2018-08-20: News Headlines

Chris Hedges (2018-08-20). Saying Goodbye to Planet Earth. truthdig.com Climate change is not simply an environmental problem—it is a planetary transition. We will survive only if we rapidly evolve to create new forms of civilization.

Javier Sierra (2018-08-20). La gran purga de votantes. peoplesworld.org Hoy, en los Estados Unidos de Donald Trump, a solo tres meses de las elecciones generales del 6 de noviembre, nos enteramos de que antes de los comicios de 2016, los estados purgaron a unos 16 millones de votantes de las listas electorales del país. | Según un estudio del Brennan Center for Justice (BCJ), estos votantes purgados —en su mayoría gente humilde o miembros de minorías— fueron víctimas de inexactitudes e incluso decisiones ilegales de la burocracia estatal. El reporte enfatiza que entre 2014 y 2016, el incremento en la purga de votantes fue de un 33% con respecto al periodo anterior. | Las burocracias estatales solo pueden eliminar nombres de la listas electorales en caso de que la persona sea menor de 18 años, no sea ciudadana, si ha cometido algún crimen mayor, si es enferma mental, si se…

Susie Day (2018-08-20). Why Pundits Scare Me. counterpunch.org "But, Mabel, you really think The New York Times will review my book? Masha Gessen will write a blurb? WOW!" That's me on the phone, Dear Activist Diary. I'm talking to my literary agent — in my mind. In real life, I'm here at my proofreading job at Penguin Random House — where you can't stop me More

Deepal Jayasekera (2018-08-20). Amidst Turkish Crisis Indian Rupee Falls to All-time Low. globalresearch.ca With the ongoing crisis involving Turkish lira, the Indian rupee fell to an all-time low on Tuesday. The Indian currency dropped to the level of 70.1 to the US dollar and …

teleSUR/jc-CM (2018-08-20). Cuba: Havana Carnival Kicks Off With Music, Dances, Floats. telesurtv.net "We hope this year's carnival is better serviced because of better supplies," said Eugenio Blanch.

Andrew Kahn (2018-08-20). Inhumanity Above the Clouds. counterpunch.org As I write this, 34,000 feet above ground, somewhere in the North Pacific, 2000 miles east of Tokyo, 700 miles northwest of the Midway Islands, in Seat 49A on Philippine Airlines en route to Manila for vacation, I consider that time is unknown. I wonder whether my phone is giving the time back in Vancouver, More

teleSUR /ef-MS (2018-08-20). Argentine Women Sports Reporters Denounce Sexual Harassment. telesurtv.net Argentine sports reporters and advocates are uniting under #PeriodistasUnidas to expose rampant sexual harassment female sports anchors face on the job.

Howard Lisnoff (2018-08-20). The Mass Media's Outrage at Trump: Why the Surprise? counterpunch.org They're coming fast and furious! Here come 343 media outlets that are criticizing (Guardian, August 15, 2018—at least 350 at this writing) Il Duce for creating the frenzy of "fake news" among his followers and encouraging the violent among his ilk to attack counterprotesters and journalists at campaign events and "public" appearances. The Boston Globe took the lead position More

Staff (2018-08-20). The Militarization of Sports and the Redefinition of Patriotism. truthdig.com As long as I can remember, I've been a sports fan. As long as I can remember, I've been interested in the military. Until recently, I experienced those as two separate and distinct worlds. While I was in the military — I served for 20 years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force — I did, of course, play sports. As a young lieutenant, I was in a racquetball tournament at my base in Colorado. At Squadron Officer School in Alabama, I took part in volleyball and flickerball (a bizarre Air Force sport). At the Air Force Academy, I was on a softball team and when we finally won a game, all of us signed the ball. I also enjoyed being in a military bowling league. I even had my own ball with my name engraved on it. | Don't misunderstand me.

George Wuerthner (2018-08-20). Why the Gallatin Range Deserves Protection. counterpunch.org The Gallatin Range that lies south of Bozeman, Montana is the largest unprotected wildlands in the northern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). The Gallatin Range is highly scenic with glaciated cirques, grassy meadows, and subalpine lakes. Biologically it is one of the more diverse and important areas in the entire Yellowstone ecosystem. The range is critical More

IMEMC News (2018-08-20). Israeli Soldiers Abduct Seven Palestinians In The West Bank. imemc.org Israeli Soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, at least seven Palestinians from their homes, in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS) has reported. The PPS said that the soldiers invaded the al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem, searched several homes, and abducted Ibrahim Hasan Salah, 22. The PPS […]…

IMEMC News (2018-08-20). PPS: "Israeli Soldiers Abduct 14 Palestinians In The West Bank" imemc.org The Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, fourteen Palestinians, including a former political prisoner who was imprisoned for 15 years, in several parts of the occupied West Bank. The PPS office in Nablus, in northern West Bank, said the soldiers invaded the […]…

Martin Varese (2018-08-20). 'Brazil's Judiciary Lost Its Masks' Amid Lula Legal Fight: Ex-Justice Minister. telesurtv.net "The entire left-wing will stand together to support a leftist candidate," said Eugenio Aragao, former Minister of Justices under Dilma Rousseff, in an exclusive interview with teleSUR.

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-20). Lula da Silva: "Brazil is Undergoing a Right-Wing Coup" therealnews.com The unraveling of the social safety net put in place by the PT, combined with the legislative manipulations and extreme neoliberal austerity constitutes a right-wing coup, explains Mark Weisbrot of CEPR.

Tony Cartalucci (2018-08-20). Will Turkey Back or Break Militants in Northern Syria? globalresearch.ca Syria once again finds itself at another critical juncture. Having secured virtually all territory in the nation's southwest, Damascus' attention is now fixated on Idlib in the north. | Reuters has recently …

Chauncey DeVega, Salon (2018-08-20). Scholar Warns We Could Be Headed for a 'Violent Conflict' Between Republicans and Democrats. alternet.org Is the United States speeding toward an historic conflict? | President Abraham Lincoln famously warned that "a house divided against itself, cannot stand. " More than 150 years later his alarm still resonates: While the conflagration will most likely take a different form than it did in Lincoln's day, America in the era of President Donald Trump is increasingly a country of warring tribes rather than a united people possessed of a shared sense of identit. . .

IMEMC News (2018-08-20). Detainee Receives An Administrative Detention Order For 6 Months After Serving A 16-Month Prison Term. imemc.org On Sunday, the Israeli Authorities informed detainee Nasser Abu Khdeir, from Shu'fat town, in occupied East Jerusalem, that he will be held under Administrative Detention for six months, instead of being released this coming Thursday, after finishing a 16-month prison sentence. The detainee suffers from a number of chronic diseases, […]…

Faisal Khan (2018-08-20). A British Muslim's Perspective on the Burkha Debate. counterpunch.org Once again, the Burkha finds itself in the headlines in Britain. On this occasion, it was the comments of former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson that have instigated the drama. In a column for The Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson caused controversy when he compared women who wore it to 'letterboxes' and 'bank robbers'. As Boris anticipated More

teleSUR /ef-MS (2018-08-20). Chile's Congress Set To Indict Judges For Releasing Torturers. telesurtv.net Chile's lower house is looking to indite three judges who ruled to released five men convicted of tortures and homicides during the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship.

Nick Pinto (2018-08-20). Trump Administration Says Deportable Immigrants Can't Go to the Courts — Even if Their First Amendment Rights Are Violated. theintercept.com An activist says he was targeted for deportation because of First Amendment-protected speech. The government says he can't have a day in court.

teleSUR/mrs-LJS (2018-08-20). Chile: IACHR Warns Against Release of Pinochet Rights Abusers. telesurtv.net The IACHR called on the state to protect the victims' families as well as consider the long-lasting effects such a decision would induce.

Ted Rall (2018-08-20). Is Trump a Brand-New Weird Existential Threat? No. counterpunch.org This past week more than 300 American newspapers colluded — if the word fits… — to simultaneously publish editorials declaring themselves, contra Trump, not "the enemy of the people." Shortly thereafter the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution declaring that it too did not consider the press to be, in a phrase that evokes the More

teleSUR/rfpl-LJS (2018-08-20). Argentine Writer Jorge Luis Borges' Personal Library Restored. telesurtv.net "I always imagined paradise would be some sort of library." — Jorge Luis Borges.

Staff (2018-08-20). Trump Rages Against Mueller Probe for Second Straight Day. truthdig.com The president's tirade follows a report that White House attorney Don McGahn has been cooperating extensively with the special counsel.

Robert Fisk (2018-08-20). A US Trade War With Turkey Over a Pastor? Don't Believe It. counterpunch.org It needs a stroke of genius to soften the heart for poor old Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Those of us who have always believed that Erdogan is a bit off his rocker must still be appalled that a US president infinitely more cracked than the Turkish variety is trying to impoverish Nato's second largest military ally. True, More

Staff (2018-08-20). That Time Sarah Sanders and the ACLU Teamed Up for Voting Rights. truthdig.com Although the Trump administration wants to restrict access to the ballot box, its chief spokesperson once sued to overturn a ban on student voting.

teleSUR /ef-MS (2018-08-20). US Backs Down on Key NAFTA Negotiation, Farmers in Agreement. telesurtv.net After months of lobbying by U.S. agricultural lobbies, the Trump administration backs down from crucial clause to not tariff seasonal fruits and vegetables from Mexico.

Heather Digby Parton, Salon (2018-08-20). Here's Why White House Counsel Don McGahn Has Donald Trump So Worried. alternet.org McGahn talked to Robert Mueller's team for 30 hours — that's a huge blow for Trump, and the reasons why run deep. | Reading President Trump's Twitter feed over the past week, it's hard not to conclude that he feels the walls are closing in. It started with his former adviser and fellow reality TV star Omarosa's new book. She accused him of being a racist and, even more unsettlingly, revealed that she has been taping conversations with people in the campaign and. . .

teleSUR/GB (2018-08-20). Ecuadorean City Names Kim Jong-un Honorary Citizen. telesurtv.net North Korea's Independence Day or Day of the Foundation of the Republic is celebrated on September 9, also known as 9/9.

IMEMC News (2018-08-20). Israel Approves Dozens Of Units In Illegal Colony Near Bethlehem. imemc.org The Israeli authorities approved the construction of 106 new units in the illegal Efrat colony, built on private Palestinian lands between Ertas village and the al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank. Hasan Breijiyya, the coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Annexation Wall and colonies in […]…

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-20). Revolution and the Third World: Exploring the Radical Ideas of Anti-Imperialist Economist Samir Amin. therealnews.com Samir Amin revolutionized economics by centering the Global South. TRNN's Ben Norton explores the radical legacy of the Egyptian-French anti-imperialist Marxist with scholar Ali Kadri

Jonathan Cook (2018-08-20). Corbyn's Labour Party is Being Made to Fail —By Design. counterpunch.org The Labour party, relentlessly battered by an organised campaign of smears of its leader, Jeremy Corbyn — first for being anti-semitic, and now for honouring Palestinian terrorists — is reportedly about to adopt the four additional working "examples" of anti-semitism drafted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). Labour initially rejected these examples — stoking More

Armando Aparicio, David Zlutnick (2018-08-20). These Tenants Are Leading the Largest Rent Strike in LA History. thenation.com These Tenants Are Leading the Largest Rent Strike in LA History appeared first on The Nation.

Carl Boggs (2018-08-20). The Road to Disaster? counterpunch.org The monotonously endless anti-Russia crusade serves a number of political agendas for Democrats and the Washington power structure. It rationalizes Hillary Clinton's stunning defeat, delegitimizes and weakens the Trump presidency, sets momentum for impeachment, and helps drive up Pentagon (and intelligence) spending. Often forgotten is a yet another, deeper factor: Russia has long been targeted as an intolerable obstacle to U.S. Eurasian supremacy, years before the Trump phenomenon was on the horizon. More

Jacob Sugarman (2018-08-20). Pope on Sex Abuse: We Showed No Care for the Little Ones. truthdig.com In a letter Monday, the pontiff urged Catholics across the world to root out abuse and cover-up.

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-20). The Baltimore Bureau Podcast Show: August 17, 2018. therealnews.com Eze, Dharna, Khalilah, and guest host Faraji Muhammad of WEAA's For the Culture discuss the causes and effects of violence in Baltimore, discrimination against Black girls in schools, police accountability, and Baltimore artist Devin Allen

Patrick Strickland (2018-08-20). When Bosses Threatened to Close the Plant, These Greek Workers Took It Over. thenation.com When Bosses Threatened to Close the Plant, These Greek Workers Took It Over appeared first on The Nation.

teleSUR/LJS (2018-08-20). Venezuelan Immigrants Forced To Flee Brazilian Border Town. telesurtv.net Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza released a statement Saturday condemning the "dangerous matrix of xeonophonic opinions."

Sheldon Richman (2018-08-20). For the Love of Reason. counterpunch.org Far be it from me to divide humankind in two, but were I so inclined, I'd divide it into those who love reason and those who are indifferent if not outright hostile to it. Members of the first group adore the reasoning process and their own reasoning faculties. The others find the process burdensome and More

Staff (2018-08-20). Why Is the U.S. Helping Saudis Kill Children in Yemen? truthdig.com The Saudi and United Arab Emirates war on little Yemen, which was launched by Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman in March of 2015, has flown under the radar among the U.S. public until a recent bombing.

Dean Baker (2018-08-20). Does France's Economy Need to Be Renewed? counterpunch.org That's the question millions are asking after reading this NYT profile of France's labor minister, Muriel Pénicaud. The largely positive piece refers to France's "famously voluminous labor code," then goes on to tell readers: "The campaign to renew the French economy, one of President Emmanuel Macron's flagship policies, involves steering toward a Nordic-style labor modelknown More

IMEMC News (2018-08-20). Israeli Soldiers Remove A Tent, Assault A Palestinian, Near Hebron. imemc.org Israeli soldiers, accompanied by a number of illegal colonialist settlers, invaded a Palestinian land, Monday, removed a tent and assaulted a man, in Masafer Yatta area, south of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank. Rateb Jabour, the coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Annexation Wall […]…

Charles Redvers (2018-08-20). Una respuesta a la desinformación sobre Nicaragua: fue un golpe, no una 'masacre'. grayzoneproject.com Por: Charles Redvers Para un resumen de la historia de trabajo de Mary Ellsberg con las agencias del gobierno de…

Dan Glazebrook (2018-08-20). Trump's New Financial War on the Global South. counterpunch.org Trump's attack on the Turkish lira, combined with recent Federal Reserve moves to choke off dollar supply, are pushing the world towards a rerun of the 1997 currency crisis. This may well be the whole point. Last Friday, Donald Trump announced new sanctions on Turkey — comprising a doubling of the steel and aluminium tariffs More

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2018-08-20). Readying Knives: The Mortality of Australian Prime Ministers. asia-pacificresearch.com

James Munson (2018-08-20). "Not With a Bomb, But a Whimper" … Then More Bombs. counterpunch.org Four years ago, I toppled from my bicycle to the street, dead at age 42 from cardiac arrest. A stranger was giving enough to administer CPR, and I was conscious again in two-days time. I had no prior knowledge of my heart condition, don't know who saved me, and when I woke in the hospital, had no idea why. More

Frances Jetter (2018-08-20). Gun World. thenation.com Gun World appeared first on The Nation.

Katha Pollitt (2018-08-20). The News in Motherhood: the Good, the Bad, the WTF. thenation.com The News in Motherhood: the Good, the Bad, the WTF appeared first on The Nation.

teleSUR/rfpl-LJS (2018-08-20). 'Queermuseu' Reopens in Brazil Amid Conservative Protests. telesurtv.net

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Unprecedented monsoonal floods kill over 370 in southwest India. wsws.org While heavy monsoonal rain is normal at this time of the year, the disastrous levels of flooding in Kerala are unprecedented and not a "natural" event.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Israel steps up harassment of prominent critics of anti-Palestinian and racialist agenda. wsws.org Israel's government is criminalising those protesting its policies on the basis that they represent "the de-legitimisation of Israel," a "threat to state security" or are "anti-Semitic."

VAGS (2018-08-20). Rise for Climate Charter Buses: Ride & Join SF March from Cities in Bay Area & California. indybay.org Cities around Bay Area & throughout California | Check your city or nearest city for the EXACT departure time of your location's charter bus. Departure times are based on driving distance from San Francisco. For example, the bus from Santa Barbara is scheduled for as early as 12 a.m.

RT (2018-08-20). US Embassy in Turkey attacked by gunman in passing car — reports. rt.com An unknown gunman fired several shots at the US Embassy in the Turkish capital, Ankara from a passing car, smashing a window. Police are looking for the suspect.

Slide Ranch (2018-08-20). Slide Ranch Farm-to-Table Experience & Optional Glamping – August 24. indybay.org Slide Ranch | 2025 Shoreline Highway | Muir Beach, CA 94965…

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Socialist Equality Group (New Zealand) to hold online forum: Lessons of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation's sellout. wsws.org The SEG urges health workers to attend this online forum on September 1 to discuss the NZNO's betrayal and the way forward in the fight against the Labour Party government's austerity measures.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Arbitration panel cuts real wages and healthcare benefits for Washington D.C. Metro workers. wsws.org The amount awarded to the public employees averages to a yearly pay increase of little more than half the annual rate of inflation.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Darling in the FranXX: Japanese anime series about fighting for the survival of humanity. wsws.org This 2017 Japanese anime series tells the story a group of teenaged pilots who rebel against authoritarianism and seek to create a world in which humans can live happily.

RT (2018-08-20). Lockheed Martin receives bloody images instead of cool weapons photos in failed Twitter campaign. rt.com Lockheed Martin's social media appeal to send them the best photos of its products went horribly awry, as unimpressed Twitterati responded with gruesome images of the horrors of war.

repost (2018-08-20). KPFA GM McCoy's Supporters On KPFA LSB Vote To Ban Video Taping Of Meeting On Banning. indybay.org KPFA manager Quincy McCoy's loyal supporters on the KPFA Local Station Board voted to ban the video taping of the meeting where many people were speaking out against the banning of Guns and Butter. The opposition to video taping of KPFA public meetings and the "Town Hall" meeting is a typical pattern of people who want to shutdown debate and information to continue the autocratic practices of the KPFA manager.

350.org Silicon Valley (2018-08-20). Art & Music Party for SF Climate Marh: Rise for Art Gathering in San Jose (free). indybay.org First Unitarian Church of San Jose, 160 N Third St San Jose 95112…

David L. (2018-08-20). Unite for Justice: #StopKavanaugh Protest in San Jose. indybay.org San Jose/Santa Clara border: sidewalk protest @ intersection of Winchester Blvd. & Stevens Creek Blvd. (nick name: Peace Corner) in front of the Santa Row shopping center.

Steve Brown (2018-08-20). Station Manager Quincy McCoy Disgraces KPFA and Pacifica Radio With Unilateral Banning. indybay.org KPFA manager Quincy McCoy has unilaterally banned the longtime show Guns and Butter without any hearing or due process and censored all the past shows. This is from "Free Speech" radio. Quincy has a long history of deciding what should be on the air without any process of the staff and community who pay for the station.

Peter Maiden (2018-08-20). Mike Rhodes recognized by Fresno City Council. indybay.org Mike Rhodes, former Indybay Central Valley page co-ordinator, was recognized by the Fresno City Council, who made August 16 "Mike Rhodes Day."

KRF (2018-08-20). Joan Morgan: She Begat This: 20 Years of Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. indybay.org First Congregational Church of Oakland | 2501 Harrison St | Oakland, CA 94612…

Dan Roberts (2018-08-20). The Shortwave Report 08/17/18 Listen Globally! indybay.org

wsws.org (2018-08-20). UPS workers oppose isolation by Teamsters, call for united struggle with Amazon workers. wsws.org The Teamsters union is opposed to any effort to connect the struggles of workers at UPS, Amazon and other logistics companies.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). This week in history: August 20-26. wsws.org 25 years ago: Jury convicts two Detroit cops in murder of Malice GreenOn August 23, 1993, a Detroit jury returned verdicts of second-degree murder against two white policemen for the beating death of Malice Green, a young black worker. Walter Budzyn and Larry Nevers smashed in Green's skull with heavy flashlights while seven other policemen stood around them and allowed the savagery to continue without interference. At least one of these accomplices, Robert Lessnau, kicked and punched Green during the beating, as he put handcuffs on the dying man.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). China-US talks but trade war set to escalate. wsws.org The basic conflict centres on the US demand that China not only lessen the trade deficit but also significantly pull back on its plan to boost its industrial and technological base.

Workers World Party (2018-08-20). Report from Texas Border Delegation by John Parker. indybay.org Workers World Party | 1305 Franklin St #411 | Oakland, CA 94612 | use intercom at entrance to get buzzed in | one block from City Center BART at 13th & Broadway…

Slide Ranch (2018-08-20). Slide Ranch Farm-to-Table Experience/Optional Glamping – September 21. indybay.org Slide Ranch | 2025 Shoreline Highway | Muir Beach, CA 94965…

Peace Now (2018-08-20). Billionaire Erik Prince Wants To Privatize Illegal Afghan War & Be Chief Profiteer. indybay.org War and capitalism are evil twins. John Bolton is pushing | Erik Prince's work to privatize the heinous Afghanistan war and to | become its chief proiteer.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Teacher hostility grows to Michigan Department of Education's curriculum changes. wsws.org The Michigan Department of Education has proposed new social studies standards which remove references to essential democratic rights and aim to censor the study of history.

Jonathan Nack (2018-08-20). Is Trump Bringing Fascism, Or Removing the Liberal Facade From It? indybay.org President Franklin D. Roosevelt | File photo: Wikipedia | Is Trump bringing fascism to the United States? That is a very legitimate question. However, there is another legitimate question. Is Trump merely taking the facade off, and making more overt, a system that was already fundamentally fascistic and deeply racist?>

RT (2018-08-20). Harvey Weinstein accuser had sex with 17-year-old, paid him $380k hush money — report. rt.com Asia Argento, an Italian actress and director at the forefront of the #MeToo campaign that brought down producer Harvey Weinstein over sexual assault, herself reportedly assaulted an underage actor, and paid him to stay silent.

Amy George Cortez (2018-08-20). Many Gods No Masters. indybay.org Amor Eterno Arte 1227 18th AVE Oakland CA 94606 – Between E14th (International) and E12th. 1.3miles from Fruitvale Bart…

Dana B. (2018-08-20). Unite for Justice: Protest to #StopKavanaugh in Santa Rosa. indybay.org Santa Rosa: Old Courthouse Square, between 4th street, Mendocino Ave., 3rd Street, Santa Rosa Ave., | Santa Rosa 95401 | From north or south, take 101 to the College Ave. exit (409), turn east onto College, right onto Mendocino, then left onto Fourth. | From east or west, take 12 to downtown Santa Rosa exit (7A), turn north onto Santa Rosa, then right onto Third.

RT (2018-08-20). Sacha Baron Cohen tricks food critic into praising 'butter soft human flesh'. rt.com In a new episode of his ridicule-ridden show 'Who is America?' notorious comedian Sacha Baron Cohen pokes fun at pretentious haute cuisine aficionados by treating a food critic to a bite of what he claims is human flesh.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Inequality and the crisis of American democracy. wsws.org Ever-increasing social inequality in the United States is incompatible with democratic forms of rule.

Dennessa A. (2018-08-20). Unite for Justice: #StopKavanaugh Protest in State Capital of Sacramento. indybay.org State Capitol West Steps, 10th Street and Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95814…

AutumnSun (2018-08-20). Drew Glover Kick-Off and World Humanitarian Day Potluck Picnic 8-19-2018. indybay.org Hosted by Drew Glover for Santa Cruz City Council | The event was held today from 1 to 3 PM at the London Nelson (Laurel Park) 301 Center St. Santa Cruz, CA…

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Political warfare deepens as Democrats, ex-spies circle the wagons around Brennan. wsws.org The intervention by Brennan and other ex-intelligence officials on the Sunday talk shows demonstrates the degree to which the spy agencies have become a dominant political force.

Jackie Risley (2018-08-20). Bookstore & Chocolate Crawl. indybay.org Crawl begins at Green Apple Books on the Park, 1231 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, and ends at The Booksmith and Bindery, 1727 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). As students return to school, US teachers face nationwide struggle to defend education. wsws.org US teachers are returning to the classroom in the aftermath of the "teacher spring," determined to take forward the fight in defense of public education.

UFJ (2018-08-20). Unite for Justice: Protest to #StopKavanaugh in Monterey. indybay.org Intersection of Camino El Estero and Del Monte Ave in Monterey, CA 93940…

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Growing interest in socialism in Downriver Detroit area. wsws.org The industrialized area has been the core of the congressional district dominated by the Democratic Party and the Dingell family for more than 80 years.

KRF (2018-08-20). Miko Peled: The General's Son: Journal of an Israeli in Palestine. indybay.org First Congregational Church of Berkeley | 2345 Channing Way | Berkeley, CA 94704…

wsws.org (2018-08-20). German Left Party leaders launch right-wing #Standup initiative. wsws.org The interviews of Lafontaine and Wagenknecht focus on anti-refugee agitation, the stirring up of nationalism and the call for German "independence."

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Australian thunderstorm asthma deaths inquest reveals health system breakdown. wsws.org Triple 0 callers were told an ambulance was on the way when it had not been dispatched.

Slide Ranch (2018-08-20). Slide Ranch Farm-to-Table Experience & Optional Glamping – September 7. indybay.org Slide Ranch | 2025 Shoreline Highway | Muir Beach, CA 94965…

Ariel Natan Pasko (2018-08-20). The Torah's National Structure in the Jewish Nation-State of Israel. indybay.org This article explains Judaism's national structure for political and spiritual independence in the Land of Israel.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Alabama: Deteriorating rural sewer and septic systems. wsws.org Alabama's failing sewage and septic systems became notorious when a UN investigation shined a spotlight upon the prevalence of hookworm in the state's rural communities.

Dan Bacher (2018-08-20). Most of 21,000 oil wells approved under Jerry Brown are in low income areas, communities of color. indybay.org "I wonder if Jerry Brown would continue to shield the fossil fuel industry if his family was forced to breathe the same air we do," said Francisco Gonzalez, a Kern County resident. "I hope he will consider communities like mine and put an end to the drilling free-for-all. It's too late for me, but all the kids deserve better."

PFSL (2018-08-20). Eyewitness Report from Lebanon – Palestine Will Be Free! indybay.org 2969 Mission St. between 25th and 26th Sts.

wsws.org (2018-08-20). Pro- and anti-government rallies, street clashes mark political crisis in Romania. wsws.org The conflict between different factions of Romania's ruling class is increasingly taking place outside the traditional channels of bourgeois democracy.

Labor for Climate, Jobs & Justice (2018-08-20). Art & Music Party: Climate March Labor Contingent. indybay.org 350 Rhode Island Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 | SEIU 1021 Office, enter on Kansas and 17th…

Eugene E Ruyle (2018-08-20). Against Assad: Anarchist and Marxist-Humanist Voices‚Ä®. indybay.org NPML, 6501 Telegraph Ave, Oakland (just North of Alcatraz Ave.)…

wsws.org (2018-08-20). UK: Momentum's Jon Lansman takes his place alongside anti-Corbyn witch-hunters. wsws.org Whatever the progressive sentiments of those who signed up to the project, the Momentum network was from the very start aimed at controlling and ultimately sabotaging any genuine challenge to the right.

Maureen Smith (2018-08-20). Should the United States Keep Giving Israel $10 Million Per Day? indybay.org Resource Center for Nonviolence | 612 Ocean Ave | Santa Cruz, CA 95060…

Labor Video Project (2018-08-20). SF Mayor Breed & DPH Garcia Still Pushing Lennar Hunters Point Project "It's Safe" indybay.org At a community meeting on August 15, 2018, San Francisco Department of Public Health "Environmental Engineer" Amy Brownell told community residents that the Hunters Point Shipyard is safe and can be further developed. | Brownell whose salary is funded by the developer Lennar has been involved in the criminal cover-up of the falsification of testing in the billion dollar eco-fraud at Hunters Point Shipyard and Treasure Island. Mayor London Breed and DPH director Barbara Garcia are also aware of the criminal retaliation of OSHA health and safety whistleblowers and have colluded with the developers to cover up the m…

KRF (2018-08-20). Chris Hedges: America: The Farewell Tour. indybay.org First Congregational Church of Berkeley | 2345 Channing Way | Berkeley, CA 94704…

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