2018-04-07: News Headlines

RT (2018-04-07). Ballet in time of Cold War: Russian dance troupe hailed as 'messenger of peace & love' in US (VIDEO). RT US News Whenever the Cold War is raging between Russia and the west, it's ballet that helps build bridges and ease drama, says a leading choreographer, who's taking his St. Petersburg company on a tour of the US.

WSWS (2018-04-07). International Socialist Organization covers for union treachery in the teachers' strikes. World Socialist Web Site In a recent article, ISO writer Lee Sustar appeals to the trade unions to work with the pseudo-left to provide them with a "left" cover.

RT (2018-04-07). Blackout: US military spent $60 million on Afghanistan power lines to nowhere. RT US News The US military spent $60 million on a new section of power grid in Afghanistan's northeast. It doesn't work and may even put residents at risk, according to a report from the US government's reconstruction watchdog.

WSWS (2018-04-07). Canada's trade union-backed Liberal government clamps down on steel and aluminum imports. World Socialist Web Site Trudeau's protectionist measures, which help enforce Trump's trade war tariffs, include corporatist initiatives aimed at further integrating the unions with big business and the state.

Staff (2018-04-07). Republican Abruptly Quits U.S. House in Face of Sexual Allegations. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists Rep. Blake Farenthold of Texas resigns four months after announcing he wouldn't seek re-election. In December he denied the accusations being made by a former aide. | The post Republican Abruptly Quits U.S. House in Face of Sexual Allegations appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

WSWS (2018-04-07). US sanctions target Russian officials and businessmen. World Socialist Web Site Even as the US-UK narrative of the alleged poisoning of a Russian ex-spy in Britain falls apart, Washington continues to escalate its provocative anti-Russian campaign.

WSWS (2018-04-07). EPA head Scott Pruitt subject of growing demands for removal over open corruption. World Socialist Web Site Pruitt has personified the close ties between big business and the political system throughout his career.

RT (2018-04-07). 'Conspiracy theory'? US Homeland Security wants to track journalists & analyze media 'sentiment'. RT US News The US Department of Homeland Security is looking to build a media monitoring database. When some reporters objected, a DHS spokesman dismissed their concerns as fodder for "black helicopter conspiracy theorists."

WSWS (2018-04-07). Mehring Books publishes The CIA Democrats. World Socialist Web Site Mehring Books has published The CIA Democrats, a detailed exposure of the effective takeover of the 2018 Democratic Party congressional campaign by candidates drawn from the ranks of former intelligence agents, special forces operatives, veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and civilian national security operatives from the State Department, National Security Council and Pentagon.

WSWS (2018-04-07). Trump orders indefinite detention of immigrants at border as troop deployment looms. World Socialist Web Site A memo published late Friday calls for the allocation of "all legally available resources to construct, operate, control, or modify… facilities to detain aliens."

WSWS (2018-04-07). Maldives president ends state of emergency. World Socialist Web Site President Yameen withdrew the draconian emergency law a day after trumped-up terrorism charges were filed against his chief political opponents.

WSWS (2018-04-07). China prepares to strike back as US trade war intensifies. World Socialist Web Site At a briefing with reporters in Beijing Friday evening, Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng said the US move was "extremely wrong" and China was preparing to retaliate.

WSWS (2018-04-07). Israel's shoot-to-kill policy on Gaza border claims more lives. World Socialist Web Site Approximately 10,000 Palestinians took part in the second "March of Return" protest yesterday, with rallies called for Friday evening and Saturday in cities in the US, Britain, France and elsewhere in Europe.

WSWS (2018-04-07). Japanese animation filmmaker Isao Takahata, director of Grave of the Fireflies, dies at 82. World Socialist Web Site Takahata, one of Japan's most influential animation filmmakers and co-founder of the famed Studio Ghibli, died from lung cancer in a Tokyo hospital April 5. We repost a review of his Grave of the Fireflies (1988).

WSWS (2018-04-07). Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont released from German prison. World Socialist Web Site Puigdemont may not leave Germany until further notice, had to post bail of €75,000 and must report weekly to the police.

WSWS (2018-04-07). New York City bus drivers support striking Oklahoma teachers. World Socialist Web Site New York City bus operators interviewed by the WSWS expressed their support for the teachers strike in Oklahoma as well as their distrust of the role of the unions.

WSWS (2018-04-07). JPMorgan CEO threatens rate hikes to break wages movement by US workers. World Socialist Web Site JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon warned of rising wages and raised the possibility of a sharp rise in interest rates to put a brake on economic growth and drive up unemployment.

Staff (2018-04-07). Death Count Among Palestinians Rises as Thousands Protest in Gaza. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists KHUZAA, Gaza Strip—Thousands of Palestinians protested along Gaza's sealed border with Israel on Friday, engulfing the volatile area in black smoke from burning tires to try to block the view of Israeli snipers and cheering a Hamas strongman who pledged that the border fence will eventually fall. | Israeli troops opened fire from across the border, killing at least nine Palestinians and wounding 491 others — 33 of them seriously — in the second mass border protest in a week, Gaza health officials said. A well-known Palestinian journalist was among the dead, and hundreds of others suffered other injuries, including tear gas inhalation, the officials said. | The deaths brought to at least 31 the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli fire since last week. | Early Saturday, Palestinian health officials confirmed that Yasser Murtaga had died from a gunshot wound sustained while…

WSWS (2018-04-07). Fifty years after May-June 1968, the class struggle erupts in France. World Socialist Web Site With growing opposition to French President Emmanuel Macron's labour decrees, the class struggle in Europe is entering a new and explosive stage.

WSWS (2018-04-07). London residents draw connection between Grenfell and Kemerovo fires. World Socialist Web Site The WSWS spoke to London residents about the fire in Kemerovo, Russia that claimed at least 64 lives.

WSWS (2018-04-07). Windsor, Ontario casino workers strike after voting down sellout deal. World Socialist Web Site The one-sided rejection of yet another contract recommended by Unifor is further indication of the growing rebellion by workers against the official trade unions.

Staff (2018-04-07). 2nd Amendment Doesn't Protect Assault Weapons, Federal Judge Rules. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists BOSTON—Assault weapons and large-capacity magazines are not protected by the Second Amendment, a federal judge said in a ruling Friday upholding Massachusetts' ban on the weapons. | U.S. District Judge William Young dismissed a lawsuit challenging the 20-year-old ban, saying assault weapons are military firearms that fall beyond the reach of the constitutional right to "bear arms." | Regulation of the weapons is a matter of policy, not for the courts, he said. | "Other states are equally free to leave them unregulated and available to their law-abiding citizens," Young said. "These policy matters are simply not of constitutional moment. Americans are not afraid of bumptious, raucous and robust debate about these matters. We call it democracy." | State Attorney General Maura Healey said the ruling "vindicates the right of the people of Massachusetts to protect themselves from these weapons of war."

Emily Wells (2018-04-07). Amid School Closures, Puerto Rico's Teachers Fight Privatization. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists Puerto Rico's Department of Education announced Thursday it will close 283 schools this summer after a sharp drop in enrollment, thought to be partly a result of displacement of families after Hurricane Maria. However, many teachers in the island's school system say the issue might be more complicated and believe the system's recent acceptance of charter schools and voucher programs could be contributing to the deprioritizing of public schools. | The Associated Press reports that Puerto Rico is currently operating 1,100 public schools with 319,000 enrolled students. | Puerto Rico's Education Secretary Julia Keleher said of the closings, "We know it's a difficult and painful process. For this reason, we've done it in the most sensible way, taking in consideration all the elements that could impact the daily lives of some families and the school communities in general. … Our boys…

WSWS (2018-04-07). Oklahoma teachers strike to continue next week, after state senate passes derisory funding bill. World Socialist Web Site The Oklahoma Education Association, working in collaboration with Democratic and Republican lawmakers, is seeking to end the strike by Tuesday.

WSWS (2018-04-07). US and South Korea hold war games ahead of talks. World Socialist Web Site While scaled back, the joint exercises still involve 300,000 troops and advanced weaponry amid continuing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

WSWS (2018-04-07). Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific. World Socialist Web Site The strikers seized control of all water and power supplies and blocked the entrance to Bandaranaike International Airport to demand higher wages and outstanding benefits.

WSWS (2018-04-07). UK: Metropolitan Police admit role in construction blacklist. World Socialist Web Site As police admitted involvement in the blacklisting of building workers, around 60 campaigners and victims walked out of the Undercover Policing Public Inquiry, angered over a continuing cover-up.

Dan Kovalik (2018-04-06). The Korean Conflict, Reevaluated. counterpunch.org Patriots, Traitors & Empires: The Story of Korea's Struggle for Freedom, Stephen Gowans' latest book on the Korean conflict, could not be more timely given the recent tensions on the Korean peninsula as well as the recent overtures being made for peace and reconciliation. The book is also a very good antidote to the anti-DPRK propaganda More

Manuel E. Yepe (2018-04-06). Washington Suffers a Credibility Crisis. counterpunch.org Objectively, the credibility of the US government, with either party at the forefront, has always been in question because its foreign policy pronouncements on peace, freedom, democracy and human rights systematically contradict or contrast with its actions. These days, the Associated Press (AP), a U.S. news agency, lamented in a commentary by its journalists that More

Nick Pemberton (2018-04-06). Non-Violence as a Principle. counterpunch.org "The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral; begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. —Martin Luther King Jr. "Peace cannot be built on exclusivism, absolutism, and intolerance. More

Brett Redmayne-Titley (2018-04-06). The Lebanon-Israel Border: Reasons for Peace… Excuses for War! Global Research Featured image: Part of the Port of Sidon | "No pictures!" growls a burley Lebanese army captain, looking me deliberately in the eyes from not three feet away across his Major's desk, while pointing directly at my Nikon. "No pictures!" he …

Jay Janson (2018-04-06). Appointment of Hawkish John Bolton Points to "Continuity in US Foreign Policy": Dulles Brothers, Brzezinski, Kissinger… Global Research How preposterous! Peace Prize Laureate former Pres. Jimmy Carter publicly warns Americans (and maybe the world), "I think John Bolton is a disaster for our country," "Maybe one of the worst mistakes that President Trump has made … is the …

Truthout Stories (2018-04-06). In Wake of Gaza Massacre, Israeli Leaders Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes. Truthout Stories A Palestinian man wears a gas mask as he walks in the smoke during a protest in the West Bank city of Ramallah on April 6, 2018. Clashes erupted on the Gaza-Israel border Friday, a week after Israeli forces killed 19 Palestinians at similar demonstrations. (Photo: Abbas Momani / AFP / Getty Images) | On March 30, Israel Defense Forces soldiers shot 773 unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza, killing 17 and wounding 1,400. This premeditated use of deadly force against peaceful protesters is illegal and the Israeli leaders who ordered the massacre should be prosecuted for war crimes.A Palestinian man wears a gas mask as he walks in the smoke during a protest in the West Bank city of Ramallah on April 6, 2018. Clashes erupted on the Gaza-Israel border Friday, a week after Israeli forces killed 19 Palestinians at similar demonstrations. (Photo:…

WSWS (2018-04-06). University of Chicago student with mental illness shot by campus police. World Socialist Web Site Suffering from a severe mental breakdown, Charles Thomas was shot and wounded by campus police Tuesday night. He now faces criminal charges.

Graham Peebles (2018-04-06). Living in an Age of Anxiety. counterpunch.org Overwhelmed by anxiety and image insecurity a friend's 20-year-old daughter recently quit her university course and withdrew to her bedroom where she took to self-harming. Company and environments in which she felt emotionally secure became harder to find, until she stopped venturing out at all together. 'Alice' is one of a growing number of people, More

Daniel Raventós, Julie Wark (2018-04-06). Universal Basic Income: Left or Right? counterpunch.org Universal basic income, a regular unconditional cash payment to the whole population is increasingly being discussed in social, political, academic circles and among citizens in general. People are championing it from right and left. But, if it's being pushed from both ends of the political spectrum, what's its secret? Is it so amazingly convincing that all differences between political extremes are abolished? Hardly. More like it, the fact that basic income is being hailed from such different political positions muddies serious debate and is downright bewildering for a lot of people. More

Mark W. Jones (2018-04-06). Rugged Individualist Ideology and Superstitionism. counterpunch.org What if I were to describe a religion whose adherents' requisite imperative is: love your neighbors as yourself: and in this religion's Bible there are paradigms of altruism and selflessness; Abraham's near sacrifice of his son on the order of his God: the Good Samaritan: Jesus Christ himself who died for humanity's sin of believing More

David Yearsley (2018-04-06). Scoring Citizen Trump. counterpunch.org Jerry Springer: The Opera closed a week ago on Broadway after a three-month run. Given the show's crazed, megalomaniacal, helmet-haired title character, and its diverse tableaux that range from Jesus-on-the-cross to tap-dancing Klansmen and other surrealities, its demise is somewhat surprising. (Luckily, the original British production broadcast in 2005 by the BBC can be enjoyed in More

Staff (2018-04-06). Imperialist America, 50 Years After MLK's Gospel of Nonviolence. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists The line of preachers stretched 100 yards to the door of Columbus, Georgia's radio station WOKS, where the pastors had each been allotted a few minutes to testify to their deep commitment to the ideals espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., shot down in Memphis three days earlier. Nearly every Black minister in town was there, waiting his turn to lie. Although they would sound like an amen corner for "the Movement" on this mournful Sunday morning, the assembled clergymen had, in fact, acted as the front line of resistance to King's gospel of nonviolent confrontation with the white powers-that-be. | Both before and after the tumultuous Birmingham campaign of 1963, Dr. King and his Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) had hoped to bring the movement to Columbus, the second-largest city in Georgia, 100 miles due south of Atlanta. The protocols…

Raouf Halaby (2018-04-06). 70 Years Later: Palestinians Are Still Denied the Easter Promise of Hope. counterpunch.org Today is Jumaa' al Hazeeneh (Arabic for Good Friday), a phrase pregnant with nuances that commemorate the Passion of Christ. Sorrowful, grief-stricken, distressing, troubling, excruciatingly painful, agonizing, harrowing, laborious are just a few of these connotations. For Christian Palestinians, traditionally Jumaa' al Hazeeneh is a day of prayer, fasting, solemnity, and introspection. No, I am More

CP Editor (2018-04-06). Noam Chomsky — Why Does the U.S. Support Israel? counterpunch.org

Ted Snider (2018-04-06). What Did Israel Bomb in the Syrian Desert in 2007? Global Research In September 2007, in the dark of night, warplanes crossed the Syrian border and bombed a covert nuclear reactor. Recently, Israel took responsibility for the bombing mission that obliterated the Syrian reactor. | The Israeli announcement was unnecessary if it was …

Brian Cloughley (2018-04-06). Bolton and Johnson: the Malevolent Villain and the Vicious Buffoon on the Nuclear Stage. counterpunch.org There are currently several characters of clownish tendency on the stage of international affairs, with others waiting in the wings for an opportunity to prance forward and perform their antics. The most recent addition to the Western cast is the new National Security Adviser to President Trump, John Bolton, who isn't so much a clown as More

John Laforge (2018-04-06). War Deaths, and Taxes. counterpunch.org Photo by DVIDSHUB | CC BY 2.0 | Are the federal taxes coming out of your wages and due this week killing you? Sadly what's rhetorical for US tax payers is gravely literal for people of eight countries currently on the shooting end of the US budget. | This year at least 47% of federal income taxes goes to the military (27%, or $857 billion, for today's bombings and occupations, weapons, procurement, personnel, retiree pay & healthcare, Energy Dept. nuclear weapons, Homeland Security, etc.); and 20%, or $644 billion, for past military bills (veterans' benefits — $197 billion; and 80% of the interest on the national debt — $447 billion). | A ceasefire, drawdown and retreat from the country's unwinnable wars would reduce this tax burden, and didn't the president promise to end the foreign "nation-building" that's breaking the bank? Of course,…

Nozomi Hayase (2018-04-06). America's Descent Into Despotism. counterpunch.org The United States is in a major upheaval. Trump's cabinet shake-up moves the country into an alarming direction. From the nomination of torturer Gina Haspel as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency to Mike Pompeo, former CIA Director and a vocal opponent of the nuclear deal with Iran as new secretary of state, his selection exposes the More

Linda Pentz Gunter (2018-04-06). Nuclear Companies are Just Happy to be in There Somewhere and They'll Gouge the Ratepayers to Get There. counterpunch.org That teeth-jangling noise you can hear are the fingernails of nuclear power corporations scraping across window ledges in a last, desperate attempt to cling on. It's a lost cause. Nuclear power is falling to its none too premature death. It just won't go quietly. Instead, like Steve Martin's unforgettable character in The Jerk, the mantra for More

Truthout Stories (2018-04-06). Judge Suspends Release of Herman Bell, Elderly Black Panther Jailed 45 Years, Amid Police Pressure. Truthout Stories A judge in New York has suspended the release of Herman Bell, a 70-year-old prisoner who has been granted parole after 45 years in prison. Bell was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for the killing of two New York City police officers in 1971. At the time, he was a member of the Black Liberation Army and a former Black Panther. Since then, he has mentored thousands of young men while behind bars and kept a clean disciplinary record. State-mandated tests show he would pose the lowest possible risk if he is allowed to re-enter society. In March, the New York Parole Board granted parole for Bell, noting he had expressed remorse and was likely to lead a "law-abiding life." State law requires commissioners to consider such factors, but they've only recently started to comply. On Wednesday, a state judge…

Hans Stehling (2018-04-06). What Can the World Do to Curtail the Rising Tide of Antisemitism. Global Research There is little or nothing that one can do about arthritis which is a degenerative disease but there is everything the world can do about rising antisemitism which is the direct product of the illegal policies of the current Israeli …

Truthout Stories (2018-04-06). Arizona Teachers' Strike Is the Answer to Years of Tax Cuts and Neglect of Education. Truthout Stories If you believe our world needs more journalism covering the issues that matter, then show your support for independent media: Make a donation to Truthout today! | Arizona teachers are considering a strike, following the recent West Virginia and now Oklahoma and Kentucky examples, if they don't receive their requested 20 percent pay raise. | An official strike date hasn't been set, but the teachers, following the playbooks from West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky, have staged multiple protests in individual districts and at the state capitol in Phoenix for the last five weeks, using the #RedforEd hashtag on Twitter to announce and document their protests. At the capitol this Wednesday, one group of teachers gave the legislature a progress report, and there are more "walk-ins," with teachers marching into their school buildings to demand better pay. | #RedForEd

WSWS (2018-04-06). Sri Lankan prime minister narrowly survives no-confidence resolution. World Socialist Web Site The principal concern of the ruling elite is a growing financial crisis and the mounting working-class opposition to austerity measures.

Tony Cartalucci (2018-04-06). Washington and Riyadh's Terror Enterprise. Wahhabi-indoctrinated Mercenaries. Global Research For decades the United States and its NATO allies have helped Saudi Arabia export methods of political indoctrination known as Wahhabism to radicalize individuals and swell the ranks of mercenary forces used to wage proxy wars abroad and manipulate Western …

Human Rights Watch (2018-04-06). Lebanon: Migrant Worker's Abuse Account. Human Rights Watch News A migrant domestic worker in Beirut, Lebanon, March 15, 2010. | © 2010 Reuters | (Beirut) — Lebanon's general prosecutor should ensure an adequate investigation into allegations that a migrant domestic worker suffered months of abuse before jumping from a balcony and injuring herself, Human Rights Watch said today. The investigation should ensure that the worker, Lensa Lelisa, an Ethiopian national, can speak to investigators privately and take all feasible measures to assure her physical safety and protect her from any possible retaliation. | In a video filmed on March 11, 2018, and posted to social media on March 26 by the organization This Is Lebanon, Lelisa detailed specific allegations of consistent abuse. She said she feared she would be harmed for speaking out. Two women who visited Lelisa at the hospital…

WSWS (2018-04-06). Autoworkers speak in support of teachers struggle. World Socialist Web Site Autoworkers in the greater Detroit area and Chicago voiced support for teachers who are defying the unions to take a stand in defense of public education.

Adam Johnson (2018-04-06). Media Warn that "Russian Bots" "Sow Discord", "Exploit Tensions" —Despite Primary Source's Disavowal. Global Research One could forgive the average reader for thinking reporters covering bots had been replaced by bots. The formula is something we've seen a million times now: After a controversial story breaks, media outlets insist that "Russian bots" used the controversy …

Pete Dolack (2018-04-06). Reversing Past Oppression, Cooperation Jackson Builds a Better Future. counterpunch.org If thinking big were all it took to be a success, then Cooperation Jackson would be one of the biggest successes ever seen. It is far too early to know what the future will hold for what must be the most thorough-going experiment in economic democracy in the United States today, but no one can More

Elliott Gabriel (2018-04-06). "Sorry Commander, I Cannot Shoot:" Israeli Human-Right Group Takes Aim at Soldiers Taking Aim at Gaza Demonstrators. MintPress News Israeli human-rights group B'Tselem has launched a campaign titled "Sorry Commander, I Cannot Shoot" in preparation for the march, calling on Israeli troops — most of whom are conscripts — to refuse orders to shoot unarmed demonstrators. | The post "Sorry Commander, I Cannot Shoot: " Israeli Human-Right Group Takes Aim at Soldiers Taking Aim at Gaza Demonstrators appeared first on MintPress News.

Binoy Kampmark (2018-04-06). YouTube, Censorship and Nasim Aghdam. counterpunch.org "People like me are not good for big business, like for animal business, medicine business and for many other businesses. That's why they are discriminating and censoring us." — Nasim Najafi Aghdam discussing YouTube She claimed to have detested it, issuing fiery calls on her social media outlets, and asserting that this creature was demonic More

Eugene Robinson (2018-04-06). Will We Ever See the Results of the Mueller Investigation? Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists If you want to make sure you learn whether President Trump's campaign colluded with the Russians and whether Trump himself committed obstruction of justice, there's one thing you must do: Vote in November to take control of Congress away from the Republican Party. | Spoiler alert: We already have evidence that Trump at least tried his best to obstruct justice; and despite the president's frequent all-caps tweets to the contrary, collusion is still very much an open question. For more definitive answers, however, we have to await special counsel Robert Mueller's findings—and there is no guarantee we will learn, in detail, everything that he finds out. | The Washington Post reported this week that Mueller intends to produce a series of reports about the various issues he is probing, with the first likely to be on the obstruction of justice question. | The…

Sam Pizzigati (2018-04-06). A Timely Tale of Taxes and Toys 'R' Us. MintPress News The orthodoxy that dominates today's Republican Party — and the ranks of "business-friendly" Democrats — rests on a simple approach to economic policy. Let's be nice, this orthodoxy holds, to rich people. | Let's be particularly nice at tax time. Let's keep taxes on rich people, conservatives advise us, as low as possible. High taxes on high incomes, they argue, discourage entrepreneurship. No one with a great idea for a new business enterprise is going to start that business, their argument goes, if Uncle Sam is just going to tax away the rewards that a new business could bring. | And the same goes for investors. They're not going to invest in "job-creating" enterprises, the conservative orthodoxy insists, if high taxes threaten to eat away at their potential earnings. | This conservative take of taxes works wonderfully for sound bites — and…

Staff (2018-04-06). How Can a Scientist Make Sense of the Religious Impulse? Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists "Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine" | Purchase in the Truthdig Bazaar | "Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine" | A book by Alan Lightman | Science writers generally fall into one of two categories: Some of us are textbook authors trying to convince ourselves that we are storytellers, while others are journalists who aren't real scientists but like to play them on TV. Alan Lightman, however, is different. He is the poet laureate of science writers. His best-known book, "Einstein's Dreams," a lyrical novel putting us inside Albert Einstein's mind as he makes his great discovery, established him as the Picasso, the Schoenberg, the Gehry of science writing. He didn't just do it better—which he did; as a wordsmith Lightman stands alone among science writers—he did something with the genre no one imagined could be done.

Gillian Edevane, Newsweek (2018-04-06). 7 Utterly Deranged Parkland Conspiracy Theories Currently Making the Rounds. AlterNet.org The right has convinced itself that David Hogg is a CIA agent, and so much worse. | The Many Parkland Conspiracy Theories, Debunked: In the seven weeks since the Parkland, Florida school shooting, a group of passionate teenage survivors have emerged as the public faces of a national movement to increase gun control. . . . considerable resources to tank the teens' reputations. Below, Newsweek has rounded up the most pervasive conspiracy theories floating around about students Hogg and Gonzalez, debunking them in the process. When . . . | Related Stories: Parkland Shooting Survivor David Hogg Isn't Here for Bill O'Reilly's Ridiculous Conspiracy TheoryThe Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Network Is Now Targeting High School Victims'Concerned' Evangelicals to Confront Trump Over Stormy Daniels Allegations: Report

Frank X Murphy (2018-04-06). Democracy is "Unimaginable to Some" counterpunch.org Six years ago, on April 4, 2012, the City of Detroit entered into what scholar Jamie Peck described as the "ludicrously misnamed" consent agreement with the State of Michigan. Under the authority of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's unprecedented and extremist "emergency management" policies for racial capitalism, that document was barely a blip in the historic More

Gregory Shupak (2018-04-06). US Isn't Leaving Syria—but Media Lost It When Possibility Was Raised. FAIR The White House made clear that Trump's talk of pulling out of Syria was just talk (Independent, 4/4/18)—but not before numerous media figures expressed alarm that the illegal occupation might end. | At a rally in Cleveland last week, President Donald Trump said that the US will get out of Syria "very soon." It is now clear that the 4,000 US troops currently occupying Syria (Washington Post, 10/31/17) will in fact stay in Syria (Independent, 4/4/18), even though keeping troops in another country in defiance of that country's government is a violation of international law. Yet the very possibility of US withdrawal from Syria rendered apoplectic journalists who are convinced of the legitimacy of Washington's domination of the country—international law be damned. | Some writers want America to occupy Syria to weaken Russia. In the Washington Post (…

RT (2018-04-06). US pulling out of Syria? Won't happen, too much at stake — Eva Bartlett on Redacted Tonight. RT US News The US should, but likely won't, pull out of Syria soon, independent journalist Eva Bartlett told RT's Lee Camp. She added that you have to be "brain-dead" to believe the myths used by the US to justify the conflict.

Truthout Stories (2018-04-06). Educated Hope in Dark Times: The Challenge of the Educator-Artist as a Public Intellectual. Truthout Stories Increasingly, neoliberal regimes across Europe and North America have waged a major assault on critical thinking and the educational spheres in which they take place, but this also applies to creative spaces. Artistic production can change how people view the world, and that pedagogy can be dangerous to the status quo neoliberalism seeks to maintain.(Photo: Hero Images / Getty Images) | Truthout doesn't have billionaire underwriters or the endless budget of corporate news studios — we depend on your support. Click here to donate to independent media! | Increasingly, neoliberal regimes across Europe and North America have waged a major assault on critical pedagogy, public pedagogy, and the public spheres in which they take place. For instance, public and higher education are being defunded, turned into accountability factories, and now largely serve as adjuncts of an instrumental logic that mimics the…

TRNN (2018-04-06). Louisiana Bill Aims To Hypercriminalize Pipeline Protests (1/2). The Real News Network Civil rights lawyer Bill Quigley says that the legislation is driven by private oil companies who want to clamp down on environmental activists' First Amendment rights and preserve profits derived at the expense of communities of color…

TRNN (2018-04-06). Confidential Shell Oil Report Prompts Lawsuit: They Knew About Climate Change Decades Ago. The Real News Network What Royal Dutch Shell knew about fossil fuel driving climate change and when they knew it is confirmed in Confidential Report published by Dutch source, prompting legal case against oil giant by environmental group Friends of the Earth…

Andrew Levine (2018-04-06). Two Dogmas of Liberals Nowadays. counterpunch.org Among the reasons why MSNBC, CNN, NPR (its slogan should be: "my choice for conventional wisdom and pro-regime propaganda|"), the handful of comparatively progressive columnists whom The New York Timesand Washington Postdeign to publish, and other exponents of "liberal" thought have become harder than usual to listen to or read since Donald Trump became president More

Truthout Stories (2018-04-06). Court Rules EPA Unlawfully Delayed Environmental Racism Investigations for Decades. Truthout Stories Father Phil Schmitter and other advocates from a predominately Black neighborhood in Flint, Michigan filed a civil rights complaint with the EPA more than 20 years before the city became a symbol of environmental racism. The EPA finally completed its investigation into the complaint last year, and only after environmental justice groups took the agency to federal court.Darlene McClendon, 62, at her home in Flint, Michigan, on October 11, 2016. (Photo: Brittany Greeson / The Washington Post via Getty Images) | Exposing the wrongdoing of those in power has never been more important. Support Truthout's independent, investigative journalism by making a donation! | A federal court ruled this week that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) violated the Civil Rights Act by delaying investigations into environmental discrimination complaints for years, even decades. For plaintiff Phil Schmitter, a priest and social justice activist…

WSWS (2018-04-06). Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa. World Socialist Web Site The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2018-04-06). Australia's Kangaroo "Love-Hate Relationship": The Kangaroo Industry Debate. Global Research

WSWS (2018-04-06). New York City police kill unarmed mentally ill man in Brooklyn. World Socialist Web Site Police in New York City shot and killed an unarmed Saheed Vassell.

Craig McKee (2018-04-06). The Plot to Kill Martin Luther King: Survived Shooting, Was Murdered in Hospital. Global Research Pepper was able to piece together what really happened on April 4, 1968 in Memphis right down to who gave the order and supplied the money, how the patsy was chosen, and who actually pulled the trigger.

RT (2018-04-06). Abby Martin interview critical of Israel is blocked by YouTube in 28 countries. RT US News An episode of Abby Martin's Empire Files, featuring journalist Max Blumenthal and spotlighting rising militarism in Israel, has been blocked by YouTube in 28 countries, including Israel and the UK, for violating "local laws."

Grace Gleason (2018-04-06). Alon-Lee Green: Young Israeli Organizes Baristas While Fighting the Occupation. MintPress News Israeli activist Alon-Lee Green stresses the importance of making a connection between domestic issues and the occupation, and the potential for Jewish-Arab cooperation to create political change within Israeli society. | The post Alon-Lee Green: Young Israeli Organizes Baristas While Fighting the Occupation appeared first on MintPress News.

WSWS (2018-04-06). Hungary on the eve of parliamentary elections. World Socialist Web Site According to current opinion polls, the right-wing Fidesz Party will secure victory in Sunday's vote.

Jeffrey St. Clair (2018-04-06). Roaming Charges: A Working Class Hero is Something to Pretend to Be. counterpunch.org + The good news: Trump is pulling US troops out of Syria. The bad news: Trump, playing out his Black Jack Pershing fantasy, wants to put them on the Mexican border. Trump's foreign policy strategy has been incoherent, but he's always been quite clear about wanting to create a police (super-police) state on the home More

Liz Posner, AlterNet (2018-04-06). Women: Watch Out for This Ominous Sign on Your Dinner Date. AlterNet.org In the age of #MeToo, what does it mean if he insists on ordering for you? | worst date of her life. " Many critics of the article derided one detail in the article that must have seemed important enough to the writer to include: "After arriving at his apartment in Manhattan on Monday evening, they exchanged small talk and drank wine. 'It was white,' she said. 'I didn't get to choose and I prefer red, but it was white wine. '"To suggest that Grace's lack of control over the wine they drank foreshadowed Ansari's later abusive behavior indeed seems a bit trivial. But on closer inspection, and amidst #MeToo conversations about how so many men get away with exercising control over women, maybe this detail deserves more serious examination. It can be argued that men who choose what their dates eat and drink. . .

Emily Wells (2018-04-06). John Kiriakou: Gina Haspel Is Wrong Choice to Lead CIA. Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer and CIA whistleblower Kiriakou discuss the nomination of Gina Haspel for the agency's director. Kiriakou says she should be disqualified for participating in the CIA's illegal torture program. | The post John Kiriakou: Gina Haspel Is Wrong Choice to Lead CIA appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

RT (2018-04-06). 'No foul play': Missing CDC expert on Zika & Ebola found drowned after weeks-long search. RT US News US authorities have confirmed that the body of American epidemiologist Timothy Cunningham, who vanished in February, has been found. Police said there were no signs of "foul play" attached to his death.

Ryan Devereaux (2018-04-06). When Soldiers Patrol the Border, Civilians Get Killed. The Intercept The timeline of events was perfectly Trumpian. Last weekend, Easter weekend, the president of the United States was at his resort in Mar-a-Lago, hanging out with his right-wing friends, watching cable news, and getting mad about immigrants. Multiple Fox News hosts and Stephen Miller, the White House adviser behind many of the administration's aggressive efforts to deplete the nation's immigrant population, were in attendance. The crew had at least two pieces of bad news for the president: One, Ann Coulter was calling him out for not being tough enough on immigrants; and two, a caravan of said immigrants were marching north toward the border. | In a move that any sentient observer of the administration would expect, the commander in chief responded to the news by tweeting a series of deeply misleading statements to his 45 million followers and the rest of the…

Ray McGovern (2018-04-06). Coming Attraction: Lunatic John Bolton Loose in West Wing. MintPress News As Uber-Hawk John Bolton prepares to take over as national security adviser on Monday, Ray McGovern looks back at when Bolton was one of the "crazies" in the George W. Bush administration. | The post Coming Attraction: Lunatic John Bolton Loose in West Wing appeared first on MintPress News.

WSWS (2018-04-06). Teachers' rebellion continues in Oklahoma and across the US. World Socialist Web Site As the strike by Oklahoma enters its fifth day, protests, stoppages and demands for statewide walkouts by educators are spreading in Kentucky, Arizona and other states.

Tamara Pearson (2018-04-06). Gun Industry Killing More People Overseas. counterpunch.org I live next door to the world's biggest gun manufacturer. Here in Mexico, the murder rates are close to civil war levels. They broke records last year, for a total of 41,217 homicides, with 25,339 first degree murders over the course of the year. And those are the official figures — which if anything, tend to More

Democracy Now! (2018-04-06). How Iona Craig Exposed the White House Lie About 2017 SEAL Raid That Killed Yemeni Women & Children. Democracy Now! Reporter Iona Craig exposed the Trump administration's lie about its first military engagement and is in New York to receive the George Polk Award for documenting the destruction and civilian casualties from a covert U.S. Navy SEAL raid on a remote village in Yemen that left 25 civilians and one U.S. soldier dead.

Robert Fantina (2018-04-06). CNN: Blaming the Palestinian Victim. counterpunch.org As Palestinians continue to struggle under the heavy, deadly hand of U.S.-sponsored Israeli oppression, the world's governments mainly ignore them. This is business as usual for most governments, including U.S. officials, many of whom are 'PEP' — Progressive Except for Palestine. March 30 is Land Day in Palestine, a day commemorated annually to mark events More

WSWS (2018-04-06). British government admits MI5 enjoys carte blanche to break the law. World Socialist Web Site Under conditions in which social and political antagonisms are reaching the breaking point, the state security apparatus has accelerated its anti-working class and anti-socialist activities.

Matt Gertz, Media Matters (2018-04-06). Fox News Is Brazenly Ignoring Its Own Damning Interview With Scott Pruitt. AlterNet.org The network is taking extraordinary measures to cover for the president. | Seeking to recover from a storm of ethical scandals with a tour of conservative news outlets, embattled Environmental Protection Agency director Scott Pruitt sat down with Fox News' Ed Henry for an interview yesterday afternoon. Pruitt was surely hoping for the same softballs he has regularly received on the right-wing network. But to his credit, Henry grilled the EPA director, pushing back on Pruitt's defenses of his conduct. Journalists from other outlets have rightfully praised the interview, with MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle commenting, "Ed Henry, good on you," after airing a portion of it this morning. Observers have largely been struck by the dog-bites-man quality of a Fox reporter savaging one of President Donald Trump's top appointees. But a review. . .

Mehreen Kasana, AlterNet (2018-04-06). Why Did Mike Pence 'Like' This Tweet Mocking Donald Trump? AlterNet.org Well, well, well. | What you "like" on Twitter says a good deal about you and your interests. According to two screenshots shared by NPR's Becky Sullivan on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence liked a tweet dissing Donald Trump on gun control. In his original tweet, Trump shared his "thoughts and prayers" after the shooting that took place at YouTube's San Bruno headquarters on Tuesday. According to law enforcement authorities, four people were injured after a female suspect opened fire in the building. Three days ago, Trump tweeted, "[I] was just briefed on the shooting at YouTube's HQ in San Bruno, California. Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved. Thank you to our phenomenal Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders that are currently on the scene. "Right below Trump's tweet, an evidently annoyed Twitter user named Logan Heer sardonically added, "If. . .

Stephen Cooper (2018-04-06). Reggae Star Etana Emphasizes Equality. counterpunch.org Lauded by the BBC as the "greatest music teacher who ever lived," Nadia Boulanger once described the ecstasy that listeners of reggae star Etana's new album, "Reggae Forever," feel: "Nothing is better than music. When it takes us out of time, it has done more for us than we have the right to hope for. It has broadened the More

True Publica (2018-04-06). The Surveillance State: Britain Dragged into a New Darker Era Under the Veil of 'Taking Back Control'. Global Research Almost exactly a year ago we published an article entitled " Britain To Become A One Party, Authoritarian Surveillance State." It was a piece about Theresa May's track record as a member of parliament, then as Home Secretary …

Edward Curtin (2018-04-06). The Truth About Martin Luther King's Assassination Peaks Through. Global Research "There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems, 1956-1968 | It's been fifty years since Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968 and nineteen years since the …

Darius Shahtahmasebi (2018-04-06). Both Venezuela and the US are Preparing for an Impending Conflict. MintPress News As if Trump's threats of military action were not enough, the appointments of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo have sent Venezeuala scrambling to prepare its military for an American invasion. | The post Both Venezuela and the US are Preparing for an Impending Conflict appeared first on MintPress News.

David W. Mathisen (2018-04-06). The Multi-Level Conspiracy to Kill Martin Luther King, The 1999 Memphis Court Judgment. Will Justice Prevail? Global Research On this day fifty years ago, on Thursday the 4th of April, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was brutally murdered. | He was murdered one year to the day after giving his historic speech entitled " Beyond Vietnam," delivered on …

Robert Koehler (2018-04-06). Rethinking the Whole Country. counterpunch.org Repeal and replace? How about the Second Amendment? "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Setting aside the antique strangeness of the wording, isn't it time to give thought to the values that permeated the era More

Andre Damon (2018-04-06). Google Workers Demand End to Company's Involvement in Pentagon Drone Program. Global Research Revelations last month that Google was designing software for the US military's illegal drone warfare program have sparked outrage among employees. More than 3,000 Google workers have signed a letter to executives demanding that it end its involvement with the …

Andrew Korybko (2018-04-06). Russia-Pakistan Military Relations: On the Path to a Strategic Partnership. Global Research The statements made by the Russian and Pakistani Defense Ministers after their interaction at this year's Moscow Conference on International Security show that the military relations between the two Great Powers are on the right track and moving them closer …

WSWS (2018-04-06). Trump reverses himself on Syria pullout order. World Socialist Web Site The move came after intense pressure from the Pentagon and much of the corporate media for a more aggressive anti-Russian and anti-Iranian posture.

Paul Street (2018-04-06). Hill and Don's Honduran Caravan. counterpunch.org You've got to hand it to Hillary Clinton. In 2016, she helped put the right-wing racist, sexist, nativist, authoritarian, and nationalist oligarch Donald Trump in the White House. She and her operatives did this in two ways: (1) by rigging the presidential primaries against the popular progressive Democrat Bernie Sanders, the Democrats' best chance to prevail over Trump; (2) by mounting a dreadfully uninspiring and transparently tone-deaf, neoliberal general election campaign — a reflection of her massive funding by the nation's corporate and financial establishment, including big business money normally slated for Republican presidential candidates. More

WSWS (2018-04-06). Australia proposes visas for white South Africans. World Socialist Web Site Home Affairs Minister Dutton insists white farmers deserve "special attention" for humanitarian visas.

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