2018-04-15: News Headlines

TRNN (2018-04-15). Real Media: Direct Action to Stop A War. The Real News Network Sam Walton and Rev. Dan Woodhouse tell their story of how they were acquitted after breaking into a BAE systems airbase in Lancashire to damage fighter jets destined for the Saudi-led bombardment of Yemen…

TRNN (2018-04-15). OECD Advises Countries to Curb Extreme Inequality. The Real News Network Economist Michael Roberts says the change of tone within the OECD is interesting, but there are no takers ready to implement an estate taxes to reduce inequality…

Staff (2018-04-15). Leaders at Summit of Americas Vow to Cleanse Corrupt Systems. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists In another action, the officials call on Venezuela to hold free elections, but little progress has been made in building a regional response to that nation's mounting crisis. | The post Leaders at Summit of Americas Vow to Cleanse Corrupt Systems appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

TRNN (2018-04-15). To Secure Democratic Vote Pompeo Masks Regime Change Agenda. The Real News Network Despite his very soft approach at his Senate confirmation hearing as Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has shown little interest in diplomacy on issue after issue. We speak to Medea Benjamin at Code Pink and Phyllis Bennis at the Institute for Policy Studies…

RT (2018-04-15). 'Saddam's weapons': Ex-ambassador's Freudian slip on Syria attack. RT US News The US, British and French bombing of Syria has put many critics of US President Donald Trump in the awkward position of agreeing with him. One of them, former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, slipped on his own tweet.

RT (2018-04-15). 'Trump boxed himself into a corner with incendiary tweets before Syria strike' — Senator Black to RT. RT US News Friday's attack on Syria was a face-lifting move by Donald Trump after he boasted about his missiles on Twitter, Virginia Senator Richard Black said. He told RT that Trump would not have won Congress' approval had he asked for it.

Human Rights Watch (2018-04-15). Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Protesters Beaten, Journalists Detained. Human Rights Watch News Riot police use teargas to disperse hundreds of civil servants who gathered during a protest against reduced monthly salaries in Erbil, Iraq on March 25, 2018. | © 2018 Hemn Baban/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images | (Erbil) — Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) security forces detained at least 84 protesters and four journalists in late March, Human Rights Watch said today. Many of the detentions appeared to be arbitrary, either because persons were detained because they were exercising their right to freedom of peaceful assembly, or because their right under Iraqi law to be brought before a judge within 24 hours was ignored. Twelve witnesses said security forces beat many as they attempted to detain them during demonstrations in the cities of Akre, Dohuk, and Erbil. Human Rights Watch received reports of arrests in other towns, including…

Amnesty International (2018-04-15. Brave Walls. Amnesty International

Amnesty International (2018-04-15. Death sentences and executions 2017. Amnesty International

Kate Aronoff (2018-04-15). Andrew Cuomo Sees What's Coming. He Doesn't Know Whether To Run, Join It, Or Destroy It. The Intercept The Working Families Party finds itself in what might be the most friendly political environment in its relatively short history, yet is at war back home. | The post Andrew Cuomo Sees What's Coming. He Doesn't Know Whether To Run, Join It, Or Destroy It appeared first on The Intercept.

Denny Taylor, AlterNet (2018-04-14). Here's What Happened When Professional Atheist Sam Harris Tried — and Failed — to Embarrass Noam Chomsky. AlterNet.org Chomsky's self-appointed antagonist is more off-base and offensive than many realize. | In April 2015, Sam Harris—an author, neuroscientist and self-appointed provocateur—persuaded Noam Chomsky to participate in a private email exchange. Chomsky had refused any other form of interaction with Harris and, for reasons not made public, he agreed. Then when the email exchange was finally over Harris cajoled Chomsky into letting him publish. "If you're so sure you've acquitted yourself well in this conversation," Harris writes, "exposing both my intellectual misconduct with respect your own work and my moral blindness regarding the actions of our government, why not let me publish it in full so that our readers can draw their own conclusions? ""The idea of publishing personal correspondence is pretty weird," Chomsky responds, "a strange form of exhibitionism — whatever the content. Personally, I can't imagine doing it. However, if you want. . .

Laura Gottesdiener, AlterNet (2018-04-14). Here Are 7 Brilliant Insights From Noam Chomsky on American Empire. AlterNet.org As Trump strikes Syria for the second time, here are seven powerful quotes on the evils, atrocities and ironies of the American empire from Dr. Chomsky. | Noam Chomsky is an expert on many matters — linguistics, how our economy functions and propaganda, among others. One area where his wisdom especially shines through is in articulating the structure and functioning of the American empire. Chomsky has been speaking and publishing on the topic since the '60s. Below are seven powerful quotes on the evils, atrocities and ironies of the American empire taken from his personal site and from a fan-curated Web site dedicated to collecting Chomsky's observations. 1. [In early 2007] there was a new rash of articles and headlines on the front page about the "Chinese military build-up. " The Pentagon claimed that China had increased its offensive military capacity –. . .

Staff (2018-04-14). GOP Spending $250 Million to Protect House Majority. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists Facing a Democratic "blue wave" this fall, the Republican National Committee is building an army of staff and volunteers across more than two dozen states. | The post GOP Spending $250 Million to Protect House Majority appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

Eden Collinsworth (2018-04-14). For an American Abroad, It's Been a Very Taxing Year. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists I come back to pay my taxes every year. Since last April 15, I've watched mass shootings, moral collapse—and at last a ray of hope. | The post For an American Abroad, It's Been a Very Taxing Year appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

Tom Boggioni, Raw Story (2018-04-14). 'Trump Crapped All Over Us' By Attacking Syria: Watch InfoWars' Alex Jones Break Down in Tears. AlterNet.org Jones now says Trump is a 'fraud' | InfoWars founder Alex Jones had a weeping meltdown on Friday night after learning that President Donald Trump joined with France and the British to launch an attack on Syria in retaliation for a reported chemical attack on the residents of Douma. Reacting to the news of the military incursion, the anti-interventionist Jones lamented that, "Trump is crapping all over us. ""If he had been a piece of crap from the beginning, it wouldn't be so bad," Jones continued as he burst into tears and had to pause. . "We've made so many sacrifices and now he's crapping all over us. It makes me sick. "According to the conspiracy theorist, Trump had been "doing so good," before pronouncing the president a "fraud," and saying his administration is "done. "Watch the video below via Twitter: Alex Jones on Trump launching strikes in Syria. . . pic. twitter. com/FkPt3xnok4— Andrew Peng (@TheAPJournalist) April 14, 2018

Staff (2018-04-14). Trump Talks With Allies: They Agree Attack Was 'Successful'. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists The president holds individual conversations with French and British leaders. The White House says the three nations agreed the assault on Syria was "successful and necessary to deter" the future use of chemical weapons. | The post Trump Talks With Allies: They Agree Attack Was 'Successful' appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

Staff (2018-04-14). Milos Forman, Oscar-Winning Director, Dies at 86. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists LOS ANGELES—Czech filmmaker Milos Forman, whose American movies "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Amadeus" won a deluge of Academy Awards, including best director Oscars, died Saturday. He was 86. | Forman died about 2 a.m. Saturday at Danbury Hospital, near his home in Warren, Connecticut, according to a statement released by the former director's agent, Dennis Aspland. Aspland said Forman's wife, Martina, notified him of the death. | When Forman arrived in Hollywood in the late 1960s, he was lacking in both money and English skills, but carried a portfolio of Czechoslovakian films much admired internationally for their quirky, lighthearted spirit. Among them were "Black Peter," "Loves of a Blonde" and "The Fireman's Ball." | The orphan of Nazi Holocaust victims, Forman had abandoned his homeland after communist troops invaded in 1968 and crushed a brief period of political and artistic…

Truthout Stories (2018-04-14). As Trump and May Claim Concern for Syrian Civilians, Critics Slam Leaders for Anti-Refugee Stance. Truthout Stories (Photo: Pixabay) | While President Donald Trump's address to the nation suggested that he and his counterparts in France and the United Kingdom launched airstrikes out of concern for Syrian civilians, a number of critics pointed out that the leaders have shown little compassion for those same innocent people as nations have debated taking in Syrian refugees in recent months. | t.co/FRnTdWMMfn | — Angel Padilla (@AngelRafPadilla) April 13, 2018 | Under Trump, the number of Syrian refugees who have been granted asylum and resettled by the U.S. has plummeted, dropping from more than 12,000 in 2016 to half that number last year. Less than 100 of the war-torn nation's 5.5 million refugees are expected to be allowed into the U.S. by the end of the current fiscal year in September. | "If the Trump administration truly cares about the fate of…

Staff (2018-04-14). 'Mission Accomplished' in Syria, Trump Declares on Twitter. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists But Syrian allies Russia and Iran call the use of force by Western allies a "military crime" and "act of aggression" with the potential to worsen a humanitarian crisis. | The post 'Mission Accomplished' in Syria, Trump Declares on Twitter appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

ZeroHedge.com (2018-04-14). "People Are Dancing In The Streets": Syria, Russia, Iran Shrug Off Trump's Airstrikes. MintPress News Over 100 cruise missiles were fired Saturday morning at three mostly empty military installations in Syria, including one research and two storage facilities in airstrikes that lasted no more than 70 minutes. | The post "People Are Dancing In The Streets": Syria, Russia, Iran Shrug Off Trump's Airstrikes appeared first on MintPress News.

TRNN (2018-04-14). Trump Pardons Libby, Sending Message to Mueller's Targets. The Real News Network Marcy Wheeler says Trump is dangling the Scooter Libby Pardon before those caught up in the web that Robert Mueller is investigating…

Human Rights Watch (2018-04-14). Why an Iranian Rights Violator Isn't in Prison. Human Rights Watch News Tehran Prosecutor General Saeed Mortazavi speaks to journalists during a news conference in Tehran April 19, 2009. | © 2009 Reuters | It seems that an infamous Iranian prosecutor — someone sentenced to two years in prison for complicity in the death of one person arrested during Iran's 2009 anti-government protests — has vanished before he could even be arrested. At least, that is what a spokesperson from Iran's judiciary said on Thursday. | "An arrest warrant has been issued but they have not found [Saeed Mortazavi] yet," spokesperson Hojatol Eslam Mohseni Ejeyi said to a skeptical press gathering. "Now I do not know how this can be!" | A mind-boggling comment, as Iran's judiciary is notorious for condoning arbitrary arrests. Moreover, intelligence authorities, once led by Ejeyi himself, regularly carry out abusive arrests…

Staff (2018-04-14). France, U.K. Gamble in Joining Trump's Syria Strike. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists Critics swiftly accuse the two U.S. allies of playing loyal deputies to an unpredictable American leader, viewed by many in Europe with suspicion or outright scorn. | The post France, U.K. Gamble in Joining Trump's Syria Strike appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

SouthFront (2018-04-14). Jaysh Al-Islam Leader Criticizes Scale of US Strike on Syria. MintPress News On April 14, the political leader of Jaysh al-Islam, Mohamad Alloush, expressed his disappointment with the US-UK-France strike that targeted Syria earlier and told Reuters news agency that the strike "was not enough". Alloush also hinted that the U.S. should have overthrown the Damascus government in response to the alleged chemical weapons attack in the Douma district. | "As long as this regime and its security agencies exist, the chemical (attacks) will continue because there is safety from the consequences that would end it … (Assad) is portraying what happened as a victory," Alloush told Reuters. | Earlier, Alloush described the strike as "a farce" on his official Twitter account. The statements by the Jaysh al-Islam leader indicate that he was hoping for a game-changing strike. Jaysh al-Islam's political leader appears to be growing more desperate following a rapid…

Truthout Stories (2018-04-14). Restoring the Promise of the Fair Housing Act. Truthout Stories Truthout takes zero advertising money — instead we rely on readers to sustain our site. Will you join the thousands of people who fund our work? Make a donation by clicking here! | The Fair Housing Act, passed fifty years ago this month, was a critical victory of the Civil Rights era and an effort to address generations of systemic racism in housing policy. | The law intended to prohibit discrimination concerning the sale, rental, and financing of housing based on race, religion, national origin, or sex. | President Johnson signed the Act in large part to stem the tide of anger that rose in cities after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but it was regular people who won the Act, through a years-long struggle to demand fair and equal access to housing. | Segregating Our Cities: | The…

Staff (2018-04-14). Certain of Gas Attack, Allies Struck Syria Before U.N. Report. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists The U.S., U.K. and France acted in the awareness that Russian and Syrian forces may already have tried to clean up important evidence in Douma, where dozens died in last weekend's attack. | The post Certain of Gas Attack, Allies Struck Syria Before U.N. Report appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

Truthout Stories (2018-04-14). As the Republican Roof Caves In, Paul Ryan Hits the Road. Truthout Stories U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) leaves his weekly press conference April 12, 2018 in Washington, DC. Ryan answered a range of questions related primarily to his announcement yesterday that he will not run for office again in the 2018 midterm election. (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images) | Some 43 House Republicans are bolting for the exits in 2018, none more prominent than Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan's departure marks the end of a grim chapter in US politics, a time when the rich got even richer, the poor got the back of Ayn Rand's hand, and Donald Trump was allowed to run wild to the peril of the world.U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) leaves his weekly press conference April 12, 2018 in Washington, DC. Ryan answered a range of questions related primarily to his announcement yesterday that he will…

Matthew Rozsa, Salon (2018-04-14). America Doesn't Have a Holocaust Problem — It Has a History Problem. AlterNet.org Yes, Americans may know less about the Holocaust. In a way, that's following an American tradition. | A survey released Thursday, commissioned by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, revealed a startling lack of Holocaust awareness by a large percentage of Americans — and experts are troubled by its implications. The study discovered that, although 93 percent of Americans believe that students should learn about the Holocaust at their schools, 31 percent (as well as 41 percent of millennials) wound up severely undercounting the death toll, believing that 2 million or fewer Jews were killed during the genocide, according to The New York Times. The actual number of Jews killed during the Holocaust is roughly 6 million, more than three times what the average American believes it to be. The survey also revealed that 41 percent of Americans (as well as. . .

Truthout Stories (2018-04-14). Zapatista Women Inspire the Fight Against Patriarchy. Truthout Stories Ready to challenge injustice and spark real change? So are we. Support Truthout's mission today by making a tax-deductible donation. Zapatista women take the stage to deliver their speeches collectively from each Caracol, or administrative center. (Photo: WNV/Shirin Hess) | Dawn had only just broken over the mountains. While most of the women and children on the camping grounds were still asleep, others were already wide awake, huddling together in the first rays of sunlight and drinking coffee. | To a casual observer, this place might have seemed similar to any mainstream festival campsite. A distinguishing factor, however, was that there wasn't a single man in sight. The sign on the main entrance left no one in doubt that only women and children were welcome at this event: "Men not permitted to enter." | Women's participation in Mexico's 25-year-old Zapatista National Liberation…

Travis Gettys, Raw Story (2018-04-14). How a Black Teen Missed the Bus and Almost Got Himself Killed After Asking for Directions From a Racist Homeowner. AlterNet.org Brennan Walker overslept Thursday morning and missed his bus. | A black teenager was nearly shot and killed by a racist homeowner after missing his bus and trying to ask a neighbor for directions. Brennan Walker overslept Thursday morning and missed his bus, so he started walking the bus route from his family's home to Rochester High School, reported WJBK-TV. The 14-year-old's mom had taken his phone away, so he wasn't able to check it for directions — so the boy knocked on a stranger's door to ask for help. "I got to the house, and I knocked on the lady's door," Brennan told the TV station. "Then she started yelling at me and she was like, 'Why are you trying to break into my house? ' I was trying to explain to her that I was trying to get directions to Rochester High,. . .

Staff (2018-04-14). Zuckerberg Flubs Details of Facebook Privacy Commitments. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists Over two days of questioning in Congress, he revealed he didn't know key details of a 2011 consent decree with the FTC that requires the company to protect user privacy. | The post Zuckerberg Flubs Details of Facebook Privacy Commitments appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

Martin Cizmar, Raw Story (2018-04-14). Bill Maher and Real Time Panelists Walk Through the Endgame on Trump's Fascism. AlterNet.org 'I don't see him leaving willingly for any reason' | Is America headed for fascism? As Donald Trump attack the impartial investigators who probe his possible illegal activities, the idea has gone from fringe to an essay titled "Will We Stop Trump | Before It's Too Late? " written by respected former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and published in theNew York Times. Bill Maher and a panel took up the topic Friday night. "Is it fair to say that the only way Trump survives as president is if we become not a nation of laws—in essence, a fascist dictatorship," Maher said. "Who's going to go to knock on that door at the White House and make him go? . . . I don't see him leaving, willingly, for any reason. "Trump's reaction to the lawful raid on his lawyer's office showed that he has no respect for the. . .

Truthout Stories (2018-04-14). Mapped: Cambridge Analytica's Ties to the Fossil Fuel Industry. Truthout Stories Why doesn't this site have ads? In order to maintain our integrity, Truthout doesn't accept any advertising money. Help us keep it this way — make a donation to support our independent journalism. (Photo: Pixabay) | Exposing the wrongdoing of those in power has never been more important. Support Truthout's independent, investigative journalism by making a donation! | Revelations continue to emerge about Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy that has found itself embroiled in a scandal around data privacy and electoral manipulation. | Three whistleblowers have gone public in the Guardian and Observer to outline how Cambridge Analytica used Facebook data to influence the outcomes of the US presidential election and Brexit referendum. | DeSmog UK has previously mapped how the company ties to climate science denial through its Brexit and Trump connections. Now, Nafeez Ahmed over at

Newsweek (2018-04-14). Peruvians Slam Ivanka Trump As 'Fake' Secretary of State. AlterNet.org Ivanka is attending a conference that her father President Donald Trump canceled his appearance for. It isn't going well. | First daughter Ivanka Trump is being accused of acting like the U. S. secretary of state in Peru, where she is attending a conference that her father President Donald Trump canceled his appearance for.

Martin Cizmar, Raw Story (2018-04-14). Fascism Scholar Explains Why Trump's 'Desert Stormy' Airstrike Is Totally Bogus. AlterNet.org Donald Trump has declared "mission accomplished" after a "perfectly executed" missile strike which cost $165 million and killed no one. | Donald Trump has declared "mission accomplished" after a "perfectly executed" missile strike which cost $165 million and killed no one. April 14, 2018And, indeed, the mission does seem to have been accomplished—cable news has been flooded with news about the air strike, which means trump's lawyer Michael Cohen is free to smoke cigars with his buddies in the wake of his office being raided and tapes of conversations with various people in the Trump orbit possibly being taken by investigators. Photo of Michael Cohen taken by my NY colleague Lawrence Crook- who reports that he's sitting outside the Loews Regency now with a group of friends smoking cigars pic. twitter. com/5DzcHpOvE5— Elizabeth Landers (@ElizLanders) April 13, 2018Why was Trump—who loudly opposed. . .

TRNN (2018-04-14). Trump's Attack on Syria Violates International Law. The Real News Network U.S. President Donald Trump ordered a military strike on the Syrian government after Salafi-jihadist rebels alleged a chemical attack in Douma, but human rights expert Alfred de Zayas says this is illegal under international law…

CP Editor (2018-04-14). Glen Hansard — Astral Weeks. counterpunch.org

Ray McGovern (2018-04-14). Attacking Syria: Military Brass Thumbs Noses at the Constitution. MintPress News It was a sad spectacle to see U.S. brass rubbishing the Constitution and trying to silence critics of the U.S. strike on Syria, says Ray McGovern in this commentary. | The post Attacking Syria: Military Brass Thumbs Noses at the Constitution appeared first on MintPress News.

Rachel Leah, Salon (2018-04-14). Here's What Cable News Ratings Reveal About the 2018 Midterms. AlterNet.org MSNBC's numbers are on the rise, and strategists see a direct correlation between viewership and voter sentiment | Embattled conservative cable personality Laura Ingraham returned to Fox News Monday night with significantly less advertisers after mocking 17-year-old Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg for being rejected by his preferred colleges last month. And her return to the spotlight was overshadowed by the decision of two more brands who decided to join the choir in yanking their ads from "The Ingraham Angle" as they fielded uncomfortable questions from consumers in the wake of the broadcast. This article originally appeared in Salon. On the other side of the political spectrum, while both Fox News and CNN lost viewers between 2017 and 2018, the audience for liberal haven MSNBC has skyrocketed by 30 percent. And with midterm elections quickly. . .

TRNN (2018-04-14). Striking Teachers Targeted by Kochs. The Real News Network Women's March Organizer Tithi Bhattacharya discusses the teachers leading revolts across the nation are taking on their union leadership, and being targeted by a powerful network funded by the Koch and the DeVos money…

TRNN (2018-04-14). Zuckerberg Hearing: An Opening for Regulating Social Media? The Real News Network The two day congressional hearing with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg opens a door to regulating social media privacy, which is especially needed given that Facebook and similar media companies are virtual monopolies in their fields, says Justin Anderson…

Staff (2018-04-14). How 'Russiagate' Produced the Missile Attack on Syria. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists Politicians, pundits and activists who've routinely denounced President Trump as a tool of Vladimir Putin can now mull over a major indicator of their cumulative impacts. The U.S.-led missile attack on Syria before dawn Saturday is the latest benchmark for gauging the effects of continually baiting Trump as a puppet of Russia's president. | Heavyweights of U.S. media—whether outlets such as CNN and MSNBC or key newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post—spent most of the last week clamoring for Trump to order airstrikes on Syria. Powerful news organizations have led the way in goading Trump to prove that he's not a Putin lackey after all. | One of the clearest ways that Trump can offer such proof is to recklessly show he's willing to risk a catastrophic military confrontation with Russia. | In recent months, the profusion…

WSWS (2018-04-14). Israeli troops again target peaceful protests with live ammunition and tear gas. World Socialist Web Site Yesterday's casualties follow Israel Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman's earlier pledge of a "reaction of the harshest kind."

WSWS (2018-04-14). Organise Resistance to Internet Censorship! Free Julian Assange! World Socialist Web Site The silencing of Assange coincides with Washington's escalation of war in Syria and preparations for confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia.

WSWS (2018-04-14). Spanish government promotes militarism in schools. World Socialist Web Site The reactionary syllabus includes the need to respect the army, the police, the flag, the anthem and the King and to uphold the unity of Spain.

WSWS (2018-04-14). US and North Korean officials discuss Trump-Kim summit. World Socialist Web Site The cynical character of Trump's decision to meet with Kim Jong-un is underscored by the fact that two militarists—Pompeo and Bolton—are in charge of preparing the summit.

WSWS (2018-04-14). Two police killings in Billings, Montana in two days. World Socialist Web Site More than 360 people have been killed by police in the US so far this year.

WSWS (2018-04-14). 14,000 AT&T workers authorize strike as contract expirations loom. World Socialist Web Site The over 90 percent vote to strike is part of a growing movement of the working class.

WSWS (2018-04-14). Trump to consider rejoining TPP to step up pressure on China. World Socialist Web Site The apparent turnaround is motivated by two immediate considerations: the need to be seen as taking action to alleviate pressure on US farmers threatened by the China tariffs, and the search for international allies against China.

WSWS (2018-04-14). More US states imposing Medicaid work requirements. World Socialist Web Site Some states are considering expanding Medicaid while at the same time imposing work requirements, premium payments and drug testing of recipients.

WSWS (2018-04-14). US Department of Homeland Security compiling database of world's journalists. World Socialist Web Site The Trump administration is collecting and monitoring the "sentiments" and personal information of journalists and "media influencers" around the world.

WSWS (2018-04-14). Another Australian prime minister faces serious crisis. World Socialist Web Site At the heart of the worsening political instability are mounting economic and geo-strategic pressures.

WSWS (2018-04-14). US and imperialist allies launch strikes against Syria. World Socialist Web Site All of the governments participating in this new onslaught are crisis-ridden and lack any electoral legitimacy.

WSWS (2018-04-14). War fever grips German media. World Socialist Web Site Die Welt demanded the "eradication of the Assad regime" and the deployment of "hundreds of thousands of soldiers" to Syria to "in the worst case scenario, fight Russians and Iranians."

WSWS (2018-04-14). Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific. World Socialist Web Site The Odisha tanker drivers are employed by contractors for the state-owned oil corporations and are only paid about $US115 per month.

WSWS (2018-04-14). Comey memoir ignites new round in anti-Russia campaign against Trump. World Socialist Web Site Portions of the book, leaked to the press in advance of publication, have dominated US media coverage since Thursday.

WSWS (2018-04-14). Anger grows over union effort to sabotage Oklahoma teachers strike. World Socialist Web Site Thousands of teachers showed up at the state capitol Friday in a show of defiance against the unions and school officials trying to break their two-week strike.

RT (2018-04-14). The art of the fail: Trump may be forced into embarrassing U-turn on TPP. RT US News Donald Trump's announcement this week that his administration would consider re-entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement is seen by many as a token gesture at best and an embarrassing climb-down at worst.

RT (2018-04-14). Conservative pundits hammer Trump for US-led strikes in Syria. RT US News In the wake of US-led airstrikes against Syria following an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, many of US President Donald Trump's most ardent supporters have vehemently criticized the action.

RT (2018-04-14). Pentagon answered tough questions on Syrian strikes… but didn't really answer. RT US News When asked about the hard evidence of the alleged chemical attack in Syria and justification of the US strike, Pentagon officials showed the art of avoiding direct answers and shifting the blame.

RT (2018-04-14). Pentagon says Syria strikes are 'one time shot' to send strong message to Assad. RT US News US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis described Saturday's strikes on multiple targets in Syria as "harder" than those in 2017, but said that no further launches were planned for the moment.

RT (2018-04-14). State Dept claims US has proof Damascus was behind Douma 'attack,' but it's classified. RT US News The US State Department has claimed to have proof that the Syrian government was the perpetrator of an alleged chemical attack in Douma. It refused to make the evidence public, as the intelligence is "classified."

RT (2018-04-14). 'Trump denied the American people oversight in endless war': Lawmakers react to Syria strikes. RT US News Not all US lawmakers have welcomed the "illegal" strike on Syria ordered by President Donald Trump that was allegedly in retaliation for a staged chemical attack in the suburb of Damascus last week.

RT (2018-04-14). White House cites social media, open-source outlets in US assessment of alleged Douma attack. RT US News Shortly after Trump announced strikes against Syria on Friday evening, the White House "assessed with confidence" that Damascus was behind the alleged gas attack in Douma — citing social media and "reliable intelligence."

RT (2018-04-14). 'Mission accomplished': Trump praises 'perfectly executed' strike on Syria. RT US News US President Donald Trump has praised the US-led coalition missile strikes on Syria claiming the air raids were "perfectly executed."

RT (2018-04-14). US, UK & France launch 'precision strikes' in Syria. RT US News US President Donald Trump has approved military strikes in Syria in retaliation for the alleged chemical attack by the Assad government in Douma, near Damascus, last week. The UK and France joined the operation.

RT (2018-04-14). Precise, overwhelming and effective — Pentagon gives details of Syria strike. RT US News The Pentagon hailed its strike on Syria as effective, saying that they set the country's "chemical weapons" program back years, by "crippling and degrading" it. The US military claims there were no civilian casualties.

Human Rights Watch (2018-04-14). Why an Iranian Rights Violator Isn't in Prison. Human Rights Watch News Tehran Prosecutor General Saeed Mortazavi speaks to journalists during a news conference in Tehran April 19, 2009. | © 2009 Reuters | It seems that an infamous Iranian prosecutor — someone sentenced to two years in prison for complicity in the death of one person arrested during Iran's 2009 anti-government protests — has vanished before he could even be arrested. At least, that is what a spokesperson from Iran's judiciary said on Thursday. | "An arrest warrant has been issued but they have not found [Saeed Mortazavi] yet," spokesperson Hojatol Eslam Mohseni Ejeyi said to a skeptical press gathering. "Now I do not know how this can be!" | A mind-boggling comment, as Iran's judiciary is notorious for condoning arbitrary arrests. Moreover, intelligence authorities, once led by Ejeyi himself, regularly carry out abusive arrests…

Amnesty International (2018-04-14). Nigeria: Government still failing victims of Boko Haram four years on from Chibok. Amnesty International Responding to the commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the abduction of 276 school girls in Chibok, Osai Ojigho, Director of Amnesty International Nigeria, said: | "What happened in Chibok should have served as a wake-up call to the Nigerian government. Yet four years on, thousands more women and girls have been taken from their homes and forced to live in captivity, in events largely unnoticed and unreported by media. | "The time is long overdue for the government to deliver meaningful action on behalf of all the victims of Boko Haram's crimes. This starts by doing more to secure the release of the hundreds still being held, including the remaining Chibok girls and Leah Sharibu, the only Dapchi girl still in captivity. | "Far more support must also be provided for past victims. For the families of those still missing, the government should open a register for abducted people, ensuring that the tens of thousands of people living in displacement camps get the opportunity to register their loved ones."

Maryam Saleh (2018-04-14). A Syria for All Its People — Two Books on an Unnecessary War. The Intercept Rania Abouzeid and Alia Malek's books, based on years of in-country reporting, are an answer to those who say no one truly knows what happened in Syria. | The post A Syria for All Its People — Two Books on an Unnecessary War appeared first on The Intercept.

Jon Schwarz (2018-04-14). Donald Trump Ordered Syria Strike Based on a Secret Legal Justification Even Congress Can't See. The Intercept On Friday night, President Trump ordered the U.S. military to conduct a bombing attack against the government of Syria without congressional authorization. How can this be constitutional, given the fact that Article I, Section 8 of America's founding document declares that "The Congress shall have Power … To declare War"? | The deeply bizarre and alarming answer is that Trump almost certainly does have some purported legal justification provided to him by the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel — but no one else, including Congress, can read it. | The Office of Legal Counsel is often called the Supreme Court of the executive branch, providing opinions on how the president and government agencies should interpret the law. | We know that Trump received a top secret OLC opinion justifying the previous U.S. strike on Syria on April 6, 2017. Friday's bombing undoubtedly…

Manuel E. Yepe (2018-04-13). Truly Human Rights. counterpunch.org Among the many unique qualities of the Cuban political process, and the organization of politics that has emerged from the revolutionary changes on the island, is the achievement of social peace in Cuba. It's a phenomenon unthinkable in most other nations of the continent including, of course, the United States. Surprised by this tranquility and More

Kim Codella (2018-04-13). Red Lines. counterpunch.org Americans know the road of endless war and where it leads. We have been down this road before and have been on it againfor a long time now. Long enough for a new generation to not have known -peace? Peace is not the right word because we are not at war, we are on attack; More

Jake Johnson (2018-04-13). Jeremy Corbyn Calls for 'Withdrawal of All Foreign Forces' From Syria. MintPress News "The need to restart genuine negotiations for peace and an inclusive political settlement of the Syrian conflict, including the withdrawal of all foreign forces, could not be more urgent." | The post Jeremy Corbyn Calls for 'Withdrawal of All Foreign Forces' From Syria appeared first on MintPress News.

Truthout Stories (2018-04-13). Nearly Four People Are Evicted Every Minute: New Project Tracks US Eviction and Effects. Truthout Stories A new project called the Eviction Lab examined more than 80 million eviction records going back to 2000 and found that in 2016 alone there were nearly four evictions filed every minute. More than 6,300 Americans are evicted every day. Studies show that eviction can lead to a host of other problems, including poor health, depression, job loss and shattered childhoods. Having an eviction on one's record also makes it far more difficult to find decent housing in the future. Now the Eviction Lab's database is being shared with the public in an interactive website that allows people to better track and understand evictions in their own communities. We speak with Matthew Desmond, who runs the project at Princeton University, where he is a professor of sociology. It grew out of his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City.

Gabriel Rockhill (2018-04-13). Is May 1968 About to Happen Again, or Be Surpassed? Mass Strikes, Occupations and the Fight for the Future Perfect in France. counterpunch.org There are now 25 cities in France where there have been university occupations, general assemblies and/or protests. Beginning in the Southwest with Toulouse, Bordeaux and Poitiers, the movement spread to Nantes, Lille, Paris, Montpellier, Grenoble and beyond. Far from simply blocking a significant percentage of France's 73 universities, the movement has insisted on opening them, meaning seizing the means of intellectual production to hold public seminars, debates, film projections and general assemblies with thousands of people, some of which have had to move outside in order to accommodate the large crowds. More

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet (2018-04-13). What Sam Harris and the 'New Atheists' Got Wrong: Religion and the Christian Right Aren't Our Biggest Problems. AlterNet.org The limited need for critiquing religion as a whole has come into fuller focus. | A polemicist and passionate advocate of reason, Sam Harris has reluctantly taken up the cause of defending policy writer Charles Murray's notorious view that racial differences in IQ are in some significant part driven by genetic differences and are largely fixed. This defense has led to a tense standoff with Vox editor-at-large Ezra Klein, who has criticized Murray and Harris's treatment of the issue, culminating in a two-hour long podcast debate published this week. But as Harris finds himself caught in a debate — however unwillingly — that emerged from larger arguments about President Donald Trump, race, and politics, he first became widely known for his critiques of religion. He published The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation in the middle of President George W.

Joshua Frank (2018-04-13). Hanford's Toxic Avengers: Department of Energy Suppresses Deadly Nuclear-Cleanup Flaws. counterpunch.org Your tax dollars are on the line. The DOE is set to extend a contract to Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) for another year at the Hanford Nuclear Site, despite numerous allegations of misconduct since the company won the initial contract for $7.1 billion in 2008. Below is an investigative report that appeared in Seattle Weekly More

Amanda Pampuro, Courthouse News (2018-04-13). Colorado House OKs Bill to Let School Nurses Administer Medical Marijuana. AlterNet.org It's another step toward the normalization of cannabis as medicine. | DENVER (CN) — A bill that would allow school nurses to administer medical marijuana to students passed the Colorado House 47-17 on Thursday. The bill is sponsored by state Sen. Irene Aguilar, a Democrat, and Republican state Rep. Dylan Roberts. Medical marijuana is one of few issues that enjoys bipartisan support, according to a recent Pew Research poll that found 6 in 10 Americans support its use. Whether to allow cannabis into the classroom, however, has been a subject of debate. "I was pleased that it passed. Most school nurses knew it would be passed so they came to me yesterday," Aguilar said. Currently, nurses administer medication according to doctors' orders, and voiced concern that the same standard be maintained for medical marijuana. Patty Rojec, president-elect of the Colorado Association of School Nurses, is. . .

Franklin Lamb (2018-04-13). Trump to Attack in Syria? counterpunch.org Beirut The word in parts of Beirut this morning is that Trump's bluster about bombing Syria in the next few days is, are like many of his emotional threats during his three months in office, to be taken with a shovel of salt. Few are rushing to grocery stores to stock up or heading to More

David Yearsley (2018-04-13). DSQ: Those Danish Men of Feeling. counterpunch.org The most famous string quartets of the present age take their names from diverse sources: the Emerson from an American transcendentalist whose first name is Ralph; the Juilliard from the famous conservatory where it is in residence; the Kronos from Greek mythology. To name a musical ensemble successfully is to skirt the perils of pretentiousness, More

David Rosen (2018-04-13). Trump v. Kennedy: Presidential Sex and the Transformation of Shame. counterpunch.org John Kennedy (1917-1963) was 46 years old when he took office; Donald Trump (1946-) was 71 when he was inaugurated. A half-century separates Kennedy's assassination and Trump's presidency, a half-century in which America's moral order profoundly changed. Once upon a time a president could engage in an almost-endless series of sexual relations with women — before More

John W. Whitehead (2018-04-13). The Slippery Slope to a Constitution-Free America. counterpunch.org "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." —Benjamin Franklin The ease with which Americans are prepared to welcome boots on the ground, regional lockdowns, routine invasions of their privacy, and the dismantling of every constitutional right intended to serve as a bulwark against government More

Terry Simons (2018-04-13). Tick, Tick, Tick: a Case for Reading. counterpunch.org The rich keep getting richer and the rest of us just keep getting old —Stephen Stills It behooves one to understand that the U.S. is a police state. It's a unique variety, but nonetheless, an honest-to-god military dictatorship. Smedley Butler saw it coming. Ike confirmed it in his famous farewell address. Beware, Ike warned, of the More

Jeffrey St. Clair (2018-04-13). Roaming Charges: the Rise of Pompeo Maximus. counterpunch.org + The Tweets that haunt: Trump: "Why do we keep broadcasting when we are going to attack Syria. Why can't we just be quiet and, if we attack at all, catch them by surprise?" August 28, 2013 Trump: "I would not go into Syria, but if I did it would be by surprise and not More

Mel Gurtov (2018-04-13). The Syrian Quandary. counterpunch.org Donald Trump's threat of another missile attack—or any attack—on Syria cannot improve the rebels' position on the ground, affect use of chemical weapons, change Russia's and Iran's policies, or alter Bashar al-Assad's tenure. A US attack may make Trump feel like a commander-in-chief at a time when his own rule is endangered, but it can More

Aidan O'Brien (2018-04-13). I Love the Smell of Imperial Meltdown in the Morning. counterpunch.org Gore Vidal preferred chaos to order. According to his wisdom centrifugal forces create gaps and spaces in which freedom can fornicate. As things stand that's probably the best we can hope for. Indeed we might as well embrace what's happening all around us. Because the Anglo-American gang that filled the last 200 years with liberal More

Ron Jacobs (2018-04-13). Venturing Into the Slipstream. counterpunch.org When those interested in the history of the Sixties are considering cities that were centers of countercultural art, music and communities, Boston is not near the top of their lists. If one is looking at radical politics certainly, but not hippies, communes and psychedelic culture. This is despite the genesis of the LSD movement at More

Russell Mokhiber (2018-04-13). Bill Curry on Corruption in America. counterpunch.org When people in power in the United States talk about corruption, they often focus on corruption overseas. Corruption overseas is usually hard corruption — bribes, kickbacks, public theft. But then there is what is called soft corruption. That's corruption American style. Legalized bribery. Corporate money flowing into the political system. The revolving door. Lobbyists. Consultants. More

Mark Meigs, The Conversation (2018-04-13). A Friendly Reminder: Impeaching Donald Trump Will Not Remove Him From Office. AlterNet.org No president in the country's history has yet been convicted during impeachment proceedings. | Not a day passes without fresh speculation about the possible impeachment of Donald Trump. In December, when former US security advisor Michael Flynn agreed to cooperate with investigators, UK bookies put the odds at 50/50 that it would happen within 12 months. Since then, events have only accelerated, including the FBI raid on April 9 of the offices of Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer. In fact, the process has already started: on November 15, 2017, six Democrats in the House of Representatives sent Impeachment Articles to the House Judiciary Committee. The articles included obstruction of justice for firing James Comey, the FBI chief who was investigating Russian meddling with the 2016 election. A connection between Trump and this meddling could constitute treason, an impeachable offence. . .

Truthout Stories (2018-04-13). Trump Reconsiders TPP, but the Real Fight Is Over NAFTA Renegotiation. Truthout Stories President Trump campaigned against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), calling it a "disaster," a "horrible deal" and a "rape of our country." He withdrew from the controversial deal during his first week in office. But on Thursday, he told a group of state lawmakers he wants the U.S. to rejoin the pact. Meanwhile, 11 nations that represent about a seventh of the world's economy signed the TPP earlier this year. We get response from Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch. "I do think where the real fight is right now is on NAFTA renegotiation," Wallach says. "And this kind of pandering on the TPP makes that NAFTA fight even more important." | TRANSCRIPT: | AMY GOODMAN: We turn now to President Trump's unexpected reversal on one of his signature campaign promises. On Thursday, Trump told a group of state lawmakers he…

Thomas Knapp (2018-04-13). The Senate vs. Facebook: Beware Untrustworthy Partners, Revisited. counterpunch.org "Congress must determine if and how we need to strengthen privacy standards to ensure transparency and understanding for the billions of consumers who utilize [technology] products," Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said at a US Senate hearing held to grill Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg on April 10. "[I]f Facebook and other online companies will not or cannot More

Jim Naureckas (2018-04-13). 'Sinclair Has Thrived for So Long Under the Radar'. FAIR Janine Jackson interviewed Pam Vogel about Sinclair Broadcasting's propaganda for the April 6, 2018, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript. | Media…

Tom Engelhardt (2018-04-13). Five Lessons in the History of American Defeat. counterpunch.org The lessons of history? Who needs them? Certainly not Washington's present cast of characters, a crew in flight from history, the past, or knowledge of more or less any sort. Still, just for the hell of it, let's take a few moments to think about what some of the lessons of the last years of More

Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch (2018-04-13). Groundbreaking Youth Climate Lawsuit Gets a Trial Date. AlterNet.org The president's administration failed to halt the case. | A trial date of Oct. 29 has been set for a landmark climate change lawsuit brought by a group of young Americans despite the Trump administration's efforts to halt the case. Juliana v. United States was filed in 2015 on behalf of 21 plaintiffs who ranged between 8 to 19 years old at the time. They allege their constitutional and public trust rights are being violated by the government's creation of a national energy system that causes dangerous climate change. The trial will be heard before U. S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken in Eugene, Oregon, according to Our Children's Trust, the non-profit group supporting the plaintiffs. Aiken joined the court in 1998 after being nominated by President Bill Clinton. "We have our trial date. In the coming months there. . .

Stanley L. Cohen (2018-04-13). When Zionism Rubs Up Against Reality. counterpunch.org Photo by Jordi Bernabeu Farrús | CC BY 2.0"The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being repeated." | With these commanding words, Robert H. Jackson, Chief Counsel for the United States, opened the War Crimes Tribunals at Nuremberg, Germany not long after the conclusion of World War II. | Empanelled to hold accountable military, political and judicial leaders for violations of international law… including war crimes, crimes against humanity and the law of war… the tribunals imposed personal accountability for genocide directed at Jews and others marked by the German state as a challenge to its declared racial, religious and political supremacy. | Although these offenses took many forms, at their core, each derived…

The Hudson Report (2018-04-13). Does Trump Know Anything About Trade? counterpunch.org Left Out, a podcast produced by Paul Sliker, Michael Palmieri, and Dante Dallavalle, creates in-depth conversations with the most interesting political thinkers, heterodox economists, and organizers on the Left. The Hudson Report is a new weekly series produced by Left Out with the legendary economist Michael Hudson. Every episode we cover an economic or political issue that is More

CounterSpin (2018-04-13). Peter Bibring on Excessive Force Law, Peggy Case on Right to Water. FAIR Media…

Howard Lisnoff (2018-04-13). Gun Violence: Almost the Norm for Some. counterpunch.org Laura Ingraham has returned to Fox News after losing some advertisers on her program following her criticism of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor David Hogg ("Laura Ingraham returns, says boycotters' efforts are 'Stalinist,'" Salon, April 10, 2018). According to the BBC ("Guns in the US: The statistics behind the violence," January 5, 2016), gun deaths from 1968 through More

Howard Gregory (2018-04-13). Trumponomics is 21st Century Reaganomics and That's Bad for Working America. counterpunch.org Donald Trump won the Presidency in November of 2016 by appealing to the white working class who saw him differently than the rest of the world and not as a dangerously inexperienced, politically unpolished, eccentric billionaire seeking attention, but a welcome Washington outsider who was willing to use his business expertise to improve their lives. More

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