2018-07-19: News Headlines

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-07-19). What the Trump-Putin Summit Means for Syria (Pt 1/2). therealnews.com New talk of US, Russian, and Israeli cooperation likely means a return to the status quo with the Assad regime in power, as Washington and Tel Aviv double down on targeting Iran and its proxies, says As'ad AbuKhalil

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-07-19). Trump A Symptom of a System in Decay. therealnews.com A live interactive Q & A session with Paul Jay, hosted by Aaron Mate about the controversies related to Trump's meeting with Putin in Helsinki

Manlio Dinucci (2018-07-19). Die Kunst des Krieges. Das US-Establishment hinter dem Gipfel von Helsinki. globalresearch.ca "Wir haben Diskussionen über alles, vom Handel bis zum Militär, von Raketen, über Atomtechnik bis hin zu China" erklärte Präsident Trump bei der Eröffnung des Gipfels von Helsinki. "Die Zeit ist gekommen, um im Detail über unsere bilateralen Beziehungen und …

David Swanson (2018-07-19). The Intelligence Community Is Neither. counterpunch.org At the big "Treason Summit" "Russopocalypse" "Catastrovent" on Monday, journalist Sam Husseini tried to ask a question about banning nuclear weapons, and was physically hauled out of the room by officials from the "Land of Press Freedom," Finland. Meanwhile, an Associated Press reporter was permitted to ask a perfectly respectable question pushing a blatant lie More

Manlio Dinucci (2018-07-19). VIDEO -L'Arte della Guerra. L'establishment Usa dietro il Summit di Helsinki. globalresearch.ca «Abbiamo da discutere su tutto, dal commercio al militare, ai missili, al nucleare, alla Cina»: così ha esordito il presidente Trump ieri al Summit di Helsinki. «È arrivata l'ora di parlare in maniera particolareggiata dei nostri rapporti bilaterali e dei …

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-07-19). What the Trump-Putin Summit Means for Syria (Pt 2/2). therealnews.com New talk of US, Russian, and Israeli cooperation likely means a return to the status quo with the Assad regime in power, as Washington and Tel Aviv double down on targeting Iran and its proxies, says As'ad AbuKhalil

Carrie Rickey (2018-07-19). At an Awkward Age, Finding Grace. truthdig.com An extraordinary movie about an ordinary girl named Kayla, "Eighth Grade" follows her through a final week of middle school. The film, like its heroine, is equal parts cringeworthy and inspirational. | Kayla has the misfortune of being a 13-year-old in an era when teenagers live their lives online, one in which how you look matters and who you are does not. But she has the fortune of being deeply, unconditionally loved by her father ( Josh Hamilton), even though they are rarely on the same wavelength. | So vividly played by Elsie Fisher that more than once I had to remind myself that "Eighth Grade" is not a documentary, Kayla is not unattractive. But she is majorly awkward, shuffling down corridors, her blue eyes glued to leaden feet as if the universe judges her as wanting. Actually, Kayla is more…

Common Dreams (2018-07-19). The Relationship Between Racism and Capitalism. mintpressnews.com In the wake of W.E.B. DuBois's 150th birthday, his works offer a lens through which to assess US capitalism's relationship to racism today. He famously wrote: "Capitalism cannot reform itself; it is doomed to self-destruction," while adding that in the US, race would be a key issue in that process. Thus he would have had much to say when, around last Memorial Day, Trump suggested that NFL players peacefully protesting police killings of black people did not belong "in the country." | An extreme right-wing capitalist agenda prevails. It pushes private capitalists' goals—privatization and deregulation; tax cuts for corporations and the rich;and subsidies for them—to lengths not seen before. A kind of unhinged capitalist euphoria makes a virtue of learning nothing about restraint from the catastrophic booms and busts associated with 1929 and 2008. | Capitalism's headlong rush is quite logically symbolized and…

teleSUR/jc-LJS (2018-07-19). Colombia: Ex-Military Chief Submits To Special War Crimes Court. telesurtv.net Mario Montoya will become the second retired general to present himself before Colombia's Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) on charges of crimes against humanity.

DPCR (2018-07-19). America Overrules Trump: No Peace with Russia. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | The governments of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, if their countries are to survive, must give up their deluded hopes of reaching agreements with the United States. No such possibility …

Ryan LaMothe (2018-07-19). The Moral and Spiritual Bankruptcy of White Evangelicals. counterpunch.org According to 2016 exit polling, 80% of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump, surprisingly more than for Christian conservative George W. Bush. This was in spite of the overwhelming evidence of Trump's inveterate lying, his misogynistic comments and behaviors, his racist statements and proposed policies, his frequent attempts to humiliate real and imagined opponents, and—what More

Raouf Halaby (2018-07-19). Joseph Harsch, Robert Fisk, Franklin Lamb: Three of the Very Best. counterpunch.org What Joseph Harsch was to the Christian Science Monitor, and what Robert Fisk is to The Independent, Franklin Lamb was to Foreign Policy Journal and to CounterPunch. Each of these fine writers and journalists has etched a place for himself in the annals of journalism, and each has distinguished himself for serving history by reporting More

ZeroHedge.com (2018-07-19). George Soros: Obama Was "His Greatest Disappointment" mintpressnews.com New York billionaire George Soros is not a fan of former President Obama — telling the New York Times that Obama is his "greatest disappointment," lamenting that he was "frozen out" by the administration despite his financial support.Soros was an early backer of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. In Paris, Soros told me that Obama was "actually my greatest disappointment." Prompted by an aide, he immediately qualified himself, saying that he hadn't been disappointed by Obama's presidency but felt let down on a professional level. While he had no desire for a formal role in the administration, he had hoped that Obama would seek his counsel, especially on financial and economic matters. Instead, he was frozen out." — NYT | "[Obama] made one phone call thanking me for my support, which was meant to last for five minutes, and I engaged…

Andrew Moss (2018-07-19). Chaos or Community in Immigration Policy. counterpunch.org If you scan the Internet for immigration-related news stories following the Trump administration's May 7 announcement of its "zero tolerance" border policy, you'll find the word "chaos" coming up time and time again. Here, for example, is a July 10 headline from my hometown paper, the Los Angeles Times: "First wave of migrants is reunited: More

Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-07-19). Kavanaugh's Confirmation Would Bring "the End of Modern Environmental Law" therealnews.com Professor Bill Snape of the Center for Biological Diversity says that though Brett Kavanaugh gives lip service to the climate crisis, his record shows he won't support environmental regulation—in short, Professor Snape says, he's like Voldemort

Jennifer Matsui (2018-07-19). The Blue Pill Presidency. counterpunch.org Who would have predicted that in 2018, the FBI, the CIA, John McCain, Jeff Bezos, and now the monarchy would be be feted as the vanguard of 'The Resistance' by the American 'left'? Suddenly Trump's presidency makes sense. To paraphrase a leaked Deep Squid memo from the deep swamps of Deep Space: "When they are More

IMEMC News (2018-07-19). Israeli Soldiers Uproot 350 Trees Near Salfit. imemc.org Israeli soldiers uprooted, Wednesday, dozens of olive, almond and fig trees owned by a Palestinian villager from Deir Ballout, west of the northwestern West Bank city of Salfit, bringing the number of uprooted trees to approximately 350 in less than 72 hours. The uprooted trees were in a Palestinian agricultural […]…

Pepe Escobar (2018-07-19). A Walk on the Wild Side as Trump Meets Putin at Finland Station. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | Featured image: President Donald J. Trump and President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation hold a joint press conference | July 16, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks) | "The …

teleSUR/LJS (2018-07-19). Uruguay's Pepe Mujica Backs Legal Abortion Bill In Argentina. telesurtv.net Mujica, Uruguay's former president, said it was critical that "men remain silent" during the debate, which concerns women and their right to control their own bodies.

teleSUR / jc-MH (2018-07-19). Free Lula Vigil: Brazilians Mark 100 Days Since Lula's Imprisonment. telesurtv.net "Over the past 100 days Lula has been a political prisoner," the Workers'Party (PT) noted in an official press release.

Staff (2018-07-19). Confront Digital Oligarchs and Defend Net Neutrality. truthdig.com Add Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the list of current and potential Trump administration members working to do away with an open internet for good.

George Ochenski (2018-07-19). He Speaks From Experience: Max Baucus on "Squandered Leadership" counterpunch.org They say "hindsight is 20-20" and certainly it's not uncommon to look back and acknowledge the path not taken. It's even more evident for former politicians who often make pronouncements that seem inconsistent with their behavior while in office. So it was when Montana's former U.S. Senator, Democrat Max Baucus, opined last week that the More

Middle East Monitor (2018-07-19). Evacuations Are Underway of Two Syrian Villages. mintpressnews.com An evacuation began overnight of thousands of people from two loyalist Syrian villages that are besieged by rebels in the northwest, a war monitor said, with the government expected to release hundreds of detainees in return, Reuters reports. | The Shi'ite villages of al-Foua and Kefraya are expected to be emptied of all their residents and fighters. More than 100 buses arrived to transport residents and fighters from the villages to nearby government-held territory in Aleppo province. | The evacuation began with ambulances ferrying out the sick, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor reported. | Syrian state-run al-Ikhbariya TV said 10 ambulances carrying a number of people in critical condition had arrived at a government checkpoint in al-Eis. Al-Manar TV, run by the pro-Damascus Lebanese Shi'ite group Hezbollah, said this completed the first phase of the agreement, and that the upcoming…

Fatemeh Aman (2018-07-19). Iran's Environmental Crisis: The Grass Beneath Two Fighting Elephants. iranian.com U.S. sanctions aimed at making Iran act like a "normal country" have had a disastrous effect on Iran's environment and that of the entire region for generations to come. A famous proverb of Kenya's Kikuyu people warns: "When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers." As the Islamic Republic's hardliners and the U.S. […]

Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-07-19). Shock Without the Therapy: A New Russia is Born in Chaos and Plunder — RAI with A. Buzgalin (6/12). therealnews.com On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alexander Buzgalin says the collapse of the Soviet Union was followed by the rise of billionaire oligarchs as the "free market" led to the impoverishment of the people — with host Paul Jay

teleSUR/LJS (2018-07-19). Suriname To Dutch MP: 'We're Not A Failed State'. telesurtv.net "This minister of foreign affairs of the Netherlands does not know the first thing about the ins and outs of Suriname," said local MP Andre Misiekaba.

Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-07-19). British Labour Party's Anti-Semitism Document: Criticizing Israel Is not Anti-Semitism. therealnews.com Moshé Machover discusses the advances and limitations of the Labour Party's document on anti-semitism, which represents an important step forward to diffuse an issue that has become an artificial controversy designed to undermine Jeremy Corbyn

Staff (2018-07-19). White House, State Department Clash Over Putin Offer. truthdig.com Although the White House says the offer—to allow the U.S. access to Russians accused of election meddling in return for interviews of Americans accused by the Kremlin of unspecified crimes—is under consideration, the State Department called Russia's allegations against the Americans "absurd."

teleSUR/mrs-LJS (2018-07-19). Guatemala: Fuego Volcano Death Toll Climbs To 121. telesurtv.net The death toll rose from 116 following the identification of five new victims: a two-month-old, two toddlers and two teenagers, the National Institute of Forensic Sciences reports.

teleSUR / vc-MH (2018-07-19). Ecuador: Electoral Officials Purged for Being 'Close' to Rafael Correa. telesurtv.net Ecuador's temporary Council for Citizen Participation argued electoral authorities were "close" to former president Rafael Correa.

leili (2018-07-19). Israel's System of Apartheid Laws. bdsmovement.net Israel's System of Apartheid Laws: AnalysisThis table charts how Israel's legal system enables apartheid. It includes examples of relevant racist laws. | July 19, 2018 | By: | | Palestinian Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment National Committee (BNC)

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-07-19). Kids Demand that Adults Stop Destroying the Planet. therealnews.com Sick of inaction on climate change, youth are organizing the Zero Hour Climate March to get dirty money out of politics and fight for climate justice

Staff (2018-07-19). Trump-Kim Deal Overpromised on Return of War Remains. truthdig.com The president and the North Korean leader committed to recovering the remains of prisoners of war and those missing in action in the Korean War, "including the immediate repatriation of those already identified," but to date the promise has gone unfulfilled.

teleSUR/ rfpl-MS (2018-07-19). Mexico's Ruling Party Fined for Diverting State Funds. telesurtv.net The Revolutionary Institutional Party was holding salaries of Chihuahua states's workers and redirecting them to the party itself.

Staff (2018-07-19). Rules for Handling Toxic Coal Ash Eased. truthdig.com The EPA makes the change, which affects more than 400 U.S. coal-fired power plants, after utilities push back against Obama-era regulations. The companies are expected to save roughly $30 million a year as a result.

teleSUR/ef-MS (2018-07-19). Peru Begins Operation At Its Biggest Wind Farm. telesurtv.net The Peruvian government starts up its biggest wind turbine project on Wednesday near Nazca with the potential to create 132 megawatts of energy per day.

Kim Scipes (2018-07-19). Where Do We Go From Here? How Do We Get There? counterpunch.org Michael Albert's Practical Utopia: Strategies for a Desirable Society is an important book. It's important because it asks questions that rarely if ever get asked, and it tries to provide coherent answers to them. However, whether you agree or not with Albert's answers, engaging with this book will help each of us further think out what we More

Rev. William Alberts (2018-07-19). A Well-Kept United Methodist Church Secret. counterpunch.org More>

Nick Turse (2018-07-19). Commandos Sans Frontières. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | Early last month, at a tiny military post near the tumbledown town of Jamaame in Somalia, small arms fire began to ring out as mortar shells crashed down. When the attack …

Ted Rall (2018-07-19). Right Now, It Looks Like Trump Will Win in 2020. counterpunch.org First: No. It's not too early to discuss the 2020 election. The Iowa caucuses are only a year and a half away. Any presidential hopeful who hasn't begun chatting up donors by now will find it nearly impossible to mount a viable campaign. At this point insert the usual caveats that anything can happen, no More

Patrick Bond (2018-07-19). State of the BRICS Class Struggle: 'Social Dialogue' Reform Frustrations. counterpunch.org BRICS Trade Union Forum advocacy In contrast to the militancy now rising in Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS), the BRICS Trade Union Forum (BTUF) annual efforts at influencing the bloc are mostly aimed at social dialogue: promoting state-capital-labour tripartism in areas of common concern with BRICS leaders and the BRICS Business Council. But whether in Russia (2012), More

Paul Tritschler (2018-07-19). Negative Capability: a Force for Change? counterpunch.org Picasso learned to paint in the ways of the old masters towards the end of his second decade, but it took a further three to learn to paint like a child. His journey towards childlikeness via self-forgetfulness, a process of becoming through undoing, was fruitful but arduous. Arduous because it is the hardest thing to More

Rajai R. Masri (2018-07-19). The West's Potential Symbiotic Contributions to Freeing a Closed Muslim Mind. counterpunch.org The inherited distorted Islamic narratives forming the general discordant epistemology governing a Muslim's thinking process and attitude is reinforced in acts by the Arabs of misperceived self- defense and assertion of identity warranted by Western Oligarchs' "Politics of Expediency" in the hegemonic drive for the control and the dominance of Arab world post WWI. Posing More

Erin Fiorini (2018-07-19). US: Bronx Doc Center Hosts First 'Latin American Foto Festival'. telesurtv.net The works of 12 emerging Latin American photographers are on display at the Bronx Documentary Center and throughout the borough of New York.

wsws.org (2018-07-19). Obama boasts: "I'm surprised how much money I got" wsws.org Obama may be surprised at his recent entry into the American financial oligarchy, but it's not for lack of effort on his part to "join the club."

wsws.org (2018-07-19). Trump moves to restrict asylum. wsws.org While the Democrats and the media are obsessing over Trump's supposed pro-Russian "treason," the administration is escalating its assault on the right to asylum.

RT (2018-07-19). 22 injured as helicopter blows tent over at California military base. rt.com Strong wind from a landing helicopter has caused a tent structure to collapse at Fort Hunter Liggett in California, injuring at least 22 people. No fatalities have been reported.

wsws.org (2018-07-19). The "treason" charge against Donald Trump. wsws.org The Democrats have adopted a well-worn narrative from the history of the US right, merely changing the word "communism" to "Russia".

wsws.org (2018-07-19). General strike and ongoing protests in Panama against electricity rate hike. wsws.org As militancy grows among construction workers, teachers and the public sector as a whole, the trade unions are struggling to contain social opposition against new rate hikes and social austerity.

RT (2018-07-19). Nikki Haley calls Human Rights Council UN's 'greatest failure' in bid to justify US exit. rt.com US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has launched another attack on the UN human rights body, calling it a failure for listing such countries as China and Cuba among its members. She had no qualms about Saudi Arabia, though.

wsws.org (2018-07-19). EU and Japan sign trade deal. wsws.org The deal was five years in the making but the impetus to have it finalised was increased by the US trade war measures that have targeted both parties.

wsws.org (2018-07-19). Claiming that the war on poverty has been won, Trump administration works to gut social programs. wsws.org The White House report doubles down on the one consistent theme of the Trump administration: that the poor are imagining their poverty, and that all they lack is self-sufficiency and the impetus to work.

Human Rights Watch (2018-07-19). Lebanon: Same-Sex Relations Not Illegal. hrw.org People wave a Lebanese national flag during a protest in Central Beirut December 11, 2006. | © 2006 Reuters | (Beirut) — A district court of appeal in Lebanon issued a groundbreaking ruling on July 12, 2018, that consensual sex betw…

wsws.org (2018-07-19). Fascist assault on UK union leader Steve Hedley. wsws.org The brutal assault on Steve Hedley, assistant general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union by fascist thugs on Saturday is an outrage.

amnesty.org (2018-07-19). This is how human rights activism changes lives. amnesty.org Human rights wins 2018…

wsws.org (2018-07-19). Spain's Socialist Party prepares new austerity budget, boosts military spending. wsws.org The social democrats' proposals to slow the pace of austerity reflect fear of a social rebellion by workers and youth amid a growing strike wave in Spain.

wsws.org (2018-07-19). Sri Lankan SEP member Mohamdiramlage Chandrasiri (1955—2018). wsws.org Retired bank worker Chandrasiri will always be remembered for his selfless dedication to Trotskyism, the rights of the working class and the building of the SEP.

amnesty.org (2018-07-19). Sri Lanka: Executions are never the solution. amnesty.org Gener Rondina was at home with his family in Barangay Carreta, a low-income neighbourhood of the Philippines' Cebu City, when the police came for him in the middle of the night. Trembling with fear, he pleaded for his life. "I will surrender, sir," he cried out, but the police were unmoved. He raised his hands over his head and fell to his knees. The family was ushered out of the room. Then, gunshots rang out. | Rondina is one of several thousand Filipinos slain in President Rodrigo Duterte's murderous "war on drugs", with even the Philippines National Police admitting that it has killed 4,000 of them. When it is…

wsws.org (2018-07-19). Socialist candidate for Congress Niles Niemuth submits thousands of signatures for ballot access in Michigan. wsws.org Niles Niemuth, the Socialist Equality Party's candidate for US congress, formally filed for ballot access Wednesday, submitting nearly 6,000 signatures from residents of Michigan's 12th district.

wsws.org (2018-07-19). American Federation of Teachers convention devoted to boosting Democratic Party candidates. wsws.org In the aftermath of the biggest teachers' strike wave in 40 years, the American Federation of Teachers bureaucracy is seeking to head off a militant movement and defend its interests by promoting the Democrats in the mid-term elections.

teleSUR / vc-MH (2018-07-19). AMLO's Interior Minister To Fight Mexico's Violence With Legalizing Drugs, Amnesty. telesurtv.net Olga Sanchez, AMLO's interior minister, discussed a new strategy to combat organized crime, which includes truth commissions and the legalization of marijuana and poppy.

wsws.org (2018-07-19). UPS workers' opposition grows to Teamsters sellout. wsws.org The proposed deal maintains poverty level wages for part-time workers, introduces a new lower-paid "hybrid" worker, and does nothing to address unsafe working conditions.

wsws.org (2018-07-19). Australian PM promotes racist campaign over "African gangs" wsws.org Malcolm Turnbull's remarks are part of a broader attempt to whip up nationalism and anti-immigrant xenophobia.

wsws.org (2018-07-19). Australia's new espionage laws target whistleblowers and political opponents. wsws.org The "anti-interference" legislation goes far beyond spying by foreign agents.

Democracy Now! (2018-07-18). Headlines for July 18, 2018. democracynow.org Under Criticism, Trump Says He Misspoke after Russia Summit, Obama Criticizes Rise of "Strongman Politics" in a Thinly Veiled Criticism of Trump, Photos Show "There Was No Collusion" Scrawled on Trump's Remarks on Russia, Lawmakers Hold Hearings on Trump's Plans to Reorganize Federal Government, EU and Japan Sign One of World's Largest Trade Pacts, Direct Flights Resume Between Ethiopia and Eritrea, Spain: Amazon Workers Continue 3-Day Strike, Ida B. Wells Monument to Be Built in Chicago, After Grassroots Fundraising Campaign…

Consortiumnews.com (2018-07-18). Climb Down From the Summit of Hostile Propaganda. consortiumnews.com Public reactions to an open letter from academics, journalists and politicians asking for co-existence with Russia show many Americans don't buy the media's bellicose spin, as Norman Solomon explains. By Norman Solomon Throughout the day before the summit in Helsinki,… Read more →

RT (2018-07-18). US media claims Trump betrayed America with Putin meeting — Republican voters say otherwise. rt.com Despite breathless reports insisting that President Donald Trump betrayed America by meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, a vast majority of Republicans approve of his dealings with Moscow, according to a new poll. |

Cherise (2018-07-18). On Mandela's 100th Birthday, Rev. Jesse Jackson Remembers His Vision. truthout.org Today marks the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela, perhaps the world's most famous former political prisoner. He was imprisoned 27 years in South Africa before his release in 1990. He was elected the country's first Black president four years later. On Tuesday, former President Barack Obama spoke in Johannesburg at an event marking the centennial and used his first major address since stepping down as president to issue thinly veiled criticism of President Trump. We get a response from Mandela's close friend, Rev. Jesse Jackson, civil rights leader and the founder and president of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. Jackson also responds to the recent US-Russia summit and discusses his upcoming peace mission to South Korea. | TRANSCRIPT : | AMY GOODMAN: "Nelson Mandela" by Youssou N'Dour, here on Democracy Now!, democracynow.org, The War and Peace Report. I'm Amy Goodman, with Juan González.

Stephen Lendman (2018-07-18). Russiagate: A CIA Concocted Hoax. Trump Knows It. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | No Russian interference in America's political process occurred in 2016, earlier, or is being cooked up for the nation's November midterm elections. | Trump knows it and said so in Helsinki. When …

Peter Koenig (2018-07-18). Helsinki – Trump and Putin – a Showdown for Summer Doldrums or a Genuine Attempt Towards Peace? globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | The Helsinki Summit – or the Treason Summit, as some call it – of the 16th of July, has come and gone. It left a smell of burning hot air …

Bill Van Auken (2018-07-18). Tensions Over Syria Deepen Following Helsinki Summit. iranian.com Amid the hysterical denunciations of President Donald Trump by the US media, the Democrats as well as Republicans, and prominent spokesmen for the US intelligence apparatus for his failure to confront Vladimir Putin over alleged Russian "meddling" in the 2016 election, the Helsinki summit was celebrated in at least one quarter. The government of President […]

Katrina vanden Heuvel (2018-07-18). Parsing the Surreal From the Sensible in Trump's Helsinki Performance. thenation.com Parsing the Surreal From the Sensible in Trump's Helsinki Performance appeared first on The Nation.

Abayomi Azikiwe (2018-07-18). Africa: Contradictions between Regional Security and Imperialist Interventions. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | Featured image: French President Emmanual Macron meets with African leaders at AU summit in Mauritania, July 2, 2018 | On July 1-2, 2018, the 31st Ordinary Summit of the African Union

Consortiumnews.com (2018-07-18). When the US Invaded Russia. consortiumnews.com Amidst the backdrop of increased U.S.-Russian tensions and even talk of war, long forgotten is the time the U.S. actually invaded, explains Jeff Klein. By Jeff Klein Special to Consortium News Amid the bi-partisan mania over the Trump-Putin Summit in… Read more →

C.J. Atkins (2018-07-18). Trump-Putin summit: The authoritarian nationalists meet in Helsinki. peoplesworld.org The big news cycle winner from the Trump-Putin summit, as was apparent to almost every observer, was clearly the Russian president. During the 45-minute press conference which wrapped up the meeting, Trump parroted Putin's denials that Russia did nothing to interfere in the 2016 U.S. election, nothing to spread divisive racist and misogynistic propaganda to boost his campaign against Hillary Clinton. | Trump's get-together with Putin has us all talking about election interference again, but there's still not enough discussion going on about just how broad the capitalist attack on democracy globally really is. It's an issue that encompasses not just whatever Moscow may have been up to in 2016, but also the voter suppression that Trump's GOP has been engaged in for years. | Nor are we really getting to the heart of the matter when it comes to Trump's rapprochement with…

CJ Hopkins (2018-07-18). Trump's Treasonous Traitor Summit or: How Liberals Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the New McCarthyism. counterpunch.org So it appears America and democracy have miraculously survived the dreaded Trump-Putin summit … or Trump's meeting with his Russian handler, as the neoliberal ruling classes and their mouthpieces in the corporate media would dearly like us all to believe. NATO has not been summarily dissolved. Poland has not been invaded by Russia. The offices More

Shaun King (2018-07-18). Did You Feel Betrayed by Trump's Press Conference with Putin? That's a Taste of How Black People Feel Every Day. theintercept.com Many saw Donald Trump's lies a the Helsinki press conference as a betrayal. That's how America's leaders have been treating black people for a long time.

Vijay Prashad, Independent Media Institute (2018-07-18). Here's How Trump Is About to Send World Oil Prices Soaring Even Higher. alternet.org America's bullheaded president is about to cause a lot of economic pain. | From its office in Paris (France), out of sight of the drama of Trump's European adventure, the International Energy Agency's Oil Market Report makes for sober reading. Its June report suggests that the oil market will be "finely balanced next year," which is a polite way of saying that it wi. . .

Andre Damon (2018-07-18). Under Massive Pressure, Trump Backpedals on Russia "Meddling" globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | Speaking at the White House Tuesday, US President Donald Trump attempted to walk back statements he made just 24 hours earlier at his summit in Helsinki, Finland with Russian President Vladimir …

RT (2018-07-18). What did Trump promise Putin? Bring his interpreter to Congress & find out, Democrats insist. rt.com Did Donald Trump secretly surrender America to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki? Suspicious Democrats want to know the truth by bringing the State Department interpreter to testify before Congress. |

Pepe Escobar (2018-07-18). Trump-Putin Summit Delivers No Grand Bargain on Syria or Iran. mintpressnews.com US President stirs up a hornet's nest with his press conference alongside his Russian counterpart, but it seems that no 'grand bargain' was struck on Syria, and on Iran, they appear to strongly disagree.

wsws.org (2018-07-18). Tensions over Syria deepen following Helsinki summit. wsws.org The Trump administration has signaled that US troops will remain in Syria to confront Iran.

PW Readers (2018-07-18). Peaceful protest and unity the only way to beat Janus. peoplesworld.org Re: Defiant unions vow to organize even more after Janus ruling | Zen Art says: | A Perfect Storm: The extreme right-wing think they have won a tremendous victory with Janus. Instead, they have created a perfect storm that will cause more, not less, political and economic instability. The political hacks that constitute the Court's conservative majority do not know what demons they have unleashed into the storm. The elements of that perfect storm make for an intensification of class struggle as the corporate world attempts to drive down wages and benefits without strong unions to protect workers. | There will be neither labor peace nor quiet acceptance of Janus and the other retrograde reactionary rulings by the Supreme Court. Of course, the proper response should be peaceful and nonviolent protest and demonstrations. That has been the winning formula since the Civil…

Paul Craig Roberts (2018-07-18). Is President Trump A Traitor Because He Wants Peace With Russia? iranian.com The US Democratic Party is determined to take the world to thermo-nuclear war rather than to admit that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election fair and square. The Democratic Party was totally corrupted by the Clinton Regime, and now it is totally insane. Leaders of the Democratic Party, such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, […]

Ed Meek (2018-07-18). Acts of Resistance. counterpunch.org I was a teacher at an International School in Iran in 1979. My friends and I went to a demonstration against the Shah. The crowd was estimated at two million. It was a peaceful march led by students. Many students carried flowers that they offered to the troops who were lining the streets. The crowd More

Ilana Mercer (2018-07-18). Lies About Putin, Syria and the Alawite Alliance: Christians Are Thriving in Syria. mintpressnews.com Christians are thriving in Syria under the protection of Putin and Assad, rescued from Lindsey Graham's favored, Islamist "rebels."

Christopher Lebron (2018-07-18). Can Charles Mills Save Liberal Philosophy From Itself? thenation.com Can Charles Mills Save Liberal Philosophy From Itself? appeared first on The Nation.

Michael Snyder (2018-07-18). 28 Signs That the West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried with Nuclear Radiation from Fukushima. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | Note: 7 years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, we bring to the attention of our readers this piece originally published in October 2013. The situation today is far more serious …

Dan Corjescu (2018-07-18). The USA and Russia: Two Sides of the Same Criminal Corporate Coin. counterpunch.org Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world Like a Colossus, and we petty men Walk under his huge legs and peep about To find ourselves dishonorable graves. — Shakespeare, "Julius Caesar" There are many modern myths. One of them is about the events of 1989 as being the culmination of a grand historical struggle More

INA (2018-07-18). How Israel Silences Palestine in EU Circles. imemc.org by Issam Aruri The Israeli propaganda machine works internationally to undermine the role of Palestinian NGOs which disclose Israeli violations of international law, and maintain the well-being of Palestinian people. Imagine the following: a toxic op-ed is published that defames your organisation.

Staff (2018-07-18). Syrian Forces' Bombing Intensifies in Southern Rebel Holdout. truthdig.com The aerial bombardment of the town of Nawa comes after talks with opposition forces to cede the town fail.

CP Editor (2018-07-18). Eric Garner's Family Still Seeks Accountability. counterpunch.org

Middle East Monitor (2018-07-18). UK Drone Personnel Could Be Liable for War Crimes. mintpressnews.com The inquiry called upon the British government to immediately publish its "targeted killing" policy, just as the United States and Israel have done previously.

Frank Stricker (2018-07-18). The Crummy Good Economy and the New Serfdom. counterpunch.org For about a year now, the unemployment rate has been around 4%. That's supposed mean full employment, labor shortages, and rising pay. But the latest earnings report is the same old story: no gains in real hourly wages from June of 2017 through June of 2018. Most employers have been able to find new workers without having to raise pay offers. More

Merula Furtado (2018-07-18). Activists Fighting Kavanaugh Nomination Say Schumer Must Step Up. truthout.org

| Today we bring you a conversation with Liat Olenick, a public school teacher and co-president of Indivisible Nation BK, which is a Brooklyn-based activist group. Olenick discusses the group's latest rally targeting Sen. Chuck Schumer and how Indivisible Nation BK plans to hold Democrats like Schumer accountable in the coming…

Steven W. Thrasher (2018-07-18). Sex, Race, and the Law: Considering America 'In the Dark'. thenation.com Sex, Race, and the Law: Considering America 'In the Dark' appeared first on The Nation.

Ahmed Abdulkareem (2018-07-18). Breaking: Yemen Hits Saudi Oil Refinery in Riyadh with New Kind of Drone Attack. mintpressnews.com The drone strike in Riyadh is the first of its kind and marks a new milestone for the Yemeni Air Force's technical operations.

Cherise (2018-07-18). IRS Drops Rule That Required Disclosure of Donors to Political Nonprofits. truthout.org President Donald Trump has just removed an old IRS rule that required specific types of nonprofit organizations to disclose the identities of their large donors. | As the Department of Treasury explained on its website: | The Treasury Department and IRS announced today that the IRS will no longer require certain tax-exempt organizations to file personally-identifiable information about their donors as part of their annual return. The revenue procedure released today does not affect the statutory reporting requirements that apply to tax-exempt groups organized under section 501(c)(3) or section 527, but it relieves other tax-exempt organizations of an unnecessary reporting requirement that was previously added by the IRS. | Nearly fifty years ago, Congress directed the IRS to collect donor information from charities that accept tax-deductible contributions. That statutory requirement applies to the majority of tax-exempt organizations, known as section 501(c)(3)…

Stephen F. Cohen (2018-07-18). Trump as New Cold War Heretic. thenation.com Trump as New Cold War Heretic appeared first on The Nation.

Shirin Gul (2018-07-18). India Ranked at Top as the Most Dangerous Country for Women. globalresearch.ca Thomson Reuters Foundation in its recent survey released on June 26, 2018 ranked India as the most dangerous country in the world for women. | More than 500 global experts on women's issues took part in a survey covering areas such …

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