018-09-14). The large Syrian city of Idlib is now the focal point for ending the war in Syria, on not. indybay.org What happens in Syria this week will determine how much longer the war there will continue. It's a sad and tragic situation, but of course the dark forces will always seek to drag it out and/or make it worse. The Syrian government has offered rebels safe passage and rehabilitation in the past. The international Jihadis should be offered safe passage out of the country, preferably to one of the countries who are sponsoring or supporting them.

David (2018-09-14). Syria will be heavy in the news this week. indybay.org As the Syrian Army attempts to take back Idlib from International Jihadis and Syrian rebels, we can expect an uptick in the news and the war-machine propaganda mill as well.

Democracy Now! (2018-09-13). Headlines for September 13, 2018. democracynow.org Millions Along East Coast Brace for Arrival of Hurricane Florence, Toxic Waste Sites and Nuclear Plants Lie in Path of Hurricane Florence, Puerto Rican Officials Slam Trump for Claiming Response to Maria Was "Success" | , NYT: More Migrant Children Are Detained Than at Any Other Time in U.S. History | , Parents Forcibly Separated from Children Win Second Chance to Apply for Asylum | , NYT: Scott Pruitt in Talks to Work as Consultant to Coal Tycoon, Pompeo Certifies Saudi-Led Coalition Taking Steps to Protect Yemeni Civilians, Despite Evidence, Guatemala Protests President's Effort to Shut Down U.N.-Backed Anti-Co…

Mark Taliano (2018-09-13). The Iran-Russia-Turkey Summit on Syria. Towards Multi-Polar Geopolitical Alliances. globalresearch.ca A political commentator from Canada, who is the author of "Voices from Syria", praised a recent …

Ann Garrison (2018-09-13). First They Came for Alex Jones, Then for Russian Cable News RT and Syrian TV. Going to War with Russia, Syria, Iran? globalresearch.ca Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibibi calls Alex Jones "the media equivalent of a trench-coated stalker who …

Eric Ortiz (2018-09-13). Why the U.S. Seeks to Hem in Russia, China and Iran. consortiumnews.com America's three principal adversaries signify the shape of the world to come: a post-Western world of coexistence. But neolibera and neocon ideology is unable to to accept global pluralism and multipolarity, argues Patrick Lawrence. By Patrick Lawrence Special to Consortium… Read more →

wsws (2018-09-13). China and Russia strengthen ties to counter US threats. wsws.org After their meeting, neither Xi nor Putin named Trump but they left no doubt that their closer ties are a reaction to Washington's punitive measures.

RT (2018-09-13). Washington's message is clear, do as we say or be punished — US Secretary of Energy Perry. rt.com A routine press conference of the US energy secretary and the Russian energy minister has surprisingly turned into a lecture on Washington's superiority and exceptionalism as the US official faced a question on sanctions.

Consortiumnews (2018-09-12). On the Brink with Russia in Syria Again, 5 Years Later. consortiumnews.com It's deja-vu all over again in Syria, with the U.S. on the verge of a confrontation with Russia as Donald Trump faces his biggest decision yet as president, comments Ray McGovern. By Ray McGovern Special to Consortium News The New… Read more →

RT (2018-09-12). 'Same as 9/11': Edgy senator compares 'Russian meddling' to murder of 3,000 Americans. rt.com Angus King, an independent US Senator for Maine, told a crowd of first responders that Russia's alleged 'meddling' in the 2016 election was "the same kind of attack" that took place on 9/11. |

wsws (2018-09-12). Russian government cracks down on protesters during regional elections. wsws.org The crackdown on supporters of Navalny is meant to intimidate the millions of Russian workers and youth who oppose Putin's pension reform.

wsws (2018-09-12). German government plans combat mission against Syria. wsws.org Behind the backs of the German people, the Grand Coalition government is preparing a massive combat mission against the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

wsws (2018-09-12). Seventeen years after 9/11: From "war on terror" to "great power conflict" wsws.org On the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, Washington is on the verge of launching a massive new Syrian offensive in defense of Al Qaeda-linked forces.

RT (2018-09-12). Tulsi Gabbard calls out Trump's troubling double standard on Al-Qaeda. rt.com Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard marked 9/11 by pointing out that Donald Trump paid tribute to the victims of Al-Qaeda even while protecting the terrorist group's last stronghold in Syria — sparking a range of responses online.

RT (2018-09-12). 'Don't test us': Haley threatens US strikes over any attack on Syria's Idlib. rt.com Any attack on Syria's Idlib province is going to be "dealt with," US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley warned, as Washington seeks to stop the Russian-backed Syrian army from retaking the last remaining jihadist stronghold.

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-11). Leaked Clips from Censored Documentary on Israel Lobby Reveal Attacks on US Activists. therealnews.com Excerpts of the censored Al Jazeera undercover film on the Israel lobby in the US have started to be leaked. The Electronic Intifada's Ali Abunimah and the Grayzone Project's Max Blumenthal explain how these clips show the Israeli government backing attacks on American pro-Palestinian activists and Black Lives Matter

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-11). Are Warnings About Chemical Warfare in Syria Another 'Weapon of Mass Distraction'? therealnews.com Col. Larry Wilkerson says that it was the plan of John Bolton and the neocons to take Iraq, then Syria, and then Iran. These false flag operations are all about maintaining the perpetual war in the region

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-11). Far-Right Gains in Swedish Election, Continuing European Trend. therealnews.com The far-right and anti-immigrant party, Swedish Democrats, increase their share of the vote from 13 to 18 percent, while neither of the two major party alliances, of the center-left and of the center-right has enough votes to form a government on its own. We analyze the result with Ali Esbati, an Iranian-Swedish member of parliament

RT (2018-09-11). Is Russia behind 'attacks' on US diplomats in Cuba & China? Anonymous US officials obviously say yes. rt.com NBC has achieved the seemingly impossible, somehow managing to incorporate mysterious brain-zapping weapons, evidence-free accusations from anonymous US officials, and Russia, into a juicy smorgasbord of journalistic excellence.

RT (2018-09-11). 'Deep state has full control': Crosstalk discusses the US strategy in Syria. rt.com Given President Trump's policy reversal on Syria, the US looks set to remain mired in the 7-year conflict indefinitely. With Syria in rubble, and with the risk of clashes with Russia, our panelists ask, what's the US strategy? |

RT (2018-09-11). Consular visits as proof of guilt? Russian Embassy slams Butina prosecutors & neo-McCarthyism. rt.com The Russian embassy has called "absurd" US claims that frequent visits of its officials to jailed gun activist Maria Butina mean she is a valuable Kremlin asset. The embassy says it treats all Russian citizens like that.

Democracy Now! (2018-09-10). Headlines for September 10, 2018. democracynow.org Activists Rally at Protests Worldwide to Demand Urgent Action on Climate Change | , Syrian and Russian Militaries Continue Offensive in Idlib, Obama Slams Trump as "Threat to Democracy", Trump Ex-Campaign Adviser George Papadopoulos Sentenced to 14 Days in Prison | , Senator Warren: Time to Use 25th Amendment to Remove Trump from Office | , U.S. to Adopt Aggressive Stance Against International Criminal Court, Israeli Soldiers Kill 2 Palestinian Protesters Friday | , NYT: U.S. Officials Met with Rebel Venezuelan Officials to Discuss Coup Against Maduro | , Egyptian Court Sentences 75 Muslim Brotherhood Members to…

Bill Blum (2018-09-10). Unequal Justice: From Russiagate to Trumpgate. progressive.org Impeachment is not limited to indictable offenses. As Alexander Hamilton wrote, impeachment extends to serious violations of "the public trust."

RT (2018-09-10). Bolton promises 'much stronger' response if chemical weapons used in Syria. rt.com US national security adviser John Bolton has warned that the US, France and UK will launch a 'much stronger' response to any chemical weapons attack in Syria, as the US bolsters its regional military presence in preparation. |

RT (2018-09-10). Trump receives 'positive' letter from Kim Jong-un requesting new meeting — White House. rt.com Donald Trump has received a "warm" letter from North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un about scheduling a second meeting, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has confirmed, adding that conversations about a new summit are underway.

RT (2018-09-10). Butina prosecutors wrote their own James Bond novel with sex allegations — and the media loved it. rt.com US prosecutors who wrongly accused Russian 'foreign agent' and gun activist Maria Butina of trading sex for influence peddled their own cheap James Bond fan fiction. No matter how incorrect, the media lapped it up.

Consortiumnews (2018-09-09). Moscow Has Upped the Ante in Syria. consortiumnews.com As Syrian forces backed by Russia launch the final showdown in Syria against jihadist extremists in Idlib province, the potential for a U.S.-Russia confrontation has never been greater, as VIPS warns in this memo to the president. September 9, 2018 MEMORANDUM… Read more →

RT (2018-09-09). Accused 'Russian agent' Butina didn't offer sex for job, prosecutors admit. rt.com US prosecutors have admitted that they wrongly accused Maria Butina, the Russian gun activist jailed in the US on charges of being an unregistered "foreign agent," of offering sex in exchange for a job.

RT (2018-09-08). Pentagon 'routinely' briefs Trump on 'military options' in case of chemical attack in Syria. rt.com While no final decision has yet been made, a top US general says he's involved in "routine dialogue" with Donald Trump to keep him informed about "military options" for retaliation in case "chemical weapons are used" in Syria.

RT (2018-09-08). Pentagon to present its own plan of 'effective war on terror' in Syria — without Russia. rt.com Washington has its own plan on how to "effectively" combat terrorism in Syria, the Pentagon has said, adding that the US is not planning to cooperate with Moscow on the issue.

RT (2018-09-08). Pentagon designing 'Glide Breaker' interceptor to hit enemy hypersonic missiles — media. rt.com The Pentagon's DARP agency has started to develop a hard-kill interceptor capable of hitting incoming hypersonic projectiles. The move follows news of Russia's success in building top-class high-speed weapons. |

Democracy Now! (2018-09-07). Idlib on Brink of "Humanitarian Catastrophe" as Syrian Military Threatens to Invade Rebel-Held City. democracynow.org The leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey are meeting today in Tehran as the Syrian military is threatening a massive invasion of the rebel-held city of Idlib. Russia and Iran are close allies to Syria, while Turkey has been a key supporter of the opposition. This comes as the United States will chair a U.N. Security Council meeting today on the crisis in Syria. The U.N. is warning that an assault on Idlib could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe. U.N. special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said that if talks in Tehran fail, as many as 800,000 citizens may flee the region and that panic is spreading among Idlib'

RT (2018-09-07). Trump says he could meet Russia investigation special counsel 'under certain circumstances'. rt.com Donald Trump has said he could meet with the special counsel investigating Russia's supposed meddling in US elections. It would require "certain circumstances," as the president doesn't want "to be set up with a perjury trap."

RT (2018-09-07). 'Not Watergate, just gossip': Pulitzer winner on Bob Woodward's new anti-Trump bombshell. rt.com The paradoxical era of anonymous anti-Trump reporting has turned once-solid journalism into a carnival of unverifiable accusations. True or not, they distract from real issues, says Pulitzer prize winning journalist Chris Hedges.

Democracy Now! (2018-09-06). Headlines for September 6, 2018. democracynow.org Unnamed Trump Official Cites "Quiet Resistance" Within Administration, Trump Blasts "Gutless" Writer of Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed, Kavanaugh Won't Rule Out Presidential Self-Pardon, Roe v. Wade Reversal, Trump Suggests Banning Protests as 73 Arrested Amid Kavanaugh Hearing, Afghanistan: 20 Dead, 70 Wounded in Kabul Twin Bomb Attack, Iraq: Government Building Torched as Basra Protests Continue, Spain Cancels Bomb Sales to Saudi Arabia over Yemen Civilian Deaths, Syria: 800,000 More Civilians Could Be Displaced by Idlib Fighting, Trump Denies Report He Wanted to Assassinate Syria's Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong-un…

RT (2018-09-06). 'Trump will go nuclear': Pundits respond to anonymous 'coup' published by NYT. rt.com Pundits are lining up to weigh in on a salacious New York Times op-ed allegedly penned by an anonymous #Resister in the Trump administration, with some experts on television calling the piece an all-out coup against the president.

Max Blumenthal (2018-09-05). Censored Documentary Exposes the Israeli Government's Attack on Black Lives Matter. grayzoneproject.com Exclusive footage from the censored Al Jazeera documentary, "The Lobby — USA," shows Israeli government officials taking credit for attacks…

Democracy Now! (2018-09-04). Headlines for September 4, 2018. democracynow.org Confirmation Hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh Begin Today, Trump Attacks Sessions for Filing Charges Against 2 Republican Congressmen, Father of Mollie Tibbetts: Don't Use Her Death to Promote Xenophobia and Racism, Trump Warns Syrian Government Not to Attack Idlib, Reuters Journalists Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison After Investigating Burmese Military Massacre, Saudi-Led Coalition Says Bombing of School Bus, Killing 40 Children, Was "Unjustified", Germany: 50,000 Attend Anti-Racism Concert in Chemnitz, Brazil: Fire at National Museum Destroys Millions of Pieces of Art and History, Canadian Court Rejects Effort…

Max Blumenthal (2018-08-29). Leaked Scenes from Censored Documentary Reveal Israel Lobbyist Noah Pollak Astroturfing an Anti-Palestinian Protest. grayzoneproject.com Exclusive leaked scenes from Al Jazeera's "The Lobby — USA" documentary show how Emergency Committee for Israel Executive Director Noah…

Ben Norton (2018-08-24). Big Tech Corporations Are Now Banning Iranian Social Media Accounts — A Censored Student Journalist Speaks out. grayzoneproject.com Google, Facebook, and Twitter are removing social media accounts of real life Iranians who are falsely dubbed as "government trolls."…

Max Blumenthal (2018-08-21). Inside America's Meddling Machine: The US Funded Group that Interferes in Elections Around the Globe. grayzoneproject.com Filmed inside the Capitol, this Grayzone special explores the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a taxpayer-funded organization that has interfered…

Max Blumenthal (2018-08-15). How Nicaragua's 'Left-Wing' Opposition MRS Are NGO Opportunists Lobbying the West for Regime Change. grayzoneproject.com The Sandinista Renovation Movement (Movimiento Renovador Sandinista — MRS) is the intellectual, left-sounding arm of reactionary politics in Nicaragua. Its…

Junaid Ahmad (2018-08-13). Pakistan's 'Russiagate' Elections: Imran Khan and the Rational 'Villains' the West Loves to Hate. grayzoneproject.com The post-election despair of Pakistan's Western-oriented elites echoes the American establishment's moral panic over Russian meddling. By Junaid S. Ahmad…