2018-07-12: News Headlines

Ann Garrison (2018-07-12). Nuclear Power in Africa? counterpunch.org Rosatom—Russia's state nuclear energy corporation—has recently signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with a number of African nations to build nuclear power plants within their borders. I spoke to David Himbara, a professor of international development and African energy activist, about the likelihood of Rosatom actually building these nuclear plants. Ann Garrison: In your Medium essay "Kagame's More

David Mattson (2018-07-12). The Sinister Underbelly of Climate Change Denial. counterpunch.org The last few days of June 2018 saw most people in the United States sweltering in an epic heat wave. High temperatures were uniformly between 90 and 110 degrees in a mind-boggling 17 states. Heat indices in parts of the East and Midwest approached 120 degrees. Heat Advisories or Excessive Heat Warning were issued by the National Weather Service for all or parts of 21 states. Hazardously poor air quality arising from the reaction of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides with sunlight and heat compounded the agony in 9 states. More

Jared Porter (2018-07-12). Arrest Warrant for Ecuador's Ex-President Correa: Based on "No Evidence" therealnews.com The prosecution of ex-president Rafael Correa is a blatant attempt to prevent the return of Correa to Ecuador, as the country's most prominent opposition leader, says former foreign minister Guillaume Long

Steve Carlson (2018-07-12). What Would Garvey Do? An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders. counterpunch.org Dear Bernie, I want to start off by telling you how heartening it was to read your remarks in John Nichols Nation magazine tribute to Fighting Bob Fest founder Ed Garvey on the occasion of Garvey's passing in February of 2017. You said he was one of the smartest, funniest and most decent people you've More

Jeffrey St. Clair, James Ridgeway (2018-07-12). The Hammonds and the Origins of Rancher Terrorism in Burns, Oregon. counterpunch.org In an affidavit, Earl M. Kisler, a Fish and Wildlife Service enforcement officer, said that rancher Dwight Hammond had repeatedly threatened refuge officials with violence over an eight year period. On one occasion Hammond told the manager of the federal refuge that "he was going to tear his head off and shit down his neck." More

Ariel Dorfman (2018-07-12). Human Zoos in the Age of Trump. counterpunch.org When Donald Trump recently accused "illegal immigrants" of wanting to "pour into and infest our country," there was an immediate outcry. After all, that verb, infest, had been used by the Nazis as a way of dehumanizing Jews and communists as rats, vermin, or insects that needed to be eradicated. Nobody, however, should have been surprised. The president More

John W. Whitehead (2018-07-12). A New World Order: Brought to You by the Global-Industrial Deep State. counterpunch.org "There are no nations. There are no peoples … There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable by-laws of business." —Network (1976) There are those who will tell you More

TFA (2018-07-12). What's Happening in Nicaragua? counterpunch.org For over two decades, Nicaragua was: The safest country in Latin America.[2]Its police force was internationally recognized for its innovative community policing policies. Unlike its neighbors El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, where undocumented immigrants were fleeing to the US border, Nicaragua had kept gang violence and organized drug cartels in check. Far from a dictatorship.[3] More

George Ochenski (2018-07-12). Here Comes Trump's Trade War. counterpunch.org Donald Trump's wide-ranging trade war began in earnest during the first minutes of last Friday, only hours after his campaign-style rally in Great Falls to attack Montana's senior U.S. Senator Jon Tester's re-election bid. Like all Trump rallies, it turned out to be mostly another self-congratulatory circus act laced with numerous insults and threats. But More

Dean Baker (2018-07-12). When It Comes to Higher Wages, the Wall Street Journal Doesn't Believe in Capitalism. counterpunch.org That's the implication of this piece warning that a tight labor might force companies to raise wages and this could be hard on many companies' profits. We know that profit shares are near record highs, especially after the Trump tax cut substantially reduced companies' tax liabilities. This means that the vast majority of companies should More

David Schultz (2018-07-12). You Don't Have to Overrule Roe to Overrule Roe. counterpunch.org More>

Daniel Warner (2018-07-12). Swiss Soccer Stars Shaqiri and Xhaka as Quantum Phenomenon. counterpunch.org Being a dual national can have its advantages, but when it comes to sports and emotions, the choice between one country or another loses all reason. "Maybe it should be asked: do we want dual nationals?" declared the Swiss Soccer Federation's general secretary Alex Miescher in an interviewwith a leading local newspaper. Much like binary More

Will Parrish (2018-07-12). Living on Ohlone Land. counterpunch.org More>

Jared Porter (2018-07-12). NATO Shields U.S. From Its Military Adventures. therealnews.com It is the U.S. that needs NATO, which allows the US to bypass the UN Security Council and engage in military adventures abroad, while keeping a safe distance across the Atlantic, says Eirik Vold of the Red Party of Norway

Anthony Pahnke (2018-07-12). AMLO Should Threaten to Leave NAFTA. counterpunch.org Now that the leftwing populist — Andrés Manuel López Obrador (referred to also as AMLO, his initials) — has become Mexico's next President, his concrete policy proposals will begin to take shape. On the campaign trail, he was frequently criticized for providing few specifics on a variety of his promises, including how to combat corruption, More

Human Rights Watch (2018-07-12). Cambodia: Military, Police Campaigning for Ruling Party. hrw.org A supporter of the ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) uses a mobile phone to photograph a portrait of CPP president Hun Sen during an election campaign in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on July 7, 2018. | © 2018 Reuters/Samrang Pring | (New York) — Cambodian military officers, gendarmes, and police officers are actively campaigning for the ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP), in violation of Cambodia's law requiring political neutrality, Human Rights Watch said today. Cambodia is holding national elections on July 29, 2018, in an environment in which the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) has been dissolved, its president Kem Sokha has been detained, and its founder Sam Rainsy has been forced into exile. | Senior members of the security forces have endorsed Prime Minister Hun Sen and the CPP at numerous public…

Human Rights Watch (2018-07-12). International Criminal Court's 20th Anniversary. hrw.org Supporters of international justice will mark the 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute, the founding treaty of the International Criminal Court (ICC), on July 17, 2018. In this video, students from universities around the world discuss the court's importance. | (The Hague) — Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch released a short video today in which students from universities around the world discuss the importance of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Supporters of international justice will mark the 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute, the court's founding treaty, on July 17, 2018. | The ICC is the first permanent international criminal court set up to provide justice for the victims of the world's worst crimes, including genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. It has opened investigations in 10 countries since it began operations in 2003.
rt.com Toilet seat covers that cost $10,000? Coffee mugs for $1,200 apiece? No wonder NATO countries aren't too keen to follow US military spending benchmarks. Even the Pentagon is looking for better deals and 3D printing for savings.

Stephen F. Cohen (2018-07-11). Summitgate and the Campaign vs. 'Peace'. thenation.com Summitgate and the Campaign vs. 'Peace' appeared first on The Nation.

Jan Oberg (2018-07-11). NATO's Crisis and the Trans-Atlantic Conflict. counterpunch.org When the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union dissolved and the Warsaw Pact disappeared, a few of us argued that the appropriate response would be to close down NATO and develop a new all-European peace system and a policy for conflict-handling to replace the predominantly military security thinking that had dominated during the More

Whitney Webb (2018-07-11). With Pompeo Visit, US Seeks New Justification for Ongoing Presence in Afghanistan. mintpressnews.com Mike Pompeo's remarks during a recent trip to Afghanistan suggest the promotion peace talks with the Taliban disguise a Qnew approach, one which is set to formalize the U.S.' nearly two-decades-long occupation of the country.

David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement (2018-07-11). Top Trump Evangelical Advisor Ruthlessly Mocked for Bashing Immigrants by Claiming Jesus Didn't Break the Law. alternet.org She appears to know nothing about her own professed religion. | Pentecostal televangelist pastor Paula White is the chair of Donald Trump's White House Evangelical Advisory Board, and she's being mocked by actual faith leaders for her claim that Jesus never broke the law. "Yes, he did live in Egypt for three-and-a-half years," Pastor White told Pat Robertson's CBN News. "But it was not illegal. " "If he had broken the law, then he would have been sinful and he would not have been our Messiah," White insisted. That's totally false. "In fact," Talking Points Memo notes, "Jesus was famously crucified specifically for breaking the law by claiming to be the son of God. Before that, he was persecuted by religious leaders and the Romans for violating laws like resting on the Sabbath. " White made her remarks to support President Trump's theft of infants. . .

Victor Grossman (2018-07-11). Chicken Games and Rotten Eggs in Germany. counterpunch.org Germany's politicians played the chicken game last week, testing which party, Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union or its Bavarian "sister party", Horst Seehofer's Christian Social Union, would be the first to swerve. When new parties were founded after World War II, Bavaria, Germany's biggest and most locally patriotic state, wanted to save its own very More

The Conversation (2018-07-11). Christian Scholar Urges Evangelicals to 'Forget the Demigods' and Leave Trumpism. alternet.org The religious right is acting from a lack of faith. | Do you remember that Barack Obama poster? The one of him looking into the middle distance, as if gazing upon a future only he could see, the word "HOPE" spelled out across his chest in blue — the colour of clear days and sunny skies? It was in Obama's speech at the 2004 Democratic Conference — the one that catapulted him to the presidency four years later — that he first made the audacious promise that the country had the power to choose hope over cynicism. Farewell to the grim ironies of the 20th century, hello to the brave promise of the new millennium. But Obama's hope was always a vague one: something to do with slaves, immigrants, soldiers and mill workers. He said it was "something more substantial" than. . .

Vijay Prashad (2018-07-11). A Glimpse of Japanese Communism. counterpunch.org Kyoto is a city that teems with its history. Castles and palaces from the feudal Tokugawa shogunate rub shoulders with the modern steel and glass buildings of Japanese capitalism. It is impossible to digest the stereotype of the Japanese people as obedient or docile. This city's history proves the opposite. The city was largely destroyed More

Vijay Prashad, Independent Media Institute (2018-07-11). For All His Bluster, Trump is Powerless Against NATO Allies — Here's Why. alternet.org Trump will gradually disappear from the stage. But other names will remain intact: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon. . . | Donald Trump has leapt across the Atlantic Ocean to bring America's European allies to heel. Or so his Twitter account suggests. In London, an orange effigy will fly above the city in welcome. Massive crowds will gather on Friday to greet him with jeers and boos. Trump has the ability to translate dissent into praise. He will see the crowds and preen. Surely, he is the most important American to set foot in the British Isles. He will walk through the streets of Brussels, pretending to attack America's NATO allies. He will wink to his base—telling them that he is being tough on everyone, not just China, but also Germany and France. His base will think that he is their champion, speaking for them in. . .

Mel Gurtov (2018-07-11). "Gangsterism" or "Progress"? Examining North Korea's Latest Statement on Denuclearization. counterpunch.org Most US news reports are suggesting that the North Koreans may be backtracking on their commitment to denuclearization, calling the US position "gangster-like" following the visit of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Pyongyang. What the North Korean foreign ministry actually saidin its statement of July 7 is far more nuanced, and speaks directly to More

Lauren Walker (2018-07-11). Loan Stars. truthout.org

Brad Reed, Raw Story (2018-07-11). 'Fat Mexican B*tches': Racist White Women Attack Colorado Neighbors and Defy Police Order to Go Home. alternet.org One officer had to threaten the women with jail to stop the attacks. | Two white women were caught on camera this week angrily berating their Latino neighbors in their neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. In a video posted on YouTube by a user named Carlos Ruiz, two young white women are shown getting into a physical altercation with one of their Latino neighbors. After the physical altercation ends, the two women continue yelling insults at the Latino family — which prompts one of the neighbors to reply, "You're drunk, I'm not, you're going to jail. ""You are! " one of the women replies. "You came to my property! " the neighbor shoots back, which only angers one of the white women even more. "Look at yourself! " she screams. "Compared to me, who are you? Who are you to us? "The police show up soon afterward and the two white. . .

Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-07-11). Trump's Supreme Court: Capitalism and Democracy Can No Longer Coexist. therealnews.com Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh pushes the Supreme Court towards defending a far-right corporate state, says Henry A. Giroux the author of 'American Nightmare: Facing the Challenge of Fascism'

Alex Henderson, AlterNet (2018-07-11). Meet the Far-Right, Trump-Supporting California Prosecutor Suspended for Threatening Maxine Waters. alternet.org "I cannot believe how shallow Democrats are. They must really think people are stupid. " | Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters has long been a favorite target of the far right, and in San Bernardino County east of Los Angeles, Deputy District Attorney Michael Selyem has been placed on suspension and paid leave for incendiary attacks on the Southern California congresswoman that are being described as racist and misogynist as well as threatening. Officially announcing the prosecutor's suspension on Monday, San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos stressed that his office does not "condone hate, discrimination or incitement of violence. "The 50-year-old Selyem's attacks on Waters occurred on his Facebook page, where he posted, "Being a loud-mouthed cunt in the ghetto you would think someone would have shot this bitch by now. " The prosecutor's Facebook page has since been deleted, although the San Bernardino Sun. . .

Dave Zirin (2018-07-11). How an Experienced Ref Would Have Handled the AAU Brawl. thenation.com How an Experienced Ref Would Have Handled the AAU Brawl appeared first on The Nation.

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet (2018-07-11). 'Unbelievably Unqualified': Democratic Senator Warns Trump-Appointed DOJ Lawyer Tied to a Russian Bank Might Interfere in Mueller's Probe. alternet.org "He will have visibility into the Mueller investigation. " | Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) issued a serious warning Wednesday about Brian Benczkowski, a lawyer confirmed earlier in the day to run the criminal division of the Department of Justice. Whitehouse discussed the confirmation with CNN's Erin Burnett, who noted that Benczkowski raised questions because he previously worked for Alfa Bank, the largest bank in Russia which has close ties to President Vladimir Putin — a fact he initially failed to disclose to the Senate on a questionnaire. "This actually does run up my temperature a bit," Sheldon said, noting that Benczkowski is "unbelievably unqualified" for the role he is taking on. "As the chief of the criminal division, he will have visibility into the Mueller investigation whenever that investigation needs the requisite approvals from the criminal division for various investigative and prosecutive steps that they must. . .

Cira Pascual Marquina (2018-07-11). Venezuela to Launch Local Defense Committees as Maduro Makes Changes to Top Military Brass. venezuelanalysis.com The government will incorporate the country's civilian population into national security plans.

Special to PeoplesWorld.org (2018-07-11). L.A.'s Dodger dogs now union made. peoplesworld.org VERNON, Calif.—In a remarkable return to union power, Farmer John workers voted overwhelmingly on Monday, July 9, on a hard-fought historic agreement returning the union to the workplace and ratifying a new contract. Wage increases, affordable healthcare, union security, and preservation of protections are among the highlights of their secured benefits. Hundreds of Farmer John […]…

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet (2018-07-11). Papa John's Founder Resigns from Board After Using the N-Word on Company Call. alternet.org It's not the first time John Schnatter has found himself eliciting outrage. | After having to resign as CEO last year for his bizarre broadside against NFL players protesting racism, Papa John's founder John Schnatter stepped down as chairman of the company's board Wednesday night for using the n-word on a company call. "Papa John's International, Inc. . . . today announced that the independent directors of the company have accepted the resignation of John H. Schnatter as Chairman of the Board," the company said in a statement. "Olivia Kirtley acts as the company's Lead Independent Director. Papa John's will appoint a new Chairman of the Board in the coming weeks. "Schnatter has apologized earlier in the day, issuing the following statement: "News reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true. Regardless of the. . .

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet (2018-07-11). 'Time Is Running Out on Michael Cohen': Michael Avenatti Predicts Trump's Former Lawyer Will Soon Face Charges. alternet.org "I don't think this is going to be delayed well into the fall. " | Michael Cohen has recently been signaling his willingness to turn on President Donald Trump — and Michael Avenatti predicts he may very soon get his chance to do just that. Cohen, who served as the president's lawyer and fixer for years, is under federal investigation, potentially for business and election-related crimes. Many suspect that given his close history with Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller's interest in the case, his wrongdoing may implicate the president as well. "I think time is certainly running out — I don't think this is going to be delayed well into the fall," Avenatti, a lawyer who has challenged both Cohen and Trump in court, told MSNBC's Ari Melber on Wednesday. "I know there's a lot of different factors at play right now. So I. . .

Joan McCarter, Daily Kos (2018-07-11). Here's How Trump is Going Around Congress in His Quest to Destroy Obamacare. alternet.org The president is still trying to completely dismantle his predecessor's legacy. | Obamacare surges on, with the public continuing to approve of it and health insurers coming back to the markets after sitting last year out. The Republican Congress failed to repeal it, so the Trump administration has redoubled its efforts to gut it. Last week it suspended key payments to insurers, this week it's slashing grants to nonprofit organizations that act as navigators, helping people sign up for the law. It's the second year of massive cuts to the groups, having reduced spending by 80 percent over the past two years. This year it will spend just $10 million, down from $36 million spent last fall and $63 million under the Obama administration in 2016. The excuse Seema Verma, the administrator of the Centers. . .

Benjamin Schwarz (2018-07-11). It's Time to Disrupt NATO. thenation.com It's Time to Disrupt NATO appeared first on The Nation.

Priya Dieterich, Morgin Goldberg, Olivia Smith, Shelby Dolch (2018-07-11). These Students Challenged Their Campus's Flawed Title IX Policy—and They're Winning. thenation.com Priya Dieterich, Morgin Goldberg, Olivia Smith, Shelby Dolch Starting with the resignation of Swarthmore College's dean of students.

Randi Nord (2018-07-11). Despite Ongoing Hostility, US Exports to Iran are Up 60%. mintpressnews.com What sanctions? Despite Donald Trump's dangerous rhetoric against the Islamic Republic and scrapping the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), US exports to Iran are up 60 percent from 2017.

Elliott Gabriel (2018-07-11). Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh Is Precisely the Pro-Corporate Right-Wing Hack Progressives Fear. mintpressnews.com A run-down of Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh's positions on various social issues and the danger his appointment could pose to everything from the Department of Labor to the Environmental Protection Agency and even Roe v. Wade.

Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet (2018-07-11). 'Another Broken Promise': ICE Union Blasts Trump Administration's Immigration Incompetence. alternet.org "They can't change and they can't innovate," Chris Crane said. | Chris Crane, the head of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council—a union representing about 7,600 ICE officers— blasted Donald Trump's administration in an interview with Quartz over what he described as a continuation of incompetence carried over from prior administrations. Though the union supported Trump in 2016 on the grounds only he could "put politics aside to fix the problem," Crane said the government is "still playing by the same failed playbook. " "They can't change and they can't innovate," Crane said. "They said they would work with boots on the ground people in the field and they didn't do it. "Crane said the agency has "absolutely no input" in the appointment of Ron Vitiello as the new ICE director, calling it "another broken promise. "Crane also said ICE agents "never supported" Trump's. . .

John Nichols (2018-07-11). Cynthia Nixon's Platform Aligns With Democratic Socialist Principles, and With the Future. thenation.com Cynthia Nixon's Platform Aligns With Democratic Socialist Principles, and With the Future appeared first on The Nation.

Thomas Knapp (2018-07-11). Our Evil Gift to a Generation Which Didn't Deserve it. counterpunch.org "Nothing," economist Milton Friedman once observed, "is so permanent as a temporary government program." And nothing makes a government's programs — or, more importantly, changes in its core values — more permanent than the loss of collective memory that comes with generational changes. We're hitting a big one soon. It worries me. Next year, the More

leili (2018-07-11). A letter to General Convention regarding Justice in the Holy Land. bdsmovement.net A letter to General Convention regarding Justice in the Holy Land: In the News Economic BoycottArchbishop Desmond Tutu & other leading members of the Episcopal Church tell the Church's General Convention that investment in companies supporting Israel's military occupation "make the Church complicit in the injustices suffered by Palestinians." They urge the Church to adopt human rights-based investment decisions that ensure it "does not profit from the suffering of others." | July 3, 2018 | By: | | Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Canon Bonnie Anderson, Patti Browning

Brett Barrouquere (2018-07-11). Judge sets hearing in Jason Kessler's lawsuit seeking permit for 'UTR2'. splcenter.org ‚ÄãJason Kessler will get his day in court with the city of Charlottesville, but whether he gets the permit he wants remains to be seen.

Ben Norton (2018-07-11). Ukraine Attacks Journalists Who Reported Israeli Weapons Flow to Its Neo-Nazi Militia. mintpressnews.com Ukraine's embassy in Israel attacked Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal by name, along with The Real News and Electronic Intifada, spreading false accusations after they reported on Ukrainian neo-Nazis using Israeli weapons.

Gulam Asgar Mitha (2018-07-11). President Trump: An Israeli Manchurian Candidate? iranian.com Trump's gaffes are piling up, all within 18 months of his presidency. The tweets are coming at breakneck speeds causing mass confusion. Trump scrapped the Paris climate accord, then pulled out of TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade agreement, tore JCPOA P5+1 with Iran to shreds, humiliated EU leaders specifically close allies Macron of France and […]

Ilana Novick (2018-07-11). Grandmother—63 and Sick—Is a Target of Denaturalization Task Force. truthdig.com In June, the Trump administration announced it would launch a denaturalization task force, targeting naturalized citizens accused of cheating on their applications, or convicted of crimes, however minor, before they were granted citizenship. In the past, denaturalization was a rare move, usually reserved for war criminals, child-sex offenders or terrorists and their funders. Now, as the Miami Herald reports, the task force is targeting a 63-year-old secretary from Peru who fits into none of those categories. | Norma Borgono, as the Miami Herald reports, "immigrated from Peru in 1989, volunteers weekly at church, raised two children on a $500-a-week salary and suffers from a rare kidney disorder." Just after the birth of her granddaughter, Borgano received a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice saying it is suing to denaturalize her. | It is targeting Borgano for her minor role…

Ian Berman (2018-07-11). This Political Hell was Created by Rigged Primaries and Horrible Establishment Candidates, Not "Protest Votes" mintpressnews.com The only way I will ever accept my choice being called a protest vote is if establishment Democrats acknowledge the primary was insurmountably rigged on Clinton's behalf

Julianne Hing (2018-07-11). What Does It Mean to Abolish ICE? thenation.com What Does It Mean to Abolish ICE? appeared first on The Nation.

Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-07-11). Growing Up in the USSR — RAI with A. Buzgalin (1/12). therealnews.com Prof. Alexander Buzgalin joins Paul Jay on Reality Asserts Itself; born two years after the death of Stalin, he talks about growing up in the Soviet Union

Basma Ismail (2018-07-11). Arming Teachers. counterpunch.org On May 22nd, 2014, Donald Trump announced to the world via his Twitter account that Hillary Clinton accused him of wanting to bring guns into classrooms. Almost four years later, Trump tried to convince us that arming teachers while on school grounds is the answer to school shootings and massacres. With the lack of laws More

Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-07-11). With the Largest Manddate in Recent History, Lopez Obrador Takes Decisive Steps for Mexico's Presidency. therealnews.com Prof. John Ackerman talks about the mandate, Lopez Obrador's foreign policy, and his plans for constitutional reforms

Chris Sosa, AlterNet (2018-07-11). Mueller Uses Manafort's Own Words Against Him After He Bragged About Receiving 'VIP' Treatment in Jail. alternet.org The alleged felon reportedly found a "workaround" on the prison's email ban. | Special Counsel Robert Mueller told a judge that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who is awaiting trial on bank fraud and tax charges, is being treated like a "VIP" in jail. Manafort is now undergoing transfer to another facility and attempted unsuccessfully to prevent the move as Mueller used his own words against him. "Contrary to Manafort's assertions about his jail conditions, Manafort is in a private unit in which he can review materials and prepare for trial," Mueller's prosecutors wrote in a court filing. "Manafort remarked in a taped prison call that he is able to visit with his lawyers every day. "Manafort is also reported to have found a "workaround" on the prison's email ban. "Manafort has revealed on the monitored phone calls that in order to exchange emails,. . .

Paul Hillier (2018-07-11). King Trump. counterpunch.org Not that she deserved any respect, but Madeline Albright is now using the F word. She joins a long list of political players, pundits, and punks calling Trump a big-F Fascist. Indeed, you, too, can show off your smart understanding of history by calling the current President and his minions the return of Fascism. But More

Cherise (2018-07-11). Trump Administration Misses Deadline to Unite Families. truthout.org The Trump administration failed to meet a court-imposed deadline Tuesday to reunite all of the children under the age of 5 whom immigration officials took from their parents at the border and then sent to jails and detention centers across the country. Only 38 of the 102 children under 5 have been reunited with their parents, some of whom say their young children did not even recognize them at first after the traumatic, protracted separation. ‚Ä®On Tuesday, Judge Dana Sabraw reiterated that all separated children—3,000 in total—must be reunited with their parents by July 26, saying, "These are firm deadlines; they are not aspirational goals." On Tuesday night, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar told CNN that the United States was acting "generously" toward the migrant children. For more, we speak with Lomi Kriel, immigration reporter for the Houston Chronicle, and…

Anthony Newkirk (2018-07-11). Farhad Azima avoids spotlight, despite Iran-Contra and Panama Papers connections. peoplesworld.org On June 28, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein faced allegations made by Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee that Justice Department handling of its investigation of the 2016 presidential election was biased against President Trump. At the same time, a non-binding resolution mandating Justice Department compliance with subpoenas for documents about the Russia probe […]…

CP Editor (2018-07-11). Democratic Party Elites Feel the Grassroots Heat. counterpunch.org

The Nation (2018-07-11). Common Ground: For Secure Elections and True National Security. thenation.com Common Ground: For Secure Elections and True National Security appeared first on The Nation.

Gary Leupp (2018-07-11). Bolton, MEK and Trump Iran Strategy. counterpunch.org There are growing indications that the Trump administration plans to use the Mojahedin-e Khalq (People's Mojahedin of Iran, or MEK) as a key element in its strategy to destabilize Iran preparatory to regime change. On June 30 Trump's personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani told the group in Paris: "We are now realistically being able to see More

Elliott Gabriel (2018-07-11). European Powers Prepare To Scrap Dollar In Iran Trade As Disgust With "America First" Policies Mount. iranian.com As Western capitals brace themselves for Wednesday's two-day NATO summit, Iranians and Europeans alike are hoping EU leaders can finally put their money where their mouth is and unshackle themselves from U.S.-imposed hegemonic bondage. [dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile the White House's frenzied anti-Iran campaign has entailed unprecedented attempts to twist the arms of the United States' traditional European […]

Michael Barker (2018-07-11). Building for a Socialist Brexit. counterpunch.org In recent years the Tories have been carrying through a veritable bonfire of workers' rights, environmental protections and human rights. This is really nothing new, and few on the left would disagree that the Tories have plans to ignite further bonfires in the near future. The matter of what to do with regards the results More

Bill Morlin (2018-07-11). BLM bomb-plot defendant released after two years. splcenter.org A Utah militia leader is being released from federal custody after serving two years in prison for his involvement in an antigovernment plot to bomb a remote Bureau of Land Management facility in Arizona.

Hezvo Mpunga (2018-07-11). US Is Helping 'Bloodthirsty Cult' — the MEK — to Overthrow Iran's Government. therealnews.com In pursuit of regime change in Iran, the Trump administration and prominent Republicans and Democrats alike are supporting the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), which former top US official Larry Wilkerson says is a "bloodthirsty cult." Ben Norton reports

Kenneth Surin (2018-07-11). The UK's Brexit Shambles. counterpunch.org Blighty this week has been frying in record warm temperatures. The army had to be called in to assist firefighters dealing with large moorland fires in the north of England. Out of control fires are perhaps an apt metaphor for what is happening in UK politics. Tory misgovernment gets worse with each passing day. More

Joan Walsh (2018-07-11). Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Would Threaten Robert Mueller's Investigation and the Affordable Care Act. thenation.com Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Would Threaten Robert Mueller's Investigation and the Affordable Care Act appeared first on The Nation.

Gregg Levine (2018-07-11). 10 Questions Judge Kavanaugh Should Answer. thenation.com 10 Questions Judge Kavanaugh Should Answer appeared first on The Nation.

Tom Crofton (2018-07-11). Of Trade and Tariffs. counterpunch.org Recent talks of trade wars have been missing the fundamental discussion of how the needs of people around the globe could be met in the most sustainable way, and the core of that discussion are some clear agreements on what those needs really are. Pre-industrial societies met their most of their needs locally, most often More

Cherise (2018-07-11). Trump's Supreme Court: Capitalism and Democracy Can No Longer Coexist. truthout.org Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh pushes the Supreme Court towards defending a far-right corporate state, says Henry A. Giroux the author of American Nightmare: Facing the Challenge of Fascism. | TRANSCRIPT | SHARMINI PERIES: It's The Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Peries, coming to you from Baltimore. | On Monday, President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh as his choice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is a well-known conservative federal appeals court judge; a former aide to President George W. Bush. He also served as one of the investigators of President Bill Clinton during his impeachment process. As a staunch conservative, Kavanaugh, if confirmed by the Senate, would consolidate the conservative majority on the Supreme Court, moving it significantly to the right. Here is Brett Kavanaugh on his nomination. | BRETT KAVANAUGH: My judicial philosophy is straightforward. A judge…

Whitney Webb (2018-07-11). Ireland Passes Bill Banning Goods From Israeli Settlements in Occupied Palestine. mintpressnews.com The upper chamber of Ireland's parliament passed a landmark bill that would effectively impose a nationwide ban on the purchase of goods and services originating in illegal Israeli settlements.

Staff (2018-07-11). Medical Experts Worry About Testing DNA to Reunite Families. truthdig.com The administration's use of DNA testing to match migrant children separated from their parents is justifiable as a last resort, medical experts say, but raises a host of ethical problems.

Pia Guerra (2018-07-11). Rescue Efforts. thenation.com Rescue Efforts appeared first on The Nation.

Randi Nord (2018-07-11). Despite Hostile Actions, US Exports To Iran Are Up 60% In 2018. iranian.com What sanctions? Despite Donald Trump's dangerous rhetoric against the Islamic Republic and scrapping the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), US exports to Iran are up 60 percent from 2017. [dropcap]F[/dropcap]igures from the US Census Bureau show that American companies and entities exported $50.2 million worth of goods to Iran between January and May of 2018. That's […]

Chris Sosa, AlterNet (2018-07-11). 'I Kill Motherf*ckers': Chicago Police Officer Caught on Video Taunting Black Men. alternet.org The cop is now under investigation. | The Civilian Office of Police Accountability opened an investigation after a police officer in Chicago was caught on camera violently taunting black men. "I kill motherf*ckers," the unnamed officer said from his unmarked vehicle before threatening to arrest them for "walking illegally" on the road. He denied making the remark about killing people shortly after making the comment on camera. The officer later exited his vehicle and pursued the men, saying, "Illinois is a two-party consent state and I don't consent to you recording me. "He eventually tried to swipe the phone recording the interaction. Watch the disturbing footage below. | Related Stories: 'Fat Mexican B*tches': Racist White Women Attack Colorado Neighbors and Defy Police Order to Go HomeAlan Dershowitz Slams the Russia Probe on Fox News — And Proves He Has No Idea What He's Talking AboutCNN's Anderson Cooper Tears Apart the Trump Admin. 's Avalanche of Lies About the Cruel Family Separation Policy

Ben Norton (2018-07-11). Ukraine President's Adviser Writes 'Heil Hitler' Neo-Nazi Symbol on Facebook. therealnews.com An adviser for Ukraine's president and defense minister wrote a neo-Nazi symbol on Facebook that means "Heil Hitler." This comes at a time when neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine, some of which have received direct support from the Ukrainian government, are terrorizing ethnic minorities from the Roma and Jewish communities. Ukraine's billionaire oligarch President Petro Poroshenko,…

Joshua Frank (2018-07-11). Why the Democrats Are Also to Blame for Brett Kavanaugh. counterpunch.org Photo by The White House | CC BY 2.0"I'm open to voting yes. I'm open to voting no." — Sen. Doug Jones (Democrat, Alabama) | It's as if a horror film is playing right before our very eyes, except this time there are no redeeming characters swooping in to save us. We face a constitutional Armageddon and the do-nothing Democrats are just as much to blame as the Republicans. | During the confirmation of Trump's last Supreme Court pick, Neil Gorsuch, three Senate Democrats voted in favor; Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. All three of these rightwing Democrats are facing tough reelection campaigns in their respective pro-Trump states. We all know what hangs in the balance with Trump's latest Supreme Court pick of Brett Kavanaugh, yet the Democratic leadership is going to…

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet (2018-07-11). 'This Is What the News Is Like in Hell': MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Is Dumbfounded By Trump Official Playing the 'Real Victim'. alternet.org The administration is completely botching its response to a self-imposed crisis, but top officials apparently want sympathy. | President Donald Trump's administration still has thousands of immigrant kids separated from their parents by the misguided "zero-tolerance" policy on the U. S. -Mexico border, but a new report from Politico seemed to paint one Trump official at the center of the disastrous policy as sympathetic and burdened by the policy. But MSNBC's Rachel Maddow didn't buy it. "It's a little to take the selling of [Health and Human Services Secretary] Alex Azar as a good soldier who just happened to get caught up in the middle of this mess that he maybe, maybe, doesn't agree with," she said on her show Wednesday night. "But somebody has started selling an amazing PR story about the guy who's holding the kids taken away from their parents being the. . .

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet (2018-07-11). 'I Just Think the Russians Have the Goods on This Guy': Retired Lt. Colonel Says Blackmail Explains Trump's Fondness for Putin. alternet.org The president efforts to undermine NATO only serve to bolster Russia. | While many people have argued that President Donald Trump has some sort of nefarious connection to Russia and President Vladimir Putin by citing historical linkages between the president and foreign power, retired Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters argued Wednesday night that the connection can be made just by considering Trump's present actions. "Trump is both enamored and fearful of Vladimir Putin," Peters told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "If you look at his pattern, he is afraid to say anything critical of Vladimir Putin. "This pattern has become even clearer in recent days, as Trump doubles down on his attacks on NATO while preparing to meet with Putin in Helsinki. "It's another issue, but to me, I just think the Russians have the goods on this guy, and that's the only explanation I can come. . .

Staff (2018-07-11). U.S. Soon to Leapfrog Saudis, Russia as Top Oil Producer. truthdig.com Output is predicted to grow next year to 11.8 million barrels a day, making the U.S. the world's leading oil producer for the first time since the 1970s.

Bill Morlin (2018-07-11). One of the founders of the Aryan Brotherhood dies in federal prison. splcenter.org Barry Byron "The Baron" Mills, widely considered one of the founding members of the violent Aryan Brotherhood prison gang syndicate, has died in the nation's most-secure federal prison.

John Steppling (2018-07-11). The Wisdom of Serpents. counterpunch.org I keep watching the ways in which people, left leaning liberals anyway, and even some I thought were leftists, fall over themselves to believe in the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez victory. Now, I don't believe, I should make clear. But I find what is interesting is the ways in which this story became a kind of fairy tale and found traction. First, it's New York. If this occurs in Port Huron or Tampa or Bakersfield — there is no story. Secondly, this woman came out of the Democratic Party machine, out of Ted Kennedy's office and Bernie Sanders campaign. Does that not tell you something? More

Loubna Mrie (2018-07-11). Horror in Southern Syria, as 300,000 Flee a Government Assault. thenation.com Horror in Southern Syria, as 300,000 Flee a Government Assault appeared first on The Nation.

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet (2018-07-11). White House Blames 'Pastries and Cheese' for John Kelly's Pained Expression at Summit — Not Trump's Galling Attacks on Allies. alternet.org It's not even clear the statement was supposed to be taken seriously. | As President Donald Trump lashed out at German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a NATO summit breakfast on Wednesday, White House chief of staff John Kelly sat with a pained expression on his face — an expression many read as disapproval at the president's attacks. "Germany is a captive of Russia," said Trump, citing the fact that Germany relies on Russia for its energy supply. "It's very inappropriate. . . . It certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they paid billions of dollars to Russia, and now we have to defend them against Russia. " All the while, Kelly fidgeted in his chair, looked away from Trump, looked down at the ground, and pursed his lips. In a statement to the Washington Post, press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed that Kelly was "displeased" — but. . .

Michael T. Klare (2018-07-11). What Trump's Critics Are Missing About the NATO Summit. thenation.com What Trump's Critics Are Missing About the NATO Summit appeared first on The Nation.

Selim Celal (2018-07-11). Iran Demonstrations And Possible Consequences. iranian.com Seven months after the largest protests in Iran's history, Iranians have hit the streets once again. They are fed up with the country's poor financial performance and the recent devaluation of Iranian rial. Having become one of the world's most volatile currencies, the rial over the past few months has lost more than 50 percent […]

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet (2018-07-11). 'Never Before in History': Fox News' Shep Smith Assails Trump for 'Unprecedented' Attacks on NATO Allies. alternet.org "The president could turn back the global clock centuries. " | Fox News' Shep Smith sounded the alarm Wednesday about President Donald Trump's relentless and unfounded attacks on NATO, warning, "The president could turn back the global clock centuries. "Trump, Smith said, "upended world order in the way that no president has. He attacked our closest allies. He berated them and insulted them. He labeled Germany captive to Russia and he blasted NATO agreements that date to World War II. "In fact, Trump's attack began long before this week's NATO summit. Trump first attacked the alliance as "obsolete" during the 2016 presidential campaign, and he has continued maligning American allies in office. But Trump's favorite attack on NATO — that the allies fail to pay what the owe to the organization — is flatly false. "The truth is every NATO country has paid its bills for NATO-shared. . .

Paul Street (2018-07-11). Scott Pruitt Got Off Easy: Ecocide Is No Small Matter. truthdig.com The former EPA chief's career has been dedicated to two things: filling his family bank account and bending energy policy toward the extraction and burning of every last hydrocarbon on earth.

Jocelyn Dombroski (2018-07-11). Russia and Saudi Arabia to Form an Alternative to OPEC? therealnews.com The world is in a slow energy transition to renewables, which has made it difficult for OPEC to maintain price stability. This transition lies at the heart of Saudi Arabia and Russia's efforts to find new ways for stabilizing oil prices, says Prof. Timothy Mitchell

Cesar Chelala (2018-07-11). Trump's Policies on Immigrant Children Violate the Convention on the Rights of the Child. counterpunch.org After enacting a "zero tolerance" policy towards all adult immigrants crossing the border into the U.S., in effect separating parents from their children and keeping the children in inhumane conditions, the Trump administration now intends to rescind this measure. However, because some family records have been lost or destroyed, some children may never again be More

Alex Henderson, AlterNet (2018-07-11). Here's Why Trump's Commitment to Nominating Young Judges Will Leave a Mark on the Judiciary for Decades. alternet.org The president is shaping America's future in his frightening image. | The United States has yet to have a Generation X president (Barack Obama, born in 1961, is technically among the latter part of the Baby Boomer generation). But when President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch, now 50, to fill a seat once held by the late Antonin Scalia, Gorsuch became the first Gen-Xer to join the U. S. Supreme Court. In fact, Trump has been nominating Gen-Xers exclusively for the High Court, and that is by no means a coincidence. If Trump has his way, there will be even more Gen X-ers on the Court—all of them far-right ideologues and rigid social conservatives who share the "strict constructionist" philosophy of Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas. In the past, presidents didn't necessarily have a preference for Supreme Court nominees who were in their 40s or. . .

Lawrence Davidson (2018-07-11). Reality Remake. counterpunch.org Among the more egregious movements now active on the American scene are those that seek to undermine the expression of reality within the public sphere. A good example of this is the long-running effort of some Protestant fundamentalists who seek to challenge the notion of evolution in public school textbooks and classrooms. This particular effort More

Staff (2018-07-11). Trump Claims Germany 'Controlled' by Russia, Merkel Differs. truthdig.com The U.S. president barrels into a NATO summit with claims that a pipeline deal has left Germany "totally controlled" and "captive to Russia" as he lobs fresh complaints about allies' "delinquent" defense spending.

Gregory Shupak (2018-07-11). In Wake of AMLO Victory, US Media Fear Chavismo and Hope for 'Business-Friendly' Change. fair.org For the New York Times ( 7/1/18), the election of Lopez Obrador brings "a sense of economic nationalism that some fear could reverse important gains of the last 25 years." | Neoliberal capitalist dogma pervades mainstream media. A case in point is coverage of Andrés Manuel López Obrador's resounding victory in Mexico's presidential election. | Referring to the president-elect by his commonly used acronym, the New York Times' Azam Ahmed and Paulina Villegas ( 7/1/18) claimed thatone of AMLO's biggest challenges will be to convince foreign investors that Mexico will remain open for business. If he fails to convince the markets that he is committed to continuity, or makes abrupt changes to the current economic policy, the country could find itself struggling to achieve even the modest growth of prior administrations. | According to the authors, keeping Mexico "open for business"

Tom H. Hastings (2018-07-11). Coarse Culture Resurgent Racism. counterpunch.org From calling Mexicans rapists and animals to calling the one African American at one of his rallies "my African American," to endorsing and appointing proven racists, to defending confederate statues, to encouraging violence by his base at his never-ending rallies, Donald Trump is taking page after page from the rise of Hitler in Germany in More

Elliott Gabriel (2018-07-11). European Powers Prepare to Scrap Dollar in Iran Trade as Disgust With "America First" Policies Mount. mintpressnews.com As Western capitals brace themselves for Wednesday's two-day NATO summit, Iranians and Europeans alike are hoping EU leaders can finally put their money where their mouth is and unshackle themselves from U.S.-imposed hegemonic bondage.

Hatewatch Staff (2018-07-11). Middle East Forum bankrolls violent 'Free Tommy' rally. splcenter.org Longtime anti-Muslim figure Daniel Pipes and his group the Middle East Forum (MEF) recently took credit for financing a rally in London last month in support of English far-right provocateur Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon).

Julianne Hing (2018-07-11). What Can $20 Million Buy? Activists Attempt to Post Bond for 2,500 Parents in Immigration Detention. thenation.com What Can $20 Million Buy? Activists Attempt to Post Bond for 2,500 Parents in Immigration Detention appeared first on The Nation.

Cherise (2018-07-11). Donald Trump's Global Agenda: Taking White Supremacy Worldwide. truthout.org Donald Trump is engaged in a systematic effort to make the United States less powerful and less respected around the world. America is too great a country to be defeated and brought down by an outside power. Such damage can likely only be inflicted from within at the hands of a dangerous president, a feckless political party and their tens of millions of authoritarian followers. | President Barack Obama warned about this threat in his farewell address: | But protecting our way of life, that's not just the job of our military. Democracy can buckle when it gives in to fear. So, just as we, as citizens, must remain vigilant against external aggression, we must guard against a weakening of the values that make us who we are. … So let's be vigilant, but not afraid. ISIL will try to kill innocent people.

Mr. Fish (2018-07-11). Curtain Call. truthdig.com

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