2018-09-06: News Headlines

teleSUR (2018-09-06). US Forces Anti-Nicaragua Agenda On UN Security Council. mintpressnews.com The U.N. Security Council meeting will move forward with a controversial decision to discuss Nicaragua and Venezuela, even without the consensus of all 15 members. | On Tuesday, China, Russia, Bolivia and Ethiopia rejected the U.S. proposal to include Nicaragua and Venezuela on the council agenda, saying the two Latin American countries pose no international security threat and that doing so could jeopardize peace efforts. | Equatorial Guinea and Kuwait were also hesitant to convene the conversation. | Despite the opposition, the United States proceeded to include Nicaragua and Venezuela on the agenda for the Security Council meeting, being presided over by the United States. | Last week, President Daniel Ortega dismissed a lengthy U.N. High Commission for Human Rights report regarding protests that took place between April 18 and August 18, calling its conclusions biased. | According to the Ortega…

teleSUR (2018-09-06). Abandoning US, Paraguay To Move Embassy in Israel Back to Tel Aviv. telesurtv.net Israel responded to Paraguay's decision by recalling its ambassador to Paraguay and closing its embassy in the Latin American country's capital, Asuncion.

IMEMC News (2018-09-06). Palestine To Open Embassy In Paraguay. imemc.org Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki has reported that President Mahmoud Abbas has instructed the ministry to immediately inaugurate the Palestinian Embassy in the capital of Paraguay, Asunción. Al-Maliki said that President Abbas issued a statement of gratitude to Paraguay after it rescinded its previous decision of opening its Embassy in […]…

Human Rights Watch (2018-09-06). Iran Intensifies Crackdown On Rights Defenders. iranian.com Iranian authorities have ramped up their crackdown against human rights defenders, Human Rights Watch said today. Since August 31, 2018, they have arrested four more human rights defenders, as well as Reza Khandan, husband of the prominent imprisoned human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, all in Tehran. The authorities should immediately release these human rights defenders, who […]

teleSUR (2018-09-06). Colombia Justifies Use of Drones in Glyphosate Fumigations. telesurtv.net Colombian defense minister told senators they would continue aerial fumigation of illegal crops.

The Anti Media (2018-09-06). Spain Cancels Weapons Sale To Saudi Arabia Over War Crimes In Yemen. iranian.com Though the United States and the United Kingdom receive the most widespread criticism for supplying weapons to the Saudi government, which has been condemned for causing thousands of civilian deaths in Yemen, other Western governments are also complicit. In 2015, the Spanish government sold the Kingdom 400 bombs in exchange for $10.6 million and in […]

teleSUR (2018-09-06). Brazil: Police Seek Charges Against President Temer. telesurtv.net Federal Police say Temer received US$2.41 million in bribes from the national construction company Odebrecht, meaning the Supreme Court could hear his case.

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-06). Los Angeles Teachers Prepare to Strike: An Organizing Drive Long in the Making. therealnews.com LA teachers voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike, should contract negotiations fail. Each side accusing the other of illegal tactics. However, teachers say this is not mainly about wages, but about improving children's education. Jane McAlevey explains

IMEMC News (2018-09-06). Israeli Soldiers Injure One Palestinian, Abduct Three, In Bethlehem. imemc.org Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded, on Thursday at dawn, the Deheishe refugee camp, south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, shot one Palestinian and abducted two others, in addition to abducting another Palestinian in Marah Rabah village, also south of Bethlehem. Media sources in Deheishe said the soldiers invaded […]…

The Anti-Media (2018-09-06). Spain Cancels Saudi Arms Sale Over Yemen War Crime Concerns. mintpressnews.com Though the United States and the United Kingdom receive the most widespread criticism for supplying weapons to the Saudi government, which has been condemned for causing thousands of civilian deaths in Yemen, other Western governments are also complicit. | In 2015, the Spanish government sold the Kingdom 400 bombs in exchange for $10.6 million and in April, signed a much larger, nearly two billion dollar deal for warships. | This week, the country' defense ministry announced it was canceling the 2015 deal and returning the funds it had already received. | The Independent reported Wednesday that last month, Spain's defense ministry said "it had never sold arms that could be used against a civilian population, while condemning the killing of non-combatants in Yemen." | It also said it was reviewing sales that had not yet been closed and "could be involved…

teleSUR (2018-09-06). UN: Honduran Gov't, Opposition Showing Maturity in Crisis. telesurtv.net This was a result of the endeavor of government and opposition to seek solutions to help overcome the crisis post the 2017 elections.

Jon Queally (2018-09-06). "Covert Coup" Revealed in Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Is a Threat, Much Like Trump. mintpressnews.com "Trump may be a threat," notes journalist Glenn Greenwald, "but so is this covert coup" that seeks to impose its "own ideology with zero democratic accountability, mandate or transparency."

teleSUR (2018-09-06). Honduras Struggles With Student Violence in Education Sectors. telesurtv.net Between 2010 and 2016, there were roughly 26,714 murders inside the walls of educational institutions.

IMEMC News (2018-09-06). Palestinian Policeman Killed In An Accidental Explosion In Gaza. imemc.org A Palestinian policeman was killed, on Wednesday evening, in an accidental explosion at a police station in Gaza city. The Palestinian Interior Ministry has reported that Lieutenant Abdul-Rahim Abbas, 42, a member of the Explosives Unit, was killed while inspecting explosive materials. It added that the explosives detonated during the […]…

Mehr News (2018-09-06). "Dammam" Workshop In Khuzestan. iranian.com "Dammam" Workshop In Khuzestan Dammam is a percussive instrument from the southern parts of Iran which is played on both ends with sticks or hands. Dammam is mainly used in Muharram mourning rituals in southern parts of Iran.

teleSUR (2018-09-06). Colombia: ELN Frees 3 Soldiers in Effort to Restart Peace Talks. telesurtv.net The three military soldiers were detained by the ELN early last month.

teleSUR (2018-09-06). BirdLife International Declares Brazil's Spix Macaw Extinct. telesurtv.net The world says goodbye to the beautiful, Brazilian Spix Macaw after BirdLife International announced its extinction Wednesday.

teleSUR (2018-09-06). Bolivia: Morales Welcomes Another 'Indigenous Face' to Foreign Policy. telesurtv.net

M. K. Bhadrakumar (2018-09-06). India, Russia And The Post-American Century. iranian.com India's impending purchase of the Russian S-400 missile system has come to be the leitmotif of the "2+2" dialogue of the foreign and defence ministers of India and the United States due to take place in New Delhi on September 6. However, the issue here is not about a single defence transaction, either. There are […]

Eric Zuesse (2018-09-06). Donald Trump Comes Out In Support Of Islamic Terrorists. iranian.com On September 4th, U.S. President Donald Trump came out publicly in support of Islamic terrorists. He clearly stated that he is against eliminating the people who live in, and who have sought refuge in, the region of Syria that has the highest concentration — almost 100% of the people there — either supporting or being […]

teleSUR (2018-09-06). US Forces Anti-Nicaragua Agenda On UN Security Council. telesurtv.net The United States is trying to strong-arm the Security Council into discussing Nicaragua and Venezuela despite overwhelming lack of consensus.

IMEMC News (2018-09-06). Army Demolishes Another Home In Occupied Jerusalem, Abducts Two Palestinians. imemc.org Israeli soldiers demolished, on Wednesday evening, a Palestinian home in Beit Hanina neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem, rendering the family homeless despite a pending appeal with an Israeli court. The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) said dozens of soldiers, and officers, invaded Beit Hanina, and forcibly removed the […]…

Kevin Gosztola (2018-09-06). Criminalizing Homeless for Sleeping Outside Is Cruel, Federal Appeals Court Rules. mintpressnews.com A federal appeals court ruled the Eighth Amendment against cruel and inhuman punishment prohibits the city of Boise from prosecuting homeless individuals who sleep outside on public property when they have no home or bed in a shelter. | Six current and former residents of Boise, Idaho, sued the city over two ordinances that were used to criminalize them between 2007 and 2009. | The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recognized sitting, lying, or sleeping are all "universal and unavoidable consequences of being human." The city is not permitted to criminalize sleeping on outside property, especially if there are no beds available at homeless shelters. | According to the decision [ PDF], "Boise has a significant and increasing homeless population." | The count conducted by the Idaho Housing and Finance Association put the number of homeless individuals in Ada County, where Boise…

teleSUR (2018-09-06). Mexican Students Protest Against Shock Groups. telesurtv.net The shock groups known as 'porros,' paid by politicians and university authorities, have been breaking up protests since decades.

RT (2018-09-06). Psychic Haley knows 'exactly' who's responsible for the next chemical attack in Syria. rt.com Nikki Haley has stated that she knows "exactly" who is going to use chemical weapons in Syria's Idlib. The prophecy comes amid warnings that the terrorists are preparing a false flag attack to trigger a US-coalition intervention.

wsws (2018-09-06). Mounting turmoil in emerging markets. wsws.org The plunge in emerging market currencies is a product of the strengthening of the dollar and the increase in US interest rates, which is sucking capital back into American markets.

wsws (2018-09-06). 090 Rahm Emanuel not seeking reelection/police killing trial. wsws.org

wsws (2018-09-06). Kavanaugh hearings highlight corporate control of US Supreme Court. wsws.org The Senate hearings on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court have shed light on the domination not only of the courts, but of every branch of government by the corporate oligarchy.

Human Rights Watch (2018-09-06). Qatar: End All Migrant Worker Exit Visas. hrw.org Migrant laborers work at a construction site at Aspire Zone in Doha, March 26, 2016. | © 2016 Naseem Zeitoon/Reuters | (Beirut) — The bill that Qatar's emir signed on September 4, 2018 n…

wsws (2018-09-06). Report by Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media undermines claims of chemical attack in Douma. wsws.org In the face of the orchestrated attack on the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media as "Apologists for Assad," the careful work by Paul McKeigue, Jake Mason, David Miller and Piers Robinson is all the more noteworthy.

wsws (2018-09-06). Only three percent of students have received Governor Cuomo's "free tuition" scholarship for New York public universities. wsws.org Despite the fact that the SUNY and CUNY systems are the second and third largest public higher education systems in the United States, with about 700,000 students in all, fewer than 21,000 Excelsior Scholarships were awarded last academic year.

amnesty (2018-09-06). Neither Dead Nor Alive. amnesty.org

Human Rights Watch (2018-09-06). Bulgaria Stands up for the Rights of People With Disabilities. hrw.org Restrains on a bed in a seclusion room in a psychiatric hospital in southwest Croatia. | © 2014 Emina ƒÜerimoviƒá/Human Rights Watch | This is the story of how a key political body within the Counc…

wsws (2018-09-06). 070 French government minsters resign. wsws.org

Human Rights Watch (2018-09-06). British Conservatives Should Stand Up for Democracy in Europe. hrw.org Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban looks up during a plenary session at the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels, Belgium April 26, 2017. | © 2017 Reuters | It can't be easy being a British Conservative member of the European…

wsws (2018-09-06). New York Times op-ed by anonymous Trump official gives implicit support for palace coup. wsws.org The official wrote that "we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until—one way or another—it's over."

wsws (2018-09-06). India: Police charge pro-Dalit activists under anti-terrorism laws. wsws.org With the aim of muzzling opposition to the BJP government and its noxious Hindu supremacist ideology, police arrested five left-wing activists after conducting warrantless searches of their homes.

amnesty (2018-09-06). Idleb: Millions in Need of Protection. The World Must Act Now. amnesty.org

wsws (2018-09-06). Nick Beams to lecture at Australian universities on the contemporary significance of Karl Marx. wsws.org The lectures will make clear that Marx's theoretical breakthroughs were inextricably linked to his political work as a revolutionary determined to arm the emerging working class with a program that advanced its independent interests.

wsws (2018-09-06). China denies establishing military base in Afghanistan. wsws.org Afghanistan is another key strategic arena for intensifying geo-political rivalry between the major powers.

wsws (2018-09-06). Australian unions exploit childcare strike to promote Labor. wsws.org The Sydney protest was effectively an election rally for the Labor Party, which has spearheaded the privatisation of childcare.

wsws (2018-09-06). In Senate hearing, Facebook pledges to replace "bad speech" with "alternative facts" wsws.org Wednesday's hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee made one thing clear: there is not an inch of daylight between Facebook and the spy agencies in the drive to censor the internet.

RT (2018-09-06). 'Treason or fake news?' Trump urges NYT to reveal its White House 'resistance' insider. rt.com Furious over an article allegedly penned by a senior official who claims to be a part of the White House resistance working against Trump, the US leader has urged the New York Times to reveal its "phony" anonymous source.

wsws (2018-09-06). Leave No Trace: An Iraq War veteran looks to leave the world behind. wsws.org From director Debra Granik (Winter's Bone, 2010) comes the story of an Iraq War veteran with PTSD living in the woods near Portland, Oregon with his teenage daughter.

wsws (2018-09-06). Retreat by Corbynites on anti-Semitism definition emboldens UK right wing. wsws.org Once again, Corbyn and his immediate coterie have capitulated in the hope of appeasing their critics and maintaining party unity.

wsws (2018-09-06). Vote "no" on the UPS-Teamsters sellout contract! Form rank-and-file committees to organize opposition! wsws.org On Tuesday, the Teamsters union announced that the contract vote will be counted on October 5, more than two months after the expiration of the current agreement.

wsws (2018-09-06). Tacoma teachers strike as walkouts spread across Washington. wsws.org School officials in three districts threatened disciplinary action against striking teachers while educators in Tacoma joined walkouts in 10 other districts Thursday.

wsws (2018-09-06). Chemnitz and the call for a stronger state. wsws.org After the recent right-wing extremist marches in Chemnitz, representatives of all Bundestag (parliamentary) parties are calling for the state to intervene.

wsws (2018-09-06). Ayanna Pressley upsets 10-term Massachusetts congressman in Democratic primary. wsws.org Sending the African-American councilwoman to Washington will result in no meaningful shift in the pro-business policies of the Democratic Party or improvement in the conditions of workers in her constituency.

wsws (2018-09-06). Arizona Supreme Court strikes down "Invest in Ed" ballot initiative. wsws.org The court's removal of the school funding initiative from the November ballot underscores the fact that America's billionaires and millionaires will not tolerate the slightest encroachment on their personal fortunes.

RT (2018-09-06). Pentagon has 'zero intelligence' on Syrian militants' chemical weapons capabilities — Mattis. rt.com Despite having a "fairly good penetration" of the Syrian opposition groups, the US has not seen any evidence suggesting that the militants in Idlib are capable of staging a chemical attack, the US defense secretary claimed. |

amnesty (2018-09-06). Where are they? Their loved ones deserve to know. amnesty.org

wsws (2018-09-06). Alcoa workers in Canada and Australia confront the same employer offensive. wsws.org Alcoa has forced 1,500 workers at five facilities in Western Australia out on strike, even as it issues fresh threats against workers at its Bécancour, Quebec, aluminum smelter who have been locked out since January.

wsws (2018-09-06). Unanswered questions surround the suicide of Australian paramedic Tony Jenkins. wsws.org On April 9, the 28-year veteran paramedic took his own life within two hours of being called into a meeting with New South Wales Ambulance senior managers.

wsws (2018-09-06). BMW auto worker describes conditions at Spartanburg, South Carolina manufacturing plant. wsws.org A young worker at the giant BMW sport utility vehicle plant described oppressive conditions, including the widespread use of contract workers and the general neglect of safety.

wsws (2018-09-06). SEP Australia public meeting in Sydney: The key political issues behind the coup against Turnbull. wsws.org As international relations and parliamentary forms of rule break down, the ruling elite is terrified of the growing left-wing sentiment among workers and young people.

CP Editor (2018-09-05). Chris Hedges, "America: The Farewell Tour" counterpunch.org

Middle East Monitor (2018-09-05). Mayor of Jerusalem to Stop UNRWA's Operations. globalresearch.ca Featured image: Nir Barkat, the Israeli mayor of Jerusalem (Source: Wikimedia Commons) | Israel's Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat has threatened to end the work of the UN Refuge Agency for Palestine …

Mark Gruenberg (2018-09-05). Anti-Kavanaugh protesters say he'd push High Court farther to the right. peoplesworld.org WASHINGTON—Sophia Marjanovic already knows something about unequal justice for women, minorities and people of color. And she declares Brett Kavanaugh would only make things worse. | And that's what brought her — and several hundred more people — to the U.S. Capitol lawn late in the afternoon on Sept. 4 to send U.S. senators a clear message: Don't put Kavanaugh, GOP President Donald Trump's pick for a vacant seat, on the U.S. Supreme Court. | "This won't be justice," says Marjanovic, who, belying her name, is a Lakota Sioux from the Fort Peck reservation in Montana. "We already know the Supreme Court is far to the right. Kavanaugh would push it further," she told People's World. | That threat to indigenous people — the subject of her handmade sign — women, minorities, undocumented people, workers' rights, civil rights, and freedom of reproductive choice…

Andrew Korybko (2018-09-05). China's "Influence Ops" in the USA. "Long March through US Institutions" globalresearch.ca The United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission alleged that Beijing is running a massive influence operation inside of America's institutions. | The recently released report raises the alarm about what its …

Natasha Lennard (2018-09-05). The New Yorker Dropped Steve Bannon, but Misses the Point of Why the Invite Was a Mistake in the First Place. theintercept.com The New Yorker withdrew its invitation to Steve Bannon, but missed the point about why giving the white nationalist a platform is so dangerous.

Howard Lisnoff (2018-09-05). The Old Need Not Apply. counterpunch.org Employment discrimination is as old as this nation. In their turn, blacks, Latinos, Jews, women and others have all seen employment opportunities that needed to have been somewhat buttressed by the strength of their resumes and experience given short shrift. With older workers, unemployment is no mere chimera. The Center on Aging and Work at Boston College More

Special to PeoplesWorld (2018-09-05). Dissident Arts Festival benefits families of political prisoners, celebrates free expression. peoplesworld.org

Consortiumnews (2018-09-05). Plutocracy Now! consortiumnews.com The United States today qualifies as a plutocracy — on a number of grounds, and it is having a profound impact on the media, education and think tanks—indeed on the whole of society, says Michael Brenner. By Michael Brenner Plutocracy… Read more →

Alex Henderson, AlterNet (2018-09-05). Here Are 6 Stunning Facts About Infowars' Alt-Right Conspiracy Buff Jerome Corsi. alternet.org In recent years, Corsi has become a prominent figure on the alt-right. | Prior to the 2000s, far-right conspiracy theorist and author Jerome Corsi was little known in the publishing world and earned his living in the financial services sector. But in recent years, Corsi (who turned 72 on August 31) has become a prominent figure on the alt-right—and in 2017, he left his position as a staff writer for World Net Daily to become the Washi. . .

Shared by Lauren Walker (2018-09-05). Do the Crime, Not the Time! truthout.org

Michelle Chen (2018-09-05). Kicking ICE Out of the Courthouses. thenation.com Kicking ICE Out of the Courthouses appeared first on The Nation.

John Washington (2018-09-05). The Family-Separation Crisis Is Not Over. thenation.com The Family-Separation Crisis Is Not Over appeared first on The Nation.

Mehr News (2018-09-05). 'Paradise' Wins Top Prize At Sweden's High Coast Film Festival. iranian.com Established in 2016, the High Coast International Film Festival is a two day event held in the High Coast in North of Sweden focusing on Avant Garde, Independent and Experimental Film, according to the event's website. The third edition of the festival was held on 25-26 August 2018. 'Paradise', directed by Ali Atshani, is about […]

RFE (2018-09-05). Ancient Persian Artifact Returned To Iran After U.S. Court Order. iranian.com An ancient Persian artifact has been handed back to Iran after a U.S. court ordered its return. The New York Supreme Court ordered the Achaemenid-era relief, dating approximately to 500 B.C., to be returned to Iran in a July 23 ruling. Iran's ambassador to the United Nations, Gholam-Ali Khoshrou, said on September 5 that the […]

Chris Sosa, AlterNet (2018-09-05). 'It's Pretty Stunning': John Kerry Tells The View That Woodward's Explosive Book 'Confirms' What Washington Insiders 'Have Known' About Trump. alternet.org The former secretary confirmed the author's bleak picture of the current White House. | Former Secretary of State John Kerry appeared Wednesday on The View to promote his new book and was asked about his take on the claims about President Donald Trump's administration in an upcoming book by Watergate journalist Bob Woodward. '[I]t confirms to us that most of us who talk to people Washingtongton have known," Kerry said. "But now it's ac. . .

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-05). Extreme Heat Prompts 65 Baltimore School Closures, Student Protests. therealnews.com The closures sparked a debate between students and Republican Gov. Larry Hogan about who is to blame for the lack of air conditioning in city schools

Robert Hunziker (2018-09-05). Chemically Induced Frankenstein-Humans. globalresearch.ca One of the biggest open questions of the 21st century is whether 144,000 different chemicals swirling throughout the world are properly tested and analyzed for toxicity. By almost all accounts, the …

Zaid Jilani (2018-09-05). More Than $300,000 Has Been Pledged Against Susan Collins If She Votes for Brett Kavanaugh. theintercept.com As hearings on Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh are underway, activists have raised $330,000 and counting of pledged money for a future challenger to Republican Sen. Susan Collins, a critical swing vote. | Progressive activist Ady Barkan, who has the impairing condition of Lou Gehrig's disease, spent the last five months crisscrossing the United States to campaign against Republicans who supported Donald Trump's tax law. | In mid-August, he announced an innovative tactic for pressuring Maine's Collins to vote "no" on Kavanaugh's confirmation. Using the website CrowdPac — which allows users to pledge a certain amount of campaign funding should certain conditions be met — the campaign announced that it would be collecting pledges for a future Democratic challenger to Collins. | The pledges only activate (and then users are charged) if Collins votes in favor of…

Matthew Chapman, AlterNet (2018-09-05). Failed Senate Candidate Roy Moore Sues Sacha Baron Cohen For Waving Beeping 'Pedophile Detector' At Him. alternet.org Moore's campaign for Senate in last year's Alabama special election was derailed largely by accusations he molested teenage girls. | On Wednesday, former GOP Senate candidate and ex-Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore sued comedian Sacha Baron Cohen over a prank he pulled on his show, "Who Is America? " The suit, filed in the U. S. District C. . .

Matthew Chapman, AlterNet (2018-09-05). Watch This Former Trump Aide Lose His Mind Over the New York Times' Bombshell Op-Ed. alternet.org Michael Caputo is beside himself with fury about the anonymous staffer who wrote an anti-Trump op-ed. | Wednesday's New York Times op-ed by an anonymous senior administration official claiming to be engaging in subterfuge of President Donald Trump was not, all things considered, Paul Antonopoulos (2018-09-05). UN Says the Obvious: Al-Qaeda Able to Produce Chlorine Gas in Syria. globalresearch.ca Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra terrorists have the resources and ability to produce chlorine gas to use against the population, UN special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura told a news conference on …

Thomas S. Harrington (2018-09-05). So Glad The Grown-Ups are Back in Charge in Argentina. counterpunch.org If you've followed Latin American politics at all in the mainstream press, I am sure you've heard and read about how the Kirchners (2003-2015) mismanaged the Argentine economy and how, with the election of Mauricio Macri, the adults were back in the room and the economy was on its way to a more healthy and More

Eric A. Gordon (2018-09-05). Two anti-war plays in Los Angeles world premieres. peoplesworld.org

Steve Brodner (2018-09-05). Buffoon Tycoon Baboon. thenation.com Buffoon Tycoon Baboon appeared first on The Nation.

Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers (2018-09-05). Tenth Anniversary Of Financial Collapse, Preparing For The Next Crash. counterpunch.org Ten years ago, there was panic in Washington, DC, New York City and financial centers around the world as the United States was in the midst of an economic collapse. The crash became the focus of the presidential campaign between Barack Obama and John McCain and was followed by protests that created a popular movement, More

Lorrie Goldensohn (2018-09-05). Lifting the Darkness: American and Vietnamese War Poets. asia-pacificresearch.com

Suzanne Weiss (2018-09-05). Trudeau Government Acknowledges Nazi Genocide Against Roma. globalresearch.ca Featured image: A group of Romani prisoners in the Belzec concentration camp. | More then 50 people of all ages joined in Toronto August 2, 2018, in an international day of remembrance …

David Ray Griffin (2018-09-05). The Invasion of Afghanistan, October 7, 2001: Did 9/11 Justify the War in Afghanistan? globalresearch.ca Will the war in Afghanistan turn out to be "Obama's Vietnam"?>

Hunter, Daily Kos (2018-09-05). Trump Launches White House 'Witch Hunt' to Identify Aides Who Talked to Watergate Journalist Woodward. alternet.org The president is on a mission to find the person or people who betrayed him. | Well, we knew this was coming: Bob Woodward's new book featuring lots and lots of unflattering descriptions of Trump is resulting in yet another Trump meltdown. And so the White House is now engaged in a new, ahem, search for witch-like creatures. President Donald. . .

Shared by Hezvo Mpunga (2018-09-05). The Baltimore Bureau Podcast Show: August 31, 2018. therealnews.com Eze, Dharna, Khalilah, and guest host Ricarra Jones, Deputy Political Director of 1199 SEIU MD/DC, discuss the Fight for $15, renewable energy, Governor Hogan's Trumpian rhetoric, Det. Sean Suiter's death, and new schools in Baltimore

Ryan Grim (2018-09-05). Glenn Greenwald Interviews Kerri Harris: Can the Insurgency Now Defeat a Centrist U.S. Senator? theintercept.com Two months ago, Kerri Harris, running for U.S. Senate in Delaware, barely had a campaign, and she only recently opened her first office.

Shared by Cherise (2018-09-05). Texas Lawsuit Could Mean Life or Death for the Affordable Care Act. truthout.org Wednesday is looking like yet another pivotal day in the life-or-death saga that has marked the history of the Affordable Care Act. | In a Texas courtroom, a group of Republican attorneys general, led by Texas' Ken Paxton, are set to face off against a group of Democratic attorneys general, led by California's Xavier Becerra, in a lawsuit aimed at striking down the federal health law. The Republicans say that when Congress eliminated the penalty for not having health insurance as part of last year's tax bill, lawmakers rendered the entire health law unconstitutional. The Democrats argue that's not the case. | But first, the sides will argue before U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor in Fort Worth, Texas, whether the health law should be put on hold while the case is litigated. The GOP plaintiffs are seeking a "preliminary injunction" on the law.

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2018-09-05). Senator Fraser Anning and the Smugness of Australian "Values" asia-pacificresearch.com

INA (2018-09-05). Two Cows Killed during Israeli Army Exercise. imemc.org Two cows belonging to Palestinian herders in Kirbat Umm Jimal, in the northern Jordan Valley, were killed during Israeli army exercises in the area, a local official said on Wednesday. Mutaz Bisharat, from the Tubas governor's office, told WAFA that the two cows were apparently killed while army units were […]…

Chauncey K. Robinson (2018-09-05). Change comes to Boston: Ayanna Pressley makes history. peoplesworld.org History continues to be made across the country as an unprecedented number of women of color, particularly Black women, are running for and winning public office. Ayanna Pressley has added her story to this game-changing moment in time, with her victory against House veteran Michael Capuano to secure the Democratic…

Shared by Merula Furtado (2018-09-05). Neoliberal Fascism and the Twilight of the Social. truthout.org Donald Trump's increasingly dangerous, incendiary attacks on the media, his willingness to separate children from their parents at the southern border, his efforts to strip citizenship from naturalized citizens and deport US citizens on the groundless claim that they have fraudulent birth certificates, and his relentless attempts to pressure Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others to obstruct the rule of law all amount to a lawless grab for power that is pushing the US further into the abyss of fascism. | The terrors of 20th century fascism have risen once again in the United States but less as a warning about repeating past mistakes than as a measure of the degree to which the lessons of history become irrelevant. Politics now moves between what philosopher Susan Sontag once labeled as " unremitting banality and inconceivable terror." The "unremitting banality"

Michael Winship, Common Dreams (2018-09-05). Trump Is Elevating the Worst People to Power — And American Citizens Must Move Quickly to Protect the Nation. alternet.org A leader totally and completely without character can be weakened and removed. | Back in 2004, I was involved in giving John McCain an award for his stand against media consolidation. There were several times after that when something outrageous he said or voted for or against made me regret I'd ever been involved! But say what you will about him—and so much has been said and written this last couple of weeks—McCain had the cour. . .

Stephen Lendman (2018-09-05). Turkish and US Regimes Allied Against Syria. globalresearch.ca Turkey's alliance of convenience with Russia and Iran on resolving conflict in Syria was always suspect. | Erdogan is a ruthless despot. Moscow and Tehran know the risks of dealing with a …

IMEMC News (2018-09-05). Paraguay Moves Embassy Back To Tel Aviv. imemc.org The South American county of Paraguay has announced reversing its decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem, a political move that angered Israel, which shuttered its embassy in Asuncion, and recalled the ambassador. The new president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benitez, who just took office a […]…

Matthew Chapman, AlterNet (2018-09-05). Trump: We Should 'Change Libel Laws' To Stop Things Like Bob Woodward's Book. alternet.org Once again, Trump implies he should have the power to censor content that is unflattering to him. | President Donald Trump is furious about the release of famed former Watergate reporter Bob Woodward's new book about his administration, Fear: Trump in the White House. The book depicts the White House in a state of "nervou. . .

Joan McCarter, Daily Kos (2018-09-05). Democrat Leahy Just Hinted at a Smoking Gun to Kavanaugh Perjury Before the Senate in Hidden Documents. alternet.org "I'm concerned because there is evidence that Mr. Miranda provided you with materials that were stolen from me. " | Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) used those reams of hidden and confidential documents related to Supreme Court nominee's Brett Kavanaugh tenure with the George W. B. . .

Staff (2018-09-05). Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill to Kick Billionaires Off Welfare. truthdig.com The Stop BEZOS Act aims to cut off federal subsidies to employers who refuse to pay their workers a living wage.

Sam Biddle (2018-09-05). Sheryl Sandberg Misled Congress About Facebook's Conscience. theintercept.com Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg draped herself in the star-spangled banner of American principles before today's Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing on social media. Sandberg proclaimed that democratic values of free expression were integral to the company's conscience. "We would only operate in a country where we could do so in keeping with our values," she went on. Either this was a lie told under oath, or Facebook has some pretty lousy values."We would only operate in a country where we could do so in keeping with our values." | Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., questioned Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about the fact that they are both ostensibly American companies, but also firms with users around the world — including in countries with legal systems and values that differ drastically from the United States. Rubio cited various governments that crack down…

Rich Whitney (2018-09-05). Why I Choose to Take a Stand, by Taking a Knee. counterpunch.org The national controversy over those who choose to protest racial injustice in America by placing one knee on the ground during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner doesn't seem to be going away. The NFL announced a policy last May that any players who protest the anthem while on the field will be subject to More

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