2018-06-10: News Headlines

Tehran Times (2018-06-10). Sharif University Of Technology Ranked Among The Top Universities In The World. iranian.com Nine Iranian universities once again succeeded in securing positions in world top university rankings in the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2018 and Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings 2019. 1,000 of the world's top universities are ranked using six different indicators to compile QS World University Rankings 2019. Universities are evaluated according to […]

Staff (2018-06-10). Trump Disowns G-7 Declaration and Calls Trudeau Untruthful. truthdig.com LA MALBAIE, Quebec—The annual G-7 summit appeared to have weathered tensions over President Donald Trump's threats of a tariff-fueled trade war until the mercurial American pulled out of a joint statement while citing "false statements" by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. | It was an unprecedented attack on the leader of the U.S. neighbor and ally. | Trump was aboard Air Force One heading to an historic summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un when he issued a pair of tweets Saturday criticizing the G-7 host and stepping back from the generally positive tone that had ended the two-day meeting. A few hours earlier, Trudeau had told reporters that all seven leaders had come together to sign the joint declaration. | Trudeau said he had reiterated to Trump that tariffs would harm industries and workers on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border. He…

Ilana Novick (2018-06-10). Independents Seeking Presidency Might Be Barred From Democratic Primaries. truthdig.com The Democratic National Committee will vote in August on a rule calling for candidates to be Democrats in order to run for president in the party's primaries. In addition, the elimination of superdelegates will be considered.

Staff (2018-06-10). Border Detainee Dies in Cell After Alleged Separation From Wife and Son. truthdig.com U.S. officials call the Texas death a suicide. The Washington Post reports that the arrested man was enraged because authorities had separated him from his wife and 3-year-old son.

RT (2018-06-10). US asks Japan to cut its huge plutonium stockpiles as Kim-Trump summit looms — report. rt.com Washington has reportedly asked Tokyo to downsize its massive plutonium stockpile, which could pave the way for thousands of nuclear warheads. It comes ahead of a renewal of the US-Japan nuclear pact, a key to its energy security.

amnesty.org (2018-06-10). Team Brave: Defending human rights in Russia. amnesty.org

RT (2018-06-10). New Tesla Roadster could have rocket engines option — Musk. rt.com Elon Musk, the eccentric billionaire owner of SpaceX and Tesla, can't seem to resist the urge to slap rocket engines on things. He has now hinted at attaching them to the new car he's building, and nobody can tell if it's a joke.

amnesty.org (2018-06-10). Vitalina Koval, LGBTI activist from Ukraine. amnesty.org

ziyaad (2018-06-09). Nobel Peace Prize-Nominated Palestinian Movement Responds to Pop-Kultur Festival's Racism. bdsmovement.net Nobel Peace Prize-Nominated Palestinian Movement Responds to Pop-Kultur Festival's Racism: PACBI Statement Cultural BoycottPop-Kultur festival's arrogant dismissal of the appeals of Palestinians and progressive artists to drop Israel's sponsorship betrays apathy, and worse, to Palestinian human rights | June 9, 2018 | By: | | Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)

Anton Woronczuk (2018-06-09). A New Network of High-Res Cameras Is Monitoring Pittsburgh's Air Pollution in Real Time. truthout.org Pittsburgh, PA — A new network of cameras installed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University will provide live, 24-hour monitoring of visible air pollution from some of the region's largest polluters. | Researchers say the cameras will improve residents' and government officials' ability to detect, monitor and document sources of visible air pollution, including "fugitive emissions"—air pollution that occurs episodically and doesn't necessarily escape through a smokestack. The color of emissions also provides clues as to its chemical makeup and where it travels after released. | Air quality is a persistent problem in the region: The American Lung Association's annual "State of the Air" report for 2018, which uses a report card-style grading system, gave Allegheny County F grades for ozone, daily particulate matter levels and long-term particulate matter levels. It was one of just 10 counties in the nation to…

Sandy Tolan (2018-06-09). Rapture-Ready: How U.S. Policy Meshes With Armageddon. truthdig.com Brothers and sisters! Let us speak now of the return of Jesus to the Holy Land in a blaze of glory. For it is this fervent promise, I kid you not, that now drives the Middle East policy of the most powerful nation on earth. | For years conservative evangelicals, from their pulpits and pews across the American heartland, have toiled in relative obscurity. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee ( AIPAC), the more vocal part of the Israel lobby, is far better known for advancing Israeli interests in Washington. But in recent years, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), the evangelical lobbying group spearheaded by Texas preacher John Hagee, has surpassed AIPAC as the largest pro-Israel organization in the U.S. And so Christian Zionists—those who believe that only a strong Jewish state will bring the son of the Christian god back…

Sam Husseini (2018-06-09). Anthony Bourdain: The Last Gasp of CNN's Original Vision. fair.org Anthony Bourdain on a train in Sri Lanka (Parts Unknown, 10/29/17) | CNN began with the slogan, articulated by its founder Ted Turner: "The news is the star." | That has long since ceased to be a reflection of what CNN does. Despite promoting itself with its dubious "facts first" slogan, the network endlessly touts its celebrity pundits and anchors: Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Christiane Amanpour, Fareed Zakaria, et al. The view of the world that they depict is what the viewer needs to understand—not the world itself. | Anthony Bourdain didn't join CNN until 2013, didn't do "news" per se, and his own personality was certainly a major part of his show, Parts Unknown, but the lens was largely on the places Bourdain went, whether Armenia or West Virginia, and the people he met there. This work was more…

Staff (2018-06-09). Will the 'Master Dealmaker' Meet His Match in Kim? truthdig.com WASHINGTON—The self-proclaimed master dealmaker is facing doubts from multiple corners as he prepares to negotiate with Kim Jong Un. | Ahead of President Donald Trump's landmark summit next week with the North Korean leader, U.S. allies and many Republicans are raising concerns that he may impulsively give in on issues they say should be deal-breakers for the United States. Ambiguity about exactly what "denuclearization" must look like has left some wringing their hands, while others fear he may yield on a longtime North Korean wish that the U.S. withdraw some or all of its military presence on the Korean Peninsula. | There are worries from some quarters about Kim's intentions and his willingness to actually follow through on any commitment he might make in Singapore. | "My suspicion remains that he is going to try to get as much sanctions relief as possible…

Mary Elizabeth Wililams, Salon (2018-06-09). After the Deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain: Suicide is a Beast for Survivors, Too. alternet.org This week have been a horrible reminder for those who have also lost loved ones | I am so sorry for your loss. I am so sorry that the life of this person you cared deeply about ended in such a shocking and cruel way. I am so sorry about your own ideations and attempts. And I'm so sorry that this profoundly tragic week has opened up your wounds. I am sorry that the suicides of two brilliant, creative, joy inducing individuals — Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain — have been both a gutting public loss and a profound reminder of private loss. They have for me too. My friend Alli was smart, difficult and funny. She taught me a lot in the fifteen years we knew each other. She taught me about film theory and long wearing lipstick and she. . .

Anton Woronczuk (2018-06-09). The Three Biggest Threats to the Vote in 2018. truthout.org Primary season kicks into high gear this month, with 17 states holding elections in June and more to come throughout the summer. It starts what will likely be a contentious campaign, the first federal cycle since the presidency was determined by just 80,000 votes in three states. Americans need no reminding that every vote counts. | But voters might face several hurdles when they go to register or cast a ballot. The past decade has seen a number of laws that restrict the right to vote. This year in particular, voters are wary. Russian interference in the 2016 balloting has Americans questioning the integrity of our election system. And out-of-control gerrymandered legislative maps lock some voters into districts where they don't have much of a choice about who they send to Washington. | Here are the three major threats to the ballot…

Alex Henderson, AlterNet (2018-06-09). Here are 10 Things to Never, Ever Say to Someone Struggling Financially. alternet.org When people are doing well, it can be hard for them to grasp the economic realities of the U. S. | The global economic downturn of the late 2000s and 2010s has not been limited to the United States by any means. Many economies in the European Union have been battling recessions or full-fledged depressions such as the ones in Greece and Spain (where youth unemployment is still a whopping 48%). But in the U. S. , poverty can be an especially bitter pill to swallow psychologically because anti-poor attitudes are so widespread. No developed western country is as overtly contemptuous of its poor as the U. S. : demonizing the poor is a bloodsport on AM talk radio and Fox News (whose Andrea Tantaros loves to joke that poverty and food insecurity are excellent weight-loss programs). And the Great Recession has certainly increased poverty in. . .

Martin Cizmar, Raw Story (2018-06-09). Bill Maher Blisters Trump: 'I Wouldn't Put It Past Him to Try and Cancel the Next Election'. alternet.org Liberals are losing in every way that matters, he said, even as they celebrate canceling Roseanne. | Bill Maher closed his Friday night show on HBO by warning about the dangerous moment America finds itself in, where liberals are winning the culture war but continuing to lose elections. "I'm often surprised by liberals I talk to think we're winning. We, who control nothing. Winning? " he said. "I think it's because there are so many headlines that celebrate hollow victories of who we fired, and who we swarmed on social media, who we slammed and blasted with our tweets. "The problem, Maher said, is that Republicans are increasingly unencumbered by democratic and societal norms, while liberals are obsessed with purity tests. "This country's in quote a pickle," he said. "Conservatives govern without shame and liberals shame without governing. "Liberals are losing in every way that matters, he. . .

Jim Hightower, AlterNet (2018-06-09). If You Inject a Stream of Raw Ignorance Into a Vat of Gaseous Arrogance, Then Jolt the Mixture with 1,000 Megawatts of Malevolence … What Does It Produce? alternet.org Answer: Donald Trump's Executive Order of April 12. | Let's start with the arrogance. King Donald the First has been in a deep pout over negative articles about him in the Washington Post newspaper, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, King of the Amazon. com empire. Trump has fired off several rounds of angry tweets assailing Bezos, including a potshot claiming that Amazon is ripping off the post office by underpaying for the millions of its packages that the postal services ships. Well, tweets are one thing, but King Donald has the firepower of the federal government at his beck and call, so he is arrogantly using the government power to escalate his personal spat with Bezos. By executive order, he set up a federal task force to conduct a pernicious political inquisition into "our money losing post office," particularly looking at the "pricing. . .

Elliott Gabriel (2018-06-09). Colombia's NATO Membership About More Than Just Venezuela. mintpressnews.com Faced with questions about the continued relevance of the North Atlantic alliance, NATO has sought justification for its existence from Central Asia to Sub-Saharan Africa and has even floated the idea of indirect intervention in the South China Sea dispute.

Rachel Leah, Salon (2018-06-09). Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Has a Vile Take on Anthony Bourdain's Death. alternet.org Somehow, Jones manages to invoke Hillary Clinton and make Bourdain's tragic suicide about himself. | Since the news arrived Friday morning that beloved chef, author and TV host Anthony Bourdain had committed suicide, the world has been collectively mourning. Well, except for Alex Jones. The far-right conspiracy theorist took to Twitter to offer a vile take on Bourdain's death. "Anthony Bourdain had the guts to call Henry Kissinger an evil war criminal and Hillary 'shameful' for defending Harvey Weinstein! Hope he is in a better place. . Hillary has called me 'Dark Heart' so let me just say again I will never kill myself! ! ," Jones tweeted Friday morning, and included a screenshot of an excerpt from Bourdain's book, "A Cook's Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines. "Somehow, Jones found a way to not only shame Bourdain and all those who suffer from mental illness,. . .

Bob Brigham, Raw Story (2018-06-09). Muhammad Ali's Ex-Wife Slaps Down Trump's Pardon Offer: 'Pardon Someone Who Kneels'. alternet.org Khalilah Ali, who was married to the legendary pugilist from 1967 to 1976, spoke about Trump's pardon offer. | President Donald Trump's widely-mocked trial balloon of pardoning Muhammad Ali gave the legendary boxer's former wife the opportunity to suggest a better course for the commander-in-chief. | Khalilah Ali, who was married to the legendary pugilist from 1967 to 1976, spoke with TMZ about the pardon offer. "He's gone," she noted. "You want to give somebody a pardon who's alive. ""I think [Trump] probably was a fan of Ali and he thought he would say something positive about him. That must be it, but it's a little too late for that, he probably did it with good intentions, but he's on the late show. "Khalilah Ali suggested a better venue for Trump's forgiveness. "I think the pardon should go to those who kneel,. . .

Staff (2018-06-09). Florida Stopped Checking Gun Permits for More Than a Year. truthdig.com The former employee blamed for the lapse says she was working in the mailroom when she was given oversight of the state's background check system.

Staff (2018-06-09). Activists in New York Rally as Disaster Capitalists Circle Puerto Rico (Photo Essay). truthdig.com Author Naomi Klein teams up with other journalists, Puerto Rican organizational leaders and other activists to maintain focus on the embattled island.

Walter Einenkel, Daily Kos (2018-06-09). For the Last 3 Years, Toddlers Have Been Shooting Themselves and Others on a Weekly Basis. alternet.org Since 2015, toddlers have on average shot someone every single week. | A couple years ago, Missouri had the dubious distinction of being the state with the most toddler shootings. This is when a toddler—a child under the age of four—gets their hands on a gun and either shoots him or herself or someone else. Since 2015, toddlers have on average shot someone every single week. In 2017, that rate of gun violence continued according to the Denver Post. The Dearborn boys are at least the 42nd and 43rd people to get shot by a child under the age of 4 this year, according to a database of accidental child-involved shootings maintained by Everytown, a gun violence prevention group. On average, someone gets shot by an American toddler a little more frequently than once a week, similar to previous years. These. . .

Cloe Madanes, Psychotherapy Networker (2018-06-09). Here Are the 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People. alternet.org How to succeed at self-sabotage. | Most of us claim we want to be happy—to have meaningful lives, enjoy ourselves, experience fulfillment, and share love and friendship with other people and maybe other species, like dogs, cats, birds, and whatnot. Strangely enough, however, some people act as if they just want to be miserable, and they succeed remarkably at inviting misery into their lives, even though they get little apparent benefit from it, since being miserable doesn't help them find lovers and friends, get better jobs, make more money, or go on more interesting vacations. Why do they do this? After perusing the output of some of the finest brains in the therapy profession, I've come to the conclusion that misery is an art form, and the satisfaction people seem to find in it reflects the creative effort required to cultivate it.

Simon Malloy, Media Matters (2018-06-09). Fox News' Jeanine Pirro Calls for Jeff Sessions' Head (because she wants his job). alternet.org Fox News' loudest Trump propagandist aspires to be attorney general | The key to understanding how Fox News' Jeanine Pirro operates is to realize that she is single-minded in her personal ambition while completely unencumbered by anything resembling shame, dignity, or professional integrity. As it stands, Pirro is one of the more influential pundits in the country by virtue of her close relationship with President Donald Trump. She uses her awful Fox News program, Justice with Judge Jeanine, to propagandize on Trump's behalf, for which she is granted access to the president, interviews with key administration officials, etc. But that's not enough for Pirro, who turned to televised punditry only after her once-promising political and legal career was left in smoldering ruin by her personal scandals and widely mocked campaign ineptitude. According to Politico, Pirro aspires to the lofty. . .

Anton Woronczuk (2018-06-09). "Wealthy People Saw Puerto Rico Could Be Attacked" truthout.org

| Janine Jackson: Puerto Ricans who want to stay in their homes forced to flee because life and work are not tenable, while wealthy investors and hedge funds push for more cuts to the island's services to maximize their own profits. | It's a distressing scenario, even more so when you realize the situation I'm describing predates hurricanes Irma and Maria that so devastated Puerto Rico last year. Puerto Rico has slipped from the nightly news, but behind that shroud of relative inattention, things are happening that compound the impact of what might be called natural and unnatural disasters. | What can be done? What would a humane way forward for Puerto Rico look like? Julio López Varona…

Anton Woronczuk (2018-06-09). Moving Towards a Green Economy in Kentucky. truthout.org The school year has just wrapped up for Kevin Short, which means he has more time to devote to activism. The high school student turned 17 last month — only one more year until he can vote, he says excitedly — but he's already cut his teeth in advocacy through his work with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. Among his priorities: ensuring the state starts to put people and the planet over the profits of coal companies that have long defined the region's economy. | Short credits his mother, Linda, with his interest in activism. Though she's not politically involved herself, she taught him to value empathy above all. When he became attuned to the problems around him, "the empathy that she taught me translated into political advocacy," he says. His first foray into politics came through his work on LGBTQ+ issues. His family…

Anton Woronczuk (2018-06-09). How Racial Profiling Goes Unchecked in Immigration Enforcement. truthout.org This story was co-published with the Philadelphia Inquirer. | When immigration officers raided a rural Pennsylvania poultry transport company early last year, a lawyer for five undocumented men arrested saw plenty of evidence their rights had been violated. | The Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers had no warrant to drive past the company's "No Trespassing" signs and block the exits with their vans, or to demand documentation on the workers' legal status. According to witnesses, the officers seemed to target workers solely based on their ethnicity: They lined up Latinos for questioning and asked white employees to lead them to more Latino workers. | In a ruling last month, a Philadelphia immigration judge, John Carle, found there was a strong argument that the ICE officers had "egregiously violated" the Constitution. He noted that the agency presented no evidence to counter allegations of…

Staff (2018-06-09). Sexual Misconduct Cases Jolt Southern Baptists. truthdig.com The Southern Baptists are facing their own #MeToo crisis as the biggest Protestant denomination in the U.S. heads into its annual meeting next week. | A series of sexual misconduct cases has prompted the Southern Baptist Convention's socially conservative, all-male leadership to seek forgiveness for the ill treatment of women and vow to combat it. Hoping for more than rhetoric, women and some male allies plan a protest rally in Dallas when the two-day meeting opens on Tuesday. | "The past two months have been tough for our convention," SBC President Steve Gaines wrote this week. "I believe God has allowed all of this to happen to drive us to our knees." | Illustrating the SBC's predicament, the central figure in the most prominent of the #MeToo cases, Paige Patterson, had been scheduled to deliver the featured sermon at the gathering. However, Patterson…

Merula Furtado (2018-06-09). Exiled From DC, Steve Bannon Is Stoking the Racist Right in Europe. truthout.org Steve Bannon, currently exiled from the White House, may not be a Donald Trump favorite these days, but he is nonetheless doing his best to ingratiate himself with the president. Far from exiled when it comes to the mainstream press, Bannon told the BBC's "Newsnight" that Martin Luther King Jr. "would be proud of" Trump for creating jobs for Black and Latino people. | "If you look at the policies of Donald Trump, anybody — Martin Luther King — would be proud of him, what he's done for the Black and Hispanic community for jobs," he said. Don't be surprised if, after an extended apology tour, Bannon is welcomed back into the fold. | Further still, if anyone is going to help bring a version of Benito Mussolini's fascism back to Italy, it may very well be Bannon. The disheveled-looking butt of…

Staff (2018-06-09). Pope Issues Stark Warning to Oil CEOs on Climate Change. truthdig.com VATICAN CITY—Pope Francis told world oil executives Saturday that the transition to less-polluting energy sources "is a challenge of epochal proportions," and warned that the satisfying the globe's energy needs "must not destroy civilization." | The Vatican says the two-day conference with oil executives was meant as a follow-up to the pope's encyclical three years ago calling on people to save the planet from the ravages of climate change and other environmental ills. | Participants included the CEOs of Italian oil giant ENI, British Petroleum, ExxonMobil and Norway's Statoil as well as scientists and managers of major investment funds. Their remarks on the first day of the closed-door conference were not released by the Vatican. | While Francis lauded the oil executives for embedding an assessment of climate change risks into their planning strategies, he also put them on notice for their "continued…

Anton Woronczuk (2018-06-09). DNC Adopts Rule Forcing Presidential Candidates to Be Members of Democratic Party. truthout.org "The DNC has learned nothing." | That was how the advocacy group People for Bernie reacted to reports late Friday that the rules and bylaws arm of the Democratic National Committee has moved ahead with a new resolution that, according to Yahoo News, would "force candidates in Democratic presidential primaries to state that they are Democrats" and "to 'run and serve' as a member" of the party. | While allies of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)—who ran as a Democrat in the 2016 presidential primary while still identifying as an independent—said they don't expect the new rules to hinder Sanders' chances of running for the Democratic nomination in 2020 if he chooses to do so, many supporters of the Vermont senator characterized the rule change as a completely unnecessary " slap in the face" to progressive outsiders. | "We just came…

Merula Furtado (2018-06-09). Burlington Mayor Continues to Pressure Air Force to Ignore Voters' Will Over F-35 Basing. truthout.org Also see: Burlington, Vermont, Says "No" to F-35s, Setting Off a Chain Reaction | On May 24, Mayor Miro Weinberger of Burlington, Vermont, released a letter he received from US Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson. In the letter, Secretary Wilson expressly acknowledges that the 2013 decision to base F-35 bombers at the city-owned airport could still "be reversed" though she makes no firm commitment either way. | Burlington's voters had stunned the mayor and the entire Vermont political and commercial establishment by adopting a resolution on March 6 requesting "cancellation of the planned basing of the F-35" and replacement with "low-noise-level equipment with a proven high safety record appropriate for a densely populated area." | The Air Force secretary's letter was in response to an April 9 letter from Weinberger in which the mayor shared his view of F-35…

Staff (2018-06-09). Tardy Trump Disrupts G-7 Gender Equality Meeting. truthdig.com Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who had made the issue of gender equality a priority for the gathering, starts the breakfast session without waiting for "stragglers" to arrive.

Ryan Grim (2018-06-09). Joe Crowley Complains His Primary Opponent, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Making This Race "About Race" theintercept.com On a warm Sunday evening in Queens, New York, Joe Crowley stood before a group of about two dozen Democratic activists and made his case for why he should be returned to Congress for a 10th term. In his view, it was "destiny." | "I was born for this role," Crowley said at the May 20 meet-and-greet. Like President Donald Trump, he was born in Queens, though in entirely different circumstances. Trump came from great wealth and privilege, Crowley observed, while the congressperson was born to a family of Irish immigrants — the son of a police officer. Crowley is routinely floated as next in line to be the leader of the House Democrats if Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California steps aside or is ousted. "He was trying to say that me being a guy from the same place [Trump] is from, I'm…

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Oakland Education Association announces contract negotiation impasse. wsws.org Oakland teachers must draw the lessons of this year's teachers strikes to prepare their own struggle when schools reopen.

RT (2018-06-09). A year of earthquakes in 1 month: Hawaii stricken by 12,000 tremblers since eruption. rt.com An astonishing 12,000 earthquakes have been recorded in Hawaii since the island nation's Kilauea volcano erupted in early May.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Trump administration to send 1,600 ICE detainees to federal prisons. wsws.org The government is carrying out the first large scale transfer of immigrants to federal detention facilities under the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy.

RT (2018-06-09). Details unknown: Top generals from US & Russia have 'constructive' talks in Finland. rt.com Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford and his Russian counterpart, Valery Gerasimov, had a "constructive" meeting in Finland, where they discussed the situation in Syria and European security.

RT (2018-06-09). Public angry after comedian Maher says 'bring on recession' even 'if it hurts people' to oust Trump. rt.com Comedian Bill Maher has called for a recession, explaining that it's a way to get rid of President Donald Trump, even if people are hurt. His comments brought public anger on himself.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Trump EPA to shred rules on toxic pollution. wsws.org The chemical industry is writing the rules that will regulate its discharge of toxins.

RT (2018-06-09). DOJ seizes NYT journalist's communications in Trump's war on leakers. rt.com President Donald Trump has been criticized for his crackdown on the press as part of his obsession with leaks. The seizure of a New York Times journalists' communications further suggests Trump is no friend of the fourth estate.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Cincinnati, Ohio area fentanyl overdoses increase by one thousand percent over the last five years. wsws.org The surge of fentanyl related deaths in Ohio's third largest city exposes the depth of the social crisis which continues to rage across the United States.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Police to investigate London Fire Brigade over Grenfell fire: The real criminals remain at large. wsws.org The announcement is part of a cover-up by the authorities, aimed at shifting responsibility away from those responsible for the disaster onto those who attempted to stop the blaze—the firefighters.

RT (2018-06-09). Trump says he will know if Kim talks are a success 'within 1st minute' by using his 'touch & feel'. rt.com Donald Trump says he is prepared to be wowed by Kim Jong-un at their "one-shot" talks on Tuesday, but added that he will sense straight away if the meeting is futile and "won't waste Kim's time."

RT (2018-06-09). Trump won't endorse G7 joint statement, attacks 'weak & dishonest' Trudeau. rt.com Hours after the G7 summit, US President Donald Trump is attacking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau again for "false statements," and he is refusing to endorse the summit's communique that called for reducing tariff barriers.

RT (2018-06-09). MSM talks about Trump's hair, but not that he drops way more bombs than Obama — Lee Camp. rt.com Despite his promises to curtail Washington's foreign interventions, Donald Trump has been a bigger warmonger than either Barack Obama or George W. Bush, says Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). US-European tensions erupt at the G7 summit. wsws.org The bitter denunciations of America's trade war measures by its closest allies are just one manifestation of the divisions ripping apart the world geopolitical order.

Ryan Grim (2018-06-09). Joe Crowley Complains His Primary Opponent, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Making This Race "About Race" theintercept.com On a warm Sunday evening in Queens, New York, Joe Crowley stood before a group of about two dozen Democratic activists and made his case for why he should be returned to Congress for a 10th term. In his view, it was "destiny." | "I was born for this role," Crowley said at the May 20 meet-and-greet. Like President Donald Trump, he was born in Queens, though in entirely different circumstances. Trump came from great wealth and privilege, Crowley observed, while the congressperson was born to a family of Irish immigrants — the son of a police officer. Crowley is routinely floated as next in line to be the leader of the House Democrats if Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California steps aside or is ousted. "He was trying to say that me being a guy from the same place [Trump] is from, I'm…

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Australian officials visit Julian Assange as campaign to free him expands. wsws.org The meeting occurred within the context of a growing international campaign to defend the WikiLeaks' editor.

RT (2018-06-09). Florida issued 1000s of concealed carry permits without background checks for more than a year. rt.com A Florida agency in charge of vetting applicants for concealed gun carry permits didn't run tens of thousands of them against an FBI database, as an employee could not log in. The state saw a spike of applications at the time.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Japan's ruling party calls for a doubling of military expenditure. wsws.org Tokyo's agenda increases the danger of war and the suppression of democratic rights at home.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Illinois Governor calls for reinstatement of the death penalty. wsws.org Republican Governor Bruce Rauner issued an amendatory veto to gun control legislation which would, if approved, make the killing of two or more people or police officers capital crimes.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). As UAW Constitutional Convention opens: The class issues facing autoworkers. wsws.org The UAW 37th Constitutional Convention is being held against a backdrop of rising worker militancy under conditions where the union is more discredited than ever.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). US suicides increased by 25 percent from 1999 to 2016. wsws.org The dramatic increase in suicides shows that, despite claims of the end of the Great Recession in mid-2009, increasing numbers of people are facing incredible personal and financial hardships.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Professor Stuart Rees, former director of the Sydney Peace Foundation, calls for Assange's liberty. wsws.org "Julian Assange has worked tirelessly to support free speech and to expose abuses of power by governments."

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Mexico responds to Trump's trade war measures with tariffs on US goods. wsws.org Retaliating against US steel and aluminum import tariffs, the government of Mexico imposed tariffs on 71 products exported by the United States.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific. wsws.org The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Peter Maass (2018-06-09). Paul Manafort Has Inadvertently Helped America by Showing the Absurdities of Its Bail System. theintercept.com Paul Manafort's indictment has drawn attention to one of the great travesties in the way America treats people accused of crimes: its bail system.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Nashville teachers, school workers denounce pay freeze. wsws.org At a public hearing earlier this week, school employees denounced city officials for handing out corporate tax cuts while starving the public schools of resources.

RT (2018-06-09). Did Trump just fail the G7? RT looks at US leader's short trip to the summit. rt.com The world has seen increasingly tough talk between G7 leaders and Trump, who seemed to show disrespect towards the group. But did he actually fail the summit in Canada? RT takes a closer look at the feuds gripping the G7. |

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Italy: Immigrant harvest worker shot dead. wsws.org Young immigrant shot just hours after Italy's new far-right government took office.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Brexit constitutional stand-off reaches UK Supreme Court. wsws.org The escalation of tensions risks becoming a conflict not only between England, Scotland and Wales, but between London and Brussels.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Australian "foreign interference" bills seek to protect "US secrets" wsws.org Andrew Hastie's comments underscore the intense pressure being applied to the Turnbull government by the US military-intelligence establishment.

Human Rights Watch (2018-06-09). By Law, Trump Must Discuss Human Rights with Kim. hrw.org A combination photo shows U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un in Washignton, DC, U.S. May 17, 2018 and in Panmunjom, South Korea, April 27, 2018 respectively. | © 2018 Reuters | When President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meet in Singapore on June 12, most observers assume their negotiations will focus squarely on weapons proliferation issues and a possible peace treaty for the Korean Peninsula. But the hard truth of the matter is that Trump and Kim, by necessity, must talk about North Korea's human rights record. | Under a 2016 law passed by Congress, the North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act, the president is obligated to investigate and sanction people and entities complicit in human rights abuses in North Korea, not just…

Trevor Aaronson (2018-06-09). She Was Kidnapped by Guerrillas and Forced to Work. That Qualifies as Material Support for Terrorism, According to Immigration Ruling. theintercept.com The broad application of material support in an immigration case echoes the way that the law has long been used and abused in U.S. District Courts.

wsws.org (2018-06-09). Right-wing populist Doug Ford wins Ontario's election. wsws.org Ontario's Ford-led Conservative government will quickly come into headlong conflict with the working class, as the ruling elite uses it to push politics across Canada far to the right.

RT (2018-06-09). Obama to blame for Crimea fallout, some want Russia back in G8 — Trump. rt.com Donald Trump says several other G7 states support the idea of reversing Moscow's banishment from the exclusive international club, and claims that the previous administration "allowed Russia to take Crimea."

RT (2018-06-09). Trump the outsider gatecrashes own party: Top takeaways from an ill-mannered G7. rt.com The US's status as the biggest G7 economy has customarily allowed it to steer the agenda of the club's summits from its place at the top, the other countries following its lead. But Donald Trump chose a different tactic.

Kathy Kelly (2018-06-08). Digging Deeper. counterpunch.org Here in Kabul in early June, outside the home of several Afghan Peace Volunteers, a large drilling machine is parked on what was once a lovely garden. To this now muddy patch, workers will soon arrive for another noisy, dusty day of digging for water. The well dried up a week ago. As of today, the household More

BAFP (2018-06-08). Peace, Social Justice, The Struggle against War and Militarism: Upholding Black Radical Internationalism. globalresearch.ca A wise person said being attacked by one's enemies means you have become effective. Events over the last weekend at the Left Forum in New York City prove the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) is now seen as a threat, …

Jeffrey Shampnois (2018-06-08). The Radical Derelict: Giving Up the Work Ethic for Peace. counterpunch.org The same relentless energy driving a toddler in its Terrible Twos still drives that voice in my head. However, when I see a toddler, I know I'm in the presence of a genius, albeit a naàØve one. It's not the size of the intellect, but the velocity of learning that describes its intelligence. I, on More

Simone Chun (2018-06-08). Toward a Truly Indigenous Peace in the Korean Peninsula. counterpunch.org Last month, I took part in an international women's peace delegation to South Korea, led by Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire and Women Cross DMZ founder Christine Ahn. It was my first visit to my native Korea in over 3 years. Everywhere I went, I witnessed the afterglow of the inspiring candlelight movement that restored More

Sazzad Haider (2018-06-08). Trump's Singapore Mission: Neutralize North Korea From Iran? counterpunch.org US President Donald Trump's decision to pull the US out of the Iran nuclear deal is neither unexpected nor insane; his move is very much related to his 'North Korea peace mission'. For a decade the US, the number one global player has faced two obstinate, unfathomable but tiny enemies, North Korea and Iran. If the More

Global Research News (2018-06-08). TODAY: The Globalization of War. Anti-war Panel in Regina, Sask. Michel Chossudovsky, David Orchard, David Gehl. globalresearch.ca PUBLIC PEACE PANEL | Jun 8, 2018, Regina, Saskatchewan organized by the Regina Peace Council | This important event will focus on the history of America's wars of aggression, the role of Canada in supporting US led wars and the need to …

Rev. William Alberts (2018-06-08). Alternative Biblical Facts. counterpunch.org They gathered to celebrate the opening of the new American embassy in Jerusalem, marking America's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A reported "800 religious conservatives and right-wing politicians from both countries sang 'Hallelujah.'" Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu "exulted . . . 'What a glorious day!'" He "spoke of peace with 'all our More

Samantha Borek (2018-06-08). Kathy Kelly on Afghanistan: Destitution and Hunger Must Be Addressed to Achieve Peace. truthout.org Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has announced an unconditional ceasefire with the Taliban to last until June 20. The ceasefire comes after Muslim clerics in Afghanistan issued a fatwa—or religious ruling—against suicide bombings, after an attack Monday, claimed by ISIS, killed 14 people who had gathered for a clerics' peace summit in Kabul. This comes as the BBC is reporting that the number of bombs dropped by the US Air Force has surged dramatically since President Trump announced his Afghanistan strategy and committed more troops to the conflict last August; new rules of engagement have made it easier for US forces to carry out strikes against the Taliban. We speak to Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, a campaign to end US military and economic warfare. She has made many trips to Afghanistan and just returned from a trip this week.

Fran Korten (2018-06-08). Partisan Gerrymandering May Soon Be Unconstitutional. mintpressnews.com Sometime before June 25, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to hand down rulings on two cases with momentous impacts on who controls power in state legislatures and the U.S. Congress. "These cases are likely to be the most important democracy cases in decades," says Michael Li, senior counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University. | The cases test the constitutionality of partisan gerrymandering. They involve Wisconsin and Maryland, but the court's decisions will have much broader effects. After the 2020 census, all states will redraw their electoral maps to account for population shifts within their states. | Under current law, redistricting presents a ripe opportunity for extreme political gerrymandering, especially in states where a single party controls the state legislature and the governorship. North Carolina, where Republicans control both houses of the state assembly and have a Republican…

Thomas Klikauer (2018-06-08). Bulldoze the Business Schools! counterpunch.org Burying business schools under a heap of rubble sounds like a good idea. Shutting them down might not be enough. One of the problems is that universities are generally understood to be institutions with responsibilities to the societies they serve. Why then do we assume that degrees in business should only teach one form of More

Chris Sosa, AlterNet (2018-06-08). Is Trump Becoming a Dictator? He's Already Showing 7 of 10 Notable Signs. alternet.org Our president represents the threat to democracy many feared upon his shocking election. | In late 2016, Harvard University's Robert and Renée Belfer professor of international relations Stephen M. Walt wrote a 10-point list for analyzing whether a president is a dictator. Less than half-way through his first term, Trump has fulfilled seven of the 10 criteria. Trump Systematically Attempts to Intimidate the MediaThe president routinely bullies the press, creating environments that range from hostile to physically unsafe. This began during the campaign and continues to this day, as Trump riles rally crowds against the press and repeatedly attacks them on social media. "These people, they hate your guts," he recently told a rally about the press. The president reportedly told a reporter off-camera that he intentionally bullies the press to "demean" and "discredit" them. Trump Politicizes Domestic Security AgenciesThis requires little explanation, as the president attacks. . .

Ben Dangl (2018-06-08). Anarchism in Latin America: Striking and Dreaming from Tierra del Fuego to Tijuana. counterpunch.org àÅngel Cappelletti (1927-1995) was an Argentine philosopher who spent much of his career teaching at Simón Bolívar University in Venezuela. He also translated numerous works from Greek and Latin, and wrote over two dozen books, primarily on philosophy and anarchism. One of his later books is the classic survey Anarchism in Latin America , now available More

teleSUR (2018-06-08). Opposition Intensifies Propaganda War Against Mexico's Leftist Presidential Candidate. mintpressnews.com Disguised as opinion polls, Mexicans are receiving automated campaign calls against the National Renewal Movement's (Morena) Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the front-runner for the upcoming presidential elections in Mexico. | Citizens started receiving the calls, which claim to be from "Mexican Institute for Democracy," recently, however, an investigation done by Mexican newspaper El Universal found no records of its existence. | "Morena has Nestora Salgado, currently in a criminal process accused of kidnapping, and Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, a fugitive living in Canada running away from accusations of fraud against the Mining Union, in their list of plurinominal candidates for the Senate. If you were aware of this, press 1. If you weren't press 2," says a female voice at the beginning of a recorded phone message, without specifying what's the purpose of the call. | Another question says "Do you consider that proposing…

Andrew Korybko (2018-06-08). One Door Closes, Another Opens: Trumps Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal Plays to Pakistan's Strategic Advantage. globalresearch.ca Trump's withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal actually plays to Pakistan's strategic advantage and should be silently celebrated by its decision makers. | The whole world is wondering what will happen next after Trump pulled the US out of the Iranian …

Majid Karimi (2018-06-08). The Triangle of Conspiracy Against Iranian Nuclear Deal. counterpunch.org Donald Trump president of America finally withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran on May 8, 2018. He said, "The deal was an embarrassment to him as a citizen." It was not unprecedented, because when he came to power in 2017, promised to exit from the agreement. Apart from the reaction of Islamic republic of More

Helen Caldicott (2018-06-08). The Malfeasance of the US Military. Fallible and Negligent Men Armed to the Teeth with Missiles and Nuclear Bombs. globalresearch.ca In 2015, 92 U.S missile officers were suspended because they had been cheating, taking drugs, or sleeping in the missile silos. These men are employed to guard and operate 150 nuclear missiles at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming that stand "on hair trigger alert" 24 hours a day…

Franklin Lamb (2018-06-08). Putin Gives Israel the Green Light, Iran the Red Light and Assad/Trump the Yellow Light in Syria. counterpunch.org Why does Israel get a Putin Green Light? Israel has found itself is a relatively strong position militarily and politically with respect to Iran/Hezbollah in the Middle East over the past half year. Achieved partly by agreeing with the White House to be patient and adhere to the American-European-Russian plan for dealing with Iran in More

Mel Gurtov (2018-06-08). Trump's War on the Poor: An Impeachable Offense. counterpunch.org Were it not for the source, it would hardly be news to learn that the United States can't take care of its most needy—that it may be the richest country, but it is also increasingly, appallingly, unequal in how its wealth and opportunities are shared. When the various dimensions of human security are examined, critics More

PFSR (2018-06-08). Physicians' Prescription for Action on North Korea. Promote Diplomacy, Prevent War. globalresearch.ca In the run-up to the June 12 summit with North Korea, a group of prominent physicians today urged Congressional leaders to promote diplomacy and prevent a war that could result in massive casualties. In a sign-on letter organized by Physicians

Jonathan Latham (2018-06-08). Inside Scott Pruitt's Shady 2011 Real Estate Deal. counterpunch.org Scott Pruitt, President Trump's embattled EPA administrator, finds himself under attack this week after news broke that he had rented a Washington townhouse at below-market rates from the wife of a lobbyist who represents major fossil fuel companies. That was not the first time Pruitt has exercised questionable judgment around a property transaction, according to documents obtained More

Ralph Nader (2018-06-08). Slogan Voters — The Road to Political Masochism. counterpunch.org Nearly a year and a half into his presidency, Donald Trump continues to hold his base and maintain an approval rating of around 40% — close to the same percentage he polled at just after his inauguration. Let's try to figure out why. It can't be because he lies as a matter of daily routine. More

Ramzy Baroud (2018-06-08). The Colonization of Palestine: Rethinking the Term 'Israeli Occupation'. counterpunch.org June 5, 2018 marks the 51st anniversary of the Israeli Occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. But, unlike the massive popular mobilization that preceded the anniversary of the Nakba — the catastrophic destruction of Palestine in 1948 — on May 15, the anniversary of the Occupation is hardly generating equal mobilization. The More

Roy Morrison (2018-06-08). The China-U.S. Trade Dispute in a Broader Context. counterpunch.org The headlines are filled with news of China — United States trade disputes and imposition of damaging tariffs on steel and aluminum by the U.S. and countervailing tariffs by China on U.S. agricultural and other exports. Will trade disputes escalate into a trade war between the world two largest economies? A trade war is a More

Peter Turner (2018-06-08). The Washington Post and the Councilman: How the Post Covers Up Local Corruption. counterpunch.org The Washington Post is known for aggressively reporting on local corruption in D.C., but it makes an exception for Jack Evans, the city's longest-serving councilmember. In early May the Post reported that an LLC setup by Evans and a lobbyist received $50,000 from a company that Evans was advocating for. Evans claims he returned the funds, but More

PW Readers (2018-06-08). Reducing Mueller probe to the "deep state" is too simplistic. peoplesworld.org People's World readers offer their take on a number of recent articles featured in our pages. The comments below have been proofread and edited for length. Join the discussion on the PW website and on Facebook, or submit your comments directly to editors@peoplesworld.org. Re: The noose tightens around Trump's neck Roberta Wood says: I agree that there is […]…

Peter LaVenia (2018-06-08). Anthony Bourdain — In Memoriam. counterpunch.org When I read Kitchen Confidential, I was in my twenties and it opened a world to me as it did for so many others. Food Was the New Rock, and you were its loudmouth, opinionated, take no shit and no prisoners punk pioneer. You were Joey Ramone. You were fucked up and broken, and unapologetic More

Pete Dolack (2018-06-08). Hiding the Real Number of Unemployed. counterpunch.org Only working people who are receiving unemployment benefits are counted as "unemployed" in official statistics issued by countries around the world. Thus the actual unemployment rates are much higher than the "official" rates, generally about twice as high. Most governments make it difficult to find the actual rate, and the corporate media does its part by reporting the official rate as if that includes everybody. More

Paul Tritschler (2018-06-08). Negative Capability: a Force for Change? counterpunch.org Picasso learned to paint in the ways of the old masters towards the end of his second decade, but it took a further three to learn to paint like a child. His journey towards childlikeness via self-forgetfulness, a process of becoming through undoing, was fruitful but arduous. Arduous because it is the hardest thing to More

Daniel Kovalik (2018-06-08). Pompeo's Speech Against Iran Reveals Failure Of US Foreign Policy. iranian.com After 28 years of military involvement in the region, the United States has caused the deaths of 4 million people in the Middle East, destroyed untold historic sites and antiquities, and done trillions of dollars of damage. Despite provoking further conflicts via the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, as well as supporting the Saudi […]

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet (2018-06-08). 'They Feel the Noose Closing': Democratic Senator Argues Trump's Defenders Are Getting Desperate. alternet.org "Trump is not King. " | The defense strategy for President Donald Trump and his allies has become increasingly brazen and outlandish in recent weeks, and it now includes sweeping claims of executive power and a dismissive attitude toward opponents. But Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) argued on MSNBC's "The Beat with Ari Melber," these bold assertions are likely signs of the precariousness of the president's position, not his strength. Last weekend, the president's lawyer argued that it was essentially impossible for the president to obstruct justice, given his office. And this week, Trump has repeatedly claimed that he is certain he can pardon himself — an ambiguous constitutional matter that has never been ruled on — leading many to argue that he sees himself as unconstrained by the legal requirements. "They're taking the extraordinary position that the president is above the law," she said. "So. . .

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