UpFront | Update 2016-03-09

Michigan: record-breaking turnout, poll-defying victory for Sanders

03.09.16 – 7:00am

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders just won a stunning upset victory in the Michigan Democratic primary, beating recent polls by more than 25 percentage points. We talk about why, what it means for the races to come, and the potential of the Sanders campaign beyond the election. Plus: Killer Whales have bigger brains than human, and they can … Continued

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Women's Special with Guest Host Linda Khouri

03.08.16 – 7:00am


International Women's Day! This month marks the 5th Anniversary of the popular uprisings that erupted in the small gulf nation of Bahrain. We'll hear about the women who played a major role in the unprecedented events that took place five years ago in March. Guest: Ala'a Shehabi, author of Bahrain's Uprising

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UpFront with Guest Host Marie Choi – March 7, 2016

03.07.16 – 7:00am

An hour-long news magazine with a strong focus on state and local issues. Hosted by Brian Edwards-Tiekert and produced by the KPFA News Department.

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The Day the Fund Drive Ends!

03.04.16 – 7:00am


When the world was mired in the Great Depression, two thinkers battled over what to do. John Maynard Keynes argued that governments should create the demand that the market did not. Friedrich Hayek argued that the free market would correct itself. Keynes won, but Hayek inspired a backlash four decades later. A backlash whose consequences … Continued

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Fund Drive – Adam Smith and The Invisible Hand

03.03.16 – 7:00am

adam smith

Alan Greenspan may trace the idea that markets fix themselves back to Adam Smith, but what would Smith himself say? Return to the documentary, Capitalism for the look at the moral philosophy of the creator of "The Invisible Hand" and the book that economics forgot. Please support KPFA during our 2016 Winter Fund Drive. You … Continued

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03.02.16 – 7:00am

super tuesday

Super Tuesday! Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are strong leads for the presidential nomination, but the biggest prize of the night is handed to another insurgent candidate, Ted Cruz. Guest: Andrea Grimes, digital editor at The Texas Observer.

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Rick Perlstein on Trump and what's at stake this Super Tuesday?

03.01.16 – 7:00am

invisible bridge

Rick Perlstein is one of the most prominent historians of right wing politics in America. He joins us to explain the Trump campaign–how it is and isn't like a fascist movement and how it's making waves in the Republican party. Will it implode or move the party further to the right? What exactly is a … Continued

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Fund Drive Special: What is Hilary Clinton's Record?

02.29.16 – 7:00am


Democratic front runner Hilary Clinton is running on her experience. So what is her record? We discuss Doug Henwood's new book chronicling more than 4 decades of her life, My Turn: Hilary Clinton Targets the Presidency.   Please keep KPFA on the air by donating during our 2016 Winter Fund Drive! You can do that and … Continued

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Fund Drive Special: The Life of Paul Robeson

02.26.16 – 7:00am


Paul Robeson was the son of a slave, an all-american football player, an internationally-renowned singer and actor, a powerful advocate of justice, and the victim of 8 years of black listing and travel bans. One of the places he found refuge was here at KPFA. We'll pay tribute to his life and work by airing parts … Continued

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Fund Drive: Capitalism & Debt

02.25.16 – 7:00am


The conventional wisdom is that markets reflect how people act…that it's our nature to be greedy and competitive, but what if it's the market that makes us act that way? We take a look at the Capitalism documentary series with the work of Political Economist, Karl Polanyi.   Please support KPFA during our 2016 Winter … Continued

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