2018-08-03: News Headlines

C.J. Atkins (2018-08-03). Democratic Party factional struggles on hold for midterm elections? peoplesworld.org NEW ORLEANS—Stories of Democratic civil war and intra-party factional intrigue are all the rage these days, with commentators parsing the latest Democratic Socialists of America candidate's primary win or centrist Third Way conference for a signal as to which side is winning the battle of ideas. | At the Netroots Nation conference meeting in New Orleans this week, there is certainly plenty of evidence of ongoing tension between progressive grassroots activists and the Democratic Party "establishment," but there are also concerted efforts to showcase attempts at left-center unity. | Local activist group leaders appeared on stage with DNC and state party officials at one opening panel of the annual Netroots meeting—the 13th and largest ever—in an attempt to demonstrate that the Bernie-Hillary battles of 2016 are, at least partially, on hold so as to ensure Republicans are turned out of office…

Alex Henderson, AlterNet (2018-08-03). Here Are 5 Reasons Why Aging Gen-Xers and Boomers Need Democratic Socialism. alternet.org The GOP is overtly hostile to Americans over 40 in numerous respects. | Much has been written about Sen. Bernie Sanders' ongoing appeal among Millennials and how a young Sanders ally like New York City-based Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—who, at 28, is running against Rockefeller Republican Anthony Pappas in th. . .

Louis Proyect (2018-08-03). Young Marxist Intellectuals and the Democratic Party. counterpunch.org The "democratic socialist" movement spawned by Bernie Sanders's 2016 campaign has led to an interesting development. Highly educated and self-described socialists in the academy have written erudite articles making the Marxist case for voting Democratic. Even if they are wrong, I am impressed with the scholarly prowess deployed on behalf of obvious casuistry. These articles More

Jon Schwarz (2018-08-03). Ron Dellums's Life Holds Lessons for Every Progressive in America. theintercept.com Ron Dellums, one of the most significant and radical members of Congress in U.S. history, died on Monday at age 82. Liberals, progressives, social democrats, or democratic socialists interested in fostering the left-wing political movement that emerged following Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders's 2016 primary loss should study how Dellums managed to get and hold the power of elected office for decades, and use it to make America better in numberless ways — most famously by overturning U.S. support for apartheid South Africa. | Dellums was first elected to Congress in 1970 as a 35-year-old Democrat from a California district that included Berkeley and Oakland. | He didn't do this by challenging a Republican. Nor did he wait patiently for an open seat. Instead, he ran against a six-term Democrat named Jeffery Cohelan in that year's primary. | Cohelan was a standard Cold War…

Roger Harris (2018-08-03). Chomsky on Regime Change in Nicaragua. counterpunch.org With patented angst, Noam Chomsky opined on President Daniel Ortega's Nicaragua to an agreeing Amy Goodman: "But there's been a lot of corruption, a lot of repression. It's autocratic, undoubtedly." Earlier in their DemocracyNow! interview, the main talking points were established via a video clip of a dissident former official from Ortega's Sandinista Party: Ortega's More

pacbi (2018-08-03). Palestinians Call for Boycott of Meteor Music Festival in Israel. bdsmovement.net Palestinians Call for Boycott of Meteor Music Festival in Israel: Update Cultural BoycottPalestinians urge participating artists to withdraw from the festival as a meaningful contribution to our struggle for freedom, justice and equality. | August 3, 2018 | By: | Rita Jacobs, Wesson Gaige (2018-08-03). Bipartisan Dysfunctionality Puts The World At Risk. counterpunch.org All of humanity is being put at risk by the duopoly of Democrats and Republicans opposition to dialogue with Russia. The combination of Russophobia and the Democratic Party's compulsion to criticize Trump's every action, even when he accidentally does something sensible, is preventing the two largest nuclear powers, with the two most advanced militaries in the world, More

Russell Bangs (2018-08-03). Franken Salmon, CAFOs and GM Feed. counterpunch.org Factory farming of salmon, allegedly a more "sustainable" alternative to industrial mining of wild salmon, depends to a large extent on using ground up anchovies as feed. Thus it decimates another wild fishery. This generates the problem of declining anchovy populations and insufficient feed to fuel the overproducing salmon factory. The government, corporations, scientific establishment, More

Prof. Alon Ben-Meir (2018-08-03). Erdogan and the EU Are on a Collision Course in the Balkans. globalresearch.ca

Lawrence Wittner (2018-08-03). Trump's Foreign Policy Is Awful, But There's a Better Alternative than the Establishment's Version. counterpunch.org Since the advent of the Trump administration, large numbers of Americans have been aghast at its narrow nationalist approach to world affairs. But many of them are also uneasy about the alternative championed by the foreign policy Establishment. The Trump "America First" approach has largely dispensed with American-led alliances of the past and, instead, emphasized More

Pete Dolack (2018-08-03). If the Economy is So Good, Why are Wages Flat? counterpunch.org We are supposedly seven years into a "recovery" from the global economic collapse that commenced in 2008. The latest evidence offered to promote this oft-peddled mantra is that U.S. gross domestic product showed a strong uptick for the second quarter of 2018, an annualized rate of 4.1 percent, nearly double that of the first quarter. More

Asia Times (2018-08-03). China Says Willing to Team with Syria's Assad in Push to Retake Territory. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | China's ambassador to Damascus has reportedly told Syrian media that Beijing is prepared to aid the government's push to retake territory throughout the country. | Speaking to Syrian pro-government daily Al-Watan, the …

Thomas Knapp (2018-08-03). ID, Please: Unfortunately, Trump Isn't Much Ahead of His Time. counterpunch.org At a Florida campaign rally on July 31, President Donald Trump informed the crowd, by way of promoting voter ID laws, that "if you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card. You need ID." Twitterverse mockery ensued, mostly to the effect that Trump has little experience with More

Chauncey K. Robinson (2018-08-03). Netroots: Leadership of Black women seen as key to 2018 Midterms. peoplesworld.org

Alex Henderson, AlterNet (2018-08-03). Here Are 4 of the Most Shocking Revelations So Far from Paul Manafort's Trial. alternet.org The president's former campaign chairman is the defendant in the first trial of Rober Mueller's investigation. | Paul Manafort's trial entered Day 4 this morning in Alexandria, Virginia, with the former Trump campaign manager continuing to battle multiple federal counts of bank fraud and tax evasion. So far, Manafort's Whitney Webb (2018-08-03). Upset By The New York Times "Racist" Hire? A Brief History of Racism at the U.S.' "Paper of Record" mintpressnews.com Those criticizing the Times for Jeong's hire should be well aware that the paper has a history of hiring racist journalists and that the paper itself has even been sued for past racist policies.

teleSUR / ms-MH (2018-08-03). Chile To Take Measures to Protect Easter Island by Limiting Tourism. telesurtv.net The move which is aimed at protecting both the natural environment and island heritage was announced Wednesday.

INA (2018-08-03). PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (26 July — 01 August 2018). imemc.org Israeli forces continued with systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) for the week of 26 July — 01 August, 2018. Israeli forces continued to use force against peaceful Palestinian protestors in the Gaza Strip. 3 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children, were killed in the southern Gaza Strip.

Hervé Do Alto (2018-08-03). How Evo Morales Stays in Power. thenation.com How Evo Morales Stays in Power appeared first on The Nation.

Scott Ritter (2018-08-03). Three Reasons Why 'Fire and Fury' Won't Work With Iran. truthdig.com The president doesn't realize he's playing a losing hand with Iran, which has already called his bluff on targeting its oil sales.

David Schultz (2018-08-03). Race, the Constitution, and Police Use of Force. counterpunch.org Another day, another person of color killed by police officers, and another day and another prosecutor does not indict. Is this merely a problem of blatant racism or is something else going on? Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman was correct in not indicting the officers who killed Thurman Blevins. The reason is simple—he could never More

Richard Stevens, Aeon (2018-08-03). LED Lighting Has Become a Global Threat to Public Health. alternet.org Light pollution is often characterized as a soft issue in environmentalism. This perception needs to change. | Light pollution is often characterised as a soft issue in environmentalism. This perception needs to change. Light at night constitutes a massive assault on the ecology of the planet, including us. It also has indirect impacts because, while Robert Koehler (2018-08-03). Border Security: Wall vs. Principles. counterpunch.org Consider the limited thinking that produces a concept such as "border security." The essential assumption here is that the United States of America is primarily a physical container — three and a half million square miles of freedom and prosperity, whoopee, but the supply is limited. Sorry, have-nots, we don't have room for you. The More

Robert J. Burrowes (2018-08-03). Life on Earth is Dying. Thousands of Species Cease to Exist. Homo Sapiens is the Cause. globalresearch.ca On the day that you read this article, 200 species of life on Earth (plants, birds, animals, fish, amphibians, insects, reptiles) will cease to exist. Tomorrow, another 200 species will vanish forever.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-03). A Slaughter in Silence: How Trump's "America First" Policy Enabled Ethnic Cleansing in the DRC. democracynow.org The Democratic Republic of Congo is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world as a wave of extreme violence sweeps the country. Some 2 million Congolese fled their homes last year, nearly 7 million Congolese are now internally displaced, and another 500,000 have fled to other parts of Africa. According to the United Nations, 13 million Congolese are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. The international media has largely ignored what's happening, but this week Vice News published a shocking investigation into a recent case of ethnic cleansing. Hundreds of machete-wielding militiamen swept through ar…

Samantha Borek (2018-08-03). Trump Takes on the Fed. truthout.org For nearly half a century, presidents have refrained from criticizing the "independent" Federal Reserve; but that was before Donald Trump. In response to a question about Fed interest rate policy in a CNBC interview on July 19, 2018, he shocked commentators by stating, "I'm not thrilled. Because we go up and every time you go up they want to raise rates again. . . . I am not happy about it. . . . I don't like all of this work that we're putting into the economy and then I see rates going up." He acknowledged the central bank's independence, but the point was made: the Fed was hurting the economy with its "Quantitative Tightening" policies and needed to watch its step. | In commentary on CNBC.com, Richard Bove contended that the president was positioning himself to take control of the…

teleSUR/vc-CM (2018-08-03). 3 Venezuelan Campesinos Murdered After President Orders Land Restitution. telesurtv.net The three Campesinos had participated in the first stretch of the Campesino March, that walked for 400 kilometers.

Democracy Now! (2018-08-03). Body of Olivia Lone Bear Found in N. Dakota as Native Women Face Crisis of Murders, Disappearances. democracynow.org After an agonizing 9-month search, the body of Olivia Lone Bear was found Tuesday in a pickup truck submerged in a lake right by her house on the Fort Berthold Reservation. The mother of five went missing in late October in New Town, North Dakota. Her disappearance has sparked renewed attention to the disproportionately high rates of disappearance, rape and murder of Native American women across the United States. These already-alarming rates are particularly high in areas of oil extraction, like North Dakota's Bakken Shale, which is the origin point for the Dakota Access pipeline. We speak with Olivia Lone Bear'

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2018-08-03). Thriving on Dark Web: The My Health Record and Data Insecurity. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | Data is rarely inert. It moves, finds itself diverting, adjusting and adapting to users and distributors. Ultimately, as unspectacular and banal as it might be, data sells, pushing the price in …

Andrew Levine (2018-08-03). Perils of Ineptitude. counterpunch.org When Donald Trump flubs through ignorance, incompetence, or poor judgment — that would be nearly all the time — he insists that he has not flubbed at all; that, quite to the contrary, he accomplished wonders. Whoever questions his words is spreading "fake news" and is an "enemy of the people." Who knows if he More

Staff (2018-08-03). China Announces $60B of U.S. Goods for Tariff Retaliation. truthdig.com The escalating tariff dispute between the U.S. and China is fueling fears that it might chill global trade and economic growth.

Rob Urie (2018-08-03). Donald Trump and the American Left. counterpunch.org The election of Donald Trump fractured the American Left. The abandonment of class analysis in response to Mr. Trump's racialized nationalism left identity politics to fill the void. This has facilitated the rise of neoliberal nationalism, an embrace of the national security state combined with neoliberal economic analysis put forward as a liberal / Left response to Mr. Trump's program. The result has been profoundly reactionary. More

teleSUR/vc-CM (2018-08-03). Ortega Rejects OAS Intervention in Nicaragua's Internal Affairs. telesurtv.net The government of Nicaragua has stressed they do not recognize any OAS commission to monitor the situation in the country.

INA (2018-08-03). Journalist Shot during Nablus Confrontations. imemc.org Violent confrontations erupted as hundreds of Israeli settlers stormed, on Wednesday night, the northern West Bank city of Nablus, guarded by the Israeli forces and for the purpose of performing Talmudic rituals. Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli forces, accompanied by a bulldozer, stormed Beit Furik checkpoint, to the east of Nablus. […]…

Ghoncheh Tazmini (2018-08-03). The Three Rs Of Iran's Future. iranian.com Three issues stand out when discussing Iran's future: revolution, regime change and reform. US President Donald Trump's volte face offering to speak with Iran suggests that the first two options are not likely. For a sound assessment of each trajectory, there is the need for theoretical and empirical synergy. In relation to the first option, there is […]

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-03). Is Trump Betraying the American People? With TRNN's Paul Jay. therealnews.com Aaron Mate hosts TRNN Senior Editor Paul Jay in a discussion about the real reasons why Trump should be considered a traitor by the American people

Tom Clark (2018-08-03). Questions From QAnon. counterpunch.org So… The 64 Million Shekel Question(s): Is Jared Q? Is Q about to Pull off the Able Baker Both-Thumbs #Walkaway? And if not, why not? And if not now, when? And who is going to Empsplain it to Th'Emp? And this New Up-Ratcheted Extreme Weirdness of Hatespectacle zo Nurembergian und Up-Ratcheted, vas is los? Wilkes Barre? Tampa? Jim Acosta? Burning Milestones in the Final Days Before The Storm? More

Whitney Webb (2018-08-03). US Military Aid to Israel Set to Exceed $3.8B, or $23,000 Per Year for Every Jewish Family Living in Israel. mintpressnews.com The massive funding for Israel's military is the result of the 2016 U.S.-Israel Memorandum of Understanding on security assistance between the Israeli and U.S. governments, which called for annual funding of $3.8 billion — or $23,000 per year for every Jewish family living in Israel — for the next 10 years.

Dan Glazebrook (2018-08-03). Is Russia Facilitating Trump's Strangulation of Iran? counterpunch.org Since the earliest days on the campaign trail, it has never been in doubt who Trump and his team have had in their sights. "Iran is the biggest destabilizing force in the Middle East and its policies are contrary to our interests," Defence Secretary Mattis told his Senate confirmation hearing, having previously claimed the country More

Roger D. Harris (2018-08-03). US Wants Nicaragua to Fall Because It Poses the Threat of a Good Example. mintpressnews.com The US has targeted Nicaragua for regime change because Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista party show what truly progressive politics can accomplish.

Steven Rosenfeld, Independent Media Institute (2018-08-03). Republican Efforts to Purge Voter Rolls Are Failing Ahead of the Midterm Elections. alternet.org Crosscheck's ongoing demise—and potential exclusion from being used in 2018 due to cyber-security risks—is a major unreported development. | As a key deadline approaches next week on updating statewide voter rolls before the November election, it appears a controversial data-mining operation mostly used by red states to purge legitimate voters is withering, or at least dormant, in 2018. The Interstate Voter Registration Crosschec. . .

teleSUR/LJS (2018-08-03). Pope Francis Pens Message of Support To Brazil's Lula Da Silva. telesurtv.net In a handwritten note to Brazil's most popular politician, Pope Francis wrote: "To Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva with my blessing, asking him to pray for me, Francisco."

Max Blumenthal (2018-08-03). How Washington and Soft Power NGOs Manipulated Nicaragua's Death Toll to Drive Regime Change and Sanctions. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | A detailed study of the death toll that has been recorded in Nicaragua since a violent campaign to remove President Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista government shows that at least as …

Naomi Klein (2018-08-03). Capitalism Killed Our Climate Momentum, Not "Human Nature" theintercept.com Nathaniel Rich, in his massive New York Times Magazine article, argues "human nature" kept "us" from fixing climate change in the 1980s. He's dead wrong.

Rania Khalek (2018-08-03). Meet the Mystery Fixer Who Negotiated Syria Out of Seven Years of War. mintpressnews.com How a nearly unknown businessman named Khaled al Ahmad became Damascus' secret liaison to the West and quietly dealt Syria's grinding war to a close.

Samantha Borek (2018-08-03). Mueller Is Building a Case for Obstruction. Manafort May Be the Key. truthout.org Special counsel Robert Mueller wants very much to speak with Donald Trump on the topic of obstruction of justice as it pertains to the ongoing Russia collusion investigation. Mueller is so interested in having that conversation, in fact, that he has offered to ask some of his questions in writing instead of asking them all during a proposed in-person interview, which is no small thing. | Why is Mueller so hot to chat with Trump about obstruction, and how does this involve the ongoing trial of Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort? Before getting into that, let's talk about exactly what we're talking about. | Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute explains it thusly: | Obstruction of justice is defined in the omnibus clause of 18 USC ß 1503, which provides that "whoever … corruptly or by threats or…

teleSUR/jc-CM (2018-08-03). Brazil: Well Educated, Elites Flee As Poor Bear The Brunt of Violence, Austerity. telesurtv.net "I'm totally freaked out by what's happening, especially here in Rio," said 40-year-old soap opera star and father of three, Thiago Lacerda.

Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-08-03). Mass Media Fail to Link Heat Waves and Climate Change. therealnews.com Even though studies show that human-caused climate change is doubling the likelihood of heat waves, major news outlets consistently fail to make the link, which makes dealing with the problem far more difficult than it should be

The Hudson Report (2018-08-03). The "Next" Financial Crisis. counterpunch.org In this episode of The Hudson Report, we speak with Michael Hudson about the implications of the flattening yield curve, the possibility of another global financial crisis, and public banking as an alternative to the current system. 'The Hudson Report' is a Left Out weekly series with the legendary economist Michael Hudson. Every week, we More

IMEMC News (2018-08-03). Israeli Soldiers Injure Many Palestinians In Kufur Qaddoum. imemc.org Israeli soldiers shot, Friday, one Palestinian with a rubber-coated steel bullet, and caused dozens to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation, after the army attacked the weekly nonviolent procession against the Annexation Wall and colonies in Kufur Qaddoum town, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia. The Palestinians, […]…

Samantha Borek (2018-08-03). Unemployment Rate for Workers Without High School Degrees Hits Record Low. truthout.org The unemployment rate for workers without a high school degree fell to 5.1 percent in July, the lowest rate since the Bureau of Labor Statistics adjusted its education measures in 1992. This is 1.9 percentage points below its year-ago rate. | Less educated workers have been the big gainers in terms of employment in the last few years of the recovery. While the unemployment rate for workers with less than a high school degree is well below the prerecession level and even its 2000 low, the unemployment rate for workers with a college degree, at 2.2 percent, is still above its prerecession low of 1.8 percent and well above its 2000 low of 1.5 percent. | Workers with only a high school degree also seem to be doing relatively better, with a 4.0 percent unemployment rate matching the prerecession low (it had been…

IMEMC News (2018-08-03). Army Injures Several Palestinians Near Jenin. imemc.org Israeli soldiers injured, on Friday evening, several Palestinians in Toura village, southwest of Jenin, in northern West Bank. Media sources in Jenin said dozens of soldiers invaded the village, and fired many gas bombs at locals, and their homes, causing many to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation. They added […]…

IMEMC News (2018-08-03). Detainee Continues Hunger Strike For 15th Day. imemc.org Karim Ajwa, a lawyer with the Palestinian Detainees' Committee, has reported Thursday that a Palestinian detainee is ongoing with hunger strike for the 15th consecutive day, protesting abuse and bad conditions during his continued detention and interrogation. Ajwa stated that Mohammad Nimir Dar Sattouf, 27, from Beit Rima town, in […]…

Howard Lisnoff (2018-08-03). The Resegregation of New York City Schools. counterpunch.org It's no surprise that the public schools of New York City have become resegregated. It's happening all over the U.S., so why should the Big Apple be any different? Read Jonathan Kozol's The Shame of the Nation for a superior assessment of where public schooling is headed in the U.S. in terms of equality and access. Kozol More

Filiberto Nolasco Gomez (2018-08-03). Minneapolis prof plans to teach despite ICE deportation threat. peoplesworld.org MINNEAPOLIS —In a case Workday Minnesota has been following closely — and yet another example of the GOP Trump administration's expulsion of migrants and refugees no matter how long they've been in the U.S.— Augsburg University tenured English professor Dr. Mzenga Wanyama has been facing deportation since March. | In a statement released on July 30, Wanyama says he is committed to teaching his students this fall at the Minneapolis-based university, despite ongoing threats from Trump's Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) to deport him. | "I am determined to teach my fall courses while the courts consider the motions my attorneys have filed. I will do my job for the sake of the students, my department, my discipline, and my community," he stated. | "Refugees and immigrants, including many of our students, are facing great difficulty existing in the U.S. in this…

Philip M. Giraldi (2018-08-03). How Security Clearances Perpetuate Top-Level Corruption in the United States. mintpressnews.com Former CIA Director John Brennan and other of his ilk have profited greatly from his government service, becoming rich from board memberships.

Justin Vest (2018-08-03). Rural America Stands Up for Immigrants. counterpunch.org This summer, people gathered in cities throughout the country to protest our government's separation and incarceration of immigrant families. In Alabama, hundreds of local residents came together in Birmingham, Montgomery, and Dothan. It was only the Huntsville rally that made national news — after an armed counter-protester attempted to disrupt the event. Whether explicitly stated More

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! (2018-08-03). Chomsky: Mainstream Media Is 'Basically a Joke' Now — And Fox News Is 'State Media'. alternet.org The professor has strong words for America's most popular press operations. | The New York Times reports special counsel Robert Mueller is scrutinizing President Trump's tweets as part of Mueller's expanding probe into Trump's ties to Russia. This latest revelation in the Mueller investigation is part of a nearly 24-hour stream of headlines about Trump, Russia and the administration's various scandals. But is the mainstream media miss. . .

Joan McCarter, Daily Kos (2018-08-03). Senate Democrats Are Breaking the Boycott Against Meeting with Trump's SCOTUS Nominee to Question Him on Documents. alternet.org Since Republicans have absolutely no shame in this, Democrats have decided to go directly to the source. | Senate Democrats have been unofficially boycotting meeting with Russian asset Real Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, pending an agreement from Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley to obtain all of the documents relating to his service with President George W. Bush. Republicans have agreed to provide his documents from. . .

INA (2018-08-03). Israeli Settlers Vandalize Palestinian Cars in West Bank Village. imemc.org Israeli settlers vandalized nearly a dozen Palestinian vehicles on Thursday, in the Ein Yabrud village, east of the central occupied West Bank district of Ramallah. Locals told Ma'an NEws Agency that Israeli forces stormed the village escorting a number of Israeli settlers who vandalized several Palestinian-owned vehicles and spray painted […]…

Martin Billheimer (2018-08-03). Resident Aliens: "The Brickeaters," a Novel by The Residents. counterpunch.org "No one to talk with, all by myself. No one to walk with, but I'm happy on the shelf." — Fats Waller The Residents, those spectacular eyeballs in tux, always seemed to suss that the 'underground' was a subsurface fraud running just under the mainstream. In a series of inscrutable projects with names like Duck More

Cole Stangler (2018-08-03). The Neglected History of the May '68 Uprising in France. thenation.com The Neglected History of the May '68 Uprising in France appeared first on The Nation.

Hatewatch Staff (2018-08-03). Hate in Europe: July 2018. splcenter.org The following is a list of activities and events linked to American white supremacist, neo-Nazi, anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim groups and personalities in Europe. Organizations designated by the SPLC as hate groups are marked with an asterisk.

Manuel García, Jr. (2018-08-03). You Can't Sue Fossil Fuel Industry Over Climate Change. counterpunch.org "Turns out cities can't sue oil companies for climate change" reads the title of an article in Wired.Com magazine. Well, obviously; the purpose of the US judiciary is to protect massed capital from popular democracy. The truth is that climate change denial is primarily a failure of the U.S. Government (and other governments), from — More

Katie Parker (2018-08-03). Amazon's Worst Bargain Yet. counterpunch.org The billions in tax breaks cities are offering Amazon to host its "HQ2," Amazon's bare-knuckled push to squash a business tax in Seattle, and recent strikes for better working conditions in Amazon facilities have all fueled a growing conversation about the retail behemoth's toll on communities. But one element of Amazon's business strategy has fallen More

Special to PeoplesWorld.org (2018-08-03). 'Lady Parts Justice in the New World Order' docu-series. peoplesworld.org Chicago's Kartemquin films recently announced the official trailer for Lady Parts Justice in the New World Order. | The docu-series, directed by Ruth Leitman, follows the Lady Parts Justice (LPJ) league — led by The Daily Show's co-creator Lizz Winstead — as it barnstorms the country with a boots-on-the-ground strategy to support abortion providers and reproductive rights, using in-your-face comedy as the ultimate weapon to mobilize voters towards the 2018 elections. | An eye-opening human rights road series with a diverse cast and focus on intersectional feminism, Lady Parts Justice in the New World Order uses the political satire infused advocacy of Winstead and the LPJ team to reframe priorities and goals, engaging audiences in the reality of a catastrophic deluge of anti-choice laws poised to set women back half a century and galvanize coordinated, informed action. | Showing…

HFCC (2018-08-03). If You Take a Charitable Tax Deduction, You Should at Least Contribute to a Charity. counterpunch.org In every community, there are nonprofit charities that serve real needs: local food pantries, programs addressing the opioid crisis, the Red Cross chapters that come to our aid after a storm. Charities provide vital services to the people and places they serve. These organizations lean heavily on volunteers, fundraisers, and donors. And most ordinary donors More

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-08-03). Oxford Study: Political Data Mining Companies are Manipulating Elections Around the World. therealnews.com An extensive new Oxford University study shows that governments, political parties, and NGOs spend well over half a billion dollars around the world to influence elections and public opinion, most of it in a completely unregulated and secretive manner. We speak to the study's co-author, Samantha Bradshaw

Ralph Nader (2018-08-03). Why Not Tell Us Their Names? counterpunch.org In elementary school they taught us the names of inventors. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, Robert Fulton the steamboat, Alexander Graham Bell the telephone, and Thomas Alva Edison the electric light bulb. Nowadays we rarely know the names of the inventors of modern technology—think biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical technology, safety technology. Not every breakthrough is More

Mark Fiore (2018-08-03). Exclusive: The Trump-Giuliani Tape. progressive.org Rudy is out there downplaying collusion in anticipation of . . . hmmmm.

Ron Jacobs (2018-08-03). The Sixties: The Political and the Personal. counterpunch.org On August 7th, 1970 Jonathan Jackson took out a couple guns in the Marin County Courthouse and attempted to free members of the Soledad Brothers (revolutionary prisoners falsely accused of killing a prison guard) who were on trial in the courtroom. The defendants joined Jackson in taking the judge and others hostage, commandeering a prison More

Staff (2018-08-03). Official Who Replaced Mugabe Wins Zimbabwe's Presidency. truthdig.com President Emmerson Mnangagwa gains just over 50 percent of the ballots as the ruling party maintains control of the government in the first vote since the fall of longtime leader Robert Mugabe.

Shane Dixon Kavanaugh (2018-08-03). US Interfered in Elections of at Least 85 Countries Worldwide Since 1945. globalresearch.ca This article was first by Sott.net and Global Research in December 2016. | The simmering tit-for-tat has kept the issue of election meddling burning bright in the national spotlight, fueled even further by the belief among U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia …

teleSUR/jc-CM (2018-08-03). Former Brazilian Minister Amorim Meets With Pope to Dicuss Lula. telesurtv.net "The main subject discussed was president Lula's situation," said Calso Amorim of his meeting with Pope Francis.

Lauren Walker (2018-08-03). Statue of Infamy. truthout.org

teleSUR/rfpl-LJS (2018-08-03). Guatemala: Ex-President Otto Perez Molina Sent Back To Prison. telesurtv.net Perez Molina has been trying to avoid prison on corruption charges by citing health issues, but medical authorities say there's no evidence to support his claims.

Kasia Anderson (2018-08-03). 'Nico, 1988': Trine Dyrholm on the Art of Bringing an Enigma (Back) to Life. truthdig.com The Danish actor found her way into the most challenging role of her career by finding the spirit of the story instead of trying to become something she wasn't.

INA (2018-08-03). New Khan al-Ahmar Decision Attempts Alternate Tactic for Evacuation. imemc.org Khan al-Ahmar will be destroyed after the Bedouin community is given five days to respond to new relocation options, Israel's Supreme Court has determined. The court decided on Aug. 1, according to the PNN, that the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar is inevitable, even though the citizens have shown popular rejection […]…

Michael K. Schuessler (2018-08-03). Mexico's Tlatelolco Massacre, and Its Echoes Today. thenation.com Mexico's Tlatelolco Massacre, and Its Echoes Today appeared first on The Nation.

Ilana Novick (2018-08-03). Google Search App for China Stirs Up Employee Anger Over Chinese Censorship. truthdig.com News broke Wednesday that Google is building a new search engine for China, sparking internal debate among employees over the ethics of selling a product to a country that censors its internet. This project has pitted Google employees concerned about privacy and free speech against executives eager to expand into a lucrative market. | The Intercept reports that the proposed search engine, code-named Dragonfly, will "blacklist websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest." | Based on internal Google documents, The Intercept writes that Dragonfly "has been underway since spring of last year and accelerated following a December 2017 meeting between Google's CEO Sundar Pichai and a top Chinese government official, according to internal Google documents and people familiar with the plans." | Most Google employees had no idea the project existed. The Intercept found: Teams…

Jack Rasmus (2018-08-03). Will Trump's Trade War Precipitate a Currency War? counterpunch.org Last week, mid-July, Trump threatened $500 billion in tariffs on China imports, escalating his prior threat to impose $200 billion on China. He then threatened hundreds of billion in tariffs on world auto parts imports, targeting Europe. But Trump's threats and announcements do not constitute a trade war. Threats and even announcements of tariffs are More

Martha Rosenberg (2018-08-03). Why Animals Loathe Zoos. counterpunch.org In July, a 3-year-old male jaguar, Valerio, at New Orleans' Audubon Zoo escaped and fatally mauled four trapped alpacas, one emu and one fox who were held in other displays. Valerio bit a hole in steel fencing and zoo officials vowed to install stronger materials. The fact is, according to Fear of the Animal Plant: More

Steven Dandaneau (2018-08-03). Gen X and Millennials Unite. counterpunch.org Anyone who has to consult Pew or some other national opinion poll to discover that the vast majority of Millennials and a healthy majority of Gen Xers "disapprove" of the Trump Administration probably doesn't know anyone younger than fifty-four. The country needs to start taking these voices seriously. Political scientists slice and dice the electorate More

Middle East Eye (2018-08-03). War on Yemen: Dozens Dead After Saudi Air Strike Hits Hospital and Market in Hodeidah. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | Air strikes thought to be conducted by the Saudi-led coalition have hit a hospital's entrance, fishing port and fish market in the Yemeni city of Hodeidah, killing scores. | A source at …

Negin Owliaei (2018-08-03). How to Turn Back a Giant. counterpunch.org What's the best way to push profit-seeking corporations out of the public sphere? Don't let them take over in the first place. Residents of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania were thrilled to learn this lesson with their recent victory against Geo Group, a giant of the private prison industry. Geo turned into a household name for profiting More

Ted Rall (2018-08-03). Here's a Constitutional Amendment We Need Now. counterpunch.org Amendment XXVIII: No law governing a basic human need shall be passed in a jurisdiction whose government fails to provide citizens with the means to fulfill that need. Start gathering petition signatures. If you've ever had to work for someone else, you've probably been presented with a no-win situation of someone else's making. "Be promptly More

Anthony Freda (2018-08-03). Next Stop… Iran? thenation.com Next Stop… Iran? appeared first on The Nation.

Chris Wright (2018-08-03). The History of the Workers' Unemployment Insurance Bill. counterpunch.org At a time when the American population is radicalizing, when popular movements are coalescing around "radical" demands—Medicare for All, the abolition of ICE, tuition-free college, in general the demand to make society livable for everyone—it can be useful to draw collective inspiration from the past. Irruptions of the popular will have on innumerable occasions reshaped More

Mr. Fish (2018-08-03). Falling Star. truthdig.com

Staff (2018-08-03). Meet the Mystery Fixer Who Negotiated Syria Out of Seven Years of War. truthdig.com How a nearly unknown businessman named Khaled al-Ahmad became Damascus' secret liaison to the West and is quietly bringing Syria's grinding war to a close.

Elliott Gabriel (2018-08-03). U.S.-Iran Tensions Move Beyond Tweets Into Concrete Actions and Shows of Military Force. mintpressnews.com Whether the White House's current roster of anti-Iranian hawks or their counterparts in Riyadh and Tel Aviv have any interest in maintaining stability in the Persian Gulf remains an open question. What is certain is that the status quo in the Middle East is bursting at the seams.

Brian Saady (2018-08-03). Malaysia's Top Intelligence Official Sought Support From the CIA Before Election. counterpunch.org Last month, a letter sent to CIA Director, Gina Haspel, was leaked publicly and spread across social media. The letter was written by the former leader of the Malaysian External Intelligence Organization (MEIO), Datuk Hasanah Ab Hamid. She wrote the letter on May 4th, which was five days before the national election that resulted in defeat for More

Steven Sahiounie (2018-08-03). The Last Bus to Idlib: Terrorist Safe-Haven in Syria About to Face a Cleaning Out. mintpressnews.com One by one, all other areas in Syria under terrorist control have fallen, and now the final battle for Idlib looms large on the horizon.

Nomi Prins (2018-08-03). The Entropy Wars: Five Financial Uncertainties of 2018 (So Far). counterpunch.org Here we are in the middle of the second year of Donald Trump's presidency and if there's one thing we know by now, it's that the leader of the free world can create an instant reality-TV show on geopolitical steroids at will. True, he's not polished in his demeanor, but he has an unerring way More…

Robert Hunziker (2018-08-03). The End of the Line — A Climate in Crisis. counterpunch.org The world of academia is starting to pick up on the concept that humanity is unknowingly cruising on a train ride to doomsday, a surefire encounter with collapse of society based upon climate crises brought on by exponential climate change. The depth of the problem: It's inevitable and inescapable. Nonetheless, people do not want to More

Ryan Gallagher (2018-08-03). Google Struggles to Contain Employee Uproar Over China Censorship Plans. theintercept.com Google bosses were scrambling to contain leaks and internal anger on Wednesday after the company's confidential plan to launch a censored version of its search engine in China was revealed by The Intercept. | Just a few hundred of Google's massive 88,000-strong workforce had been briefed on the project prior to the revelations, which triggered a wave of disquiet that spread through the internet giant's offices across the world. | Company managers responded by swiftly trying to shut down employees' access to any documents that contained information about the China censorship project, according to Google insiders who witnessed the backlash. | "Everyone's access to documents got turned off, and is being turned on [on a] document-by-document basis," said one source. "There's been total radio silence from leadership, which is making a lot of people upset and scared. … Our internal meme site…

Combined Sources (2018-08-03). Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF leader Mnangagagwa elected president. peoplesworld.org HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zanu-PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa thanked voters today for electing him Zimbabwe's new president. In a message to the nation after his victory with 50.8 percent of the vote, Mnangagwa called on the people to build a new country together and said despite the division at the polls "we are united in our dreams." | The president of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) party had as a main contender the 40-year-old lawyer Nelson Chamisa, who heads the Movement for Democratic Change alliance, which won the support of 44.3 percent of the electorate. | According to the final estimates issued by Priscilla Chigumga, the president of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, Mnangagwa received 2,460,463 votes while Chamisa had 2,147,436. | The African Union said the elections were "free and fair" while observers from the Southern African Development Community said they were…

Samantha Borek (2018-08-03). This Ohio Bill Will Make Transgender Youth Suffer. truthout.org A bill that will be taken up by the Ohio legislature this fall would require teachers and school counselors to "out" transgender students to their parents, or risk felony charges. | Ohio's HB 658, which applies to all school personnel as well as public children services agency employees, would also outlaw the distribution of "educational materials" about gender identity without express parental consent. The bill also stipulates that parental refusal to permit treatment for gender dysphoria cannot be used as grounds for removal of custody. | Particularly controversial is the bill's mandate that school and agency employees "immediately notify" the parents of any child who has "exhibited symptoms of gender dysphoria or otherwise demonstrates a desire to be treated in a manner opposite of the child's biological sex." | Not only students who are openly trans, but any student whose expression of gender…

The Nation (2018-08-03). Abdul El-Sayed for Governor of Michigan. thenation.com Abdul El-Sayed for Governor of Michigan appeared first on The Nation.

Hiroyuki Hamada (2018-08-03). 1500 Rakan Statues of Mount Nokogiri. counterpunch.org People sometimes ask me what religion Japanese people practice. I usually end up saying that Japanese people aren't very religious at all. But paradoxically, if you go to Japan, you encounter huge shrines at tourists' spots and there are numerous smaller ones across the country in many forms. You visit a Japanese household, you might More

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