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Facism Grows in Israel

Hurriyet Daily News: A bitter fact: Fascism in Israel 2014-07-25 Keywords: 'Gideon Levy is a prominent Israeli journalist and a leading voice within the Israeli liberal left.

Press TV: Fascism in America 2014-08-21 Sinclair Lewis once opined that if fascism ever comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

Alternative Information Center (AIC): Gaza will rise from its ashes: Will Israel recover sanity? 2014-08-20 Michel Warschawski: The Israeli national consensus behind the massacre in Gaza is the result of a fifteen year old process of deterioration of Israeli society, both politically and ethically, a process that cannot be defined other than one of evolving fascism, from top to bottom.

Huffington Post Canada: Is Part of Toronto's Jewish Community Promoting Racist Militarism? 2014-08-12 While one might want to believe that the warmongering promoted by dominant Jewish organizations is not widely shared by the community they claim to represent, I've seen too many sizable pro-war rallies and witnessed too many outbursts of anti-Arab ra…

Dissident Voice: Canadian Jewish Politics: From Anti-fascism to Zionism 2014-08-07 But perhaps the reason Jews defended other minorities against "fascist thugs" is because it was in their interests to do so. Perhaps that's why many of them support "racist militarism" today — so long as it's Jewish racist militarism. A consistent sense of Jewish ethnic identity would lead to strong opposition to white supremacists, and strong support for Jewish supremacists. The most economical explanatio… Fidel Castro slams Israel's "disgusting form of fascism" 2014-08-05 Fidel Castro slams Israel's disgusting form of fascism Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has compared Israel's terror campaign against Palestinians in Gaza to a disgusting form of fascism that its ally, the United States, is unable to control. Turkey's Erdogan accuses Israel of «Hitler-like fascism» 2014-08-01 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stepped up his verbal attacks on Israel on Thursday, comparing the Jewish State to the Third Reich. …

OpEdNews: America's Nazi Allies in Israel and Ukraine 2014-07-26 The U.S. is now the chief sponsor of two nazi, ethnically cleansing, nations. In one of them (Ukraine), the U.S. President, Barack Obama, himself placed nazis into control there; the nazi control was imposed by him, via his agents. In the other (Israel), nazis have controlled for decades, and Obama merely extends their control by continuing American support. | The difference between nazism and mere fascism is that, as exemplified…

Israeli Genocide In Palestine Continues

The People's Voice: Israel Murders Journalists 2014-08-24 Israel threatens press freedom. Repressive Knesset legislation targets speech, assembly, association, and the right to dissent. So does Kafkaesque justice. | Military censorship bans, buries or sanitizes information about its crimes of war and against humanity it wants suppressed. | It willfully suppresses what everyone needs to know. It does so on the spurious pretext of national security.

Daily Sabah: Jewish survivors of Nazi Genocide condemn Israel's massacre on Gaza 2014-08-23 International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network(IJSN) has published a letter on Saturday condemning Israel's massacre on Gaza and calling for an end to genocide of the Palestinian people. It has been stated in the letter, which was signed by 327 Jewish survivors…

MWC News: The grand failure of Israeli hasbara 2014-08-22 Jamil Khader: Israeli attempts to shape the narrative of the Gaza war have failed in the face of global solidarity with Palestinians.

Amsterdam News: From Ferguson to Gaza: We charge genocide 2014-08-21 Those standing up against police brutality and state repression in Ferguson, Mo., are leading one of the most important human rights struggles of our time.

Alternative Information Center (AIC): PACBI: growing number of BDS activists following Gaza attack 2014-08-21 PACBI salutes all people of conscience who have recently adopted BDS. Accelerate the boycott! End Israeli colonialism and genocidal aggression! How Liberal Zionists Enable Israel's Genocidal Ambitions 2014-08-21 On 1 August, the Internet erupted in outrage at The Times of Israel for publishing a blog post titled "When genocide is permissible." | Authored by Yochanan Gordon, the piece suggests that genocide against Palestinians is an acceptable price to pay for protecting Israel from rockets. 'Moral blackmail' still stifles debate on Israel 2014-08-21 Israel's latest attempt to subdue the Palestinian resistance by putting its systematic genocide on high gear has yielded in some unintended consequences: international media interest in Gaza; challenge to the blind toeing of the extreme right party… Day 44 – Rocket Fire Continues; Yazidis Against Genocide; Free WiFi in Israel 2014-08-21 Today was the forty-fourth day of Operation Protective Edge. | According to the IDF, the terrorist organization Hamas has launched more than 175 rockets into Israel since it broke the ceasefire at 4 PM yesterday. | It remains unclear whether or not terrorist mastermind Mohammad Deif was killed in last night's attack on his house. | Today The Tower covered a Yazidi demonstration against genocide in Geneva.

Alternative Information Center (AIC): ACT! Demand opening of Rafah crossing 2014-08-20 End Egypt's complicity in Israel's genocide! Demand that Egypt open the Rafah crossing with Gaza, permanently and unconditionally!

International Solidarity Movement: Action alert: Open Rafah now 2014-08-18 In response to calls from human rights defenders in Gaza who ask that we bring an end to the Egyptian government's complicity in Israel's genocide of the people of Gaza an urgent call to action was issued. | The pictures and communications will be posted on the Facebook page Open Rafah permanently and unconditionally.